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#like seriously
lastllulaby · 22 minutes ago
So it took me one bad relationship for me to be happy and content being by myself huh
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oc-allin · 32 minutes ago
im still not over miro saying “emo facepaint daddy” 💀
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penandinkprincess · 33 minutes ago
okay because I am having NO luck finding this by myself: I’m looking for a daredevil fanfic on ao3 where the premise is that karen is receiving phonecalls that no one answers, she gets freaked out, calls foggy over to her place, and then i believe he and matt trade off karen staying with one of them
it had a cute bit with foggy trying to dry off with a small handtowel at karen’s because she hadn’t done laundry
i want to reread this fic so bad, and i cannot find it anywhere
anyone know what fic this is???
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whiteboyonthebeat · 40 minutes ago
I say this everytime I have a craving I would seriously do something strange for some bread sticks with the stretchy cheese inside
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1-800-i-ship-it · an hour ago
tumblr is the only site without crappy cropping and i love it more for that
#bluris rambles#allow me to list my grievances for basically every other platform ive used#yes they all have pros and cons dont take this  too seriously im half joking dont get offennded alright#first up: insta#first of all u cant even post from desktop which is a huge minus#and then when u post from mobile its like#it has to be a square or 16:9#or the other dimension i forget what it is and i get that its the aesthetic but its annoying#like when i posted social media stuff for a company acct thing or club acct and i usedd smth like hootsuite#would never be able to do it bc crappy dimensions and i'd alwaays end up having to  do it manually#NOT TO MENTION U CANT PRESS ENTER ON THE GOSH  DANG CAPTION =_=#ALSO I HATE THAT VIDS HAVE TO BE UNDER A MIN AND IF NOT IT HAS TO BE IGTV/REELS#DO U KNOW HOW MANY HEADACHES THAT CAUSED ME WHENEVER I HAD TO POST VIDEOS AND ALWAYS HAD TO GO  TO ANOTHER APP  TO EDIT DIMENSIONS REDOWNLOA#REDOWNLOADD AND THEN UPLOAD AGAIN JUST FOR INSTA#ALSO I LOATHE THAT I CANT PAUSE THE <1 MIN VIDS IN THHE POSTS THEMSELVES#next up: facebook#yes i can post any dimension but fb still crops it weirdly sometimes#its a bit better than twitter in terms of cropping but still#now twitter cropping is just horrible#alwyas need to click to see full image or whatnot#lastly: linkedin#i can post any dimension yes but it still crops off parts of stuff which is annoying#now for tumblr!! i can literally include like 40 pics in a row on desktop of all diff dimensions and its all fine#posts have clean lines so i can tell when  one goes from the next#unlike twitter which just everythings stuck together#and on mobile tumblr or ig beta now on desktop u can arrange pics which is great esp for gifsets#like my dude...tumblr is a hellsite but its a superior site#i could go on forever abt other things like tags etc but i think thats already been said a lot lmao#yes i do still use these other platforms for some irl stuff/other things & browse art/memes and for a few mutuals on twitter/insta#but yea just moment of appreciation for [tumblr]
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fanschaotictrash · an hour ago
Okay real talk though, SK8's fandom lowkey reminded me why I usually don't participate in fandoms while watching anime or wait for it to settle down. I made a post on my more SK8 focused Tumblr simply saying that it's understandable for fans to be upset if they feel queerbaited and that more explicit/clear gay relationships are definitely really important within anime. Within the first moments of that post being up, I had someone basically try to make an excuse for queerbaiting in anime, completely ignoring the harm in it (and that other anime have dealt with gay relationships a lot better + shows don't need to put in those implications at all if they aren't going to deliver). As an LGBTQ+ person that made me feel very icky. I don't care how you see the relationships in the show, but please don't try to excuse queerbaiting, no matter where it is coming from. Telling someone their sexuality, gender, whatever, does not need to be or can not be represented in a fair fashion, no matter what reason you have to say that, is disgusting. It's gross and there is literally nothing wrong with LGBTQ+ audiences asking for better representation and more explicit relationships, no matter where the content is coming from. No idea why people also act like it is totally okay even though straight relationships aren't treated the same, which means the LGBTQ+ is not given fair or human treatment. There is a clear bias and that is a problem, not just in anime but in a lot of media around the world.
