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miss-galaxy-turtle · 5 months ago
Random Encanto Headcanons
I finally got to see it and I’m hardcore hyperfixating
Mirabel may not have a "gift" but her unofficial one is mending the family. She's the one they feel most comfortable talking about insecurities (Luisa, Isabella, etc) and I think her sewing is a metaphor for mending. She's even the one who suggests rebuilding Casita themselves. SHE’S EVEN THE ONE THAT OPENS THE DOOR AND RETURNS THE MAGIC??? LIKE???
Isabela is gay. Mariano knows this and it's another reason he feels guilty and wants to back out of the engagement
Side note Mariano is such a himbo and I love him
When Dolores said she associates Bruno “with the sound of falling sand," it made me think that she has a sound association for each of the family members. Mirabel is the sound of her sewing machine, Abuela is the flickering of the candle, Luisa is straining muscles, etc
Pepa and Dolores are both autistic. Their powers give me overstimulation vibes. Also I'm autistic and I say so
Antonio doesn't actually name his animals because they tell him their names themselves
The other family members will have sleepovers with Mirabel so she isn't always stuck to the nursery
Luisa loves animals and she and Antonio bond over this. I don't even have a justification, I just get that vibe
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vivistown · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
these guys...........
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spideyanakin · 4 months ago
Prove me wrong, but Camillo from Encanto is just Leo Valdez from another reality
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linnamonrolls0 · 3 months ago
Satisfied (in your wildest dreams)
Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader
Reopening night of Hamilton on Broadway: exciting. Finally making it to the Room Where It Happens: unbelievable. Inexplicable sexual tension with the hot guy sitting next to you, who also happens to be the gorgeous multi-hyphenate mastermind behind the show? Priceless.
3436 words / Mature (gotta love a bit of sneaky theatre smut, hehe.)
[Also posted on AO3 & Wattpad, like, months ago lol]
Hi! So, this thing is kind of set in the real sort-of-present world, but with a few… let’s call them creative liberties. There are two things you need to know:
One - for the fic to work, masks aren’t a thing in this alternate-ish world, but please continue to WEAR A MASK in real life!
Two - there is intentionally no mention of his marriage, family etc, all you need to know is that he’s alone in the story, so infer the rest as you like.
Now that’s out of the way, just roll with it, it’s a fun ride… We here for the feels and pray he never sees this. Fair warning, this is an early attempt at smut cuz I thought I could write him out of my head... Wishful thinking, huh. :P
The lights are blinding, the streets are loud, the buildings tower high above you, and you wind your way through crowds upon crowds of so many people. As heartening as it is to see the city coming back to life after the darkness of the past year, you have no time to revel in the wonders of Times Square as you take that last turn, walking as fast as your legs will let you. After what feels like an age, you arrive outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre and scurry in, ticket in hand, grateful you aren’t late.
Why the rush?
Well, it was your first visit back to the theatre in almost eighteen months, owing to the dreadful pandemic that had changed so much and hurt so many. But you can only be grateful at how lucky you are to have come out of it alive, and to celebrate, you had decided to treat yourself and splash out on a premium orchestra seat for the reopening of Hamilton, a far step up from your usual restricted view bargains. You’ve been wanting to get back to seeing live shows since all the cancellations of last year, and you are excited to finally be back in an audience again. Work had run late and you feared you wouldn’t make it on time, but now you’re here, you just can’t wait.
For the occasion, you made an effort to look nice for the first time in a while. You’re wearing a pretty dress, with your hair up, and light makeup - quite a clean up from the bare-faced hoodie-and-leggings mess you’ve been for the past year and a half.
Slightly overwhelmed by the pre-show chaos and excitement, you take it all in and can only be grateful for the feeling. Grabbing a drink along the way, you make it to your seat with just a few minutes to spare. You notice the seat next to you is conveniently still empty; more space for all the feels.
The lights start to dim, and you’re surprised when it’s not quite the start you have come to know and love. You wonder what’s happening - after all, you only found out about the last-minute Ham4Ham show just before you boarded the subway but by the time you made it to the theatre, it was all over, save for an excitable crowd still recovering outside. But what you didn’t know, or expect, was that you’d see a certain genius himself grace the stage - even so, you figured he’d probably just make an appearance and then leave.
You smile as you watch Lin stroll into the spotlight, looking his usual stunning self - that smile that could light up the entire city, his signature goatee, a fancy blazer, shirt and jeans, and an extra skip in his step. On anyone else, the whole combination would make very little sense, but on him it’s oddly endearing and just somehow works. You might even go as far as to call him sexy. Which he is, in a way that you can’t completely understand - but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t inexplicably attracted to him.
You need to chill.
You may have spent a potentially weird amount of time googling him since you saw Hamilton on Disney Plus during lockdown, but that did not give you the right to sit here and fantasize. A creep, you are not.
The audience erupts into cheers and applause, as he gives a sweet, hopeful speech, welcoming everyone back. From your insanely well-placed seat, you can actually catch the glint in his eyes, and combined with the excitement in his voice as he speaks, it almost brings a tear to your eye too. He thanks you all and runs off stage, ducking under the rope, much to the amusement of everyone watching.
The music starts, the show begins and you can’t quite believe you’re really, finally in the room where it happens. You watch the entire opening song in absolute awe that this thing is somehow almost even more amazing live. Nothing can replicate that experience…
Your fascination is placed on pause when a figure sneaks through the darkness and slips into the empty seat on your left. Sipping your drink as something of an excuse, your curiosity gets the better of you, and you glance over at your seat neighbour, ready to shoot a death glare his way for distracting you from the show.
He looks back at you, mouthing ‘Sorry!’ - but you are far from angry when you recognize him.
Your eyes widen in shock and Lin smiles back at you, clearly noticing. Of course he knows you know, and of course he’s unfazed by it.
You’re struggling to focus with Lin sitting next to you. No offence to the masterpiece on stage, obviously - it is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever made, but you have lost the ability to remain calm. You make a mental note to rebook a cheap ticket at some point in the future and actually see the show. He’s painfully distracting, you spend a considerable amount of time sneaking glances at him… Not that you regret it, of course.
What you don’t know, though, is that he is sneaking glances at you too. He has done this show enough times to miss absolutely nothing, and just as well he’s making the most of it, being alone.
On more than one occasion, you find yourself absentmindedly biting your lip, thinking about him next to you. It’s impossible not to, and you’re glad you don’t need to be six feet away. You’re so close, you can smell his cologne, and you stop to take another sip of your drink as you try to focus on the show again. One drink can hardly do any harm, but it has you buzzing a little and you need to pace yourself.
As you place your glass down on the carpet, your arm unintentionally brushes his on the armrest between you. You’re wearing a short-sleeved dress; Lin is no longer wearing his blazer and he has the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows. You aren’t entirely sure if you imagined it, but your bare skin touching his almost zaps an electric current through you. It seems like he has clearly felt something too, as he glances over at you at exactly the same time. You look away, feeling a telltale blush heat up your cheeks, and you count your lucky stars that it’s mostly dark.
