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sophsun1 · 2 days ago
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Hello, hi. My bad idea for the day is that Percy gets a mortal enemy (literally, a mortal).
Paul has a child from a previous marriage and Percy just...hates them. So freaking much. They hate him in return and their feud is a running gag throughout the series. Every so often this stepsibling or whatever might show up just to make Percy’s life harder before going back and doing whatever again. Whenever Percy is in the River Styx he sees Annabeth trying to help pull him up while Paul’s kid is trying to push him in. That sorta vibe.
Bonus if Sally and Paul think they’re best friends and are always just “I’m so happy our kids get along 😊” while said kids are chasing each other with knives in the background.
Percy returns home after missing in HOO and Paul’s kid is mad af that he has the nerve to come back and not stay missing. Percy is just “I thought I wanted my memories back but I would have been okay with having not remembered you” and idk guys. I think that it would be funny for someone to ask Percy who his worst enemy is and instead of throwing out Kronos or Gaea or even someone like Hera he just goes “Jordan”
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spielzeugkaiser · a year ago
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Ooooh what about Roach? Potentially with a flower crown (that she is shamelessly eating). Regardless of what you draw I hope you have fun and have a nice day! :)
Not eating it, but cuddles! Also:
Tumblr media
(I want you all to know that I always thing of ralph wiggums voice when I draw the sword talking and I don’t know why)
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kaidaned · 7 months ago
i realize that thane’s whole Thing was that he was terminally ill and his inevitable death was the emotional crux of his whole relationship with shepard but also why did he need to die
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keeppkoolkeeppie · 17 days ago
I've come to the conclusion that Camilo was just doing his uncle a solid by saying he was taller than he actually is, ya know because they're family
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8bitpostit · 5 months ago
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magnetic-dogz · 3 months ago
What if there was Berdly tea? What would be his and other characters to drinking it?
I actually wrote up some stuff for this, with dialogue from Noelle included :0
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shindouuuuuu · 6 months ago
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puzzledemigod · 5 months ago
Gawain isn't a typical good and moral hero we associate with classical Knights, but he also isn't the vile, horrible character that's prevalent in grimdark adaptations. He's just a guy, doing his best, who doesn't always get it right and is more self preservating and cowardly than he should, whose reaction to most situations isn't to fight or flight, but to not act.
He wants the easy way out and he sees the Knights from an outsider perspective, so he doesn't actually understand what knighthood is really about and is just going through the motions without internalising any of the principles of what make them who they are
It's almost a childlike quality about him, that idealism that's not backed up by experience, that selfishness and immediatism, and also in the way he's almost always being coddled and helped by most of the people who encounter him, and is repeatedly surprised when he isn't. He always has a way out, he can always turn back, but that's not what brings the conflict to the story; and if at first he goes on the quest because he's expected to, then continues out of stubbornness and fear of ridicule, by the end he seems to actually be curious about the man he could become, and starts considering the consequences of his actions, and finally starts to grow up and want to be better
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sirartwork · 9 months ago
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Doja alarm clock that can’t be turned off because it’s in my brain
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tiredhawks · 5 days ago
I wanna kiss Hawks' forehead so FUCKIN bad
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the-thot-clown · 3 months ago
whats your clown look like not a chibi?
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ask-whitepearl-and-steven · 9 months ago
Did Steven live in a foster home in a forest?
Steven lived with his foster family, who had a home NEAR a forest.
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kayden-break · 5 months ago
Hello I would like to say I very much love your content. Especially Owen. You are the only one writing about it. Could you please write more
Yeah can you see I'm having a writer's block lol
Tumblr media
"I know, stop fussing," you reassured Shelly for what would be the fifth time today after your landing.
She had called the moment you told her that you arrived safely at the LCY, which was twelve hours after you saw her last. The entire team was there among your friends during your departure, with some louder than others about their distress.
Even Jay held your sleeve for a good minute after you were meant to leave, you didn't even have the heart to detach him.
It took the collaborative effort of both Minu and June to pry him from you. The entire situation broke your heart, but you knew it was a necessary sacrifice.
You were going to step into a new chapter of your life, which also meant gaining independence from your high school friends.
By the time you arrived, however, much of your lingering sadness about your friends was replaced with a bone-deep ache for a bed to fall on.
The long hours of spending your time in a cramped space with hundreds of other people left you near stir crazy. You were elated for the stop in-between the two airports, but it did nothing except reminded you of how tired you were.
