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#lily evans
whimsicalsirius · 33 minutes ago
[sirius alone with baby harry]
lily: where is everybody?!
sirius: remus is at home depressed, a couple of death eaters attacked james so he’s in the hospital and u were out
lily: and YOU WERE IN CHARGE!?!
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 3 hours ago
James: [to Sirius] You were my midnight mystery kisser?
Sirius: [shocked] You were my first kiss with Marlene?!
James: You were my first kiss EVER?
Lily: what did I marry into
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lcving-young-padfoot · 3 hours ago
a death eater: i can kill you now...
james: but- um- so could anyone else.
the death eater:
marlene: a horse...
sirius: a car...
lily: a really ambitious duck.
remus: hell, i can kill myself!
the death eater: i-
dorcas: you're not special.
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megthehouseelf · 3 hours ago
Talk Too Much- chapter one
decided to write a texting fic on the side just for fun and might as well try to get people to read it! Next chapter will be up in a couple hours after I post this <3
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pygmypuffarnoldsblog · 3 hours ago
- 1981 is the year where everything feels like falling down a cliff but you never land, you just zoom towards the ground in constant fear. at this point, you think “i hope it ends, i want to fall, i want to crash already to the ground” but it never ends...
- that sums up remus lupin after the war. 
- this guy has been bitten by greyback when he was just a kid, because of his father accusing werewolves wrongly and speaking about them in an insulting manner
- yet he never blames him, because he doesn’t want to lose another person too
- the year starts off slightly better. because as they say ‘a new year, a new hope.’ but it doesn’t always work that way. 
- lily and james are in hiding, and they have been in hiding since lily was pregnant. they’ve been locked into this cottage for almost a year and a half now. they want to live as normal twenty year olds, not like a baby trapped in its crib
- peter is already a death eater and he’s acting strange, his friends think he’s worried for them
- “wormy, don’t worry, everything will be fine! harry loves his uncle pete!” lily says, but little does she know that harry will want to kill him himself, because their dear friend pete already made the mistake of his life.
- everything evolves so quickly. 
- dorcas is the one to die first. everyone is devastated, she was killed by a troupe of vicious death eaters and now she’s gone forever. 
- then in july, right before harry’s first birthday, marlene and her family is killed by the death eaters. voldemort wipes out her entire family. lily loses her best friend, harry loses her godmother (probably was his godmother)
- dumbledore informs the order that there’s in fact a spy among them. there’s an impostor who keeps delivering info to the enemy. 
- everyone suspects a different person, but the people who said “we won’t judge because you’re a werewolf” are the ones who distrust remus first.
- the sad part is that, this includes sirius. 
- james and lily decide not to involve him in the fidelius charm and not make him the secret keeper. remus wants to help but feels betrayed. he just lost his best friend’s trust. 
- with the anger that fills remus, he also blames sirius because of his so called family. 
- the two get into a big fight and remus is sent away on a one month mission with werewolves. the two aren’t on good terms. 
- remus comes back, wondering where everyone is. no one is there, not even sirius. 
- dumbledore explains everything to him and remus breaks down on his knees.
- “this must be the landing, this must be where everything ends...” he thinks
- he spends twelve years alone, thinking the man he loved just betrayed them all, killing the three of them. 
- sirius escaped azkaban and remus gets a job at hogwarts. 
- maybe this is his chance to put everything back in order, to go back to normal, but it isnt. 
- the truth is unraveled, sirius is innocent and peter is alive. but one night destroys everything, the one potion he forgets destroys everything
- snape causes him to lose his job, the thing he needed the most... just because of them being immature childhood enemies. remus sirius and james matured, but snape never did. 
- remus is raging mad, he’s the angriest he has been to dumbledore
- “how dare you let him rot in that place for twelve years! you didn’t do anything to save him! i told you, i told you he wasn’t guilty!”
- sirius is killed by his cousin, bellatrix. remus thinks this must be the fall, but it isn’t.
- he’s happy for once, he’s married to tonks, they have a kid, teddy, and they are happy finally.
- but the battle of hogwarts happens. and that is finally the fall he’s been waiting for since he was five...
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ao3feed-jily · 4 hours ago
of breakfast and brighter beginnings
read it on the AO3 at
by greyofmydayoldtea
"I won’t have you encouraging him, you’re a much worse influence than me,” Remus paused, then shook his head, face splitting into a grin he couldn’t deny. “So, what’s the plan, then? This better be brilliant if I’m letting you get away with it.”
