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#lilia vanrouge
Twisted Wonderland Deity AU Character List
So I figured that now would be a good time to create a basic list of characters and what type of deity each one is! Of course, it's not going to be a complete list as some characters are not to be revealed yet~! >v>
Also yes, Grim is indeed in this AU as well, but his role is going to be different compared to the others and heavily rely on the reader/MC/Yuu. As for the staff...well, along with RSA, they will come in due time. 😌
If you wish to know more about these guys and what they do, hit me up with an ask~! :D I’ll also work on doing a masterlist of asks so it’s easier to find things~
Riddle--God of Spring and Life
Trey--God of Summer and Patron of Bakers
Cater--God of Art and Artistic Vision
Ace--God of Air, Illusion, and Clouds
Deuce--God of Victory and Protection
Leona--God of the Sun and Destruction
Ruggie--God of Fall and Hearths
Jack--God of Winter and Justice
Azul--God of the Tides, Whirlpools, and Seafarers
Jade--God of Rivers and Lakes
Floyd--God of Rain and Storms
Kalim--God of Prosperity and Festivals
Jamil--God of Music and Dance
Vil--God of Beauty and Poisons
Rook--God of the Hunt and Poetry
Epel--God of Harvests and Family
Idia--God of Death and Patron of Inventors
Ortho--God of Souls and Curiosity
Malleus--God of the Moon and Secrets
Lilia--God of Mischief and Patron of Children/Orphans
Silver--God of Night and Dreams
Sebek--God of Thunder, Lightning, and Literature
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jangmi-latte · a day ago
What kinds of alphas do you think Lilia, Silver, and Sebek would be? ~🍁leaf anon (i take that back i think i have an idea of what silver would be like since i think i remember asking you for a story with him and his fem omega crush)
Tumblr media
I'M GOING TO ANSWER THIS ASK THE SAME MOMENT I'M FLIRTING WITH SOMEONE IN DIASOMNIA 💀🔪 and yes maple 🍁 the silver story one was technically an insight on how silver is as an alpha (~ ̄³ ̄)~
Tumblr media
— out of all the four diasomnians, lilia is the second strictest yet also the second linient. if you haven't read the story focused on him in my omegaverse au, he becomes strict at times needed (heat, rut, protection, etc.). as an alpha, and a former soldier, he uses his position for authority.
— a mature alpha! he knows exactly what you need, what you smell like even from the distance, can sense your emotions easily. probably the most experienced alpha there is. fun fact, you're not the only omega he looked after. he has looked over other omegas but didn't mate with anyone because if he did/was, you're just another omega walking around that he wouldn't care about.
— thought silver was a beta (the signs show at around the ages of puberty so around 10-12) and didn't really pay any heed nor tutored him when it comes to being an alpha. until when silver turned 11 and smelled like an alpha; another sign was that he was able to talk to the animals and order them around. lilia was proud and shock... so when silver was courting an omega, the alpha in him and the alpha in silver were not getting along (simply because silver was still learning how to be an alpha and it was lilia's fault anyways (・∀・))
— when the time came where he wanted to mark you as his, he was really hesitant and always asked you if you were sure as a bite from an alpha meant that you are claimed for a lifetime. he allowed you to bite him too — an omega biting an alpha wasn't exactly necessary. that's when he grew more protective (as protective, if not more, as he is to malleus) and needed to know where you are at all times. he lets you linger around without him but he HAS to know where you are in order to find you. either way, he has enhanced smelling.
— you cook for him period. was hesitant to let you in the kitchen but it should be the other way around. he never stepped foot again after you 'became the alpha' and ordered him NOT TO TOUCH THE EGG TRAY. honestly, he lets you do your thing and boss him around if you want to. fuck the hierarchy.
Tumblr media
— he hoped he was an alpha but became a delta instead. delta meant higher than betas but lower than alphas, the second in command/right hand man. that's why he clashes with silver a lot. even if the latter was an alpha, they see each other on an equal level.
— HE WAS TERRIBLE IN COURTING!!! he has no idea what the fuck he's doing, honestly. lilia gave him insight and taught him basic delta ideology, etmology, and rules but all of those went out the window when he first saw his omega. he offered you lilia's cooking as a gift and that you should be grateful (thanks for the coal i guess).
— you're the mediator if not lilia. you tend to get into arguements and misunderstandings since his pride, belief, and loyalty surrounds his young master. it's your job to calm him down but if things escalate, lilia would step in. he's still in a learning phase and your relationship will have the longest progress and development there is.
— he didn't mark you yet. it was all courting as he, too, was still trying to discover and know himself as a delta. he has sworn loyalty to malleus and barely has time for relationships. if he did end up marking you, it would take years. as in until you all are adults and mature enough. but right now, you're probably the closest friend/omega he has next to silver.
— he's not entirely affectionate but he tries his best to tend to your needs. during heats, he had to run to lilia for help. since you're unclaimed, your heats would affect lilia too so he just stays away and orders sebek to do this and that. even if sebek is affected, he doesn't touch you. he respects you and you're not his yet.
— his ruts make him really aggressive and he hides in his room — much to his dismay. during pre-ruts, he doesn't mean to get into arguements with malleus and silver (he's terrifying even with the slightest scold from the king of alphas). sebek knows his place as a delta and a guardian so he really has to lock himself up in his room for a week.
Tumblr media
— the. gentlest. alpha. to. ever. exist. he's so soft please during arguements he's very hesitant and careful when he uses his alpha voice. even then, his voice remains soft but stern. he takes care of you like you're glass, makes sure you're okay at all times. husband material.
