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woke up on this fine wednesday morning thinkin bout how the paul lahote (the light of my life) was portrayed in the new moon movie as The Angry OneTM of the pack just bc he went off on some loud white stranger who (1) boldly blamed him for some shit he didn’t even do, and (2) smack-cammed him for it, all before breakfast on a saturday

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I know it’s 2020 but I just realized something; 

How the fuck did the vampires in twilight EVER go to ANY school???? Like, on average, most schools have about a 50% female population. Each female bleeds 4-8 days every.single.month. Some bleed heavily (more than 80 ml) while others have light periods (less than or = to 80ml). There is debate whether or not period synchrony is a thing, but, even assuming there is some synchronicity, there is a HIGH chance that at least 80% of a month will involve at least ONE female menstruating somewhere in the damn school. 

Now these bitches lost their shit by a small papercut. These bitches ALSO have an inhuman sense of smell and so should be able to smell ANY female who is in her period ANYWHERE inside, or close to, the building. 

And you’re telling me they’re gonna be able to go to a school full of bleeding females without so much as a wink? 

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Niall’s fans are still interested in him even if he’s not replying to dumb, mind-numbing, attention seeking “Niall did you play golf” tweets. His step back on Twitter and the engagement he gets when he does tweet proves this step back has been beneficial. He’s still posting on instagram. If your support of him is contingent on how available and how often he posts on social media, perhaps reevaluate and look at any other artist ever.

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Ive once again made things worse in my own household bc I don’t know how to just be a regular fuckin human being

#my mom's now locking herself in her room and acting distant towards me, #bc i asked of she would maybe not play those stupid political videos so loudly, #i said they make me anxious/have breakdowns/spark s*icidal thoughts, #all she had to say was that she thought she was keeping it down low and that its my fault shes watching them bc she thinks im avoiding her, #like???????, #this is also the conversation that sparked the other thibg she said earlier, #she thinks im some clown that's gonna ruin my own Future bc i don't want a racist orange as my president, #and shes like 'you dont do anything but sot in your room in your own lil video world. you're avoiding real life by staying in there', #and it's like???????? we're in the middle of a fucking pandemic and i was out of work fir mist of it. i c a n t do anything., #i do go out sometimes and hang woth friends but im too anxious and depressed to do stuff by myself so i just stay at home, #'all you talk about is video hsme stuff with your friends' okay and???? thats what makes me happy!!! and thays not ALL i talk about, #fuck i wish she would just go ahead and move out to her racist ass boyfriend's house already im so tired of her, #and i wanna get better and be able to do things on my own, #want to get over being depressed and have energy to do stuff, #want to not be so anxious that i can actually get outside and go to places by myself without thinking people are looking at me weird, #or feeling like something bad is gonna happen to me, #she just thinks im lazy and ungrateful and wanting everything to be handed to me ALL BECAUSE I'M NOT A REPUBLICAN, #like FUCK i fucking HATE politics so fucking much, #they're driving a wedge back between me and my mom that i thought we had fixed after the incident with my ex, #everything is just getting worse and worse and i dont know how much more of it i can take before i snap, #vent, #gonna rb a bunch of stupid posts after this so nobody fucks with this post
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