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Calum Hood said: Let’s give these b*tches some water, they keep saying they’re thirsty.

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YES !!! total frat stereotype but not an asshole at all

also he’d lowkey have game ngl he’d be wayyyy too good at flirting

every party he’s making out or fucking a different girl LMAO

and he’d be good at names so it seems like he doesn’t get around but he would def get around

like “omg sarah! how’s chi omega? how was ur sisterhood thing?”


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He needed to do this. If he was ever going to be able to keep up with the other Meta Knights in the ensuing plan they were going to unleash on nightmare, he was going to have to do this. All he needed to do was knock on the door… Well, knock on the door to Doctor Yabui’s and then he would be able to get the aid he needed. 

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So for reasons that still escape me to this day, several years ago, my mom decided to have the three bedrooms, and the double rooms that make up the living room recarpeted in a fucking light ass cream color.

I don’t know why. The carpets had been darker before that, but she went with this almost white carpet in 80% of the house. When I came over and saw what she had done, I told her I thought she was bonkers for doing it. She didn’t care. She said that it was her house and she wanted that color. Ok. Cool.

So now it’s MY house, and I HATE these carpets. And recently I was noticing that they were starting to SMELL. BAD. All of them. I would check to see if there were wet spots (Joy) and I wouldn’t see anything. So I kept putting carpet deodorizer down, and kept vacuuming, to no real avail.

Well…. guess what I found out today? I was playing around with a blacklight I found up in the attic, and guess whose carpets are full of piss? MINE!



This lil shit next to me pretending to be asleep.

I take her out. She has yard time alone. There are potty pads for her to use in an emergency (like my treatment runs long or something, and she has used them faithfully in the past). But I guess pissing and stinking my house up is what she’s doing this quarantine.

Ugh. Too bad I can’t go somewhere and rent a carpet cleaner.

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