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#like. a kid who genuinely despises everything around him
tooweirdforyou · 5 months ago
How The OP Boys Say “I Love You” To Their S/O
Tumblr media
How You Know He Loves You- idk man
A/N : enjoy.
includes » Ace, Sabo, Luffy, law, Sanji, Zoro, Marco, Rosinante, Kid, Shanks, Mihawk, Katakuri, Izo, Koby, Cavendish,
Summary : the boys’ own way of saying “I love you”, with their own words and ways. Or, how you know he loves you.
? Wait did I do this before? I don’t even know. also these aren’t GREAT, but they aren’t HORRIBLE. Yk? Honestly tho, some of these seem like they’re all over the place, which yes, they might be. UGH IT WAS SO HARD THO.
Monkey D. Luffy
Luffy loves you like an adventure. Everything is new and always fun to try with him, and no matter what happens, you don’t ever regret it, because you’re doing it with him.
He’s persistent in staying with you everywhere, he wants to do everything with you. He tends to invite you ( by pulling your hand ) to do crazy things with him and away from the others so you’re alone.
He’s always showing off his skills and stupidity in order to make you laugh, because your smile is the best thing he’s ever seen and giggles are the beautiful sound he treasures.
His actions are genuine when he holds your hand and pulls you to his side all the time, with the warmest, loving grin.
Luffy always makes sure to remind you to never give up hope.
“Let’s go on an adventure together, [Name].”
Roronoa Zoro
Zoro loves you like you’re his one and only. No one has priority over you, ( except maybe Luffy ), and you will always be his, if you’ll let him.
Zoro is not a man of many words when it comes to his own emotions and feelings, so he shows it through his actions.
He always has an eye on you, so wherever you are is where he ‘sleeps’ so he can keep you close, his swords at his side to protect you from danger, ( but he knows you can handle yourself. )
Zoro is the perfect person to lend a comforting shoulder and ear. He will listen to every single one of your problems intently and if he can, will offer the best advice you’ll hear, even if it’s a bit harshly. However, whatever got you so down, Zoro will bring you back up.
Zoro is always reminding you that you are strong, no matter how tough things get.
“Oi, come take a nap with me. I could use a body pillow.”
Portgas D. Ace
Ace loves you like a gentleman, respecting boundaries, bowing to the elderly you pass by together and always ready to pick you up for your date at seven, bouquet of flowers in hand.
If Ace is good at anything, it’s knowing how to distract you with a good time. He knows the best way to bring a beautiful smile to your lips and can easily make sure to avoid the thoughts that brought you down in the first place.
He’ll share stories that will make you die of laughter or feel so wholesome that you literally melt at how sweet it is.
The few times he expresses and shares his insecurities to you, something he hides within him because he trusts you enough to do so. He loves your understanding and comfort for him.
Ace always reminds you that you’ll be okay, even at the worst times.
“You are the light of my life.”
Chief of Staff Sabo
Sabo loves you like a prince. He holds the door for you, takes your hand so you don’t fall, has the most charismatic smile on his face and is just so charming.
Sabo will remember the littlest things, the smallest details that you yourself don’t even know until he reminds you, and because of this, you are often gifted the most memorable and cherishing gifts, like the scarf you two bought for your perfect snowman, to the necklace you were staring a little too longingly at on display.
He’s always busy, but he doesn’t hesitate to drop whatever he has just for you. He will run through fire if it means you’ll stop crying or if you’ll be happy to see him. You are his lifeline, his soul, his love.
He may not know how to properly cheer you up like his brothers can, but he knows that he wants the best for you. If you need space, you got it. You need some tender loving cuddles and buckets of ice cream while watching Disney movies? Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
Sabo reminds you that you deserve happiness and peace.
“Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Law loves you like you’re his savior, someone who’s always there during his time of need and insecurities, by his side when he needs you most.
He’s a little blunt and straightforward occasionally, but he’s honest somewhat. He won’t ever tell you his feelings until he deems it the right time, but you can tell he has feelings by the change in treatment.
He’ll keep you closer to him, making excuses by saying that he needs you to help him with the supply run, or that he needs your assistance with a particular menial task.
He’s awkward and shy about it at first but he cares and that’s all you need to know. Especially once you catch him during one of his weaker times, the anniversary of a particular someone rolling around, where he’s locked in his room. He needs you beside him, so please don’t leave him when he needs you.
Law reminds you that you are human, that it’s okay to be vulnerable.
“Just stay here with me.”
Vinsmoke Sanji
Sanji loves you like a god/goddess. He will treat you with the utmost respect and care and offers you everything you could possibly want or need, just say the word.
His genuine, endless daily compliments are given to you with pure love and passion, his daily refreshments and snacks to keep you energized and hydrated keeps an eye out for your health.
He makes sure you know the true meaning of flattery, chivalry and love, because that is all he can show you.
However, under that chivalrous exterior, is his calmer, understanding loving self, where he shows his true self and when he finally shares this side with you, where he holds his insecurities, it’s the true honor and love you can receive. And it’s even better, when you become the one who loves for him in return during this time.
Sanji reminds you that you deserve to be and are loved.
“You are my world, my everything.”
Marco The Phoenix
Marco loves you like a married couple who grew old together, still playing jokes and having fun to life’s fullest, no matter your age.
He’s constantly lecturing you for the smallest things repeatedly, since you always seem to forget. His lectures lack any annoyance or malice though, he’s just kind of done with you sometimes.
Nonetheless, he’s taking care of you more than you think, always the first one there whenever you need help. He’s always prepared for whatever you need so you don’t have to look for it and get worried.
He’s stern at times but he loves you more than you could ever know, often questioning himself whenever he’s beside you. He half-lidded eyes watching you with warmth and admiration because you always look so determined.
Marco always reminds you that you are free. To live life to its fullest and however you wish.
“Let me fly you to the moon.”
Donquixote Rosinante
Rosinante loves you like a husband, he treats you like his wife, either you or him welcoming each other home after being gone for so long and greeting each other with a loving kiss each time.
He knows just how tough things can be and as much as he tries to make things right, he knows how bad situations really are and no matter how much he wants to cry or get angry, he always holds a smile, in front of you. To assure you that things will be okay.
He gives the warmest hugs, and knows that, so whenever you’re angry or sad, or just randomly at times, Rosi envelops you into a large hug, waddling you back and forth a few times, you feel instant relief and content, which makes him smile.
His priority will always be you, even if he’s hundreds of thousands miles away, he will find his way back home to you. He surprises you with the littlest gifts; being flowers, jewelry, candles, or more.
Rosi will always remind you to smile, even during the hardest times.
“I will protect you.”
Eustass Kid
Kid loves you like a game, it’s unexpected, unpredictable of what will happen and it’s exciting and thrilling. For you both, one wrong move, and the other is gone for good, but perhaps, second chances/rematches are available.
He can be brash and a bit much, but Kid has high respect for anyone who actually makes it onto his crew and can actually tolerate him, you included.
He’s loud and wild but that only makes it part of the fun. With such a short fuse, as long as you play your cards right and pick your moments to bite back, it’s kind of fun knowing how dangerous it can be with a guy like Kid, and he also loves it equally, because your feistiness is attractive.
Being a bad bitch that doesn’t play by the rules is so incredibly attractive and Kid knows how to reward and punish so tread carefully. ;) however, he has his down moments and as annoying he can be, he does appreciate the effort you give if you try to comfort him. He’ll be harsh about it but eventually, he just wants you to be with him in the end.
Kid reminds you to rebel, take risks and enjoy the thrill of getting in dangerous situation every once in a while, breaking a few rules doesn’t hurt anybody. Most of the time.
“Don’t fucking ever leave me.. okay?”
Dracule Mihawk
Mihawk loves you like you’re an empress, only the finest and highest quality for you, nothing else can compare.
Mihawk will buy you the most expensive dress that suits you, with an equally expensive matching jewelry to go with. Not to mention the heels, and, tch, how could he forget the roses you require? Despicable.
As much as he loves to show you off, he despises the stares of awe and admiration you receive whenever you go out, so his possessiveness takes over and he has an arm around your waist at all times, successfully showing you’re taken and to back off if they don’t wish to be cut into oblivion.
He trains you to handle yourself, obviously, you should know at least some basic skills. He’s not too hard on you but does push you to keep going until you truly wish to stop. It’s only because he’s worried that one day, he won’t be there and won’t be able to protect you.
Mihawk reminds you that you are a queen/king, a strong person who shall hold your ground and never back down from fear and show your bravery.
“Come here, mi amor.”
Red Haired Shanks
Shanks loves you like you’re his future. It’s an unknown journey, but he’s there for the ride and whatever may happen, he’s there staying and won’t be going anywhere, unless it’s with you.
The red head is a goofball, he drinks, parties and messes around but he is an incredible captain and genuine to a fault. So when he expresses kindness, it is purely from his heart and not out of manners.
He is extremely playful and yet when down to business, he is calm, collected, and cool. He knows just what to say in tough situations and great comforting advice, so he’s the one to go to when you’re feeling down. And as laid back as he is, disrespect to those he loves is the one shit he won’t take.
He’ll hold you close and with his signature grin, compliment you and tell you how much he appreciates you and as soon as someone lays a finger on you, his hand is on the hilt of the sword and he waits three seconds for an explanation before he cuts them down. No one messes with his beloved.
Shanks reminds you of loyalty. To always protect and care for those close to you, and keep that built up trust and bond you created with them.
“Trust me. I won’t let go of you.”
Charlotte Katakuri
Katakuri loves you like you’re glass, he’s careful, protective, cautious and treats you like you’re fragile, because he’s afraid of hurting you.
He’s larger than most, he’s aware of that, so he always takes the precautions to be aware of his surroundings, especially when you are around. He wants you safe and he will be devastated if he is the cause of your pain.
His large stature is a blessing to you though, because cuddling is so comfortable and comforting, it’s amazing. You can curl up and relax and just be at ease with him, because he’s so protective of you, even from his family members. He often keeps you away from Cracker and Perospero, in the slightest chance that they try to take you away from him.
He’ll be extremely heartbroken if Big Mom doesn’t approve of you, but his love for you is stronger, so he’ll keep it a secret if he has to but eventually, he’ll pray and wish for her blessing, asking the help of his siblings to convince her.
Katakuri reminds you of family, that even friends or crewmates are family and love you all the same.
“I will be here for you.”
Captain Koby
Koby loves you like a typical high school crush. He’s all shy and blushy, and evidently embarrassed when the pretty one at school is talking to him, ( that’s you. ).
He’s like the wallflower type, who tries to blend in but somehow, he sticks out in a way that lures you to him, like he’s hit the jackpot.
He is incredibly sweet, and his shyness is so adorable. You can’t help but coo whenever you see his red cheeks and soft smile of care he offers.
Always helps you with everything, will take the blame whenever you get in trouble, takes the suffering and pain when guys try to mess with you, and no matter how tough things get, he’s holding a brave face for you.
Koby reminds you of kindness, treat everyone with care and kindness, and it goes a long way.
“If you fall, I’ll be there to catch you.”
16th Division Commander Izo
Izo loves you like you’re a painting, he thinks you are true beauty, inside and out, you are a work of art, a true Mother Nature masterpiece born. One to be admired.
The type to be there. He’ll hold your hair while you vomit, rubbing soothing circles on your back while you cry, painting your nails while you complain about Ace, assure your perfection when you’re feeling insecure.
Best advice giver, holds no judgements at all. He’ll help with anything, because you need him. Romantic advice, friendship, sexual advice ;), he will help you any way he can.
He truly admires you, not because of your beauty, but your strength to be able to cry. Crying doesn’t mean weakness but rather, strength to be able to move forward even in the worst of times.
Izo reminds you that you are beautiful, no matter what anyone thinks or says.
“You are true beauty, my love.”
Cavendish Of The White Horse
Cavendish loves you like you’re a princess, and he is your handsome Prince Charming.
Every thing he does it like from a fairytale, if it involved a rather.. bit of a narcissistic Prince Charming. But he means well, because he still treats you like a real princess.
He gives you daily horseback rides, teaching you with his strong arms wrapped around yours and his black fancy hat on top of your head, as you two ride around and share laughs and memories.
And even through his big ego, he still makes sure to compliment you, tell you how proud he is of you and how much he truly admires you for your strong will and determination, because he really does love you. More than you know.
Cavendish reminds you that dreams can come true, sometimes it just takes a leap of faith and effort.
“I will treat you like the princess you are and deserve to be.”
A/N : 15 fucking people and having to think of different things while I’m distracted is so HARD. 😭 please tell me you enjoyed though ;-;
but did I do this already? God I can’t remember a thing, especially since I still haven’t updated my masterlists- and I’m terribly sorry if this really is all over the place ;-; also apologies if this is repetitive for some of them! It really is difficult yk ;-;
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jakesimfromstatefarm · 6 months ago
notoriously yours | jay park
Tumblr media
✰ summary: jay park is a rich kid. it’s safe to say he has everything every broke college student on his campus could dream of and more. but the one thing he doesn’t have, which money definitely can’t buy, is a girlfriend. and his friends won’t see of it. literally.
so what happens when his friends bet him to date someone for more than three months? what happens when jay decides that fake-dating someone would be easier than actual dating (because god forbid Jay–the campus’ notoriously known fuckboy–decides to commit to something once in his life)?
and what happens when that someone is you, his childhood best friend he hasn’t spoken to in years..who has absolutely no interest in being in his life anymore?
✰ pairing: jay park x y/n [ft. members of enha]
✰ genre: fluff, comedy, angst | fakedating!au, college!au, childhoodbestfriends!au, (kinda) e2l!au
✰ warnings: cursing, nothing suggestive but jay's a fuckboy so slightly suggestive themes, mentions of parental neglect/leaving, it's hella long (and i thought my last fic was long)
✰ wc: 14.7k (how did i get it this long oh lord)
✰ author's note: picture creds go to original owners/editors! peep that edit of jay that lowkey inspired this entire fic 👀also this took me so, so long bc i lost motivation half way thru and bc college is a thing,,,so i honestly don't know how to feel abt it so pls bare with me :')))) ALSO the dividers are weird bc idk how to add more than 10 pics for the dividers so pls excuse those ٩(× ×)۶i hope u guys enjoy!! <333
⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺
Jay Park is a rich kid.
Jay Park has enough to buy every textbook he needs for his courses without having to look up the free versions online. Jay Park has enough to bribe his professors to let him pass every class with a perfect 4.0 GPA (but because the boy has morals, he doesn't). Jay Park has enough to afford a car to drive to his furthest class from his dorm building instead of walk or bike like every other college student, meaning he also has enough to afford a parking spot on campus (those things aren't cheap!).
Jay Park walks around your school's campus like he owns the place (and considering the amount of money his family has donated to the school, he practically does), looking like he just walked out of your local coffee shop's newest fashion magazine. His blonde hair is never seen untouched, his attire usually consisting of an undoubtedly high-end all-black fit, accessorized with multiple earrings and rings that probably cost more than all the overpriced textbooks you had to rent out this semester. It's safe to say that everyone knows Jay Park.
Bottom line is, Jay Park has everything.
Well, his friends beg to differ.
In their eyes, Jay Park has everything but a simple factor in the equation of love (or whatever love is to the minds of a couple of 19 year olds): commitment.
So yes, it's safe to say that everyone knows Jay Park. Because everyone knows he's the campus' rich fuckboy. (What's a college fanfic campus without one anyways?)
Jay doesn't go unreminded of this by his friends, to the boy's annoyance.
Jay is aware of this on a Sunday afternoon, in his dorm building's first floor lounge, where he and his said friends are having a study session.
They're doing anything but studying.
In fact, no one has any books out or anything. Not a single laptop in site.
"You don't think it's the slightly bit concerning?" Jake's words are muffled as he continues munching on the fried chicken that he spent majority of this study session debating if he should have it delivered through UberEats or not.
"I really don't, no," Jay shrugs as he continues mindlessly scrolling through his Instagram feed. They're having the same argument conversation that they've revisited multiple times over the course of their friendship, one that Jay has been lectured on too many times for his own good. He thinks his friends could become his new parents if they really tried.
"Look at it this way, okay. You're about to graduate college in a couple of years, into the big world. Like the actual, adult world. And that means you'll have to settle down. Which you can't do when you. have. no. commitment!" Jake punctuates each word with a single clap of his hands, desperate to get his point across.
Jay simply rolls his eyes. He looks over to Sunghoon, who's minding his own business, not bothered by the same topic he's heard over and over again. His eyes tell Jay you're on your own, in response to his blonde-haired friend's look of despair.
Jay thinks that maybe he should get new friends. Yes, that's the only solution here.
"My love life," Jay reaches across the table for a drumstick from the greasy tub seated in Jake's lap until Jake swats his hand away, "is none of your business. Also, ouch."
"Uh, it kinda is. Because of you and your reputation around campus, it kinda affects us, your best friends. How do you think we look, hanging out with the guy who's known to ghost every girl in existence after one night with them? No offense to you," Jake deadpans to him. Jay mentally reconsiders the term best friends.
Tough love. Jay tells himself it's tough love.
"Yes, because every girl totally hates Jake Sim, the teacher assistant of a physics class who volunteers at the pet shelter every Sunday and brings their pet golden retriever to campus every two weeks," Jay rolls his eyes at his Australian friend.
Jake sighs. "Okay, then I'm coming from a place of worry for you."
Jay groans. "Again, none of your business!" This doesn't stop Jake. He comes from good intentions, really, but Jay wants nothing more than to stuff the kid's mouth with some of that chicken to shut him up.
"What are you gonna do if one day you meet someone you like, genuinely like, and you screw yourself over because you've never been in an actual relationship before? A real, committed one. Like one that lasts at least three months."
"You don't think I can last three months in a relationship?" Jay questions the boy currently taunting him.
"Honestly? No. What's the longest relationship you've been in?" Jake cocks an eyebrow at his friend across from him.
One month and two weeks. But Jay's smart enough to not say that out loud.
"I can so last over three months," Jay mutters more to himself than Jake.
Jake laughs at that, pausing to take another bite of the drumstick in his hand. "Jay, I am willing to actually bet you. Bet that you wouldn't be able to." He leans back on the couch, the ball now in Jay's court.
Jay freezes, looking up from his phone, narrowing his eyes at Jake.
"Forget it, Jake. He's not gonna agree even if you offered him money," Sunghoon finally perches from beside him. Well he's not wrong. It's not like Jay is exactly in need of more money, per say.
"What kind of bet are we talking here?"
Sunghoon's right. Jay doesn't need the money, but he does hate being wrong. Even if it's over something as stupid as this matter.
Caught off guard by the blonde's answer, Jake blinks blankly at him and takes a second to think.
"Hmm..what about...what about if you can date someone for at least three months, and I mean an actual, committed relationship, then I'll do all of your physics homework next semester."
Jay's eyes sparkle at that. If there's anything he despises more than commitment, it's physics.
"And if I win, you have to buy all of my textbooks," Jake sits back from the edge of his seat with a smirk lying on his face.
Jay pauses to think about it. I mean, what does he have to lose? A couple hundred dollars over college textbooks? No. Because he just simply won't lose.
And maybe he'll learn what it'll be like to actually be in a committed relationship for once. Maybe he'll finally learn what it's like to actually devote yourself to someone, open up to them. He shivers at the thought. Never mind. He'll warm up to it. Baby steps.
Nonetheless, what could go wrong? Even if he does lose, at least his money would be going somewhere productive––towards his friend's education. Jay was probably gonna use that money on something useless like a blanket that resembles a tortilla (a burrito blanket, he calls it)––something he doesn't necessarily need, but must have, he would argue.
"Fine. Whatever, okay. Deal," he grabs Jake's extended hand in front of him and shakes on it.
Jake's impressively smiling at the boy as Sunghoon lets out a sigh, in disbelief with the two guys he calls his best friends.
Jay concludes that this will be easier than his Introduction to Photography 101 course he took his freshman year. How hard is it to find someone to date the Jay Park? Surely, everyone will be lining up once Jay switches his FaceBook relationship status from "it's complicated" to "single".
Tumblr media
Turns out, it's not as easy as his class where all Jay had to do was take pictures of a pretty sunset, slap a VSCO filter on, and call it a day.
He comes to this realization on a Wednesday evening, as he's seated at one of the many study tables lined in the middle of the campus' library, staring down at his phone's dry iMessage app, with his laptop and blank sheets of scratch paper scrambled across the entire table, as an attempt to look half as studious as the other students studying in the facility.
Turns out, being known as the campus' fuckboy who ghosts every girl on campus isn't a good thing when it comes to wanting to find a real relationship.
He comes to this realization after failing to receive a single text back to the many ones he sent out throughout the first half of his day. The ghoster gets ghosted. Oh how the turn tables.
Jay groans dramatically as he tosses his phone on the hard surface of the table, earning himself a harsh shush from the librarian filing books in the aisle beside him.
He sheepishly smiles back as an apology, directing his attention back to his open laptop screen, where his untouched calculus homework stares back at him––his mind preoccupied with the looming threat of Jake's bet. Not that it was threatening in any way, per say, but Jay just hates losing. And from the looks of things, it's safe to say that Jay won't be celebrating any victories anytime soon.
Jay thinks he should just change his identity and just transfer to some boarding school in Switzerland. Yes, that's a much better solution than admitting defeat to Jake.
Jay sighs as he lies his head on the table, figuring he might as well just write the check for Jake's textbooks now. He wonders how he got here in the first place. Not how he got into the bet, and definitely not how he's sitting in the middle of the library, having yet to start his calculus homework due at 11:59PM tonight (he should really start that).
But no, he wonders how he gained the reputation as the campus' playboy. To be fair, his friends (mainly Jake), are constantly reminding him of his notorious habits. But how did they come a habit in the first place?
The idea of being in a relationship is nice, sure, but the commitment that comes with it? The idea of being dependent on someone? It's scary, vulnerable, and one that Jay can't picture for himself.
Maybe some people just aren't meant to be paired. Maybe some people, like Jay, like being independent and are meant to stay that way.
But Jay also likes affection. He likes the fleeting, warm feeling he gets every time he finds himself under someone's sheets. He likes the short-lived comfort he receives from someone else's touch, even though he knows it's going to cease to exist the second he steps out of those bedroom's doors. He just likes affection, simple as that.
That and he's a 19 year old teenage boy with needs, what did you expect?
And so what if he likes the idea of affection minus commitment? Is that so bad? Apparently it is, to people like his friends and the entirety of his school's campus, at least.
At this rate, he might as well pay someone to date him.
Wait. Jay lifts his head off the table's surface in realization.
He might as well pay someone to date him.
There's no harm in that, is there?
He wouldn't have to endure through an endless amount of dates to find someone he clicks with, then continue going on dates with said clicked person, all while trying to develop an actual, serious relationship.
He'll win the bet, get his physics homework done for an entire semester, and some lucky girl out there will be making profit for the small price of hanging out with Jay Park for three months.
And lucky for him, Jay knows the perfect candidate for this scheme.
Simple as that.
Just as long as said perfect candidate says yes.
And as long as Jake and Sunghoon don't find out. Or else Jay might really have to move to Switzerland after all.
Tumblr media
You love your friends, you do.
Hana and Heeseung have been there for you when others haven't––they were by your side when you knew no one entering high school, and they were still by your side when you were all graduating said high school. Needless to say, you're eternally grateful for friends like them.
But right now, in this moment––with you seated in the middle of the campus' library, trying to write your essay, as your two friends blabber on and on about the most recent gossip across from you––your two friends could be your villain origin story.
But again, you love your friends, you do. So you don't have the heart to tell them to leave. You've managed to naturally tune out most of the conversation, anyways, for this––your friends coming to hang out while you're trying to study––is no rare occurrence by any means.
"Oh yeah, Jay Park texted me last night."
You hate how your brain's filter suddenly turns off at Hana's words.
You hate how your ears catch the sudden mention of Jay Park's name.
You hate how the thought of Jay Park gets to even occupy a single brain cell of yours.
You hate how you even know who Jay Park is. Well, knew.
Past tense. Because up until eighth grade––when Jay decided to just suddenly pretend you didn't exist––he was attached to you like a koala to a eucalyptus tree.
And if you had asked past Y/N, ideally, Jay would've never left your side. Ideally, he would've never left you to fend for yourself when entering high school. Ideally, he would've stayed your best friend through out all four years of high school and ideally, you would've eventually told him how you really felt about him after growing up with him all your life. And maybe it would've lead to a completely different story. But for the sake of this fic, we don't live in an ideal world.
So yes, if it wasn't for his attendance at the very same university as you, you would've forgotten about the boy who brought you the painful memories of your childhood.
And since the universe clearly doesn't work in your favor, avoiding Jay Park's existence like he's the plague would have to suffice. And it works.
For the most part.
Until some people, bring him up uninvited into your conversation. Like now, for example.
"When was the last time you guys talked anyways?" Heeseung mindlessly asks as he reaches across the table to grab one of the many snacks you usually bring to your study sessions.
" a few weeks ago. Give or take. Whenever you threw your house party. Can't say there was much talking involved however," she teasingly says with a giggle and wiggle of her brows.
Heeseung's rolling his eyes as you scoff and chuck a nearby crumpled piece of paper that was once one of your many essay drafts at her.
She bats it away right as it's about to hit her face as she laughs. "Doesn't matter anyways. He ghosted me the next morning, as he does with everyone else. Telling you this now," she extends a finger right at you, "stay away from Jay Park. That kid's just bad news."
You nod in response, mentally telling her she has nothing to worry about.
Been there, done that.
Tumblr media
College. Ah yes, the very concept of spending four years of your life imprisoned on a campus where you'll be tearing your hair out from stress and spending all your life's savings just for a laminated sheet of paper with a golden stamp at the end of it all. We live in a society.
Because of said college, and all the weight that comes along with it, you had adapted a strict daily schedule in order to not completely lose your mind. It's a simple schedule really, one of a typical college student who's just trying to get by everyday with as little mental breakdowns as possible.
Wake up, get ready, go to class, go to the library to do your homework, walk all the way across campus to get back to your dorm, shower, then sleep. Oh and eat, of course. And maybe if time permits, be an actual social being and socialize.
It's gotten you this far into the college life without dropping out so, you conclude, you must be doing something right.
Sometimes, if you're feeling nice to yourself, you'll tweak the schedule a bit to fit in some exceptions. Maybe squeeze in a little trip to the bubble tea shop that's on the other side of campus, or maybe get dinner at that one dining hall that you don't usually go to because of the unncessarily long lines (but because they serve ice cream, you go anyways). It doesn't matter what the exception is, you still plan it out to fit into your schedule somehow. Everything is planned out.
Sometimes, however, the universe disagrees with your schedule, to your demise. Such as today, for example.
Because what you didn't expect for today was for a particular blonde-haired boy who you haven't spoken to in almost six years (but who's counting?) to approach your table in the library––a table you were sure no one could find you at, as it was quietly tucked away in the back corner, right next to the Astrophysics shelves. Because who browses the Astrophysics aisle for fun? Actually, maybe Jake Sim would. Anyways.
You definitely didn't anticipate a visit from the boy you've been actively avoiding, so you definitely didn't expect the first words coming out of his mouth when he sees you for the first time in six years to be:
"Fake date me."
You blink up at him.
Yeah, definitely not expected.
But you only let it phase you for a split second, until you feel a slight annoyance beginning to bubble up deep inside of you.
"Wow, hello to you too Jay! It's been what––half a decade? Yeah I've been pretty good, thanks for asking!" The sarcasm is practically dripping off your tongue.
You don't know what runs through Jay's mind, but apparently it isn't common sense––or the ability to read the room. Because next thing you know, he's sliding the chair across from you out from underneath the table and making himself at home.
And he's smiling right at you.
Curse him and his smile.
But no, you're not giving into it.
Not yet, at least.
"What do you want?" You deadpan at him when he makes no sign of making the next move.
"A girlfriend," he deadpans right back at you, as if he was casually telling you what he wanted for dinner. As if you two were close-knit friends that could approach one another without any proper greeting. As if you two had kept your friendship all these years. As if you two even had a role in each other's lives.
"Can't help you there," you scoff, deciding to not even question his lack of manners on top of his uninvited presence.
"Aren't you gonna ask me why?"
"Well gee, seeing that the first few words you decided to say to my face for the first time in forever were a demand, a demand to date you no less,," your monotone voice says as you keep your eyes focused on your laptop screen, not daring to look at the boy across from you.
In the Introduction to Sociology course you took your freshmen year, you had learned of one important term: interactional vandalism. Textbook definition being: "ignoring signals of disinterest in a conversation, leading it to an offense."
Your definition being: "are you oblivious or just plan dumb, read the room!"
This was interactional vandalism, alright. Whether Jay's truly oblivious or just trying to annoy you until your head explodes (it's really the former, but you're convinced it's the latter), he takes your signals of disinterest and tosses it right out of his head to continue the conversation.
"I'm stuck in this stupid bet with Jake--do you remember him? He bet me that I couldn't date someone for more than three months and I figured having someone fake date me would be easier than actually dating someone, right? That's where you come into the equation," he proposes as he leans back in his chair, as if he had just finished a sales pitch to a prospective customer looking to buy a car.
You couldn't believe this. You're 98% sure this has got to be a prank. You're mentally preparing for a camera crew to jump out from in-between the library's aisles any moment now and scream into your ears that you've just been punk'd!
The remaining 2% of you, however, wouldn't put it past the two boys to get themselves in such a situation. The last memory you had of Jay and his friends were pretty much their childish selves back in middle school. And by looking at the current scene unfolding in front of's needless to say they haven't changed much.
"Again, can't help you there. Ask one of the many girlfriends I thought you had." Ouch.
"But Y/N, you've known me all your life--"
"Up until you dropped me a few years ago but sure, let's call it that."
"--and convincing other people is gonna make me look--"
"--desperate? Yeah."
"C'mon, Y/N. What do you have to lose anyways?"
" dignity? Pride? Self-respect? Sorry Jay, not happening," you turn your attention back to your unwritten essay in front of you, mentally checking out of this conversation. This would be a good time for that camera crew to jump out now.
"Look, no one else is gonna do it, Y/N." Jay has always been stubborn, you suppose. But so are you.
"Yeah, because you've managed to push every being of the opposite gender away from you. You gave yourself this reputation in the first place," you give it to him straight. It's not like you had a relationship with him to uphold anyways––Jay himself broke that friendship years ago.
Jay hates that you're right.
You're always right. He remembers how he used to always go to you for advice and clarity on the world's biggest problems. Granted, the world's biggest problems to him at the time equated to what he should dress up as for the fifth grade Halloween party, but still. A tough decision, for the mind of a ten-year-old.
You abruptly stop typing and begin putting your laptop and textbooks away as you huff in frustration. There's no point in trying to get your work done now. The longer you stay arguing with Jay, the bigger your headache gets. The longer he continues to occupy any part of your brain, the bigger your headache gets.
