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iwasbored777 · 2 days ago
There is so much potential with Zoe hearing about Lila from Marinette who tells her Lila is the worst person ever who ruins lives and the rest of the class tell her Lila is the sweetest angel she'll ever meet and then Zoe asks Adrien for his opinion and Adrien is like "yeah she's horrible stay away from her" and Zoe is like "IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE?! IS SHE GOOD OR SHE BAD?!" And then she decided to meet Lila in person and she's sweet af but she's also besties with her abusive sister so it's still unclear to her if Lila is good or bad and Zoe f*cking gives up.
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adriensaltprompts · 20 hours ago
Submitted prompt: Monster
Lila's mother is aroace. She adopted Lila, she loves her very much despite Lila's massive flaws as a person, and she's in a queerplatonic relationship with another aroace woman.
Adrien doesn't get how that works, doesn't think people can really be aroace, and mislabels Lila's mom a lesbian (An allo lesbian, specifically, but Adrien doesn't know that term). Lila tries to correct him.
When he makes the mistake of saying to Lila that romance is the most important thing in existence and all that he lives for, and her mom sounds like a monster if she doesn't love anyone at all, he angers the most charming person in school, who can absolutely make his life a living hell.
So she does.
Cue the Adrien Agreste saltblog, where Lila shares gossip, pics, and audio of him being a jerk, an idiot in the way only rich people who have no experience in the real world can pull off, and an enabler for Chloe's bullying.
Gabriel tries to get her to stop but Lila has exactly one person she loves, and anyone who's against her mom, she will destroy with everything she has.
She's so focused on this that she's immune to being Akumatized because she's just not in the damn mood, Hawkmoth.
Adrien's reputation is trash now, Hawkmoth is down an ally, Marinette has quit associating with Adrien because unlike him, she's someone who supports all queer people, and Chat Noir is on thin ice with Ladybug when she vents about this obnoxious aphobe in her class and Chat Noir doesn't understand why what Adrien said is wrong.
Things get worse for Adrien when Lila hears Chat Noir being an aphobic asshole and decides a Chat Noir saltblog could be fun, too.
She's getting a lot more attention now, more than she ever got prior, and it's largely positive, made up of an online audience that supports her and loves that she stood up for her mom. She's not reformed, but she's no longer an active threat to Marinette, who is 100% supportive of Lila's mom and her right to not need romance to be whole or be a good parent.
I'm not saying this leads to Chat Noir being akumtatized (though it's not off the table as an option) but it definitely leads to him having to stop sexually harassing Ladybug if he doesn't want Lila to put it up on her blog along with (some false, some true) witness testimonies about his gross actions.
He simply can't outdo her in charm and ability to manipulate a narrative. She could have the mainstream media turn on him if she wanted to.
Lila is a monster, but her mom isn't, and anyone who says otherwise is going to wish to God they'd never said it in front of her.
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officialfanbug · 7 hours ago
What if, instead of Adrien, Lila’s actually a sentimonster
Like a super old fox sentimonster with the power of shapeshifting and manipulation, that was made hundreds of years ago.
And she wants the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous to wish to be a real girl.
After reading some of the bible leaks about her, and everything that’s happened in the show it’s the only explanation I’m willing to accept
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grant121-12 · 19 hours ago
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aganyan · a day ago
Character sheet
I re-did it, the old one was too ugly
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drawing2cope · a month ago
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Miraculous x Vintage Sewing Pattern Covers
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shortmexicangirl · 4 months ago
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this happened right?
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anna-scribbles · 5 months ago
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i’m not manifesting i’m just speculating i’m not manifesting i’m just speculating
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zoe-oneesama · 5 months ago
You have a bee!lila design?
Surprise! I have two of them!
Tumblr media
That crown is held on with a lick and a prayer.
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iwasbored777 · a month ago
Lila: *opens her mouth to speak*
Me: Oh great, another lie...
Lila: *drops some facts the entire ML fandom needs to hear*
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bigfatbreak · 25 days ago
Birds of a Feather
last / current / next
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zivazivc · a year ago
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some more costume ideas ^u^
the first two are just some ideas for previous fox holders. A desert man causing fata morganas in the sahara, and a romi/slavic girl trickster
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lineith · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
"Even at the young age of sixteen, Lila considers herself to be "living the dream." While most of her peers are busy with silly things like studying and figuring out what they want to do in the future, she's already working at a renown company. She may've been a little busy, but she's had a mentorship secured for two years and has it made.
However, things start to change as a new boss comes back into the business, with competition arising to force Lila to have to keep her spot. Now having to work hard in order to continue living the life she wants, Lila has so much going on that her magic license is the least of her concerns."
Lila for Taking Shape my Lukanette witch AU. This had no right being as fun as it was painful to work on. I really don't know how to choose my battles~
|Check my "ML Taking Shape AU" tag for all content related to this AU| |DO NOT REPOST MY WORK|
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nionom84art · 4 months ago
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This has probably been done before, but this is a new AU idea I’ve been mulling over
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miraculousfanworks · a month ago
Fanfiction Prompt
The class is playing a word-association game, and it's Adrien's turn. Everyone in class throws a word at him, and he has to answer with the first thing that pops into his head. Everything is going fine, his answers are sometimes funny, sometimes boring, until Lila- thinking to humiliate her rival- says, "Marinette!" The first word that springs to Adrien's mind (and thus to his mouth): "Mine."
via @nomolosk
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jpdesenhador · 8 months ago
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Miraculous AU where Gabriel just adopts Lila and they're both awful together.
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