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#lily arts

not the doodle i intended to break in my new tablet with, but i’m not surprised either - i can’t stop rewatching this show 💙

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also started reworking the colours on that molly piece i never finished

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both of us in c2 :) either make me some wholesome art or mock me. surprise me


wOA I DIDN’T MAKE FUN OF U IN MY ART FOR ONCE, Also this is like the only idea I had lmao, here u go

Send me a face!

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An old OC of mine, her name is Julia, and I love her

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A little gift for the lovely @penaltywaltz I’m a lil late but I wanted to give you something to cheer you up when you were feeling down, so have some lovely badass ladies. Keep on writing, you are inspiring!

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my brain says to stop spending money but my heart says to commission people for art of my ships

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