Getting up from your seat, packed and ready to slam your head into your pillow, you turn to the blonde one last time.
"Look Jay. We went on our separate ways years ago. If you weren't so notoriously known around campus and my friends would stop talking about you, I would've long forgotten you. I'm sorry you're in this situation, really. If I were you, I'd just tell Jake I can't do it. Or don't, I can't tell you what to do. Just don't get some innocent girl involved in whatever stunt of yours this is."
Jay stares at you, mouth agape, as you find your way out of the library and through the main doors. By the time he comes back to his senses, he realizes how he looks plain stupid––standing in the middle of the library, the look on his face screaming befuddlement, to say the least. Jay quickly makes his way out of the building, in hopes of convincing you one last time.
Jay catches sight of your figure already half-way down the walkway that connects the library to the main quad of your school's campus. Geez, you walk fast.
Not fast enough to outrun Jay's legs, however. If Jay running after you through the middle of campus in order to convince you to fake date him doesn't show how desperate he is to win this bet, I don't know what will.
"Wait, Y/N!"
You groan to yourself before turning to face the boy who can't seem to take a hint and leave you alone. You stare at his out-of-breath state as he heaves up and down from the slight jog he had to endure to get to where you are. If you're humored by him chasing after you, you do a good job of hiding it.
He meets your unimpressed state before stating his final proposition: "I'll pay you. Five hundred dollars."
You nearly stop breathing.
Now this catches your attention––after all, you're but a broke college student who's just trying to survive. And preferably not by feeding yourself instant ramen cups every night.
And so, naturally, you begin rethinking about the opportunity presented in front of you. You narrow your eyes at the boy as you weigh your options.
The first problem being, it's Jay Park––the bane of your very existence. You spent the last few years of your life pretending he didn't exist...for good reason. Not only did he do you dirty when you were merely a couple of 13-year-olds, but you just didn't want to be involved with someone like him. Someone known for his nature, someone who left your own current best friend ghosted. And not that Hana herself would care, for she has called herself the "female Jay Park", but you're sure this would be breaking some rule in the girl code handbook. Plus, if you agree to this, you'd be betraying 13-year-old Y/N, the one who decided to never speak to nor think of Jay Park again––which by now you've failed, but you get the gist.
Second problem being, three months is a long time. Three months is practically the rest of this semester, and did you really want to spend the rest of the semester tied down to the label of being Jay Park's girlfriend? There would have to be some negative connotations that came along with that title, right? No offense to Jay, but being his first girlfriend since, what, high school could make you come off as..naive, for lack of a better term. As if the only person you could settle for was Jay Park. As if you barely had any standards for yourself. Again, no offense to Jay.
Needless to say, if your school's debate club had to argue on why you shouldn't be doing this, you're sure the negating side could win with these two reasons alone.
But before you're rejecting the boy currently standing in front of you one last time, you find yourself mentally listing rebuttals.
First of all, you'd be getting paid. And again, you're merely but a college student living the stereotypical broke college student life––burdened by the costs of tuition, textbooks, and midnight McDonalds runs for when you're out of aforementioned instant ramen cups. Five hundred dollars could provide you with more than enough chicken McNuggets to last you the semester, and maybe some more to treat yourself to an online shopping spree.
Second of all, it's not like you were going to do anything better with your next three months anyways. It's safe to say you were too busy being a diligent student to actually look for anyone to date, per say. And if anything, having a fake boyfriend might actually be helpful in your case. Your mom would be off your ass about how you're still single, for one. And two, your friends (though it's really just Heeseung) would stop trying to hook you up on blind dates with guys that you would choose Jay Park over any day (and that really says something).
Third of all, it's Jay Park. As much as you despise the kid, you still know him. He's not a complete stranger to you, no matter how much you try to deny it. It could be worse, it could be a complete rando asking you to date him. At least you two have some sort of history, which would take care of the typical small talk and getting to know each other bit of this equation. And truth be told, you'd be lying to yourself if you said you weren't a tad bit satisfied by the fact that Jay chose you, of all people, to pull off this stunt with him. You don't know if it's the nostalgia of your childhood memories rushing back to you, but it reminds you of the endless schemes you two used to plan behind your parents' backs all the time. Granted, your childhood schemes––such as the both of you faking sickness so you could skip school together––don't even fall close to being in a fake relationship with one another, but still. It's the thought that counts.
All of those reasons plus, Jay isn't the worst to look at. He may have a spoiled reputation, but at least he has his looks going for him, you'll give him that (you're still secretly wondering when and how did he get his glow up, but don't tell him that).
And so by the guidelines of a college student's logic that states the pros outweigh the cons, you come to the overarching conclusion that maybe, this won't be so awful after all.
"Five hundred?" You ask, just for clarification. Jay's immediately nodding at your words. You continue to ponder on your thoughts as he stares at you hopefully.
The silent atmosphere of your campus heightens the tension so much, you swear you're in one of those overdramatic pausing scenes that occur too many times in k-dramas.
You sigh, then nod.
"Okay," you're internally praying that you won't regret this decision. "I'm in."
Tumblr media
The next time you see Jay is at 12:17PM on a Friday afternoon, as you're exiting the doors of the lecture building that's home to your awfully long Capitalism in the Western World class.
You're going down the steps of the building, mentally deciding where and what you're going to treat yourself to for lunch––as the three hour lecture you had just attended drained all the life and energy out of you––when you hear the slight call of your name.
Turning to the source, you're met with a waving Jay, leaning against the passenger's side of his car, parked in front of the lecture hall building you were currently leaving.
You walk over to where he's casually waiting––he's unaware of all the stares he's attracted from fellow students leaving the same lecture as you. Can you blame them? It's not everyday you see a sleek, black BMW that probably cost more than your tuition pull up in front of your Friday afternoon lecture. It's not everyday you see Jay Park waiting for anyone outside of his said sleek, black BMW that probably cost more than your tuition.
"Hi," you simply let out as you plant yourself in front of him, not sure whether or not to question him why are you here? Surely, he wasn't waiting for you?
"Hi," he smiles down at you. There's a beat of silence. "I was waiting for you."
"Oh. What are you, my chauffeur?" You raise an eyebrow, unimpressed.
"Maybe. I am your boyfriend, after all," he says into the air, loud and clear, as if he wanted people to hear. Well that is the point, you suppose.
But still, all you want to do is smack the smirk right off his face.
Before you have time to put your next question into words, he answers it for you.
"I'm taking you out for lunch," he declares as if you have nothing else planned for the day. Well, to be fair, you didn't have anything else planned for the day. Except for your usual library run. But you figure the library could wait.
"Oh, like on a date?" You raise your eyebrows teasingly at him as you get into the car, Jay holding the door wide open for you. "Is Jay Park treating me to lunch as a date?"
Jay fights the scowl (or is that a smile?) growing on his face as he bends down to meet your eye level from inside the car. "Don't flatter yourself, princess. We've got fake lives to live."
"Call me princess one more time and you won't have a real life to live," you flash him a sarcastic smile and slam the door in his face.
Jay meets his own shocked reflection on the passenger's side window.
Tumblr media
"When you said you were taking me out to lunch, I expected like...I don't know...the diner on campus. Not whatever this is," you mutter to Jay as the two of you are brought to your table by a waitress at an upscale sushi restaurant, one that is undoubtedly out of your usual budget, but for sure an upgrade from your dining hall's pizza you were planning to have. You should've figured as much, the drive here was a little more than out of the way from campus, and who are you kidding, it's Jay Park you're eating with.
You stare down at your current outfit, which consisted of a hoodie you've owned since your junior year of high school and leggings that you threw on without second thought this morning––because you didn't exactly wake up and decide I'm going to go to a fancy sushi bar for lunch today!
"Why are we here anyways?" You ask him when you're both settled in your seats and the waitress walks away after listing the chef's specials for the day.
"Oh, they have killer dragon rolls here, you have to try it," Jay tells you nonchalantly as his eyes rake the menu in front of him, blocking your view of him.
How dense can one be? Your hand snatches his menu as you stare into his unamused eyes.
"No, Jay. I mean, why are we here? It's not like anyone's around to see us put on a show anyways."
"Oh. I figured," Jay's quick to grab the menu back from out of your hands as he continues, "that we should sit down and establish how exactly we're going to deliver this performance. After all, you're stuck with me for the next three months."
Again, smacking the smirk currently resting on his face would satisfy you beyond relief. Just once.
"If I drop out halfway through, do I still get $250?" You tease, leaning back.
"Ha ha. Funny. No," he narrows his eyes at you from across the table. "It's all or nothing."
You dramatically huff to make a show just for his annoyance.
"Worth a try. But sure, let's solidify this. What's the game plan?" You sit up in your seat, leaning over the table as if the two of you were hosting a secret meeting.
"It's simple really," Jay mirrors your actions, face leaning in close to where yours is hovering over the table. "Just pretend to be deeply in love with me for three months, and try not to actually be charmed by my cunning looks."
If someone gave you five dollars for every time you've already rolled your eyes at him today, you wouldn't even need to be in this deal for the five hundred dollars.
"Wow, smooth. Can I just remind you you're the one paying a girl to be in a fake relationship with you because you're just not competent enough to find an actual girlfriend?" You lean back, arms crossing over your figure.
Jay, unfazed, laughs, tongue briefly hitting the inside of his cheek. "Touché."
Your eyes go back to the menu in front of you as a silence falls over the table. Because you're not a loaded trust fund baby who comes to fancy five-star sushi restaurants for lunch on a daily, you don't recognize half of the entree names on the menu. You spot the dragon roll Jay suggested, but seeing that a basic California roll is less expensive, your natural broke-college-student-instincts figure the California roll shall do.
"Okay, in all seriousness," Jay begins as he puts his menu down. "It's simple really. We'll just go on weekly dates and post cute pictures of each other once in a while and a little after three months, I'll just say it didn't work out. I'll give you the five hundo and boom, we move on with our lives."
It's clear Jay's put some thought into this. Safe to say he's put more effort planning this out than the amount of work he's been putting into his classes. Someone's got their priorities straight.
You're impressed to say the least––you figured Jay would just be the kind to go with the flow and wait for the situation to unfold on its own and maybe blow up into flames. But seeing as he was just as serious about winning this bet as you were with making five hundred dollars, your doubts about this entire situation were slowly withering away.
Don't get it wrong, though, you still despise him. To an extent, at least.
"And don't worry about the dates. I'll pay on your behalf, as the loving, doting boyfriend I am," Jay finishes with a wide, cheesy smile you can't help but return a growing smile back at.
"Well then, as the loving, doting girlfriend I am, I shall gift you coffee, breakfast, all that fun couple stuff, whenever you please. Or maybe unannounced, if I'm feeling nice," you figure you should pitch in as much if he's paying for all your dates. And deep down, you find the idea kinda cute. But don't tell anyone that.
"Wow, look at us. We should become Dispatch's couple of the year already!" Jay exclaims, earning himself a small giggle from you, which pleases him to say the least. He thinks that maybe when this is all over, he'll hopefully make a good friend (well, for the second time) out of it.
And you're thinking that maybe the next three months won't be as bad as you initially had thought.
As the two of you delve deep into a debate about who would be the better significant other to each other, the waitress comes over to take your orders.
And because you're laughing and Jay's brightly smiling at you from across the table, you order the dragon roll.
Tumblr media
The second time Jay takes you out––this time he gives you a heads up to get ready––it's at a, once again, high-class steakhouse.
The third time, you insist on the on-campus diner that's popular amongst the student population. Partially because you feel bad for the amount of money he's spent on you (even though he couldn't care less), but mostly because if you have to put on another fancy dress to just eat an overpriced meal that doesn't even fully satisfy your hunger, you might lose your mind.
And by this third time, Jake is aware of this newly blossomed relationship.
"Three dates! I didn't know you had it in you, going on three dates with the same girl!" Jake excitedly exclaims as he jumps into the empty spot on Jay's dorm bed and shoves his phone's screen into Jay's face.
The smaller screen displays Jay's most recent Instagram post: an image of you sitting behind your too-small-to-be-this-expensive-steak and smiling right into Jay's camera––a memory that brings a smile to his face:
~ ~ ~
"C'mon! We said Instagram posts would be a part of the deal! How else can we convince people we're dating?" A pout rests on Jay's face as he stares at you from across the table in the middle of the extravagantly decorated restaurant he picked out for your second date. You remember your eyes bulging out of their own sockets when you saw the "$$$$$" rating Yelp gave the place when you searched it up earlier.
"Okay, okay! One picture," you give in, already slightly annoyed that you were here instead of the comfort of your own bed, where you could be rewatching your favorite Netflix show for the third time. But because you made a deal and because you're desperate for money, you had to follow through––so here you were.
You flash an unconvincing smile to Jay's camera, which doesn't satisfy him, to say the least. "At least pretend you're somewhat enjoying this date," he frowns at you.
You sigh, until a thought crosses your mind and a smile grows on your face. "Only if you get me boba afterwards."
He narrows his eyes at you, but then meets your smile. "Sure, whatever you want. But only because I've been craving some mango milk tea lately."
"You're a fruit milk tea kind of guy? Sorry, but I might have to fake break-up with you," you tease as you take a sip of your overpriced drink to go with your overpriced meal.
Jay scoffs, feigning hurt by placing his hand over his heart. "Ouch. But before you break up with me, let me get this Instagram post in."
"Wow. Your priorities are so straight," you roll your eyes at him, eliciting a cheeky smile from him as he watches you through his held up phone screen.
"Hey, I wasn't ready! That was like mid-laugh!" You reach over the table to grab the phone, but not quick enough for him to put his phone back into his pants' pocket.
"Nope, nuh uh," he laughs as you quickly sit back down into your seat, not wanting to cause a scene in an establishment as proper as this one.
"It's fine. It's a good picture, you look cute," he casually lets out, unaware of the blush rising to the surface of your cheeks, thanks to the fact that you were suddenly interested in playing with the left-over food on your plate.
"Jay! Delete it, I'll let you take another one," you whine from your seat, imagining just how bad a candid picture of you could be.
"Ugh, fine. Ever so picky." He playfully rolls his eyes at you as he takes his phone out and opens the camera app as you prepare yourself.
"Okay, how's this?" Jay turns the phone screen to you after he takes a few snaps on his phone.
"I approve," you grin at him as he goes through the pictures himself, unaware of the smile growing on his face.
"Okay now delete the first one," you point your finger at him, narrowing your eyes at him.
"Okay, okay! Bossy," he laughs as he raises in hands in surrender.
When Jay gets home that night, he recovers the image from his Recently Deleted folder, telling himself it's for the sake of the memory.
~ ~ ~
"It's not that big of a deal," Jay mutters from his spot as his eyes go from the Instagram post to his Exile and Belonging in Modern Literature reading that's due tomorrow, bright yellow highlighter in hand. Typically, you'd find the reading buried deep at the bottom of his school backpack. But because Jay ran into you this morning and because he complained to you about the amount of work he's fallen behind on and because you had threatened him to do his work or else you're not going on another date––a fake date that is––with him, he figured he should at least get one reading done and annotated, despite his strong dislike for highlighters (they hurt his eyes, okay?)
What he doesn't know, however, is how your threat was completely full of bluff––but don't tell him that.
"It is so a big deal, for you at least!" Jake hops off the bed and lands on the wooden floors of Jay's dorm room so hard, Jay winces and sends a mental apology to the poor person who lives below him.
Jake suddenly gasps. "I have to meet her, Jay! As your best friend, it's practically mandatory that I meet her."
Jay opens his mouth to protest, but not before Jake interrupts him once again. "Oh! We can bring Sunghoon too, it'll be so fun! The best friends meet the girlfriend."
Jay can't think of anything worst. Jay imagines that bringing you to meet his best friends would just intimidate you out of dating him––fake dating him, that is. Obviously.
He stares at his friend in agony then back at the reading in front of him––the one Jake said he'd come over to help annotate, but the intention completely left Jake's head the second he heard about Jay's recent dating life.
"You don't have to meet her," Jay says pointedly. "Plus, you already know her."
Jake frowns at his friend's excuse. "Yeah, but that was in middle school! This is different."
Jay's hands shuffle through the reading's pages in front of him as he realizes there's no way the two of them are going to finish the assignment at this point. He supposes he'll have to save death by blindness from highlighters for another day and hope you still agree to go out with him.
Jake suddenly gasps in realization.
"Oh my gosh! Childhood best friends turned college sweethearts," Jake says so dreamily, he might as well plaster heart eyes on. Hopeless romantic, this one.
Before Jay can argue, the piercing sound of three loud knocks echo through the small room, followed with a:
"Jay, are you in? It's me!"
Jay stills at the sound of your sweet voice. He whips his head to Jake, who is also frozen in place.
But the widened-eye boy is quick to come to his senses––unfortunately quicker than Jay himself––because the next thing Jay knows, Jake's eyes are lighting up and he's running to the door, ignoring Jay's screaming whispers through this seething teeth that were somewhere along the lines of Jake––stop, I swear to god if you open that door I'm gonna fucking--
"Y/N!" Jake swings the door wide open, revealing an overly excited him and a frozen Jay half-way to the door, as if he was about to grab the very boy welcoming you in. It's as if we're living in a Sims game and the player clicked pause on this very moment.
Jake's eyes are wildly going back and forth between you and your supposed boyfriend, as if he was waiting for Jay to run over and smother you in hugs and kisses...or something couple-y like that. Jay wouldn't know.
"Uh––hi," you're awkwardly standing inside the room now, a relatively large paper brown bag resting in your palms as you look around for a surface to place it on. Jay makes his way to you without a second thought, quickly taking the bag out of your hold.
"You seemed stressed out earlier, so I figured I could bring you some food as a little pick me up. I didn't know what you liked, so I kinda just got a little of everything from the dining hall. Nothing fancy," you're rambling, but smiling so excitedly at him, Jay doesn't know what to say.
Instead, his mouth slightly drops open as he stares at you in awe, mostly because he's not used to being on the receiving end of such spontaneously generous actions––all while Jake's still excitedly looking back and forth between the two of you, as if he was expecting a marriage proposal to come next.
"Oh wow. Thank you. Really," Jay, still touched by your simple act of kindness, softly says as he places the bag on the limited amount of empty space on his desk surface––the rest of it is covered with his untouched textbooks and unfinished assignments. He wonders if you did this out of playing your role or just because you wanted to. He internally hopes it's the latter. "Seriously, you didn't have to do."
"Nah, don't worry. I wanted to," you shrug with such a genuine smile that Jay realizes he actually missed your smile.
Despite having seen you during your brief run-in this morning when you were fetching your morning coffee, Jay realizes he missed you. The two of you haven't been seeing each other recently because of your busy schedule and if Jay didn't realize it before, he's now sure he missed your company and presence around.
"Well, you two have fun! Sunghoon needs me for something," Jake suddenly chirps from his place near the front door, halfway through with putting his shoes on already, breaking the comforting silence that fell between the two of you.
Jay frowns. "But you said you were free all da––"
"SUNGHOON IS CALLING BYE!" And before Jay can even register what's happening, Jake's out the door without another word.
"Er..sorry about him, he's...weird," Jay scratches the back of his neck as he returns to his spot on his bed, mentally setting a reminder to yell at Jake later for leaving the two of you alone. Jay doesn't know exactly why, but he's nervous at the fact that you're here in his room. It's not like you two are complete strangers––or whatever you guys were before––anymore. "Good job on your part, though. How'd you know Jake was here?"
"Oh uh, I didn't"," you let out an awkward laugh. "I just felt like doing it."
Heat rushes to Jay's cheeks and he's not sure 1) what this newfound feeling is and 2) how to respond, yet again.
Having expecting you to leave after dropping the food off, Jay's taken by surprise when you take your shoes off and come over to his bed to look at the pile of work he's spread out.
"Is this everything you have to do?" You question the stressed-out boy as you flip through the various assignments, readings, and essays he put off in the past week.
"More or less," he groans. This is no rare occurrence by any means––Jay being behind in his work––but this time, Jay realizes he may actually be in deep shit, considering he has no idea where to begin.
Right as Jay's expecting a scolding from you, he looks up to meet a look of sympathy on your face. "Well, I mean, I'm pretty much done with my day. I can try to help, I recognize some of these readings from last semester."
Jay thinks to himself that the universe has sent him an angel through the form of you.
"Really? Wow, you were't kidding when you said you'd be a good girlfriend," he sends you a surprised look.
"I'm just being nice, Jay. A concept I'm sure you're not familiar with," you remark back at him, causing his forming smile to grow into a laugh.
"I can too be nice! Need I remind you of who's paying you $500, covering all of our dates AND giving you rides to class everyday?" He remarks pointedly at you, a teasing look resting in his eyes as you're reminded of the first of many times he's come to pick you up before class:
~ ~ ~
You're late.
This never happens.
But then again, your life's been a series of unexpected occurrences lately. Such as the fact that you're currently known as Jay Park's girlfriend, for one.
You're scrambling out of bed once you take one look at your phone and realize shit, you're already late for class. Throwing on whatever articles of clothing your eyes land on first, you're already mentally groaning at the fact that you'll have to skip breakfast and run across your campus to get to said class.
Curse your professor for hosting her lecture at the furthest possible building away from your dorm. Curse the architect who decided to make your campus so large.
You're running down the steps outside of your dorm building's doors when you're abruptly stopped by a familiar sounding cough. You look up from trying to gather all your belongings together at once to meet the gaze of the source of the sound––Jay.
"Wow, you're a mess," he smirks as he gets up from the spot on his car he was leaning against to make his way over to you.
"Gee, thanks! Good morning to you too," you flash him a sarcastic smile before your default frown quickly makes it way back onto your face.
"Aren't you gonna ask me why I'm here?" He grins as he grabs hold of your backpack to sling it across his own back as the two of you walk towards his car.
"Why are you here, Jay?" you sigh, your sarcastic tone hard to miss.
"To give you a ride to class, of course!" He's beaming at you, as if he's a pre-pubescent teen who just won their first girlfriend a prize from the arcade's claw machine.
Oh. That explains the car, you figure. Deep down inside, you're relieved that you'll no longer be bursting through the lecture hall's doors as a sweaty mess––a result of having to run across campus to get to class.
Determined to not let your satisfaction completely show, you resort with a little smile directed towards Jay as he opens the passenger door for you.
The second your enter Jay's car, the strong scent of coffee hits you, and your attention is targeted at the two small cups of coffee sitting in the cupholders of the car.
"Breakfast?" Jay asks as he enters through the driver's side and reaches into the backseat to whip out a small pastry bag. A small, deliciously smelling, pastry bag.
Okay, well. You suppose you could drop the annoyed act now.
Your eyes widen with joy as you grab the bag from him and open it to reveal your favorite breakfast sandwich. He's been taking notes, you'll give him that point.
"Okay, you win. Thank you," you grace him with a soft smile before taking a bite into the glorious gift in your hands.
"Of course, I was just feeling nice," he grins at you as he starts his car. "But don't get used to it." His tone is serious, but his smile directed towards you says differently.
And the fact that he still showed up to drive you to class the next morning.
And the next.
~ ~ ~
"And need I remind you who has to date your dumb ass for the $500 in question?" Your eyes narrow at the boy who can't seem to get that damn smile off his face.
Jay sticks his tongue out at you, ending the conversation. Really Jay? What are you, five? Well, mentally––probably.
You're looking around his minuscule dorm room for a place to sit down, and Jay can't help but feel embarrassed now that you're here, in his messy single studio room that pretty much reflects how Jay treats every other responsibility of his oh so hard life: neglected.
", you can sit on my bed," Jay immediately offers as he moves to the side to make room for your presence––and it isn't much, considering the university only provided him a twin XL bed which is definitely not built for two grown college-aged kids.
If you told yourself a few weeks ago that you'd be shoulder to shoulder on a bed belonging to the guy you cringed at the very thought of, you wouldn't have believed yourself. You wouldn't have believed yourself if you said you were actually glad Jay let you stay instead of kicking you out after delivering the food. Huh.
"You know, this kinda reminds me of when we were kids. I always carried us through those horrible multiplication tests in the fifth grade," you wink at him as you settle in the spot next to him, hands grabbing hold of the papers in his lap.
Jay let out a laugh, nudging your shoulder with his. "Hey! The twelve times table is hard, okay?"
You roll your eyes at him––a habit of yours he's noticed whenever the two of you are together, but more recently, he thinks it's been more out of fun than annoyance.
He wonders why.
Tumblr media
When Jay had first brought up the idea of bringing you as his date to his father's company dinner, you had expected a fairly fancy five-star restaurant with a formal dress code––for you've become accustomed to Jay's lifestyle. Turns out, your expectations can continue to be exceeded. Because what you had expected to be a simple dinner with a few other business men and women turned out to be an entire party, hosted in a hotel whose interior resembled something close to a castle (Or what you assume a castle looks like, as you've never personally been into a castle yourself, but this hotel is close enough).
Your eyes sparkle at the extravagant columns and diamond chandeliers hanging high above you, and Jay smiles at the expression on your face; like a little girl being brought to the amusement park for the first time ever.
"Wow, this," you mutter as you drink in the scene in front of you: people dressed in formal attire likewise to yours and Jay's, mingling and drinking what you imagine to be beverages that cost more than your entire life's worth.
Jay laughs from behind you, "Yeah the company goes a little...extra when it comes to these company dinners."
You scoff as you look up at him. "Oh really, you don't say?" You look around and you're suddenly aware of the many people surrounding the two of you and the attention you've acquired ever since entering the building.
"Jay, people are staring." You shuffle closer to him, your voice lowering down to a whisper.
"Well, it's not everyday the son of the company's CEO brings his girlfriend with him, so...looks like we'll be the talk of the party tonight. Smiles on," he winks at you, and you just know he's loving the attention the two of you are receiving right now.
"Jay Park? Is that you?" You hear a warm voice call out from behind the two of you.
The two of you turn around to meet the owner of the voice, a middle-aged woman dressed in an evening gown that matches the pattern of high-end brands you've been recognizing ever since arriving.
"Mrs. Lee! It's so nice seeing you again," Jay cheerily addresses the woman as the two of you bow in greeting.
You internally giggle at the thought of your Jay being so picture-perfect in the eyes of his father's co-workers.
"This is Y/N," he continues, his hand finding its way to your back, protectively resting it there as you go to introduce yourself. "My girlfriend."
You swear you feel goosebumps rise from where he's lightly touching you, and more so when he introduces you as his girlfriend.
You tell yourself it's just your nerves. Yes, that's it, you're just nervous. I mean, you're in a room filled with people who could easily pay off all your college loans with just a snap of their fingers, who wouldn't be nervous? Right? Right.
"Y/N! It's a pleasure to finally meet you, I've heard so much about you!" Mrs. Lee excitedly exclaims as you turn to Jay with a slightly confused look plastered on your face. He mirrors your expression as he shrugs, moving to stand behind you completely, bringing his hands to rest lowly at your hips.
His hands feel like feathers on the thin fabric of your evening gown, so light, so delicate, as if he's unsure if he's crossing a line. It leaves you wanting more, wanting to naturally lean against him and his warmth. You quick to shake the thought of your head as Mrs. Lee chirps up again.
"Jay's father is always talking about how you've been keeping Jay pleasantly busy nowadays! Good thing too, about time this poor boy settle down for someone as beautiful as you," the woman rambles on as you feel a blush creep up on your cheeks at the thought of Jay talking about you to his dad. If only they knew.
"We should probably go find our seats, I think the dinner is beginning soon," Jay says from behind you, saving the two of you from having to listen to Mrs. Lee's story of how she's known Jay ever since he was five years old and seeing him grow into this mature, loving, young man is so amazing. Oh look! I have baby pictures.
Yeah, he was more so saving himself from embarrassment.
The two of you bid your goodbyes before Jay gently uses the hand on your back to maneuver you through the crowd of socializing business moguls.
"She's not wrong, you know," you feel Jay dip his head so he's speaking near your ear, his warm breath tickling your earlobe, as the two of you make your way through the large foyer room.
"Hm?" You hum in question, turning your head up just enough to be able to make eye contact with him as he responds to your look of confusion.
"You look beautiful tonight," he says, eye contact not breaking once. You freeze in your steps.
You stare back at him in silence. Oh.
Your mind is panicking as it flips through your mental book of responses, unsure of what to say back. But because your mind is cloudy from staring at a put-together Jay in a dark navy suit to match your dress (mixed with the nervous butterflies in your stomach––have they always been there?), the only sound that's able to leave your lips is the small stutter of a:
Wow Y/N, you had one job. A simple "thank you" could've sufficed! And you went with "Huh"?
You felt like a fifth grader who just learned from a friend of a friend of a friend that their crush likes them back.
"U-um. Mrs. Lee. What she said about you. You look good, really," somehow your nervousness made its way over to Jay now––his eyes flickering from yours to anywhere, anything, else in the room––the awkward tension growing tenfold each second.
Goddamnit Y/N, this is just Jay you're talking to, get a grip.
You're knocked back into reality when he slightly nudges your back to continue making your way to the main ball room, where the dinner is being held.
"Is that a compliment from the Jay Park?" Your smirk can't be seen by Jay, since he's still trailing behind you, but he can definitely hear it through your tone.
"Don't make me take it back," he chuckles, his words felt against your neck, leaving behind a tingly sensation you're not sure why you're feeling. You're glad he's behind you, so he isn't able to see the blush creeping onto your face for the second time tonight.
Jay gives a small nod to the people behind the check-in desk stationed at the entrance as the two of you waltz right into a large ball room lined with countless circular dining tables. So much for a small business dinner.
As the two of you approach one of the tables placed at the front of the room, you notice a familiar figure seated next to the seats reserved for you and Jay.
"Y/N!" Jake exclaims as he gets up from his seat to greet the both of you. "I'm so glad you made it, Jay was so excited to bring you tonight. Deadass would not stop talking about it."
Jay lets out a noise that falls somewhere between a cough and a goose being strangled, his widened eyes warning his talkative friend to just shut up. He's silently cursing the company for always seating his and Jake's family at the same table for these events.
"Aw, is that so? He's lucky he's cute or else I wouldn't have agreed," you grin, winking at your assumed boyfriend sitting next to you.
"Hey, YOU were the one excited to come! I recall a certain someone's face lighting up when I suggested we go shopping for tonight," Jay immediately retorts.
"Only because you were buying," you giggle, causing Jake to laugh as well.
"Damn, Jay. Tough," Jake jokingly adds as you laugh alongside him. The scowl sitting on Jay's face expresses the opposite of what he's feeling right now: warmth filling him up from the sound of your laughter and the image of you getting along so well with his best friend.
"I'm gonna get us some drinks, you two have fun making fun of me," Jay narrows his eyes at the two of you as he gets up from his seat. You bid him off with a smile before turning back to Jake.
"No but really though, this boy would not stop talking about you coming tonight. Then again, he doesn't really ever stop talking about you," Jake nonchalantly says, not knowing how much he was exposing his friend to you right now.
