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Challenge Day 006 Year 6
Nirnn was very tired of her neighbors assuming she was good at gardening just because her species is plant based. She was a racer who had less talent growing things than her mechanic brother. And that was saying a lot. 

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.275mm nib pen on Leuchtturm Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2020-05-31 Year 6 - No006, by Jeff Stewart

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Moonpunzel line art for coloring!!!

I’m working on some line arts that I would LOVE to see you guys color! I’ve seen some amazing artists in the last few days, so please have at it!

This one, of course, is an angry Moonpunzel, heavily inspired by Halsey’s Castle.

8.5 x 11”, JPEG and PNG

(Please @ me if you color this! I would love to see!!!)

Coming soon—Angry Moongene, New Moon Incantation

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Have a #DnD character you want art for? I’m opening commissions!

Even if you are not looking to purchase, please reblog to boost my reach! I’m looking to take on 5 slots right now.

If you are interested, please:

-DM me @ saccharinecult ON TWITTER and I will tell you where you are in queue

-Give me references of the character or person

I will send you my cashapp and will begin working on it upon receiving payment.

I will not draw:

- anything oppressive



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