A couple of songs later, you’re both tapping your feet to Satisfied and you can’t be sure whose accident it is when your left knee bumps his right leg. This time, you act nonchalant and try not to react, but you can feel his eyes on you. The next time that happens, you’re pretty sure he’s doing it on purpose… And he catches you staring again. You’re being far too obvious.
You try to be careful after that, being a lot more conscious of the space you occupy and where your gaze wanders to. Granted, you enjoy the attention, but you remind yourself that he’s him and you’re, well… just you. Your strategy seems to work and you’re able to concentrate on the show for a while after, until Lin catches you mouthing along to the lyrics of Wait For It, and gives you a little nudge.
You stop and look over at him with a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” you mouth instead.
He shakes his head, also smiling, and whispers, “Favorite song?”
“Marginally. Don’t judge.”
“Mine too. No judgement.”
You hardly want to be one of those girls that throws themselves at him, but you’d swear, if you heard his voice whisper in your ear again, you would happily bear the consequences of jumping him right there in that seat.
Instantly regretting the thought, when you struggle to force that image out of your head. Guilt creeps in and you curse your own active imagination for driving you to this point of delusion. You need a reality check now. He’s being sweet, but that hardly means anything - he’s probably nice to everyone. Not only that, you’re far younger than him; why would he even take notice of you like that?
And yet…
The next time your arm brushes against his, neither of you jolt back like you did before. It’s still dark. He looks over at you just as you do the same; despite the relative darkness, your eyes meet and you try to read him. There’s something here, this tension… Surely this isn’t just him being polite. At this point, what do you really have to lose, making the first move? You lean towards him, your faces barely an inch from each other. You glance down at his lips, then back up into his dark eyes, as he almost mirrors you. So maybe you were wrong about him not noticing you, but you’ll happily admit that.
“Wait…” he whispers, “Not here.”
He’s right. It’s too public, not to mention out of order, and someone is bound to notice, if they haven’t already.
As if on cue, the moment is interrupted by the show’s intermission. You both stop to applaud, and you can’t speak for him, but your mind is stuck on other matters entirely. Once the lights come on, you decide to seize the day and break your silence.
“Hey, you can’t leave me hanging like that,” you say playfully, trying to hide that you’re mildly put out by his potential rejection.
“Lucky for us, I know this place like the back of my hand…” Lin says, rising from his seat. You look up at him, equal measures of elated and nervous, your heart racing so fast you hope he can’t hear it.
This cannot be happening right now.
“Let’s go.” You smirk, and he laughs lightly. He offers you a hand and you take it. He’s so warm, it makes you wonder if the man actually radiates magic. He leads you through one narrow hallway after another and by the time you come to a halt in front of a heavy curtain, you haven’t the slightest idea where you are - which would be terrifying if you didn’t have such a massive crush on him. This probably isn’t your wisest decision, but it’s all about perspective, right?
“It’s not the classiest place, but -”
“I don’t know about you, but I’m way past class right now,” you giggle. He might have started this, but you aren’t about to pass it up. You step up onto your tiptoes and grab the collars of his shirt as you press your lips to his. It barely takes him a split second to respond - without separating from you, he wraps his arms around you and pulls you behind the curtain, pushing you up against the wall in near darkness, just light enough that you can see each other.
What the actual fuck.
In the back of your mind, you half expect your alarm clock to ring any second now and drag you out of the dream, picturing that look in his eyes all day and being unable to do anything about it. On the contrary, it only gets better… Lin is still kissing you, your hands all over each other, every touch leaving a spark in its wake. He pulls on the hair tie holding your hair up, and you sigh when he tangles his fingers in your hair as it comes loose. You blindly attempt to undo the buttons on his shirt, and he gasps slightly as your nails gently scrape his bare chest.
You wouldn’t dare confess to him, but you’ve had this dream before. On some lonely night, when fantasies were the only way to escape the fear that was real life, somewhere between uncertainty and darkness, where he was the light - but he doesn’t even know it.
So, maybe that’s why you don’t hesitate as much as you would in a normal circumstance, and maybe that’s why you pull away from his lips to push him back against the wall instead and trail your kisses down his neck, gently biting down on his skin, knowing full well what it’ll look like after. He still has one hand tangled in your hair, the other gripping your waist, and he tugs on your hair and lets out a low moan as you run your fingers down his body and undo his belt. You can tell he’s straining against his jeans and the look on his face is nothing short of priceless. An unsought blush creeps up your cheeks as you realize this is what you’re doing to him.
Call it payback for all those times he wandered into your dreams and disappeared before you could have what you needed. Unfair, considering that version of him only really existed in your imagination, but that level of longing could really cloud a person’s sense of right and wrong. The whole fucking thing is wrong, but that is far from how right it feels. He was only ever a not-so-innocent fantasy, but you aren’t about to let him slip away now.
You can hardly contain your shock when he grabs your hands and forces them behind your back, his arms tight around your waist, pinning you back against the wall again. You look up into his eyes, questioning, and he’s looking back at you as if he can see into your soul.
“I need you,” he murmurs, “Now.”
You’re glad for your convenient choice of outfit as he pushes your dress up to your waist and yanks your panties down. One hand still locking yours behind your back, he uses the other to pull his own pants down and your heart races as he grabs your thighs, hooking your legs around his waist and thrusting into you. It’s rough and hot and quick and plain sinful, his hand covers your mouth as you scream his name, and you bite down on his finger. He lets your hands go; with one, you grip his shoulder, the other trying to tug on his short hair.
“You?” you tease, wanting to laugh, but just then, he hits that spot within you again and the sound that escapes your lips instead is something between a sigh and a giggle. Just then, he stops. You open your eyes in some sort of frustration, to find his shining brown eyes looking into yours, almost teasing, challenging you. “Lin… please?” you manage to say, almost in a whimper, meeting his gaze.
“That’s it, baby…” he whispers, as he tips you over the edge with a final thrust, with him following shortly after. He captures your lips in a fervent kiss, and it’s enough to leave you melting in his arms, coming undone yet again.
For a few seconds, all you can hear is your heavy breathing in time with his, as the two of you come down from the high. He is the first to move again after he pulls back from you and sets you down, but you lean your weight against him whilst he tries to pull his pants back on. You can’t help it, he’s got you weak in the knees, you don’t trust your legs to keep you up on your feet and if you’re honest, you just don’t want to keep your hands off him. Much like his voice, he’s also an addiction.
“Hey, are you okay?” he asks. You wouldn’t know any better, but he almost sounds concerned.
“Ahh… yeah, just a little unsteady.” You blush as he holds you steady, quickly helping you clean up and fix your clothes into something that resembles decency. For a moment, you can’t help but wonder how many times he’s done this before and it sparks a little fire of jealousy that makes you want to never let go.
“I’m sorry, beautiful. Come here?” He kisses you again, much more gently this time, and you smile to yourself when he pulls away and you see the smudges of your lipstick on his lips, his cheeks and the marks you’ve left on his neck. With shaky hands, you button up his shirt, resisting the urge to laugh at the sight. He smiles back at you, leaning against the wall. “How bad is it?”
