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#like ok yeah

Why is all the black porn I see either doggy or dick ridin??? Like those are my least fave positions and to see the kinda porn I want to see I gotta look at these skinny pale chicks???? Like why isn’t there any black porn where black women aren’t depicted as fuck toys or extremely sexualized????? Seriously. Whenever I try to watch black porn its black women getting their pussy “torn” up or like idk I just don’t find mainstream black porn attractive. And I’m getting tired of seeing white people in my porn so I guess imma stop watching porn????????? I guess it also plays into the fact that I’m into vanilla bdsm and the only bdsm black porn I see is extreme and unappealing to me. Or the fact that (sorry this sounds really shitty for some reason) I’m not attracted to the sound of women controlling the situation like I can’t watch gangbangs and a woman being all “yeah fuck my pussy I love your cock in my ass oh fuck yeah” (there is nothing wrong with this and I know lots of people do get off to that just not me) like only in gay porn can I see a femDom attractive (and again that sounds really shitty and sexist I’m so sorry) yeah just I hate really aggressive porn. I just wanna hear moaning and domination and ass slaps like ????? Idk why I’m explaining my porn preference. Oh yeah I JUST WANT MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN IT LIKE THAT LIKE REAL GENUINE DOM/SUB NOT JUST GROSS PORN ACTING BDSM

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Like my stomach gurgled and I thought that mobile had a sound for when you exit full screen picture viewer mode

And my roommate operated the door mechanics as I was scrolling up and thought wow my dash is rusty

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Y'know what animated comic adaptations are (in my opinion anyway) so much more enjoyable than the live action ones. Also like disclaimer (ig) I’m mainly talking Marvel and DC here.

But like anyway of course there’s the obvious masterpiece of ITSV which is like >>>>>>the MCU.

But also like every DCAU movie (Just League War, Son of Batman, Teen Titans Jusdas Contract etc. y'know the ones I’m on about) are like so much better than the DCEU onees overall. Like of course they aren’t perfect (the lack of Tim for starters) but they introduce and handle the characters all really well (which I think is largely because it’s for an audience already more aware of them rather than general audiences so like I get why there’s the difference).

And then also, sticking with DC, there’s Young Justice and Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited etc. and all the incredible animated series they made which again o would always pick over a movie.

And for Marvel again like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble did the avengers so so so so much better than the MCU. Like they’re just more fun and nice to watch and less hey let’s make an entire movie in which enjoyability relies on shock factor (haha guess who I’m on about). And like other shows like Ultimate Spiderman too are great.

And I’m not necessarily talking about superior comic accuracy (although in most cases….) but just enjoyability. Like all the animated stuff is fun and digestable and maybe for many it’s nostalgia but like yes. I don’t know what this post is, just incessant ramblings.

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ok i love temuera morrison with all my being but i’m mildly disappointed that the prequels jossed Boba Fett’s identical twin being some Imperial mook named Lieutenant Sheckil. Like you know the only reason this guy lived despite getting C-3PO blasted to bits by Stormtroopers on Bespin and then LOSING PRINCESS LEIA was because Vader didn’t want to piss Fett off. he was just ITCHING to Force choke this blithering idiot but then he’d get disintegrated by a colleague he’s built a rapport with and it’s just SO hard to hire decent bounty hunters these days. 

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David headcannon (1/?)

He has ADHD.

Just. I dunno. Yes.

Like every morning before camp, he takes his meds and he’s good to go.

And he gets real fidgety and anxious when he doesn’t?

(I’m so sorry if I’m offending anyone with ADHD out there, I’m doing my research I promise)

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@aquestionthatsneverbeenposed​ cont from here.

Zuko couldn’t help it, he burst out into a fit of very unlord-like giggles. Because, oh that question, could he catch on fire? The look on Merlin’s face when he seemed to realize what he said- it was too much.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath to compose himself, scrubbing his hands across his face, silently congratulating himself when he didn’t flinch as his fingers rubbed over the gnarled skin of his left side. “Okay, okay. One question at a time. No, we don’t go around setting spectators on fire, that’s called arson and it’s very illegal in my country. Children gifted with bending train most of their lives to gain the control needed to master their flames and not, as you say, set spectators on fire.”

Unless of course you were Azula. Azula mastered firebending when she was barely out of the nursery and set spectators on fire for the fun of it.

“And usually, there are no spectators to a firebending duel, other than your opponents and your allies. Unless you’re participating in an Agni Kai, but that’s different. And yes, we can still set each other on fire though it’s slightly more difficult to set a firebender ablaze than say, setting you ablaze would be.”

Zuko’s eyes went wide and now it was his turn to backtrack. “Not that I would ever even think about doing that, that wasn’t a threat I swear.” He clapped a palm to his forehead, muttering; “I’m so bad at this.”

He was quietly grateful when Merlin switched the subject to King Arthur’s style of training, which honestly, did not help his image of the man in the slightest. “He…whacks you around with a sword…” Zuko repeated doubtfully, should the fire nation really be treating with a man who abused his servants like that?


“Merlin,” Zuko began, now a little concerned for the serving boy’s safety. “have you ever learned any self defense? I’m not a bad swordsmen I could teach you a bit of the basics if you would like.”

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