You raise an eyebrow up in response, "Oh really?"
"Seriously! I don't know what you did to him, Y/N, but this Jay I've been seeing recently is new. He complains a lot less about life nowadays, especially on the days he sees you," he leans back in his chair as his comment brings a smile to your face. Little does he know.
You stretch your neck up to find the boy in question and spot him right as he's returning to your shared table, two drinks in hand. You lock eyes with him from across the room and without a second thought, you're giving him a genuine smile that he's immediately returning.
Your heart beats faster at the view.
You wonder why.
Tumblr media
It's 3:07AM when you hear the first ding.
You're not 100% sure as of why you're awake at this hour on a Tuesday night––perhaps a combination of your restless thoughts and feelings not letting you sleep plus the typical stress that comes hand-in-hand with the life of a college student.
It's 3:09AM when you hear the second ding, and you brush it off, assuming it was just Heeseung spamming you with memes again––something he does often when he also can't sleep (you found this out the hard way).
It's still 3:09AM when you hear the third ding, and at 3:10AM , you finally reach over and decide to acknowledge the being who's bothering you at this godforsaken hour.
Jay [3:07AM]: Y/N
Jay [3:09AM]: hi
Jay [3:09AM]: r u awake rn
Y/N [3:10AM]: unfortunately so
Y/N [3:11AM]: why are you up
Jay [3:11AM]: come outside
Y/N [3:13AM: jay it's 3am
Jay [3:13AM]: ye and? don't tell me ur a college student with a curfew
Jay [3:14AM]: plus im alrdy waiting for u outside so u have no choice
Jay [3:15AM]: :)
You groan at your bright phone screen currently illuminating your dark dorm room.
You ponder the consequences you may have to suffer tomorrow if you stay up any later than you already have. But considering the fact that you're probably just going to stay awake lying in bed for god knows how long anyways, why not?
(And you would like to point out that this decision has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't seen Jay in a few days and that maybe a tiny, tiny, tiny, part of you may have missed his presence. Nothing.)
And since that logic is obviously valid (you really gotta work on justifying your life choices), you're suddenly grabbing a hoodie from your closet and hoping it'll be enough to keep you, who's merely in an old band t-shirt from high-school and pajama shorts, warm.
The breeze hits your skin the second you open the doors to your dorm's building, and you're met with the view of Jay's sleek, black BMW that probably costs more than your tuition. He waves at you from the driver's seat, motioning for you to get in.
"To what do I owe you the pleasure at this hour," you deadpan at him with a stone-cold voice as you enter through the passenger's side door, hoping your tone was enough to hide the fact that you're giddy at the fact he invited you out at 3AM in the morning. Like a high-school girl sneaking out of her house to meet up with her bad-boy boyfriend that her parents dislike.
The second you enter his car, you're instantly comforted by the warm air blasting through his vents and his playlist softly playing in the background. Jay's pajama pants and messy hair give you more than enough information to know that he probably just rolled out of his own bed as well. You don't know why, but your view: Jay in his oversized hoodie with his unkept hair in front of your dorm building at 3AM on a Tuesday night, gives you comfort in weird ways you can't explain even if you tried.
But it's obviously just your cloudy, 3AM mind not thinking straight. Obviously.
"When I can't sleep, I go on drives around campus. It helps clear my mind," he says, looking over at you to give you a quick smile before starting his car. "Plus, SnapMap said you were still awake, so...figured you'd wanna join."
"Oh so what, you're my stalker now? You're not driving to the woods to kill me now, are you?" You tease, an eyebrow brought up. Jay lets out a laugh from beside you as he begins to drive further into your campus.
"Guess you'll just have to wait and see," he throws you a wink before reverting his gaze back to the road, mindlessly driving to wherever the road decides to take him.
A comfortable silence falls in between the two of you as Jay continues to drive endless routes around your campus. You look over to the boy driving next to you and take in his features––you don't know what changed, but you no longer feel the same anger or annoyance bubbling within you when you're around him. You're not sure when this changed, but you figure it's just the effect of desensitization. After all, you've been spending so much time with him, you're bound to get used to it. Right?
"Why were you up?" Jay finally asks after a few minutes of just the two of you silently basking in each other's presences.
"Ah, you know. The usual. Endless thoughts running through my mind, stress from school, nothing new," you sign, giving him a soft smile followed with a shrug.
"Penny for your thoughts?"
You answer him with silence as you search your head for the answer.
"I don't know. This is kinda weird, isn't it?" You don't know why you get a sudden surge of confidence, but before you can stop yourself, you find yourself rambling on. "If you had told me a month ago that I'd be here driving around with you when it's nearly 4AM, I would've laughed in your face."
Jay doesn't know whether to laugh or scoff. "Is the idea of hanging out with me that unappealing to you?"
You give him a serious look back. "I mean, up until a month ago when you needed me for whatever this game is, you literally pretended I didn't exist."
Oh. Awkward.
You freeze at your own words, mentally screaming at yourself for letting the words leave your mouth. Why, why, why.
"Y/N..." Jay says after clearing his throat after a few seconds of silence.
"No it's fine, it was a joke," you awkwardly cough and direct your attention to anything else around you right now. The view of your campus' buildings zooming by. The clicking of Jay's blinker when he switches lanes. The quiet roaring of his car's engine. The nervous tapping of his fingers against the steering wheel.
The rest of the ride is excruciatingly silent as he exits the main road and into an empty parking lot of some administration building made out of glass that has too many floors for you to count.
You don't know why you feel your heart beating in your throat as Jay puts the car into park––why you feel uneasy. You slightly turn towards him in your seat, hoping to pick up any sign of well...anything from him.
You don't know why you feel a twinge of guilt––it's not like what you said was necessarily wrong. If you were being honest, you were slightly bothered by how the two of you seemed to silently agree not to mention your past all this time. You were always one to seek answers, to seek closure. You couldn't help but bring it up––Jay was your best friend during those years. For him to just wake up one day and pretend you were nothing to him hurt you, and you couldn't help but still wonder what in the world you did to initiate his actions.
"I'm sor–" You're interrupted with his timid voice, as if he was almost afraid to speak.
"I'm not good with people." He's nibbling on his bottom lip, fingers nervously picking at a spot on the steering wheel.
You're opening and closing your mouth, unsure how to respond. You're 100% positive you look like a fish right now. Good for you.
"I don't know why. Jake calls it commitment issues but in order to have commitment, people have to stay in my life. And people just...don't. They're all bound to leave at some point. So what's the point of putting in effort into relationships if they're just going to leave you at the end?"
You're stunned by his sudden confession, not having been prepared for such a heavy topic to arise between the two of you. Up until tonight, your interactions had always been light-hearted and easy––you guys got along well. You didn't know this is how he felt all along.
But you knew where he was coming from.
You knew what Jay had gone through as a child––his mother having left him and his dad when he was young. You remember when your parents had told you the news at the young age of 13, and you remember the pain and sorrow you felt for your then friend. All you wanted to do was go to him and comfort him, but he had already cut you out from his life by then.
"Or maybe I'm the problem. My dad barely acknowledges my existence because he thinks giving me an allowance is all the parenting I need, my friends probably only stick around because they feel bad for me, you wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the bet, and, fuck, I'm literally known as the campus' fuckboy," Jay continues, falling deeper and deeper into the hole he dug himself.
He hates this, he hates opening up and feeling vulnerable, so he doesn't know why he's doing it now. He doesn't know why he feels comfortable voicing out his fears and worries when he's around you. But he does know it's a new feeling––one he doesn't know how to deal with.
"Jay," you lace your voice with as much comfort as you can provide. None of this is his fault, you want to tell him. "I'm sorry."
"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything," he says with a hint of bitterness and you can't tell if it's directed towards you or the topic at hand.
You're completely turned in your seat now to face him––despite the fact that he refuses to meet your gaze, afraid that looking at you is gonna bring out the most vulnerable in him. "You can talk to me. Talking about it makes it a lot easier. I'll always be here for you, as a friend."
Jay doesn't know what it is or why, but something in him snaps at the sound of a certain word falling out of your lips. Friend. Friend.
Friends don't make his heart beat nervously whenever he's around them. Friends don't keep him up at 3AM in the morning, pondering about his feelings for them. Friends don't provide him with this new, warm comfort he's become accustomed to whenever he's around you.
Deep down, Jay knows you didn't mean to add fuel to the fire. But because he's strong-headed, stubborn, and hates how vulnerable he feels next to you, he unleashes his emotions without thinking about the destruction coming along.
"It's none of your business, Y/N. Forget I said anything. You're just a toy for this stupid game and when it's all over we can go back to our own lives and forget this ever happened."
His sudden words cut deep, but they hurt him more than you. The second the words tumble out of his mouth, he's hit with the feeling of instant regret washing over him, and the lump forming in his throat restricts him from finding the right words to take them back.
The silence that falls between the two of you this time is different. It's a cold silence. A loud silence.
Jay feels his walls coming back up around him––the ones you managed to get through––and all he wants to do is apologize but he's terrified. Terrified of seeing your reaction, terrified of losing you again. For the second time.
You tell yourself he doesn't mean it. You tell yourself that he's just enduring more pain that one should ever receive.
But you also tell yourself that this wouldn't be the first time Jay leaves you in the dust.
You tell yourself that you're foolish for ever believing a friendship, or more, could come out of this act at the end. That you're so naive for feeling those stupid, stupid butterflies you've started to notice in your stomach whenever you see, or even think of, him.
"Okay," you begin with a firm tone. You're hurt, but you refuse to show it. You won't let him hurt you for a second time. Not again.
"Just...find me when you need me. As your fake girlfriend or I'm still here for you," is the last thing you say before un-clicking your seatbelt and leaving his car, beginning your walk back to your dorm hall.
Jay is unsure about many things in life. He's unsure about what he wants to do in the future, he's unsure of where he's going to settle in life, heck, he's unsure about what to have for lunch tomorrow. But he's sure about one thing.
That he's wearing his heart on his sleeve right now, and it's all because of you.
That you've become this new lifeline and he has to choose between holding onto you or drowning.
Tumblr media
When Jay wakes up the next morning, his first gut instinct is to get ready to pick you up for class. But today's different. Jay doesn't know where the two of you stand now, especially after last night.
Jay doesn't know how to deal with this combination of unknown emotions he's been feeling lately. They didn't come out of no where, by any means, he realizes. They've been slowly growing over the past month of seeing you so often––like a plant he's been watering overtime, not expecting it to bloom into a flower so suddenly––but he figured it was nothing more than just enjoying the company of a friend.
Until he realizes that the term friend just doesn't suite you anymore––not to him, at least. And that scares him. It scares him that you've made him genuinely smile more in this past month than he ever has in his 19 years of living. It scares him that when he's around you he can't comprehend his own thoughts, his feelings. It scares him that you make him vulnerable, that you've changed him. That you've managed to make the walls that he's spent so long building and polishing to crumble with a simple tap of your finger.
In a perfect world, Jay would have already told you all this––he would be unafraid of how you would react, unafraid of your rejection, unafraid of losing this growing relationship with you. But alas, we don't live in a perfect world. And so when Jay drives to class that day, he drives right past your dorm building.
"Where's Y/N?" is the first thing Jake questions when he enters Jay's car that morning, confused by your absence, having been used to you being in the front seat every morning when Jay goes to give Jake rides to class as well.
"I don't know," Jay mutters, unemotional eyes focused on the road in front of him, not interested in continuing a conversation that involves thinking about you.
Jake hesitates as curiosity gets the best of him. "Did you guys get into a fight or something?"
Jay's hands tighten around the steering wheel of his car. "Or something. Let's just leave it at that."
There are a few beats of silence before Jake speaks up again.
"Well, I guess this works out because I wanted to talk to you about something."
Jay continues to stare straight ahead of him, focusing on just trying to get by without mentally beating himself up at the simple thought of you.
The simple thought of you and your smile. Your witty remarks. Your stupid eye rolls. Your laughter. Your kindness. So much for not thinking about you.
"I'm calling it off," Jake's words catch Jay off guard.
"Huh? Calling what off?"
"The bet. I'm calling it off. I don't care about the textbook fees I'll have to pay next semester. Look, fight or not, you and Y/N are good for each other, everyone can see it. And I really don't want this to end up being one of those messed up teen TV shows where the girlfriend finds out the entire relationship was based off of a stupid game and then they break up and the boyfriend falls into eternal sadness and regret. And I don't wanna see you sad, dude. So yeah! Congrats," although he's admitting defeat, Jake's beaming widely, just content with the fact that his best friend has finally found happiness through the form of you. "You win."
But Jay feels like the opposite of a winner. Because even though his only intention coming into this was simply winning the bet, his life isn't as simple as it was a month ago. Because he discovered something much more valuable than some stupid textbook fees or five hundred dollars or getting his physics homework done for an entire semester.
Something he's scared he's already lost.
⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺
The next time you see Jay is at the same time and place as when he first ever appeared to pick you up––at 12:17PM on a Friday afternoon, as you're exiting the doors of the lecture building home to your awfully long Capitalism in World History class. This time, however it's different.
Because this time, it's one month later, and Jay Park is no longer a forgotten side character in the story of your life. This time, you're frustrated because it's been three days since you've last heard from Jay. And because it's been three days since you've last heard from him, you can't focus on anything else, and because you can't focus on anything else, you're falling behind on every other aspect in your life. Jay's somehow managed to become the center of your life without even having to be present.
Well, up until now. Up until you go down the steps of your lecture hall's entrance and look up to be met with a figure leaning on a car you're far too familiar with. You freeze in your steps as you make eye contact with the boy you've been thinking about non-stop for the past month three days.
Your mind tells you to walk away, to just follow your flight instinct instead of fight, to just go back to your normal life. But here's the thing. Ever since Jay's made his way back to your life, it's been far from normal.
And if you're being honest, you had no interest in going back to your normal life. Normal's overrated anyways. You find your legs bringing yourself over to him, your heart leading the way.
"Hi," you simply say, planting yourself right in front of him.
"What are you doing here?" You already know the answer, but you want to hear him say it.
"Waiting for you," Jay doesn't hesitate in answering you. This time will be different, he tells himself.
"I can walk myself home, thanks," you state, but your actions tell differently, as you make no sign of moving from your spot in front of him.
Jay's mind contemplates telling you everything. About how he regrets that friendship-breaking decision he made that one fateful day in the eighth grade, about his true feelings, about how he first suspected these feelings when he was 11 years old and saw you in your fancy get-up for the sixth grade dance but put it off as a little crush, and about how the same feelings grew into something so, so much more in the present. But seeing that putting all these thoughts into words would involve more than one functioning brain cell (which is all he's convinced he has in the moment, for the view of you staring up at him, looking like that, has his brain short-circuiting), he settles with:
"He called it off. It's over. The bet."
Okay, Jay. This is your chance. Say it.
"Is that it?" You lift an eyebrow, awaiting for more explanation. When it doesn't come, you slightly nod and start backing away. "I'll see you around then."
Is that it? Do the two of you just go back to your respective lives now? How can Jay do that, when he doesn't even recall what his life was like before you entered it––and especially when he has absolutely no interest in going back to that life?
Fuck it.
"Y/N!" He stands up straight, a newfound confidence taking over. This time will be different, he tells himself. Because now, he knows what he wants. For sure.
You turn towards him, to see him already making his way towards you, stopping in his steps when he finds himself close enough to you that he can't concentrate anymore.
"I'm sorry for ditching you in the eighth grade. I'm sorry for ignoring you since then. I'm sorry for dragging you into this stupid mess and for pushing you away and I'm sorry for calling you a toy. Because it's far from truth. I like you. A lot. And––and I'm scared. I'm scared of what this means for us, because I just keep messing things up and all I know is that I don't wanna wake up tomorrow and realize you're not in my life anymore and––"
"Woah, woah, Jay. Slow down," you look up at him, the corners of your lips threatening to curve up into a smile. "You're an idiot, you know."
Jay's never really confessed his feelings to anyone before, per say, so he doesn't really know what to expect. But he's watched enough Netflix rom-coms in this lifetime (which is still not that many) to know that hearing the words "you're an idiot" isn't what you're supposed to hear after pouring your heart and soul out. Surely not, right?
"I––I'm not sure how to respond to that," he quietly says, searching your eyes for a sign, for anything. You giggle at his sudden shyness as you grab both his arms and look at him right in the eyes.
"It's okay. I get it, if anything, I'm also scared. But you somehow got me wrapped around your stupid finger, and I hate it," you smirk at him, your hands slowly making their way up his arms to circle around his neck.
Jay's hands naturally fall at your waist as he lets out a breathe he didn't even know he was holding as he returns your smirk. "Well, I could say the same about you. And I also hate it, for your information."
"Hmm, is that so? I guess it cancels out then, right?" You smile at him as he's pulling you in so close, your head turns cloudy.
Jay grins at you, his eyes holding so much joy and endearment as they quickly flicker down to your lips before returning to your own eyes. "I guess this only means one thing then."
"Mm, and what's that?"
And before Jay can answer––and because your life's been anything but normal lately––you make the first move this time, moving your head up to close the small gap between the two of you.
His arms instinctively tighten around you as you capture his lips with your very own, and Jay swears he's about to lift off into space right now. He's on cloud nine, and he makes no plans to touch the ground ever again.
The kiss quickly becomes fervent, all the pent-up tension that the two of you had for one another finally finding its way out, all the words that were previously left unsaid finally expressing themselves. You don't even care if you're being judged by the conservative faculty members of your school right now, or by the looks of fellow students walking past the two of you.
You try your best to keep yourself from smiling as he continues to press his lips against yours, his hand moving to hold your chin, guiding your mouth with his.
Before you find yourself getting carried away, you step back to take a breath, resting your forehead against his chest as his hands rest against your back. He smiles at the sound of you giggling against him.
Jay takes a step back to take one look at you and realizes, in this moment, that change can be good. And he's willing to undergo this change. As long as it's with you.
⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺ ⸺
The next morning, you bounce down the steps of your dorm building's entrance to meet the wide, bright smile of your ex-childhood-bestfriend-turned-fake-boyfriend-turned-real-boyfriend waiting for you in front of his car, small pastry bag in hand. You smile back at him.
Jay drives you to class that day.
And everyday after that.
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ :
✰ let me know what you think! if u made it til the end, mwah :') <3
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reidscanehand · 6 months ago
Twenty Thousand Words Per Minute ~ part I
Pairing: Dad! Spencer Reid x Nanny/Teacherfem! Reader
Category: A little bit of angst and a lot of fluff. 
TW: cheating, divorce, cursing, discovering dyslexia in a child (there is nothing at all wrong with having dyslexia, obviously, I just know that sometimes recounting the discovery of a disability or disorder can be triggering for some), alcohol consumed by adults
Based on a request from @yourlocalcryptid0 : I was thinking, what if reid had a son who was dyslexic? Reid has an incredibly fast reading speed and has an eidetic memory, i just think he would try his hardest to understand his son.
So delighted to receive such an interesting request! I did a TON of research for this, so I’ve been working on this for ages - the tone of it also changed a great deal, but I still hope it’s what you wanted. A note on the way his son (Nicholas) speaks: I looked into early signs of dyslexia and, as Nicholas is three in this story, it’s a mix of very slight signs of dyslexia and the way most three year old children speak. Also, I should probably say I don’t hate Maxine at all, I just utilized her because she already exists. This has been split into two parts as it was getting rather long and the second part should be out later this week. I hope you enjoy @yourlocalcryptid0 and I hope you all like it! Much love xx
Tumblr media
Maxine and Spencer hadn’t had a perfect marriage. He’s far too skeptical of the universe in general to believe in perfect marriages, but he’d loved her. He’d loved her, loved her more than anything. And for the three years they’d been married, things had been as close to perfect as he was willing to let himself believe they could be. Or, at least, he’d tried to believe it. But the cracks became harder and harder to cover. As much as he wanted to believe that he’d married her because he truly loved her and would’ve eventually asked her to marry him anyway, the actual reason they’d gotten married at all was because of Nicholas.
Spencer knew before Maxine, a fact that actually annoyed her to no end. He should’ve sensed more of the reticence in her, he still isn’t sure why he hadn’t. Actually, that’s a complete lie. He’d watched her take pregnancy test after pregnancy test, openly praying (something she never did) for a negative result. All in all she’d taken twelve pregnancy tests and after the fifth one, even she’d conceded that they probably weren’t false positives anymore. That hadn’t really stopped her from trying. He should’ve known then, but he was so determined to be in love, so determined to have children, to have a happy family - to make Maxine happy - that he’d moved forward despite the red flags. Maxine agreed to marry him, hell, the wedding was fun. She seemed happy, he seemed happy. Nicholas was born and was just as wonderful and precious and beloved by his parents as a child should be. For his part, Spencer has never seen such a wonderful little boy. He adores his son, to no end, wishing constantly that cases would stop rolling in so that he could spend more time with his child. And while she was reticent at first, even Max seemed to be warmed to parenthood by their precious son.
Following their maternity and paternity leaves, Max got a job teaching Art History at Georgetown, and things seemed to be falling into place; Spencer was teaching more and more, and it thrilled him to no end that he and his wife were both teaching at the same university. Everything felt...wonderful. Sure, he and Max had entirely different parenting styles and disagreed about most things, but they had a happy three year old and successful careers. Until one particular afternoon...when he’d caught Max making out with another colleague in her home office. She’d had meetings at the house before, sure, partially because she worked from home sometimes in order to take care of Nicholas who, the rest of the time, was left with Penelope Garcia or Max’s dad or sister. But now that he knew what the so-called ‘content’ of the meetings tended towards, he was determined to put a stop to them. They didn’t talk about it until they put Nicholas down for bed that evening.
“I would really prefer if you didn’t have meetings at the house anymore,” he said, his eyes not lifting from the essay he was grading.
“I’m sure you would,” Maxine responded quietly. The tension was so thick, Spencer felt as though he was being choked.
“Why?” he’d finally managed to ask. Max took a very long, shuddering breath, a sigh he would come to absolutely despise. A sigh, as he would learn, that sounded like resignation and self-reproach, but really meant quite the opposite.
“I don’t know,” she replied. “I’m not...he doesn’t mean anything, I just happened. I just life just feels stifling.”
“Stifling?” he asked, genuinely concerned. He was desperate to ignore the intonations of her voice, the warning signs jumping out to his profiling mind more than he would like.
“I just need...I can’t work from home. I know we have Nicholas and he needs-”
“We could get a nanny,” Spencer offered, desperate to quell the problem.
“A nanny?” Maxine almost chuckled, breaking the tension slightly. “Since when are we the Banks family of Cherry Tree Lane?”
Spencer laughed, surprised when she’d allowed him to take her hand, “We can be anything as long as it makes you happy.”
And he’d meant it. Maybe, he’d thought, just maybe, this will solve everything.
Finding a nanny proves harder than even Spencer thought it might be. There is a shockingly large nannying community in D.C. and Quantico, but they can’t seem to find a suitable one. Actually, he can’t seem to find one. Max seemed happy to hire just about everyone they interviewed, but Spencer hadn’t met anyone he liked yet.
Nicholas, now three years old, is a quiet, but astonishingly polite and curious child. He’d been slow to speak, but so had Spencer, and Max, apparently. Once he started talking, though, he couldn’t be stopped. He liked being read to, he liked art, he liked magic, he liked unstructured play time where he would make up fantastical stories and games. The unstructured play time happens more with Spencer than with Max, which he blames himself for. Due to his work with BAU, he gets less time with Nicholas than Max does, meaning that, when he is home, he is willing and able to fully invest in playtime in ways that Max didn’t always seem to be. She prefers giving Nicholas something to do and overseeing it rather than being hands on. She excused it as wanting to teach him to be self-sufficient, and Spencer agreed with that, not wanting to have something else to fight about among the myriad of things they already fought about. But the nannies they met didn’t like lack of structure either. And they all seemed so prim and proper and judgemental. One even flat-out told Spencer that she never praises children’s artwork because they ‘need to get used to criticism to prepare for the real world’. Max is getting frustrated, as is Spencer. She’s furious he can’t make up his mind; he’s furious that no one seems to want to allow his son to just be a kid.
He is terrified, truly, that, at any moment, Nicholas might begin to show the signs of genius Spencer had shown at his age. He doesn’t care if Nicholas is a genius or not, but he knows the toll it could take on a young child. He knows a little bit about his development and what his mother could remember of it. But he’s scared that Nicholas would be given the bizarre treatment Spencer had been, made into an outsider before he’d even had a chance to come into his own, that he was absolutely determined to find someone who will help Nicholas just be himself. Someone who won’t judge him or hold him back in any way, no matter what kind of mind he ends up having.
On a Saturday morning in March Spencer decides, on a rare day off from the BAU, to go into the city and go to a bookstore. After, what he thought was a rather delightful breakfast with Max and Nicholas, who engaged Spencer in a deep conversation about an apparent war that was happening with his teddy bears, he informs Max of his afternoon plans.
“Can you take Nick with you?” she asks suddenly, really looking at him for the first time that morning.
“Of course,” he answers, smiling at her sudden excitement. “Do you have something to do today? You could come too-”
“No,” she interrupts quickly. “No, I’ve got papers to grade and I have a portfolio meeting with a student this afternoon.” All eye contact is dropped. Despite the warning signs, Spencer continues on, determinedly smiling.
“Of course I’ll take him,” he agrees. “We’ll have a great time!”
And truly, they have been having a great time. Nicholas loved riding on the metro. He thought it was the most interesting thing in the world. He loved being in D.C. at all, really. He’d told Spencer once that the Capitol Building looked like a castle, which Spencer thought was the most precious description of a government building he’d ever heard.
The bookstore is quiet as the two of them enter. The young woman behind the counter gives them a smile and a wave before turning back to what appears to be checking the accounts. Spencer goes directly to the aisle of British literature, Nicholas in tow. Having recently read Winnie the Pooh to Nicholas, he’s interested in finding A.A. Milne’s autobiography. Quickly finding the book, he turns to find his son, only for Nicholas not to be there. Panic immediately enters his veins. He looks around, vaguely aware of running around the bookshelves in the narrow store, barely able to speak; he's so panicked. Finally finding his voice, only for his voice to be stopped in its tracks by the image that greets him when he comes to the front of the store.
The young woman from behind the counter has moved and is sitting cross legged on the floor with his son, reading him an illustrated copy of Winnie the Pooh. And Nicholas is giggling like he’s never seen him giggle before. They are the picture of unadulterated joy. Nicholas’s entire face is nearly glowing, laughing at the funny voices of the bookstore worker.
“There you are,” he says, almost sad to break the scene. “What are you getting up to, Nicholas?”
“Daddy, the nice lady said story time! Her Eeyore voice is sooo funny!” Nicholas answers, obviously unaware of his father’s panic in trying to find him.
“That’s great, buddy, and we’ll have to be sure to thank this nice lady, but you can’t run off from Daddy like that.”
“Didn’t run off,” Nicholas replies indignantly. “I walked to the lady.”  
“I’m so sorry,” the young woman says, handing the book off to Nicholas, who begins to look through the pictures with glee. “I meant to come and find you, but he asked me about the book and suddenly-”
“No, it’s completely…” Spencer’s voice dies in his throat as he finally, really looks at the young woman sitting next to his son. He’d thought his son was glowing, but nothing prepared him for the positively radiant individual before him. Dressed in high waisted, loose jeans, a white button up shirt, white sneakers, and a yellow cardigan, the young woman emanates a sense of calm and absolute joy that he’s never seen before. He glances at the name tag; “Y/N.”
“There’s no need to apologize for entertaining my son, Y/N,” he corrects himself, crouching next to the duo on the floor. “I’m sorry if he bothered-”
“Children who like books never bother me,” she interrupts quickly. “In fact, I must say it was the most polite request to be read to that I’ve ever received.”
“Do you get a lot of those?” Spencer asks, confused by the sudden thoughts flying through his brain. When Spencer somes upon a topic that interests him, his synapses begin firing question after question, and theory after theory through his mind. Sometimes, as is happening now, they’re almost impossible to work through. But it’s never happened with a human being. He feels incredibly guilty about all of the questions about this woman running through his mind, enough questions to surely run the biographical gamut of her life in a purely platonic sense.
“I used to, anyway,” she answers loftily, moving to stand. Spencer jumps up and helps her up. She smiles, nodding in thanks, “I used to teach at the primary school on 36th, but they downsized this year, I work here.”
“You taught primary school?” Spencer asks. “How was that?”
“It was great,” she laughs, her eyes lighting up even more. She moves behind the counter again, holding out her hands for their purchases. “I really loved it. I taught the 3 and 4 year olds, just like your little guy here.” Nicholas blushes as she looks at him. “Would you like both of these Mister…?”
“It’s Dr. Reid, actually, but you can call me Spencer,” he answers, taking the book from his son and handing both books to Y/N. “And yes. We’ll take both.”
“Great news,” she replies sweetly, glancing down at the books. “I’m sensing a theme here.”
“We read Pooh on Dursday at sleepy time an’...and Daddy say he wants to read the...the beeoctocree,” Nicholas pipes up from beside Spencer. Spencer looks down adoringly at his son’s attempt to say ‘autobiography’, only to see Nicholas on his tiptoes trying to see over the counter. He picks him up and balances Nicholas on his hip before turning back to Y/N.
“This is a really good ‘beeoctocree’,” she agrees, nodding kindly at Nicholas before turning back to Spencer who is totally enraptured by the interaction before him. There’s a clear magic between Y/N and his son and an idea pops into Spencer’s head, interrupted by Y/N staring him directly in the eyes.
“In fact, if you happen to enjoy this one, Dr. Reid, I think you’d really like Boy by Roald Dahl.”
“I’ll be sure to look into it,” Spencer nods, his mind now racing in a different direction entirely as he passes her his credit card. “Y/N, this may be forward, but, you enjoy working here?”
“Um,” she looks down, running his card before looking back up. “....yes?”
“What I mean to say is, um, my wife and I we’re...we’ve been looking for a nanny.” It tumbles out of him so awkwardly that he almost can’t look at her again. When she sets a receipt for him to sign in front of him with a pen, he meets her eyes again, her head tilted to one side.
“A nanny? For Nicholas?” She doesn’t look upset or confused, more curious than anything.
“Yes,” he answers quickly, badly signing the receipt with one hand. “I, well, I work for the FBI and my wife works as a professor at Georgetown and...we’ve been looking everywhere for a nanny and we haven’t been able to find one.”
“And you think I’d be good at it?” She’s smiling now. He can see her smiling, but Spencer likes the fact that he can hear it in her voice. That, even if he wasn’t staring at her now, he could hear it. It feels as though his whole chest is filling with warmth and it’s comforting in a way he hasn’t felt in ages.
“Yes,” Spencer answers immediately, smiling. “More than good at it, really.”
“Why? Because I taught kids?”
“Because you get along with my son,” Spencer replies, his tone immediately far more serious than it had been. “And that means more to me than anything.”