“Good influence, my arse,” said Sirius.
“You’re both terrible influences, really,” came a bright, cheerful voice from the entryway.
“Mum!” Harry grinned and ran into Lily’s outstretched arms."
Words: 808, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/M, M/M
Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans Potter, James Potter
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, James Potter/Lily Evans Potter
Additional Tags: credit to atyd for many details in this!, basically this is if everything was Good and Right and Happy, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Breakfast, Nicknames, so many nicknames, your honor they deserve to be happy so here u go, i meant to make this way longer but its past midnight so here u get crumbs sorry, also p.s. i despise jkr
read it on the AO3 at
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anxioussweasley · 4 hours ago
Hi! Can I request a fic for Fred with the prompts number 1 (you're such a dork) and 30 (I'm so in love with you) and can you make it a best friends to lovers? Thanks and I hope you have a great day!
Late Night Pranks
1. “You are such a dork.”
30. “I am so in love with you.”
Warnings: cursing, pure fluff!
Prompt list Masterlist
Word count: 1.7k
A/n: I love this one! Like... I just love it💕💕💕💕💕
“Y/n! C’mon”
You were startled from sleep by the hushed shouts, looking up to find your best friend shaking you awake. “Fred? What the hell are you doing?”
“I’m waking you up. But I’m pretty sure you can see that,” Fred laughs, purposely keeping his voice quiet so he didn’t wake your roommates.
“Yes, Fred I can see that!” You whisper harshly back. “What I am asking is why?”
“Because George and I need help with a prank,” Fred stated matter of factly.
“Freddie, dear?” You asked in a falsely sweet voice.
“Yes, love?” Fred replied, the same sickly sweet tone in his voice. It wasn’t unnormal for the two of you to talk like this, after all he was your best friend, and all friends flirted every once in a while.
“Did you seriously wake me up in the middle of the night; for a bloody prank!” Your voice was louder than it should have been and your over exaggerated anger, at the disruption of your sleep, made Fred chuckle nervously.
“Ummmm. Maybe?” His voice was uneasy, his nervous laughter shining through. You let out a scoff, shaking your head before, sitting up and swinging your legs off the bed.
“This better be worth it Weasley!” You grunted, pulling yourself out of bed. “Or I’ll hex you into next week”
Fred let out another nervous chuckle. “Oh, it will be love. And don’t worry about us getting caught; me and George borrowed the map back from Harry.” You rolled your eyes at Fred’s confidence, moving over to your chest.
“What are you looking for?” Fred asked as you dug through the box.
“A jumper. It’s freezing outside and the castle is always cold at night,” You answered. Before you could continue your search a warm piece of material was thrown over your head.
“What’s this?” You questioned as you stood to remove the garment from your head.
“It’s my jumper. You can never find yours and I have lots of old ones, so I brought you an extra.” Fred said, gesturing for you to put it on in a hurried manner.
“Now C’mon! There is much to do,” he quipped, hurriedly pulling open the door.
You were blushing like mad at the idea of wearing one of Fred’s sweaters, but the dark of your room hid it well. You hurriedly threw the jumper on watching as the sleeves engulfed your hands before quickly following Fred out the door and down to the common room. Before you can make your way out the portrait whole though, Fred placed a large box in your arms and then picked up another one and his quidditch broom, quickly checking the map before gesturing for you to go out the door. “Fred,” you whispered, “what is all this stuff?”
“Materials for the prank,” came his hushed reply.
“Where is George?” You asked.
“He is setting up another prank down by Filch’s office,” he answered. Fred then handed you his broom before moving his box so he was holding it with one arm. This way he could watch the map until you arrived at your destination.
“And he let you have the map?” You questioned quietly, you could see in the map that filch was just beginning to make his way up the endless spiral staircase to the astronomy tower. No doubt on the way to check for sneaking teenagers.
“Yep he figured since I volunteered to be out past curfew with the loudest, clumsiest person we know, I deserved it.” Fred laughed, as he checked the map before turning down a new hallway. “Oh shove off you little git! Where are we going anyway?” You questioned, you hadn’t been paying much attention to where you were walking, that is until you saw the large archway of the entrance to the dungeons.