— he's the least aggressive during ruts. silver does tend to lash out and have mood swings but knows how to control and calm himself. he locks himself in his room as well when he knows it's getting worst. when he's claimed, he'll sleep in your room. he doesn't touch you without your consent but will appreciate hugs and cuddles to calm himself down. he'll probably sleep a lot and take some suppressants at some days.
— he acts like your omega too. he's also in the learning and developing process of being an alpha and still needs guidance (blame lilia) so you would scold him at times too. he would fall asleep (you sense it when his scent is getting weaker) at random times or maybe even sense his irritation over a failed workout.
— he scents you, a lot. either intentionally or not, he loves to touch you. have you in his arms, kiss you, or just have your presence known around the dorm. it brings him at ease, you're just that important to him. the most affectionate of the quartet of diasomnia.
— he would prefer an omega who respects him not only as an alpha, but as a knight and guardian of malleus and lilia. he doesn't just look after you, he looks after malleus too. silver wants someone who won't choke him into his alpha duties that he must be this and that. respect him and he'll do the same not because you're an omega, but because you're your own person. he has his priorities, you have your own.
Tumblr media
november is just around the corner which means i'll be continuing the omegaverse au again. i planned to do a birthday event again since it's coming in two weeks but eh...chii you have a shit ton of drafts to do (´ . .̫ . `)..
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wolken-himmel · 3 hours ago
In which (Y/n)'s birthday is ruined when Crewel and Crowley start to fight about what to do with their dear little child on this special day.
Luckily, Sam is there to save (Y/n)'s birthday with a party!
Request by @jesterglitch.
Tumblr media
"Dire, do not try to kill (Y/n)—"
"Kill (Y/n)!? What are you talking about, Divus—" Crowley immediately gasped and jolted back with a hurt expression on his face, almost knocking down the chair in his distress. "I am merely seeking to enjoy this special occasion with my little crow— my fledgling!"
You, who had been silently sitting in a chair next to Crowley's desk this far, almost screamed when the headmaster grabbed you by your shoulders and pressed you against his side. He meant well, you knew that, but if he continued like this, you were sure you would suffer a heart attack or two before the day was over.
Crewel eyed the two of you with narrowed eyes, his glare only intensifying when he turned his sole attention to Crowley, who seemed busy talking to you as if you were a toddler. A sheepish smile appeared on your face as you nodded along to Crowley's coos of how great he was for remembering your birthday. There wasn't much you could do but listen and laugh here and there.
"Do you even have a present for (Y/n)?" Crewel cut in icily.
Crowley immediately tensed, as did his grip on you. As if someone had ruffled his feathers, he straightened his back and turned to Crewel, all the while ignoring his pressing glare. "A-A present?" he stuttered out, suddenly nervous and frightened. The alchemy professor confirmed the question with a slow nod, only increasing the pressure put on him. Eventually, Crowley couldn't take it anymore and turned to you, laughing awkwardly. "Well— isn't a hug from your favourite headmaster enough, dearie? I'm so generous, aren't I?"
Crewel pinched the bridge of his nose. "Dire, I can't believe it..."
"Guys," you cried out, exasperated, "can we please just—"
Crewel silenced you by raising his hand with his glare still boring holes into Crowley's. "We can do whatever you'd like once I've gotten some sense of responsibility into our headmaster, puppy," he murmured while exuding a scary aura that had you sink into Crowley's comfortable cape.
"No—" Crowley yelled back and pushed you — as gently as he could — back into your chair. "I need to get some sense of fun and spontaneity into you, Divus!"
As you remained seated in your chair, the two adults stood not too far away, yelling at one another without a break. You furrowed your eyebrows and let out a heaving sigh that had been stuck in your throat for a long time already. "And there we go again..." you murmured to yourself as you buried your face in your hands, simply caught in disbelief that these two — in their determination to celebrate your birthday — had managed to somehow ruin it.
Yet, you were quickly pulled out of your state of sadness by a voice whispering, "Psst, human child."
Immediately, you shot upward and let your eyes wander Crowley's office, in wonder at who had just called out to you. The adults were too busy fighting to notice you strolling around, looking at all the shadows hiding behind the darkest corners of furniture. "Who— Who goes there?" you muttered while your eyes still darted around whenever a shadow flitted from one nook to the other. Eventually, you came to a halt when you noticed a shadowy silhouette by one of the floating portraits. Your eyes wide in surprise, you couldn't help but gasp. "Ezili, what are you doing here?"
The shadow laughed and darted over to you, circling you in a playful way before almost draping herself all over you. "Master Sam told me to fetch you, child," the demon drawled smoothly, her voice playful yet motherly all at once. Her voice managed to drown out Crowley and Crewel's bickering, much to your relief. Her red eyes bore into your own as she looked you up and down. "He said something about your birthday being today. Maybe he will sacrifice a pig to you? That's what people used to do for me... ah, the good old times."
"Uh—" You waved her off, chuckling. "I'd prefer a cake over a pig, thank you..."
Ezili rolled her eyes. "You humans are rather strange." With one last shrug, she floated off into the distance and waved you after her. "But well, let us be off— I can't stand more of these two mortals' bickering."
"Agreed, Ezili." Without wasting another second, you chased after her before your ears could fall off due to all the yelling. Crewel and Crowley didn't even notice as you left the latter's office.
"Ezili, there you are!" An excited smile decorated Sam's face as Ezili led you into his shop, completely disregarding the 'Closed' sign that hung on the front door. "And you returned with (Y/n). Good job."
