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fuckboyregulus · 2 days ago
in honor of macevans week
lily & mary from wyidias
Tumblr media
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starkill3r · a day ago
james potter deserves to be proposed to.
something big and romantic and so incredibly cheesy, like it’s out of a movie. it doesn’t matter who you ship him with, it’s required that they propose to him. bc he deserves it
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sayssnape · a day ago
eileen to sev and lily: you guys are being very well behaved tonight.
eileen: what did you do?
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fuzzbuzzbumblebee · 2 days ago
*James and Sirius walking in on Remus and Regulus watching the ending credits of "Dead Poets Society"*
James: What happe-
Remus: *sobbing on the floor* They were in love!
Regulus: *rocking back and forth* H-he just wanted to be an actor...
Sirius: *confused noises*
James: I leave the house ONE TIME-
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my-mood-is-always--no · 2 days ago
Snape: Look at you two, bickering like an old married couple.
Remus: We are a married couple
Sirius: But we aren't old. Like, if we're old, that makes you fucking ancient, and we're the same age. The years weren't kind to you Snivellus.
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pottahishotasf · 2 days ago
── 𝓙𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓐𝓷 𝓔𝔁𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 ──
Lily Evans x Potter!reader
Summary ▻ One night, one felt the happiest they could ever be and one who was left utterly confused.
Warning(s) ▻ i don't wanna spoil, but ANGST. Please tell me if you spot some misspelled words or error!!
Word Count ▻ 1.4k+
ɴᴀᴠɪɢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ | ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ | ᴛᴀɢʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Five people including you were in the library studying - well, some of you are.
Sirius and James were busy talking to each other while Peter was seated between the two of them, looking back and forth, intently listening to their loud conversation.
Madame Pince came and warned them - multiple times to stop talking too loud or she'll have to kick them out, but they still didn't listen and continued blabbing on and on about such random things - they didn't even want to be here in the first place.
Lily and Remus were minding their own business' as they studied for the upcoming exams whilst you just sat there stealing quick glances in her direction.
You knew that your brother, James has been fancying her ever since he first laid his eyes on her beautiful form and you'll admit you were both in the same position though not in the same shoes.
If he's with her no one will judge or simply talk behind their back as they're just going to be like any other couples, just famous.
However, when you and Lily - it's an incredibly different topic.
You knew it was wrong, but you can't just stop everything, especially now that you're both in a secret relationship.
Both of you haven't come out to anyone yet except to each other.
However, you were ready to, at any given moment you're just waiting for her to be ready.
Laying on the sofa in the Gryffindor Common Room with Lily on top of you as you caress her back along with the sound of the fire crackling was just perfect.
"I'm sorry. I- I just can't tell anyone yet." she suddenly muttered.
"No. Its okay. You don't have worry about it - we can just keep everything a secret until you're ready - Yeah?" kissing her forehead as you waited for her response.
She hummed while nodding her head against your chest.
Snapping out of that memory when you heard someone call for you - it was Peter.
"Yes, Peter?"
"Oh, do you still have those cheesy puffs?"
"Yes, I do but it's in my dorm - Maybe I can just give you it when we get back?"
"Oh, yes sure." he squeaked.
You took a glance at her once again but this time she was already looking at you - you shoot her a grin and in response, she immediately looked back down at her parchment as your smile got wider from the sight of her flushed face.
"Hey, y/n/n can we talk?" you heard your brother call for you.
"Oh I- yeah sure."
Following him to the other aisle that has less students occupying the space, he abruptly stopped on his track and turn to face you.
"What's going on with you?" he asked as he looked at you with pure seriousness on his face which was odd - he would always look at everyone with either a smile on his face or have a mischievous glint in his eyes or both except for her - he always looked at her lovingly - his eyes always full of adoration.
"What do you mean?" your breath getting ragged - getting nervous each time he furrows his eyebrows and look at you suspiciously.
"Is there something you're not telling me?"
"Okay, nevermind- maybe I was just over thinking." he said, whispering the last part to himself.