Y/N stares at him for a moment, taking him in, then she smiles at Nicholas, who blushes and hides his face in Spencer’s shoulder. “Would you like that, buddy?
“Yeah,” Nicholas nods, emphatically. “I like you!”
“I like you, too, kiddo,” her smile growing bigger as she speaks. She turns back to Spencer, eyes never dulling, smiling never faltering, “Are you actually part of the FBI?”
“Oh, yes,” he answers, unable to keep himself from smiling in response. “I’m a profiler in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”
“Wow...that’s amazing! Um, well...then I expect you’ll want a background check of some kind,” she teases. She turns to the side and opens a drawer near the floor, pulling out a small, dark green satchel. She rummages through it for a moment before pulling out a small business card and handing it to him. “It’s from my old job, but they’ll likely still give me some nice references. I have a degree in English from Georgetown and a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the College of William and Mary. Will that do?”
“I’m sure our tech analyst will find anything that you haven’t told me,” he jokes. Her eyes widen, but she laughs in response.
“Well, then,” she sighs, “could I get your email or phone number or something?”
“Oh, of course,” Spencer berates himself for not already offering it. He pulls his own business card out of his pocket and hands it to her. “That’s my personal phone number, so you won’t have to ask for me or anything like that. I also teach a few courses at Georgetown and I have office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2 if I’m not pulled away for a case, so you can feel free to drop by for those if you want to speak in person.”
“I might take you up on that, Dr. Reid,” she replies, fully grinning now. “I must say this is the most hopeful I’ve felt all year.”
“It’s Spencer,” he corrects, “and that’s wonderful to hear, Y/N. I’ll call you if anything comes up.”
“Wonderful!” she exclaims. “I’ll talk to you soon, Nicholas!”
“Bye, Y/N!” Nicholas waves, as does Spencer as the two of them leave.
“I think we’ve found you a nanny, Nicholas,” Spencer whispers, as he sets his son down.
“Is Y/N gonna play with me?” Nicholas asks, taking his father’s free hand as the two of them walk to the metro station.
“I think so, kiddo,” Spencer replies, adopting your pet name for Nicholas from earlier. “I think so. I’m mommy is going to be thrilled.”
~~~ “So, let me get this straight,” Emily Prentiss says, leaning back in her desk chair, arms folding across her chest as she stares down an obviously exhausted Spencer. He doesn’t meet her eyes, but his eye bags, always concerningly dark, are even darker than usual. “Maxine’s gone?”
“Yeah,” Spencer sighs, his gaze still not meeting hers, but looking over to his son, fast asleep on the couch in Emily’s office. “When we got home on Saturday all of her clothing was gone, some of her books, and all of her art supplies were gone, too. So was her car.”
“And you don’t know where she went?” Emily asks. She reaches out and takes Maxine’s letter, the one she’d left Spencer, from the spot he’d laid it on her desk.
Spencer finally meets her eyes. He doesn’t feel...sad. And that’s what’s really bugging him. He’s not necessarily happy that Max is gone. Coming home to find a letter telling him that she couldn’t do this anymore and that she would have her lawyer send over the divorce paperwork. She asked that he apologize to Nicholas for her and informed him that she wouldn’t fight for custody.
She’d abandoned them.
“I assume she went to stay with her sister or her dad or something,” Spencer replies, hating how passive aggressive he sounds.
“We could have Garcia track her phone if you’d-”
“It’s, um,” Spencer interrupts, uncomfortably, “it’s really okay, Emily.”
“Okay?” Emily repeats emphatically, “Okay? Spencer she abandoned you and Nicholas-”
“I’m well aware of what she’s done, Emily. I should’ve known…” he trails off.
Emily stares at him, “There’s no way you could’ve known that she was going to-”
“She cheated on me last month,” Spencer blurts out suddenly, having told no one. “I should’ve known...should’ve seen she was unhappy-”
“She cheated on you? Spencer, when were you going to tell me that?”
“Look, it doesn’t really matter to me,” Spencer admits, swallowing harshly to stop himself from crying. “She claims she isn’t going to file for custody, too...which means that...she’s really abandoned us and I...I’m really not interested in chasing someone who’s willing to abandon our son like that.”
Emily nods in the intense silence that follows this statement, “Well, uh, feel free to take all the time you need, Spencer. I’ll call you if anything comes up. How’s my favorite godson taking it?” They both glance at Nicholas, still deep asleep on her couch.
“He’s...I haven’t told him everything. I just said that his mom had to go away for work, but... I don’t...I don’t know how-”
“Surely he’ll notice when his mom never comes home,” Emily states rather bluntly.
“I’m sure he will at some point,” Spencer snaps quickly. “I’m sorry...I just...I’m sorry.”
“No, I shouldn’t have said that,” Emily admits. “Let me know if you need anything, okay?”
“Okay. Thanks,” Spencer agrees. Silently and delicately, Spencer picks up his sleeping son, carrying him out of the office to head to their new, motherless lives. ~~~
“Did Mommy die?” Nicholas asks. It’s nearly two weeks later, after lunchtime on a Saturday, and Spencer is finally sitting down to tell his son about their new situation. Luckily, the team has only had one case in these two weeks and it had only taken three days in Portland. Nicholas stayed with Penelope during that case, but Spencer was still working on what to do about that, really. He’d looked into local daycares, but he’d still need to be able to pick his son up and drop him off everyday and he wasn’t even sure if that’s what he wanted to do.
“No, Mommy...Mommy didn’t die,” Spencer replies. “Mommy decided...Mommy decided to leave.”
“To leave?” Nicholas attempts to clarify, his big brown eyes meeting Spencer’s. Spencer knows it’s impossible, but he can physically feel his heart breaking.
“Yes,” Spencer whispers, determined not to cry. “She thought it would be better for us if she...moved away.”
“When she coming back?” Nicholas asks, alarmingly quiet, but Spencer can see the tears forming around his eyes.
“I don’t think she is coming back, kiddo,” Spencer says, pulling the little boy into his lap. “It’s just gonna be you and me.” That’s when Nicholas starts to cry. But it isn’t a tantrum, or even particularly loud, but just a quiet, constant sobbing into Spencer’s shoulder. Without warning, Spencer feels himself crying too.
It feels as though hours pass with the two Reid boys sitting at the dining room table and crying. Eventually, Spencer feels his son’s breathing even out, signalling that he’s fallen asleep. Spencer glances at the clock and, seeing that it’s around 1pm, moves to put his son down for his naptime.
As he walks through the rest of the house, he runs over and over the options in his head. He’s not sure what he’s going to do. As much as he would like to, he can’t be a full time carer for his son. He picks up his and Nicholas’s jackets from the table, moving to hang them on the coat hooks in the hall when a small business card falls out of his pocket. As though the universe heard his question, he realizes the answer: Y/N. He’s calling the cell phone number listed before he can think twice about it.
“Hello?” The sweet voice from two weeks ago is familiar, but it feels like a distant memory with all that’s happened in the past fortnight.
“Y/N,” he replies, “This is Dr. Spencer Reid. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but, um, would you still be interested in the nannying job?”
~~~ To Be Continued ~~~
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callmemrsbakugou · a year ago
Maybe (8)
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader
Warnings: Has mature content, has triggers, cursing, cheating
A/n: This one got super dark, for me at least, please if any of this is trigerring to you please feel free to stop reading :( On the bright side, I granted some wishes on this chapter!! Downside, I was barely able to proofread this again because aaaa I don't have any more time to do so and I want to answer a few asks after this is posted.
Sorry for babbling, here it is!
Tumblr media
Bakugo’s eyes were bloodshot from staying up all night, from crying, from staring at his phone as the notifications flood in. They all took turns calling him. His parents, his publicist, his friends, or at least who's left of them. He was still wearing the same thing he was wearing yesterday. The knee part of his jeans still ashen by the dust from the parking lot. Bakugo felt as if the life was sucked out of him. If Sero hadn’t come by, he’s not sure if he had have moved from where you left him. From where you said you no longer love him.
Fresh hot tears sting his eyes again. That hollow feeling your words left in his chest radiating outwards to his limbs leaving his fingertips feeling numb and cold. His face crumples as he recalls the look in your eyes. How resigned you look. His body trembles as soundless sobs quake him. Bakugo had tasted defeat before, he’s had his bones broken, his flesh torned, bled out to the point of losing consciousness but none of those compare to what he feels right now.
The loss that is you.
It felt surreal. Right now, you’re all he wants. He wants you to take back what you said, wants you to come home. Hopes to see you walk through your shared bedroom door and tell him you don’t mean it and that you’ll forgive him. Or at least try to. But what kills him most is that, he knows he doesn’t deserve it.. and you have every right to walkaway from him. It’s all his fault. He did this. He made you lose all love for him. He broke your heart.
Bakugo rolls on his side, looking out the window where the sky had turn into the faintest shade of cobalt as the sun begins to rise. He can’t imagine going through another day knowing you won’t be coming back to him.
The public already think he’s pathetic, pretty much all of his friends despise him, Kirishima didn’t even pick up his call when tried, and once everyone finds out the true reason why you left..
He won’t have the face to show for it.
Was there a point still? To anything?
To his life?
Bakugo got so close to letting go and giving it all up.
So close that he hadn't realized he had gone to the garage, taking a worn rope he kept in handy by his tools. He sincerely felt defeated, didn't want to see another day without you in his life.
But something in the back of his mind reminds him.
There's someone that will still need him. And it causes more tears to flood his eyes, his chest to squeeze so tight it seemed impossible to breathe.
The rope falls from his hands and he drags himself back to your shared bedroom. He looks around, still smelling your scent lingering in the air and tears slides down his face and neck.
Bakugo crawls to bed, his quiet sobs echoing the room as he holds your pillow so tightly like he would have hold you if you're still there.
“Dear, are you sure we should be meddling on this?” Masaru asks as he walks with Mitsuki to their car the following day. His wife looks uncertain too but she keeps walking. “My son was fucking weeping in national television. The damn media is saying the most outrageous things! I can’t just stand aside.” She seethes as she gets in the passenger seat though worry heavily laces her words. “Plus the fucking brat won’t pick up my damn calls!”
All throughout the drive, Masaru notices his wife exhaling sharply more often than normal and clicking her tongue as she redials both Katsuki's and your number over and over.
Both kids refusing to pick up and at this moment, they’re both clueless as to what really happened. Masaru and Mitsuki refused to believe the rumors going around, because hearing you left Katsuki because you’re ‘tired of him’ just seems unlikely of you.
Masaru reaches for his wife’s hand in an attempt to ease her and he does, a bit. Mitsuki looks at him with a worried glance before looking out the window with a sigh. Trying one last time, she dials her son’s number again and left a message.
“Katsuki, pick up the goddamn phone.” She says, nostrils flaring. Mitsuki pauses, gaze softening as she shifts in her seat, “Please, son.” She whispers, eyes falling close and Masaru holds her now clammy hands tighter while stepping harder on the gas.
Bakugo hears the security panel chirp but he didn’t even bat an eye, not even after hearing his mother’s voice. Bakugo can hear their steps getting closer but he just doesn’t have the strength to face them.
Mitsuki breathes out a sigh of relief when she saw Katsuki there lying in bed. Breathing, safe. Though she barely recognizes her headstrong son now that he’s curled up in a ball, eyes blank as he wears the ring he once gave you around his pinky, holding it close to his chest. Mitsuki knows how much you mean to Katsuki and she sees it now that what had happened, whatever it really was, is draining the light out of him.
She feels Masaru’s restraining hand on her shoulder, but she shakes it off. She couldn’t care about anything else. Her son needs her.
Mitsuki swallows hard and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling Katsuki to his lap. There wasn’t the usual fight or resistance, it felt foreign to her but her heart breaks when his gaze finally met hers, as if now just realizing her presence.
“Mom?” he mutters so brokenly that Mitsuki almost burst out crying then and there too. Her Katsuki looked like his kid self again. His eyes filled with fear and uncertainty and she just held him as tight as she could. “I’m here.” She says, her jaw clenching as she runs her hand on his arm. “I’m right here, Katsuki.” Mitsuki reminds him and Bakugo had no idea how much he needed that. And he shakes again as he sobs into his mother's lap.
His dad sat by his feet and for the first time, he sees him in a different light. Katsuki always wondered how his dad could be so submissive to his mom. He’s always seen at as weakness but now he realizes, it’s because he’s dedicated to her. Now he understands why he’ll do absolutely anything for his mom. Because he loves her. Simple as that.
Just like how he’s willing now to do anything for you, sacrifice everything he has just to get you back.
God, he just wants you back.
They don’t force him to tell them what really happened. They just stayed there for a while, holding him which they haven’t done in years. The old him would have sneered but Katsuki didn’t feel like himself at all. His parents had to practically drag him to the shower but atleast he manages a weak, “I got it.” before closing the door to their worried faces.
Mitsuki wanders to the kitchen as Masaru waits for Katsuki to finish showering, both of them afraid to leave him alone even for a second. They didn't miss the rope lying on the bedroom floor. For the first time in their life, they're scared shitless for Katsuki's well being. The look he gave them earlier still send chills down her spine. There wasn't the usual fire in Katsuki's eyes. No life.
Could you have really grown tired of Katsuki? She idly wonders as she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Mitsuki loved you like her own. The moment she saw Katsuki genuinely be happy and have a sense of contentment for the first time, she knew you were the one for her son. Masaru adored you as well. She remembers her husband gushing about you from days on end after Katsuki brought you to their home for the first time.
They have witnessed how you loved Katsuki. So selflessly and for every bit that comprises him, flaws and all. They all saw the gradual beautiful changes in Katsuki that came with wanting to be a better man for you. He became less brash, more compassionate. Mitsuki really thought her son found his Masaru in you.
She pauses, staring at your face in one of the photographs thinking what the hell have Katsuki done to make you leave..
Mitsuki frowns as she realizes there wasn't much trace of you in the home you've built with Katsuki even after years of living together except your beaming face in every photograph that decorates the halls and living room. The aesthetic of the home was patterned pretty much after Katsuki's taste. Clean and minimal, sharp and muted colors even though Mitsuki knows you enjoy art. Even the decorative pillows on the couch hints her son's hero colors and the pantry consists mainly of food she spent years making for Katsuki.
She frowns. She knows loving Katsuki can be taxing, but she really thought you could handle him. She really hoped you could.
After the shower, Katsuki got some semblance of himself return to him. He then see his dad sitting by the foot of the bed, holding the rope in his hand. Their gazes meet but he looked away in shame.
"Son, you can talk to me. You know that, right?" his father's voice was quiet and soft as usual but it drips of sadness and worry that made Katsuki's heart clench.
He swallows hard, haphazardly wiping the dumb tears that won't fucking stop from falling down from his eyes. He wanted to say, he knows. He knows how loved he is by them. He knows he can be a piece of shit yet they'd still love him for all that he is. But this wall he'd built for years to appear strong, to keep himself from looking vulnerable makes it damn hard for him to admit it. So instead he nods.
"Katsuki," his dad walks to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. The urge to flinch away was so strong but something about his dad's demeanor made him stay put. "Whatever happened, your mom and I, we'll always be here for you." he murmurs. "Everything will be okay."
Katsuki sincerely hopes that's true. But how could it be when you're no longer in his life?
"You don't know that." he blurts out though he tried so hard to bite his tongue knowing his dad was just trying to comfort him. Masaru was about to disagree but Katsuki met his gaze with his tearful ones and admits, "Y/n left me, dad." He winces at how vulnerable he sounds.
Mitsuki has just reached the top of the stairs to call them to eat when she hears Katsuki say, "Y/n left me because, I cheated on her while I was at Hosu." he sighs, face reddening in embarrassment as he continues. "With Uraraka. And I got her pregnant."
"Please, fucking tell me I just didn't hear you correctly."
Katsuki stills upon hearing his mother's voice. He internally prepares for her death stare and her nagging. But as he turns to face her, Mitsuki, his mom that could send the entire league of villains themselves running is looking at him with such a hurt expression that he takes a step towards her out of worry.
"Mom, I-" he starts but she holds out a hand to stop him in his tracks, her other hand going to her chest as if that would stop the feeling of her heart breaking for you because of what her own damn son did. Katsuki watches in horror as he sees his mother cry for the first time in his life. His own heart breaking further. "I'm sorry," he whispers, his own eyes welling up with tears again.
"I know I wasn't the best mother but, where did went wrong, Katsuki?" she whimpers, her chest heaving while she reaches for the wall to keep herself propped up. Masaru quickly was at her side, holding her up. Mitsuki's head spins as she tries to think of the future. Her son's future.
And her future grandkid, apparently.
"Mom," Katsuki's voice falter as he walks to her, arms reaching for her but she winces as if he'd burn her skin. "It's not like that, You didn't- Fuck," he shakes his head, "It was me. It was all me." peering down trying to meet his mother's gaze,. "I fucked things up. It's all my fault."
Bakugo hugs her desperately. "Please mom," he murmurs, "I'm so fucking sorry."
As disappointed as Mitsuki was and how hurt she is on your behalf, as a woman, she wraps her arms around her son. "Damn it, Katsuki." she sighs, eyes squeezing close as she holds him. "I'm sorry." Bakugo sobs on her shoulder, over and over. After a while, Mitsuki says, "You should be. Y/n didn't deserve this." Mitsuki pulls away and saw nothing but regret in his son's face.
"Katsuki, man up." she holds his face, blinking away her own tears. "You're going to be a father now."
You're in a different country now with different colleagues and a completely new different environment. Yet nothing feels new. You moved miles away from all you've known but that didn't mean you've moved on. Not when you're still piecing yourself back together.
At least it doesn't hurt as bad now. It helped that you bury yourself with so much work, you barely had any time left to think about anything else. It also helped that from where you are, the people you knew isn't shown as much by the media unless it's an incredible save or some big news.
Like today.
You'd rather go blind than see it, you thought to yourself when you heard the bubbly show host gush about the pro heroes, Uravity and Ground Zero's upcoming wedding. With a sigh, you gave up on the sandwich you've been trying to eat, losing what little was left of your appetite.
You turned your back on everything and everyone you've known. It sucked losing friends but you knew it would be impossible for you to forget him if you decide to stay in contact with any of them. Being on your own again for the first time in almost 5 years, made you feel like an exposed nerve. Everything scares you. Like everything and everyone was out to get you, hurt you or betray you. It makes you look back and think what you've done so bad for you to deserve this. Was there something you did? or didn't do? Was it your fault?
The foil rustles as you rewrap the sandwich, ignoring the dull ache that starts growing again at the mere mention of their names. You didn't bother looking up at the television suspended in the hospital lounge to save yourself from a fresh reminder of how good they looked together. And how happy they probably are. And excited to be getting married and.. waiting for their baby to be born.
A wry smile tug the corner of your lips. He said he loved you, couldn't live without you, that his happiness is with you. Yet in just two months, he's getting married to her.
You stopped yourself before you could start tearing up again. Swallowing the lump that starts to form in your throat as you looked up at the ceiling.
"If I were you, I'd cry it out."
You jumped when the chair in front of you scrapes the floor as a tall lean man sits. You blinked up at him, trying to remember his name but you came up blank. He's familiar, youve seen him around and knows he's a doctor too but he's not wearing his coat or ID. He smirks as he leans back, cocking his head to the side. "Maybe have a night out, get wasted. Or pick up a new hobby? Learn a new skill? Play a sport you've never played before?"
You continue to gawk at the man then looked around you to see if he's actually talking to you. "I'm Tetsurou, by the way." he says, a friendly smile on his face. "I'm from Pathology that's why we don't see each other much-" he keeps going but you just aren't in the mood to any of this.
"You know, this lonely broken girl act was cute at first, now it's just heart breaking." he says and you scowl at him. "It's not an act." you grumble, taking your things and getting ready to leave. "Hey, hey, I'm just teasing, shorty. Sit back down, and finish your food." he chuckles, grabbing your wrist.
"Don't call me that." you hiss, glaring at the ebony haired man. "And don't touch me." He lets go of you, raising his hands as if surrender. You stood up abruptly and suddenly your head spins, making you lean against the table. "Shit." you whisper, your vision blurring and dimming around the edges.
"Oh fuck." Tetsurou's eyes widen as he sees you sway, eyes rolling to the back of your head. He hops across the cafeteria table and got you just in time, catching you in his arms.
When you came to it, you have an IV in your arm and you're in one of the clinics. You glanced at the clock by the wall and your eyes widened. You're out cold for almost 4 hours. God, your overworking has finally taken its toll on you. Now that you think of it, you have been so relentlessly exhausted the past few weeks.
"Good, you're finally up." an annoyingly familiar voice says making you turn your head to the side. It was the same person in the cafeteria. What was his name again?
You sigh. "Uh, yeah, thanks." you grumble, sitting back up. He nods, wetting his lips as walks up to you, carrying a chart. "How are you feeling?"
"I'm okay. I probably just lacked sleep." You shrug. "I was from duty when you saw me in the cafeteria this morning." Tetsurou looks at you as if he's waiting for you to say something else and when you didn't, he scratches the back of his neck and frowns at the clipboard in his hand.
He went on to further check on you, flashing a pen light by your eyes and took your blood pressure. You see him bite his lower lip glancing back down at you then back on the papers in his hands. "By the way, I tried to look on your phone for your emergency contact but I think you haven't updated your phone yet because there wasn't anybody on your contact list except this unregistered number."
Your brows furrow. Unregistered number? You take the phone he hands back to you to check it.
"I called that person and he said he's a close friend of yours. Said he's coming as soon he could." You scowl at him and was about to ask who the hell it was he was able to talk to but he interrupts, asking, "You think you were just tired?"
He takes a seat, pulling the stool closer to the examination bed. Your heart falters as you see that look on his face. You recognize it. Because it's the same look you're sure your eyes have whenever you're about to tell your patient a bad news. You swallow hard and eye the lab result clippped along your chart.
"Y/n," he clears his throat. "I had your blood drawn earlier and-"
"Just show me, please." the words escape you in a hurried frightened whisper as you hold your trembling hand out. Tetsurou eyes you for a moment before nodding to himself and handing you the piece of flimsy paper.
And your world completely shifts.
Read next part here
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tri3tri · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
✂ Pairing: Yandere! Childe x Female! Reader
✂ Word Count: 2k+
✂ Trigger Warnings: Mention of dub-con
Do not re-upload my writing to another website or use it without my permission.
Tumblr media
“Mom, look! I can split those dummies with my twin blades now!”
You despised thinking that your son was slowly growing into another Childe. Of course, you could’ve chalked it up to him being interested in twin blades. Just a normal, passing interest. But there was no mistaking his sparkling eyes whenever Childe displayed his skills with his hydro weapons to the poor dummies, or his frustrated scowl whenever Childe held back during their spars. You swore your heart had paused when Lev suddenly declared that he’d beat Childe with his own weapons someday, with fire blazing in his eyes and determination in his fists. You could’ve blamed Childe for indulging him too much – and you had, many times – but it didn’t change the fact that Lev had been the one who approached him in the first place. Not even your attempts to subtly direct his hobby to something less… dangerous, such as studying or fishing, worked.
Childe himself was thrilled with the outcome, as expected. You knew he’d been wanting to have a warrior child, despite his repeated statements that he didn’t mind having a more… peaceful child. He could lie to you about many things, but he couldn’t lie that his warrior blood was still simmering until now. He couldn’t lie that he wanted to spar with his child someday, to feel their raging attacks against his impenetrable defense, to stand triumphant while they pouted and whined on the ground, because you knew he wouldn’t beat them too harsh. And if his first kid was more demure, then he could always create more.
After all, he had all the time in the world.
And he’d make sure you know that, too.
There was nothing you could do but to let him have his way on you. Screams, yells, and tears were just a flicker of flame against his impassably icy heart, and rebellion only thickened the ice.
Regardless, you couldn’t show your child that you had a longstanding grudge against his father. It was a story for another time, you reasoned, although you were certain Childe would do everything in his power to ensure that Lev knew nothing about it. If he could convince Teucer that he was a toy seller working in some shady, abandoned lab for so long, then he could fool Lev into thinking that he was a mere soldier and not a… killing machine. Or a toy seller, whatever would fit his cover.
So, you feigned another smile – Archons, you felt more and more like Childe in each day; perhaps you should be concerned about yourself too – and nodded.
“That’s great, hun!” you cheered, scanning the broken dummies on the snow warily.
Lev beamed, scratching the back of his neck bashfully. Well, at least he wasn’t a total show-off as his father, so that was a plus. Anything to ensure that he wouldn’t end up as a complete carbon copy of Childe, you’d cherish it. Lev already had his orange hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. You couldn’t bear to see him picking up more and more of Childe’s habits. You hoped he didn’t inherit his hydro vision, too.
“Say, Mom.” he began softly. “Have you ever… fought before?”
You froze. The silence that enshrouded the snowy neighborhood deafened your ears, combating the screams of some poor souls that Childe had murdered senselessly in a fit of misguided jealousy and an unnecessary display of power – that still rang in your brain until today. Your chest felt impossibly tight. Truly, living in this family wasn’t good for your heart. You’d lost count on how many times Lev had given you a near cardiac arrest with his bold declarations and brazen adventures. You didn’t even want to think about the implication of his seemingly harmless question.
“No, not really.”
If you counted rebelling against Childe during your early days of captivity as a fight, that is. Then again, your struggle always gave you more pain than necessary, than it was worth it. Still, you persevered, both for your sanity and pride. It wasn’t until you bore Lev did you stop resisting completely. Of course, like everything else, it was a gradual process; one that left an acidic taste on your tongue when you realized that you could only rely on Childe for even trivial matters like eating. A kiss for food, you recalled his so-called offer. A cuddle for sleep, otherwise, he’d drive you up to the wall with his antics. One time, you’d rejected his proposal and he’d dragged you around Liyue until you passed out on his back.
In the end, he still forced you to cuddle with him, anyway.
You always knew that there was no winning against a Harbinger, against a debt collector, against a manipulator, but you were nothing if not stubborn.
You just wished you could’ve upheld that fragile façade a little longer, wished you didn’t have to hide anything from your son, wished you didn’t try so hard to maintain his innocence. Acting had never been your strongest suit.
“... Oh, I see.”
Was that disappointment you hear? No, you shook your head, you refused to believe it. There was no way your own son wanted to fight you, right? If there was anything you learned from Lev, was that he’d stop at nothing to ensure his skills were satisfactory for the day, even if it meant sacrificing his sleep and meals. Childe was the sole person who could coax him to rest somehow. Perhaps, their bond was stronger than you thought. Perhaps, Lev only accepted advice from a fellow warrior. Weren’t you just the luckiest woman in the world, being an outsider to your own family? You wouldn’t care about it so much had you didn’t fear that Lev would grow into a sadistic fighter, always searching for one opponent to another, always shedding blood in one way or another.
You hoped it wouldn’t happen. You’d rather kill yourself than watching your son become a killer for the sake of quenching his eternal thirst of finding a worthy enemy, and, God forbid, him kidnapping an innocent girl along the way. You would not let your grisly love story repeated itself.
“She’s right, Lev.”
A gloved hand slung around your waist and pulled you to a larger, firmer body. Your heart began to beat faster, a familiar feeling bthat was from attraction. Childe beamed down at you, still fake, still hollow, and still twisted as usual. You could count on one hand the number of times he’d smiled genuinely, the birth of Lev being one of them.
And, as much as you hated to admit it, it had been a beautiful sight. Childe had gratefully cradled baby Lev from your fatigued self and smiled wobbly, beads of tears gathering on the corner of his eyes like pearls, waiting to fall and grace the earth. It was the most sincere expression you’d ever seen from him, and you loathed how the sight warmed your chest enough until you cried first. It was embarrassing, confusing, and, most of all, moving. Whether Childe knew he was the cause of your tears or not was debatable, but for once, you were glad he didn’t mention it.
For once, he had some compassion to not talk about your uncharacteristic vulnerability. Instead, he’d rubbed your quivering back and stroked your damp hair until you fell asleep on his chest; something that you used to resist with all your might.
Childbirth really did wonders to your emotions, and you couldn’t say that you liked it.
“Your mother can’t really fight.”
Because you were weak. The last sentence hung in the air, a cold wisp that swirled in his tongue, but Childe was still kind enough to protect what little of your pride from Lev. Your weakness wasn’t really a secret, to begin with, anyway. If you sparred with Lev now, you were certain you’d be on the ground with a sword on your throat now.
Childe had done that, many eons ago. It was unnerving how your quickest escape could be stopped with just a grab of your arm, how he didn’t even so much as break a sweat when he toppled you. Sometimes, you could feel the phantom pain on the back of your head, and Childe had touched the exact spot too; a silent reminder that he wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the incident despite his faux concern.
He wouldn’t kill you, of course, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t cripple you. Knowing him, you were certain that he’d spout some convincing bullshit to Lev to cover your disability.
As always, it depended on how you behave.
“Well, she can fight the spiders in our house.”
You elbowed him and huffed, ignoring his pained groan.
“See? This is why all the spiders in our house are scared of her. She’s feisty~”
Lev giggled, unaware that you were quite feisty sometimes. That was the main reason why Childe loved teasing you so much, and why your resignation was the most rewarding thing ever. It was a good defeat, an end to a months-long, bloody chase of cat and mouse. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t, and wouldn’t, fully reciprocate his feelings. As long as you accepted your new life, as long as you knew your place, and as long as you did what you were told, Childe was a contented child.
“Why don’t you go inside, Lev? Your mother has cooked some food for us. It’ll be a shame to let it go to waste, right?”
“But,” Lev murmured, tracing a circle pattern on the snow with his toes while his hands clasped behind him. You recognized it as one of his habits. “I still want to train more…”
“We’ll train after this, okay?” Childe promised, and as a man of words, you knew he’d keep it. You weren’t sure if you liked this side of him or not, but at least, you could trust him to never disappoint his child. He was reliable like that, even if it pained you to realize that he’d never let you go.
Because he’d promised you so.
“Okay!” As expected, Lev easily bought it. His face instantly lit up as he pranced inside the house, eager to hone his skills to near perfection. Your face softened – from love or pain? You didn’t know. The lines had been blurred a long time ago.
“He’ll be a great warrior someday.”
The fleeting sentiment vanished as soon as it came. You scowled, his hand felt heavy on your body. “I don’t like it.”
“You should say that to him, then.” Childe hummed, playing with the hem of your shirt. He was challenging you, you realized, to crush your son’s dream. Childe would uphold Lev’s interest, but he wanted to see what you’d do first. He was cruel like that.
“He better not be a barbarian like you, Childe–”
“Ajax.” He squeezed your side, almost hissing. His eyes squinted slightly. “And don’t worry, I won’t let him experience that.”
You stared up at him for a moment, wondering the cause of his plummeting mood. You were at fault here, yes, for purposefully calling him by his nickname, but it still didn’t explain the shadow that fell to his cold eyes. You weren’t sure if you wanted to know, either. There was only so much violence you could handle from his line of work.
