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#lilith the raven lady
cartoongirl · 3 months ago
Eda: I'm proud of you.
Hunter, crying: It's been so long since any sort of parental figure said that to me.
Eda, also crying: You think of me as a parental figure?
Lilith: What the fuck did I miss
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r59k6 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<-< I'm sorryyyy on my mind Lilith also likes anime okay? bye <.<!!
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gotanywhiskey · 4 days ago
Eda: I don’t like your accusatory tone.
Lilith: Well, I’d use a different tone, but I’m trying to accuse you of something.
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fuckthisshitimin · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
We all know hot garbage woman Lilith (yes I’m thinking about @tortol​). But did you ever think.
Hot garbage woman Lilith?
Tumblr media
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multimilfs · 5 months ago
Lilith Clawthorne x Fem!Reader: Happy Anniversary, Indeed
Summary: ssj6mami requested "Can you make a Lilith x Buff Bimbo Reader story about there anniversary as a couple"
A/N: It is a wild ride getting back into writing Lilith, but I hope everyone likes it!
Tag List: @multifandomfix @ghostsunderstoodmysoul @white--lillies
Warning(s): None
Tumblr media
Lilith’s voice called through the house. The dark, empty house. All of the shades were drawn and there was no sign of life. It made the coven leader frown, before switching on a light near the front door.
She set her staff and bag near the door, unpacking a few items from the bag; a water bottle, her lunch container, and a notebook. Taped to the top of the lunch container was a ripped piece of paper, on which you’d written a note and drawn a tiny Lilith. She carefully peeled it away and set it aside to save.
As she started to dig in the cabinets for a snack, a loud thud came from the back of the house. Lilith froze. Snack search forgotten, the witch snagged her staff and prowled towards the source of the noise. She stopped in confusion when another noise came from your shared bedroom of all places.
Taking a deep breath, Lilith aimed her staff and blasted the door off of the hinges. A stunned shriek came from the room. A shriek she knew, quite well.
“Darling?! What are you-” Lilith stopped short, staring at you with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.
“Don’t laugh.” You said, your cheeks tinted red.
“You- I-” She tried to speak, but was forced to stop. She clapped a hand over her mouth to stop her laughter from escaping.
“I’m sorry, darling, I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just, how did you get yourself into this situation?”
Stepping over the destroyed door and into the room, she examined the scene. There were candles covering various surfaces and casting a soft glow over the room, a wrapped box sitting on the edge of the bed. And then there you were, trapped in a litany of vines near the window.
Despite the way you were trapped, it was a beautiful scene. No one had been so much effort in for Lilith before. The box on the edge of the bed had her attention, but she forced herself to acknowledge the state you were in.
“I know creeping lattice is your favorite, so I picked some up. They grabbed me before I could finish decorating.” You admitted with a pout.
“Well, did you feed them?”
“Feed them? They don’t have a mouth!”
“That’s why you buy the special fertilizer.”
“Lilith, my love, I’m an expert on animals - not plants.” You said with an over dramatic eye roll.
She didn’t hide her laugh this time, turning and leaving the room. The action left you shocked. You attempted to swing, in hopes that the vines wouldn’t sustain the motion and let you go. They tightened their hold on you instead.
“Lilith!” You whined, “Come back!”
“Hush, I’m coming.”
Walking back in the room, she was lugging a bag with her. The bright lettering told you that it was fertilizer. You waited as she poured some in the pot of the vines, patting it down over the topsoil.
It took a few moments and then the vines released you. You dropped to the ground suddenly, letting out a groan as you rolled onto your back. Lilith dropped the bag of fertiziler, helping you stand.
“Thank you,” You smiled, “Happy Anniversary, Lily.”
“Happy Anniversary, my darling.” Lilith grinned.
The witch leant up for a kiss, which you granted happily. Her lips were insistent and you met them with the same energy. Then you suddenly wrapped your arms around her waist, spinning her. Lilith squealed as you spun.
Being careful to avoid the candles around the room, you sat her on the edge of the bed. You sat at her side and pulled her into you. Pressing a kiss to her forehead, you looked at the way she grinned.
“Darling?” She whispered.
“What did you do with Caspian?”
“You know those new watcher services? I hired one of those.”
“How… Caspian isn’t a normal pet…” Lilith said, a crease forming between her eyebrows.
“I included instructions.” You shrugged.
Lilith nodded, trying to let go of her worry. The clock on the wall reminded her of how late it was though. She looked back up at you.
“When were you supposed to pick him up?” She asked.
A look of complete and utter horror crossed your face. Lilith leaned away, resisting the urge to laugh again. You bolted from the room in search of your staff. She followed behind, grabbing said item from where it was leaning next to the door.
You took it gratefully, using one arm to pull her into a strong hug, kissing her soundly on the lips. If you didn’t have to go somewhere, her lips would have encouraged you to stay. You ran out of the door and took off with a wave.
“Fly safe!” She called after you.
“I will! I love you!” You yelled back.
“And I love you!”
She walked back into the house, knowing you’d return soon. She couldn’t help but shake her head with a laugh. Happy anniversary, indeed.
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r59k6 · a year ago
Tumblr media
"Ah shit, here we go again" (?)  I'm convinced that she still has her curly hair and still uses her glasses at home
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gotanywhiskey · 4 days ago
Lilith: Please tell me you did not kidnap him, Eda?
Eda, carrying Hunter: I did not kidnap him
Lilith: Oh thank goodness
Eda: I adopted him
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tigerwolfdemon21 · 10 months ago
A conversation between the Clawthrone sisters
Eda: I can't believe you took in the traumatized trio.
Lilith: what Edalyn, you adopted a human.
Eda: I found a human. She was lost. She has a loving supportive home. Do I love her? Yes. Will I return her? Also yes. You found three mistreated kids, stole them and now they are your problem. I at least have a chance at a co parent situation. You just have three kids and a bunch of rich bastards hunting you down.
Lilith: yeah but (points to the blight siblings asleep curled up on the sofa.)
Eda: fair point.
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fuckthisshitimin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Since I saw this post by @mikomicnonsense I wanted to draw a short-haired Lilith. But with her natural color and glasses.
Manifesting for a coll new design of Lilith in season2-b.
(I used @abisalli‘s emotion challenge to help with the expressions.)
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l-egionaire · 4 months ago
I had the idea for a fic where Eda puts together a surprise birthday party for Luz and I thought of this hilarious scene.
Eda goes to see Lilith and Gwendolyn to ask if Lilith can keep Luz busy and Gwen offers to help.
Gwendolyn: After all Edalyn, Luz is the probably the closest I’ll have to a granddaughter so it’s only right that I lend a hand.
Eda and Lilith are both flabbergasted.
Eda: Wha- where did you-? Luz is not my-!
 Lilith: Why do you immediately assume that? I could still have kids. 
  Eda and Gwen both laugh at that . 
 Eda: Yeah, sure, keep telling yourself that Lily.
 Lilith: Oh go buy your daughters birthday cake, mommy.
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