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NAME: Medea Carlisle
DATE OF BIRTH: May 15th, 1993
PLACE OF BIRTH: Las Vegas, Nevada
OCCUPATION: Social Worker
FACE CLAIM: Lily James


SPECIAL POWERS: Illusion Casting


Trigger Warnings: Abandonment, Death 

Some people can see magic in the smallest thing, believing that it’s out there somewhere. Medea had always been that person, except for the fact that she knew it was real. Being the daughter of two witches, it didn’t take long for her to learn about the powers that she eventually have. Medea was born the second daughter of the infamous Barnes couple. Her father, who really didn’t know what he was doing, tried his best to give the girls a good life. However, her mother soon realized that she really didn’t have a need for children. They just seemed to get in the way of the plans that her and the girl’s father were going to do. Beyond them though, was her sister, Hestia. Medea has never known a moment where Hestia wasn’t there to make the day better. A missed birthday? Hestia had a back up plan. Fireworks on the Strip? Hestia made sure they were there. Their mother leaving them? Hestia found a way to make it all better. Anything bad that would happen, Hestia seemed to always have a plan.

When their mother left, Medea stood behind her sister, watching as their father yelled for her to come back, even chasing her out of their crappy motel room. It was always easier to move when your life only consisted of different motel rooms, but they still never left Las Vegas. At this point, their father now had two young girls to look after. Alongside his attempts to try and trick the bars and casinos out of their money, he took odd jobs in order to get the girls things they wanted. Books for them to read, toys for them to play with, and things that they could do. It wasn’t a secret to anyone who knew their father that he was a bit of a shady guy when he needed to be. Usually disguising any trips he had to make to meet “business partners” with the idea of going to the water parks, zoos, or just a trip down the strip to see the lights. Medea, being the more positive child only saw these as fun trips they all got to do together. She never thought as a child that their father was bad at what he had to do. He was there, most of the time, and gave them as much as he could, how could that be bad? What none of them knew was that someone was on their way to try and give the girls a more solid life.

One day, when Medea and Hestia were playing in the motel room while their father came up with his next scam, someone came knocking on their motel door. Visitors weren’t normal, so the girls both were confused, especially when the door opened and an old woman stood on the other side of it. Turns out, it was their grandmother. She had heard rumors of a couple creating schemes out there, but when she heard about the two little girls with them, she had to come out. The old woman continued to argue with their father, telling him she was going to take the girls because they need a stable life. They needed someone who could teach them magic properly and pass on the traditions of their family. Their father fought back, for reasons the girls didn’t know. Medea was next to her sister, holding onto her for she didn’t know what was going to happen. She already lost her mother, was she really about to lose her father?

Eventually the argument came to an end and the two girls were soon moving to their grandmothers’ home. At first it was uncomfortable for them because they didn’t know the woman. She just showed up out of nowhere and wanted them to live with her? However, Medea always being the optimist, she did everything she could to make the situation good. Thankfully she did because her grandmother quickly became one of the most influential people in her life. Once their powers had arrived, their grandmother taught them everything about magic and different ways to harness it. No stone went unturned, and they were constantly in lessons, ensuring they understood the rights and wrongs of magic. While life with their grandmother was great, Medea often found herself still missing her father. They got birthday and Christmas cards from their father, usually late, but the communication was scarce.

Something Medea never expected was to be separated from her sister, however, when Hestia told her she wanted to leave, Medea didn’t stop her. While she could’ve, she knew that her sister needed time to herself. Besides, with today’s technology, they’d always have the chance to talk with each other. When her sister went off, Medea found herself taking care of her grandmother more, even travelling with her off to different countries in order to handle whatever business she had. She had moments where she went off and lived her own life, but usually she spent her time helping in whatever was needed. The hardest part was waiting to hear from Hestia again, especially in the moments when she went off the grid. It was a couple years before her and Hestia were reunited, but unfortunately it came with the cost of another loss.

