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the rise of buff women in animation is truly a blessing
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Lin in Spirited Away  千と千尋の神隠し  2001 | dir. Hayao Miyazaki
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They’re the only police officers I like
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You got 10 bucks
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▼▲The Legend of Korra▲▼
➵ book 1
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Shibari &  Photo Unnamedminor Model Lin
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Xenoblade characters, what is your wisdom
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kilo-charlie7 · 2 months ago
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Who else thinks Lin might try to garden in her rare free time? I don’t know how successful she would be though. Haha.
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LIN  -  https://twitter.com/lininins_  -  https://www.instagram.com/lininins_  -  https://weibo.com/lin8?is_all=1
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lin beifong {lockscreens}
book 1: air chapter 10: turning the tides
like/reblog | @spearbinsung
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Dungeon Meshi - daydream hour extras
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A beautiful commission of the gaang babies on ember island by @jabberwockyface
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persimmono · 7 months ago
💕pick a card: future spouse💕
Tumblr media
hey guys, i’m back with a new tarot reading! we’ll be discussing your future spouse and who they are. choose a spirited away character using a method that works for you from the image above. once you’ve picked, click/tap past keep reading to find your message. pile one is chihiro, pile two is lin, and pile three is haku. enjoy! 
pile one: chihiro
10 of swords, 4 of cups, knight of pentacles, 5 of wands, the tower, the devil on bottom
your future spouse is someone who has been hurt and left behind in the past. they took these betrayals hard and became kind of closed off– dissatisfied with life. they may have hurt others in this manner as well, and it haunts them. they may be prone to overindulgence. they are emotionally unhappy, but their material needs are provided for. i feel like this is where they are at right now. they give off lazy vibes– they just don’t want to do anything but sit and watch the sun come up. they can be combative and argumentative. the competitive type. i think they might be dramatic when upset. they’re going through a rough time in their life. everything feels chaotic to them and they’re just coping. no worries, they will fall in love with you eventually and life will start to brighten up. 
8 of pentacles, king of swords, 5 of wands, 7 of pentacles, knight of swords on bottom
they might be a lawyer or a doctor/surgeon. they are the analytical type– very intelligent and quick witted. maybe a bit impatient. i feel like they have some anger issues. it might build up for them and then they just snap. they could be a perfectionist and they do seem hardworking. i see dramatic pouting and long periods of dedicated work. 
trumpet gentian, clematis, sacred lotus on bottom
i think they logically understand the need to be patient with themselves, and they will develop this more over time. they heal by slowing down. again, they are a highly intelligent individual. they age like fine wine– becoming better and more enlightened with wisdom. this might seem obvious, but some people become set in their ways rather than continuing to grow over time. your person is a cut above the rest. they won’t be suffering forever. 
past life connection, take it slow, trust your intuition on bottom 
you could have known them before in the past or by the time you two enter a relationship. they are the type to want to slow down rather than rush through a connection. they want to really get to know you. they have a very cautious and thorough energy. i do feel like they are aware of spirituality, even if they may not subscribe to it. 
the bouquet, the ring, the house, the scythe on bottom 
a gift that promises stability. as your future spouse, they will offer you an everlasting and reliable home. a strong family, a secure future with them. they’ll probably propose to you out of the blue. 
cat and tree
they are exactly like a cat. cautious, intelligent, hesitant– one wrong move and they’ll bolt. always watching and observing. they really will develop into someone extremely wise. with time, they will learn to have more fun as well. their humor is probably dark, sarcastic, and witty. 
song: into you by ariana grande
zodiac signs: virgo, scorpio, capricorn, and aquarius (maybe gemini too)
mbti: enfp, entj
love language: quality time, words of affirmation
physical characteristics: brown eyes, brown hair
thanks for stopping by! 🧸
pile two: lin
4 of cups, the tower, 4 of wands, page of wands, justice, the chariot on bottom
your future spouse is the type to hide in their room for months on end and never go outside unless absolutely necessary. they keep to themselves and may even bottle up their emotions. repressed emotions sometimes blow up– so they are like a ticking bomb. they just want to hide from the world’s chaos. things seem unmanageable and overwhelming for them. they can see when things will go wrong from a mile away. maybe they aren’t in the best place emotionally or mentally right now. they have a “leave me alone, i’m tired and uninterested” energy at the moment. the universe will shake things up for them eventually, however. i feel like you may meet them at a wedding or a gathering/celebration. you’ll catch their interest and light a fire in them. they aren’t that mature– flirting is going to feel like you’re talking to someone way younger than you. pretty inexperienced, but it might seem charming. they have good intentions and drive + passion. underneath all that doom and gloom is someone creative and curious– childlike. that fiery energy is kind of low key and tame though. you’ll just see specks of it rather than a forest fire. your wedding will be more simple...straightforward and nothing too fancy. i don’t think you will mind– to you, it will still be a memorable celebration and it will feel stable. like the world opened up and the stars are smiling down with you. the best way to explain this moment would be what it’s like to climb a mountain and finally take in the view of the sky above. it’s humble, but not any less special. the both of you might move locations eventually, overseas perhaps. they are the type to pursue their desires with fervor. they are headstrong, but they don’t come off as a fiery in-your-face type of person. it’s more watery.  
