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idk if people sell bases on tumblr really but y not give it a shot

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* fun kitten base  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

comes with  

  • 2 fullbody furs (long, short)
  • 4 facial expressions (neutral, upset, surprised, happy)
  • 4 bangs (long, fluffy, tiny, average)
  • 6 tails (none, spiky little, medium, shorthair long, little, longhair, shorthair 

(bolded = displayed in above image)


  • credit me every time it is used (can use for adopts, designs, bases, anything u like) 
  • you may make any alterations you like to the base!! have fun w it!!!


  • this base is $10 USD (via paypal, venmo, cashapp)
  • please do not share the psd file with those who have not purchased the base
  • message me or whatever to purchase 
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The effort doesn’t require a what for,

The thoughts running by in my head like billboards on a fast highway

Don’t lead to a what will be,

The momentary memory from the courtyards of sudden youth

Have no correlation to what is wished for,

The tune I am absent mindedly whistling to the imaginary friend walking beside me,

Has little to nothing to do with my sated state of sanity.

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