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#like seriously
randomf1fan · 2 days ago
I still think the most ridiculous part of the race was Masi auctioning off grid positions during the first red flag ://
FIA really put their fingers in the championship fight with that
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bananonbinary · 2 months ago
thinking about how jurgen leitner went to all the trouble of adding his nameplate to the books, he literally could have added an actual warning to all of them. just a little ‘this book will make you burst into flames’ or w/e. instead, everyone had to re- figure out what each book does from trial and error because this dumb motherfucker apparently thought that he personally would be able to talk to anyone who got too close to one i fucking guess.
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terock95 · 12 days ago
I've seen some posts running around with the AU where Silco and Vander are raising the children together, but nobody talked about Sevika babysitting the kids when Vander and Silco want a night for themselves
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tiredredmage · a month ago
George: hmmm I should apply for a visa
Dream: Why did you send that song to me, George? Really? I can’t get it out of my head. Was it all a joke? Did you know that it would undo me? Did you try to hurt me? That’s not fair, I know. I’m just angry, all the time, because I was closer to you than I ever thought I’d be. And it terrified me. It still terrifies me,’re not here, anymore. You’re not here, and I can’t think, and I can’t keep doing this. If it was all for nothing, then maybe I should just tell you everything. Maybe I should just fuck everything up.
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doodle-empress66 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite those scathing words coming out of each of their mouths
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The voice was Blitz impersonating (mimicking?) them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blitz was projecting his doubts and insecurities through his inner demons
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thegreatmadness · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they were so vile for putting such a sweet scene amid all of the chaos. what am i supposed to feel besides utter fondness and absolute horror combined???????
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gale-gentlepenguin · 5 days ago
Why doesn’t Shadowmoth just create a sentimonster that grants wishes?
Emotion? Desire.
You can revive your wife and you don’t have to destroy the universe
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incorrect-hermits · a month ago
Grian: “Boatem is so laggy that we’re gonna try and share the lag with the rest of the server”
… or you could just find some solutions to the lag, you spoon.
Today’s Program, which I really hope Pearl will see:
What Boatem can do to Reduce the Lag
Thoroughly light up the area, above and underground.
Cover hoppers with composters.
Give farms off switches, or better yet, move the farms out to the middle of the ocean to create a separate, more spread-out industrial area.
Kill the unnecessary passive mobs- Boatem really doesn’t need a chicken or pig farm at this point, you’ve got villagers and Mumbo’s potatoes.
Deactivate redstone machines not currently in use (looking at you, Impulse+Mumbo).
Clean up the boats that aren’t part of the Boatem Pole: as proven by the Boat Bombs, they are a lagfest.
Kill some of the Goatem Pole! Apparently they actually have some pretty busy AI that might be causing some lag.
Make sure all the villagers in Scar+Grian’s trading halls have their double carpets to turn off their AI.
Clean up lingering pranks/scavenger hunts/etc.
People of hermitblr, please do add to this list!
Edit: Doc has just informed us during Joe’s stream that Boatem’s lag was mostly caused by lighting issues, and it has been resolved on client-side via a mod/data pack that improves the lighting engine!
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pidgydraws · 3 months ago
What is your favorite AU idea for Crowley/Aziraphale? :D
oh, i do have a fav! but it's not my AU! X3
Tumblr media
i ABSOLUTELY ADORE @gingerhaole's Scissors and Ink AU! definitely go and check it out if you haven't! it's so sweet~ and Ginger's art is... just... ALIVE with texture and warmth! a delight!!!!!
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livvie-love-nikki · 5 months ago
Momo’s Tips in Love Nikki: Here’s an outfit that doesn’t go together at all, but at least you’ll get a good score. Oh, you don’t have these two suit pieces? Whoops, guess you’ll have to wait until the Princess Drops give you what you need!
Momo’s Guide in Shining Nikki: Do you have this specific Designer’s Reflection? You do? Maybe you should level it up a little bit and raise its star level. While you’re at it, you should probably go to the Designer’s Academy and study for once in your life. Speaking of studying, you should be way farther in your makeup studies in the guild by now. Go do that. You could also stand to improve your friendship with Nikki. Buy her three movie tickets, some paints, an umbrella, and lots of chips! Oh, and I just remembered that you have a required item for this stage too, so go get that. What? You’re out of attempts for the day? Guess you have to wait until tomorrow, sorry…
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