“You look like a hot mess,” you bite your lip, “Sorry about that.”
Lin shakes his head. “Don’t be, you’re perfect. And I always wondered what this corner could be used for, but never actually… you know.” He tries to use his shirt sleeve to rub the rouge off his face, but it only makes matters worse.
You can’t help but laugh a little. “Ha. What about me?” You reach up and swipe your thumb over a particularly bright smudge on his cheek; he places his hand over yours as he turns his head and kisses your palm.
“To tell the truth, you look like you’ve just unlocked the secrets of the universe, and had a damn good time doing it. You have nothing to worry about.” He reassures you as he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear, twirling the strands around his finger.
“Shit.” You laugh loudly, he joins you and his laughter fills your heart with a warmth far beyond the fire he has left in you. Somewhere between all of this, you had the weird notion that you could literally fuck him out of your system, but now you’re not so sure. It’ll be next to impossible to extinguish that spark.
An announcement sounds over the speakers, signalling five minutes to the end of the intermission.
“Did you want to head back?” he asks, then shakes his head, “Of course. I forget everyone else doesn’t have the whole show permanently imprinted on their brain.”
“Well, yeah… I thought your show was the most fucking awesome thing, until I actually met you.”
“Well, I guess it takes one to make one?” he suggests. You roll your eyes and grab him by the hand, heading back out - as much as you wouldn’t mind staying in that corner with him all night.
You know exactly how the show ends, but that doesn’t stop you sobbing on Lin’s shoulder towards the end of the second act. It still tugs on your heartstrings as tightly as ever, even if you are still trying to regain your composure after your little encounter with him.
Lin has his arm around you, now least bothered about what it might look like to anyone else, and he hands you a soft tissue for your tears. Reasonable, you’re probably staining his shirt at this point. His comforting gesture only makes you shed more tears, and you’re up on your feet applauding as soon as the show is over.
“That was amazing!” you say to him.
“Thank you,” he smiles, “But hey, I’m sorry for distracting you.”
You shake your head. “Yeah, I’ll have to come back at some point. But I can’t be mad… I mean, it’s you.”
“Figured. All you have to do is ask!” He’s playing it cool, but you catch him blushing a little as he continues, “Could I get your number? This cannot be a one-time thing. Actually, do you want to stick around for a while? We can go out after this, if you want to.”
Well. That sends your heart into a backflip and you’re flattered that he wants to see you again; you aren’t about to say no to that.
“I’d love that, Lin.”
You exchange phone numbers and a promise to catch up as soon as he’s done doing the million things he has to do before you can leave. You are aware of people nearby staring at him, but it doesn’t bother him. He presses a quick kiss to your forehead, leaving you in a sort of daze as he is whisked away by a couple of theatre staff who lead him towards the same door you snuck through earlier. He waves at you as he goes, and you notice he still has your hair tie on his wrist. Still blushing, you wave back, and so do a group of screaming teens a few rows behind you. Let them have their moment, you smile to yourself; they have no idea where you’ve just been. Rather, the places he’s taken you to…
And you can’t wait to go back.
Whilst you’re waiting, you type out a short text message to him, and hit send before you can overthink anything, ‘Satisfied?’
Not too long after, your phone lights up with his reply: ‘Never. Let’s go? ;)’
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alexander-stanilton · a month ago
Hamilton is really neat, 
i think hamiton is like the best and i love it so much
top 10 hamilton moments 
10; when he died
9; when castiel got sent to hell 
8; when burr didnt get in the room
7; when sherlock deduced hamilton was cheating
6; when hamilton wasnt being president
5; when eliza and hamilton married
4; when hamilton met the doctor
3; when fortnite got rid of building
2; when philip died
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bwaywingdingsnthings · a year ago
Yeah Lin Manuel Miranda has some pretty sick rhymes but Preminger from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper rhymed champagne and Charlemagne so who's the real winner
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torsnavi · 3 months ago
The Drama Bookshop
Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader
Words: 1,565 words
Warnings: FLUFF- seriously it's so sweet, I got cavities from writing it- Swearing
"My heart was set on you from the moment I met you."
Listening to the wild streets of New York City, you sat in the corner of you favorite book shop, rereading a chapter of an unfinished book you were currently working on. The Drama Bookshop was one of your favorite places in the world, next to your own couch at home, this place felt like the only place where you could unload all of your creative thoughts, everything seeming to come to you easy in the quiet space. You had discovered this spot a few years back and were devastated to hear that it was going to be shut down, so you were overjoyed when you heard that someone had bought the shop and brought it back to life.
Talking quietly to yourself, you emptied all of the words that had been occupying your brain onto the page on your laptop, ideas flowing out of you like the calmest river. This was the only other place you could work at besides your house, whenever you needed a change of scene, you always came here and browsed along the hundreds of pages of manuscripts and lyrics from various plays and musicals, plus, the coffee was some of the best you had ever had. You were so engrossed into your work, you had hardly noticed that you had run out of coffee, so when you noticed after going for another sip, you decided to get up and order another.
“Miss [Y/N]! Same as usual?”
“Yup! You know me so well.”
The barista smiled kindly at you before he got to work on your coffee. You liked your coffee to be sweet with a little bit of cinnamon to add to the flavor. Deciding to use this time as a break, you scrolled through your twitter, liking and retweeting things you though you could use as some sort of inspiration, but overall just for the entertainment. You heard the front door open and glanced up for a second before quickly picking your head up again to get a look at the figure who had just walked in. It felt as if all time had slowed down, the only thing you could focus on was the gorgeous man who had just walked in. He looked around for a second, seeming to be very familiar with the place, and then he turned towards you and as soon as you made eye contact with you, it felt as if you were the only two people in the whole world. Your heart was beating faster now, as if it was being pulled to the man, and he was feeling the same thing.
“Hi… I’m uh, I’m Lin-Manuel.”
His name ran through your head and then wrapped itself around your heart, giving it the warmest hug.
“Alright, [Y/N], here you go!”
“[Y/N], I’m guessing?” Lin said, making you laugh shyly.
“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you.” You shook hands, and you swear you felt a bolt of electricity shoot through your hands as you touched, the two of you maintaining eye contact the whole time. After you pulled away, you went back to where you were sitting and saw the man, who you now knew as Lin-Manuel, have his drink handed to him by the barista. The blush rising to your cheeks failed to leave as he made his way towards you.
“May I?” He asked, motioning to sit in the empty seat across from you.
“Of course!”
“So, [Y/N], do you come here often…? God, that sounds so cheesy, um, have you been here before?” You both laughed, and for some reason, all of this felt so natural even though you literally just met.
“I do, actually! I’ve been coming here for years. Well, I had before they started rebuilding this place. Thank God it was bought out and brought back. This place got me through college and I have no idea what I would have done if it had been shut down for good.”
You went on about how much the place had meant to you and how it’s been your safe space for as long as you could remember. Lin went on to tell you about himself; he was a writer too, except, unlike you, he was a song writer. The two of you had talked for hours, but it seemed like no time had passed, neither of you realized that it was closing time already. When you walked out of the shop and onto the street, you were hit with a sudden chill that was quickly blocked by Lin handing you his sweater, his scent engulfing your senses.
