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hadesisqueer · 2 days ago
Some more TOH Textposts
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cupcakeshakesnake · a day ago
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Aroace Lilith!
I love her
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drbtinglecannon · a day ago
Looking at the stiff frowns from their OG designs vs the genuine smiles on their most recent designs means a lot to me.
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Like yeah you go, Ex-Emperor's Cult Coven Leaders, go be free to live your best lives!
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jess-the-vampire · a day ago
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The Inbetween
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pizzaboat · 2 days ago
Not me failing to pick up on how well ttbk sets up young Eda valuing her friendship with lilith so well because there are active and consistent instances in the past of her trying to befriend people only for her to end up demonised
Like, I think the incident with the jello with the detention pit was Eda trying to befriend the birthday haver in that instance and ending up with it tacked onto her permanent record and faust using it against her
And at the compition she struggles to get people to even like her because she struggles with social ques and knowing what is and isn't appropriate in the moment
She's like the loudest kid in the room but doesn't know that she's being that loud or why it's wrong because that's the only way she knows how to be friendly
And she's so scared to lose Lilith because she genuinely thinks she'll be alone forever and never make another friend after that because Lilith looked past all of Eda's social things because she's autistic and doesn't care or notice sometimes and they're also raised as siblings so of course there's more tolerant towards her quirks because she's seen the best sides of Eda and can give her the benefit of the doubt
But then raine comes along and doesn't just tolerate her quirks, but loves them and I'm just not okay, because Eda probably thought they were both the coolest and a freak occurance in her life, but she played it up the more she got to know them as a her dork
I think I've said all this before, but yeah, it just hit me harder
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riveluart · 14 hours ago
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The last of season 2b is up so I can finally continue these now!
First group of season 1 pencil illustrations  First group of season 2a
1 2 3
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k-chips · a day ago
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Context: To escape a bad situation Lilith devises a dangerous and almost suicidal plan to save Eda, Luz and King…
Eda isn’t happy about it…
Oh yesssss angst
+ bonus
Tumblr media
Part 1
Part 2
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whimsicaldoodles · a day ago
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Aroace young Lilith for pride month since it's her canon orientation! Happy pride month to all aroaces, aros, aces, and other lgbtq+ peoples out there!
Alt version:
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Now, I have no way of proving this, but...
Given that Lilith Clawthorne and Darius Deamonne were:
A- Schoolmates (and likely friends, given that between Eda and Raine their social circles probably overlapped) ,
B- Coven Heads at the same time,
and C- The only two Coven Heads of a similar age at the time they worked together,
I like to think they were pretty good friends during their years as colleagues.
Mean girl duo Darius and Lilith knowing all the gossip. Between the two of them, you can bet any affair, breakup, or scandal is no longer a secret.
Workaholic Lilith refusing to take a break, even to sleep, and her annoyed BSF Darius showing up to force her to actually rest.
Fashion icon Darius coming over to help Lilith get ready for any major event. Hair, makeup, nails and all. He even sometimes helps her pick an outfit.
Darius lounging on the floor at the end of Lilith’s bed, complaining about his latest man while his aro/ace BSF strokes his hair sympathetically and thanks the Titan she doesn’t have to deal with this.
Lilith and Darius casually having completely wordless conversations during a Coven Heads meeting and the other head witches nervously wondering what they’re missing.
Darius and Lilith constantly having to deflect rumors that they’re dating, to the point where even Eda questions if they’re an item.
Eberwolf having to hold back Darius as they throw Lilith into the cage during Eda’s petrification ceremony- NOPE. Bad OP. *smacks with rolled up newspaper* No throwing angst into a wholesome post.
Anyway, just…them.
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eldragon-x · 2 days ago
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"Let me shield you with my pitiful life, oh powerful Titan!"
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darkmatter-nebula · 2 days ago
*Collector and King in a car with Lilith*
Collector and King *cheering*: McDonalds, McDonalds!
