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#lili reinhart

wooo yeah ok!

so i had a series i was doing for like the past month or so?dedicated to praising riverdale😅!not the writers but certain parts of the show….i cant really post it with my original intentions anymore so like….enjoy?

man this year sucks ass….


alrighty this one was supposed to be a celebration of lilis portrayal of betty(still stands)and the prop/cinematography dept for how they use mirrors in the show and reoccuring themes


this was about the prop dept i love the set dressing and always liked this tapestry the serpents have at their various bases, so i wanted to draw it but have the serpentina be betty!


2 pop vinyls marshmallow jug and sherpa betty loved the costumes…does not age well


my other 2 dolls pages this series was dedicated to the costume dept and my love of bettys outfits, most likely will do more paper dolls just this time put betty in my own designs and my own clothing!(i have a different sorta style so hopefully you guys are into pinup and food motifs 😉)

still love bettys clothes still would 100% wear her clothes and the items i have bought because i loved them so much just dont wanna continue supporting the show!

i have been on a comic kick of late so luckily most of my stuff unposted is all good and not so…depressing?but before thursday i just gotta get rid of the final riverdale unposted pieces a clensing if you will 😉

still gonna create for bughead only difference miss cooper gets a fringe!still will use lili and coles likeness while drawing “real” stuff i think physically they are perfect for bughead and acting too but the writers ruined that for us soooo

lili and cole are my artistic muses in both bughead and irl so both will still be featured on my account heavily just nothing canon in the riverdale universe matters or will be drawn anymore sadly,i was planning something for next week actually its the 1x10 anniversary my all time fav ep but now thats completely ruined!😂

just stay strong bugheads and varchie and keep our fandom alive

while also giving the writers hell, we dont blame you lili i dont blame archie or betty just the writers

only the writers

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Im just going to say this, I can totally understand why people are so mad but the way i see it is people fell in love with betty becouse she’s the strong, kind and loving one and carried half of the seasons on her back. Her character drew me to find out who lili was. Please stop hating on lili because that women does not deserve any of the hate that she is currently getting. Again she gets the script and does her job, its her character. Am I disappointed? Of course i am i love bughead and will continue to do so those characters are so right for each other which is why people and myself are fuming over this, so please continue to love those characters and spread the love to lili despite all this madness. 🌷🙁👌🏻

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