That being said, if you are one of those people that wants to make dumb excuses for queerbaiting and act like people complaining completely reasonably for their sexuality, etc. not being treated fairly are overdramatic, meet my block button lol. Ewie, don't leave a stain on it on your way out.
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theheadlessgroom · an hour ago
Randall: Name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and anxiety ;
Emily: You and me! ;
Randall, tearing up: okay
((Let’s face facts: No matter what other ‘iconic duo’ Randall names, they’ll never be as iconic as him and Emily!))
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macklnthebox · an hour ago
my inner mind: okay so our grief anniversary date is coming up soon so we should probably take it easy a-
me: im gonna buy a fucking mini trampoline and have it delivered on the date. cant be sad if you are bouncing
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0zzysaurus · 2 hours ago
I wonder who sent me that passive aggressive ask just now?
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blackhorneddragoon · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mun: Okay summery round up of what I can remember from last night!
- The Twinning, WHAT?! I CAN’T HERE YOU OVER THE SOUND OF ME JAMMING MY ASS OFF! I’m also gonna have to go explore it by myself to get a better look cause we mostly zoomed through!
- Told people about the good shit that Ardbert and his crew did, Ardbert shows up, ‘LOL YUPE I’M BACK AND YA’LL ARE GONNA BE WARRIORS OF LIGHT!’ My guy, ‘SIR I ABSORBED YOUR DAMN SOUL?!?”
- Deduce that Ardbert is Elidibus and try to get info out of him
Eli: Who do you think I am? Emet Selch? LOL I’m not revealing shit to you, bye!
Everyone after that: At least Emet was easier to get info out of.
- Random food gathering time and also dungeon time as well!
Everyone after that: 8O
What we knew of Eli: That he’s an ascan
What we know now:
Tumblr media
- Elidibus/Ardbert doing the illusion of a starshower and having mostly everyone hear the voice and receive the Echo
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noreallyitsfine · 2 hours ago
Shaman King - HaoXHoro - Ice Skating -
One Shot
HoroHoro is tasked with venturing out into the winter cold to retrieve Hao and bring him back to the Onsen.
For @sakuranoumi
The cold January air froze HoroHoro's breath as he made his way through the winter wonderland that was the shrubbery that backed onto the grounds behind Funbari Onsen. He was wrapped up warm in his thickest winter coat and scarf, his eyes just peeking out below a brow of black bangs, his scarf covering most of his face. Of course the cold doesn't bother him, it's hardly a resemblance to the cold from back home. But HoroHoro knew to not underestimate the merciless winter elements, and to dress appropriately and properly for freezing temperatures. The freshly fallen snow crunching underfoot reminded him so much of home, and for the first time in a while he didn't feel so homesick.
HoroHoro remembered the stark words that has been thrown in his direction moments before he was shoved outside the backdoor of the Onsen building. "And don't come back without him." Anna snapped, harshly closing the door. HoroHoro got back to the task at hand, locating him.
HoroHoro had not been fully convinced that Yoh understood what he was doing, especially after making some pretty wild decisions as of late. HoroHoro didn't know if he could trust him. But Yoh reassured him, he was alright now.
HoroHoro came to the edge of a descending cliff side, steep but not impossible to get down on foot. Kororo appeared briefly just ahead and cooed sweetly at him before bouncing down the foliage. At least she was enjoying herself.
HoroHoro pushed ahead, feeling a bit uneasy. Why is he all the way out here? Then again, he thought, trying to stay out of Anna's way is probably a good idea. Anna didn't like how close those two were becoming, HoroHoro could tell it was bothering her far more than she was letting on. HoroHoro couldn't exactly blame her, either.
HoroHoro found himself wondering just how far away he would have to be before his thoughts could be heard. So he tried his best to not think about how much being around Hao made him uncomfortable.
HoroHoro came to a clearing at the foot of the cliff and realised that what was in front of him was a frozen lake. Now HoroHoro caught sight of him, out on the ice.