He strolled back to the desk without muttering another word to continue his unfinished conversation with Sirius.
You caught Lily's eyes, she had a worried look on her face while you just gave her a reassuring smile.
The night went on and everyone finally went to their own dorms to have a needed rest.
But you stayed in the Common Room at 1 in the morning waiting for her to come down just like every night.
Every night you would both go down to the common room to have a quick chat or simply spend time with each other - more often you go to the kitchens to munch on some midnight snack.
You accidentally slept on the couch as she never came down to even come check on you or even warn you about it.
You were woken up by the sound of foot steps- it was your brother.
"What are you doing down here? its already 3 in the morning, go your dorm to sleep." He said in a - not so stern - voice and oddly enough he has a huge grin on his face.
"Oh, is it that late?" you yawned, too tired to even think - you waited for a little longer, hoping for her to show up.
And she never did.
2 hours has passed, you gave up, sighing, groggily walked up to your dorm and slept.
There are no classes as a result of everyone sleeping in.
Yawning, you got up to brush your teeth and changed to comfortable clothes other than the pyjamas you were currently wearing to go down to the Great Hall and eat your breakfast- well lunch.
Wandering down the corridors, you heard giggles and someone talking- you guessed it was just some teenagers having their fun so you just continued to wander until you reached your destination.
There were just a few people eating, some were probably still in their bed peacefully sleeping.
You found the familiar group of people eating in one side of the Gryffindor table and stride towards them, Peter greeted you as he was the one who saw you first, followed by the chorus of greetings from the others.
Your eyes scanned the huge hall, but you couldn't find her "Where's Lily?" you asked, collecting foods for you to feast.
Remus' eyebrows shot up and looked up at you curiously "Oh, you haven't heard?"
"Haven't heard what?"
"Lily finally said yes to James and they went on a date at hogsmeade-" Peter squeaked as he chews on his own meal.
You hummed in response and then it hit you-
"What?" you questioned, a little too loud - you didn't even notice James' absence.
Peter was about to repeat what he said when you put your hand up in front of his face to stop him from doing so-
"Aren't you a bit too excited for your brother-" Sirius teased as he put his arms around you.
You cut him off as you shove his hands off of you "Since when?" you beamed, trying to act calm and excited - hiding your confusion with a smile.
"Last night." Sirius paused, and looked at the others for some sort of approval - Remus then nodded at him to 'go on'
He faced you "Last Night - they went to the kitchens to have a quick snack and chat - they went back the dorms quite late."
"That's great."
"I know. James had been grinning from ear to ear since then."
Looking down at your food, you didn't feel hungry anymore - you felt sick to your stomach.
But you kept eating to get the information out of your mind.
Later you hear your friends yell excitedly "whoop, whoop." Making you look up from your plate to see your brother and Lily holding hands, conversing with each other - Lily with a visible smile on her face - even from afar you can spot it and James - as Sirius said he's been grinning from ear to ear since then.
The chorus' of yells caught their attention and made them turn to look at the group.
Lily's smile turned into a frown when she spotted you at the end of the table, but she didn't let go of his hand like she does to you whenever someone's around, with that you avoided her gaze and looked back at your almost empty plate.
She didn't show up last night, because she was busy saying yes to your brother - you waited for her and she was already having her fun.
"Oh, I forgot to bring you the cheese puffs - I'll be right back." You reasoned, standing up from your seat and heading straight to the huge doors without sparing them another glance.
You went to your dorm and overthink everything.
From where you went wrong, when she started taking a fancy on your brother, since when she began thinking about doing such a thing.
You have a lot of questions that you want to be answered, but at the same time not wanting to know it.
You were so proud to know that she trusted you so much that she came out to you as her "real" self, but you guessed everything was just a lie.
Maybe you were just a trial for her.
For her to figure out her interest in other sexual orientation - for her to find out she's not into you or never have been.
Just an experiment.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʟɪᴋᴇꜱ, ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛꜱ, ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ꜰᴇᴇᴅʙᴀᴄᴋꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ᴠᴇʀʏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇᴅ!!