“Well, I have to say that that was the best first date I’ve ever had!”
“Oh, so that was a date?”
“Uh, only if you wanted it to be! Shit, [Y/N], I’m sorry, you’re probably super weirded out right now. I mean, we just met but I-“
“It was the best first date for me too, Lin.”
He stopped his rambling and smiled, sighing in relief. It was cute seeing him so flustered.
“[Y/N]? Can I get your number? I’d love to see you again. Maybe I could take you out to dinner?”
“I’d love that. It’s a date.”
You exchanged phone numbers, him putting his in your phone and vice versa. On your way home, you immediately got a text from him, smiling to yourself when you saw that he had put a heart next to his name, knowing that you did the same to your name on his phone. From there on, it was smooth sailing for the two of you.
“Hey, babe?”
“Yeah, Lin?”
You turned your head to look up at your gorgeous boyfriend, your head resting in his lap as the two of you sat on the couch of your, now shared, apartment, his gently stroking your hair as the TV played softly. He looked down at you and smiled, leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips. You ran your hand through his short, dark brown hair, his goatee tickling your lips before you both pulled away, both smiling as you looked into his beautiful brown eyes.
“I love you so much.”
“I love you too, Lin-Manuel.”
“You know, there’s something about me that you don’t know.”
You panicked for a second, sitting up and facing him, worry flooding your mind.
“What is it?”
“So, the Drama Bookshop-“
“What about it?”
“We have history with it, right? We had our first date there, our first kiss...”
“Yeah… Lin, what about it? Is it shutting down? Fuck, they can’t do that, Lin! I won’t let them, I’m gonna start a petition, send a letter to the owner and give them a piece of my mind if they wanna think about shutting that place down-“
“[Y/N].” You continued rambling on about how you refused to let them shut down the one place in the world that had so much significance to your life, the one place where you met the love of your life.
“It’s not shutting down. I promise.”
“How do you know that?”
“Well, if you had let me FINISH,“ He laughed, “you would have given me the chance to tell you that I own it.”
“You… You what? You OWN The Drama Bookshop?”
He nodded, a smug smile growing on his face. You started laughing- you couldn’t believe that all this time, your boyfriend was responsible for the resurgence of the most important place in your life.
“Why didn’t you just tell me that in the first place!” Lin joined you in your laughter, but it was stopped as he gently grabbed your chin and kissed you. It was soft, slow, passionate- the kind of kiss that made your heart flutter more than it usually did.
“Actually, WE own it.”
Confused, you didn’t know what he meant. Suddenly, he seemed nervous, at a loss for words, which was rare with him. He held your hands in his own, his thumb gently running over your soft skin.
“[Y/N], I love you so much. More than anything in this entire world. You’re the most important person in my life, and I wanna be with you forever. I wanna spend my life with you. So…”
You felt tears well in your eyes as you realized what was happening and what he meant by saying that the two of you owned The Drama Bookshop. Lin went to reach in his pocket, revealing a small velvet box before getting down on one knee in front of the couch.
“Will you marry me?”
Nodding, and now with tears running down your face, you grasped his face with your hands and kissed him, both of you sharing one heartbeat. You had met your soulmate, and you were going to spend the rest of your life with him- just the simple thought of that made your heart jump. He gently slid the ring onto your left index finger, it fitting perfectly as he wiped the tears away from your face and then his.
“My heart was set on you from the moment I met you. I love you so much, [Y/N], so fucking much.”
“I love you too, Lin-Manuel.”
You engaged in yet another passionate kiss, remaining eternally grateful for the owner, who was now your fiancé, of The Drama Bookshop.
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keanurevees · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Burr, my first friend, my enemy, maybe the last face I ever see.
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whateven-is-my-aesthetic · a year ago
Leslie Odom Jr. As Aaron Burr is highly underrated and y'all need to appreciate him more
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maddieramos · a month ago
burr : talk less
hamilton : …
also hamilton : I am not throwin' away my shotI am not throwin' away my shotHey yo, I'm just like my countryI'm young, scrappy and hungryAnd I'm not throwin' away my shotI'ma get a scholarship to King's College probably shouldn't brag, but dang, I amaze and astonishThe problem is I got a lot of brains but no polishI gotta holler just to be heardWith every word, I drop knowledge'm a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coalTryna reach my goal my power of speech, unimpeachableOnly nineteen but my mind is olderThese New York City streets get colder, I shoulderEvery burden, every disadvantageI have learned to manage, I don't have a gun to brandishI walk these streets famishedThe plan is to fan this spark into a flameBut damn, it's getting dark, so let me spell out my nameI am the A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R we are meant to beA colony that runs independentlyMeanwhile, Britain keeps shittin' on us endlesslyEssentially, they tax us relentlesslyhen King George turns around, runs a spendin' spreeHe ain't ever gonna set his descendants freeSo there will be a revolution in this centuryEnter me, he says in parenthesesDon't be shocked when your history book mentions meI will lay down my life if it sets us freeEventually, you'll see my ascendancyAnd I am not throwin' away my shotI am not throwin' away my shotHey yo, I'm just like my countryI'm young, scrappy and hungryAnd I'm not throwin' away my shot am not throwin' away my shotI am not throwin' away my shotHey yo, I'm just like my countryI'm young, scrappy and hungryAnd I'm not throwin' away my shotIt's time to take a shot
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Tumblr media
piragüero sketch
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader
Word Count: 2.6k
Warnings: Minors DNI, Dom Lin, light bondage, explicit laguage, edging, oral sex (female receiving), love fluff, marriage. All errors my own.
A/N: This an ask from the 100 smut prompts ask list by @sebastianabucknettastan (pic credit as well) AND the following birthday request from @sillyteecup
Tumblr media
Love You Tee! I hope it’s filthy enough and that you have a great day! ❤️
Lin was talking to a reporter when he saw you enter the venue.
He was instantly pissed the fuck off, but used his acting skills to play it off.  
There were so many things you needed to answer for.
First, you wore the dress he specifically told you not to wear. 
The gold one that set off your skin tone and that that fit perfectly before the baby, but after, with your slightly larger thighs, hips and breasts, fit like a glove.
A skin tight glove.
Next, you put your hair up, showing off your neck and your cleavage, which was pushed up by the special fuck me bra that you had on. The one you only wore for him at home.  
Then, you wore your 6-inch gold Jimmy Choos with the stiletto heels.  The ones that you only wore for him at home.
That is, after your fuck me bra had been thrown across the room.
What was worse was that he didn’t know any of this before he left the house because you were taking so long to get dressed that he had to leave without you.
When you joined him, you met his cold, hard glare before the acting took over and his face broke out in a smile.
Oh.  Lin was pissed, but he couldn’t let it show. He was the man of the hour. 
For the next 30 minutes, you two were gracious recipients of the most mundane conversation of everyone who wanted to talk to him.  
