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#lilith clawthorne
starsfic · 7 hours ago
(The Owl Lady Doctor/Companion AU) She was the Captain of the Emperor's Coven. A special task force that travels across the galaxy to get planets to join Emperor Belos' army. Of course, to the Owl Lady, the Captain's fugitive sister, she would always be the Raven Woman.(Which she got back during the Sisters' first incarnations when they were the Owl Lady and the Raven Woman)
But, for now, she was the Captain.
And she was tending to their prisoner.
The Captain wasn’t sure why the Emperor had decided to take this young girl with him. As far as scans indicated, she was human. A child from a child planet that wasn’t worth a thing. But Belos had ordered it.
“You need to be more careful.” she told the child as she wrapped bandages around her arm. The girl had gotten scratched during her latest escape attempt, the fact that she had no allies or any idea of the world outside not stopping her. “Next time, the Emperor will not be so kind.”
“I don’t care.” The girl grumbled into her knees. “I want to go home.” Her awe had lasted for about a day then she was kicking and screaming. Which was probably the reason Kiki wasn’t doing this.
“You are home.” That was what the Emperor had been telling her. The Captain stepped back, complete with the patch-up job. “Now, don’t try to escape again.” She turned to leave the room.
There was a mumble.
“...can Amity come and see me?”
The Captain blinked, not expecting the request. The last time they had been in the same room together, as far as she knew, they had nearly murdered each other. Well, Amity had nearly murdered her.
But if that was what she wanted...
She poked her head out of the girl’s bedroom, snagging a guard. “Go get Amity Blight.” she ordered. She turned back to the girl. “Anything else?”
“No. Thank you.”
The Captain huffed. Without another word, she stalked out of the room.
She needed to get back to her actual job.
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bccfggffbgv · 8 hours ago
Oh? You must be the vampire huntress that was sent here to slay little old me~? Oh my, you're quite easy to fluster~ Perhaps we can forget this whole "killing me" business and we can instead have some "fun" in my chambers~...
Lilith, while dressed/role-playing as a certain vampire in front of a heavily blushing Helen.
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sunnythecat666 · 11 hours ago
Now that it's much more clear that Lilith has BPD, I wanna find that one person that called Lilith racist and an abuser and throw them into a pit of spikes ✨Lilith style✨ bc holy fuck that long post about her was ableist as shit
If you're that one person then know now that you're one of the many reasons I hate non borderlines
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bccfggffbgv · 12 hours ago
Q-shorts: Bold words!
Lilith, while being mopey and depressed: I absolutely despise myself,I don't deserve anything after what I've done...I don't even understand why she still loves me even after finding out how much of a monster I truely am...
Helen, while her eyes glowed a vibrant violet color: Bold words for someone in cuddle distance.
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bccfggffbgv · 13 hours ago
Haven't you heard, "Comrade"?! Stars and stripes beats hammer and sickle!! Look it up!!!!
Soldier, after market gardening Gray! Ruv while he was busy doing his evil monologue to Jackrow, Luz, and Lilith.
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sunnythecat666 · 13 hours ago
Hey so I have an upcoming post about how Eda is no better than Lilith (stay with me here) and I'm not really hating on her since I love her too, I'm just pointing out her own wrongdoings throughout the 1st season and talking about how it's unfair for the fandom to ignore them and treat her like she's perfect and then turn around and treat Lilith like she's worse
My question is: do I need to tag Eda hate/negativity and keep it out of her main tags? Again, I'm not hating on her, I'm just using her wrongdoings to call out the fandom's unfair biases
Please answer in the replies
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pizzaboat · 21 hours ago
Luz: *opens the front door*
Lilith: I need your help
Luz: you're the worst.
Luz: *slams the door*
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Sneak Peek for Locked Out chapter 15
Edalyn had squealed in delight as the frilly skirt of her Grom dress twirled around her. She’d been looking forward to this day for weeks, and getting all dressed up made it all the more real that it was finally here.
But the closer their departure drew, the more nervous she felt.
“What if she hates it?”
“She’s not going to,” Lilith said reassuringly, and squeezed her shoulder gently. “And if she does, she’s dumb and I’m going to kick her ass.”
Eda rolled her eyes (the thought of Lilith kicking anyone’s ass was ridiculous) but she appreciated the gesture nonetheless.
“Didn’t you hit yourself in the face with a broom last week? Pretty sure my date would kick your ass before you’d even have the chance to blink.”
Instead of getting annoyed as Eda expected, Lilith simply raised an eyebrow at her.
“You’d be surprised, you know," she said with a vague air of superiority. “I’ve been training.”
“Training?” Eda asked in mock confusion. “But Lily, you're already so good at hitting yourself with brooms!”
“Edalyn...” Lilith groaned. “You’re impossible.”
Her younger sister bowed.
“Why thank you, Lily! I take great pride in my ability to be a nuisance!” She smiled at Lilith. “I do appreciate you wearing that terrible suit, by the way. You look so awful that I’m sure nobody will pay attention to me.”
“Hey!” Lily protested, but when their eyes met, they both burst out laughing.
“If you didn’t want me to insult your suit, you should have picked a different one,” Eda teased, still chuckling.
Her sister sighed.
“I hate you.”
Edalyn smirked, her fingers once more tracing the frills of the dress Lilith had bought for her for this very occasion.
“No, you don’t.” She beamed. “I don’t hate you either, by the way. Not that you aren’t a pain in the ass, but... I’m glad you’re my sister. Sometimes, at least.”
Lily pulled her into a hug.