"Of course I did." Ezili let out a playfully offended scoff as she came to a halt in front of Sam, you standing behind her with your breathing loud and heavy. As you were left to catch your breath and regain your composure, Ezili grew more and more excited by the second, almost eagerly jumping up and down as she cried out, "Now, what do we have in store today? We absolutely need to celebrate this human's child birthday! A trip through my world! Please, please—"
"Maybe another day, Ezili." Sam shot her an apologetic smile. The demon exhaled in disappointment but nonetheless followed after the two of you as you were being blindfolded and led to somewhere unknown, Sam's hands always remaining on your shoulders. "For today, I have another surprise for my dear little demon!"
Although a little but unnerved by the blindfold, you couldn't help but cheer up already compared to earlier. "I really need to thank you for getting me away from Professor Crewel and Headmaster Crowley..." you murmured and smiled.
"Ah, of course I had to ensure that your birthday would be splendid!"
You bit your lip at his words, almost feeling guilty. "I hope you didn't go through too much trouble—" you began, but were interrupted by Sam pulling the blindfold off your eyes to reveal the cafeteria full with students and decorated with hundreds of balloons and banners.
"—happy birthday, (Y/n)!" the crowd of students yelled out.
It was as if you were frozen in surprise as you stood next to Sam, almost clinging to him due to being terrified by the sudden revelation and the hundreds of eyes staring at you. "Woah— there's so many people here..." you muttered shyly. "And the cake is so large—"
Sam chuckled and pried you out from behind his back to point at the tiered cake that stood on the buffet table, surrounded by all sorts of dishes and drinks that made your stomach growl. "Trey from Heartslabyul made it~" Sam explained proudly and let his finger drift to other sights of curiosity, your eyes following his finger in awe. "Ruggie from Savanaclaw decorated everything, and Azul from Octavinelle organised most of the party and sent out invitations. Everyone lent me a helping hand!"
Sniffles escaped your lips, and you could barely hold back the tears of happiness that slowly were brewing in the corners of your eyes. "I can't believe it—" you cried out, a few quiet sobs escaping your lips. Your surprise reached new heights when you spotted a tall, horned student situated by the far end of the room, but you had no struggle recognising him nonetheless. The sight of this peculiar figure almost caused your eyes to fall out. "You even managed to invite Malleus!"
Within a few split seconds, Malleus had managed to wade his way through the crowd of students, his head held high and his back straight; his three retainers followed suit. "Believe me, Child of Man, I am very happy to be here," he said smoothly once he stood right in front of you, then bowing politely. Despite the calmness of his sly grin, you could see some sparks of excitement and satisfaction in his eyes. "I have brought my three retainers to bring you each a gift — more like a blessing."
You weren't allowed to reply when suddenly, one of his three dorm members stepped forward and bowed deeply — it was Silver. "The prefect shall be the most beautiful person in the world," the second-year said with a small smile on his face.
Embarrassed, you awkwardly waved him off — especially since the whole cafeteria was quiet in both fear and awe. "Oh, you're making me blush, Silver—" you whispered quietly, only for him to hear. He hummed and stepped back for Lilia to take his place.
"The prefect shall dance like a flower in the wind!" Lilia giggled as he grabbed your hand without any further warning and spun you around with such grace that you were surprised at yourself, although it only lasted for a brief moment before you stepped on his shoe.
An apologetic frown on your face, you mumbled, "Lilia, I'm sorry for stepping on your toes—"
The fae waved you off before returning to his original spot behind his dorm leader, just as Silver had done.
Just as you thought that Malleus was done with giving you his gift, Lilia snickered and pushed the last reluctant retainer forward. "Sebek," the ancient fae cooed teasingly, "it is your turn."
Sebek's face was a slight red as he forced himself to shuffle towards you. There was a scowl on his face that he tried to hide behind a smile, just like he had been asked to — but that only made him look scarier than usually. "I can't believe what embarrassment you're putting me through, Young Master..." His eyes slightly trained at his dorm leader, he pressed out his blessing, "The prefect shall sing like a nightingale."
You couldn't help but laugh at the adorable blessing. "Sebek, your ears will fall off if I start singing..."
Sam, too, couldn't stop laughing as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder again. A carefree smile decorated his face when his eyes locked with yours. "Ah, your friends are such an interesting bunch..." he murmured in amusement, although his smile quickly turned into a menacing glare. "As long as none of them curse you to forever fall asleep or something of that sort. If they dare to, I'll send my demons after them."
Laughing, you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into a grateful hug. "Oh Sam, you're the best..."
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mcdonaldsnumberone · 2 days ago
can’t make you happier now
when they yearn for u most ig
Tumblr media
—when you love someone else
Malleus doesn’t know who he should hate most: Fate, love, you, the one who’s holding you, himself. He loves you—you, the only one who’s ever peered into the deep abyss of the conflicts swirling around in his heart like a million choruses and poems chanting all with their own desires padlocked behind the curt face he puts on for the crown, and decided that he was worthy of your time and pure affection. With you, he can be childish and demanding and unfiltered, truly relishing the liberty that being a young teenage boy should be like.
But that’s the most difficult part. That sweet feeling that flutters past his lips whenever you dance across his memories makes his heart wrench up in a way that could kill him. The shine of the night’s crown has nothing on the stifling confession that rests behind his throat: unspoken and unknown. Because he’s heir, he’s king, it’s his birthright, love was never an option for him. The most he can do to honor the love that he can never have is to let you be happy with someone else. His mouth runs dry when someone else kisses you as he should, his hands weigh emptily when someone else links fingers with you as he should, his future shadows uncertainly when he realizes that the years ahead of him are a condemnation of solitude.