@maelycious @slvtfor-gingerpubes @kimorna
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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moonytoastx · 13 hours ago
Regulus: "So...I think I'm in love with Potter?"
Barty: "Potter....as in the Quidditch captain of Gryffindor? That Potter?"
Regulus: "Yeah. Thoughts?"
Barty: "And prayers."
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enigmaticemperor · 2 days ago
What's your top 10 Harry Potter favorite characters?
Thanks for the ask, @nuninho2000!
I guess, in order, they'll be:
Lily (Honestly, the top four can be interchanged. I don't have a fixed order)
Tonks (If anyone has good Tonks and Harry as siblings/friends fic recs, I'd love it if you put them in the comments!)
Fred and George (let's consider them as one)
There really are a lot more I want to add, so honorable mentions, I guess, to Luna, Neville, Bill and Fleur.
I really like this, so I'll be tagging a few people! :)
@nuninho2000 @griffin-d00r @i-never-really-gave-up-on-you @blinkngone @everythinghasreason
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thegirlwhowrites642 · a day ago
Can you write parallels between July and hinny?
The one that always knew
The similarities between James and Ginny are many but let's stick to the ones that have relevance in their dynamics with Lily and Harry.
These two are the romantics. In Snape's memories, we see James pretending to have a sword, talking about heroes and courage, and then we have Ginny who is really no different. Grown-up with the story of the boy who lived, completely fascinated by him and this legend.
So it's not surprising at all that they are the ones who knew long before their counterparts about their feelings. And they make it known, even if their approaches are quite different, and very gendered which is realistic.
James is bold, he right out asks Lily out, the way he does it it's very questionable and difficult to be taken seriously but still. Ginny is shy and pretty much wants to kill herself for not being able to stop blushing, yet there's a boldness to her too with the poem. Technically it was meant to be anonymous but is still a very bold move.
Obviously, for the fandom James' approach needed to be praised while Ginny was a psychotic maniac because God forbid, a woman making a guy the object of her affections putting him in a passive position. What is this? Feminism???
James and Ginny are two awkward messes in this specific area, but they are very in touch with their feelings and were certain enough about them to not be able to fully get over Lily and Harry even if they had to wait a while. I'm sure they would both tell you that it was worth it.
The maturity
James and Ginny's behaviors when Lily and Harry were around needed to be changed for them to show their true selves to the objects of their affections.
I mean, the problem could have been solved by locking in a room the pairs, or Harry and Ginny going to the Yule Ball together, but that would've been too easy, no?
It's made very clear by Sirius that while for sure James had some things to improve about himself, his attitude when Lily was around wasn't his average one, he was, well, too James? A very exaggerated version of himself?
And with Ginny, well we know the story. Just like James, she had to stop letting her feelings take control of her actions.
When James and Ginny managed this, oh... how the tables turned...
The one that was clueless
Now it's time to talk about our resident green-eyed idiots.
It took a while for Lily and Harry to understand their feelings for James and Ginny but the pull, the attraction, the Je ne sais quoi, was always there.
Again, with Harry, we know the story. From the inability to take his eyes off Ginny at King's Cross to descriptions of setting suns to Ginny being the first person he looked at on the dance floor. The pull was always there but until Ginny didn't show her true self, Harry's subconscious really didn't know what to do with this attraction.
We know a lot less about James and Lily obviously and yet it's made quite clear that Lily was drawned to James. From the traitorous smile that escaped her lips even when she was angry at him to Sirius a bit too sure assurance that she never really hated James.
The external factors
The real obstacle for these two couples revolves around external factors.
For Harry and Ginny, we have traumatic life-altering events that include possessions, alleged murderers, mortal tournaments, dark lords, and other minor love interests to distract them.
With James and Lily, the obstacle has a name and it's Severus Snape. Lily's best friend and James archnemesis. Let's do a couple of calculations, shall we? James and Lily got married really young, we know that they started dating in their seventh year, so the most reasonable assumption is that they started dating at the start of the year. This means that things between them changed during their sixth year. Now if only something major happened at the end of their fifth year... oh, wait. The moment Lily gets rid of her friendship with Snape and his insistent attempts at putting James in a bad light in her eyes, Lily falls for James, what a coincidence.
