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#like the murder family they are
oohlook-thevoid · 6 hours ago
Yes, I only finished DS9 recently. Yes, it took me like 3 years to watch. Yes, I should rlly watch VOY/TNG/TOS. Yes, I'm this 👌 close to rewatching ENT or DS9 instead.
#like I do want to watch the others because like ✨context✨ for some of the newer stuff would be helpful#like TNG I'd probably my priority and ideally I'll finish it before Picard s2 (because lord knows I got confused watching s1)#like yes I know who this character is but also I do not know WHO this character is y'know#anyway I just wish the 7 season Trek shows were easier to get into because man the first seasons are ehhhh#like I'd say I wish they were more like ENT because I watched that real quick but also like I realise it's kinda bad so like :/#I still love ENT the most tho <3#like basically back in the summer after my GCSEs (so this was in like 2018) I was going through a watch things because my insta search feed#said they were gay phase#yeah so anyway that's why I watched v*ltron and gotham (only one of which I actually finished and don't hate)#and I kept seeing about spirk and was like okay I'll go watch TOS but I watched like 2mins and gave up#and my dad saw I'd started it and was like if you want to get into Star Trek I'd suggest ENT because it takes place chronologically first#so like yh sure and we sat down and watched the first couple eps#and originally I was gonna watch it with my dad but I got wayyyy too invested and just kept watching it without him#I can distinctly remember being on a family holiday in a static caravan in (I think) Wales and just being curled up on a chair watching ENT#on my phone#yeah so anyway I watched ENT with zero critical thinking going on because like brain used up on exams and also I loved all the characters#so bad storylines got ignored#tbf tho the other show I watched that summer was Hannibal and I distinctly remember being obsessed with how aesthetic the murders were#yeah but anyway I watched ENT + got obsessed and then tried watching VOY and saw a few eps then switched to DS9#and now like 3 yrs later I finally finished it and turned out re: DS9 my dad was right and it did get more interesting#once the dominion war stuff started#anyway I probably will rewatch DS9 + ENT somewhen but I'm gonna try to hold off until uni so if it goes to shit at least I'll have star trek
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iamfitzwilliamdarcy · 5 days ago
The show just assumes we all know Derek’s motivation in becoming an Alpha was for power, and like, on one level, as a kid whose had his entire world up-ended multiple times, who has had control and power ripped from him, who has had tragedy and cruelty thrust upon him-- it makes sense 
on the other, the show doesn’t seem really interested in that Angle at all
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echo-voidheart · 6 days ago
thinkin about like. a situation where during the cookie outpost vs las nevadas dispute. c!quackity somehow becomes the cause of one of c!ranboo's canon deaths. and in response, c!tubbo just goes fucking ballistic. becomes hellbent on taking quackity down, on revenge. and without ranboo there to calm him down, there's no force on earth that can stop him
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katierosefun · 6 days ago
This one might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't like how movies and Tv shows keep trying to shove in a romantic subplot in between the lead guy and lead girl (if you're going to do romance at least make it gay). like I wanted to watch an action movie for all the murder and things blowing up. Not two people swapping spit despite meeting like 20 minutes earlier
ooooooh yeah, i agree, at least to the extent that i feel like there’s an over-saturation of forced heterosexual romantic relationships in a lot of popular media. i think for me, i don’t mind a romance so long as it’s actually thought out and like…idk. believable? but yeah, hardcore agree that a lot of tv shows and films need to like…stop forcing down the romance subplot. :/
sleepover time!
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Abby: You're a terrible influence.
Lexie: You need me.
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romanticprometheus · 6 days ago
Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
pls keep smiling 🥺 for me
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nuk-terrible · 8 days ago
People acting like Bellamy wasn’t loved enough at the end, as if he didn’t betray all his friends, turn in Clarke and Raven to get tortured, and then said he’d let all his friends die if it came to it... maybe he didn’t love them enough
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blueskittlesart · 8 days ago
absolute best part of death note is when they finally get L light and misa into that fucked up little room together and not a single one of them is happy about it, light is literally chained to L, everyone is angry that misa is there, and yet there still manages to be like. genuine wholesome interaction between the 3 of them. its like the worlds most fucked up found family
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pendraegon · 8 days ago
can u imagine being abigail and the man who killed your dad and the other man who lowkey orchestrated the whole thing (and ALSO helped you hide a dead body) want to be your dads like… no i think abigail has hit a dad quota frankly.
