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#lily evans
blvnk-art · 2 days ago
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After this moment.
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eleni-anz · a day ago
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just one kiss               my dear friend we’ll meet again                 in the grave
inspired by the fanfic LD50 and the song Луна - Поцелуи
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Remus: Me no sad, me no care, me go marry billionaire
Lily: If he die, me no cry, me go marry another guy
Both: *turn to look at Sirius and James*
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eternal-courage · 2 days ago
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This is an absolutely beautiful fanart of Lily my mate Tor did for me. I am absolutely grateful for her. I've known her since I was a mere five year old, and I really wanted to post this to show my appreciation for her. I'm tagging @blvnk-art and @constancezin as well. I really would like for as many people possible to see this because she really deserves the support. She took a lot of time out to do this for me and I think she will really appreciate it.
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scriibble-fics · a day ago
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Title: Bought
Rating: M
Word count: 80,978 ; 6/? chapters [WIP]
Summary: "I've given this this a lot of thought," he says, "And I want to buy you." [First Wizarding World AU featuring Slytherin!Marauders and Death Eater!James]
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sunshine-marauders · 2 days ago
Just Pretend Chapter 1 - sep jilychallenge
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read on AO3
Jily Challenge | September 2021 | Theme: Celebrities
prompt: "we’re hiding in an alleyway from the paps and crap they're coming quick kiss me to hide our faces"
paired with the lovely @be11atrixthestrange!
The movie premiere of the most highly anticipated film of the year Ophelia, as indicated by box office sales, was expected to be a lively function. It boasted big-name attendees, ranging from avengers star Scarlett Johansson to the well-known director of Ophelia, Fleamont Potter, who was accompanied to the event by his wife, Euphemia Potter, talented ex-Bollywood actress, and their teenage son, James (15), known for his charm and charisma even at his young age, though sadly yet to make his first appearance in a film.
The public, us at The People’s Quill included, had been eagerly awaiting the elder Potter’s speech and a glimpse at the dynamic between the actors. Everyone had a watchful eye trained on budding talent Lily Evans (15), a child star making her big-screen debut in Ophelia after only a few years of theater lessons in her small hometown. In the film, Evans plays Amelie Rapier, the younger sister of the titular starring character, Ophelia Rapier, who is played by Emmeline Vance (21).
However, shocking us all, the evening ended with the most unexpected outcome we could have imagined. Evans, normally the picture of propriety and unconventional beauty, was pictured storming away from the carpet in a fit of rage. Sources at the event confirm that prior to her disappearance, she was spotted exchanging words with the Potters. Pictures snapped by our camera people verify that Evans seemed to have been getting along with Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, the former being the director of Ophelia. It was their son that seemed to have irked her, for they were seen scowling at each other, the reasons unknown. Shockingly enough, only moments prior to the altercation, James Potter was seen kissing Evans’ hand, though she didn’t appear pleased at it.
What caused her fury is yet to be determined. All we can do is speculate. Is Lily Evans truly the sweetheart we assumed she was? Is James Potter not the charming young man we thought we knew?
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belly's 2k reading list
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well I suppose a thank you is in order. so. thank you all for 2k lmaooo; but still seriously; i fucking adore every single one of you. i love you lovies (~ ̄³ ̄)~
Down below are some of the most wonderfully written fics i've ever come across.
Contains – Angst. CrackFics. Fluff. Smut.
Tumblr media
D.M || @riddlesia
Anguis || @fawneii
Stars || @acosmis-t
Hatred || @/dr4cking
Rounds || @/acosmis-t
Attention || @dr4cking
Why || @/ameliasbitvh
Office || @ameliasbitvh
Bad Day || @saintlike78
Wrong || @noceurwhore
Needy || @/ameliasbitvh
Breathe || @wondernimbus
Home Alone || @dracoscum
Unappreciated || @eunoniaa
Spilled Coffee || @/eunoniaa
Parenthood || @/chyanxrene
Wings And All || @/acosmis-t
Stealth || @peppers-analytics
Hand Job || @/weaselbrownie
Errant Arrows || @/acosmis-t
Beneath The Stars || @mauvea
Google || @/dracosathenaeum
One More Drink || @chyanxrene
Roadman || @dracosathenaeum
Through The Phone || @b-aobao
Play Pretend || @/wondernimbus
The Color Of Envy || @/acosmis-t
Attention || @/dracosathenaeum
Point Of View || @draconisxcaput
Helping Hands || @weaselbrownie
You Beautiful Thing || @angel4you
Family Man || @dracossweetprincess
Prefect’s Bathroom || @yellowsuitcase
Chocolate Cake || @carnationbasement
Wisps Of Smoke || @/littlemissnoname13
You And Your Green Apples || @littlemissnoname13
Mischief At The Manor || @/yellowsuitcase
Breakfast In Bed || @/dracossweetprincess
Harry Potter And The Haggis || @/dracosathenaeum (zoe im sorry but these fics 😭)
Peanut || @/acosmis-t || J.P
His Lady || @l0vely-lupin || M.R
Don't Stop || @/acosmis-t || R.W
Picturesque || @wolfstar-lb || J.P
Pure Bliss || @/l0vely-lupin || R.W
Pop || @/saintlike78 || J.P R.L S.B
Morning Angel || @/angel4you || J.P
Put On A Show || @/angel4you || J.P R.L S.B
Cuddle Me || @just-a-smol-spoon || D.M J.P L.E M.N R.L S.B
Tumblr media
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arandombigirl · 2 days ago
- James, Lily and Regulus are happily in a polyamorous relationship. Harry is their child, and he has a few other siblings
- Marlene and Dorcas are cottagecore lesbians and live in Hogsmeade
- Sirius and Remus were just like 'hey, why can't we be cottagecore too' and bought the cottage next door. Remus is also Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. They have a son called Teddy and Tonks was their surrogate
- Mary is married to a muggle enby and she is also a professor at Hogwarts
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longlivelupin · 2 days ago
marauders as random things i have saved on my phone : part 3
lily to james :
Tumblr media
remus :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
marauders to the slytherins :
Tumblr media
sirius :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
remus in 4th year when his hand brushed against sirius' :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 16 hours ago
Lily: *in labor*
James: *in shock at what’s happening*
Sirius: *pulling him aside* are you alright mate?