“Oh no.” You said under your breath. Quickly remembering that Snape had given the twins a very unjustified detention 3 days ago and they had yet to get him back for it.
“Oh yes,” Fred quipped, “this is going to be fun.”
“Fred Weasley! Please tell me you did not drag me out of bed and all the way down here, so that I could help you prank Snape of all people! If we get caught, we won’t have to worry about detention; we’ll be dead!” You whisper shouted at the boy.
“Y/n, don’t worry so much. Everything is going to be fine, I have the map remember?” You shook your head at the boys idiotic behavior, but follow him into the dark dungeons anyway.
Pretty soon, you are standing right outside of Snape's office. It turns out that this particular prank had to be rigged to the ceiling, which is why Fred had brought his broom.
“If you just wanted me to stand down here, why did you bring me anyway?” You asked Fred as he was setting up the prank. “Because I needed help carrying the boxes. And you're not doing nothing, you're keeping look out remember?” Fred answered you. At the mention of being “look out” you scanned over the marauders map checking to make sure no one was coming this way. “Also this part is boring and you're nice to look at.” Fred added jokingly.
“You’re an idiot! Y’know that?” You scoff at him, although you felt your cheeks burning with your blush.
“An idiot with a very attractive best friend,” Fred announced. You let out another scoff, your blush becoming brighter than the red jumper you were wearing. There were a few very long minutes of silence then and you wondered if it was due to Fred’s concentration, or the joke he had previously made. You watched Fred as he worked intently, and you were suddenly struck with just how much you felt for him. He was your best friend, he knew you better than anyone, and you loved him, more than a friend should. You let your eyes drift back to the map, your heart stopping when you were met with a pair of approaching footsteps.
“Fuck, Fred! Flitch is coming!” You shouted up at him. Fred looked down at you eyes wide, before quickly making his way back to the ground, casting a spell to hide the now empty boxes and his broom. He then grabbed your hand and pulled you in the opposite direction. You heard Filch yell but Fred dragged you down the corridors as fast as he could, not allowing you time to look back.
You turned another corner before Fred was letting go of your hand, grabbing you by the shoulder and pushing you into a corner, he then kicked a stone in the wall, a small secret room opening up for you. Fred quickly pulled you in, moving to stand between you and the doorway, in case Filch did end up discovering the two of you here.
You heard footsteps approaching as they echoed through the hall, and your breath hitched in your throat as you heard Filch’s voice. “Those blasted Weasleys,” his grumble came as you heard him shuffle down the hall. “Bloody troublemakers,” his muffled voice said as he shuffled down the hall, making his way out of the corridor.
There was a long moment of silence as you and Fred sat there, waiting for filch's footprints on the map to make it a satisfactory distance away. Soon enough he was gone, and all of Fred’s pent up adrenaline, caused him to burst into laughter. He loved the thrill of the chase he loved to hear filch's defeat grumbled out as Fred slipped just out of reach. This was Fred’s favorite thing in the world, especially since you were here with him, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Well that was fun!” He choked out through the laughter.
You shook your head at the boy, trying to hold in a chuckle, your adrenaline turning into pure energy, pure joy. He was unbelievable. “You are such a dork!” You laughed with Fred. Your uncontrollable laughter doing nothing for your clumsiness. The room you were in was small and filled with dusty old boxes, and as you laughed, you happened to take a step back, tripping over a box. Fred leaned forward to catch you, the both of you falling to the floor, your laughter increasing tenfold.
But then Fred’s laughter died down a bit, and when you looked up at him to see what was wrong, you found him staring at you, nothing but joy and admiration in his eyes. You noticed just how close you and Fred were now, you were sitting directly in front of him, he was resting on his knees, leaning toward you. Fred’s arm was still wrapped around your waist from when he tried to catch you. And as you looked up at him, as he stared down at you, your face was burning red.
“Yeah, but I’m your dork,” he whispered, and for a split second you thought his eyes had flickered down to your lips.
“Freddie?” He just hummed in reply, his eyes never leaving you, staring at you with such intensity you could only describe the emotion in them as love.
“Y/n- I- I am so in love with you,” his voice was soft and hushed. And this time when his eyes drifted down to your lips, you noticed.
You felt like you were in a dream. This couldn’t possibly be real. Because Fred Weasley was your best friend, Fred Weasley was the love of your life, and Fred Weasley couldn’t possibly be sitting here telling you he loves you. “You- you love me?” The question was unsure and hopeful.