knight of wands, ace of wands, 10 of wands, 5 of cups on bottom 
something has them feeling exhausted and burdened. it stifles their passion + creativity. they are weighed down by failure, feelings of worthlessness, and things from the past. give it time, their skies clear up eventually. 
garden heliotrope, coreopsis, iris on bottom 
headstrong and determined once they commit themselves. i feel like you’re going to give them something to appreciate and enjoy every day. consistently. you might inspire hope in them and encourage them to look towards the future. you’re likely going to play a role in helping them rise out of their troubles. 
creature’s paw, elixir
maybe their health isn’t great– drinks too much or something like that. there is something toxic that they’re dealing with. you’ll guide them to take care of themselves better. you might meet them through a friend or be friends first.
home and family 
their family life might not be the best and causes them to withdraw. your advice is to be patient with them.
the moth, the rider, the chrysalid
seems like you might be the one to approach your future spouse as they’re withdrawing and having a hard time. you’re more mature than they are and have already spent a great deal of time going within, exploring/learning yourself. they still need to catch up to you, and that’s why you’re asked to be patient with them. you’re going to lift their spirits and help them remember what it is like to be a child again. 
coffee dates, art, vacations, someone who overthinks and is stubborn, they are slow to warm up, you are understanding and fun regardless, birthday wishes, children, computers, gently yet firmly bringing them with you to the future, march and november, teaching them how to smile again
song: blueberry eyes by max and suga of bts
zodiac signs:  scorpio, libra, or cancer 
mbti: isfp, enfj, enfp
love language: acts of service, gifts
physical characteristics: green eyes, black eyes, brown hair
thanks for stopping by! 🌷
pile three: haku
9 of swords, queen of pentacles, the hanged man, the world, 4 of cups, ace of wands on bottom 
there are many blues in the spread– your future spouse is very intellectual. they are someone who likes to think and they are possibly spiritual. they struggle with anxieties/fears however, maybe from overthinking. they can seem out of touch, like they are in a different world. not very grounded. they might have air influence in their chart. they are somewhat materialistic, however. they care about their status, reputation, and wealth. they want this kind of stability– in fact, they are an accomplished person that is recognized for their achievements. i’m thinking of a line from hamilton– “he will never be satisfied.” of course, material success doesn’t inherently bring emotional happiness, and they’ll come to realize that. i think because they are so smart, they often feel bored with what their life offers. it lacks passion and excitement in many ways. there might be some issues with a mother as well. 
ace of pentacles, queen of cups, 2 of wands, 9 of swords on bottom 
they might be the type to get overwhelmed by the future and choices they have to make. i think you’re going to be able to help them with overcoming this– i’m seeing you two having a comforting relationship where there’s emotional understanding. like you’ll help them move forward and feel like they can handle life a little better. 
forget-me-nots and pansy on bottom 
very sweet and gentle energy between you two– there will be many memories with you that they won’t want to forget. they will think of you lovingly. past experiences are important to them– they linger and hold onto their memories. there will probably be many conversation between you two where they will just ramble on about the past. not in a sad way, but just reminiscing. they are somewhat sentimental in this way. 
patience and communication on bottom 
you’re going to be very patient with your future spouse– you seem to have a very calming and healing energy that they will appreciate. this connection may not happen for some time. remember that communication is key. 
the book, the ship, the clouds, the crossroad on bottom 
they are intelligent and knowledgeable, but the connection won’t happen for some time. they struggle with some unhappiness or confusion in their daily life. decisions and choices may contribute to feelings of doubt. 
you’re a warm presence for your future spouse, luck, cancer energy, they can be forgetful, gatherings, beauty and fashion, unsatisfied, artistry, music, robotics + engineering, new love, new opportunity, wishes, it’s going to be okay, friendliness, reminiscing
song: 00:00 (zero o’clock) by bts
zodiac signs: capricorn, pisces, saturn dominant 
mbti: enfp, infp, intp
love language: physical touch, gifts
physical characteristics: blonde, black eyes/dark eyes
thanks for stopping by! 🌷
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rangistopknot · 2 months ago
shoutout to scarred sapphics who wear a full armor made of metal gotta be one of my favorite genders
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beifongkorra · 11 months ago
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atla & tlok + text posts pt 4
pt 1 / pt 2 / pt 3
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Made this little snippet. No real reason
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kilo-charlie7 · 3 months ago
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Added color to a recent lin sketch!
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