James: I guess it’s finally sinking in. I mean I always knew I was going to have a baby but I guess I never realized that the baby will be having me..
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thatthinginthemoss · a day ago
Okay so this is my updated hc’s on the Marauders & Co. but there’s no war and no one dies because that just seems unrealistic like how would they ever let that happen
James Potter
• pansexual king
• Indian, his parents moved over to the UK a few years after getting married but made sure to keep visiting family especially after James was born, going over for most of the summer holidays (they’d always invite Sirius who didn’t accept the invitation until the summer before 7th year as by this time they were living with James but in the other years they made sure to tell them when they’d go and return)
• mother hen to the extreme, always made sure his friends knew they could come to him if they needed comforting or help or just to talk etc
• really bad anxiety because he just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone so when things don’t go as he wanted he quietly freaks outs until he can calm down or someone else calms him down (for years it was just marauders but after getting close with Lily she started to help as well and then later on Regulus as well)
• didn’t actually fancy Lily until about 6th year before that he just thought she was cool and wanted to be friends with them
• but when he did realise he fancied her he f r e a k e d out because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship and briefly forgot how act around them
• everyone saw how much they liked each other but both were oblivious thinking the other just thought of them as a friend so they didn’t get together until just before 7th year at the end of the summer after much convincing from friends
• since there’s no war they decide not to get married so soon and wait a few more years marrying when they’re 24 instead
• Harry’s born about a few years after they get married and you know James is the best dad out there, he’s slightly overprotective just because he knows how he and the marauders were but he’s still a lot of fun
• they have twins after Harry because 1. James was an only child until Sirius (because Sirius is is his sibling and you can’t tell me otherwise, they thought each other siblings since 1st year) and 2. while Lily and Petunia don’t get on as they used to, she always thinks of the time when they did get on and wanted Harry to have that as well
• he’s the cool dad that all of Harry’s friends love so of course they’re house is almost always full of kids
• he’s a great cook because while he enjoyed cooking with his mum when he was younger he got her to teach him as many recipes as she could when he moved out so he could have little dinner parties with the marauders then to spoil Lily after they move in then so he can spoil the kids as well
• he likes Simon & Garfunkel and you can’t change my mind
okay so I am a Jegulily shipper so you can just skip this if you don’t like it or don’t ship them (i fell into a hole of Jegulily don’t at me)
• when James realised he fancied Regulus he again freaked out because he was married to Lily by this point and felt awful since he loved her so much but also liked Regulus
• he did eventually tell Lily after ignoring it for awhile hoping it would go away but it didn’t and he definitely cried when he did so because he thought Lily would hate him and leave him
• but she didn’t obviously but they did both cry about it for a while thinking it was would be the end of their relationship
• they decided to wait a while before telling Regulus to try and see if he did fancy them but neither could tell so it took awhile
• they did tell them though after deciding it’s be best to just do so and if he didn’t like them then they’d get over it together
• Regulus did like both of them though and again everyone cried and hugged a lot because of the relief
• they all dated for awhile before James and Lily decided to ask Regulus to move in with them because they just hated being so far away even though it wasn’t that far
• James always makes time to spend with just Regulus so he doesn’t start to feel left out, he takes them on dates or they go to the cinema together of just lay around curled up next to each on the couch
• he does the same with Lily but also knows when to leave them to be with each other and when to be with both of them
• after Harry and the twins born James makes sure that Regulus knows they’re just as much their parent as he is even if not biological
• anyways James lives a very long and happy life with his family and friends
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mppmaraudergirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 4
Lily doesn’t look in his direction as she moves the short distance between where she and the girls sit and an opening at the bar, but she feels his eyes on her and straightens her shoulders.
Once again the bar is jammed packed with patrons, people littered up and down the counter and the nearby tables, so she is unsurprised that she does not garner immediate attention. She momentarily flashes back to the times she has found herself in this position, only to be joined shortly after by Hot Bar Guy—the thoughts are interrupted as she feels someone brush next to her, settling close to her backside hovering near the stool behind her.
Her stomach clenches then drops in the span it takes for two words to be uttered, “Hello beautiful.”
Read on AO3 || Chapter 1
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factoryhens · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some Jily for you <3
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olivegardengirl3 · a day ago
The reason Harry’s scar looked like that in the movies is because it was a throwback to the famous David Bowie lightning bolt look as a device to convey that not a single person in that book series is straight
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