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#lily wips

Got some a:tla art coming your way! 🌊 ⬇️

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One of the characters I got for the #sixfanarts challenge on twitter was Zoë Nightshade! Here’s a crop of her while I work on the others ✍🏿

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see me - changbin is a seer and an advisor to prince felix, he can see far and help with decisions. it’s not an omnipotent ability like everyone believes it to be though, and there is a price for using it. he meets mc by chance when he sees her in a dream, the thing is, his ability has never let him see something of his own future before, so what could this mean? (this is in the universe of dance of silk and is related to felix’s part of this story.)

frigid - a prince of a long lost kingdom of ice that died out due to a war with a kingdom blazing fire. he now serves the fire kingdom as a mage as his magic made the kingdom believe he would be useful. he made friends with the flame prince in the end as not all in that kingdom were cruel, and a noble of the fire kingdom makes his breath hitch when she enters a meeting one day. (this is in the universe of dance of silk and azure and see me, it’s closely related to hyunjin’s part of this story)

one’s honor - chan is a knight of princess!mc’s kingdom and they’re also best friends. however a war has been going on and now chan may have to set out onto the frontlines. (this is a flower drabble and it’s very cliché but you need a little cliché in life haha 😂)

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Foiled pieces always look neat

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Thank you for the enthusiasm! :D

Okay, so… this is from a chapter of the CMO’s log that takes place early in Ep. 5 Stardust City Rag, and it’s Raffi talking to Emil. (Since the fic is almost entirely dialogue, it can be hard to tell out of context).
It also vaguely references Thimblerig’s absolutely brilliant Best Boy, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

“How may I help you, Raffi? Any unwelcome aftereffects from the withdrawal?”

“No no, nothing like that, I’m fine.”

Short pause.

“No, really, I’m peachy. I just need to replicate a hypo with some beta blockers and delayed release benzos and — Not for myself!”


“No! It’s for Rios.”

“That’s… not really reassuring.”

“No, it’s… it’s for a mission. For the admiral. He needs us— He needs Rios and the others to extract someone from these gangsters in Stardust City, and I came up with a plan, but it involves Rios going in as a facer.”

“… And you think a depressant is going to help him be more convincing? I don’t know much about Freecloud, but if you want the captain to blend in there, might I suggest something from the stimulant family, perhaps? Though I doubt even my replicators can do anything to increase his sense of joi de vivre…”

The thing with this chapter is, it’s basically finished and I really want to post it, but there are at least three chapters that would go between what I’ve written so far and this. The chapters of this fic are standalone tags to the actual episodes (and some fanfic), so they don’t really build on one another, which means I don’t have to post them in order. Except I’d have to come up with some way to keep track of the chronology.

My thinking has been that I can either post the chapters out of order and add an index chapter at the end that tells you which order to read them in, but that sounds like it could be potentially annoying.
Alternatively, I could add chapters in the middle of the fic when that’s where they go in the timeline. I.e. I’ve written 5 chapters, the next one I want to post goes between 3 and 4, so I add it as chapter 4 and the others get pushed back, if that makes sense. In that case, I’d add a note to the summary to say which chapter has just been added.

Does anybody have any experience with something like this? Or any ideas what would be the easiest way to make it accessible to readers? Or should I just suck it up and write and post the thing in order?

(And yes, I know the best idea would have been to post these as standalone works in a series, not chapters in a fic, but since that ship has sailed… ;9 )


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James was doing so little to hide his resentment, that however much Lily understood his position, it was all she could do to keep herself from smacking him upside the head.

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Sirius looked pointedly at Colette, whose expression of alarm at the escalating tension between the two men was a mirror of Lily’s own feelings.

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#1. Tolerate It 
↳ Kunimi Akira x Reader

#2. Dorothea
↳ Oikawa Tooru x Reader

#3. “Tis the Damn Season
↳ Oikawa Tooru x Reader but from Oikawa’s Perspective 

#4. Coney Island
↳ Atsumu Miya x Reader

#5. Happiness
↳ Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader

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Okay I have nothing. Nothing in my wips with these words 😭😭 I’m so sad about this because I love this so so much. So I did end up working on wips today and did end up with one of these words so I’ll leave you with that one.

Sooner or later everything falls apart. Sooner or later everything comes crashing down. The strongest of governments rise. The strongest of empires fall. It’s just the way life is. Why shouldn’t this civilization (if you can even call it that) be any different? Why not let it all burn?

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