“You better.” Silence. Childe was still gripping your side, but the grasp had loosened slightly. You huffed, a puff of smoke drifted your dry lips. “I’m gonna eat your portion.”
He laughed and patted your head, emphasizing the contrast between your heights. However, it lacked the usual infantilizing feeling.
Well, that was new.
“Sure, sure. There’s nothing I like more than seeing my wife all happy and pampered.”
You scoffed and stomped on his feet, finally released from his suffocating side hug. Childe chuckled, but you ignored it and stormed into the house. It was easier to dismiss than to fight, sometimes. His mood was easier to placate this way.
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sunshyngal · 6 months ago
Insatiable. ( Jungkook x OC)
Pairing : Jeon Jungkook x OC
Rating 18+
Genre : Vampire Au!!!! , DILF! Jungkook ! Bodyguard AU! Babysitter OC!   Age difference!!! [ bet you’ve never seen all of this in one fic before? ] 
[ Some notes : Born Vampires stop aging when they turn twenty five.  Turned vampires stop aging when they’re turned. ]
Summary : 
21 year old Hwang Sera is sick of being the only human in an entire clan of vampires. As an immortal human from one of the oldest bloodlines, she is a catch. The Vampire she marries would essentially be indestructible. 
Which makes her an easy target for greedy vampires everywhere. 
Determined to keep his precious daughter safe, her father hires an old friend , Jeon Jungkook as her full time bodyguard. 
Jungkook is 35 years old ( well technically 576 years old )  , father to an adorable five year old kid and he has zero tolerance for Sera and her teenage shenanigans. But , he needs the money and he knows his son would be safe in the  Hwang clan’s massive mansion.  
And suddenly, after years of despising vampires, all Sera can think about is getting into the gorgeous vampire’s bed and maybe into his heart. 
Chapter 1
“He’s so hot.” My sister sighed for the seventeenth time and I glared at her.
“He’s mine. Back the fuck off.” I bared my non existent fangs at her and she retaliated by showing off her own inch long fangs, eyes flashing ruby red in the confines of our huge sprawling bedroom. 
The man in question, my sparkling new bodyguard wasn’t here now. He was downstairs at the party, being introduced to the others as the latest addition to our clan.
My mouth watered when I remembered his gorgeous, handsome face. And that body , God. 
Sculpted by some higher being who wanted to show off, for sure. 
I had never given much thought to losing my virginity. It certainly wasn’t by design that I hadn’t had sex yet but looking at Jeon Jungkook in a fitted black suit, midnight black hair falling into his lovely red eyes and those delicious muscles.....
I kind of believed in fate now. 
This was why I’d always been repulsed by the vampires who courted me. 
Because Jeon Jungkook had been out there, waiting for me. 
And now fate had brought him here and he was going to be mine. 
I stumbled over a stray bra, nearly face planting onto the floor . 
 God, i hated how messy Somi was but I was also eternally grateful that she had skipped out on the party tonight, volunteering to help me with the kids. 
I ran a daycare in one of the larger cottages in the estate, keeping the little fanged devils in check while the parents went about their daily lives. On nights like this, when my father hosted guests from every clan in the country for one of his lavish parties, there was always a whole bunch of bite-happy toddlers in need of supervision. 
Enter me.
 I loved babies. I’d always loved them. They were adorable. And after three years of school , I was finally, officially qualified in caring for them. 
Oh and by the way did i tell you that Jungkook had a son? Jeon Joowon was possibly the cutest five year old I’d ever seen and yes I was a little biased but that was okay. I was going to be the kids step mom , after all. 
Listen, don’t look at me like that, I just really want to be with Jungkook okay?
I tripped over the same bra when turning back around and I swore.
Focus, Sera. You can day dream about hot vampire daddy later.
“ Why do you have to throw your shit all over the place like this? “ I whined, grabbing the offensive piece of fabric and tossing it at her. She caught is so fast I  went a little cross eyed. My sister never missed an opportunity to show off her super-saiyan, vampire powers. That made her a crowd favorite with the toddlers and younglings . 
“I still don’t think your choice of a career is smart. These fanged little beasts are impossible to control... ” She commented mildly, watching me stuff two whole cartons of baby wipes into the huge backpack I had propped against the bed. I’d forgotten to restock the day care with wet wipes and it was sheer luck that I had a pair of them lying around my room.
The very idea of entering a room full of babies and toddlers without baby wipes, made me shudder. 
“Listen, they’re absolute angels when you listen to what they’re saying. Just because babies can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences. All you really need to do is find out what each kid likes and help them feel comfortable -”
“Please stop.” She rolled her eyes and I glared at her.
“I’m a little thirsty. Can i have a sip..” She said softly and I frowned.
“You haven’t drunk from me the entire day. Are you okay?” I held my wrist out.
She shrugged , grabbing my wrist and casually sinking her fangs into the vein . Pain bloomed, familiar and somehow comforting , replaced almost at once by the gentle numbing of her venom. She drank a little and pulled back soon after, linking the puncture wounds for good measure. I watched the skin knit itself together , whole and unmarred in no time. 
Perks of being immortal. 
The knock on the door made me jump. 
“Ms Hwang?” Jungkook’s soft, husky voice came floating through the door and I grinned, cheeks aching with how wide my smile was.
“You look like a maniac. Stop smiling.” My sister looked a little alarmed and I struggled to rearrange my features. Sticking my tongue out at her, I grabbed my sweatshirt, slipping it overhead quickly. I glanced at the mirror, grimacing a bit. 
Being with toddlers meant no make up or hair left free.... and so I had a messy top bun, and just lip gloss to look presentable. While the entire party teemed with gorgeous vampires in low cut gowns and blood red lips. 
I grabbed the backpack and waved to Somi.
“Come as soon as you can alright?” I begged her and she waved me off.
I rushed to the door, throwing it open and smiling wide.
“Hi oppa.” I said cheerfully.
“I’m not your oppa.” Jungkook said automatically, barely glancing at me and instead reaching for the backpack. He directed me to the stairwell on the side, the one that led straight down to the ground floor and out into the gardens. He went in first and  I followed him,  climbing down carefully. 
I sighed, taking in the mouth watering width of his shoulders, encased in a perfectly fitted jacket. He looked so handsome I wanted to cry. And although he’d been here for a whole week month now, I hadn’t managed to get into his good graces. 
“What do I call you, then?” I made to hold his hand when we reached the end of the staircase  but he shook my arm off at once.
Did I tell you that he really can’t stand me for some reason? 
“As I’ve  mentioned a dozen times already, Mr. Jeon would suffice.” He said shortly. He held the door leading out into the gardens open and I walked through. 
“That makes you seem so old.” I grimaced, shaking my head and he gave me an amused look.
“I am 576 years old.” He deadpanned. The daycare cottage was just a five minute walk from the mansion and the pathway through the garden was absolutely beautiful, well lit and covered in the brightest flowers. 
I waved off his excuse about his age. 
“you don’t look a day over twenty five to me.” I said with a shrug. He shook his head, clearly too tired to carry the conversation on. We walked in silence and I felt incredibly content, just with him near.
 And he was going to be by my side for the rest of our lives, I thought softly. I would make sure of it. I’d never felt this way about anyone. Jungkook was a good man , evident in literally everything he did. He was kind, an amazing father and such a gentleman that he made me melt. 
Jungkook had been turned at the age of 35. And so he sailed through eternity with the gorgeous good looks of a mature , well kept man. His hair was thick, just a slight bit of grey peppering the edges and his features were sharp and well defined. 
“Is Joowon in the daycare already?” I asked with a smile and he nodded curtly. 
“He has Mr. Pepper with him. He refused to leave him behind. please just make sure he still has him with him when he leaves. He can’t fall asleep without the bunny “ He said softly and I felt my heart bloom ten sizes.
“Of course, I will -”
“Jungkook !!!” The shrill voice broke the stillness of the night like a hammer through a mirror. 
I turned around with a frown only to be greeted by the sight of a very pretty, very tall vampire in a blood red bodycon dress and a neckline that plunged all the way to her belly button. She had ruby red lips, and well made eyes. Eyes that now flashed red , dilating as they ran up and down his body. 
I felt myself clenching my fists. 
“I’m getting late....we need to go, I grabbed his arm trying to tug him along but he didn’t budge. i glanced at his face and felt my heart shatter at the small smile playing around his lips.
“Helena..... Surprise seeing you here....” He drawled, voice so much deeper than usual and I bit my lips. They knew each other? 
The vampire had reached us now and she gave me a disdainful smile.
“Who’s this?” She asked with a laugh, “ Are you babysitting now, Jeon?”
I bristled. To my utter chagrin, Jungkook laughed to.
“She’s the kid I’m watching. The Immortal human  of the Hwang clan.” He intoned dully. 
The lady’s brows went up in surprise.
“:The rumors are true, ....The Hwang clan’s hidden jewel.....with skin like the rarest pearl and eyes that steal souls. Fiercely guarded ...a beauty like no other.... I thought they were exaggerating, but I see they were not. . You’re exquisite.” She commented , seemingly genuine in the compliment as her eyes roved over my features. 
“ Um.. thanks?” I shrugged, not particularly flattered by the extravagant description.  
The poets in my clan tended to be a bit overdramatic at times. 
. She laughed.
“Are you unavailable for the night, then Jeon?” She turned her flashing eyes on him .
My jaw nearly dropped.
Did this bitch really just proposition-
“Afraid so.... Raincheck?” Jungkook smiled wide and he looked so beautiful that I had to bit my lips to stop from moaning. 
Helena waved softly, eyes shifting back to me.
“Be safe, little human. When the sun goes down, the ghouls come out to play.” She grinned wide, letting her fangs grow long, past her lower lip, eyes red and bloody. 
I stared right back. She laughed and waved before floating away into the night. 
Jungkook chuckled. 
“You’re not intimidated by us, then.” He said mildly as we began walking again.
“I spent the entirety of my childhood playing with vampires. Do you really think they didn’t spend every waking hour trying to scare me to death?” 
He gave me soft smile, and then went back to staring straight ahead. 
I relaxed when the familiar cottage came into view, the sound of laughing kids reaching me. 
I held my hand out for the backpack and Jungkook gave it to me.
“I’ll just check out the backyard and see if al the gates are secure and then I’ll be right outside the door, alright? Call out if you need me...” He said sharply 
“Will you come even if I call you oppa?” I bit my lips, grinning and he flicked my nose. 
“Behave.” He said shortly. I sighed.
“I’m not a kid, you know.” I said softly and he gave me a look.
“You are to me. Now get inside.” 
“There’s a monster behind the tree and I’m Hawkeye because I have the bow and arrow and Jieun is the princess.” Joowon said brightly, showing off the toy bow and arrow in his hand and I grinned, taking in his exquisite features. He looked strikingly like his father , except for the two adorable dimples that showed up everytime he smiled.
“That’s amazing... do you like fighting monsters?” I asked with a grin holding my arms out for him and he hugged me happily.
“Yes, I like fighting monsters and I like Mr. Pepper.” He waved the stuffed bunny in my face. 
“Make sure you keep him safe, alright? “ I stroked the soft skin of the 
“So what color does your daddy like?” I asked with a grin. I felt a sharp kick on my shin and I turned to my sister. 
“Don’t use the fucking kid for your sinful aims, you dingbat!” She hissed and I glared at her. 
“I did no such thing...I was just making conversation....” I hissed back.
“Dad likes black.” Joowon answered dutifully and I ruffled his hair. Jieun appeared then, having waited for her prince and gotten bored. She tugged on Joowon’s arm and I let him go, watching the two of them run off. 
“Its only been a month, Sera.... I think you should tone down the infatuation. You know dad would never approve.” My sister said gently and I frowned.
“No he won’t, Dad loves me , he wants me to be happy.” I said shortly. 
“Yes, but not with Jungkook. He’s a rogue vampire. He doesn’t have a clan. He has a kid ...”
“An angel of a kid...”
“he has a kid whose mother he had to kill because she was a bloodthirsty witch.” 
i stared at my sister feeling anger build inside me.
“What does any of that have to do with how I feel about him?” I demanded , moving to stop one of the littles from tripping over a stray rubik’s cube. 
“ You’re special. You’re being courted by some of the richest, most powerful  vampires in the country and you want to go after the rogue , broke vampire who’s only here because he needs the money and the safety of our clan?” 
“I’m not having this conversation with you.” I said firmly.
Somi sighed.
“I’m just saying. Don’t be so blatantly open about your feelings. You’ll be putting a target on Jungkook’s back.” 
I exhaled sharply. 
“If anyone tries to hurt him, they die.” I said softly.
Somi chuckled.
“I know.... but still, he’s not looking for trouble. Don’t bring it to his doorstep.” 
I didn’t reply, moving quickly to the other side of the room. 
the words left a bitter taste on my tongue.
Mostly because my sister was right. 
i stared at the tall strapping vampire, trying to comprehend what I was hearing.
“What do you mean he isn’t here for the night?” I demanded. 
“He’s a little tired. He told me had a little too much to drink and he wants to sleep it off. I’ll be here instead ... Just for tonight.” He tried to smile reassuringly and I was momentarily distracted by very deep dimples  but I could feel myself fuming. 
“and he didn’t think of saying that to me himself? He had to run off while i was closing up the cottage?” I glared. 
The Vampire chuckled. 
“He told me you might protest.”
“Of course i protest, I feel safer with him...” I said sharply.
The Vampire gave me a deep sigh.
“I’ve been doing this for three centuries, Miss Hwang. You’re definitely safe with me.” He bowed his head.
“What’s your name?” I demanded. 
“Kim Namjoon.” 
“Fine , Kim Namjoon ssi.... Let’s go. “ 
Giving Namjoon the slip was a lot easier than I thought. I waited for him to greet my great uncle, and slipped between two waiters carrying blood cocktails and weaved into the crowd easily. 
Jungkook’s bedroom was next to mine and it took me less than a minute to race up the stairs and to his room.
i banged on the door , determined to see for myself just how drunk he’d gotten. 
The door opened and i took a deep breath.
“How dare you leave me-” 
I froze when I realized that he was shirtless, fresh out of the shower. Water dripped down his torso , like little starbursts of liquid light and my mouth went dry. I swallowed, staring at the tightly packed abs, the dip of his v line as it disappeared into a fluffy white towel.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” He growled angrily.
My eyes flew to meet his and then my gaze caught something red on his bed and I peered over his shoulder.
Pain lanced through my heart so sharp that I felt like I’d taken a fucking brick to my chest. 
The sight of Helena, naked except for a red bra, stretched out on his bed got burned into my brain and I choked.
“You-” I began but he grabbed my arm, so hard that I knew I would bruise. He yanked me away from the threshold of his room, dragging me to the middle of the hallway as he slammed the door to his room shut.
“Where the fuck is Namjoon?”
“You ditched me to get laid? “ I hissed in disbelief.
“I can’t fucking believe you’re doing this-”
“Is she your girlfriend-”
“Sera-” he shook me again but I refused to back down. I had to know.
“Are you in love with her?!!!” I demanded, my heart breaking .
Jungkook growled.
“It’s none of your damned business!!” He snapped angrily .
“It is !!” I said shrilly.
“Why on earth-”
“Because I’m in love with you!!” I shouted and he froze. 
He let go of me like he’d been burned and stepped back, staring at me wide eyed,. 
“What did you just say?” He demanded.
“I want you. I want you to court me-”
“Sera stop.” He said sharply 
“I’m not joking...I like you and-”
“Shut up.” He growled, his voice shaking. 
I swallowed.
“If you say something as asinine as that to me , ever again... I  will  make you regret it. ” He warned softly.
I felt my heart jerk in panic.
“It’s Mr. Jeon to you!!!” He growled. 
I bit my lips, staring at my feet.
“I’m going to pretend this never happened. You’re going to go to your room and wait for Namjoon. If anything like this ever happens again, I’m telling your father.” 
I laughed bitterly.
“I’m not fucking twelve years old you son of a bitch. Stop talking to me like I’m your toy or something !” I snarled.
“If you were my toy I would fucking spank you till you cry and lock you in a damn room!” He hissed. 
I flinched.
He took a deep shaky breath. 
“This never happened.” He said sharply. “ I’m not one of your boytoys. I have no interest in fledgling humans who know nothing about life. That's not the kind of woman I’m looking for. You’re not the kind of woman I’m looking for because you aren’t even a woman yet.” 
“ Jungkook !!!” Namjoon’s voice rang through the hallway and I stepped back. 
“Have a good night with your whore, Mr. Jeon.” I snapped, before turning on my heel and leaving. 
Author’s Note : Hot DILF! Vampire Jungkook is hot.  This brings back fond memories of me panting after my husband as a nineteen year old brat . I was a devilish teenager smitten with a twenty seven year old man. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed :D
Tumblr media
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retromafia · 5 months ago
“Adam Raised a Cain” – Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: He was born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else's past. He inherited the sins and he inherited the flames.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story wasn’t in my schedule because it was a random idea I decided to write down quite recently. Big thanks to @bonniesgoldengirl​ & @thesoldiersminute​ , because I forced them to read this before posting – I was scared of publishing it, because it’s so... different. It’s not a typical x Reader story, but I hope I won’t discourage anyone. It’s written from Tommy’s teenage son’s perspective 😅 The title, summary and the idea is, of course, a Bruce Springsteen’s song 🤣 I should pay this guy or something xd
TRIGGER WARNING: violence, infant’s death mentioned
WARNING: English is my second language.
He’s always been an angry child – that noisy one, the rapid one, the naughty one. It’s been always there; this kind of anger that seemed to be a curse boiling in his young veins. And for long years there was no satisfaction – punching walls, kicking chairs and bullying younger kids at school had been never enough.
His anger went away with that boy’s consciousness when his head hit the brick wall. Bam!
He saw his rival’s body fall down on the dirty street before he fixed his cap and put his leather gloves back on.
“Fuck, Tommy!”, Jake’s voice made him turn around immediately.
“Don’t you fucking call me by my real name!”, Tommy snapped.
No one could know that it was him. No one could know that Thomas Shelby’s son was doing this. Thomas Shelby was a respected politician and the sins of his past had been forgiven already by the people of Birmingham. No one could know that his son was beating other boys up in the dark alleys of poor neighbourhoods.
Not for the money, not for the fame – just for kicks. That was something no proper private school was able to provide.
“Is he alive?”, Jake ran up to him.
“Of course he is, you dumbass. I’m not that stupid to kill him”, Tommy answered arrogantly.
He hated his own friends – they were stupid and shallow. They didn’t understand anything.
“Oi, Big Brains, it’s getting late!”, Bart yelled from the car.
Tommy huffed and fixed his expensive coat, making sure there were no blood stains anywhere before getting inside the car.
Big Brains – he hated that nickname, it was so awful. But it was better than being called Tommy on the streets of Birmingham. He didn’t want to destroy his father’s reputation or break his mother’s heart.
Small mirror in the car revealed the truth – his cheek was bruised. He sighed and lighted a cigarette.
“Take me home, eh?”, he ordered angrily, “My mum’s gonna worry”
“Sure, boss”, Bart chuckled. He was a boy from the streets and it was an honour for him to work for Tommy Shelby Jr.
But Tommy knew that deep down those street boys were nothing but filthy rats. They loved him because he let them drive one of his daddy’s cars, he smelled nice and had lots of money. They weren’t loyal, though. Such people never were.
Tumblr media
The moment he stepped inside the house, he wore a mask with a gentle smile. The same one his father was wearing.
“Oh, honey, you’re already home! Where were you?”, his mother greeted him.
Tommy sighed. He was seventeen already and his mother was acting like he was seven.
“With my friends, mum”, he smiled at her and she widened her eyes a little.
His heart broke a bit because he recognized that face. The same face she used to make when his father was coming back home with blood on his hands back in Small Heath.
“What happened to your cheek, love?”
“Nothing, mum. I fell down”, he lied, “Really, nothing to worry about”, he rolled his eyes playfully and kissed her temple when she sighed with relief.
“You missed dinner”
“I ate in the city”
“Oh, okay then”, she nodded her head, “Maggie’s been asking for you”
“Where is she now?”
“Asleep already”
Tommy nodded his head sadly. He promised himself to spend more time with his baby sister. Sometimes he felt like she was the only good thing left on this world and the only one worth living despite this rage in him that would kill so many others. But Maggie was also the only one able to soothe him.
And his mother. Yes, he loved his mother. But sometimes he couldn’t stand her. How could she be with a man like his father? After everything he had done to this family? After every heartbreak she had to go through because of him…?
He despised his father. Absolutely hated him. Especially for the fact that he was everything Tommy could see everyday in the mirror while looking at his own reflection.
Tumblr media
Tommy Jr. was born in Small Heath, Birmingham in 1913 along with a weird, deformed bloody shape that was supposed to be his twin brother. His aunt Polly called the doctor immediately, not sure what to do in a situation like this. The doctor said that Tommy was stronger and absorbed everything his mother had been giving to the both of her children. He had always been fucking greedy. His parents didn’t even know that they should had been expecting twins.
His first murder was committed there, in his mother’s womb.
His father left for four long years and he remembered his crying mother praying for her husband every evening to all the gods she could name. She used to force her son to pray with her. He would never forget those long hours spent on kneeling on a cold floor, praying for a man who would later be known as the Devil. That was the final proof for Tommy that there was no God and no Heaven.
When his father came back, he was a stranger. Tommy was scared of him at first – his father rarely spoke and was rarely home. He used to come back late, often covered in blood. Tommy was a small child then, but he remembered very well. Remembered his mother’s empty stare, his father’s nervous whispers when the cops were about to come and the sight of a bloody revolver in the bathroom sink – waiting to get cleaned by his mother’s weary hands.
No amount of private schooling and posh classes could make him forget.
“Earth to Tommy”, his father hit his head with a newspaper during breakfast.
Maggie and Richard giggled. Tommy clenched his jaw and fixed his hair with an angry expression.
“Thomas, don’t do that to him anymore. He’s a young gentleman already and he doesn’t like being treated like a child”, his mother scolded her husband with a gentle smile.
“Oh, is he?”, his father chuckled to himself and took a sip of tea, “Well, well, look at you. Young gentleman”
“Dad, please”, Tommy rolled his eyes.
Oh God, how much he wanted to punch him in the face. But what was the point of punching your own self? His father wasn’t the one who had invented the curse. He was a victim of it as much as his son.
“Look what a posh bastard he is, eh?”, his father winked at him.
If he only knew… If he only knew about the boy who’s head his son had smashed on the brick wall in the dark alley twelve hours earlier.
“You should be glad!”, his mother pushed her husband’s arm playfully.
“Oh, I am”, his father squinted his eyes at Tommy and his son’s heart skipped a beat for a moment. He looked like he knew, “I am very proud of him”, he added after a short silence and smiled gently.
No, he didn’t know. He was genuinely pleased with his son not being like him.
In fact, Tommy loved his father, too. Despite everything. He didn’t want to break his heart and he didn’t want to punch his face.
Now he wanted to hug him. But that was something he would never do. Maggie was the only one he would ever hug. He looked at her and she giggled.
Oh, what a sound. His baby sister’s laugh would cure his most fatal disease and bring peace to his most violent war.
“Are we going to play today, Tommy?”, she asked and made puppy eyes at him.
“Yes, of course”, he nodded his head at her, “I promise”
“Daddy bought me a new pony. Do you want to see?”
“Can’t wait”, he assured her.
“Mr. Shelby...”, a maid entered the dining room and blushed a bit.
“Yes?”, Tommy and his father looked at her immediately. Even Richard did, despite being only ten years old.
“Oh, I mean Mr. Thomas Shelby”
“Yes?”, now there were only two of them. Father and his eldest son. Richard looked down defeated, but his mother sensed that and squeezed his hand with an encouraging smile.
One day he would be a proper “Mr. Shelby” as well. One day, in few years. But not now, nobody wanted him to grow up. Nobody except of himself.
“Junior”, the maid added, “There was a phone call. Some young man named Jacob telephoned”
“What did he want?”, Tommy asked her casually.
“He said that Big Brains needs to do some thinking”
His parents furrowed their brows and looked at their son suspiciously.
“That’s a secret code. He’s my friend from school and we joined some stupid secret club”, Tommy lied while rolling his eyes.
He couldn’t tell them that Jake was a simple boy from the streets and that their son was Big Brains. He couldn’t tell them that Big Brains needs to do some thinking meant some problem he had to solve.
“Dad, can I take your car?”, he asked.
“But, Tommy!”, Maggie whined and his heart broke.
“I’m sorry. I’ll see your new pony tomorrow”, he stood up and extended his hand towards his father in a demanding manner. Jake telephoned Arrow House which meant that the trouble was big and urgent.
“Take the Bentley. The keys are in my office”, his father told him and opened his newspaper once again after spotting an interesting article. He didn’t suspect anything.
“See you later, have a nice day”, Tommy told his family before leaving the dining room, trying to avoid Maggie’s teary eyes.
He couldn’t avoid his mother’s gaze, though. Very familiar one – the same one she used to give his father for past few years.
Tommy realized then that she knew. But it didn’t stop him.
She didn’t stop him either and let him leave the house.
Just like she had never stopped his father.
Tumblr media
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wherethingscomebackx · 10 months ago
Top 25 Larry Fics of 2020
h 2020 was HELLISH. So thank you to all the writers, and I mean ALL of them, who kept us occupied as the world continues to burn.
You may be familiar with these lists:
Top 25 Larry fics of 2016
Top 25 Larry fics of 2017
Top 25 Larry fics of 2018
Top 25 Larry fics of 2019
We’re going on our 5th year!!  As always, I read a lot of fic and the majority of it is Larry. I like making lists and I like Larry so I thought I’d do some minimal research of the top 25 larry fics published/completed in 2020 in order of least to most kudos (with links). All of these fics are top notch so you should all check them out!
25.) a trail of honey through it all by @yvesaintlourent (27k)
The boy in front of him, well really, the man in front of him, was like something out of a confusing wet dream. Built, tall, tan and muscular, his skin glistened with sweat after a long day of working outdoors with his hands. He was wearing a cut up old American football shirt, the bottom hem was torn and the sleeves were cut off to the point where the t-shirt was really just a loose tank top. The shorts he had on had clearly been full length jeans at one point, and were now just crudely cut off above the knee. His white socks were pulled up too high on his calves, and the brown work boots he had on were old as fuck, the leather peeling along the edges of the soles. Curly brown hair stuck out from the edges of his backwards snapback, and there was a smudge of grease wiped along his brow bone. The smattering of hair along his jaw proved that he hadn’t shaved in a week or two, the hair growing in thicker across his upper lip and around his chin. His sinfully bowed mouth was pink and plump, and Louis was suddenly hyper-focused on the way that he chewed at the toothpick stuck between his lips. He looked like he needed a shower. Louis wanted to lick him.
Or, the TPH fic we’ve all been waiting for.
24.) even the best laid plans by @falsegoodnight (25k)
“Anyways,” Louis stresses, narrowing his eyes, “just let me say it and then rate how terrible of an idea it is on a scale from one to ten.”
“Alright,” Zayn agrees, sitting up expectantly.
“I want to ask Harry Styles to take my virginity,” Louis blurts, holding his hands out for emphasis.
The way Zayn’s eyes bulge is almost comical. “Negative infinity,” he says, voice choked. “Negative infinity times negative infinity.”
“Technically, a negative times a negative is -”
“Really negative infinity,” Zayn corrects himself, shaking his head wildly. “Louis, what the fuck?”
Or, Louis wants to have sex with someone and decides Harry is the perfect alpha for the job.
23.) A Distant Hazy Light by @greenfeelings (76k)
Life’s pretty ordinary for Harry. He lives with his best friend, got into university just like he’s planned, and manages to support himself just fine for an unbonded omega. If he sustains that lifestyle by getting paid to help alphas through their rut every now and then, that’s nothing to be hung up on. Until he’s hired by an alpha that turns everything upside down.
Or, Harry’s working on taking Louis’ walls down, until he builds his own up.
22.) Ghost Note Symphony by whoknows (96k)
Louis is on tour when he first hears about it. It’s all over the news – Harry Styles Attacked By Fan runs in headlines for days. It’s not even just the gossip rags, either. Actual journalists are covering the story. It would have been impossible to avoid hearing about it. Technically, Oli is the one who tells Louis about it, but it’s not exactly being covered up. Harry doesn’t answer Louis’ text asking if he’s alright, but that’s not really surprising. They haven’t spoken for months, and it’s been a lot longer than that since they’ve had a real conversation. The sting of the text going unanswered is still there, less painful than it might have been a few years ago.
It’s not that it’s easy to forget about, exactly. Louis has a whole life outside of One Direction now, though. So Louis goes on with his life, figuring that if Harry was seriously hurt he would have heard about it by now. He might currently be in the same country as Harry, but being on opposite sides of it puts enough distance between them that putting it in the back of his mind is easy. There’s nothing Louis could do, even if he thought Harry might want him to.
That’s why everything that happens next comes as a complete shock to him.
21.) Until by @allwaswell16 (38k)
Rural Eagle County, Colorado wasn’t the type of place to find a famous musician or actor. At least not until songwriter Louis Tomlinson showed up with pop star Niall Horan to visit his uncle’s horse ranch, and they just happened to find themselves next door to a reclusive former movie star.
20.) Strangers in Love by sweetums (42k)
Louis wakes up to find himself in a marriage with the last man he thought he'd ever end up with.
Prompt 51: An amnesia fic where louis and harry were enemies to lovers but after an accident, louis only remembers those memories that him and harry hated each other. now harry has to fix it. I think something like this less dark and less angsty compared to other amnesia fics and it could be funny
19.) A Long Way From The Playground by Pink_Sunsets (170k)
One Direction is broken up. They broke up five years ago. That should be the end of the story, right?
Harry is finished with One Direction. He now has a new life, one with two kids and a successful solo career. And he’s happy.
But a call one night from management flips Harry’s whole new life upside down, and he’s forced to face the life he had left behind.
As well as a certain blue eyed man who had left him behind.
18.) my love’s not simple (it’s fragile) by @falsegoodnight (27k)
“Can I take you out tomorrow?” he asks. “My shift ends at 7 but we can go for dinner at 8.”
Louis is silent for a few seconds and then, “Like… on a date?”
Harry swallows thickly. He hasn’t done this in years, hasn’t ever wanted to. “Yeah.”
He’s worried he’s misread things but then Louis raises his head to kiss Harry’s cheek. “Yeah,” he says easily. “Sure.”
Tension leaves his body swiftly. “Are you sure?” asks Harry. “I know we’re both so busy but I can’t not try with you, Lou.”
“Neither can I,” says Louis. “I think we can figure it out. I care about you a lot Harry. We’ve known each other for a week, but I already like you so much.”
Or Harry's new job is threatened by his impending rut. Desperate for a solution, he allows Niall to introduce him to Louis, an omega whose heat begins the same day. They click.
