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milo-my-beloved · a month ago
this isnt exactly a rant but something i've noticed:
in fandoms where the majority of fans are made up of younger people (like the grishaverse), i am finding that way fewer people are commenting on fics.
now i'm not complaining about younger fans! i am only 17 myself! but please, please comment on people's fics. it doesnt have to be an essay - it can literally just be a keysmash, a smiley face, a few words, anything really!
but comments are so, so important to fic writers. i genuinely cannot describe how happy a comment makes me when i get one - it's a nice little serotonin boost and it makes me want to write more things! so please, if you want to support fic writers, please consider commenting on our work :D
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linaraiscorner · 28 days ago
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griefpersevering · 17 days ago
*over the phone*
Tony: kid where are you, your aunt and I have been looking for hours
Peter: I got mildly kidnapped but it's fine
Tony: midly kidnapped??
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fanfic-corner · a month ago
does anyone have any funny stories about fanfiction they want to share? maybe your friend or family member read some of your work, maybe you were caught reading smut in a public place, it can be anything! send me an ask and i'll judge you for your crimes
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milo-my-beloved · 2 months ago
my mother's take on the grishaverse ships:
darklina - "ben barnes is fit but he reminds me of my second husband and not in a good way"
malina - "what, they aren't gonna snog?"
helnik - "they're... what do you say... enemies to lovers. nina is a badass"
kanej - "this man is so emotionally constipated. say you love her!!"
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linaraiscorner · a day ago
hold on i'm doing an experiment: reblog this with the pop culture reference you quote the most
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griefpersevering · 12 days ago
ok but imagine loki and mobius using "for all time. always" as their wedding vows-
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milo-my-beloved · 2 months ago
look i've said it before and i'll say it again: joining a fandom with not that much fanfiction means that you can't find the incredibly specific fic you want to read, which means you have to write it. which then means i have to write a lot of fanfiction and i am nowhere near organised enough for that
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linaraiscorner · 11 hours ago
me, writing on my phone: wow, that was so much writing! this paragraph is huge!
word count: 65
me: what the fuck
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griefpersevering · 27 days ago
i see you all saying doctor strange is very stressed by wanda and loki but consider: he's just sat somewhere with popcorn having the time of his life
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fanfic-corner · 19 days ago
genuine question: how do people write things over 100k words? where are you getting all those words from?? can i have some please i really want to know how you do it
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linaraiscorner · 2 days ago
one like and i make a doctor who sideblog
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griefpersevering · 27 days ago
let mobius ride a jetski 2k21
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milo-my-beloved · a month ago
i probably won't have the next chapter of stupid things up today, either, so i'm considering postponing this chapter! I'll post this one on tuesday, and then we'll just continue on like that, i suppose.
i'm so sorry about this. i hate it when i don't meet writing deadlines, but i've been quite sick this week, and i've also had to look after my mum. it's been busy! but hopefully we'll be back on track soon.
thank you for your patience! (and i promise i haven't given up on it - quite the opposite, actually!)
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linaraiscorner · a month ago
okay okay so if i was writing the show this is what i'd do. (i am not writing the show so this is categorically not what is going to happen)
season 1:
a story just about mary and john, so all the typical romantic things - the first time they meet, dates they go on, etc. but THEN you start to include mary being a hunter, and how much she hates it and has to hide it and lie to john. and then you get into john's daddy issues - he also has an abusive dad, and that's part of the reason why he wants to run away with mary. the season ends with mary making that deal, and it's revealed that dean has been narrating because he has been stood along side them the entire time. the finale ends with cas pressing his fingers to deans forehead and sending them back to their time
season 2:
mary has made her deal, so she has to make the most of her ten years. she grieves, a bit, and starts to wrap up some of her hunts that she knows she'll never come back to. she struggles with nightmares and the fear of becoming a mother and her trauma from hunting, all while trying to keep up the pretense that she's a normal woman, as john gets increasingly worried about her. one day he finds one of her hunting journals, and not understanding half of it, he summons a demon and demands they tell him what's going on. a rather disgruntled crowley (or ruby, either is good) explains the deal that mary made, and then he goes home to confront her about it. she tells him everything, and then immediately goes into labour, the finale ending with her naming her child dean.
season 3:
time skip... dean's four years old, sammy's 6 months, and *shock horror*... mary dies! then we get a super depressing series about how john treated them as kids, through the eyes of resurrected mary reading john's journal in season 12. we get codas of her working with the bmol and her kids and cas in the future (i.e. s12 and 13), all while she realises how john treated them as kids. they have the whole lebanon dinner thing, then the episode ends with john dying - i.e. the end of the journal - and then mary's death in s14.
season 4:
mary wakes up in heaven with john, and is met with an incredibly apologetic jack who explains how heaven has been reformed. john is super angry with the kid, and not at all like how she remembers him. they argue a bit as she starts to realise that this john is not the one she fell in love with, and everything feels off. then, dean arrives in heaven not more than a year after her, and he drinks too much and refuses to talk to people, just driving around in his car and ocassionally visiting them, where everyone pretends he doesn't flinch every time his dad asks him a question. sam arrives and all the winchesters are reunited once again... but someone is missing. bobby ends up coming over for their celebratory dinner and everything explodes - bobby starts talking about cas, dean gets super defensive and explodes, john starts yelling at his kid and then everyone starts yelling at john. then, cas shows up, full Angel Of The Lord, blue eyes and wings and the whole shebang, and end series.
season 5:
destiel reunion. that's all there is it's just 8 episodes of dean and cas making out while sam and eileen avoid them in comedy fashion. oh and john is in hell btw
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griefpersevering · 16 days ago
ok but can anyone else imagine nat's ghost doing a full body eye roll when yelena agrees to kill clint
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fanfic-corner · 21 days ago
what would people think about a series of short fics based on crack-y ao3 tags? i would be open to suggestions, of course.........
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linaraiscorner · 9 days ago
christ do you ever see a picture and your brain immediately starts screaming white woman's instagram
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griefpersevering · 11 days ago
if you wanna be added to my lokius fic tag list, like or reblog this post!! it should be up tomorrow at the latest :D
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milo-my-beloved · a month ago
i have a habit of creating fics and then abandoning them once they're finished but i was just checking some of them and thank you all so much for the love you've given to I Think We're Alone Now! It's my first fic to ever get over 2000 hits and it means a lot.
anyway. thanks ily guys
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