The symbolism
Both pairings of Potters enter the soulmates' dynamic. Admittedly, Harry and Ginny a lot more because we have seven books about them and an inside point of view. But a major point of this type of dynamic is the fact that the characters need to be like two magnets drawned to each other so if you want to keep them apart you have to make it impossible for them to be together, and how do you do that? External factors, inability for a long time to be around the other, things like that. Just think about Amy and Laurie from Little Women.
Another important point for soulmates' dynamics is symbolism. The thing is, soulmates are not something that objectively exists. So unless you are writing a world-building where there are like soulmates marks or that kind of thing, the author has to rely on things like symbolism to make the reader understand.
With Harry and Ginny, we have Ginny's name, three hundred different metaphors, Ginny's association with light, Harry's death sequence, and so on...
With James and Lily again we have a lot less material but between the matching patroni and the fact that their love gave birth to the guy who saved the world with his ability to love, the message is pretty clear.
[There's a lot more to soulmates dynamics, and every author has some liberty for variations, but I'm keeping the elements of hinny that jily presents too. There's a lot more for hinny.]
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sneverussape · a day ago
Tumblr media
part of the sev growing-up-an-evans au :) i just like the thought of severus having siblings.
he and lily are the same age and are thus treated like twins. lily has a tendency to ambush him with affectionate gestures, especially after having spent 10 months being away at hogwarts. severus doesnt appreciate the kiss attacks but also cant find it in him to push her away.
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reptilian-rapscallian · a day ago
Lily: I’m not sure if McGonnagal putting Sirius next to Remus was a punishment for me.
*Remus and Sirius making out behind her*
Lily: But if it was… good job
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nuwandamoony · a day ago
Lily: that's called a traumatic event.
Lily to James: not a "bit of a pickle."
Lily to Sirius: not a "bruh moment."
Lily to Remus: and definitely not a "major L."
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moonyslatte · a day ago
Lily Evans
Lily Evans is the warmth of a fire. She is the sunsets, as bold and bright as the reds and oranges splayed across the sky. Lily Evans is wishing on dandelions, full of hope and longing. She is dipping your feet in water, lying you head on someone’s shoulder. Lily Evans is running through a meadow, wild and free. Lily Evans is sprinting into someone’s arms, billowing hair in the breeze. She is bright smiles and mischievous smirks, soft glances and sage green. Lily Evans is flower crowns and freckles, long skirts and loud laughter. Lily Evans is protecting someone you love, fierce and pure.
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black-potter-danvers · 22 hours ago
me trying to convince you to read my fic on ao3:
- JEGULUS is the main ship + background wolfstar, pandalily, fralice, rosekiller, etc.
- (dark academia) songs as starter of chapters
- FRALICE cause I feel they are super cute, deserve the world and their love story is not portrayed enough
- POEMS cuz yk, its dead poets society
- SNAPE AND DUMBLEDORE SLANDER, honestly, they are the worst in this one, f*ck them
- ADOPTED! INDIAN! JAMES cause, it makes so much sense?!?!?
- MR KEATING, I love him <3
- MR KEATING GIVING LOVE ADVICE, I know that is not the main goal of the dps movie, but we were robbed when they didn't make him talk about teenage love
- NO PETER SLANDER, he is the nicest in this one you are going to love him
- WELTON ACADEMY FOR WOMEN, so we can have some background dorlene and pandalily
- SASSY BARTY CROUCH JR (like, confronting James the first time he meets him, shirtless and with sarcastic comments)
- This will be (eventually) the main friend group, which is just CHAOS:
James Potter
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Peter Pettigrew
Frank Longbottom
Regulus Black
Barty Crouch Jr
- Can you imagine Barty and Sirius reading poetry together? Cause I can and I'm writing that shit
- Marlene McKinnon is Evan's recurrent dealer, she doesn't use and usually makes fun of him because he does use (like a lot) and is the funniest shit ever
- Barty 100% sure Mr. Keating teaches while being on drugs
- so yeah, go read it, you have here the first chapter <3
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olives-desk · 2 days ago
I gotta be honest. I’m pro-Wolfstar, but I’m also pro-Remadora (to some extent). I’m pro-Jegulus, but I’m also pro-Jily. Let’s not call the people who ship the het (canon, mind you) ships “homophobic.” That doesn’t make sense. at all.