17.) Cocaine for Breakfast by @harryeatsburger (309k)
“It’s an easy job.” He continues, as if Louis wants to listen. “Like I said, a few trips. Parties, students, nothing dramatic.”
Louis gazes over to Harry. He’s looking thoughtful now, eyes on the green like he’s talking more to himself than Louis.
“Clubbing, drinks. Whatever, the business is just a side thing.”
That’s not how Louis remembers it to be, “You lying?” He honestly can’t tell.
Harry shakes his head slowly, meeting Louis' eyes.
“No,” He answers almost toneless. Harry clears his throat, “I won’t put you in any dangerous situation.” His voice is sincere, Louis can tell he means it, his jade green eyes glinting with truth.
or, - Louis Tomlinson is a drug addict, sent away from his beloved party-scene to recover. There, he discovers that small towns have just as much access to drugs as London did, plus something even better that he just can't get enough of. That something is a boy with green eyes and bouncy curls named Harry Styles. -
16.) Tastes like Strawberries by @sadaveniren (4k)
I’m stressed. I’m nesting and demand cuddles. Come over
Harry frowned and double checked who the text was from. Yup, it still said Louis - Grad, which meant it was from Louis from his grad school.
aka Louis texts Harry by mistake. It works out
15.) the way the storm blows by @rbbsbb (21k)
Louis doesn’t have a habit of thinking about Harry’s dick.
That would be weird, seeing as they’re best mates, and they share a flat, and they’ve spent holidays at each other’s family homes. Their friendship hasn’t ever risen to a point where Louis should want to see his mate’s dick, and he’s happy to keep it that way.
Except, all that Louis can think about is exactly that. The size of it. The shape. The amount of people it’s been in.
Maybe it’s the tequila talking, or the fact that Louis’ just recently walked in to an eyeful of Harry taking turns on some slags that he’s never seen before, but. Louis’ mind can’t stop obsessing over the idea.
14.) bruise you like a peach by @falsegoodnight (40k)
There’s two reasons Harry despises Econ.
The first is that it’s boring as fuck. The second reason is a bit more personal, a bit more focused in a way. As in it’s focused on one specific thing, or in his case, person.
His name is Louis Tomlinson.
13.) Watching The World Fall by whoknows (11k)
This segment has been going on long enough that Louis knows what’s coming before James starts in on it, trying to sell him on something he knows that Louis wouldn’t normally be buying. But there’s four cameras surrounding him, and an audience watching him expectantly, so if Louis wants to continue convincing people that he’s doing just fine, he’s going to have to go along with it.
“We have a whole host of single men backstage waiting to meet you, Louis,” James tells him. “We want to help you find love tonight, on Late Late Live Tinder. Is this okay? Do you want to play?”
It actually kind of makes sense that his first date after the break-up is going to be just as public as said break-up. Something like coming full circle.
“Alright, James,” Louis agrees, hopping down off his stool.
“Okay, come down to the stage,” James says. Louis can’t even tell whether the excitement in his voice is genuine or not. “Right now, come on down!”
12.) Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds by @2tiedships2 (38k)
Broadway shows were one of the few things that could keep Louis’ attention for a full two hours without needing to move about. But not tonight.
The alpha next to him was both infuriating him and practically turning him on at the same time. He needed to leave. The alpha, that is. Louis was staying.
Or the one where Louis is a nonverbal omega who has accepted the fact that he will never find an alpha that will treat him as an equal. On the other hand, he’s never met anyone like Harry.
11.) The Wrath of the Emerald Eyes by @purpledandeli0n (85k)
His chin is grabbed harshly, facing the two deep green eyes that have been getting on his nerves for the past ten minutes. The smirk on the man's face does not vanish. The grip of his hand on Louis' chin does not soften, his thumb at the side of his lower lip.
His smile widens as he answers Louis' question, ''My name is Styles, but you will call me Captain."
Pirate AU
10.) Canyon Moon by @eeveelou (40k)
For as long as Louis has remembered, he has been promised to be mated to Harry, his best friend and the future pack alpha. But Louis’s heart belonged to the forest and to the hunt more than he could ever imagine it belonging to Harry.
Then Harry’s father dies in a violent accident, and Louis’s future alpha disappears on the wind.
An A/B/O Lion King AU
9.) We Both Got Nothing to Hide by lovelarry10 (43k)
“Talk to me, Lou.”
“I can’t,” Louis mumbled, knowing he genuinely couldn’t say it. He couldn’t admit to what he was doing. “Don’t ask me to say it, because I can’t.”
“Then… I’ll try and guess. You’ve… got some stuff of Harry’s. Something of his to make it smell like him?”
Louis just nodded, eyes fixated on the floor. This was humiliating, but he knew Zayn wouldn’t stop until he found out what was going on.
“Okay. Like… a blanket, or a comforter or something?”
“Kind of…”
Omega Louis has a secret nest. Alpha Harry keeps losing his clothes.
8.) sleeping on our problems by @falsegoodnight (67k)
I’m in love with you, Louis thinks. He feels empty, weighed down by his sadness and the loss of Harry inside him just moments ago before his knot finally went down.
There’s moments where he’s sure Harry feels the same. Like now, when he’s gazing down at Louis with so much adoration and tenderness. It’s like they’re both on the cusp of something more, but neither of them ever say a word.
His confession is on the tip of his tongue ready to slide out like honey, and yet he remains silent. They both do, looking at each other and recognizing the reluctance mirrored in each other’s eyes. It’s then that Louis realizes they’re both scared.
Or Louis sleeps with Harry and they have more than just catching feelings to worry about.
7.) like it’s a game by @soldouthaz (32k)
there is little harry hates more than truth or dare.
and louis.
6.) before we knew by @falsegoodnight (39k)
“C’mon Lou,” says Zayn after a moment, He sounds even more exasperated than before. Louis sort of has a knack for exasperating people, especially people like Zayn who aren’t usually bothered by his brattiness. “Can’t you give this guy a chance? Harry Styles? Aren’t you curious about him at all?”
Despite his best efforts, Louis still flinches at the name. He really shouldn’t be so affected after all these years. He’s seen the name printed down the curve of his waist in obnoxiously and uncommonly large loopy letters every single day since his sixteenth birthday eight years ago. He’s very familiar with the name Harry Styles.
It sounds pretentious and Louis hates it.
He hates everything about his supposed soulmate.
He hates his large handwriting that stands out like a claim on his skin whenever he’s walking around shirtless. He hates his pretentious name. And now he hates his supposed curls and green eyes and dimples.
Or Louis has been skeptical of soulmates for years so it seems like fate when he finally bumps into the owner of the obnoxiously large signature printed into his skin since age sixteen: Harry Styles, a human rights attorney who is firmly against soulmates.
5.) Mine Would Be You by @crinkle-eyed-boo (114k)
Louis blinks his eyes open, his eyelids fluttering as the room swims around him. He takes several gulps of beer once he confirms that he’s definitely not hallucinating, that the very first portrait Harry Styles ever painted of him is hanging on that wall.
Louis stares at the wall, his heart jackrabbiting in his chest as he realizes that there’s not just one painting of him, there’s five, the portraits lined up like they’re some sort of storyboard depicting the rise and fall of his deepest love. His greatest heartache. A pain that cut him so deep that he left the fucking country, severing all ties with his life in New York, now suddenly surrounding him as if he’d never left.
Fucking shit motherfucker fuck.
Louis returns to New York City five years after he left it – and the love of his life – behind. He didn't intend to see Harry again, but fate has a funny way of pulling them together, whether they like it or not. After making a begrudging truce, they both start to wonder: Would it be so bad if history repeated itself?
4.) You’ve Got My Devotion (Hate You Sometimes) by @harryrainbows (95k)
Harry was in the biggest boy band in the world. He was also one half of the best (or worst, depends on who you ask) kept secret relationship in the music industry.
Now, almost five years on, after One Direction has broken up, and Harry and Louis' relationship has as well, a video threatens to put everything at risk.
One determined Irishman, a massive publicity stunt and two begrudging exes are all it takes to bring One Direction back to life and maybe, just maybe, Harry and Louis' mangled love life too.
Or: Harry and Louis are forced to fake-date after an old video from when they were dating emerges.
3.) The Space Between by @lads-laddylads (39k)
Harry Styles is the alpha rockstar who can’t sleep and doesn’t know why.
Louis Tomlinson is the omega PhD student who helps him figure it out.
2.) Nothing But You On My Mind by @absoloutenonsense (83k)
Louis Tomlinson is a PR manager hired to improve the image of royal bad-boy Prince Harry Styles. Unfortunately for him, that means being faced with the Prince's constant innuendos, incessant dirty jokes, and relentless flirting. Louis just wants to make it to Princess Gemma's coronation; once she's crowned Queen, his contract is up and he never has to see the Prince again.
1.) Collision by @tequiladimples (224k)
Mythology/Fairytale!AU in which Louis is a dainty fairy with a temper who wants to be intimidating and Harry hurts people. Naturally, they hate each other.
(Featuring Liam, the big and not-so-bad wolf who’s got a thing for humans, Zayn, a human with supernaturally good looks, and Niall, the cupid who just wants his job to be easier.)
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ruby-whistler · 5 months ago
the difference between static and dynamic characters on the dream smp
Hi, hello, it's Ruby, back with another PSA because this fandom (specifically the people on Twitter) keeps getting worse.
/dsmp /rp
Recently, people started claiming c!Techno was boring because he never had any character development.
Now, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but if you in any capacity decide to study the ins and outs of creative writing, you'd learn that characters don't need to have character development to be compelling, loved by the audience, and have a complex personality.
This is what is called a static character. Not to be confused with flat characters. What's the difference?
Most articles seem to agree on this;
"Static characters should not be confused or mixed up with flat, one-dimensional characters. Though neither changes as the story progresses, if a character remains unchanged, it does not mean that he is one-dimensional like a flat character. A static character can be perfectly interesting, like Sherlock Holmes, who is completely ingenious, eccentric, and sometimes jerky. He never changes, but the audience still loves him. Thus, a static character could be the protagonist too, and a flat character, on the other hand, only plays a side role in the story." - ( link to definition )
Static characters are ones that don't experience any personal growth during the span of the story. They're often used in writing, because they're realistic and can be interesting if well-written. This article provides examples such as the aforementioned Sherlock Holmes, Captain America from The Avengers, and TommyInnit from the Drea- [gunshots]
But in all seriousness, c!Tommy is very easily a static character; a lot of the criticism of his character is about the fact that he doesn't change. He does gain experience and new relationships, he does suffer and becomes more and more traumatized, he does make choices out of impulse or emotion, but none of that is character development - he never overcomes his character flaws, including selfishness, stubbornness, and a lack of compassion or empathy for others. And I do not blame him for it as a person, and I do not consider him a badly-written character, even if he's a little frustrating to watch sometimes.
c!Tommy has two main reasons why he remains a static character.
a) he doesn't live in a constructive environment
It is normal for boys Tommy's age to be low on empathy. It's completely normal for them to be chaotic, immature pricks, because that is part of their growth. All of this would be just fine if c!Tommy was growing up in a highschool; however, he in actuality grew up on a land ruled by politics, wars and conflict.
I do not like using the age excuse, because I do not believe it makes his bad choices any more justified, but it's easy to realize why him being in such a position could stunt his personal growth.
At that age, you need guidance, whether it be from teachers, parents, or whatever other figures you're able to find around you. Usually, it is not difficult to find good people to look up to in today's world, but for c!Tommy, that isn't true.
In the pre-L'Manberg, post-Tommy era, there was moderate peace. Yes, there were conflicts, but none of them were damaging in the long term for anyone involved, and they were chaotic scuffles more than fights of ideals.
Once c!Wilbur came along, c!Tommy latched onto him. We all know how that went.
None of the adults Tommy had looked up to were in any capacity helpful to him growing or becoming a better person. He helped lead a revolution to help Wilbur gain power, he was lead to help Wilbur lead and unfair election, and witnessed the breakdown of the man he trusted shortly after. He was subjected to emotional manipulation by Dream, and then came to the wrong person for help. None of these things are reasons for positive change.
b) it's his major character flaw
Even in the few chances he had at genuine change, at forgiveness, at letting go, all provided by the environment or people around him, he didn't take them. Tommy doesn't like change, he fights it, and that is why he always loses. He doesn't want to change for the better, and he despises himself when he changes for the worse.
He looks for peace in a lack of activity, growth, or development. He searches for happiness in not letting go of the past, but hanging onto it for dear life, terrified that the people around him might change because he doesn't want to. And that is why, as long as he keeps this mindset, he'll never find it.
While other characters, such as Tubbo, Dream, Wilbur or Quackity seek to change the world around them, for the better or the worse, to rewind or to progress, and are willing to change themselves accordingly, Tommy does the opposite, because his biggest fear is people drifting apart and leaving him behind.
Let's get back to the point, then; what makes Technoblade a static character, and a good one at that?
His motivation is simple; he is a lawful character who sticks to his morals through thick and thin, follows a strict inner code, and is loyal to people above all.
On top of that, he is given no reason to change his morals.
No one's arguments against c!Techno have ever made much sense, let's be honest, and ever since he'd entered the server, Techno's been proven right over and over and over again.
He saw Wilbur face the consequences of having power over other people and then losing it, seeing the influence of corruption on the man he worked with. He was forced by the government to kill another person, to kill an ally, to kill an innocent. He was betrayed and used by the Pogtopian revolution, which knowingly kept things from Techno and fought to seize power, rather than destroy it. He was unfairly executed without a trial by corrupt politicians just absolutely demolishing the Geneva convention, holy crap people call Techno a war criminal, just in that one stream New L'Manberg commited so many war crimes-
Point stands that people say one thing and then do the other. Talk of freedom and then force people to do things (and no, forcing people not to force other people to do things doesn't count nor does it make Techno a hypocrite, get a better argument). Techno was never manipulated or swayed to someone's side against his ideals because he's not a man of words; he believes in what he sees, not what people tell him, especially since he's been repeatedly lied to.
That is the first thing a good static character needs; a strong motivation. Through everything that's happened, I'd say without a doubt that Technoblade has the strongest motivation out of everyone, which is to emancipate people from the tyranny of their rulers - not just sing about it and then establish a dictatorship - but to in fact do it, no matter the cost.
He's a very Paragon-type character, which is a common type of static; his moral code is too strong to allow emotional change.
Another thing a static character needs is personality. And Techno - if you watch his streams, not just others' perspectives - has a lot of that. From his bond with Phil and Ranboo to fondness of animals to sense of humour, the character is entertaining to watch and follow. You know what to expect of him, you know he won't betray, and that despite the flaws he has he will not let personal issues hold him back. He wins because he trains, and he puts hours into pulling crazy stunts, and he's persistent - it's satisfying for the people watching his perspective to see his efforts pay off.
His interactions with others are characterized by an attempt at kindness, no matter how many times he might fail at separating his personal life from the ideals he's pursuing.
And that is compelling! To draw parallels to Tommy again, the kid has so much personality that other characters could borrow from him and he'd still be fun to watch!
Neither Tommy nor Techno are flat characters, and I think that is the mistake a lot of people make when misinterpreting both the characters; Tommy and Techno are amazing examples of great static characters in fiction, and I'd like to applaud cc!Tommy and cc!Techno for being brilliant writers.
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peachbear88 · a month ago
For your followr celebration could you write a blurb where American Pie is Yelena and her wife’s wedding song? I’m currently listening to it and the idea just came to me.
Okay! I like this idea a lot! Let's go with... fluff! Thank you for submitting this! :) <3
(PSA: The celebration will be closing in 6 days (09/09.)
The Russian Wedding
Yelena paces back and forth, nervously tugging at her shirt collar as Natasha watches her sister amusedly.
"If you keep pulling your shirt, the buttons will break," she drawls, earning a glare from her sister.
"I don't see why I can't just wear my vest and get it over with." Yelena grumbles, sprawling out on the dressing room's couch. "Ow!" She exclaims as Natasha slaps her.
"Because it's your wedding!" She sighs exasperatedly. "You can't just get married in a vest!"
"Why not? I'll bet Alexei married Melina in his 'crImSOn dyNaMO' suit!" Yelena complains, prodding at the hem of Natasha's dress shirt.
"Stop it." Nat snaps, yanking her shirt away from the younger girl. Her gaze softens as Yelena picks at her fingernails anxiously. "Hey." Yelena looks up.
"I just want it to be perfect." Yelena admits shakily. Nat smiles, taking her sister's hands in her own.
"It already is. She loves you. You know that." They smile at each other, the insecurities and doubts being drowned in reassurances.
"Hey!" Alexei's head pops through the door, clad in an obnoxious red mask. Yelena's smile falters. "The wedding's starting-"
"You've got to be kidding me!" Natasha grabs her sister by the waist, preventing her from tearing the helmet from her father's head.
"It's not fair," Alexei pouts, watching as Yelena smiles nervously, constantly checking her watch. Melina shushes him, gently patting his matted, unruly hair and straightening his tie.
Natasha and Melina had spent a good 10 minutes wrangling him into a borrowed suit from a kind stranger that was the same size as Alexei.
"How'd you do it?" Yelena whispers, nodding towards Alexei from the front of the wedding.
"I borrowed someone's suit." She whirls towards her older sister, shock on her face.
"You stole someone's clothes at my wedding?"
"Hey, I didn't steal them!" Yelena shakes her head disapprovingly, fighting back a smile.
"What'd you do with the body then?" Natasha smirks.
"That is not your concern." She gestures towards the entrance of the venue. "She is."
Yelena's eyes widen as you walk down the aisle, nervously itching at your ribcage. It was no secret how much you despised dresses and corsets.
"So much for being graceful," Natasha mumbles, stifling a laugh. Yelena elbows her sister in the stomach.
You smile at Yelena as you finally arrive at the pew.
"You got a little drool there сестра (sister)." Natasha mutters under her breath but her smirk falters when you send her a firm glare.
"Y/N, when I met you, you had no clue who I was. You saw me as a simple girl from Ohio. And I wanted to keep it like that. I didn't want you to know the truth because," she takes a watery breath. "Because I was afraid you'd leave me. When you found out, it felt like everything stopped. My heart stopped beating, my soul froze and my lungs stopped working. But at my darkest hour, you came back. You didn't leave me. You didn't call me a monster and sacrifice me to the darkness. You accepted me. You helped me live." She smiles at you, a soft, genuine smile, full of hope, love and respect.
"I'm gonna have a hard time topping that speech," you joke and a small wave of laughter goes around. "Yelena, you're the one that saved me from the internal darkness. You make it sound like I was your savior but in reality, I need you just as much. You deserve so much more then to be forced to undergo all that trauma. You're not a monster, you're an angel. You're not a murderer, you're a hero. You are mine." She turns away as the crowd cheers, discreetly wiping her tears on her shirt sleeve.
"That was pretty sweet wasn't it?" Natasha teases. "But honestly, we all know the part they really want to get to is the kiss!" She pulls the microphone right next to her mouth. "So get to it!"
You chuckle shyly before gently wrapping your arms around Yelena's neck, pulling her towards you.
Her lips are raw, presumably from all the anxious lip biting she was doing minutes before.
People cheer, as you pull away. a faint blush dusting your cheeks.
A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music Used to make me smile And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance And maybe they'd be happy for a while
"Lena?" You mumble, your voice muffled by her shoulder.
"Yes love?" She whispers, twirling you around in her arms as the two of you waltz around the room.
"You love me right?" She snorts.
"We just got married медовый (honey)." She jokes weakly before sighing. "Yes. I do love you. And you deserve so much more-" You cut her off with a small but passionate kiss.
"I deserve you."
But February made me shiver With every paper I'd deliver Bad news on the doorstep I couldn't take one more step I can't remember if I cried When I read about his widowed bride Something touched me deep inside The day the music died
"Hi." Natasha greets you and she wraps her arms around your waist. You can see Yelena dancing with Wanda, the two talking in low voices.
"Listen here. I know you two are madly in love and whatnot," you suck in a deep breath. "But if you ever even think about hurting her." She brings one hand up to her throat, drawing an invisible line with her thumb. "I will not hesitate to throw your body into a ditch and set it on fire."
"That's a new one," you comment drily. She snorts before twirling you around, letting your hand go.
So, bye-bye, Miss American Pie Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry And them good ol' boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye Singin', "This'll be the day that I die This'll be the day that I die"
By the time you finish twirling, you find yourself face to face with Yelena again.
"What were you and Nat talking about?"
"Oh nothing. Just the usual. Kids and cute grandchildren." Yelena chokes on her spit.
"Kids?" You scrunch up your eyesbrows.
"Yeah. Unless you're not okay with that?" Yelena frantically shakes her head.
"No no! I'm fine with kids! More than fine." She smiles lovingly at you. You smirk.
"Natasha was right. You are whipped."
"What was that?"
She is yours and you are hers.
Taglist: @username23345 @musicinourlips @gingerbreadcookieforlife @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @trikruismybitch @ima-gi--na-tion @nicole-rayleigh-hot @olsensnpm @peabrain-likes2read
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crimsonophelia · 5 months ago
Could I get a fluffy and maybe flirty Childe imagine set during his story quest? Instead of the Traveler and Paimon accompanying him, the reader (who works at the Northland Bank as one of Childe’s subordinates) gets slapped with the duty of babysitting Teucer and covering for Childe and his façade as a toy seller in Liyue.
"I must say that your brother is quite cute, sir."
"...I guess it must run in the family."
"Hm? Did you say something, comrade?"
"Oh. Um. Nothing, sir."
Of course, being the perceptive man he is, Childe heard all of what they said. What he ends up doing or saying to the reader? Seeing the magic you’ve worked when anon previously gave you the liberty of it, I leave it entirely up to you. :)
featuring: childe x gn!reader
warnings: a teeny bit suggestive at the end
published: april 27 2021
form: imagine
a/n: i’m gonna be real with you, i was stuck on ar35 for the longest time because i was too cowardly to level up my world so i finally did it today and i jumped from 35 to 41 T_T and now my enemies are stupidly strong. but anyways i just started the childe quest today so im just gonna stick to the part when they’re still in liyue and there’s no fighting wwww
Tumblr media
“teucer, i swear to celestia-” you muttered under your breath, as the little redhead slipped from your grasp yet again, running ahead to go look at some kite vendors. “come back here, kid! otherwise you’re gonna be in a heck of a lot of trouble!” 
earlier in the day, you were out running errands for the bank, under tartaglia’s orders, when you had come across rumors of a ruin guard running amok. figuring you would use your spare time and save some local liyue citizens the trouble of having to deal with the feral robot, you defeated the machine with efficient ease. however, in the vicinity, you discovered a lone child showing great excitement at a deactivated ruin guard, jumping and leaping while calling it “mr. cyclops” with a strange elation. 
you figured the boy was snezhnayan, what with his features and clothing reminiscent of the cold climate of your homeland. but why in the world was he out by a ruin hunter all alone? he kept mentioning his brother, a toy seller in liyue, but you could think of absolutely nobody that fit that description. 
so, out of the goodness of your own heart, you decided to take the little boy-- teucer, he called himself--back to liyue harbor with you, and see if you could find this older brother of his. 
however, once you arrived back in the city, your plans were quickly derailed as the little brat seemed to have the attention span of a fruit fly, and was constantly trying to weasel his way into some other dangerous situation without you knowing. 
“god dammit teucer”, you huffed, trying to keep up with the child. who let children have so much energy? your age must finally be catching up to you, you thought. “how about we go back to northland bank? you might like it there” you thought taking him back to your headquarters would stall the boy for enough time for you to find someone who might know the whereabouts of teucer’s brother. there weren’t too many snezhnayans in liyue--whoever his brother is, he can’t be far.
the little boy looked up at you with his big, blue puppy eyes, but you knew his act by now. “no buts, kid. if you’re lucky, we’ll be able to track down you’re brother there.” he sighed, relenting to your orders and following you back to northland bank.
the two of you climbed up the stairwell leading to the entrance of the bank on the second floor, teucer clearly dejected and pouting like a baby. exhausted, you pushed open the doors that you were so familiar with, and ushered the child inside.
much to your surprise, you see tartaglia talking with ekaterina in the lobby. it had been quite a while since you had seen your superior in person, and the surprise certainly was not unwelcome. sometimes you couldn’t stand the man’s smug attitude, yet there was something in his rogueish charisma that you simple couldnt deny attracted you to him.
teucer also seemed to be excited by this sighting of the red-headed harbinger, the little boy’s eyes lighting up with unbridled excitement.
wait. was tartaglia the older brother teucer had been talking about all along?
childe turned around, distracted by teucer’s voice, and upon seeing the little boy, his eyes lit up—first with surprise, then with confusion.
“teucer? what the heck are you doing here in liyue?”
he left the fatui agent with a befuddled look upon her face, and ran towards the child. teucer jumped up into his brother’s broad arms, and they grasped each other in a tight hug, like they had not seen each other for at least an eternity.
ruffling teucer’s hair, tartaglia softened, with an expression unlike anything you had really seen him wear before. he really must care about his family, you thought to yourself.
“so you’re the older brother this little tyke has been talking nonstop about”, you teased tartaglia, elbowing him in his side. “you know, he’s thrown me for a loop this entire day. i didnt think babysitting was part of the job requirement.”
the red-head chuckled abashedly, scratching his head. “sorry about that, [y/n]. the little guy can’t seem to bear being away from his favorite big brother.”
teucer laughed. he truly looked so happy to be with tartaglia again, which made you wonder what the harbinger was like when not on the job. you had known him to be a ruthless war machine, a hedonistic killer who thrived off of the rush battle and bloodshed gave him. childe could take down a dozen men, twice his size, in a matter of minutes, hardly breaking a sweat. yet seeing him interact with teucer, almost a little mini-sized version of himself, his gentleness and care surprised you. perhaps there was more to the man than you had initially thought.
teucer finally detaching himself from tartaglia, looked up at his brother with those same puppy eyes, now full of admiration. “are you here to sell toys to the liyue children, too?”, the child asked. toys? what toys could he possibly be referring to? you and ekaterina, both, looked at childe with confusion.
tartaglia stuttered for a moment. “oh! uhh— yes! yes i am! i was just talking with the nice lady, ms. ekaterina, on how many toys we can sell to all the children in liyue!” he responded, hardly missing a beat. did teucer not know what childe’s actual occupation was?
“wow! my brother really is the coolest person ever!” teucer leaped up and down, hanging onto tartaglia’s pantlegs. looking at this young, untainted innocence, you begun to understand why childe might try and shield the child from the truth.
childe detached the excitable child from his clothing, and beckoned ekaterina over. “ms. ekaterina, would you do me the grand favor of watching teucer for the rest of the day? i’d hate to burden our friend [y/n] after they have already brought him to liyue from celestia-knows-where.” he turns to teucer, telling him “big brother ajax is going to sell many, many toys now! so you need to behave yourself when i’m gone, okay? miss ekaterina will be watching you, and she’s very nice.” he pinches his brother’s cheek, teasing him lightly, and ushering him away with the fatui agent.
it’s now just you and tartaglia in the bank, as the sun was setting and all the other employees had gone home for the day. you heaved a sigh of relief, glad to be rid of baby-sitting duty, after having to deal with teucer’s antics for several hours now.
“i’m really sorry about all of that. i had no idea he would be coming, as a stowaway, no less.” the man looked at you with genuine gratitude. “i don’t want to imagine what might’ve happened to the little brat if you hadn’t been there.”
you chuckled, not quite used to seeing such sincerity coming from the harbinger. most of the time, you had been accustomed to his charismatic facade that he puts on when he becomes childe, the eleventh and one of the most dangerous members of the fatui harbingers.
“don’t worry, it really was no problem. your brother is certainly a handful, but undeniably adorable”, you said, mindlessly gathering your belongings again as you prepared to head out again. “he takes after his older brother quite a bit, i must say.”
“come again?” childe looked behind him, eyebrow cocked.
“oh— nothing. i didnt say anything”, you muttered. shit. you really need to get better at keeping your mouth shut. you refused to be known as the insolent fool with the puppy-love crush on the goddamn eleventh fatui harbinger.
“oh? that didnt really sound like nothing, my dear [y/n].” he smirked. whenever he called you “my dear”, you knew you were in for major teasing. he was definitely having fun with this. he strode towards you innocently, with that usual swagger of his, that tinted everything he did. his walk, his talk, his appearance all oozed confidence, and it was utterly intoxicating.
tartaglia now looked at you with a glint in his eye, the same look he gave enemies before he was about to utterly obliterate them. it was frightening, yet terribly alluring, and you despised how much you fell for it.
suddenly, you felt your back hit the cold, marble wall. you hadn’t even realized that tartaglia had cornered you against a gold pillar, his mere presence forcing you to unconsciously move away from him as he approached you, calculatedly. a lump growing in your throat, you couldn’t bring yourself to even utter a single word in defense, only feeling your cheeks grow hotter and your legs grow weaker.
tartaglia leaned his arm against the pillar, dangerously close to your head, effectively propping himself up with only you between him. you were far too aware of the space—or rather, the lack thereof—separating the two of you, the man’s hot breath audible in the dead, echoing silence of the golden bank.
tartaglia smirked, bringing his face close to yours. “you flatter me greatly, [y/n].” smirking, his breath grazed against your neck, his stare burning into your flesh. the way your name sounded on his lips made your breath hitched in your throat. too hot, you felt way too hot. it was impossible for a hydro user to make you feel such unbearable heat.
“seems as if your clever words aren’t of any use to you now, hmm?” you could feel the mans lips brushing against your jaw, each touch against you leaving a stinging trail. he brought his free hand to caress your own, fingers clasping yours as if you were made of a delicate porcelain, the finest kind liyue had to offer. slowly, as if dragging out each second as long as he could, tartaglia brought your hand to his lips, and planted a long, slow kiss to the back of your palm.
your eyes widened at the sheer eroticism with which he kissed your hand—an act commonly of etiquette somehow being much more lustful, even debauched when tartaglia did it. all you could feel was where his lips met your hand, the phantom burn it left, the slight string of saliva connecting his lips to your hand as he left it, the dark gaze in his eyes as he looked back up at you, clearly aware of how vulnerable you were in his grasp.
“thank you again, my dear. i hope we can continue to work together in the future.”
a/n: jesus christ this got really horny at the end LMFAO anyways i hope you like it! its kinda long but wtv
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youryanderedaddy · 3 months ago
Yandere!Lucifer x disobedient reader
Tw: female reader, obsessive behavior, possessive behavior, slight master/slave dynamic (it's mostly a metaphor tho), hinted jealousy
Yan!Lucy lives in my head rent free.
Tumblr media
Lucifer hated messes. He hated loud obnoxious fools and people who never know when exaclty to shut up. But the ones he hated the most, those he genuinely despised, were the disobedient ones.
Yet Lucifer loved you. The you who talked back and laughed loudly, whole - heartedly, freely. The you who always did whatever you wanted without any consideration of rules and limitations. The you who only ever listened to the ones you cared about and never the ones you feared. But he did love you so he had to change you before you had the chance to change him.