“Of course I do, Y/n. I’ve loved you forever.”
With that you reached up, grabbing the collar of his shirt, and slamming your lips onto his. You kissed for a long as your lungs could stand it. The both of you refusing to pull away. It was full of years of pinning and flirting, years of what you both thought was unrequited love, years of wanting that invaded your entire soul. And when you did finally break apart, gasping for air as you held each other, a large pure smile covered both of your faces.
“I’m in love with you, Fred Weasley.”
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giyaa11 · 5 hours ago
A thread to point out how Harry Potter ladies deserved better.
Lily is the only woman we know about (the amount of that is embarrassing too), from the marauders era.
Her story revolved around a love triangle, let's talk about T Y P I C A L.
TONKS!! I get so angry, SHE DIDN'T NEED TO DIE!!
Who's gonna tell her that women can exist/live without love interest?
The only reason Hermione is as relevant as she's in the books/movies is bc JKR could relate herself with her. (Nobody can change my mind, she's a much better person than JKR tho)
Fleur, again typical, if she's pretty, she's mean. But wait, as soon as she meets her love interest, she's all of a sudden an angel. (Babygirl deserved so much better)
Cho, that Asian girl who is only the temporary crush, she's attractive but the hero can't be with her, so let's make her an annoying cry baby (which was for valid reasons btw seeing as her boyfriend literally died few months ago)
Parvati- Padma, pretty Indian girls who are only good for one date.
Lavender, that mean blonde girl who tried to steal the heroine's love interest.
Ginny Weasley, I can literally write a essay on this, but the fact that she's only portrayed as the protagonist's love interest, even tho she had literally one of the best personality and potential of all of those characters, will never sit right with me.
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james-effing-potter · 6 hours ago
Lily: You do realize that stunt you pulled defines "out of control"?
James: I just wanted you to see that I would never put any of you at risk if I wasn't willing to take the same chances myself
Lily: I love how you think that's comforting
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inkandpen22 · 6 hours ago
All I Want (3/4)
Request: I would honestly be happy with anything you write! Maybe a slow burn with Sirius x Reader where their relationship is kind of like lily x James and Hermione x Ron idk 😂 I’m not really sure aaaaaah
Pairing: Sirius Black x reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 2.2k
Part Summary: Y/N and Sirius must fulfill their detention. As always, no experience is ever uneventful with them. When detention is over, the two finally come to common ground. 
Tumblr media
After classes, Sirius and I meet McGonagall in her office as instructed. The professor escorts us through the castle to the location of our punishment. I imagined we would be just scribbling down some lines, but apparently that’s not the case. 
"As punishment for your... indiscretion. You two will dust, clean, and wax the many hundred candelabras in the Dining Hall," McGonagall announces once we reach the doors leading into the massive room. 
Inside, dozens upon dozens of candle sticks sit lined-up on the house tables. Towels, cleaning products, and wax sit at the edge of the Gryffindor table. My lips part in awe, this looks painful. 
"Wait... those things are actually real? I thought they were just a part of the enchantment," I question. 
"They are very much real Ms. Y/L/N, I assure you,” McGonagall informs as she hands me a scrub brush. “They're thousands of years old, date back to the time of Goddrick Gryffindor and the other founders."
"Those are some real old candle holders," Sirius snickers. 
"Candelabras, Mr. Black," the professor corrects shortly. "I'll be back in an hour to check on you."
McGonagall departs down the hall back to her office. Her heels click against the stone floor *clack* *clack* *clack* every second until the sound becomes distant. Sirius and I stand in the doorway, not sure of where to begin. 
"We're supposed to sit here and wax these things for an hour?"I scoff. 
"Not happening,” Sirius sighs, tossing his towel over his shoulder. He heads over to the Gryffindor table and picks up the container of wax to examine it. “Minnie must know we'd try to charm the polish to wax the sticks themselves?"
Oh no, not one of his ‘witty schemes’ again. Last time he tried to outsmart a professor his hair was green for a week! He cried about it to me in the Prefect bathroom and made me swear not to tell anyone. 
Hurriedly, I snatch the canister from his hands and set it back down on the table. "Exactly, Sirius! McGonagall would know better! Don't try it!"