Everything is too big, too ungainly if you aren’t there. The bright and excited pitter-patter of your footsteps should be echoing across the hallways instead of the lonely cadence of his own feet. When he wakes up, it’s the vast expanses of his dark sheets greet his eyes rather than your drowsy eyes and husky voice. His royal court wants to marry him off to someone advantageous, someone who would further the influence of the crown. Still, the hand he is to wed isn’t yours, the mouth he is to kiss isn’t yours, and the soul he’s to be bound loyally to isn’t yours. Not everyone has the privilege of love, but that couldn’t stop him from fiending for it like a man gone mad.
It’s only when time has passed, and someone brings the inevitable news to him that you’ve moved on, you’ve found someone else to pledge your heart and soul to, that Malleus has to come to terms with the foolish but desperate hope he had fostered for so long within the cracks of his own ribcage. Undoubtedly, a hole the shape of you has been wrenched out from his heart, the void a reminder of a longing that no magic nor royal power could ever fathom of filling back up again.
“Be happy, child of man. For me, if you can’t do it for anyone else.”
Tumblr media
—when you’re dead
Love is an ideal Lilia works for. A world where the fae folk and humanity can live in harmony; nature and industry, magic and might, night and day coming together without any venom in their veins or hatred broiling behind their eyes. A future like that is what Lilia has strove for for much of his life, sometimes using the blade and sometimes using the wisdom that comes with his age. He’s seen his fair share of souls and crisscrossed paths with all sorts of different people.
You’re an anomaly. You’re someone who sees his vision and wants to make it truth, as if something like peace could be achieved in the instantaneous moment that your mortal life was. Your sincerity touches Lilia’s guarded but hopeful heart, and every second that melts away with the two of you hand-in-hand, exploring every nook and cranny that love brings, Lilia affirms his duty and calling for a utopian future that much harder. For him, for his family, for you.
But nothing is meant to last forever. A bitter taste fills his mouth and hot tears prick his eyes when he recalls the light leaving your eyes, a final squeeze of his hand and a final silent plea to carry on what the two of you have believed in for so long. The winters that follow are cold—too cold without your warmth—and Lilia finally learns firsthand why people and fae alike are driven to madness with grief. What is love, if you aren’t there to share it with him? What is purpose, if you aren’t there to revel in its highs and lows by his side? What is truth, if you aren’t there to prove it to him over and over again?
Lilia can stomach any pain, but this is the one true agony he can never heal from. His body may morph and change so he can serve his liege as best as he can, but his soul remains steadfast to you. Even when you exist as nothing more than a distant memory, a lone daisy blooming amidst the battlefield, Lilia still claws at the walls and craves for your touch as if you had only left him yesterday. That is the price of love, he carves into his being, the painful reality of the sacrifice he has to make if he wants to continue marching forward with the faraway hope that someday someone won’t have to suffer in the way he is.
“If only you could see what I see, little one. The days are too long without you to fill them.”
Tumblr media
—when you’re separated
Silver is accustomed to a lifestyle of isolation and ostracism, to say the least. He’s the human of the fae country. Rounded ears and a mortal lifespan, oftentimes he feels like a lone star waiting to cave in on itself when time comes floating lonesomely in the midst of a rapidly evolving and expanding universe all around him. Night Raven College is a pause from that feeling. You’re human, and you’re someone who’s the same as him: isolated yet tapping into each other to find a degree of stability.
But stability is what a knight upholds, not a lifestyle for a knight himself. Duty calls, and it calls earnestly for him. You’re undoubtedly running around and exploring as you should, surrounded by those just like you, while he brandishes his shining sword for the crown that he wasn’t even supposed to be born under. What would you say to him then? Would you pity the circumstances of his birth, or would you cradle him in your arms out of empathy? Maybe you’d be indifferent or even disgusted at his chivalry, but at least you feel for him.
The Valley of Thorns is dark and strange, both home and the unknown. This place and Night Raven College are all that he’s ever known, both thorny and unapproachable in their own right. You can only soothe his pain so much when distance tears you away from him, and once your handwritten letters become more and more scarce, the distant loop of your letters and the fond signature that existed so long ago is all Silver has to console his broken heart.
You will not come to him, and he cannot come to you. He’s inextricably tied to the task of guarding his liege, and he only remains in the good graces of the fae due to his exemplary behavior. Torn between passion and tradition, Silver has no choice but to choose the only path he’s ever known, left only with earnest prayer that you’d be touched far away and visit him. But that’s a distant dream, one that he should have woken up from yesterday.
“I miss you. Every part of me misses you. If you would appear in front of me, I wouldn’t wish for anything else in this world.”
Tumblr media
—when you hate him
Hatred and devotion are two sides of the same coin, Sebek being the perfect example of such a concept. It takes devotion to hate, and it takes hatred to devote to one allegiance over the other. That should explain his own feelings, why he’s so repulsed by you. It’s simply because his devotion lies with the fae, who have no time for primitive humans who understand nothing outside of the world right at their nose. It’s easier to dismiss the conflict brewing in his chest as nothing more than hatred; it’s easier to ignore the elephant in the room rather than to force it out.
That would explain why your hatred for him is mutual. Even the slightest streak of green is enough to make you scowl, your hardened eyes the only mercy that ever meets his lightning yellow irises. It stabs at his chest mercilessly, but his own pride refuses to make amends with your frustration. Hatred only breeds more hatred, the only devotion the two of you hold being the devotion to see the other fall to their ruin, no matter the means or the cost.