And you were especially charming, touching every man’s arm, and managing to play with every woman’s hair and smiling at all with that alluring grin that made them all practically drool into your cleavage.
As the night wore on, his smile slipped more and more.  Although you were at his side, which he made sure of, he couldn’t get close enough to say anything to you, which you made sure of.
He knew what this was about.  Lin had informed you that his next gig was halfway around the world and that you would either have to accompany him, or stay in New York while he had fun creating shit while you took care of your son. A single parent yet again.
Shit was getting old.  
Lin didn’t want to leave you, he wanted you to come with and he couldn’t understand your resistance, especially since your job was easily mobile and you had the means to go.  
But he was especially frustrated that you wouldn’t talk about it, you were just torturing him with this display of your sexy allure that he wanted to be just for him.  
Each time you gave someone else the benefit of your attention, yet pulled away from him, he got more and more determined to demonstrate the importance of effective communication to you.
When you were finally seated at the head table, Lin whispered as he drew closer to you. 
To everyone who was watching, and there were a lot of people watching, it looked like normal couple interaction. 
But in reality, it was a threat. 
"You keep acting like a little brat and I’ll take you over my knee right here. I don’t care how many people are watching.”
You finally turned the full wattage of your smile on him.  His heart stopped and he wanted to crawl under the table and lick from the soles of your feet up to your pussy.  
Damn, his wife was beautiful.
You said it to piss him off, not project submissiveness, but you could tell by his smirk what he wanted that word to mean. Well, fuck him.
“I’m not acting like a brat, I’m acting like the wife of a Very Important Man at a Very Important Event.”  
You leaned toward him and he was drawn to you, but still pissed.
“If you don’t settle down, I’ll make you.”
You turned and looked him fully in the eye.  
“I’m not scared of you. What are you gonna do? Write the fuck out of a story about me?”
The raised eyebrow and disrespect was the final straw. The emcee was about to introduce him.
Lin leaned even closer.
“I got something better than a spanking. When we get home, I’m cuffing you to the bed and I’m going down on you all night until my jaw is sore.  And if you straighten up now, I might let you cum.”
Your mouth dropped open as the emcee finished introducing him and Lin rose and went to the podium.
You recovered quickly and looked around to see if anyone noticed and then put on your neutral face.
After his speech, it was like nothing happened. And you miraculously found some act right.  
For the remainder of the night, Lin was charming to everyone, even you.  
You even danced and he held you close, caressing your side and seamlessly catching your rhythm.
It was like you dreamed what he’d said, because he even kissed your hand before he led you to the car, and you even leaned your head on his shoulder and fell asleep on the way home. 
It turned out to be a pretty nice night.
You got home and paid the babysitter and ordered her an Uber. Lin watched her get in the car while you went to check on the baby.  
He was so freakin cute and you stayed to watch him sleep a bit, never getting enough of his big fat cheeks.
When you went into the bedroom, Lin was nowhere to be found, coming out of the walk-in closet as you closed the door.
“Hey, come here.”  
His smile was his signature mix of angelic and devilish, and you were sure of what he wanted.  
You were glad he seemed to forget the earlier difficulty and you glady went toward him.  
Maybe you would give him some tonight and you could talk about the issue in the morning.
Lin put his hands on your shoulders.
“You look. Incredible tonight.”  His hands moved down your arms and moved to clasp your fingers.
"You want me to make you come?"
"Yes." You started unbuckling his belt. 
Lin pulled away from you. His eyes glinted, hard and cold.
"You want it?" He moved to sit on the bed.  He patted the duvet beside him. “Come.”
You came and sat beside him, anticipation making you shiver. Lin leaned over to you, his lips oh so close, and watched as you closed your eyes. 
He gave you a quick kiss on your lips and pulled you onto the bed with him.
His mouth laid ravage to yours and just as your senses went wild, he moved to pull your dress up. He stopped and smiled.  
You were only wearing the fuck me bra and no panties.
“You do wanna get fucked I see. How convenient.”
You just smiled back at him and clenched your thighs together. 
Him still being in his tux making you very wet.
Lin’s dark beauty was making you weak.
Lin continued to pull your dress over your arms, and you raised them to make it easier.  But somehow, the dress stopped over your eyes. 
You smiled before you panicked, thinking Lin was playing some cute little game.
You panicked when you realized the game wasn’t cute.
You realized the game wasn’t cute when you felt the cuffs go around your wrists and onto the bars of the bed.
You could only see his outline moving around as you struggled and tested the cuffs.
“This isn’t funny Lin!”  You were panicking.
“No. It’s not. But I told you what was going to happen.”
Lin took your legs and spread them apart, you pulled them back together.  He slapped your thigh and pulled them apart again.
“Leave them open or I’ll get the spreader bar.”
Lin watched your lip tremble as kept your legs open, while also watching your slick drip down your folds. 
He smiled and leaned over, mouth near your ear.
“I’m going to keep my promise.”  You visibly trembled.  
“Do you want to watch, or not?  Your choice.”  
Lin’s hands were on your thighs now, slowly, too slowly moving up toward your apex. He stopped, thumbs about two inches away from your slit, and asked again.
You whimpered, wanting some kind of contact. Something to give you relief.
“I wanna see you Baby.  I wanna see you make me cum.”
You were trying it, and Lin shifted, lifting your dress and propping your head up with it as he shook his head at you.
“IF I make you cum.”
Lin returned to the exact position he was in, with this thumbs exactly two inches away from where you needed them to be.
“I need your words.  What’s your greenlight word?” 
Lin moved his hands a quarter of an inch closer and you tried not to move.  
“Good girl. What about when you need to stop?”
You were getting anxious.  Safe word play was intense.
“Good girl. Where are we at now?” 
Lin was sliding his thumbs closer to your dripping heat. He was right there and you practically screeched, “Banquo, Banquo.”
“Gooooood girl.”  
Lin finished sliding both thumbs into you, circling and sliding them up and down your slit, bumping and teasing your clit, making you jump and whimper every time.  
He separated his hands and put one thumb on your puckered hole and one thumb in your pussy, rotating them, fucking one hole and teasing the other.
“After I eat you out, I should take your ass. Make you squirt all over the bed. But that would involve you cuming.  And I don’t know….”
“Fuckkkkk, Lin! I want you to feel how wet I am for you. C’mon. Please?”
“Keep begging.”
Your pussy fluttered around his hands and he slowly withdrew them, trailing your wetness down your thighs. 
He was edging you like you had all night. 
And he did. 
He sat back and watched you squirm, a soft smile on his lips.  He took off his jacket, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. He stared between your legs as he rolled up his sleeves. 
His fucking forearms were driving you crazy. Shit, you should not have been such a bitch.
“Damn, I would take a picture, but I have a specific purpose tonight. And I already have several in my collection.”
Lin was obsessed with your pussy. Absolutely obsessed.  It was his precious.  
He leaned in, his dark head obstructing your view as he oh so slowly licked a long stripe from your ass to your clit. You craned your neck to see him go to work.
You tried to capture his tongue with some kind of impossible pussy trick, but Lin held you fast to the bed.
He chuckled into your folds, and shook his head.  