"Since when did you become such a scaredy-cat?" He teases with a cheeky grin as he whips out his wand from his back pocket. 
"Am not!” I shove him in the arm playfully. “I...I..."
"What?” Sirius turns to face me, leaning against the table charmingly. “You don't want me to get hurt?"
"No, I just... Okay, maybe..." I reluctantly admit, avoiding his gaze.
"It's impossible to hurt me," he remarks over-confidently as he lifts his wand toward the canister. "Just wait and-"
Following a flick of his wand, he’s flung back a couple feet just before hitting the wall. He yelps and lands on his ass with a huff. Enchantment repelling spell, predictable. 
I raise a brow, giving him a smirk. “Did it hurt?" 
"Maybe a little,” he grumbles through his pout. 
"Here," I approach and offer my hand. 
"Actually, I quite like the view from down here,” he determines, trying to sneak a peek under my skirt. 
I kick him gently in the thigh with a scoff. "Ugh, you vile, arrogant-"
"Dashing, devastatingly handsome," he chuckles, tossing his head back to appear lust worthy. 
"Egotistical," I add. 
"You insult me, yet stay with me,” he insinuates with a cheeky smirk. 
"Stay with you? We're not dating,” I fire back. 
"Well right, I mean obviously," he scoffs dismissively as he rises to his feet and brushes himself down."I don't date, remember?"
"Nor do I, then we're on the same page," I determine, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Crystal clear,” he tries to one-up. 
"Excellent," I agree. 
He must always get the last word. I roll my eyes at his immaturity and head over to the table again to get started. Sirius can be so infuriating sometimes! 
Once we got started on cleaning these candle sticks and formed a system, I began to lose track of time. Sirius and I have covered numerous subjects to talk about ranging from our favorite foods to eat when we’re home to what our education was like before coming to Hogwarts. Now, we’ve gotten to talking about where we’d like to travel to most. 
"I wouldn't mind seeing Thailand," Sirius concludes as he wipes the gold stick in front of him clean with a cloth. 
"Oo, good one!" I agree as I polish my candelabra until shiny. "We could ride elephants there!"
I feel Sirius’s eyes on me and I glance up to -sure enough- find him starring at me with a satisfied grin. 
I blush slightly, “what is it?"
"Nothing, I just... I like how you said 'we.' I like making plans with you,” he admits rather giddily. 
"Okay, Sappy McSapperson," I tease playfully and continue my task. 
"Alright, your turn!” He’s quick to move along. “Where's one place in the world you'd like to see?"
"Zakynthos, Greece," I answer without a moment’s hesitation. 
"That's awfully specific," Sirius chuckles. 
"I saw it once on the back of a postcard when I was younger,” I begin to explain, pausing my actions to remember the moment. “The water was so blue, it resembled the sky! There are these caverns that you can swim in and the sand is pure white! It seems so isolated... peaceful. It's like something from a dream."
"I'll take you one day," Sirius offers in a serious tone. 
"yeah, okay, and one day I'll be the Minister of Magic!" I joke. 
"No, I'm serious! We'll go!” He speaks with such certainty its hard to argue. “First thing after we graduate here, you and I will go to Greece and we'll find the exact cavern that you saw on the postcard!"
"Sirius, that could take days, months, maybe even years!" I reason with a hint of laughter. 
"Exactly," he cheekily grins. "Gives us an excuse to move to Greece together."
I roll my eyes with a smile, he speaks nonsense. 
"I'm not joking about going though,” he tells me. “One day, even if it doesn't happen right after graduation, I'll take you there."
"And why'd you wanna do that?" I inquire with a raised brow. 
"Because it's your dream. Whatever you care about, so do I,” he mutters with honesty in his eyes. I know he means it. 
Impulsively, I rise off the bench and leans across the large wooden table. Sirius eyes me curiously and I peck his lips for a quick kiss. Sirius has other plans as he places his hand to my cheek and keeps me there. He rises off his bench slowly, deepening the kiss. I find myself slipping away into the sensation. 
Abruptly, the sound of McGonagall’s heels against the stone floor rapidly approaching interrupts us. 
“Alrighty then, how are we progressing?” The professor makes her presence known as she enters the Dining Hall. 
I swiftly take my seat and it appears McGonagall didn’t notice a thing, thankfully. 
“Nearly done, Professor!” I rush out anxiously and continue to wax the golden stick in front of me. 