Their grandmother’s death is what brought the girls back together. Medea felt herself breaking for weeks as she accepted the idea of losing yet another person from her life. Once Hestia had gotten back, Medea felt like she had a little bit of herself back. Of course, she busied herself with trying to take care of her sister, taking care of those her Grandmother worked with, and getting the funeral taken care of. At first, she didn’t think she’d want to stay in her Grandmother’s house, but she soon learned she couldn’t leave it completely. Her and Hestia made an agreement to move to the city, but keeping her Grandmother’s house as an escape for weekends or holidays, not wanting to lose her legacy. Their legacy.

Life has always thrown difficulties at Medea, and given her trials that she has had to learn from, but it’s never dampened her spirit. It’s never stopped her from knowing that she is still strong and able to take care of those around her.

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“Every Damn Song Is About You. We Could Drive Back And Forth Across The States Forever And Never Run Out Of Baby Songs.”

Baby Driver (2017)

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I do think people need to relax, it is just likes. But at the same time…he will get married…ONE DAY. lol

- SH

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Character Deep Dive: Mamma Mia’s Donna Sheridan
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Anon to anon

- SH

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Anons were defending Ana and Lily?

- Tribeca

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Ella and Kit were so doggone adorable! I love that we got to see their relationship more fleshed out in this Cinderella film. The characters felt so realistic and believable in this adaption.💞

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I don’t see why the relationship can not be real and PR. We just have to wait and see. To be a famous actress I guess 😂

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The Fashion Awards 2019 held at Royal Albert Hall in London, England - December 2, 2019

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I wouldn’t call what happened with Dominic love for either of them 😂

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Hayley Atwell & Lily James

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                                cassel resident : marley callahan.

full name. marley callahan.
age. twenty nine.
birthdate. may 23rd, 1991          zodiac. gemini
gender. female                            pronouns. she/her
occupation. waitress at ray’s.
lives in. miller park.

                                                    about marley callahan.

tw vomit mention, substance abuse, death

15,000 looked like so much more when put to paper. Or plastered across the welcome sign that greeted your entrance into its towns limits. Not so much when you were one of the 15,000-something of them. Or when it felt as if you’d met every single resident, dead or alive, who’d ever lived there since you’d been born. The town and its inhabitants were small, both in their ideals and their desires. Their faces had often blurred together in Marley’s mind, haunting her with the notion that she too was just another face, another name. One of only 15,000.

Marley Callahan was born on May 23rd, 1991, to seventeen year old Helen Callahan. Though teenage pregnancies in a town like Cassel weren’t exactly unheard of, Marley assumed her mother’s parents hadn’t taken the news well, as she held no memories of their appearance in her life. The same could be said about her father, who might as well have been an actual ghost. If he were around somewhere, Helen had never shared. Growing up, it’d only been the two of them (three, if you counted Helen’s growing substance abuse problem and the revolving door of men who supplied it). By her own high school years, there’d been little more to Marley’s life than making sure her mother didn’t choke on her own vomit in the middle of the night. Picking her up and off the floor of the kitchen when she stumbled in at three in the morning, clothes in disarray and pupils blown. Throwing her fully dressed into the shower before school to sober her up so she’d go to work and the lights would stay on. 

This would not be the rest of her life. Being her mother’s keeper until the woman got herself together–or more realistically, died. Knowing Helen, the former would never come and the latter would take more years than Marley could afford. She knew she had to get out of Cassel before her mother consumed her entire life, the way she’d felt Marley had consumed hers, and so from a young age, she’d set a plan in place. Finish high school. Save whatever money she could in that time. And the minute that diploma was placed in her awaiting hands, she’d get in her mother’s beat up truck, and drive far, far away, until Cassel was nothing but a distant memory in her cracked rear view mirror. 

It was a simple enough plan. Almost foolproof. She kept her head down and to herself, out of trouble. There’d been no point in making friends when she only intended on leaving them behind, and didn’t want to risk the chance of getting attached. Nothing would deter her from her plan (she was stubborn like that). Not even the new boy in town her own junior year, with his crooked smile and soulful eyes that’d seen places outside of Cassel that he longed to get back to. They were similar that way, though his desire was for places he’d already been and hers lied in all that she had yet to see. It was enough, however, to draw them together, though she resisted, at first. 