“You’re hilarious.”  
Then, he opened his mouth wide and stuck his talented tongue as far in your pussy that it could go, his top lip capturing your clit.  
He reached up and grabbed your heaving breasts, squeezing them and rolling your perky erect nipples.
Lin was chowing down.  He fucked you with his tongue until you were about to come again, but stopped.  You groaned, and Lin was glad he’d soundproofed your bedroom.
“Lin. I’m sorry.  Let me cum, please. Please? This pussy is yours. See how you got me? Please. I don't care what you do to me. I want you to make me feel good. Only you can Lin."
He loved your begging and pleading.  He put his face in your place again, this time sucking and manipulating your clit until your legs started shaking violently. 
Your curses and moans only make him lick you faster.
Lin pushed your legs back apart and inserted a  finger inside you, expertly curling it, inexplicably telling you to come hither from inside your vaigna.
“NOW you want to communicate? Should have thought of that earlier.”
"Lin, its...." you breathed.
"Tell me."
Lin ordered, as he stopped what he was doing and wiped his face.
You were panting now,devastated by the loss of your orgasm, and coherent thought completely gone from your mind.
Lin reached out and rubbed your clit again. He leaned over and drew it between his lips, sucking it and making you see stars this time. 
All of a sudden, he stopped sucking and gently, very gently, slapped it. Then, he inserted two fingers from behind while he slapped your clit. It was very intense.
You yelped loudly and had to open your mouth in order to breathe. Your heart was beating so fast.
"Fuck! This pussy is so pretty.”
He started alternately lightly slapping and licking your clit this time. And he stopped every so often to let you come back from the brink. 
Each time he would stop, you would moan louder and louder. The first time he stopped his shirt came off, the third, his pants.
"Lin! I'm going crazy!" 
"But you taste and feel and look so fucking good. I don't know if I ever want to leave where I am right now." 
Lin had stopped and started stroking himself.
You watched him stroke and had to close your eyes. 
Lin shifted and started stroking his tip at your entrance. You were panting so hard you could hardly breathe.
You wiggled your hips and Lin stopped all movement, causing you to whine and pull on the cuffs, causing your breasts to jiggle.
He leaned over, pulled your breasts from the cups of the lace cups, and captured one in his mouth, swirling his tongue around your nipple then biting down on it.
You were so overstimulated that this new sensation almost sent you over the edge. Yet again.
You were losing hope of getting satisfaction and started keening. 
“Lin! Pleaseeee!”
This time the desperation in your voice triggered mercy. 
And the way you were coming apart for him triggered his lust.
He continued to suck both nipples brutally until you were arching off the bed, and when he slapped your clit again, plunging two fingers inside you that curled to your spot, you came, hard, squirting all over him and the bed.
“Yes, give me all you got. Such a good girl.”
You trembled as he slid inside, and your body came alive again as he slipped in and out of you. 
You could feel every ridge and vein on his huge, hard cock as he lit you up from the inside out. 
You gripped him so good, despite the wetness, that he had to concentrate.
Lin moaned and kissed your pulse point as he felt your walls clench around him.
“So fucking good…so tight and wet… fuck.”
You struggled to catch your breath and Lin leaned up to lift up your ass, pulling your pelvis up to meet him on his knees.
“You feel so good. Make me want to come so bad baby. Take this dick.”
He stroked and stroked until he felt you quivering again.
“Do you like how that feels? Do you like how I’m fucking you?”
“FUCK! Yes Lin. Oh fuck yes. I love it. I want it all.”
“Pussy. Feels… so fucking… goooood.”
His thumb found your clit again. The pleasure built up in your body, your eyes rolled back into your head, and it was game over.
Lin came as you screamed and milked his cock dry. 
It was perfect.
Next thing you knew, Lin was unlocking the cuffs, sitting you up and massaging your shoulders. He led you into the bathroom where the whirlpool tub was halfway full.
You hadn’t realized that you were out for a few minutes.
Lin put your hair up while the tub kept filling.
You climbed into the tub, and Lin climbed in behind you, gathering you in his arms.
You relaxed as he took care of you, his hands soothing your exhausted body.
You floated off to sleep in the warm water surrounded by Lin, the brat in you tamed. 
For the moment.
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The Thing About Illicit Affairs... : Chapter 7
Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader
“And you know damn well, for you I would ruin myself, a million little times…”
When you pictured moving to New York City, an apartment in Washington Heights was a far cry from your Gossip Girl dreams. That was, until the guy next door flashed you a smile that could light up the entire city and your world turned upside down…
Mature / Warnings: SMUT (yup, finally), cheating, slight kinda age difference; I'm like really into sweater!Lin so that's also a thing / 3299 words
Chapter 7: (Don't) Say No To This
Tumblr media
11:08AM - Lin: Gmorning beautiful. Be there in 5? :)
11:08AM - Me: See you sooooon 🥰
It’s fine. I’m fine. This is going to be fine.
I keep telling myself that as I quickly run a brush through my hair, smoothing out any last tangles and making sure I’m happy with my light makeup. It’s cold, so I slip a soft cardigan over the cami I’m wearing, trying very hard to look like I’m not trying too hard. If this were a normal situation, I wouldn’t put any effort at all into looking nice just to build bookcases with a neighbour, but then, Lin is another story entirely. I’d be kidding myself if I said I don’t care what he thinks.
I wonder if he’ll notice…
I snap a quick selfie and send it to my groupchat with Anya and Gina, asking for their opinions. They bombard me with replies immediately, first with approval and then with many questions about who exactly I’m trying to impress with this sexy-casual vibe, wanting to know what in the Netflix-and-chill is going on.
But I think it wiser not to respond to those texts when I hear a knock on my apartment door, another rhythm that alerts me it’s him.
I give myself a final once-over in the mirror (a replacement to the one I broke) and adjust my glasses before I run into the living room, tossing my phone onto the couch and swinging the front door open to reveal Lin standing in the hallway with a giant toolbox.
I wouldn’t admit it out loud but my heart skips a beat when I take a second to admire him; his hair is a little longer, he’s abandoned his beloved goatee in favour of light stubble, and he’s wearing a dark grey-flecked turtleneck with jeans and… socks. It’s weird, but on him it’s all cute. Ah, whatever, I guess he did only have to cross a hallway to get here. He could really get away with anything.
“Hey, you,” Lin says with that ever-dreamy smile. Does he know how his smile makes my heart flutter? I missed it. It’s been over a week since I last saw him; we’ve been texting almost constantly, but of course that isn’t the same.
“Hi! What the heck do you need all that for?” I joke, nodding toward the toolbox. More so to distract myself; because really, in the back of my mind I’m wondering, why the flying fuck does he look sexy in a turtleneck, of all things? Surely that cannot be normal - either I have a sweater kink I never knew about, or there’s just something about him looking like this that kills me. Probably both.
“I figured we should be prepared for any eventualities, you know?” He laughs, strolling past me into the living room and setting the toolbox down on the floor, “So, where are these bookcases?”