Hao was skating.
HoroHoro tried not to move, tried not to think too loud. He wanted to see this.
Hao was soaring over the ice like a swan on water, his long hair seemed to almost have control of how it perfectly flowed behind him. He was wearing very little, a thin shirt and jeans, identical to Yoh's wardrobe. Was Hao immune to cold? HoroHoro wondered. He seemed immune to pretty much everything. HoroHoro was amazed at how beautiful his skill on the ice was. He wasn't sure where or how he got the ice skates. He found himself wondering in which of his several life times did the great almighty Asakura Hao learn to skate like that.
HoroHoro remembered what he was supposed to be doing and Anna's annoyed shrill echoed in his mind. He took a deep breath and started making his way out onto the ice.
Hao brought himself to an abrupt stop when he realised HoroHoro was marching across the ice towards him. He sighed with a slight hint of frustration. HoroHoro was grinning at him, like a dork. Hao couldn't see his smile beneath his covered face but he could see it in his eyes.
"Yo - Hao - what's up?!" called HoroHoro.
Hao took the liberty to gently push off and glide closer to HoroHoro to save him the journey.
"Walking on ice? Very smart." chuckled Hao.
"I was born on ice." scoffed HoroHoro, "Walking on ice is easy."
Hao raised an eyebrow. "Really? Born?"
"Okay maybe not ~literally~" joked HoroHoro. "Anyways that's not the point. It's Anna. She wants you back at the Inn."
Hao skated backwards slightly at the mention of Anna's name and then propelled himself forward, circling HoroHoro slowly as he spoke.
"So you wanted to know how close you have to be for me to hear your thoughts?" said the elder Asakura twin, changing the subject and avoiding the conversation about Anna. HoroHoro gulped nervously.
Hao continued. "Close enough that I could hear your doubts about me, and your doubts about Yoh too."
"I - I - I don't have doubts about Yoh." stuttered HoroHoro, he wanted the ice beneath him to just open up and get him out of this awkward conversation.
Hao stopped again, this time behind HoroHoro.
"So just about me?" Hao said softly.
HoroHoro turned around and made eye contact with the shaman behind him. This guy, this guy just made him so damn nervous.
"If I were you, I'd believe what ever Yoh tells you. He's been more right about me than I have ever been about myself." added Hao.
When HoroHoro didn't reply, Hao decided to tease him a little more.
"Now you're wondering how often I listen to your thoughts. Well, that would be telling." laughed Hao, he started circling HoroHoro a little more in a wider stance than before. Hao kept his eyes firmly locked onto HoroHoro as he maneuvered around him.
"Of course, I'd have to be interested enough to want to know what you are thinking. And maybe you're not all that interesting to me."
HoroHoro felt a lump appear in his stomach.
"Ha ha yeah okay, I get it. I get it. I should get my head out my own ass." laughed HoroHoro, trying to play it off as a joke. "I'll just tell Anna that you'll be back later, yeah? She'll love that, ha ha!" He tried to turn on his heel and make his way back to land.
Suddenly, his feet slipped beneath him as he moved and he found himself tumbling backwards. Hao pushed himself swiftly to his side and locked arms with HoroHoro, stopping his fall and lifting him up in one graceful move.
For a brief moment Hao was towering over HoroHoro and their eyes locked once again, piercing brown eyes met soft ocean like blue. Hao's long mane adorning them. HoroHoro stood up quickly, he realised his face was suddenly flushed and hot beneath his scarf.
"Thanks." HoroHoro breathed, as he began to shuffle his way off the ice. Hao watched him go, there was a faint smile on his lips. When the ice shaman was almost out of ear shot, Hao called after him.
"Your thoughts are most interesting at night, right before you fall asleep!" Hao grinned. HoroHoro felt a chill run down his spine, he shuffled faster and made it back to land, and began to march back up the cliff side and out of sight of the fire shaman.
"That's when you think of me." Hao sighed, softly.
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pvnkie · 2 hours ago
punz just said 50 gifted he'll meow UNPROMPTED this is getting suspicious
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