"We can form a pact, little human." The Avatar of Pride had told you one night while looking straight at the burning flame in the fireplace and never at you. "If you want to." He had taken a sip of his rich wine, the colour vibrant and bloody, as the corners of his mouth had twisted into a satisfied smirk. The demon had already known what your answer was going to be.
"But there is something you need to know first, darling." He had finally raised his head to meet your warm gaze, his hair dark and silky under the soft red lights. "I won't belong to you." Lucifer had whispered into the night so quietly you would have missed it if you hadn't been listening closely. "You will belong to me, forever." He had added afterwards, his voice even more deep and bewitching than before. You couldn't look away from his black eyes. You couldn't say no, so you simply nodded. You let him cut your finger and mix your blood with his own. At the end he gave you a chaste kiss to seal the new-formed alliance.
The problem was that Lucifer loved you. The demon knew that he needed you more than you needed him, and with each day passing day his control over you weakened. You were too busy chasing after his brothers to remember the one you had given yourself to so freely. This was unacceptable - a lowly human like you making him, the fallen angel, feel weak. Unwanted. Just a puppet to an uncaring and cold master.
He never wanted to feel that way again. He had to have you.
"You are awfully late, little human." The demon was waiting for you at the door, a glass of warm tea already gone cold in his left hand. It was well past midnight, you had really screwed up this time. In all honesty the music had been so loud and the cocktails so bittersweet and strong you had let Asmo drag you around the dancing hall all night. Still, you weren't a kid in need of parenting and lecturing so you weren't going to let Lucifer treat you like one.
"I was out, needed a bit of fun. Rough week and all." You avoided his clear eyes staring into the depths of your soul and gulped dry, suddenly feeling exposed. "Is there a problem, master?" You asked provocatively, tilting your hips a little bit to hide the anxiety underneath the flirty question. You hoped that the suggestive title would throw the strict demon off and he would let you go to sleep without the usual hour - long scolding. You expected him to maybe blush and curse under his breath before sighing but you were dead wrong.
Next thing you knew his hand was on your neck, squizing lightly - not enough pressure to bruise the skin, but just enough to shut you up.
"That's the problem, darling." The Avatar of Pride growled lowly and reached out to cover your eyes with his free hand. The moment his finger touched your forehead everything went dark and you lost your sense of vision. You could feel the cold sweat run down your spine and you trembled against his body, the apologies and pleas stuck in your throat. "You seem to forget who your master is." Lucifer continued softly and pulled you in gently, a total contrast to the harsh grasp around your neck. Soon he was placing butterfly kisses all over your collarbone, licking and sucking on the vulnerable skin.
You whined in shock and squirmed in the demon's hands so he sank his teeth deep into the flesh until he could taste your sweet blood on his tongue. Lucifer wanted to punish you for the months of disobedience, direspect and neglect you had shown him. But mostly he wanted to punish you for making him love you so much he forgot what hatred felt like - until you reminded him. Now you were trying to cry and scream for help, but the fallen angel was prepared. He claimed your lips into a bruising kiss, intoxicating you, forcing the rich metallic liquid deep into your throat. Soon you were quiet again, limp in his arms.
Lucifer really hated messes after all.
Tumblr media
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whatahufflepuffwrites · 25 days ago
Friend/crush | Harry Potter x Reader
a/n: Hello everyone! This is a request from a lovely anon, and I hope y’all like it 😊
PD: this fic has a happy ending, unlike the cannon, so I hope you enjoy it
y/n – your name
y/ln – your last name
Pairing: Harry Potter x Hufflepuff!Reader
Summary: Harry and y/n grow closer as the Wizard Tournament approaches; in an impulse to keep your friend/crush safe, you start investigating who put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire.
Warnings: nothing I can think of, but if you need a trigger warning let me know
Word count: 2,083
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Everyone at Hogwarts at least had heard the name Harry Potter, and now, the boy who lived was widely known in the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic; yet being popular did not mean he was loved. In fact, since the disaster of the Goblet of Fire, where Harry was chosen as the fourth champion, pretty much everyone in these schools despised him, thinking he somehow cheated the Goblet of Fire, which sparked tension among the schools and even the students. You could see the way the other kids, even professors looked and talked about Harry Potter as if he was the reincarnation of the Dark Lord himself.
“Miss y/ln, you’ll work with Mr. Potter” Professor Snape said unbothered, taking you out from your thoughts and the room got death silent.
“Great, thank you professor” you said flashing a warm smile to Harry and moving your stuff from the table so he could sit next to you
“Hi” he said quietly looking at his hands
“Hello, nice to meet you” you said smiling at him and extending your hand so he could shake it
“A pleasure” he said shaking your hand and with a shy smile “Look, I know right now I’m not… the most popular around so, you don’t have to pretend to like me” Harry said with a string of voice
“Do not sweat it, a Hufflepuff never judges a book by his cover, or the rumors that are spread about it” you said flashing him one of your gorgeous signature smiles
“Thank you, that’s actually a relief” he said this time with a genuine smile “Everyone looks at me as if I have spiders in my face” he chuckled a little, but you could see a glimpse of pain in his eyes
“I know the whole sitting arrangement in the Great Hall and everything, but if you ever want to come to the Hufflepuff table, or even the Common Room, you are completely welcome” you said hoping the offer would make him feel a little better.
“Thank you, I really mean it and I’ll probably take you up in that offer” Harry once more flashed you a shy smile and you could see he wasn’t as bad as people painted him, in fact, he wasn’t bad at all.
During the following week, you started spending more and more time with Harry. You’d meet up to study, you’d eat lunch together and you’d spend most of your free time talking and hiding from the world in the Castle Gardens. As you got to know Harry, discovered his kind and caring nature, how he’d do anything for his loved ones and his bravery when it came to facing the unknown. With each passing day, you grew closer to him, and you hoped he’d feel the same way.
“Are you for real telling me you really did not put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” you said tilting your head from Harry’s shoulder and staring into his beautiful eyes
“I’d never go against Dumbledore’s instructions like that, at least not deliberatively, it’s bad enough being the boy who lived to now become the unwanted champion” Harry said caressing your cheek and you could feel a light blush rushing over the place his hand was over, once more, you rested your head in his shoulder
“Maybe we can figure who put you there” you said enthusiastically
“What’s is it good for? I’m already involved in this mess, at least I’m not all by myself, I’ve got Cedric’s support, my friends and I’ve got you y/n” Harry said now stroking your hair
“Of course, you got me, I… I just want to help you Harry” you said staring at his eyes
“You are already helping me” he said now cupping your cheeks and just centimeters away from your mouth
“Harry, y/n, where have you been?” you heard Neville calling you from behind “Dumbledore has been looking for you, Harry, something about the Wizard Tournament” he added
“Oh, hey Neville” you said and waved a little disappointed as you were looking forward to that kiss with Harry
“I’ll see you later, okay?” Harry said pressing a kiss to your cheek and leaving you with Neville
As the Wizard Tournament started, you decided you’d get to the bottom of the mystery regarding Harry’s participation in the tournament, as you had a bad feeling about all this. The first step of your masterplan was talking to Dumbledore, but he wasn’t of much help as he was as clueless as Harry and yourself. Then, you decided to go talk to Hagrid, as the first task involved Dragons, and there was nobody in the school with as much knowledge in the topic as your half-giant friend:
“Hey Hagrid, I do not mean to intrude, but I have this weird feeling about all of these Wizard Tournament situation” you asked him after the first task “Harry did actually pretty good today, but I was wondering if you… I don’t know, noticed something off?” you added
“Hey little y/n” he said with a big smile “Well, I don’t know if this helps you, but ‘bout a week ago professor Barty came ‘round here and told me that the best way to protect Harry was letting him know what he was gonna face, so to prepare m’ boy I showed him the dragons” he told you as you had your first clue
“Thank you, Hagrid, I know we just want the same thing, to keep Harry safe” you said and remained there with your friend, talking about Harry’s performance and sharing a delicious butterbeer.
Days passed and you spent more and more time with Harry. There was some kind of tension building between you, as now you’d almost kissed at least four times. You’d also caught Harry staring at you more than once when you were apart, but if anyone asked, you’d say you were just friends.
“Hey gorgeous” Harry said coming from behind you at the library and giving you a peak in the cheek, which was now a habit
“Hey yourself, handsome” you said sliding your class notes over what you were researching
“What are you studying?” Harry asked and you were grateful he was oblivious about your research on Bartemius Crouch
“Not much, just a little wandless magic, I just wanna catch up on some schoolwork while everyone is too busy with the Wizard Tournament” you lied, but you knew this was for the best, as you didn’t want to worry Harry, he already had enough to worry about
“My girl is such a responsible student” he said staring at you and making your heart flutter “Just don’t get too invested in the future, you are already a great witch” his words made your heart race, and your cheeks turn pink
“A little study never hurt anybody, Potter” you said chuckling. Harry seemed a little distracted and you followed his gaze, he was starring at Cho and Cedric at the back of the library “Hey, everything okay?” you asked a little confused
“Yeah, it’s something stupid, don’t mind me y/n” he said brushing up the question
“Come on, we are friends, you can tell me anything” you added now intrigued
“I… I think I’m starting to like Cho” he said with his eyes fixed in the Ravenclaw
“Oh” you muted with a string of voice. You felt your heart break a little, but decided to remain calm, at least while he was there
“Yes, but whatever, she’s with Cedric anyway” he said turning his gaze back at you
“Hey, I have to go now, but… I’ll catch you later” you said taking your books, notes and papers leaving Harry all anole at the library table. Yes, your heart was a little hurt, but you still needed to concentrate on solving the mystery surrounding Harry’s involvement in the Wizard Tournament.
As you left the library, you bumped into a stressed out Dobby:
“Hey, honey, are you okay?” you asked the little one
“Harry Potter, Harry Potter!! Got to find Harry Potter” he exclaimed really nervous
“It’s okay, it’s okay, he is just in the library, but is there anything I can do to help you? Or to help him? You know I love you both and I’ll do anything I can to protect you two” you said calming Dobby and hoping to get some answers
“Professor McGonagall and Professor Barty discussing, Dobby heard they mention gillyweed might help Harry, so Dobby got it for sir Harry!!” he said showing you the gillyweed
“Professor Barty you say, interesting, I left Harry in the library a minute ago, so he must still be there, hurry and good luck little one” you said, and Dobby left running
You were putting two and two together walking around the dark hallway that conducted to the Hufflepuff common room when you felt like someone was following you in the shadows. Normally you wouldn’t mind, but today the castle was particularly dark and quiet.
“Lumos” you conjured taking your wand out
“Hello, miss y/ln” you heard professor Barty creeping behind you
“It’s you! You are behind Harry’s involvement in the Wizard Tournament!” you said frenetic
“Really smart for a Hufflepuff, but I guess you know too much” he said, and you felt your body get weak and your vision got blurry, until you felt nothing, you saw nothing, you were unconscious.
“y/n, y/n y/n” you could hear Harry’s voice calling you “please wake up y/n” you heard, and you felt him shaking you. You opened your eyes slowly and you found yourself in the foggy maze. You recalled the events of your encounter with Barty and realized you were out for quite a long time.
“Harry, it was Barty all along, I don’t know what he wants from you, but he got you into the tournament and he’s been helping you win” you said realizing how crazy that sounded and Harry helped you sit on the ground
“Actually, that is half right, miss y/ln” you heard Barty’s voice “I’m actually Professor Barty’s son, Bartemius Crouch Jr.” he said revealing himself. Harry pointed Bartemius with his wand and started yelling.
“Do not come any closer, I swear if you hurt her, you’ll regret it” he said angrily
“I don’t have to hurt her, just do as I say, and everything will be okay” Bartemius said calmly
“Harry, don’t listen to him, we can fight this” you said in a whisper
“I have no choice; I’m not letting him hurt you, y/n” he said caressing your hair
“The odds are two against one, we can stop him” you insisted but Harry is as stubborn as they come
“So, are you coming, Mr. Potter?” Bartemius insisted
“I am, just, let me make sure she is okay” Harry said and turned back to you “Stay here, if you see any of the other champions ask them for help, but for the love of Merlin, do not do anything stupid” he whispered and pressed a kiss in your forehead
“Listen to me, he is drunk on power, we can stop him” you said barely audible
“I’m not going to risk you” Harry said but you were faster and had already thought this through
“Immobulus” you whispered in Harry’s ear, and you stole his wand pretending to hug him, once with his wand in hand, you conjured it again, this time, pointing to Bartemius “Immobulus” you yelled and saw him freeze, you knew this was risky and you only had a couple of minutes until everything turned out ugly, so you conjured “Vermillious” and hoped someone noticed and came to the rescue.
The fog started to dissipate, and the walls of the maze came down, you could feel a glimpse of hope. Professor Dumbledore, McGonagall and the real Barty Sir came down, taking Bartemius and disenchanting him and Harry. You knew you’d have some explaining to do, but you were glad your friend was safe.
“I told you not to do anything stupid” Harry said coming closer to you
"I guess a thank you is in order" you grinned
"You saved me" he said only a few steps away
“I’m sorry I enchanted you in the first place” you said chuckling as Harry embraced you in a tight hug
“I’m glad you are okay, I don’t know what I’ve done if something happened to you, you stubborn little witch” Harry said spinning you around
“That’s what friends are for” you said smiling
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whosscruffylooking · 6 months ago
The Purest Things-Something There
Warnings: Mentions of murder. Canon-typical violence.
Word Count: 2.5k
a/n: i am so beyond sorry that it has taken this long to get another chapter out. this doesn’t follow my post schedule that i had previously given, but hopefully this can be a good place holder till later this week. 
The Purest Things Masterlist
May 2008
Tumblr media
Bookend: "It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent." -Madeleine Albright
"There's no way I'm doing that," you rebuttal, "Hotch? Tell them it's a ridiculous idea." He stays silent, but his mouth twitches slightly.
Oh, you son of a-
"Richards is a classic narcissist. The challenge of facing a tough, fearless, and intelligent woman will give him his high. Narcissists are drawn to goal-oriented women, women who are resilient, adaptable, yet decisive. Show him that you are a good listener, but don't praise him."
"Think of him like a wild animal," Spencer adds, "You don't feed zoo animals because they are unpredictable. Remember, narcissists have an extraordinary sense of self, and when you praise his ego, you enable his unstable and feeble mind. He doesn't hear praise; he hears how much better he is than you. If you don't feed the beast, he won't have the stamina to combat your confidence later."
"Once you disarm him, I'll come in and challenge his confidence," Hotch concludes. 
Could you have said that less attractively? That would have been more helpful.
Aaron cheekily smirks as if reading your mind but quickly looks away. You wish you didn't blush so fast-that you had some sense to keep your emotions to yourself. In a second, your cheeks are rosy, and you are convinced that everyone in the room can perceive your feelings as if you wrote them on little notes and passed them around.
You grunt and roll your eyes, "I hate all of you."
Derek snaps his fingers at you, "Lose the jacket."
"All men are pigs," you spit while removing your blazer, leaving you in a fitted tank top and your tight-legged jeans that hug your curves in all of the right places.
Derek wolf whistles at you, and you hurl your jacket at him.  Aaron lets his eyes slide up and down your body, his gaze lasting longer than it should. He swears that as you stride into the interrogation room, your hips swing a bit farther side to side than usual. It is the very action that radiates courage, a mind coupled perfectly with itself and the world around it, concentrated and solemn.
Typically, Hotch would divert the task of adulating a narcissist to Prentiss, but he knows if anyone can take command of someone's attention, it's you. How does he know? Because you captivate him far more often than he cares to admit, defying his very being with every interaction. You are a secret weapon that he wants to keep concealed until you can allow your talents to shine genuinely. Aaron knows that now is your moment. ++++ "What is it that I am being accused of? Fraud? Embezzling?" The sharp-dressed businessman questions; his gaze is straying further below your eyes than you care for.
You throw a file down on the medal table, and it slides across, stopping right in front of the man, successfully redirecting his stare somewhere other than your chest.
"Try murder."
His eyes widen, "You're joking. Come on, where are the hidden cameras? I'm ready for you to yell candid camera now! I am Milton Richards, for god's sake!"
"I don't know!" You shrug your shoulders. "Why don't you explain this to me, Mr. Richards. I'm just as confused as you are. What reason could a successful, charming, handsome, wealthy business mogul like yourself possibly have to kill someone?"
"Oh please," Richards scoffs, "This isn't an interrogation. You've already pegged me as guilty."
"I don't agree, but you have the right to feel how you feel."
He purses his lips, leaning as far away from you as physically possible while handcuffed to the table.
"Milton, why did you try to escape a moving vehicle when my team apprehended you?"
"Just felt like it, I guess," he shrugs mockingly.
"So, something just randomly compelled you to flee the custody of a federal agent?"
Richards leers at you. You stand up and walk around the table, leaning down next to him, "I get it. I do. You're a suave, wealthy, and ruthless business tyrant. You have to cover your tracks-do what it takes to survive."
He raises his eyebrow, turning to face you, your faces mere inches from each other. I got you now.
"Trust me. I know probably better than anyone what it takes to maintain a position you fought your entire life for. I'm a woman; I had to claw my way into the F.B.I. Do you think it's easy being surrounded by a team filled with uncontrolled testosterone? Womanhood requires balls; I see you keep your balls in your pants, cool, cool. Mine are on my chest, up top. As you've so duly noticed."
His eyes flicker to the aforementioned area, and you restrain yourself from gagging.
"And you know what, Richards? I use them every day of my life. Because in my line of business, sometimes I have to take the backdoor to get things done. Why do I get the sense that you were the same way before you became Mr. Wolf of Wall Street? How else does a kid who grew up in the projects become a multi-millionaire mogul by 27?"
"We both know what the other is capable of. C'mon, let's show each other a bit of respect here. No games, let's be upfront with each other," you appeal. ++++ Aaron watches as you work the room like it is your stage. You play the part perfectly.  He admires your ability to absorb things and then responded rather than immediately react to douse firey circumstances rather than add to the flames.
Derek finds himself next to Aaron, smugly observing Aaron's visible fascination with you.
"She's fantastic, Hotch," Derek beams with pride. Hotch holds his breath behind pursed lips in an attempt to barricade himself from the feelings of foolish jealousy he feels creeping up.
I know she is. I think I recognize it a little too well.
Aaron knows that Derek will be scrutinizing his reaction to the commendation and refrains from responding.
Of course, Derek reads this lack of a reaction as a response itself. And he finds it strangely amusing. ++++ "Here's what I think happened," you twirl your finger around the manilla file, "I think you were having some money troubles and your top investors caught onto your little games. When you sat down, you volunteered the crimes fraud and embezzlement as reasons you assumed we brought you into custody. You listed them like they are apparent reasons for us to charge you. Those are two areas you are clearly willing to take the fall for and have cause to oblige by."
Opening the file, a photograph is revealed within of a murder victim. Richards shifts uncomfortably in his seat, stifling a cough.
"Do you know this man?"
"N-no," he claims as his eyes flutter from the photo to his hands.
Surprised by his blatant tell, you glance back at the two-way mirror.
Turning back to the suspect with a newfound spark in your eyes, you press harder, "Strike one. Try again."
"Excuse me?"
"The man in the image is Walter Barone, the C.E.O. of Jameson Whitely Associates...your accounting firm. Your company was going bankrupt, Milton. There was nowhere left for you to turn. So, do you want to try that again? This time, answer my questions directly and honestly."
"Walt had a reserve saved for me worth $5 million. Last week when I approached him about dipping into the fund to keep the company afloat, he withheld it. I wouldn't kill him for it, though."
"Well, see, that's the problem here, Milton. When he was found, that little reserve of yours was nowhere to be found. Naturally, you can assume where my mind goes when I try and put two and two together, right?"
"I told you," he says, clearly provoked by your accusation, "I wouldn't...didn't kill him."
"Wasn't it you, in your book, right? Who said, 'It's surprising what a man will do when properly motivated?' I don't know about you, but losing everything you'd ever worked for and having your one saving grace held from you seems like pretty good motivation."
Silence. "Oh, come on, Milton, now is not the time to act so arrogant!"
He slams his fists on the table; you abstain from being startled in an attempt to show him no fear.
Wild animals can smell fear. 
"Arrogant, huh? Why don't you step up and prove me wrong? Prove you're better than me. You despise me for being successful; I despise you for your assumption that you could waltz in here like a tramp and seduce me into giving myself up. What? Too harsh? I'm not sure you and I are even the same species."
Hotch bursts into the room, and you quickly signal for him to stand down. I've got this.
He gives you a prideful wink. I know you do.
Somehow Aaron being in the room gives you that last little push to conclude this grand performance of yours. Slowly, you begin clapping dramatically for his little one-person comedy act. He certainly knows how to play the fool.
"Is that a dare? Challenge accepted. Your entire life, you have suffered from a disease... a fragile ego. You have built these walls of detachment so that you can conveniently solicit status to hide your true, weak self. You lash out because you feel it compensates for your insecurities."  
"The truth is, despite being at the top of the corporate chain, every day you lead the life of a loser. You are willing to destroy people psychically, emotionally, and mentally. And you view that as a cause for celebration. You are the embodiment of a loser and abject failure."
Hotch touches the small of your back; you shiver at the sudden warmth that fills your body in reaction to it. He hands you a piece of paper, one that seals Richards' conviction.
"Milton Richards, you are under arrest for the murder of Walter Barone, Hank Simmons, Frankie Lisbon, and Jillian Ryder."
Hotch motions for you to do the honors.
"By all means, lead the way."
Holding yourself proud and tall, you waltz over to Milton and hoist him out of his chair. Inclining your lips to his ear, you tell him contemptuously, "You lose."   ++++ "Way to go, superstar! You had us all on the edge of our seats," Derek says, wrapping his muscular arms around you. You breathe in his cologne and savor the sensation of being in his arms.
Since the day you met Morgan, you've felt a draw to him. Not in a romantic way, though you proudly admit he is hands-down one of the most gorgeous men to set foot on earth. He gives you the feeling of safety, warmth, and brotherly love. His hugs rejuvenate you after a long day of work, and you see to it that neither of you leaves the office without receiving your signature embraces.
Aaron observes you and Derek's shared embrace from the shelter of his office. Before he can comprehend his movements, his legs carry him to the terrace overlooking the bullpen.
What do you think you're doing, Hotch? Pull yourself together. They’re friends. Just like you and her are.
Dismissing his inner voice of reason, he calls out to you, "Y/L/N. See me in my office."
You grimace at his tone of voice but abide by his request.
Derek chuckles, "Green is not that man's color."
"What?" You turn to him, confused.
"Goodnight, superstar."
"Night, handsome," you blow him a kiss, trying to brush his comment out of your mind.  ++++ "You summoned?"
Aaron's whiskey-colored eyes meet yours. The tempo of your heart quickens like a metronome.
"You did a phenomenal job in there."
"I've learned from the best." You. I've learned from you.
He clears his throat, "Those things you said...a-about the men on this team. Is that how you truly feel?"
Shocked by his willingness to believe such a misleading statement, you gasp and close the distance between the two of you.
You must have some nerve to believe that I would ever view you as anything other than the most upstanding man I've ever met.
"Aaron, what I said in there is further than the truth than I would have liked to have strayed. In fact, it was with you that I finally felt equal as a human being-like someone recognized me for my intellect and self-worth. A woman can't acquire that regardless of how 'equal' this world claims to be."
Aaron finds himself lost in your eyes, absorbing every meaning behind your words.
"It was a freeing feeling having someone I respect so highly show me similar respect."
No. Don't stop talking. Please. Hotch blushes at his inner monologue, incapable of comprehending precisely what kind of influence you hold on him.  
"Anyway," you laugh, brushing away a strand of hair that had fallen in your face, "Sorry for my little tangent."
"No," Hotch interjects firmly, "Never apologize for expressing your feelings. I assured you last year that I'll always be available as a sounding board for you. That offer still stands."
Your gaze softens as you study him, his intentions, his mannerisms. He notices your pupils dilate, and it commences a chain reaction within his veins. To him, it's not the fact that you radiate beauty on the outside. Sure, you are physically fit and put in the effort to maintain your appearance. Naturally, that would be why someone like Derek Morgan would have you on his radar.
But, Aaron has gradually grown accustomed to the kindness that you seem to reserve just for him. He sees the differences between how you act around the team versus when you step inside his office or are alone in the car with him, even the way your confidence elevates when he walks into the interrogation room.
These differences aren't unique to just you, though. Aaron notices the same changes in himself when he is around you. Never did he expect to go home from work and lie in bed thinking about the way your eyes strayed on his for a moment too long, or how as he completed paperwork at his desk, he'd replay in his mind a cheesy joke you told the team. He knows how you like your coffee from observing you in the break room one too many times.
One cream, two sugars.
Your laughter warms his body from the inside out. When you talk about your favorite comic book with Prentiss and Morgan, the twinkle in your eye never fails to bring a smile to his face. He knows that you hate getting out of the car when it rains because your perfectly straightened hair that you spent god knows how long on will undoubtedly curl.
His changes were less evident on the outside. But, he knew that deep down, there is something there that wasn't there before.
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long-furby6 · 7 months ago
Idiots To Lovers With The Guild
In which both them and the reader think their love is unrequited. Tragic
I just wrote a Ranpoe fic from Poe’s POV so my head is so very full of him rn
Tumblr media
There he is, the literal love of my life
Obviously his first assumption is that you will never like him back
He is what the kids call...insecure
Often asks you to proof read his books. Little do you know a lot of them were inspired by you
He gets really nervous whenever you’re cuddling with Karl because you look so cute
That’s also like, his child, so
Overthinks anything you say. You say ‘how are you’? What if you like him back?? Why the hell else would you want to know anything about him???
Comes to the conclusion that you don’t. But the thought lingers
He doesn’t fall often, but when he does, he falls hard
Writes so much depressing poetry about how love is never mutual
Mans out here sobbing over his desk and ranting to Karl
He doesn’t get any sleep usually, but gets even less so because he’s thinking about you
Your conversations are so painful to witness. So much apologizing, so much mutual pining with no resolution
What’s worse is he doesn’t even try to ask you out or pursue you. Gives up before the thought even processes. If someone’s gonna make a move, it’s going to be you
And he most likely won’t even believe you at first and assume you’re joking. Then get really uncharacteristically giddy and he won’t come down from that high for a long while
Might even kiss you out of excitement. Not even a peck, like a full on, long, passionate French kiss. Gets so embarrassed after and apologizes profusely
If you pull him in for another one, entangling a hand in his hair, bold of you to assume he won’t decide to marry you on the spot
Tumblr media
You wouldn’t think she’d be the type to be that dense, but she very much is
She is very inexperienced in crush territory but absolutely refuses to admit it. Tells everyone that she’s a player but she actually gets so scared and shies away from any form of intimacy
Until you come along...making her absolutely crave it
She wants to hold you close and hear you say sweet, cheesy things to her, she wants to love you but the stress of that is what drives her away
She convinces herself on a subconscious level that you don’t like her back because if you did, wouldn’t you show it?
You did show it, but she’s not very perceptive if I do say so myself
One time you literally said “I would marry you” to her face and she responded “thanks” because her dumbass thought you meant like as a friend
Holds your hand to ‘keep you from getting yourself in trouble like last time’ but wouldn’t look at you at all. And is that a blush on her face?? She’s so bad at covering up her nervousness lmao
Someone has to push you two together because she’s way too proud to confess
Blanks out and stares at you in shock for a good minute with the most flustered, baffled look on her face
Might even avoid you for a while due to her inability to deal with the adrenaline rush she gets whenever she sees you. Her heartbeat really went 📈📉📈📉📉📈📈📈📉📈
Tumblr media
If you help her one, just one (1) time, it’s too late. She’s already in love with you
She can’t help it, anyone giving her a crumb of affection will send her into the stratosphere
Out here overthinking every single little thing she says or does around you. Keeps her up at unreasonable hours
The affect you have on this woman. You’re the worst distraction ever
She freaks out at every small little mistake she makes when around you. Often belittles herself for it, so if you assure her that it’s okay and check up on her once in awhile, she will not only appreciate it, but almost view you as a divine being
Because of her god/ess-like status in her eyes, she gets overly excited when you slip up or act nervous, because it proves that you’re mortal too and are nothing to be afraid of. (Pardon me for assuming you’re mortal)
She gets so hung up on any compliment you give her. It randomly pops into her mind and makes her smile in inappropriate situations
When you finally do date, it’s take her months to even be able to touch you without nearly getting heat stroke. And even then she’s like “what,, if., we hnng kISsed,,,,, and...nd... hELD haNds????
After a while, she’ll have no problems collapsing into your arms after a long day. Working for Francis can be pretty tiring, after all
Tumblr media
Bro he doesn’t even know what love is
Honestly thinks he’s sick or you have an ability he doesn’t know about
He’s genuinely so confused. Asks Lucy and everything. Her reaction was priceless
When he’s finally acquainted with what it means, he still takes time to fully process what’s happening and what he should do about it
Can you blame him? He’s never felt that way for anyone before, let alone the flood of emotions he experiences when he see you
His ways of showing affection can be...quite unconventional
He’s quite an odd guy, and an eldritch horror. Most people are, rightfully so, terrified of him. But he can’t even imagine the pain he’d feel if you were unnerved by him in the slightest, so he attempts to come off as friendly as possible
One day he just completely blurts out everything he’s been thinking about for as long as he’s known you. It’s so sudden and completely catches you off guard, so you had a look of surprise on your face that he kinda interpreted as fear
Heart been broke so many timesss
He turned to leave but stopped when you hugged him from behind, he was like ??!!! What are you doing??? Why does it feel nice?..???!