“Riiiiight here.” I grin, reluctantly tearing my gaze away from him and dragging over the boxes to the middle of the room. His eyes widen at how many pieces they’re in. “More than you bargained for, huh? I didn’t expect it to be this messy either.”
“Well, let’s get going! This shit’s not gonna build itself.”
“Wait!” I say, “First things first, we can’t think with decaffeinated brains. So, coffee?” I offer.
“Of course.”
“All of it!”
“No wonder you’re so damn sweet,” I remark, turning to head across the living area to the kitchen before Lin can respond to that. I know my flirting is a little out of line, but I can’t help it when the opportunity presents itself - and he isn’t exactly shutting me down. Quite the opposite, he’s only indulging my advances with that charming smile, looking at me like there’s nowhere else he’d rather be, and it doesn’t help when he looks like that…
As the Nespresso whirs on the countertop behind me, I turn to catch Lin admiring the triptych of photos I’ve recently hung up on the last bare wall in the living room. Mounted in simple black frames, the pictures depict three of my favorite spots in my hometown, each street bathed in the warm glow of sunset from a series of lockdown walks. Alongside fond memories of growing up in and around these familiar places, they remind me of the peace I felt walking those quiet streets not so long ago, my only moments of solace amidst the fear induced by the pandemic I thought we’d never see the end of. I’d never been so glad to be wrong, and these serve as a reminder of the hope amidst all the chaos. We could all use a little more hope, even now.
“These are beautiful,” Lin compliments, “Where did you get them, if you don’t mind my asking?”
“I took them, back home.” I can feel myself blushing again, and I curse my lack of control over my reactions around him, thankful for the room’s worth of open-plan distance between us. “So… thank you, I guess.”
“They’re yours?” His statement carries a hint of surprise. I can’t help but wonder why as he continues, “Of course! You’re a photographer.”
“Well… I don’t warrant that title. It’s just a hobby,” I say meekly.
“Nah.” Lin shakes his head, still looking at the pictures before he turns to me again. “With art like this, you should own that title.”
I shift my gaze to the ground, suddenly somewhat bashful as I busy myself with adding milk and sugar to our coffees. “Thank you. I don’t have as much time for it now, but I try to…”
“Damn. Have you taken any here?”
“A few. I… could show you, if you want?” I offer, beckoning him over as I grab my laptop from the kitchen island, sitting down on one of the barstools and setting the coffee mugs on the counter.
“Oh my god, yes!” He practically leaps across my living room and takes a seat on the barstool beside me. I can feel his gaze fixed on the screen over my shoulder as I power up my laptop and open the right folder; I’d call it too close for comfort, but that might be my fault more than his.
“Here…” I slide my laptop across to him.
“Can I scroll?” he asks sweetly. I nod, and now it’s my turn to admire him as he looks at the various pictures I’ve collected over my first few weeks in this neighbourhood and back in the city. His curiosity is quickly replaced by awe; it always warms my heart to see anyone appreciate my photography, but every compliment means a little more coming from him. “Please don’t be offended, but… Would you consider selling these?”
“I’ve never really thought about it,” I respond honestly, starting to mull over the idea, “I guess it would depend, to whom and why.”
“I’m thinking of, I don’t know, maybe like a Heights version of what you have here?”
“For you?”
“Yeah, if you could?”
“Of course! Do you have any favorite spots around here? I can try and do those…”
“Please don’t take the trouble, I just thought if you have any shots that would work…” Lin insists, almost apologetic for asking.
“No way. Tell me and I’ll make it work.” The idea of putting together a photographic representation of his love for this place brings me almost as much joy as my own triptych did.
“Are you sure? I’m happy to pay, like, whatever you want,” he says emphatically.
“Fuck, no. Anything for you, Lin. Anyway, after these stupid bookcases, I’ll owe you again!”
Once we’re sufficiently caffeinated, we settle into a pretty good flow with the bookcases, sitting cross-legged on the rug in the middle of the living room, deciphering the instructions and putting the Ikea furniture together with all its bits and pieces. Lin has managed to convince me to connect his phone to my surround speakers; so an eclectic mix of showtunes and pop songs fill the background, allowing any moments of silence to feel comfortable rather than awkward.
“Who the heck plays a playlist in order?” I laugh as he places his phone on the coffee table, out of harm’s way.
“Try anyone with musical sense! Have you even heard of a mixtape?” he says in mock outrage.
“What, like burning CDs for people?” I tease, knowing that’ll get a reaction out of him. I love how dramatic he can get over the most random things.
Lin stares at me, comically horrified. “No, cassettes! You know, those things you can’t shuffle, like, at all? The nineties?” He pauses for a second, suddenly realizing. “Oh.”
“Yeah, not a fan, I’d barely developed sense in the nineties… So I’m cool with Apple Music now,” I say playfully, grabbing his phone and hitting shuffle on his playlist just to wind him up, avoiding addressing the inevitable age thing for now.
“You have so much to learn,” he says with an overdramatic sigh, “For your first task: give me the screwdriver?” I pick up the right tool, holding the screw in place. His finger brushes against mine as he reaches for the screwdriver and the little zap of electricity causes me to let go before he’s gripped the handle. The tool falls to the ground and I yelp as it narrowly misses his foot.
“Oops!” We both reach to pick it up, bumping heads in the process and laughing rather than getting back to work. I grab the screwdriver, very nearly dropping it again.
“If I’d known you were such a klutz…” Lin chuckles, shaking his head as he reaches out to take it back. “Give me that before one of us gets hurt.”
“I’m not that bad,” I huff, pointing the screwdriver rather dangerously at him to ironically illustrate my point.
“I beg to differ.” He takes the screwdriver from my hands, safely this time.
“Screw you!” I giggle, throwing a small screw at him.
“Really?” He smirks, catching the screw and raising a brow as I feel myself blushing again; beyond the pun, the innuendo is not lost on either of us. “Okay, can you hold this?” I do as he asks, holding the piece of wood in place as he joins it to another piece. “And that’s how you do that.”
As this goes on, he continues giving me instructions; our arms end up in some sort of interlaced tangle with me holding the pieces into place and him assembling them, and we’ve ended up painfully close together in the process. I pray he can’t feel my heart racing next to him, and I hope he doesn’t notice my cheeks turning red the more I think about what we could be doing instead…
Until he does.
He’s putting together a particularly tiny attachment that is meant to support one of the shelves, his hands deftly working around the pieces as I hold it together, biting my lip when his fingertips brush against mine yet again. I thought all his attention was focused on the task until Lin looks over at me, practically glaring.
“Stop that.” I give him a questioning look, and he drops the screwdriver to gently place his thumb under my bottom lip, pulling it from my teeth. “That.”
I see how it is.
I smirk, “What, am I distracting you?” Feeling a little bolder, I move even closer to him, until our faces are barely a couple of inches apart. All complications aside, I know what I want, but I can’t be certain I know what he wants. Does he?
“Don’t…” Lin whispers, his eyes locked on mine. He’s normally an open book, but for the first time, I struggle to read him.