“Excellent work, you two,” she compliments as she comes to a halt behind Sirius. “I must admit, I’m a tad surprised you’ve managed to get this far. I trust you’ve spent the last hour thinking over your actions and the discussion has been productive?” 
“Yes Ma’am, the conversation has been more than productive. I’d go as far to say it was enlightening and groundbreaking,” Sirius states and I wonder if it has a deeper meaning. 
“Glad to hear it. You two may go on now,” McGonagall bids us our freedom. 
Sirius and I look at each other with surprise. We didn’t expect her to let us go so soon, so easily. Nevertheless, we don’t question it as we begin to rise from our seats. 
“Oh uh, thank you, Professor!” I stammer as I gather my things. 
“Later Minnie,” Sirius bows his head briefly at the woman. 
Once we’re by the door, Sirius presses his palm to my back and we begin down the hall together. His hand is warm. He’s always so warm. 
“Oh and students?” McGonagall calls after us calmly. 
Sirius and I come to a halt, whipping our heads around as though we’ve been caught. 
“Don’t forget the Spring Ball is coming up... wouldn’t want to lose privileges with any more poor choices, yes?” The Professor insinuates with a raised brow and pursed lips 
“Of course, Professor,” Sirius nods his head repeatedly and ushers me away. 
Once we turn the corner, both of us start to relax. Though, Sirius’s hand doesn’t leave me. In fact, it glides from my back to rest slightly on my waist. We’re finally free. No more detention. No more cleaning. We have the rest of the day to do as we please. 
“So, what are you planning on doing for the rest of the day?” Sirius questions. 
“I don’t know, want to hang out by the lake until dinner?” I conclude. 
“Sure!” He’s quick to answer, but catches himself and switches his tone to sound more laid back. “I mean... uh... yeah, yeah, sounds good.” 
I snicker at his reaction and he shares in it. A truly peculiar creature, Sirius Black. 
We lay by the lake under a tree. The plush spring grass feels like a fresh duvet beneath us. The warmth of the late afternoon sun seeps into my skin and warms my cheeks. I fiddle with blades of grass between my fingers. My eyes have fallen shut as the sweet water-scented breeze brushes over me. 
“How long will you be away this summer?” Sirius inquires quietly beside me. 
“Just a few weeks,” I reply with a snicker. “What? Worried that you’ll grow bored during my absence?” 
“Honestly, yeah,” he confesses uncharacteristically. 
I turn my head to the side to glance at him. His jet-black eyes meet mine with a blank expression. 
“Aw don’t fret, aren’t you staying with James this summer?” I remind the worried boy. 
“Yeah but...” I hesitates to continue. “But James isn’t you...” 
I hadn’t expected that reply. Granted, I hadn’t predicted anything either. Sirius also isn’t the sort to confess such things. It’s not that I don’t want to hear it. If he had said this to me two years ago, I would’ve been over the moon. Little does he know that I haven’t been with anyone else in a long time. We agreed to keep things casual between us. Yet, I can’t find it within myself to care for anyone else. 
Sirius studies my face as my mind wonders. Hesitantly, he leans forward. His lips part as his face lingers closer and closer to mine. His fingers brush against my cheek bone as his eyes search my face with wonder and curiosity that I’ve never seen in him before. For some reason, it makes me feel nervous. I suppose it’s the foreignness and complexity of the emotion behind his stare. Then, in a moment, his lips meet mine. The kiss is unlike any we’ve had before and we’ve had plenty. It’s not eager or swift. It’s slow, hesitant, gentle. It says a lot without saying anything at all. Sirius parts from me, hovering above me closely. 
“Would you want to go to the ball with me?” He asks abruptly. 
“Yes,” I nod softly. 
His brows scrunch together. “Wait, really?” 
“Yeah,” I giggle. 
“Why are you saying yes now?” He questions, referring to the previous times I’ve turned him down. 
“You never asked,” I reason plainly. 
He sits up with a swift motion, eyeing me in confusion. “What do you mean? Of course, I did! I’ve been asking you all the time!” 
“No, you told me. You never asked me,” I clarify. 
His features fall as he comprehends my meaning. “Oh...” 
“Mhm,” I hum with a slow nod. 
“Sorry about that. I didn’t think about it that way,” he apologizes genuinely, visibly disappointed in himself. 