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spikybanana · a day ago
James: my god Lily is so pretty. she's so pretty and smart and kind and good and amazing and I just. I want to cook for her and braid her hair and be with her all the time-
Mary: Sweetheart you've been married for five years
James: I know but it's like
James: no matter how long it's been you still feel like you're reaching and chasing and looking up marvelling, you know?
Mary: *sniggers* James
Mary: it's called being a simp
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ladylokilaufeyson5 · a day ago
Love Letters To No One (Part Five) - Remus Lupin x Reader
Summary: You write love letters to your friend, Remus Lupin, with absolutely no intention of sending them. Ever.
Warnings: none
Words: 700+
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
Let me know if you wanna be added to the tag list :)
Tumblr media
Dearest Remus,
You put flowers in my hair today. It should mean nothing, but it meant everything.
We were sitting on a picnic blanket in the school grounds. The others were with us, but James and Sirius ran away to prank someone or something, and Peter followed after them. I saw Lily smile at you before she went off to find Marlene, and then it was just you and I.
We sat together for a while, talking about little things. You told me about the book you’re currently reading, and I told you about the one that I’m reading. It’s one that you recommended, and I read books that you recommend more often, just to get a smile from you.
Anyway, you picked a flower from beside us and brushed my hair back before putting it behind my ear. I felt my heart explode and constrict at the same time in that moment. You smiled at me and said, “pretty.” 
I assumed you were talking about the flower. It is a very pretty flower. I have it on my bedside table.
I’ve been thinking about you every hour of every day, Remus. I wish I filled your thoughts as much as you fill mine.
I love you.
Forever yours,
Y/n Potter <3
You placed the letter in the box, before going back and re-reading your letters. They all seemed so sad, so gut-wrenching, but it was how you felt, and that’s what made it sadder. You laughed sadly to yourself.
Ah, unrequited love, you thought to yourself bitterly as you shook your head.
You looked at your bed longingly as tiredness filled you. This day had been so long. You climbed into bed and allowed sleep to consume you.
You woke up in a panic, as you remembered something important that you’d forgotten to do.
Put your letters away.
You looked to the end of your bed and froze in horror as you realised that they were gone. Every single letter with the name Remus Lupin traced delicately into the envelope was gone.
“Hey, Y/n, are you alright?” Lily asked, looking at you curiously.
You looked over to the redhead who was sitting on her bed, a book in hand.
“My - my letters,” you said. “Do you - do you know where they went?”
“The ones addressed to Remus?” Lily asked, and you nodded. “Oh, I gave them to him.”
The whole world stopped. This was a dream. You were dreaming. Except it wouldn’t be a dream – it would be a nightmare. There was no way that Lily had given those letters to him. She couldn’t have. 
“Are you okay?” Lily asked gently, sitting beside you.
You shook your head intensely and groaned. Might as well tell Lily.
“They… they were love letters,” you whispered. “He wasn’t... he wasn’t supposed to have them.”
You could feel your world crashing down around you. Remus was going to read the letters and be weirded out. He would look at you with disgust on his face, and then he would stop hanging out with you. Sirius would follow his lead, and then Peter, and then the only person who would be friends with you would be your brother.
“I - oh!” Lily exclaimed. “I’m – I’m so sorry! I only put them on his bed, though! He hasn’t read them yet, he wasn’t there! We can go get them now!”
You jumped up as Lily pulled you up, and you both quickly ran out of your dorm. You had a chance! He hadn’t seen them yet. Life wasn’t completely ruined yet.