Lilith: We have food at home.
*Collector and King in a car with Darius*
Collector and King *cheering again*: McDonalds, McDonalds!
Darius: *stops at the drive inn*
Collector and King: *are happy*
Darius: *orders a black coffee and then leaves*
*Collector and King on Steve's motorcycle*
Collector and King *once again cheering*: McDonalds, McDonalds!
Steve *cheerful*: McDonalds, McDonalds!
*and so Collector and King finally got their happy meals*
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drbtinglecannon · 11 hours ago
Hooty has three secret talents
1. Somehow solving everyone's problems
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2. Befriending the ex leaders of cults
Tumblr media
(link to Dana's art with Hooty & Hunter cuz I'm not gonna repost it)
3. That fucking second face down his throat
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wrath-bob-aken · 2 days ago
Can you draw Lilith from The Owl House?
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welcometogrouchland · 2 hours ago
for the drawing requests luz dressing up as eda for halloween if u feel like it xoxox
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I ABSOLUTELY FEEL LIKE IT this was such a delightful request omg. Featuring some bonus clawthorne/Noceda family doodles because they come as a set. Do Not Separate Them
[ID: three images of digital fanart for the owl house. first image shows Luz dressed up as Eda's season 1 design, with her hair slicked back. she's posed mid-twirl, holding her dress in one hand, saying "surprise! I'm you. What do you think?". Next to her is a cartoony doodle of an emotional looking Eda.
The next image is a doodle of Luz and Eda dressed up as each other, looking at each other happily from a side view, labeled "they're matching".
Third image is a sketch page of Luz, Eda, Hunter and Lilith. It features a grinning Luz leaning on hunter saying "hey there sibling! How's my best brother doing?". She's labeled as "being a shit". Hunter looks unimpressed but has a thought bubble that says "sibling..." with a heart. Eda and Lilith are smiling, dressed as Luz and Hunter respectively. Eda says "remind you of anyone?" End ID]
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frabbitx · 2 days ago
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Here I like you! *shows ypu my fav aroace character*
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humandisastersquad · an hour ago
Smad about the missing potential of hunter and hooty shenanigans like can u imagine hunter eventually warming up to hooty and befriending him and hooty is Ecstatic and then goes on about how he needs to meet his other best friend ‘lulu’ and hunter’s like yeah alright I guess (nobody tells him who ‘lulu’ actually is. Luz bc she’s too busy or smth. King and Eda bc of the comedic potential)
And then ‘lulu’ eventually visits and hunter and lilith are both spiderman pointing at each other screaming YOU (derogatory)
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malhare · 2 days ago
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Aromantic Lilith Clawthorne stimboard for @bibillythepuppet​
💚💚💚 -- 🤍🤍🤍 -- 🖤🖤🖤
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that-sleepless-bard · 2 days ago
If multiple tracks were allowed for Eda’s generation
Eda would have taken all tracks
Raine would have taken Bard and Potions
Lilith would have taken Potions and Healing
Bump states that Eda’s the only other person in Hexside history besides Luz to want to take all tracks at once.
Raine’s shown to have a talent for chemistry to a point where they invented a spell that allowed them to alter liquids without it counting as mixing magic. There’s no way that isn’t malicious compliance at its finest because Raine had an interest in potions but was told no mixing magic was allowed.
Lilith is shown to have at least some interest in healing, and it’s the only other specific magic type besides potions that’s easily recognizable when she uses it. Determination to heal the curse aside, she also regularly carries first aid supplies. The only other people we see do this are in the healing coven or on the healing track (or wild, if you count Eda’s elixirs as first aid). Also I just can’t see her doing any of the other magic types on a regular basis.
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abr-235 · 2 days ago
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incantatrice-hex13 · 5 hours ago
Hooty, amazed: I'm a God.
Eda: You yelled 'shut up' at a storm and it happened to dissipate by pure coincidence.
Lilith: Let him have this.
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