Comes to the conclusion to turn around and hug you back. A capital choice
Tumblr media
You’re really reading a self insert about a guy who unbuttons his shirt that far???!??! I’m calling the police 💖
It’s not surprising he’s dumb enough to just not realize you’re quite obviously flirting with him. He’s smart academically, not emotionally
He just thinks you’re joking around and reciprocates, secretly hoping you’ll one day fall for him like he did you
He tries so hard and doesn’t know he already got you lol
Huck and Tom give him relationship advice but most of it sucks because, well, they’re not human
So he’s stuck screaming into a pillow with heartbreak songs on blast
He acts so confident around you you’d barely even know how much internal conflict he’s having at the moment. He even gets a new diary dedicated to his love life just so he could write about you
It was when you found this diary that nearly put him into cardiac arrest
He couldn’t act confident anymore no matter how hard he tried. He was so flustered and panicky and everything he usually wasn’t
Well, he wrote some real sappy stuff in there, and your teasing tone only furthered the pain in his chest. He was so sure you were going to laugh at and reject him, he was just hoping you would let him down slowly no matter how painfully
He froze up when you confessed back. Completely and utterly shocked. Before getting almost puppy-like excited and hugging you
Just kiss already Huck and Tom are tired of you oblivious dumbasses
Tumblr media
Crushes? Bad. No. Gross. Unholy
Usually when he starts looking at someone in that way, he pushes all emotion out of his brain and eventually it goes away
But his feelings for you...stayed. Grew, even
Won’t admit it. Never. The things he thinks about you are almost like a guilty pleasure to him, he usually hates himself every time he wakes up from a dream about you do realizes he’d been lost in thought, fantasizing about how you’d kiss him
Any physical contact with you will send electricity shooting through his entire body and elicit a panic response
Margaret is so pissed off at his constant sulking that she tries getting you two together. Constantly drops hints to you about his crush and asks you what you think of him when she knows he’s within earshot
He still thinks romance is sinful and unbecoming, but he’s starting to think that it may be worth it if it means a chance to be with you
At some point, just gives up trying to deny it and lets Margaret ask you out for him because he knows he wouldn’t be able to face you. He doesn’t want to be there when you reject him
It feels like a large weight was lifted off of him when he hears you said yes. Couldn’t stop smiling for a whole week
Tumblr media
She falls in love so fast. Immediately recognizes it but absolutely despises it
All of her past crushes either completely cut her off or made fun of her when she confessed. One time she even got asked out as a joke. She can’t bring herself to accept that you wouldn’t do the same no matter what kind of person you are
So she might act a little bitter and rude to you sometimes as a defence mechanism
It takes a long time for her to fully warm up to you, and she still panics slightly whenever she does something that could hint at feelings
Avoids asking you out all together. Too stressful
She constantly rants about you to Atsushi. He’s always happy to help even if he doesn’t know shit about relationships
When she finally musters up the courage to ask you out, she can barely keep herself together. Almost bursts into tears at your surprised face because she thinks you’re going laugh at her :(
She’s so caught off guard when you accept it that she actually says “don’t pity me”
She gets really bouncy afterward, almost knocking you over in a hug
Of course, she still needs some reassurance from time to time, but she’s so glad that, finally, she was someone’s first choice
Tumblr media
Just...buys many things??? Way too many things
Expresses his love through money. Don’t mention you want anything around him unless you’re prepared to have it the next day
You offered to pay once to be nice and he went ⁉️:0
He always, somehow, makes time for you. No matter what he may be doing that day or how important it is. You’re top priority
Despite all of his arrogance, he has a constant fear that it’s not enough. That he’s not enough. You’re never going to see him that way unless he gets better
What does better mean?? That changes every other week
So he just keeps getting you more things. Maybe he can buy your love? Money is the first resort to most of his problems
One day you just up and tell him to stop that shit. why is he even doing this?
You backed him into a corner both metaphorically and literally, forcing him to admit all of it. He just damned it all and asked you date him, what else could he do?
He freaks out when you say yes, shaking your shoulders and yelling “Really?!!” At the top of his lungs
When you confirm it, he spins you around and kisses you. Even if he’s too weak to carry you, he’s fine with losing a few dollars just to see you smile
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sugarcubetikki · 5 months ago
Marinette Isn’t A Mary Sue.
At least a half of her salters constantly complain about how Marinette’s a Mary Sue and use this as a reason to justify their hate of her character (Ironically, the other half keeps complaining about how her flaws are really really bad). There are a number of so-called “justifiable reasons” on why she’s a Mary Sue. And I’ll just say that I don’t agree with any of them. These reasons can range from “absolute nonsense. are you even watching the show?” to “I can see why you’d think that but you’re ignoring this aspect.” I’ll be breaking down each and every claim that I know of to tell you why exactly I disagree.
Marinette never faces the consequences of her mistakes
This is one of the reasons I downright disagree with and think is absolute nonsense. Marinette is very fallible. The show has portrayed that on multiple occasions. When she makes a mistake, she always faces the consequences and she tries to fix it. That element to her character is what makes her a great role model and it builds up majority of her character arc. I’m not sure what the salters who say this are exactly thinking, but it looks like they really need to re-watch the show. 
I’ll give you a fine example. Ikari Gozen is one of my favourite exhibits of her fixing her mistake. She judged Kagami too quick. Based on some presumptions she had on her personality, her feelings towards Adrien and her own jealousy, she judged her intentions too quick and made some really bad choices that episode by trying to sabotage her. In the first half of the episode, a lot of us were quite irritated by Marinette’s behaviour, we genuinely felt bad for Kagami. Which is quite surprising as Kagami is an over-hated character and Marinette is the popular protagonist. But no. The show painted the first half in such a manner that we’d feel sorry for Kagami and reprimand Marinette’s actions. The show itself acknowledged that Marinette was on the wrong side in that moment. That she wasn’t perfect, she was in the wrong. Until Marinette finds out that Kagami had genuine intentions, that she only wanted to be friends with her, she feels bad. She feels really bad with the way she treated her previously. And she realises that her unfriendly treatment could potentially lead to Kagami getting hurt, and yes, it did happen. Kagami did get hurt. And Marinette almost lost the chance of becoming friends with Kagami in that moment.  And she would have to live with that guilt for some time if her mother hadn’t called. When her mother called, Marinette stepped up and took the opportunity to prove to Kagami that she was a good friend. That she was sorry. And did want to be friends with her. She made a mistake, faces the consequences and steps up to fix them. The way her relationship with Kagami changes in the course of episodes is a really good example that tells us Marinette is fallible.
Marinette has way too many talents and achievements 
Okay. This one is somewhat reasonable and I can see where people are coming from here. However, I still don’t think it accounts for her being a Mary Sue. Here’s why. In Miraculous World, not going to lie, everyone is pretty talented, they’ve all made crazy achievements. Do I need to list now? 
Alya runs a famous blog: The Ladyblog. She even earned an interview with Nadia Chamack. Nino is a DJ. He appeared on a show and won! Marc and Nathaniel write/illustrate and publish comics! Ivan, Luka, Juleka and Rose are in a band: Kitty Section. They played live on TV! Adrien’s a teen model, multilingual, pianist, has great physical skills due to fencing and basketball. Even Lila has decent modelling skills, she works for Gabriel now. Kagami is an excellent fencer. That comes from the idea that she’s from a prestigious family world-renowned for fencing. Marinette is pretty close with Jagged because she designed his #1 album for him. Also, she won the contest for Gabriel and was recognised by Audrey Bourgeois. Max literally built a super-intelligent robot with emotions and everything. 
So, what does that mean? They’re all Mary Sues and Gary Stu’s. No! We need to remind ourselves that this a kids show and there’s the aspect of encouraging kids to believe in working on their own talents, so they’re encouraged to do anything and push ahead for their dreams. Plus, it doesn’t portray that their talents come naturally, it shows that they work for them and developed these talents through practice. 
Clumsiness and stuttering are Mary Sue traits
First of all, not every character that has these traits is a Mary Sue. It always depends on how these traits are represented. Her stuttering isn’t just there for no reason. It’s meant to display her difficulty with expressing her own feelings. We’ve had episodes with Marinette saying how it’s difficult for her to say what she feels. Episodes! And it isn’t just a meaningless detail. It represents her fear. Her fear of rejection. Her fear of being in a relationship and things going wrong. Her fear of many things. Her fear is the reason why she hesitates. Why she stutters. And it tells us that fear is completely natural. Fear in love is something that’s natural.  
I'm so tired of not being able to just tell him how I feel! But I'm so scared, Tikki, always so scared he'll reject me.
What if he tells me that he loves me? Or that he doesn't love me? Or that he likes me, but not in that way -
Yeah. Don’t you dare tell me that this fear isn’t depicted in the show. It’s blatantly obvious.
As for her clumsiness, it represents her nervousness. It comes in the form of her fear to mess up. She’s clumsy when she’s nervous. And thus she’s afraid she can mess up due to that clumsiness and nervousness. In the Origins, her insecurity, her nervousness was all displayed in the form of her clumsiness, and she knows she displays her nervousness through clumsiness And she was afraid that her clumsiness could mess things up. That’s why she believed she was disaster-prone. And incapable of being a superhero. Because she was nervous and scared. 
She gets too much screen-time
This one I really don’t get. How is having more screen time making her a Mary Sue? She’s the main protagonist. Of course, she’s going to get a lot of screen-time. Her endearing personality and active lifestyle molds the storyline of the show. She’s easy to follow along. If you’re comparing her to Adrien, I’ll say that...Adrien’s a mysterious and sheltered character. Giving him too much screen-time can get boring because he’s stuck at home all the time. We can focus on his family mystery but if the show does it too much, it ruins the mystery aspect of it. I adore Adrien getting screen-time with episodes focused around him too but I’m not going to expect him to get as much as screen-time as Marinette because his character is different, and him getting as much screen-time as her doesn’t work for the style and demographic. And claiming that she’s Mary Sue because of more screen-time is stupidity.
Encouraged jealousy and despising other girls around her crush is a Mary Sue quality
Firstly, the show never encourages Marinette’s jealousy. It doesn’t encourage it. Plus, she’s not jealous in every situation. Only in specific situation when she thinks there’s something off about the person like Chloe and Lila. In Volpina, Marinette had realised she had gone overboard with calling out Lila. And she did face consequences for it. Her akumatization. And she did try to fix her mistake in the end by apologising for overreacting. Lila was the one who turned her away that time. As for Kagami, her jealousy arc changed based on her attitudes about Kagami. During Frozer, she wasn’t jealous per say, upset but not jealous. Frozer made Marinette and Kagami misunderstand each other, that’s why they’re quite petty towards one and other for the next few episodes. In Animaestro, I don’t think Marinette would’ve been that petty if it weren’t for Chloe. But yeah, that episode isn’t one of her best moments. I’m not a fan of it either. In Ikari Gozen, these misunderstandings were cleared and so were the issues from Animaestro, and it’s fine now. On a overall, I don’t believe Marinette would get jealous around everyone. At least, not in a way where she would try to stop them from getting close to Adrien all the time. It depends on the person and situation. 
In conclusion, Marinette isn’t a Mary Sue. She’s fallible, has flaws, fears and works for her achievements. And that’s on point. 
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seraphdarlimg · 10 months ago
wish I were (pt2)
 harry acts like everything is good and dandy but reader sees Heather wearing the sweater
part 1 here
‘heather’ by conan gray WARNINGS - ANGST WORD COUNT - 1,892
A/N: hehe because it was december 3rd, I just had to get this chapter done to post even if it might be a little late but here ya go 
      My guitar rested on my thigh as i brought my head down to lay on the fret, staring at the blank piece of lined paper in front of me. I sighed, turning my head away and just bathed in the silence of the separate room from the main studio. The weight on my chest might of suggested the frustration out of my creative block, unable to produce words or lyrics for the past weeks. Or that I was progressively losing the will to even pick up an instrument, as strumming the strings took a lot of energy for me to do. 
The oversized hoodie I brought kept me warm, but i knew that wasn't satisfying enough. However the idea of wearing one of his hoodies I've place in a closed box in the corner of my apartment hurt too much and that now I'm back in the studio after weeks of trying to avoid coming here at all costs. After the New Year's party, I've done nothing but wallow up in my apartment alone, trying to come up with songs as quickly as possible just so I could get this project done and over with. That proved to be difficult however, especially with Harry trying to call on a normal basis.
  "Helllooo bubs, why haven't you been showing up at the studio eh?" "You said at the beginning of this project that I could work at home whenever I want. I'm just taking you up on that offer." "Of course, you'd remember me sayin' that. How've you been love, haven't seen you in a while though." "Fine, just been doing my job." "Well yeah, can't write all these lovely songs without your talent, can I? You gonna come in tomorrow then?" 
I hesitated for a second, biting my tongue when I felt my eyes pool up again. "I'll just send a pdf of lyrics to you Harry." "O-oh. Well that would conventionally work... yes but you have to come in tomorrow though." "Why? Just text me what you like and don't like about the verses and I'll fix them." "Bubs you know how I feel about in person collaboration. Plus the deadlines are coming up and it'll be easier and faster to have you in the studio." "Okay." He hesitates this time and I could see his brows furrowed together as well as having a hand on his hip. Most likely wearing lose sweats and the knitted cardigan he's been falling in love with over the months. His hair a bit longer than it was last time I saw him and his pink lips quirked to the side in thought. Maybe the bags under his eyes are gone, has been looking more happier lately. More happier than I could of made him to be over the months. "Are you okay?" "I have to go Harry, I'll see you tomorrow." "Oh see yo-"
      He was the first one to greet me when I arrived, and I wanted nothing more than to burst out sobbing when I see his smile. It took everything not to do so, giving him a tight lip smile and quick side hug before sitting down farthest away from him. For the first hour and a half of discussion, I didn't say much and zoned off a lot, tuning in and out of the conversation Harry leaded about a song he had written recently. I felt his glances on me when I turned away, probably sensing my unwillingness to comment so he was considerate enough to not put me under the spotlight in the discussion. In the middle of it, Harry's phone started ringing and he didn't waste a second to excuse himself to answer it. "Hello? Oh hey darling, you almost here?" I froze when he grows a cheesy smile on his face as he walks further to the other side of the studio before telling us to continue without him. I took a deep breathe, not mentally prepared to be in the same room as her. Has she always been coming to the studio or did I just choose to worse day to finally come in? I try to focus doodling in my little notebook, but it grew harder and harder to focus on anything else but the way he crosses his arms and laughs while on the phone with her. From the corner of my eye, it was definite he's completely captivated just hearing her voice and I could just picture the angelic tone of it. I didn't realize I was tapping my pencil till I hear Sarah calling out my name, breaking me out of my thoughts. "Are you okay, haven't seen you in a while." I nodded, putting on a smile. "Yeah sorry, been getting a lot of work opportunities and just a bunch of family stuff that's exhausted me." Sarah gives me a look that resembles one of a mother who knows their child isn't telling the full truth, but she nods and pats my hand. "Completely understandable. But that's exciting, new artists been reaching out to you n' all that?" "Ha surprisingly, considering saying yes to all of them." my smile was growing genuine a little, thinking about how content I was with my career. Being a lyricist and songwriter was a definite risky path to take in terms of stability, but it made me happier knowing I was able to to do. "Oh of course, you can totally do it. Probably wanted to see what all the hype was about when Harry couldn't stop talking about you at every social gathering he's been at." Sarah chuckles, rolling her eyes playfully. "Yeah?" I quickly looked down, feeling my eyes water as the pang in my chest came back. "Mhmm, acts like Thomas and Mitch don't even exist." I laugh lightly at that, fiddling with my fingers as I focused down on my notebook. I found myself in an awkward situation, not knowing how to continue the conversation but knowing I didn't want to try. I love Sarah, but I was close to break down right there if I tried and it was not the place to do so. Not when everyone is trying to meet deadlines and Harry was about to walk in with Heather at any moment. "Hey, I actually have a lot of emails to respond to so I'm gonna be in the other room." I stood up, taking a guitar and my notebook. "Might actually be better for me to focus in." "Sure, we'll let Harry know." I gave her a grateful smile, walking out into the hallway to a different room. I let out another shaky breath, feeling overwhelmed once I was finally alone. But before I could close the door, I hear her. I peak out to see both her and Harry standing at the entrance of the building, huddled close together. "Sorry I forget it gets this cold in LA sometimes." She says, looking up at him while he rubs the sleeves of his sweater that was wrapped perfectly around her. It was a simple orange stripped sweater. A vintage that Harry bought in Vienna and became one of his favorites. It was just a simple polyester sweater, but it became my favorite too. So it was hard to give it back after wearing it that night we kissed, but fuck was it harder to see her wearing it. Now as I sit alone with no sense of motivation to do anything else but wallow in my own pity I thought about a lot of things. I should be angry, be fuming and cursing at Harry for how he's been acting. I should confront him, make him feel as hurt as he made me for choosing her. Or maybe I should hate Heather, despise her for taking the chance I had with him. But deep down I know I couldn't hate Heather. She's such an angel, it wasn't her fault he's still hung up on her. And as much as the image of his arm wrapped around her kills me, I couldn't hate him either for the same reason. She looked prettier in his sweater than I did. "You okay in here bubs?" As if the tears welling up in my eyes and heavy weight on my chest wasn't enough, the sound of knuckles against the door and his voice calling out my name made me almost sob. "Yeah, I'm good. Door's open." I quickly try to compose myself when he enters the room, giving me that warming smile of his. "Just wanted to check up on ya, been quiet since you got here." Harry looks at me with concerning eyes as he places a hand on my shoulder before crossing his arms and leaning against the wall in front of me. Keep your hand on my shoulder, the second it was there all the nerves went away. I wanted to say but instead I fake a smile again, waving it off and shrugging. "Oh no, just have a lot on my plate don't worry." He nods, feeling his eyes on me while I try to avoid his by opening my laptop and skimming through my inbox. "Sarah told me about different singers reaching out to you." He points at my laptop before taking a seat on the chair to the side. I nodded, humming while I typed out quick responses. "Yup, thanks by the way but now I gotta sort out a whole schedule for this year." I took a glance up to see him focused on my song journal on the table in front of us.
“ and Heather huh?” The sheepish smile he has tugs my heart strings but I tried to keep from fumbling with my fingers.
“Yeah uhh...” He scratches the back of his neck, keeping his eyes on his hands and looking like a young kid with a crush. “Started talking again and catching up, been working out stuff between us since the party.”
I tilt my head to the side, motioning him to continue. “She’s gorgeous...”
“She’s amazing.”
I finally looked away from him and onto my screen, letting out a little chuckle. 
“So you guys are back together?”
“No no, we’re just sort of figuring things out at the moment.” Though it was an answer I was hoping for, the look in his face was none the less comforting. 
“Well, hope everything goes great. You guys look perfect together.” I managed to say, going back to typing while he only responds with a nod and hum.
There was silence. Does he not feel it too? Uncomfortable silence was never a thing between us but it was prevalent here. "Not gonna leave early are you though?" He says out of no where and I stopped typing for a sec to give my attention to him. "Not going to ditch me for someone else of course." He says it with a laugh, playing it off like an obvious joke... but the way he looked at me. Part of me wanted to scream at how oblivious and selfish that statement sounded coming from him, as if he has no idea the drastic shift our relationship has taken. But I see the vulnerability in his eyes, sensing the subtext in his question that is practically asking me to stay. Stick by his side and help finish this passion project he's dedicated to put out, not only for his fans but for himself. Be with him to figure out what to do next, even if I would be in a different county or continent and working with someone else. Keep in touch throughout because I've become an important person in his life. Even if that person who used to fill that spot came back, he's still here and asking me to stay with him in a similar sense. It wasn't the kind of love I wanted, but never the less, it was still love from Harry. Did the smile I wear at that moment reach my eyes? When I placed my hand on top of his in reassurance, was the hesitance obvious? Maybe he did notice the little signs, but he took my hand in his anyways and placed it against his heart. 
"Of course, 'm always gonna here Harry."
part 3
A/N: guys my heart hurts writing this lol. There’s gonna be one or two more parts of this series, but thank you for reading! feedback is appreciated :)
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monkey-network · 7 months ago
Why 'Pizza Delivery' IS The Best
Tumblr media
Many moons ago, I talked about Band Geeks, an episode of Spongebob often proclaimed as one of the best episode in the series. Then again, in the back of my mind, one other episode stood out as what could arguably be the true number one. One episode iconic in the character, the story, the comedy, the emotion it has for a mere 11 minutes, and I wanted to talk about all this myself. We're seeing how Pizza Delivery is considered The Best. Let's do this...
The Pairing
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The episode's setup is honestly so simple, it's driven me stupid. Out of every episode, this magically gives us the Krusty Krab pizza, a platinum item of Mr. Krabs that's never been replicated since. Mr. Krabs has Spongebob join Squidward in the delivery when he didn't really need to. Squidward could very well have told Spongebob to go away, leaving it to him, but it makes sense that Spongebob would be so dedicated in his job enough to go. It especially helps that this is the first and earliest episode of Spongebob and Squidward working alone together, their clashing spirits being the focus throughout. It all adds to the greatest dynamic where Squidward puts up Spongebob's antics believing it to be a simple job, both ending up tastefully dumb in their own right. The episode would not have work if Squidward was more bitter about everything or if Spongebob acted too aloof. It has the perfect blend in character where the dichotomy between the two is so grounded. Which leads well into...
The Comedy
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With the character dynamic comes the great, memorable comedic timing of Spongebob and Squidward bouncing off each with their conflicting outlooks. Squidward is very much defeatist, willing to give up at the drop of a hat and is in disbelief of anything working out while Spongebob's the opposite, keeping his chin in spite of everything looking not in his favor. I'd say this is amplified with how you can see it. The episode doesn't shame Spongebob and/or Squidward for how they perceive the adventure, them being an extension of the child and/or adult audience. They're both a couple of dudes in the same situation and they run with this this in the best way with every moment. There isn't a single joke in this episode that doesn't appear to work within the confines of their chemistry. Everything they do, everything they say is in line with who they are, and it never amps up their personality to get the considered best laughs. My favorite bit being...
The Pioneers
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Everything with Spongebob's enthusiasm for the pioneers on their journey hits every time. It's fitting not only with the point of the episode, but Spongebob's character overall, a sponge never afraid to express the ways to get the job done. Fact that Squidward follows along until it backfires at him is all the better, leading to my favorite Spongebob joke where we finally get the best vehicle in the game. The Rock is the one off joke you can't help but be with Spongebob and find joy in something so stupidly simple. It's on par with the Paper episode, the fathomable length of imagination just makes a man smile every time I can think of this one joke. But with this riding high comes one of the most devastating scenes in Spongebob.
The Customer
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There's a bit of a balance when it comes to when Spongebob finally delivers the pizza himself only to get rejected just because the customer didn't get a drink with it. The guy never comes off as tastelessly cruel despite being one of the most despicable characters in the show's history. He's a character you can enjoyably hate. It's remarkably unfair, but never feels out of place because there's a rarity that customers can genuinely be like that. For an episode so early in the series, it's one of the rawest moments to see Spongebob be punished for something he didn't see coming. It's hard to truly wrap the brain around the customer's sudden volatility, but it's nonetheless effective in breaking our pluckiest character.
Tumblr media
This moment is really something. It's not the first time Spongebob is sad or breaks down, but it's the first time Spongebob gets emotionally beaten down by somebody else. While Plankton in an earlier episode makes him tear up, for a quick moment this one rando managed to kill Spongebob's spirit entirely and you feel it. Not even Squidward managed to do this regardless of how much he might've resented Spongebob, at least not yet in the series, so it's all the more fitting and impactful that he would see his coworker at his genuine lowest. It's definitely enough for Squidward to make his most memorable stand.
The Squidward
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Squidward Q Tentacles rarely gets moments where he truly stands up for Spongebob, so it's great and natural that this is the first. Even after everything in this adventure, Squidward never really hates Spongebob's optimism. Heck with many great episodes centered around the two, Squidward never despises Spongebob's outlook but feels it's unfair that he can live hapless while Squid feels like he can't whenever he tries. At his best, his cynicism is realistic enough for those who grew up with the show to find him the most resonating character. Which is why when he sees Spongebob broken, in tears, he goes to set things right.
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It's one of the most gratifying moments of Spongebob and I couldn't imagine it going any other way. It really brought the nuance of the two's relationship to a great direction, I say letting those who grew up with Spongebob ponder how Squidward saw his friend. Even when the episode immediately ends with Spongebob inadvertently soiling Squidward's moment with the Krusty Krab, it was nonetheless satisfying along with everything else that happened.
The Conclusion
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Everything about Pizza Delivery feels perfect, around the same height of perfection as Band Geeks. While we aren't with many characters, the moments with Squid and Sponge are at their most realized. Spongebob overall is a character comedy and this episode is a testament to that where we see the two at their best and funniest. Not to say this was where the show peaked, god no, but this episode really paved the way for Spongebob to be as iconic as it is now. Both as a kid and adult,
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it never ceases to be the Best
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crapitskizaru · 11 months ago
(Most of) The Worst Generation as famous Youtubers
Warning: long post ahead!
MPV - most popular video
Tumblr media
Monkey D. Luff (Mukbang/Daily Vlogger)
1,5 mln subscribers
vlogs about everything, most of the time captures only his face with the shaky front camera phone 
always has some of his friends in the videos - whether they consent to it or not 
as soon as Luffy started hitting bigger numbers, Nami got involved
- “Oi, Luffy, do you know how much money you could make on this?!” 
she’s both fascinated and deeply terrified as to how Luffy even got that many subscribers in the first place - most of the videos consisted of a shaking view of Luffy’s nostrils and his loud voice reporting every little thing he does at the moment, as well as teasing all of his friends 
after countless arguments, Nami settles for adding ads only at the start and the end of the video (as opposed to slapping them every 2 minutes) 
merely enjoying a random video he found is enough for Luffy to try and make a collab with the youtuber behind said video - thanks to that, his channel is filled with various topics and lots of unrelated communities
his most popular collab so far is with Kid - where they go to a haunted house together 
Roronoa Zoro (Health and Fitness)
Tumblr media
320k subscribers
most of his videos are shot from an identical angle - he sets up his camera in the same spot every time and starts working out 
once a month he throws in a recipe for protein powders he uses (it’s actually Chopper’s recipe) 
Zoro despises one particular video on his channel that surprisingly went viral and earned him a lot of new subscribers - when Luffy made a compilation of Zoro sleeping in various spots around Sunny, not waking up even during extreme weather conditions (title: SWORDSMAN SLEEPS THROUGH A HURRICANE - FUNNY VIDEO MUST WATCH)
MPV: weekly vlog 18,000 rep squats bench workout bicep curls
Trafalgar the Bastard (Study Vlog/Conspiracy Theories)
500k subcribers
a rather diverse channel - at first his videos only consisted of him studying at his favorite study spot, but as soon as he began to be more popular, he decided to add some of his own conspiracy theories reviews, as well as vlogs from where he simply wanders around the city
more often that not, his videos involve Bepo, Shachi and Penguin - not that it’s Law’s choice to involve them. Usually they just steal his camera and zoom in on him when they’re on a camping trip in a forest; they title the video as “lonely man wanders around in the woods - he attacks us at the end!” 
at the beginning, Law asked Shachi to be his editor, but since he always cut out the parts where Law started speaking, he went to Nami instead - she agreed to be his temporary editor (not for free, of course) until Law learns editing himself 
MPV: my armageddon 2020 theory proved to be true
Eustsass Kid - (Music/Pranks and Challenges)
Tumblr media
470k subscribers
messy videos with all kinds of challenges - no matter how ridiculous they are, Kid has to complete them 
for the Ice Bucket Challenge, the video is just a compilation of him absolutely drenching his friends with a bucket of ice water and his own evil laughter in the background 
when it came to the Cinnamon Challenge, Kid dared Killer that he won’t even budge when doing it; of course, it only resulted in a disaster
as soon as he takes a spoonful of cinnamon, his face turns redder than his hair - he starts to give Killer signals to end the video right now
“Cut. Cut!” he chokes out while spewing cinnamon powder on the table. “CUT!” 
Kid’s pranks are mostly either waking Killer up in the middle of the night with an Air Horn, or putting himself in dangerous situations just to see Killer’s reaction 
Killer - (ASMR/Music/Cooking)
Tumblr media
200k subscribers
he puts a lot of effort into his channel, mainly because it’s a hobby that takes his mind off of things and lets him relax 
the videos consist of him standing in the kitchen and calmly following a recipe with relaxing background music - he includes the proportions and ingredients in the bio 
his main goal is to be able to make an ASMR cooking video, but so far he hasn’t succeeded - mainly because of Kid interrupting him every second with either his yells or clanking of pots on the other side of the kitchen 
wanted to make a cooking collab with Kid and, surprisingly, that earned him a lot of subscribers - not because of his cooking skills, but thanks to Kid being awfully entertaining (as depicted in the gif above)
aside from food-related videos, Killer also makes music videos where he collabs with Kid 
since Killer is an innocent victim of Kid’s merciless pranks, sometimes he snaps and pranks Kid instead - he figures it’s only fair if there is some kind of retribution from his side
MPV: ignoring my boyfriend for 24 hours (he leaves me)
Basil Hawkins (Design/Beauty Guru/Lifestyle)
Tumblr media
320k subscribers
just like Killer, he does his best in order to produce entertaining content, puts a lot of thought and effort into his videos 
he’s an amazing editor and an even better graphic designer; all of his shots fit into his own aesthetics - symmetrical, with a lot of pastel colors 
he mostly focuses on make-up tutorials and reviews, since that’s what produces the most views for his channel 
one time he collabed with Law, where he got to do a stunning Halloween make-up on him - the video was also made in ASMR (Hawkins secretly rewatches that particular video at least once a week, he’s so proud of it)
MPV: My daily night routine || winter 2020
The Allosaurus (Lifestyle/Science)
Tumblr media
222k subscribers
with simple editing, his videos are filled with science terms and shots of the night sky as he gushes to the camera about the beauty of astrophysics 
most of the time, he records himself on a balcony with a telescope, pointing at the stars and planets and providing all of the known information about them 
however, the video that really blew up was the one where he made a vlog about his exotic pets - either zooming in on them through the terrarium glass, or taking them out of their reptile houses and placing them on his hands or arms as he shows them off to the camera and talks about each animal 
MPV: Real time Perseid Meteor Shower in observatory 2020
Bonney (Mukbang/Daily Vlogger)
Tumblr media
140k subscribers
the only reason she still uploads to her channel is because it gives her money to buy more food 
most of her audience is still in awe - just how is she able to fit that much pizza into herself?
she agrees to collab with Luffy whenever he proposes such idea - and they always end up challenging each other as to who will eat more in less time (hint: she always wins) 
Urouge (Travel Vlogger)
108k subscribers
he made the channel mostly for himself, to document his experiences; but soon it turned out he gained quite a following due to his outgoing, peaceful nature that is just pleasing to watch 
mostly talks about his day and which places he visited - and gets a lot of questions from his subscribers about his daily life and how he handles living by himself in a rusty van 
MPV: MY VAN BROKE DOWN! (a day in my solo travel VAN life)
Capone Bege (Family/ASMR)
350k subscribers
he records his chess games with Chiffon and tries to make them ASMR, but more often than not, it fails miserably - his crying son simply doesn’t know what ASMR is all about 
Bege also takes part in a lot of tournaments where he’s considered one of the best chess players in his region 
Teach (Gaming/Conspiracy Theories)
2mln subscribers
gaming, gaming, and gaming, either during livestreams on twitch or on youtube
he genuinely enjoys posting his game reviews and let’s-plays where he simply tells about his first impressions with the latest video games 
because of his spot-on critique and charisma, he’s one of the most popular youtubers in the gaming community 
does lots of collabs, but never with other gaming channels - he treats them as nothing more than a competition
he’s hired a top-notch editor for his videos; thanks to that he produces high quality content 
sometimes he also throws in a video about his end-of-the-world predictions, as well as what he thinks about the popular conspiracy theories 
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