By the time you landed on the western land of London, you were ready to pass out on the nearest ground.
Not that it was anywhere near the end of your itinerary.
Your luck would have it that you will need to meet with Shelly's friend for temporary housing before you move to campus since you ruefully made the mistake of arriving nearly two weeks too early. Then, you'd need to go buy the necessities you have foregone to cut down the weight of your luggage. And then.
That wore your brain out by the mere act of thinking. Better leave it for later when you recharged and refreshed.
“Where is this friend of yours anyway?” You pressed your face to the phone, trying to keep it tucked between your face and shoulder.
It was a struggle alone trying to push the trolley with nearly 20 kilograms of luggage, Shelly really had to add on your struggle with her phone call.
“Don’t worry, you'll find him,” this was her turn to reassure you, however, her words made you feel far from comforted.
Shelly revealed little about this friend of hers, which rung every alarm possible you had about a possible scam. If it had not been for your close friend, you'd have abandoned the idea altogether. Because of your trust in Shelly, you were content with worrying about the friend once you arrived.
Apparently, that trust was misplaced. “Shelly, did you ask—”
“Look at the time, I have to go!” She pointed out with a forced giggle which gave away her intention immediately. “Bye, love you!”
Subtle as an elephant, that one.
No wonder why Shelly hid everything about this friend of hers even until your landing. She knew you'd have preferred getting scammed from the alternative, the dreaded outcome you'd want to avoid at all cost.
You knew the chances of seeing him again would be high, seeing how the two of you will be standing on the same land now. If anything, it was absurd to believe he'd leave you be after what happened.
Your nightmare would prove to be true. Not far from where you exit the airport, even among a sea of people from every walk of life, he stood out effortlessly.
The pair of brand sunglasses he wore did nothing to hide him from the ongoing crowd. If anything, he attracted even more curious glances and hushed whispers from those passing by him.
All he did was standing near a wall while tapping his phone.
It was a blessing you didn't have to bend your back to find him, but it was a curse that you had to see him again when you looked no better than a worn-out rag.
It annoyed you, really.
For a split second, you contemplated ignoring him and finding refuge elsewhere. He was trying to be anonymous, you'd not be faulted for not recognizing him if you were caught.
Sadly, he'd not give you that chance. Owen lifted his head before you had the chance to make the decision, you were left without a choice.
He waved at you, smiling in his approach. Instinctively, you mirrored him, but yours was more of a sneer than a smile. Not that it stopped him.
In any case, you had a bone to pick with Shelly.
Before he could open his mouth, you shoved your bag into his hands, effectively shut down anything he wanted to say. “Hey, thanks for picking me up,” you said in the most robotic execution of gratitude known to mankind.
However, it didn't deter him, you didn't know if anything could. "You packed less than I thought," Owen commented after taking another two of your suitcases into his hands. "I guess you can always buy anything you're missing later, we should get back to my place first."
That confirmed it, Shelly really planned to leave you in the hands of Owen Knight. If you had any energy left in you, then you'd have run into the ongoing traffic to avoid this.
Unfortunately, you were woefully depleted and deprived of good rest, which left you no choice but to defer to fate to take the wheels. If you ought to be correct, it was Owen who took the wheels.
The day was looking up already.
At least, Owen has the mercy to not drag you into any conversation which requires functioning brain cells. He was fine with his monologuing, too, which was a blessing because you didn't get to give him anything more than a few hums of approval every now and then during the car ride back to his place.
That lasted for a whole fifteen minutes before Owen thought you were being too complacent and switched up gears... based on your perception of him.
“By the way,” said Owen, “I was thinking earlier, my apartment has a spare room anyway and I wouldn't use it for anything.”
You hummed noncommittally for the sixteenth time since you saw him again.
“What do you think about moving in?” He asked. “It’s in a convenient spot in the city and you won't find better rent price in London than this.”
“Huh,” you said, “can we talk about this later when my brain isn't half an expired pea can?”
“Of course,” he smiled easily, unfazed by your indecision, “just letting you know there's an option.”
True to his words, he lived in one of the apartment complexes only half an hour away from the centre of the city, which meant it meant it was fifteen minutes from your university in the other direction. Not too bad, in fact, it would've been a good deal with the price he gave you. Only covering bills and taking care of the household chores in his absence.
You didn't know by which divine fortune made it possible for that information to stick with you, but it did. Even when you opened your eyes once more the next day in one of his guest rooms, the information retained in your mind.