Which is why he loves you that much more passionately. You run around his brain like you’ve enchanted him, dangling yourself like a prize right out of his reach. He’s gone far, far too far, to think that he could ever redeem himself. Where the two of you could have closed the space with a kiss, he’s filled it with spades, and in turn, you’ve returned those spades with lofty walls to protect yourself. Could he blame you? Absolutely not. But he hates you so much that he loves you, and he loves you so much that he hates you.
It scares him to think that this is all he’ll ever be to you. An ignorant, repulsive soul that makes your skin crawl with disgust. You’re his first love, the key to blooming an understanding of the world beyond his own prejudice, but he’s already pressed the mercy of your heart far too much. His hatred has bred something greater and more painful than he can handle, condemning to mourn his own foolishness and writhe in the painful revelation that the love he feels for you will only be met with the same bitterness that he had sown all over you.
“Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me, please. Not with those eyes. Not with that face.”
Tumblr media
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zackcrazyvalentine · 13 hours ago
What if in the Youkai AU, after the boys' master has had their kid, Master and one of the boys goes out and someone thinks that Master's kid is the child of Master and the youkai they are with. I'm betting almost 90% of the boys are blushing at that assumption and 10% are internally screaming. Lilia and Floyd are outliers.
Reminder: I am not the creator of this AU (@twstedforyou is the rightful creator). These are just personal headcanons and fan speculations, we're just having fun
[I'll do some reactions for the boys I can picture as of now!]
The kitsune get so happy and hyper! Tails waving and wagging in excitement at the insinuation. Take hold of Master's hand and are all smiles the entire day
Jack's tails wag a mile a minute, but he keeps his serious look while hugging Master and baby close
Leona has a minor brain crash, actually trips on his own tail from the spook. Heart quickens, "tch"es as he blushes hard
The two tengu blush (Deuce much more than Trey), as they usher Master and little one under their wing to have a little privacy to hug their master
Ruggie feels warmth spread all over him, a bright blush on his face. He nuzzles into Master's side for the rest of the time they are outside
Riddle turns super red, point ears drooping down a little at the embarrassment. Secretly wonders what it would feel like to have a child with Master and form a happy family together
Idia has a major brain crash and has to be snapped out of his trance by Master. Stutters severely through the day because the thought of forming a family with Master doesn't leave his mind, face and flames turning red
Lilia giggles cutely and goes to coddle the baby/make them giggle to put on an even better act that he's the father of this adorable munchkin. "Say, Master~ Can we have one of our own~?" He will outright as, no shame at all
Malleus also has a minor brain crash, but composes himself quickly. Tails wraps itself on Master's waist, along with his arm, as he looks lovingly at the child "Maybe one day...." He thinks to himself
Rook gets wind of the words and is all poems and declarations of love, may even swoop in and carry the baby/play with them to elicit giggles from the cutie and make everyone's hearts soften at the adorable sound (his included, he absolutely adores his Master's baby and will do everything to preserve their happiness)
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lancermylove · a day ago
Scar (HC)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Pairing: All x fem!Reader, Ortho platonic
Warning: None
Requested by: Anon
Prompt: F!MC has a massive scar on their eye cause they try to protect their younger sibling Headcanon on all the students
A/N: Hope you like it, and I assumed MC ends up dating the guys (minus Ortho).
Tumblr media
Leona finds it a bit funny that he met someone with a scar similar to his.
He sometimes jokingly call you Scarface.
He thinks you’re brave to take on such an injury just to protect your sibling. All he can hope is your sibling remembers this and continues to love you for the rest of your life.
Leona wants you to wear the scar proudly, and if you try to hide it, he will ask you to stop - accept it for what it is.
All in all, the lion is proud of you, and he may not say it verbally, but when the two of you are alone, Leona likes to place kisses on the scar.
Tumblr media
He is not bothered by the scar, but the first time he sees the mark, he asks if you are related to Leona (as a joke). 
Ruggie respects you for protecting your sibling, but at the same time, he is a bit scared of you. Are you like those scary women back in Afterglow Savanna? He hopes not. 
If anyone tries to point out your scar or makes unnecessary comments, Ruggie will unleash his trickster side and make the person pay. Maybe if the person had a scar of their own....
The hyena jokes around and says the mark on your eye makes you look tough, and fewer people will mess with you. 
Tumblr media
As someone who loves his siblings and would do anything to protect them, Jack thinks highly of you for protecting your sibling. He also admires your tough side.
If you are insecure about the scar, expect a lecture from the wolf, followed by, "I like your scar. It tells a story about you, so don't hide it."
Jack asks you to train with him, or at least learn self-defense and agility. He doesn’t want you to get a severe injury again.
Whether you choose to train or not, just know that he will be very protective of you. That means no one is going to get away with saying anything about your scar - he will punch them if needed. 
Tumblr media
Malleus admires you immensely for thinking about family before your own safety. From what he has heard, humans tend to be selfish, but you are different. 
He sees your mark as a battle scar - an injury with a story that adds to your character.
If you wear it openly, Malleus is proud of you; if not, he asks you to accept the scar as it is a part of you. But if covering up the mark makes you happy, then he won't stop you. 
Behind closed doors, the dragon prince likes to sometimes run his finger over the scar as a way of affection. It's a reminder that you are a strong and caring lady. 
Tumblr media
Lilia has a lot of battle scars, and it’s his way of remembering his journey through life. 
If you are insecure about the scar, he will say, "The scar is a symbol of your strength. It represents how tough you are, and there is no shame in that." 
He sometimes jokingly asks if you want to duel with him since you seem fearless. If you agree to it, he will laugh and steal a kiss from you. 
Lilia will not tolerate others bullying you, no matter what. Let's just say he will pay them a surprise visit when they least expect it. :D
Tumblr media
When he first sees your scar, he accidentally ends up staring at it too long and gets an earful from Lilia. Honestly, he meant no harm, but Silver apologizes to you.