“Or what?” I ask innocently, before he leans in, his lips finally claiming mine in a kiss that sends my racing heart into a frenzy. When his tongue finds mine, it’s like water in the desert, breathing life into me yet again. Our hands abandon the pieces and frantically find each other, he slips my cardigan off my shoulders and I couldn’t care less where it ends up once I shrug it off. He has one arm around my waist, pulling me onto him, his other hand tangled in my hair, my hands gripping the front of his sweater and pressing against his chest, enough sparks flying to start a fire right here.
He sighs, and the deja vu of the whole thing is not lost on me when he reluctantly breaks the kiss, though his arms are still around me, his fingers still playing with the ends of my long hair. “We shouldn’t,” he whispers, “But god, I want to… I want you.”
“You have me, Lin. I’m right here…” I respond, leaning forward to gently nip at his neck, or at least what of it is exposed above his turtleneck. I hear his breath catch and he tightens his grip on me. I lean in to his touch, welcoming it and trying to pull him down to the floor; if I’m honest, I would let him take me anywhere.
“Mmm, not like this…” He shakes his head and guides my legs to wrap around his waist, standing up, “You deserve better than that, mi querida.”
I don’t know what my deal is with him and Spanish, nor could I figure out how he knows about it. The word rolls off his tongue in a distinctive accent and he has me distracted long enough to move us over to the sectional sofa. I tug on the hem of his sweater, he lets me pull it over his head and throw it over the side of the sofa, quickly followed by the t-shirt he’s wearing under it. I trail my fingers over the smooth, lightly tanned skin of his chest and he bites his bottom lip as he gently lays me down on the cushions, holding himself above me, our eyes locked and I can feel myself drowning in that sea of dark brown again. He helps me out of my cami and tosses it somewhere across the room, his hands immediately on my breasts and his lips at my neck. He hooks his fingers into the band of my leggings and tugs them down in a swift movement; all too eager, I kick them away.
“Is this what I’ve done to you? You knew…” I blush fiercely as he slips my panties off and runs a finger delicately over my already wet folds. “Good girl, you’re already dripping…” I’m surprised by the whimper that escapes me as he carries on teasing, both with his fingers and his words, his lips still biting and sucking at my neck. I gently tug on his hair, just about long enough to grab, eliciting a soft moan from him. “I’ve been thinking about you for so long,” he whispers against my bare skin, “But this…” The warmth of his breath sends a shiver through me that I’m certain he feels, and as his finger continues circling my clit, I’m surprised how close I am just from this.
“So have I… I hear your voice through that wall and I can’t sleep until…” I murmur, sneaking a hand down between my legs, just to tease a reaction from him. He tries to pull my hand away, but instead I move it over to palm him over his jeans. He involuntarily grinds against my hand and I take that as an opportunity to undo his button and zipper. He wastes no time in briefly getting up and divesting himself of his remaining clothing, letting me enjoy the view. He may not be as fit as the guys I previously thought were my ‘type’, but god damn, there’s something unbelievably sexy about him that draws me in. He’s immediately back over me; we know we want this to last, but all the pent-up frustration has already got us readier than we’ll ever be. This is not the time to be taking things slow.
I close my eyes in anticipation, but instead I feel him still above me. “What happened?” I ask, looking up at him.
He looks into my eyes, with equal measures of lust and concern. “Are you sure you want this?” he asks earnestly. I sigh. I appreciate that he cares, but right now all I can think of is finally having him, after all this time pining from afar and fantasizing alone…
“Yes, Lin. I want you, this, everything…” I whisper with certainty, as he shifts his gaze away, guilty. “Look at me,” I gently cup his cheek and our eyes meet again, “Are you sure?”
He nods, though his expressive eyes betray him - behind the desire, I can still catch the lightest hint of conflict. “Yeah. I’m sure.” He lowers himself down to meet my waiting lips, silencing any questions I may have with a kiss as he finally enters me, slowly at first and then all at once. I bite down on his lip as I adjust to him, arching my back, wrapping my legs around his waist and slowly taking him deeper, sighing when he’s exactly where I want him. “You okay, baby?” he whispers. I can’t deny it’s been a while and this kind of throws me off, how gentle and careful he’s being even in this stupor of lust, though from his slow movements I can tell he’s holding back, his hands firmly gripping my thighs.
“Mmm…” I nod, moving my hips against his, letting him stretch me far beyond my limits, but still, “More…”
“Oh… Feels good but I don’t wanna hurt you, princesa…”
“I don’t care, just fucking hurt me. Please.”
Lin gradually increases his pace, starting to lose control, meeting his hard thrusts with my hips as I let my hands wander over his body, caressing every inch of his smooth skin, reduced to a whispering, whimpering mess as he repeatedly hits that sweet spot within me like he somehow just knows exactly what I need. I clench around him, digging my nails into his back and probably leaving a fair few scratches, only encouraged by the sounds of his moans and incoherent words under his breath.
“You… Fuck, yes… You’re mine,” he murmurs, punctuating a string of curses with harsh bites to my neck.
“Mhmm…” I purr in agreement, holding onto him tightly, tugging on his hair, anywhere I can reach.
“Say it…” he growls, stopping his movements, his hands firmly gripping my hips.
I whimper in protest as he holds me still for a moment; “All yours, Lin…”
If he ever mentioned it, I wouldn’t confess to the sound that escapes me when he pushes me to my peak again, something between screaming his name and crying out in ecstasy, but it takes me a while to regain my composure between waves of pleasure. His thrusts get rougher, harder, more frantic. I can barely breathe before I tense over him again when he lets go as he whispers my name, more loving and lustful than I’ve ever heard it before, filling me with his heat, his release resulting in mine mere seconds later.
For a few moments, all we can hear is the sounds of our own heavy, uneven breaths as we reluctantly come back down, letting the high subside. Trailing one hand up to the back of his neck, I pull him in for another kiss and he’s more than happy to indulge me, his lips slowly and delicately caressing mine.
I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror nearby, still entwined in each other’s arms - flushed, blushing, satisfied… And for now, nothing else exists. In this moment, nothing else matters but him…
Chapter 6 / Chapter 8
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I would actually get my arse into gear and learn to drive if we had radio channels like Benny's Dispatch.
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alexander-stanilton · a month ago
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Oh my little linnamon roll...
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bwaywingdingsnthings · 4 months ago
I've been listening to the Encanto soundtrack, but I haven't seen the whole movie. That being said, am I the only one who think Isabel and Luisa should be flipped?
Like, Luisa should be the oldest sister because she's got that Oldest Daughter Syndrome TM where she's supposed to take on everyone's burdens to help the family
Isabel got that Middle Child Thing TM going. Middle children can feel obligated to be perfect to be noticed by the parents.
Also, in Surface Pressure, Luisa says "give it to your sister, your sister's older." But she's the middle child?? Idk. Again, I haven't seen the movie so these are just early impressions
Edit: it makes much more sense now, but after seeing the movie, all i can think of is Dos Oruguitas and I'm sobbing. Interestingly enough, the part that made me cry the hardest was when Mirabel met Bruno and he had his fake place at the table on the other side of the wall
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Well, I heard you've got a special someone on the side, Burr...
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