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#like what you like

do you ever see a game and go “hm. i won’t like that game.” but then everyone tells you it’s such an amazing game and you WILL like that game so you end up getting it, then you play it and realize that, no, you do NOT like that game and also you just wasted $20 you could’ve spent on a game you DO like. 

anyway i hate platformers so much i did NOT enjoy shovel knight but also i did very much enjoy hollow knight so what’s the truth 

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Anytime I tell ppl irl about how I'm involved in Harry Potter fandom online, they seem to always assume it's a wonderfuland joyous experience. The second I tell them that there are HP fans who bully and harass others for "liking the wrong characters" or go so far as sending death threats or saying ppl are literal Nazis for liking the Death Eater characters, they instantly go "wtf, that's horrible, what is wrong with them, that's terrible." It's never "they're right to do that".

It’s surreal.  When this happens in fandom, there’s usually two reasons - firstly, sometimes the instigators are toxic / trolling and when they get a reaction, other similarly toxic users are drawn to the environment so such behaviour multiplies, and secondly, sometimes some posters may be impressionable - and upon seeing such awful behaviour becoming rampant, they emulate it so they can be accepted as part of the group.

Many people are insecure about how they are perceived, and they will change what they like so that they are accepted.  These types of people will then wage a war on others - there is no saint like a former sinner - because if the target also changes their opinion, it validates their own acquiescence.

When such tactics fail, their attacks become vitriolic.  They simply cannot fathom why a target won’t crumple under the pressure they’re applying, so they switch to insults and harassment - and the goal shifts from attempting to change the target’s opinion to forcing them to cease engaging in fandom altogether.  

They do this because the target’s very existence undermines their own decision to have yielded.

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I really feel like I’m gonna read “CM Punk vs. John Cena at MITB 2011″ a lot as the greatest match of the decade.

And it GREAT. Setting aside what it did for the business (got a lot of fans, myself included, back into wrestling after a pretty fallow 2009-2010 period. Hell, the MAIN EVENT of the previous PPV was John Cena vs. R-Truth), it’s a terrifically entertaining match with an engaging, intense story. I just feel like I’m gonna see it too much.

But I guess that’s more MY hang-up, innit? I mean, if someone’s favorite album from 2010 to 2019 is A Seat at the Table or R Plus Seven or Dirty Computer and those’re all THAT popular, then that’s what you’re gonna see, right? 

A whole decade, though. Surely there are better wrestling matches?

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Can you please tag your negativity against Robert Downey Jr. and the MCU in general ? This is not meant to be unfriendly or anything, its just a plea for someone who doesn't want to see such things on the dash. Thank you.

 sure,   no   worries.   however,   if   you   actually   took   a   look   at   my   rules,   you   would   have   already   been   warned   that   this   blog   is   going   to   be   extremely   mcu   critical.   i   don’t   mind   tagging   things,   because   i   respect   the   fact   that   you   want   to   keep   your   dash   negativity   free.   but,   and   there’s   a   big   but   there,   there’s   a   difference   between   someone   spewing   senseless   hate   and   actually   bringing   awareness   to   the   shitty   things   someone   has   done.

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Other people have pointed out how people on tumblr make fun people who have “unacceptable” interests, ships, hobbies, etc. And how that’s partaking in cringe culture. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, and I believe that just as long as no one is hurt, people should be allowed to do whatever they want. Especially since you don’t know how much something can mean to someone.

Talking about my experiences, especially as an autistic girl, my hyperfixations/special interests have by and large been a way for me to interact with the world. They’ve mostly had a positive influence in my life. For example, ever since I got into Skylanders when I was 8-9, I started to hyperfocus on the action girl trope. Mostly in video games, anime and western animation, partially because you can’t easily get comics and manga in Singapore and back then I believed live-action stuff was generally less interesting. Back then, I was extremely painfully shy. I got bullied in kindergarten, and because I was an undiagnosed aspie I had pretty low self-esteem. In comes the trope, and the characters under the umbrella.

I was… extremely cringy about it when I was young. An infodumping little girl who would talk about whatever video game or cartoon or anime she was into at the time. And the characters in them. No one could stop me. But… it did help. Partially because I had something to talk to people about, and partially because they were a source of catharsis for my own problems. Now, I’m a lot less shy, I have friends now (mostly boys, go figure), I dress how I want, I became more tenacious, I even finished secondary school! My main takeaway is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re storming a castle or trying to make your way through your country’s high school equivalent. What inspires you inspires you.

Point is, people may act cringy about their interests. They may be into stuff you hate, or that you don’t get. But at the end of the day, you didn’t live their life. You don’t know how much something can mean to someone. It doesn’t mean that whatever it is they like is immune from criticism (I listen to criticisms for a lot of characters I like. A lot of them are underdeveloped or bitchy, at least in canon. I acknowledge that.) But it does mean that you shouldn’t insult the person for liking it. That’s the core of cringe culture. Insulting a person for liking something instead of criticising the thing. And that’s why it hurts. Because you often don’t know how much something means to someone until you live their life.

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Today’s the day I got attacked by a stranger for something I like and they don’t- am I a real tumblr blogger now?? I feel like I’ve been initiated.

But seriously… chill. Opinions make the world go round. I was cheering on Taylor Swift, not advocating for the nazis.

I don’t know how some of the blogs I follow deal with stuff like this on a daily basis. It’s crazy.

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Friendly reminder

Your interests are not annoying. Like what you like. Fucking get down with it kids. Yeah, maybe if you’ve talked about it non stop for a few days, consider slowing it down, but don’t feel like you should be happy enjoying your stuff. If it’s good (and non-harmful) enjoy that shit you guys! Don’t let anyone put you down for anything. And remember to get rest and water while you do!

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Dear Boom,

Please do not revive the love triangle ship wars again, it hasn’t even been a whole year of the comics, please let Buffy focus on being sixteen and working to save her friends and having adventures with Camazotz, let Angel assemble his crew and relive his messy Outlander hair past, let Drusilla and Spike wreak havoc across the Hellmouth,

I lived through that time once already and I Don’t Need It Again,

Sincerely yours,

A tired Fandom old

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Anti fans don’t make sense like y'all are out there saying you don’t like this group yet can’t shut up about them. You’re always on their posts, talking bad about them, yet you say you don’t care about them? Not to mention creating accounts specifically to talk about how much y'all don’t like the group like??? Y'all make no sense just talk about what you like, create accounts to talk about your faves and what you actually like so you can leave others in peace

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do u have a lot of nhl/pengiuns/leafs stuff in ur room? my friends make fun of all my nhl stuff ):

Not as much as I used to. I just have a vintage Penguins banner that I got Jake Geuntzel to sign and a few pucks that I used when played as a kid. I think I put my Geno poster and other things away? I have a Pens and Leafs sticker on my laptop. Don’t let them get you down. If you like it- put it up! If it makes you happy, don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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Be yourself like what you like, listen to whatever you want, and dress how you want don’t fucken listen to these followers and trendy fuckers that say you shouldn’t cause they don’t like it just be yourself and tell whoever doesn’t like it to go fuck themselves


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I saw your post the other day about GOT and I gotta say, I really respect how you’re not one of those people who literally pushes the show into others fsces

oh haha, well thank you! I mean yea, I like what I like and express my interest in it but I would never push something on someone, I totally get why people don’t like it & that’s okay because there are plenty of things others like that I particularly don’t find interesting at all so no problem 😊

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