Even after the two of you start dating, he likes to stares at your scar. It's his way of quietly admiring your bravery.  
Silver usually only gets hostile when it comes to Malleus’s safety, but now, he gets hostile if anyone dares to make fun of your scar or bully you in any way.
Tumblr media
Sebek didn't pay attention to your scar until the two of you started dating. The moment you tell him the reason behind the injury, he gives you a lecture. How can you be so careless, Ningen? 
He is very proud of you for protecting your sibling but will never say it out loud. 
Sebek worries about you a lot. What if you become careless again and get hurt? What if he finds you injured? What if the injury isn't healable? What if...he loses you? Due to the scenarios brewing in his mind, your boyfriend if VERY protective of you. 
He knows he's worrying for no reason, but Sebek can't help it. You are his dearest Ningen, after all. 
Tumblr media
Riddle is curious about your scar but doesn’t want to be disrespectful and ask; instead, he waits for you to tell him. 
When he learns your past, Heartslabyul's prefect is stunned. To think you would go to that length to protect your sibling. Truly noble and brave. 
He considers your sibling blessed to have you as a family member. How lucky, if only he had that luck, but the past is in the past. 
When you start dating him, Riddle truly cherishes you. He thinks it's an honor to date such a loving woman like you. Maybe lady luck is finally smiling upon him. 
Tumblr media
As a brother who would do anything for his siblings, Trey has a lot of respect for you. 
Though he finds your scar honorable, he still wishes that you didn’t have to go through the experience, but since Trey can’t change the past, he wants to make sure you don’t get hurt in the future.
If he gets a little overprotective, know that Trey is only worried about you. He will do anything to keep you from getting injured, even if it means taking the hit in your place. 
Tumblr media
Cater initially thinks your scar is makeup, and he compliments you for applying it so well. He is shocked when you tell him it’s not makeup and is a result of you protecting your younger sibling.  
He is happy to learn that you’re a caring sister, and Cater kinda wishes his sisters treated him that nicely. Your sibling is lucky to have a considerate sister. 
Cater thinks you’re a strong person, and he loves to show you off to everyone as “his tough girl”.
Tumblr media
The first time you met Ace, he made a slightly hurtful remark about your scar, but it was only a joke. After you told him about your injury, Ace felt guilty. 
He immediately apologized and said, "Your sibling must be very proud to have you as their sister."
Once the two of you start dating, Ace teases you by calling playful names related to your scar, but only if you are okay with it. 
Tumblr media
Deuce not only thinks your scar is badass, but he thinks you’re a delinquent. He is surprised to learn the truth behind it.
Unbeknownst to him, Deuce starts to like you at that very moment, and the more time he spends with you, the more he falls for you.
After you two start dating, he confesses that he thought you were a hidden delinquent, but he was wrong - you are nothing less than a hero to him.
Deuce will NOT stand anyone picking on you or trying to insult you. Know that his delinquent side will escape.
Tumblr media
Idia finds your scar intimidating and thinks you are scary. But the more time he spends with you, the more he likes you.
Once he sees you for who you are, Idia thinks the scar makes you look like a hero out of a video game. From then on, Idia finds you very charming. 
He’s too shy to tell you that you're charming, but who knows, now that you’re dating, he may get the courage to tell you one day.
Tumblr media
Being pure, Ortho asks you right away how you got the scar. When you tell him the story, he immediately starts liking you.  
You remind him of Idia, and in no time, Ortho starts to think of you as his sister. He feels lucky to have an older sister and an older brother who love him. 
Ortho loves you to no end and is very protective of you. No one can say anything mean to you and get away with it. 
Tumblr media
 The first time Azul sees you, he thinks of offering you a deal to get rid of the scar. Once he learns your past, the octopus is rather surprised. 
For the first time, Azul doesn't feel like making a deal. He sees you as a good-hearted and pure person and wants to leave it that way. 
Much like his dorm members, Azul doesn't tolerate others looking down on your scar. You can be sure that Floyd is going to pay a secret visit to those people. 
Tumblr media
The first time he meets you, Jade is curious and wants to ask about your injury, but instead of asking directly, he devises a situation where you tell him of your own accord. 
After hearing your story, he starts to respect you. Your bravery and honesty are what draw him to you.
Jade is not okay with others making comments about your scar, and he will teach them a lesson - a slip of a poisonous mushroom, a little accident here and there, or maybe a scar of their own. So many possibilities. :)
Tumblr media
Unlike Jade, Floyd asks directly about the scar. When he learns the reason, you immediately become his favorite person. 
He loves his brother dearly, so meeting someone who also loves their sibling makes him happy. 
Floyd will not stand for anyone saying a word about your scar and will not be okay with them staring at it for too long. He will constrict them if necessary. 
Tumblr media
Kalim wanted to ask about your scar the first time he met you, but Jamil stopped him. Only after the two of you start dating does he ask. 
After finding out the reason, he falls for you even more. Kalim has a ton of siblings who he loves, so seeing that you love your sibling makes him happy. 
Whenever he is in a playful mood, Kalim likes to press kissing along your scar. He finds your mark to be just as beautiful as your heart. 
Tumblr media
Jamil thinks you were right to protect your sibling but doesn’t think you deserve such a “reward” for your kind act. He finds it unfair to you, but unfortunately, life is like that for some people. 
He will not tolerate anyone taking jabs at your mark and will teach them a lesson if needed. You have suffered enough and don't deserve any more pain. 
Jamil wonders what it feels like to have family members that care. Who knows, maybe one day if you marry him, he will know.
