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#lim sejun

nsfw a-z, lim sejun edition.

summary: just sejun’s nsfw abecedary.

g: smut, mature. requested!!

warnings: explicit vocabulary. in the letter f there’s a visual reference with a link, if you’re uncomfortable with these type of pictures don’t click it. also, someone asked me to do this with all the members but i know there’s some of them already done by other writers, i don’t know if it’d be okay for me to do it. please let me know if you wanna read it! ♡


Originally posted by heochaan

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#VICTON #빅톤 #최병찬 #임세준
#What_I_Said #빅톤_What_I_Said

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(210114) sejun what i said

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“Forsaken” by TinyLaelia

This a VICTON fantasy!AU I have in mind… I’ll leave the description below the cut. Tell me what you think!

Monster!AU, Experiment!AU

TW: Death, fire, rage, hate and creatures. The mention of the word “Fetus” in one ocassion.


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