The first thing you were going to do when you got them back was burn them. You never wanted to feel this sort of fear again.
“Hey, ladies,” Sirius drawled when you entered the common room. “How – wait, where are you going?”
Neither of you paid him any attention as you rushed to the boys dorm. You yanked the door open, intending to go straight to Remus’s bed, when you froze in your tracks. Lily walked right into you but you barely noticed.
Remus looked up from the letter he was reading, his eyes going wide at the sight of you.
“I… um…”
Breathing became a difficult task. You and Remus stared at each other for what seemed like hours, until you turned around and ran past Lily, all the way back to your dorm.
taglist: @disartrous​ @siriusdumblittlepuppy @bxtchboy69 @zippyskitty @lo0nylexi @idk-maybe-snape-did-it @mitsuriiiii @siriuslydestiny @simplefan-638 @1nfinitely-yours​  @beebop-uwu​
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summ2 · a day ago
random ch3 snippettt
The game goes on, people getting more and more drunk. 
It gets interesting when Mary asks James about all of his crushes and he lists them all one by one.
“Lily, of course, that one boy who used to be in year 13 when we were in year 11, and… I think that’s it… Oh! Regulus too.”
Silence follows. 
“Regulus as in Regulus Black?” Lily asks.
“That’s the one.”
Peter realizes that James is too drunk to realize the consequences of what he just revealed but Sirius has gone really quiet. Even his hiccups have stopped.
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theresthesnitch · a day ago
Ignite snippet no one asked for? Why not.
Dueling practice below...
Lily turned around, and inhaled deeply. She held her breath and closed her eyes.
Silence stretched out behind her, and she could just make out the quiet padding of footsteps walking up behind her. She tensed her shoulders to brace for the impact as arms wrapped around her neck in a chokehold.
She wrapped her hands around the arms on her neck, trying to break the hold, but he was too strong for her. Instead, she took a few steps forward and dropped, falling to the floor out of his grasp.
Lily spun on her knee and popped up, wand in hand, and she cast a jelly legs jinx at him—Sirius, apparently—who began to wobble around the room. He tossed a stinging hex her way before collapsing on the floor. Lily put up a shield, disarmed Sirius, and turned to face James and Remus, where both advanced on her.
James and Remus both sent hexes her way, which she dodged by dropping to the floor and ducking them. While squatting and propelling herself to the side, she sent stunning spells toward both James and Remus, which they dodged.
They cast several spells at her, and a few well placed shield spells gave her the room to send offensive spells their way. Eventually, she tricked James into disarming him by making him think she was shooting the spell at Remus. She shot ropes at him, not even bothering to watch that they connected before she turned to face Remus.
She knew that he was holding back, not dueling to the top of his ability, but she also could tell that he wasn’t going easy on her. She was just about to hit him with a disabling jinx when she felt her legs seize together and her wand fall out of her immobile hand. Remus leapt forward and caught her just before her frozen body hit the floor.
“Alright, we’re done.”
Remus cast the reversal charm to free her, stilled Sirius’s legs, and released James from the ropes, then finally pulled her to standing. “You did really well, but do you know where you went wrong?”
She turned to face Sirius, who was still sitting on the floor, but now had his wand in his hands. “I should have done more than disarm him.”
Remus nodded. “If you had stunned him instead of using the jinx, he wouldn’t have been a threat anymore. Instead, he spent the entire time you were dueling us making his way to his wand. Which he got, at a pretty inopportune time. You were about to win.”
She let her eyes fall closed, sighing. She brushed back some loose strands of hair on the side of her head from where they had been tickling her ear. “Alright. Again?”
Remus shook his head. “I think we’re done today. We can do it again if you want later, but I think we’re all pretty worn out. Let’s head to lunch.”
Lily bent over, hands on her knees, in relief. She stood back up, brushing her hair out of her face in relief. “Thank Merlin. I’m so tired.”
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asthxte · a day ago
remus: wow, i feel so happy right now
remus: ...
remus, narrowing his eyes: something’s wrong
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