Tumblr media
If you wear the scar openly, Vil will be shocked. Your mark has a touching story behind it, but for someone who is obsessed with skincare, he can’t imagine having an "impurity" on his skin.
Vil suggests makeup tips to cover it up or getting the scar professionally fixed, but if you refuse, he respects your decision. It will take Vil a little while to get used to the scar, so be patient with him.
During Halloween time, he likes to use the mark to enhance your frightening yet beautiful makeup.
Tumblr media
When he first saw your scar, Rook thought you were a meek prey. Once he learned the history of your injury, he started seeing you as a hunter.
He finds your scar beautiful and says it adds to your charm.
Rook writes poetry about your scar, especially if you attempt to cover it up. Why cover up something that you should be proud of?
He will hunt anyone who passes comments about your scar. The worse the remark, the happier Rook is hunting down the "prey". 
Tumblr media
Epel thinks the scar looks badass and likes your confidence if you wear it openly. 
He will not tell you this, but your scar was the reason he noticed you and started liking you.
Being someone who loves his family, Epel falls harder for you when he learns how you got the scar. He thinks you will make a great wife and mother if you choose to get married and have kids…which he hopes you do. 
Epel knows his meemaw will like you and approve of you dating him. 
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pin-ditty · 2 days ago
Lilia: Like when you were younger and those Fae children were giving you a hard time? What did I say?
Silver: You said that I was extra special and they were just jealous.
Lilia: That's right. And if they still gave you a hard time,what did I tell you to say?
Silver: "My father can you have eliminated with one spell".
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megan-is-mia · 2 days ago
Hello! May I have number 3 & 20 from the manipulative yandere prompts with the Diasomnia quartet & Fem!Reader?
(Yes you may!) 3. “What? So you love them more than me?” 20. “Don’t say you’re lonely, you have me!” (Yandere! Diasomnia Dorm x Fem! S/o)
Only fools wandered off the path in the forest, everyone in the Mossy Briars. As long as you kept your wits about you and didn’t stray from the narrow trail you would make it out alive. Yet what of those who wandered away from the safety of the path? What happened to those who did not keep a grip on their common sense? Why they were never seen again, at least never seen again while alive. Sure as the rooster crowed at sunrise, the bodies of the careless would be put on display.
Parents would drill the lesson of cautiousness into their children and when they were grown the children would drill the lesson into ther children. So it was for generation after generation. Yet not every child took the warnings to heart and it wasn’t completely uncommon for a family to lose at least one child to the woods before they’d reached adolescence. (Y/n)’s mother had tried her best to impart the importance of keeping to the road to her daughter as she sent her forth to gather herbs. The child obeyed her mother’s words for a time but as she walked deeper she began to hear weird noises. Voices… cheerful voices laughing merrily somewhere off the path. (Y/n) knew she wasn’t supposed to stray but her curiosity was too strong and she followed to sound into a beautiful meadow where two boys were playing. She approached the pair and introduced herself only to be answered by startled silence as the duo stared at her as if she had a second head. The uncomfortable silence went on unbroken for a time until a new laugh rang through the air and made (Y/n) turn to locate the source. A young man with raspberry-red eyes and fangs made his way across the meadow towards her and the two boys. The pair of lads sprung to their feet and raced towards the fanged stranger. Once they reached him they began speaking rapidly and pointing apprehensive fingers at (Y/n) as they continued to chatter to the young man. “Be calm you two, there is no need to fear. She’s just a little girl, she probably wants to play with you” the fanged man said lifting the boys up into his arms and striding towards (Y/n). “I’m sorry about how rude Silver and Sebek have been, they aren’t used to seeing other children in these woods” the man said with a friendly nod at the little girl. “Boys introduce yourself and apologize for being rude” he added before setting his two charges down in front of the girl. “I’m Silver” said one boy, yawning loudly as he completed his sentence. “Sebek” the other boy said bluntly, shifting from one foot to the other. “Boys…” their fanged guardian said when they were silent for a long moment. Both boys rushed to stammer out an apology which (Y/n) was more than happy to accept. “What’s your name sir?” she asked the red-eyed young man who let out a chuckle. “Oh dear, how rude of me to forget to introduce myself! I’m Lilia, little one” he said with a little bow.
While (Y/n) would have loved to stay and play with Silver, Sebek, and Lilia she knew that if she lingered any longer her mother would start to worry. So she bade the trio goodbye promising to come back and play with them another day. She kept that promise, finding her way back to the meadow a few days later to find Silver and Sebek playing again but Lilia absent with a horned stranger in his place. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a new friend, the little girl introduced herself and found out that his name was Malleus.
Playing with her new friends was great, (Y/n) found herself making more and more excuses to go to the forest in order to visit them. The years went by and as (Y/n) grew from a child to a young woman she found herself having less and less time to visit the forest and her friends. She should have found it odd, how Lilia and Malleus seemed to look the same age they were when she first met them while Sebek and Silver had grown up as she had. But she never thought too deeply on such matters, it just wasn’t her style. “Hey Silver?” (Y/n) said as Silver used her lap to take a nap. The young man let out a grunt to let her know he was listening. “Do you believe in true love?” she went on and received a bemused hmm from the silver-haired male. “Well, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be real” Silver responded after a long moment. “Then why am I still single! I’m so lonely” (Y/n) said with a whine that put her friend on high alert. “Don’t say you’re lonely, you have me!” Silver said fiercely sitting up and holding her hands tightly in his. “That’s different Silver, you’re my friend” (Y/n) said with a laugh. “You can’t always be with me, one day you’re gonna find a guy or gal who steals your heart” she added with a sigh. Silver shook his head violently. “No! I won’t!” Silver replied sharply. “I already know who’s stolen my heart and it’s you” he finished with an intense look. “Me? Don’t be silly” the young woman said with mild dismay. The fuss they were making drew Sebek’s attention away from the drill he’d been going through and he walked over to the couple.