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a-second-hand-sorrow · 9 days ago
watching season 1 of Hannibal as a french speaker is hilarious because there’s an episode that’s straight up titled ‘egg’
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hvvrtfulloflove · 9 days ago
you know maybe having a large family is my favourite thing about being manouche. when i grew up i didn't have to care much about making friends because i would spend all my spare time with my cousins and i was best friends with 2 of them all throughout middle / high school. Like theres so many people, so many gossips, it really feels like it is its own world. i never found a gadjo who understood that or who had a similar view of family. when i would say oh yeah my best friend is my cousin, or yeah there are family meetings every week, people always looked at me like i were crazy lmao. and like idk just for that its always seemed to me that being fully gadjo was a very lonely and sad experience. i respect yall tho
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emile-hides · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Made another My Hero Academia OC instead of finishing the AU sketches in my wip folder because I thought of a cool quirk and had to put it to use
Kako Sasaki
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Quirk: Ancestry - Allows the user to see into the past of anyone he makes direct skin to skin contact with for as long as he maintains that contact. If the quirk is active long enough he can even look into the past of the target’s blood relatives. However, he sees and hears everything in reverse
Family: Mirai Sasaki/Sir Nighteye (Twin Brother)
Affiliation: League of Villains
Occupation: Used car salesman
Kako considers himself more of a part-time villain, as he doesn’t do any actual crimes, just looks into things for the boss man. He’s highly skilled at deceit and spy work, easily coming off as unassuming and himbo-y. Kako is a lot more open than his brother, seemingly wearing his emotions on his sleeve at all times, and those emotions are always happy and joyful.
Because of their quirks, and their thoroughly kept secrets, despite meeting up once a month or so, the Sasaki brothers haven’t made direct contact with one another in years. It’s clear to both of them the other is hiding something, of course, but neither of them are going to pry.
Mirai and Kako both wanted to be heroes, though Mirai is the only one who got into a hero school. Kako ended up flunking out of highschool all together.
Kako didn’t make it to the hospital before Mirai passed away. He took the opportunity to meet Mirio, and though him witness his brother’s last moments. He tries to stay in contact with Mirio, treating him like one of the family.
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butwhatifidothis · 10 days ago
I can’t believe stans actually unironically believe “Hubert eventually chose to follow Edelgard” as though he had literally any choice otherwise, ever, in nearly his entire life. 
Hubert’s loyalty isn’t moving, or touching, or deep. It’s the result of a child who’s been forced to believe exactly one thing his entire life and was only ever given the chance to maybe break away from that when he was already 20 years old. Yeah, no shit he’s gonna say “I personally follow you now” because what the fuck else is there to Hubert personally other than serving Edelgard? 
He never grew a personality outside of serving Edelgard and being evil. He has no personal ambitions in life other than serving Edelgard. Every single one of his actions is for the explicit purpose of helping better serve Edelgard. Even when he “defies” her, he still is 100% behind her ideals (strictly because they are Edelgard’s ideals) and is only “defiant” by being even more dirty in his work than Edelgard. And this is all, again, for the express purpose of serving Edelgard.
People call Cyril and Dedue blind lapdogs as if that does not, to the T, describe Hubert in his entirety. A dog that bites someone it isn’t supposed to is going against its master’s wishes, but it’s only doing so to protect their master. Tell me, right now, that is not Hubert. Oh wait, sorry, I can’t see your response over the hundreds of fanarts literally drawing Hubert as Edelgard’s literal dog. And he’s drawn as such far more than the other retainer duos are.
And they try and say Edelgard cares for Hubert and doesn’t want him to follow her so drastically. That’s in their supports... and no where else. Claude is horrified by Hilda’s sacrifice if she dies in AM/CF, and praises her for her ideas in VW. Dimitri breaks completely, explicitly due to Dedue’s either apparent or real death, and he has an entire alternate chapter ending with him in CF. There’s a show of a close bond between the other two retainer duos outside of their supports, within the main story and gameplay itself. Edelgard? Doesn’t give a shit if Hubert dies, ever. No “They got through...? But, that means Hubert-!” <-- no shit like that, even though she knows what it would mean that the army is in her throne room. And within the story itself, she treats him as an annoying assistant reminding her of the shit she has to do at best. Not to mention her literally lol’ing at his confession to her in their A support.
Rhea saves Cyril from slavery --> Cyril is entirely loyal to Rhea. Dimitri almost dies saving Dedue from murder --> Dedue is entirely loyal to Dimitri. Edelgard is born and stands there --> Hubert is entirely loyal to Edelgard. There’s a bit of a difference here. 
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