“I know,” I place my hand on his distant shoulder and rest my chin on the other. 
“But you’ll go with me?” He checks again. 
“Was kinda planning on it,” I admit with a slight chuckle. 
He inches his head back to catch a glimpse of my face. “This whole time you knew you’d go with me?” 
“Pretty much,” I confess as I lift my head. 
“Then why did-” 
“Because I wanted the choice. I didn’t want to be told I was going with you. We’re equals, the decision to go together is 50/50.” 
“Oh right, equality, girl power,” he lists. 
“Don’t tease,” I nudge him. 
He holds up his hands in surrender. “I’m not, you’re right. I should’ve asked properly. You know, Remus and James suggested I make a big show in the Dining Hall.” 
My jaw drops. “You’re kidding! I would’ve hated that!” 
“I know! That’s why I didn’t do it!” He laughs. 
“Idiots,” I huff, rolling my eyes again. 
“Yeah, no kidding,” he chuckles as he lays back down onto the grass. 
I do the same, resting comfortably closer to him and he takes my hand in his with a gently squeeze. 
“I just have one more question,” he adds. 
“Oh no and what’s that?” I joke, releasing a deep sigh. 
“Well, it’s more of a request,” he changes. 
“Go on then! Getting nervous here,” I urge. 
“Alright, alright!” He chuckles lightly, turning his head to meet my gaze. “Could your dress be red?” 
“Red?” I frown in confusion. “Why red?” 
“It looks great with black,” he winks, noting the pun. 
“Everything looks good with black,” I giggle. 
“Nothing better than you, Darling,” he compliments, placing a quick kiss to my cheek. “I specially love seeing you covered in Black,” he purrs in my ear. 
“Red it is then...” I comply with a grin. 
This ball should be something interesting without question... 
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httpweasleys · 7 hours ago
besties who wants to start a discord server for marauders fans!! ppl who read all the young dudes and feel the need to rant abt how much of a masterpiece that was!! ppl who ship jily and wolfstar!! a server filled with snape and dumbledore and draco slander!! 
reply to this with your discord user and age!! anyone 18 and under please :))
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animageus · 7 hours ago
watching james fall in love with lily playlist
Tumblr media
↳ listen to it here!
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perfectly-padfoot · 8 hours ago
The Marauders + friends as famous horror cliches because I am a nerd
James and Lily : The Double Tap - This is a cliche made popular by the movie Scream, where you always check twice to make sure the villain is dead. In their case it was in reverse, Voldy made sure both of them died im sorry
Peter : They Never Died - Slightly explanatory here...this dude never died. He was there the entire time, living out his fucking rat life while Sirius rotted away in prison and Remus was all alone
Sirius : The Vengeful Spirit/Someone Died Here - This man was seeking revenge against Peter, and basically pulled both of these tropes- he was vengeful, and it was because someone (James and Lily) died
Remus : Final Girl - The most famous of all cliches, this one fits Remus quite well. He was the last one standing, the last one left alive. It’s always the final girls who go down in history as heroes, just like Remus.
Marlene : Killer is the Kid - This cliche is really fucking weird but I’m all here for it. You’d never expect the killer to be the innocent child, just like you’d never expect Marlene to be able to crush your ego in five seconds.
Dorcas : “I’ll Be Right Back!” - Look, I had to include at least one good Scream quote. Dorcas is hella kind and would probably just be going off to do something for the group *cough cough looking at you tatum* but these famous words guarantee you dead, at least according to Randy (gotta give cred to my favorite character)
Regulus : Life and Death- These are my absolute favorite horror cliches and I have to thank AHS for providing me with this. The “life” part is of course, when you’re looking for that killer and then a guess’re the killer. Death is when you guessed it, you’re dead all along. This one just screams Regulus, the poor kid who didn’t realize what he got himself into before it was too late to save himself.
Bonus - Professor Trelawney : The Crazy Motherfucker who no one believes but is ALWAYS RIGHT IN THE END - Need I say more?
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Remus, tired™: Surgery is just stabbing someone to life. Lily: Please never become a surgeon
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The Lightening Mark
From a young age, every witch and wizard grow up knew the soulmate mark. The moment you got your Hogwarts letter, a picture appeared on your wrist, symbolizing something that would connect you and your soulmate in the future.