“Me too, Edalyn.” Lilith loved the suit she was wearing, but secretly, she was a little glad insulting it made her little sister feel a bit better. “Hexside’s really lucky to have you, you know. We couldn’t ask for a better Grom queen.”
Eda tried to seem nonchalant, but her eyes gleamed with pride.
“Well, despite the fact that Bump hates my guts, even he can’t deny I’m the best woman for the job.” When she let go of Lilith, another smirk had found its way onto her lips. “This has to be a bit embarrassing for you, doesn’t it? That your little sis is Grom queen before you are?”
Lilith shrugged.
“Bump picked you for a reason. And believe it or not, I do not envy you in the slightest.” There was something unreadable in her expression, but before Eda had the chance to question it, the doorbell screamed, interrupting their chat. “And there’s your girlfriend.”
“Coming!” Eda yelled, squeezing her sister’s hand once more before she rushed down the stairs.
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cyanisbirdmom666 · 23 hours ago
So this is the Owl House fandom questions!
From this post
Send me more fandoms!
Fandoms I can do include:
Tumblr media
First character I ever fell in love with:
LUZ! She’s just a really lovable character!! I don’t know a single person that hates her.
A character I used to love/like but now don’t:
Don’t have one :)
A ship I used to love/like but now I don’t:
Hmm… don’t have one for this either XD.
Favorite character EVER:
Luz! But Eda is a very close second.
My most hated character:
It used to be Lily, but now I’m going with Emperor Belos.
Lumity (Luz x Amity). They’re pretty cute together :)
Bosha x Willow. Billow? Wosha? I dunno but I really hate it in the show. Bosha is Willow’s bully, not lover! It’s just as bad as Dramione. I can understand why people ship them in AUs but if you ship them in the show…
What the heck.
Favorite Episode:
Enchanting Grom Fright and Agony of a Witch.
Favorite Season:
Uh… Season 1?
Least favorite season:
Character most everyone loves, but I hate:
Don’t have one :)
“You’re a piece of garbage but you’re still a fave”:
Emperor Belos. He’s pretty cool. An interesting and terrifying villain.
My “Cinnamon roll who deserves better”:
My “This ship is nasty but I still love it”:
Don’t have one.
My “They’re cute- but not too invested”:
Don’t have one 🙃
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seaweedraindraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Go for it, Steve!
I’ve had one of the many Steves from @moringmark​ ‘s comics in my head ever since I saw this challenge and couldn’t help but to draw him
Tumblr media
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bccfggffbgv · a day ago
Jackrow doesn't feel comfortable with mother's day at times due to my time being held prisoner by Samuel and when his adoptive mother, Susan Joyce...passed away tragically due to being heavily poisoned by Gray Matter's venomous bite...
Helen, while explaining to Lilith why her son isn't a fan of mother's day while at camp.
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animerunner · a day ago
5+1 Luz had to be kept from Emotionally Shutting Down
Warnings: References to bullying and not healthy coping mechanisms.
Summary: Luz wasn't entirely sure when the first time someone told her that 'Maybe if she wasn't so emotional other kids would like her better'. But before coming to the Boiling Isles she had heard it enough that at some point she internalized it.
So of course when the others start to notice they decide they have to do it.
Five Times Luz started emotionally shutting down because that's the way she was taught to cope with the bullying. Not that it ever worked. And the others had to stop her before she does it.
Notes: So I saw this post post:
And this post:
And I essentially went 'Well that's not healthy. Relatable. But not healthy.' And then went 'Lets write a fic about it.'
So I wrote this.
So here we are.
There's a couple of other references to my other fics. But not anything to an extent that you need to have read them to understand what happened.
I have no clue what my productivity is going to be like in the next couple of weeks.
So if you don't see me before June don't be surprised.
Please feel free to leave a comment or kudos!
I originally wasn't going to post today. But I needed something positive after finals. So here y'all go!
Thanks to @fallenflowersfromgrace for looking it over before I posted!
Link to Fic
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bccfggffbgv · a day ago
Q-shorts: Lunch plan
Lilith, to the clone sisters: Helen is picking up lunch, what do you two want?
Onyx (Brisk's newer/better name), as her eyes became black: THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT...~!
Eve: A bagel!
Onyx, while annoyed: NO!!
Eve, wanting to be nice to her younger sister: Two bagels!!
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cartoonsofthecosmos · a day ago
Let’s assume for a moment that at some point in The Owl House, Emperor Belos will be overthrown. I also think it's reasonable to assume that someone else will take power after Belos and (hopefully) rule over the Boiling Isles in a more fair and just way than Belos did. I’ve been thinking recently about who this could possibly be.
I don’t think Eda would be interested in ruling. She’s the polar opposite of power-hungry. King would certainly want to be emperor, but he’s not exactly qualified, and I don’t think the people of the Isles would want him as leader. Luz will likely be going back home. Amity, Gus, and Willow are all people who I can see doing a good job as emperor, but I feel like they might be too young.
 I’m thinking the new emperor might be Lilith.
She clearly has a desire to be powerful. She has a great deal of experience. Her decision making skills and her, well, not-being-evil skills need work, but she has time to work on these things should she choose to. Plus, wouldn’t that be a wild redemption for Lilith? The person who loyally served Belos for so many years taking over his former position, not because she rose through his ranks but because she joined a revolution and overthrew him? 
I think it’s a possibility.
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Tumblr media
Everyone has their own comfort characters, they have helped me through times of horrible things and places and I know they will always be here when I need them
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