I’m gonna leave this place behind, she’d promised over lunch, soggy cafeteria french fry pointed at him like an accusatory finger across the table. And everyone in it. 

He’d barely bat an eye–had the nerve to look amused, even, as he merely smiled that crooked smile back at her, shrugged his shoulders. Then I guess I’ll just have to come with you, as he leaned forward to take the fry from her fingers, right between his teeth. 

Almost foolproof.

He made her small town feel galaxy wide. He told stories of the places he’d been, where he longed to go, where they’d see together. While Marley’s attitude towards Cassel did not change, her plan for escape expanded to include him in them. He’d had no desire to settle in Cassel himself, had no qualms about leaving it behind. For the first time in her life, Marley truly felt hopeful about her future, and excited for the one they’d build together.

Though, as graduation neared, things had begun to change. Meetings with guidance counselors, college brochures, plans of his own being made. He assured her that he still wanted to travel, that the plans they’d made together were still their plans–that he wasn’t even sure if he really wanted to go to college, and was only entertaining the idea to please his family and get access to his college fund.

Marley wanted to believe him. She almost had, too, but nearly two years had passed since they’d met and she knew him. Knew him enough to know that he was lying, even if he didn’t know it himself. As she watched him walk across the stage that day, cap and gown and all, she knew she’d had her mind made up. She could’ve left then, in the commotion of the occasion, get lost in the sea of families trying to locate their graduate, but selfishly, she’d wanted one last night with him. One last night of pretending that the next morning would come and they’d hit the road and he’d be there in the passenger seat right beside her. 

He wasn’t. She hadn’t even given him the chance to say goodbye when she snuck out from underneath his embrace early that morning, careful not to wake him as she crept towards her mother’s truck, a meager bag full of her belongings stashed beneath her seat, and did exactly what it was that she promised him she’d do two years prior. 

Initially, life on the road hadn’t been what she thought. The money she’d saved over the years hadn’t lasted Marley nearly as long as the guilt she hadn’t accounted for in the first place. Less than six months after her departure, Marley found herself considering a return home, tail tucked between her legs. She had a half-formed plan all thought out, of showing up on his door, begging for forgiveness. Telling him that no adventure was worth having if he wasn’t there to experience it with her. That they could go wherever he wanted for college, as long as they were together. Settle down. Get married. Pop out a kid or two. Pray the process didn’t turn her into her own mother. 

It was this spiral of thinking that eventually snapped Marley out of it. Hadn’t this been why she’d left him in the first place? The fear of compromising herself, of compromising themselves too much? The fear of waking up years from now with him by her side, but neither of them recognizing themselves, and then what? 

She didn’t return home. Marley continued to travel the world by obtaining a job that both funded it and provided the transportation. Stewardessing for charter yachts had only felt like a step up from the waitressing jobs she’d kept to pay for her seedy motel room, and over the next ten or so years, Marley would find herself working up the ranks, making more money in tips alone from the six week charters that would fund her travels for the six months that followed. 

The phone call had come almost the moment she’d touched back down in the United States. She used to think that there was nothing that could’ve ever brought her back home. It was as if her mother could sense that she was near, and in one final moment of Helen Callahan glory, she’d kicked the bucket just then, right when Marley didn’t have the excuse of being an ocean’s away not to show up. 

She doesn’t intend on haunting Cassel any longer than necessary. It’s merely a stop on the way to wherever she’s going next, wherever it may be. Then she’ll finally have no reason to ever step foot there again.

                                                 five songs. sleep on the floor ( the lumineers ) / cowboy like me ( taylor swift ) / don’t know why ( norah jones ) / cigarette daydreams ( cage the elephant ) / pierre ( ryn weaver )

                      ↳ marley callahan is faced by lily janes and penned by tabitha.

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