Find the other parts here: 1 | 2 
Lily Evans had only one friend when she boarded the train for Hogwarts, and that boy was Severus Snape.
 Severus had always been Lily's best friend, since they were little children. They were neighbors, having met while playing in the open meadows, Lily with her sister and Severus by himself. 
But now, in a new school, with brand new kids, Lily was left by herself. Sev had other friends, who were apparently more important to him then Lily and it was important that they didn’t see him with her. 
“What bad friends they are,” The redhead thought to herself as she tried not to cry. “Wanting him all to themselves.”
A knock on the compartment door startled Lily out of her thoughts. She looked up, and was slightly disappointed when she realized it wasn’t the boy she was hoping for. 
A tall girl, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, entered first. As soon as she walked in, Lily could tell that this girl was cool. She looked around her age, but slightly more mature. The girl had an confident aura about her, as if she knew that she was one of the most popular students. 
“Hello!” She said with a soft smile. “Do you mind if me and Alice sit here? Every other compartment is full.”
Lily hesitated for a moment, before nodding. A small part of her was still hoping Severus would walk through the compartment door, and they could sit down and talk like they used to do in the meadows. 
"My name’s Marlene,” The blonde stated, “And this is Alice. We’re neighbors back at home.”
Alice was shorter than Marlene, but taller than Lily. She had brown, straight hair cut to her chin and glasses balancing on the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were kind, the color of milk chocolate. 
“It’s great to meet you,” Alice had a kind smile, a smile that makes you feel welcome. She put her luggage on the top rack, next to Marlene’s before sitting down. 
“It’s great to meet you two as well, my name’s Lily Evans.” She held out her hand, and the other two took turns shaking it.
“Well Lily, what house do you think you’ll be in?” Marlene asked. “My Mother and Father were both in Gryffindor, so I hope to be there too. I reckon Alice is going to be in Ravenclaw, but she wants Hufflepuff.”
“Just not Slytherin, that’s all I hope.” Alice cringed. 
Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Lily tried to rack her brain of the details Professor McGonagall had told her about the four houses, but all she remember were the emblems. A lion, badger, eagle, and snake. 
“Gryffindor’s the lion, right?” She asked, praying that the two didn’t laugh at her for not knowing. 
“Yeah, the house of the brave and chivalrous!” Marlene exclaimed, pumping her fist in the air. Alice and Lily shared a look, and burst into a fit of giggles. 
“Only the most perfect warriors are placed into Gryffindor, where the brave will thrive and the weak will suffer!” The girl stood on the seat, acting as if she had a sword in hand while the others were still laughing away in their seats. 
“Marly, hop down from there!” Alice exclaimed, trying to contain her giggles. 
The compartment door burst open, scaring the daylights out of Lily. Two boys entered, one of them hopping on the seat next to Lily. She scooted out of the way, watching the boy in slight shock. He held a similar stance to Marlene, holding a make-believe sword in his hand. 
“Gryffindor is for those of courageous hearts, heroic minds-” The boy stopped for a minute, adjusting his pose. His hands where on his hips, and he used the window sill to prop one foot up. All he was missing from the stance was wind blowing through his hair, although Lily could tell he was imagining it. “-good looks, and luscious hair.”
“And you ruined it!” Marlene hopped off the seat, leaving James with a pout on his face, still standing in his heroic stance. 
“Awh come on Marly, you know it’s true.” He ran a hand through his hair.
“Gross.” Alice rolled her eyes, leaning her back against the wall. 
“Who’s this?” The boy finally looked down at Lily. Lily shifted in her seat, not liking the boy’s cockiness so far. 
“Lily Evans. Lily, this is James Potter, and that’s Peter Pettigrew. They also happen to be our neighbors.” Alice introduced her to the two boys, a scowl on her face the entire time. 
James paused for a moment. “I’m gonna call you Evans.”
“Well Evans, Alice, Marly, we’re going to go,”
“Alright,” Alice shrugged.
“Good,” Marlene muttered, and James put his hands on his chest sarcastically. As he did so, his sleeve slipped down, exposing his wrist. 
Lily’s eyes drifted to his arm, seeing the very familiar marking on it. 
A lightening bolt. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matt hitt as remus lupin is honestly amaizing and i love it, i picture him when i read non magical marauders fics
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 10 hours ago
Lily: *in labor*
Sirius: *in the delivery room with a foam finger and an air horn*
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