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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#like.. it better be?

She did nothing wrong, and yet keeps getting shit on by everyone, and everything in it. No one even attempts to defend her, or comfort her, or anything. Take these panels for example.


Here she is blaming herself for something that she didn’t even do, comparing her “crimes” to be on par with Eren’s, the dumbass bastard who is genociding the entire world, and yet no one, not a single person even says a damn thing.

I know there’s a bigger issue here, but after they get out of the PATHs System, no one even says anything her.

Not even Jean. The guy who’s still in love with her. Yeah, Jean. Don’t even try to stand up for, or even try to comfort the obviously traumatized, obviously upset, heartbroken, hurt, and miserable girl of your dreams. Some husband you’d fucking be.

No else even says anything. Armin did at least try to deck Eren in the face when he straight-up told Mikasa that he hated her, and he did look sympathetic to her in this chapter, but no one else did. They all just stood there like completely idiots with their mouths agape and said nothing.

You know.

Like usual.

Real talk, how much better would this series be if the characters actually tried to argue with Eren instead of just not saying anything, and acting like his incredibly stupid, naïve, racist, violent, bloodthirsty, illogical, selfish, and genocidal behavior and thinking made complete sense and was entirely irrefutable?

We all know it would be. It’s not even hard to do.

If this current chapter actually does so, then fine. But until fuck this series, and fuck how it treats Mikasa.

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hi justine!! 💖 nskaoxdkja i am so flattered you think my taste is immaculate but in reality… it’s just everywhere LMAO 😭😭 i’m v bad at music recs so uhh,, i’m sorry if these aren’t your vibes 😭

  • just friends - keshi (or anything by keshi!!! i love his vibes!! he’s my current obsession 😭)
  • deep blue - william black
  • into you - matisse & sadko
  • the baddest - k/da (league makes really good bops tbh!!)
  • you broke me first - tate mcrae
  • empty crown - yas

some kpop favs (most are v old bc i haven’t kept up w/ kpop hahaha)

  • error - VIXX
  • beautiful liar - VIXX LR
  • only i didn’t know - IU
  • orbit - hwasa
  • la di da - everglow

i promise chill edm music doesn’t define who i am as a person LMAO 😭

thank you!! good luck with your quiz, love!! 💖💖

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i’m not quite sure how to explain it but the way i can try and describe it it’s where you see personality traits of yourself in a certain character and you’re able to understand and relate to them a lot

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