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#lily potter
yogirl-willow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cottage feels empty whenever James goes out to do the weekly supply runs. Lily is usually worried whenever he has to step outside the house, but no one feels his absence more than Harry. So they play until he gets back home safely. ❤️
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Lily James and Sirius: *out to dinner*
James: So Sirius…do you want to split the Parmesan with me-
Lily: I get the sense I’m third wheeling here
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Severus: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
Lily: I think you mean cards.
Severus, pulling knives out of sleeves: No, I do not.
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tragicromanceftus · a day ago
imagine james potter taking harry on walks, james potter being harry's piggyback ride, james potter giving chocolates to harry when lily's not around, james potter being a clumsy dad, james potter being alive.
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moony-likes-hot-choc · 2 days ago
James: I want to feed you pasta
Lily: what if I don't want pasta?
James: why? are you lack toast and told her aunt?
Lily: pardon
James: lack toast and told her aunt
James: the thing where you can't eat dairy
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Me in the HP fandom shipping Romione, Hinny, Jily: who gives a fuck about fanon nonsense?
Me in the ATLA fandom shipping Zutara: who gives a fuck about canon?
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sirius-simpp · 2 days ago
Lily: That sounds like a horrible plan.
Da Marauders™️: Oh, we’ve had worse.
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remuslupininskirts · a day ago
Lily: Which movie are you and sirius going to see tonight?
Remus: Oh, I always go to whichever movie sirius wants.
Lily: Which one do they want to see?
Remus: I haven't decided yet.
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stnv · a day ago
Tumblr media
I love jily to the core. Especially the period 1980-1981, when baby Harry appeared. I think he was very nice.
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crowverse · a day ago
how do you explain to a normal person that the only thing you like about the hp franchise are harry potters dead parents and their dead friends
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trashcanprince · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like mother like son
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bigchompers · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
resurrection stone 
anyways I thought it was kinda dumb that they were so chill with Harry going to get himself killed so here’s my theory that the stone just wants u to off urself ://
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anastasiakrizek · 3 months ago
The only reason Harry never truly grasped the depth of Ron’s insecurity about being least loved until witnessing the destruction of the locket is because Ron had been Harry’s most loved person since the day they met.
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sonch · 4 months ago
me: ugh i hate cliches
harry potter fanfiction: they were partners at the potions class and the assignment was to do amortentia and they realized they were each other's favorite smell
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accio-strawbz · a month ago
remus and lily would absolutely make fun of sirius and james for being posh purebloods
“oh look i’m potter, i speak proper english and have only the finest of broomsticks”
“hm yes and i’m sirius, i’m named after a star and i must spend thirty minutes doing my hair every single day”
and james and sirius would mock them back
“i’m evans and i think muggle science is particularly interesting, wouldn’t you agree remus?”
“indeed, i would, evans. and would you care for some chocolate from my secret stash?”
and it was all fun and games until
“i’m the marauders and i’ve just lost 100 house points for talking in class”
“damn minnie that was savage”
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remu5lup1n · 4 months ago
harry: ‘so sirius. um.. in your time i bet you were... a bit of a ladies man.. y’know, you have the looks.. and everything. i just wondered if you could give me any advice on how to talk to girls?’
sirius: ‘oh. i see.
*places hand on harry’s shoulder*
harry i’m gay.’
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