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Made in : June 2018 // Fait en : Juin 2018

Character : Line ( Oc - My little pony )  // Personnage : Line ( Oc - My little pony )

My last drawing with my first graphic tablet.

Mon dernier dessin avec ma première tablette graphique

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how to download LINE emojis as .pngs.

edit: if you do this and upload these anywhere credit the original artist ok just use this to appreciate their art respectfully

step 1: open up the emoji pack you want to download


it should look something like this

step 2: click ctrl + shift + i to open up inspect


step 3: scroll down the <div class ‘s in inspect until it highlights the area of the emojis


step 4: see how there’s a drop down indicated by the triangle beside the <div class? click it to make the drop down happen

keep doing this until you reach the <ul class drop down


step 5: a ul class means a list, which is what the emojis are. hover over the <il class’s underneath the <ul class. you’ll notice it’ll correlate to an emoji on the left


step 6: click the drop down again with ImgPreview until you get the background image and its url


step 7: copy that url and then paste it into a new tab (be careful it’s the url without any additional characters before or after it)


step 8: boom! it’ll bring you to the HD 220x220 picture of the emoji. right click to save.


now, you’re gonna say, that’s a lot of work to download a single image. which is true. but! if you can figure out the ending differences for the emojis, you can simply edit the url you copy & pasted to get the different images.

for example, the emoji i saved is named “003.png”. by changing it to 002.png, or 004.png, I am able to get the emojis that come before and after, respectively

i know every emoji pack is going to have different variables, but just try out the general steps! if you mess around in inspect, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find all of these same aspects in similar places. it’s just learning a lil bit of html!

if anything is still super confusing hti me up, i’ve wrote this while very tired

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