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#lili zanotto
Don't worry. This ain't our first rodeo.
We've never been to a rodeo.
You're not helping, Lili.
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sirius to remus : oh, so you’re giving me the silent treatment

surius : well, two people can play that game

remus :

sirius :

remus :

sirius :

remus :

sirius : i’m bored, let’s play another game

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I have an idea.
A good one?
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
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14 Days of Fandom Valentine’s Day

Day 10: Spaghetti

4 days until Valentine’s Day

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Afternoon Nap - kibasniper - Psychonauts (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
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Lili: ..and trust me, nothing ever happens!

Things: immediately start happening

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Look at this bad boyyy :3 from sketch to finished piece!

Had lots of fun with this commission, it was challenging you could say but I’m glad I pulled through! I’m super proud of how this turned out,,

Commissions are still wiiiide open ^^

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After a jillion years, I’ve updated one of my bigger Psychonauts fanfic. 

Check out the chapter here! 

— A Preview: 

“I can tell you’re trying to keep me away from the interrogation.” Lili leaned her cheek into her hand, eying her father. Truman choked on his drink, managing to swallow his coffee down. “Lili!” He managed to look vaguely scandalized and contrite all at once. Lili would be amazed if it wasn’t somehow familiar. She’s definitely had similar arguments with him before.

“You can’t deny it, otherwise why would we be on the complete opposite side of the building of the interrogation area?” Lili leaned forward across the desk narrowing her eyes at her father. After she had arrived at the Motherlobe with Milla and Raz, Truman had readily swooped in to lead her around. He refused to let Lili out of his sight.

She couldn’t fault him for that. Some part of her wanted to stay close to her dad. The rest of her was frustrated at the lack of answers, of how he kept dodging the topic as much as he could get away with.

She couldn’t just keep ignoring the problem.

Truman leaned back in his chair, gesturing at the large windows overlooking the almost picturesque scenery that lay before them. They were in an office that overlooked the quarry, the lake, and its natural greenery. “Because the view is better.”

Lili arches her brows back at him. “Of the lake I almost drowned in.”


“The Lake I Almost Drowned In.” She repeats firmly back, pressing a hand flat against the table between them. Truman clearly doesn’t want to hear her say that again, displeasure pinching his features.

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Here is the group shot of many of the major #Psychonauts characters. It is based off of Spongebob, which is why not everyone is there and I have been working on this for a while (like maybe 2 weeks). Alas, this was fun to make and I am proud of it and I hope you all enjoy it!!!

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Lili, I am very disappointed in you.
Your approval means nothing to me.
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Sometimes I do listen to you, you know.
That hasn’t been my experience.
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She has seen the missing posters and told her dad as an offhand comment. Assuming that her dad knows the aquato family he would say that he would keep an eye out for him. But because nobody knows what raz looks like outside of baby I think Lili would either not make the connection or be in denial.

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After Oleander, Lili, Mikhail, Bobby, Milla, squrriels get the hiccups, Oleander, Mikhail, and Lili are walking through the camp and see Benny has hiccups. Oleander screams “Benny has the hiccups! Run for your Lives!” Based on the upcoming spongebob episode Hiccup Plague

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