“What are you two squabbling about?” he asked briskly. “We aren’t squabbling Sebek” (Y/n) said with a non-committal shrug. “Silver’s just being weird by saying he loves me” she added looking at Sebek and expecting him to relax and agree with her. “He’s saying it cause he means it. I mean it to” Sebek said gruffly making the young woman’s eyebrows raise. “Mean what?” she said a bit confused. “That i love you, we both love you. Silver and I” the green-haired boy said flatly. “Okay you two that’s enough this isn’t funny anymore” (Y/n) said with a frown. She pulled away from Silver’s hands and stood up. “I’m going home” she said before striding out of the meadow and made her way back to her home. The young woman did not return to the forest the next day or the day after. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and before she knew it the seasons were changing around her. (Y/n) was spending more time in the town and getting reacquainted with her peers. One peer started to become more than just that to her. A young man named James made her heart flutter whenever he was around. This was what love was like, it had to be! It wasn’t a surprise when the day came when James got down on one knee and proposed to (Y/n). Overjoyed she accepted, kissing him and letting him slide a ring onto her finger. Of course, she knew she had to tell her friends, her friends in the forest, and even after months of being away she still knew her way to the meadow. Just her luck that all four of her closest companions were present as she announced her good news. Her joyful proclamation was met with silence, cold silence. The smile she wore began to fade away as she searched the four men’s faces for an answer, a reaction to her words. “Well? Aren’t you happy for me?” she said after a moment. “This isn’t funny (Y/n)” Lilia finally said his arms folded across his chest. “You abandon us for months and then show up to make an awful joke” he added clicking his tongue and shaking his head. “It isn’t a joke! I’m going to get married! I thought you would be supportive!” (Y/n) said in dismay. “You can’t marry him he’s an ignorant human” Malleus said firmly giving the young woman a stern look. She stared back at him confused at his choice of words, and then it clicked the realization she should have had years ago. “You aren’t human!” she said with her eyes wide. “None of you are human! You’re! You’re! You’re…” she trailed off not knowing the word to finish her accusation. “Fae, we’re fae sweet (Y/n) Lilia said with a toothy grin. “Well, at least Malleus and I are. Sebek here is a half-blood since his parents are a fae and a human, while Silver is a full-blood human like you” he added after a moment of thought. “But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you aren’t marrying any silly humans from that town of yours” he finished with a nod. “Yes, I am! I love him! And… and he loves me!” (Y/n) protested stomping her foot like a child. “What?” Sebek said in a hostile tone. “So you love them those filthy humans more than me?” he added advancing on (Y/n) and grabbing her arm. “What are you talking about Sebek?” the young woman said with obvious distress. “You are clearly not thinking straight” Malleus said coldly. “We’re going to take you home like we should have long ago when we first met. You belong to us after all…” he said with a purr. “After all you wandered off the path and nobody comes back from the forest alive…”
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I actually laughed when you decided to kill Malleus (also adopting Sebek is great, he just want to be good boy). Which actually interest me: Are there any other characters you dislike/least favorite but the fandom seems to love them?
[Referring to this post!]
When I first saw that ask, I immediately knew I wanted to kill Malleus, but I had a hard time deciding on what to do with the rest of Diasomnia. (I feel like most people would want to kill Sebek for being loud/annoying?) I thought it'd be funny if I adopted Lilia, so I was considering it... but in the end, I thought Sebek fit the role of the family child more.
I've already mentioned before that I dislike Malleus and Leona (though admittedly, I like Leona a little better now... but his personality still often rubs me the wrong way). However, I do not like the Dorm Leaders in general that much (the only exception being Kalim, and I believe he is the least popular of that group).
That's not to say that they're poorly written characters, that I "hate" them, or that I don't find them interesting. I'm actually pretty “meh” when it comes to Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Idia. I'm okay with them, all things considered, but I'd take the Vice Dorm Leaders (or even Ruggie or Ortho) over the Dorm Leaders any day. I just feel like the rest of the fandom loves and hypes up the Dorm Leaders as a concept so much that my indifference to them is considered to be an outlier.
Here's a clear example: I still remember the shock from the fandom when chapter 6 part 1 first came out. Most people were panicking about the kidnapped and worrying about Idia experimenting on them. Some were even jokingly saying they would beat up Idia if he touched a hair on Leona or Azul's head. Meanwhile, I was just chuckling about how absurd the situation was and only semi-concerned for Jamil (not because he got kidnapped, but because he has to be trapped in the same room with Azul for an unknown period of time).
Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy writing the Dorm Leaders, I just don't find myself deeply connecting with them or flocking to them for personal comfort.
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lynune · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lilia but with some edge
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murdermuffinloki · 3 months ago
Loki in Twisted Wonderland
(Aka what if Loki got sent to Night Raven College as punishment)
Tumblr media
He’d totally join the Diasomnia gang XD
Tumblr media
The Diasomnia uniform is so perfect for him <3
Tumblr media
Also Loki and Leona are totally gonna bond over being the overlooked second prince living in big brother’s shadow and never having a throne.
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deeva-arud · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes I think Malleus is lucky he wasn't born surrounded by technology, or this would have happened more than once
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torikaku · 21 days ago
an appreciation post for Lilia appearing in the manga 🛐🛐🛐
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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