Along with every other unsavoury reminder attached to it.
By the time you woke up again, even fully charged, you couldn't help the imminent feeling of dread looming at the back of your mind. There was no hallucinating it, you spent the night at Owen's place and you'll need to get used to it because this would be your place for the next two weeks.
You tried to distract yourself from the awkward elephant in the room by going over his offer for housing.
It'd be no argument when it came to the flexibility of hours and location, but while you were trying to weigh the pros and cons, your mind kept drifting back to what happened before he left.
Apparently, Owen Knight thrived in the idea of unpredictability and you happened to be at the wrong end of his amusement.
If possible, you want to avoid him altogether and spend the entire day in your room. Pretending your problem didn't exist won't make them go away, but at least you didn't have to think about them.
Unfortunately, Lady Luck never favoured you, even your own body wouldn't listen to you.
No amount of social anxiety could defeat the soul-gnawing ache of your stomach. The meals on the plane regretfully did little to fill you, and now, the emptiness of your stomach forced you to go outside and braced the world waiting beyond.
Well, you weren't entirely unfortunate, not when the sight greeting you the moment you opened the door was Owen busying himself in the kitchen. The aroma of food was too tempting to ignore, retreating now would only leave you with your hunger on top of your problem.
If anyone told you a year ago that you'd get to wake up to breakfast at Owen's place, you'd bite them.
“Morning,” Owen greeted you between the sizzles of the eggs and the fuming of his electric kettle, “take a seat.”
You complied by taking your place on a seat at his counter, the situation oddly reminded you of back when he was in Korea. However, back then, you wouldn't be left alone with Owen because Shelly would be joining the two of you shortly.
Back then, it wasn't this awkward for you, either.
"Why are you being so nice?" The next question came out no more than an afterthought. "Are you trying to use me to get into Shelly's good grace?"
If he was caught by surprise, he didn't show. The only reaction you received from him was a smile, a mocking one at that. "I don't need to use anyone to get into Shelly's good grace," he explained smoothly, "if anything, I'm using her to get into your good grace."
Frowning, you asked. "Why?"
"Are you being serious?" Owen's wily smile was nothing but amused.
"Yes, because it's weirding me out," you pointed out, "we were never this close."
Owen arched an eyebrow, incredulous. "I'd saying kissing each other makes us pretty damn close."
There it was. No avoiding it now. Apparently, he didn't forget about it, neither did you but that was obvious. That one little kiss that threw everything upside down before he left, to the point where you didn't even know how to talk to him without making it awkward.
Not that you had much of a chance since with how busy he became. A lot to pick up in his absence, apparently. You didn't blame him, because it also gave you the chance to avoid overthinking it.
Not anymore, apparently.
"No, it doesn't," you shot back defensively.
Owen stopped cooking altogether, turning to face you fully. "So you're saying it meant nothing?"
"No, yes, no," you buried your face into your hands, "ugh, goddamnit Shelly."
"Don't blame her," he said, "I asked her to arrange this when I heard you'll be arriving."
Once the pieces clicked into place, you found it ridiculous that you didn't notice it was him earlier. Of all the natural choices given to you, Owen was the most obvious. It wasn't like she had many close friends, and the members of the Light Cavalry wouldn't be an option without going through him anyway.
"Yeah, I thought it was you," you rubbed your eyes, unwilling to deal with this early in the morning.
Owen snickered at your admission, you didn't have to see his face to know how incredibly smug he looked. "And you didn't oppose the idea? You mustn't have hated me that much."
"I didn't hate you," you correct him, "I found you mildly intolerable on good days."
“Past tense? How do you find me now then?” That was a question that ruffled your feathers.
“Cook the eggs, Owen.”
"As the lady wishes," his laughter faded as he returned to his previous task, you, however, remained with your embarrassment about the whole ordeal. Surely, it can't be that bad spending the next two weeks with him. Maybe if it turned out well, you'd actually have an alternative option to campus housing.
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muovihaarukka · 3 months ago
here *shoves this image to ur hands and runs away into the woods, never to be seen again* bye
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sagesprite · 8 months ago
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she stole sea pancake and fell asleep on him :(
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metanoiyed-archive · 4 months ago
who wants to have intercourse in the sown fields to increase the harvest
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planethim · 6 months ago
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theartsynoodle · a year ago
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brain rot sketch dump
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weebatron9000 · a month ago
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