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Zizhen: So, why you hate Jingyi?

Jin Ling: hold on i have a list. *takes out a Lan-sect-rules-kinda-long list*


Jin Ling: wait this is the wrong list, let me get the right one.

Zizhen: and what is this list about?

Jin Ling: the reasons why im in love with Jingyi

Zizhen: oh… I see

Jin Ling: anyway here are the reasons why Jingyi is a bitch, number one-

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Jin Ling noticed that he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking his dog and a pretty boy whistled him loudly. 

N/A: Idk what I’m doing, I just saw memes about Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi and I fell in love with the ship haha. A-Yuan is a Wen in this AU.

For the #CultivaTober2020, sorry if my English sucks.

Day 21: Calamity

Jin Ling noticed he was spending a lot of time with Ouyang Zizhen when he was walking the dog in the nearest park, his uncle Jiang Cheng was sick of viewing him all day in bed just because his only friend isn’t in the city for the weekend.

“Get out the house and do something!” he yelled at him after the lunch.

A fucking winter Sunday’s afternoon.

What the hell?

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Lan JingYi, noticing Jin Ling is sad: Do you want a hug?

Jin Ling: No.

Lan JingYi: Did you heard what I said?

Jin Ling: Yes..?

Lan JingYi: What did I said?

Jin Ling: “Do you want a hug?”

Lan JingYi: Well if you insist.

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lingyi & bantering

I’ve probably said it before but Lan Jingyi & Jin Ling, being the stupid, unable-to-healthily-communicate-their-emotions teenagers that they are, act like they fucking hate each other.

They will absolutely verbally attack each other (nothing that actually hurts or is too harsh though) and bicker & banter and all that good hate.

Zizhen and Sizhui are very concerned for a bit until they realize that it’s okay. Which leaves everyone else to wonder why the sect leader heir of the Jin sect and a well-liked Lan disciple hate each other.

It gets like a tiny article in a newspaper (it was a slow week) and wwx has that framed. Jc was about to go down to the Cloud Reccesses to see wtf is going on but jl was like “what no that’s my friend” which makes jc ??

Anyways, jl explains that that’s just how they are & it’s okayy

Oh but no one else is allowed to be mean to jl or ljy beside the other

(Well lsz & oyzz also have rights but don’t use it 24/7 like these two.)

Once someone said something mildly rude to jingyi and jl had Suihua out in seconds.

Jingyi complained about jl & jin chan chimes in with agreement? Jin Chan will get attacked bc you can’t?? Just insult my friend?? That’s my job??

No one is allowed to called jl Young Mistress except for a very select group of people (& ofc the JL Protection Squad, which has a total of like three members).

TL;DR: jl & ljy hate each other but not really.

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En el que Jin Ling es un joven alfa que sabe lo que quiere, o al menos a quién quiere.

N/A: Yo quería escribir un Zhuiling, pero no sé que pasó asdasdas Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi Omegaverse AU porque quiero y porque puedo. 

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque Jingyi necesita más amor.

Día 15: Peonías


“Enlázate conmigo.” Le propuso Jin Ling al oído, estremeciéndolo mientras caminaban por el bullicioso mercado del Muelle del Loto.

Lan Jingyi se detuvo. Observó de reojo al alfa a su lado, pidiéndole enlazarse con él como quien habla del clima y propone salir a almorzar de picnic. ¿Qué demonios?


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En el que Jin Ling intenta declarársele a Jingyi en el lago de lotos después de presentarse como Alfa, pero Jingyi no se entera de nada.

N/A: Otra viñeta incompleta de what if Lan Jingyi fuese el hijo de Lan Xichen, Jin Ling x Lan Jingyi Omegaverse AU porque quiero y porque puedo. 

Para el #CultivaTober2020 en español porque Jingyi necesita más amor.

Día 2: Fantasma


La primera vez que Lan Jingyi había visitado Yunmeng había sido para debutar en las conferencias de sectas como el recientemente nombrado tercer maestro Lan, pocos días después de su cumpleaños número quince. El peor día de su vida.

Y eso que Jingyi aún no se presentaba.

Bueno, tal vez si se presentaba como Omega o si aparecía otro espectro deambulando en los pasillos cambiaría de opinión.

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It’s nice to be in the Cloud Recesses, Jin Ling thinks as he’s falling asleep. He would never admit it out loud, because obviously Carp Tower is the best place in the entire world, and it’s home, and he wouldn’t ever leave it if he had a choice, but…

But it’s really nice to be in the Cloud Recesses. Except by going into the wild, Jin Ling never gets to experience such quiet. The rules of Gusu Lan call for silence and order, which does something to soothe his soul whenever he comes to visit.

Or maybe it’s because Lan Jingyi is always so happy to return, and some of it infects him as well. It’s funny really. Lan Jingyi acts and sounds in such a manner that he should appear to belong more in Carp Tower, but there’s some part of him that only shines when he’s in the Cloud Recesses. Loud as he is, Lan Jingyi fits right in among the austere buildings and misty mountains, as if this is where he truly belongs, even if he willingly chose to leave it all behind for Jin Ling’s sake.

It’s so nice to be together like this, in this place out of the world where nothing can touch them, and they can just…

Jin Ling yelps, startled awake when the blanket is yanked away from him. On sheer instinct, he kicks the wrapped up shape next to him, and lets out a curse.

So much for peace and quiet.

Taking hardship with his usual grace and good humour, Lan Jingyi grumbles against the use of violence, then wraps himself tighter into the single blanket they’ve been given, even though it’s winter and fucking freezing in this hellish place Jin Ling’s husband calls home.

Fully pissed off now, and with his extremities quickly losing sensation due to the cold, Jin Ling pulls on the blanket, trying to free at least a little bit of it from his husband’s grasp so he doesn’t die frozen during the night. He manages, after some struggles, but his efforts wake Lan Jingyi who sleepily glares at him. Jin Ling, unimpressed, continues pulling until he can cover himself.

“What’re you doing?” Lan Jingyi grumbles, trying to get the blanket back.

“I’m trying to kee myself alive,” Jin Ling snaps. “I swear, steal the blankets again and I’ll put my cold feet on you.”

Lan Jingyi huffs.

“Isn’t your cultivation high enough to not feel the cold?”

“I could say the same to you! You’re the one who’s been trained here.”

Pulling on the blanket, Lan Jingyi huffs again.

“I left for a reason. I can put up with it, just don’t wanna. Now let me sleep.”

“I’ll let you sleep if you let me not die of the cold!” Jin Ling retorts.

With one final huff, Lan Jingyi releases the blanket, only to grab Jin Ling and pull him close so they can both be wrapped into the too thin fabric.

“Now sleep,” he orders, nuzzling Jin Ling’s neck.

It’s sweet, and it is warm like this, which is ever so nice.

Still, Jin Ling gives it about five minutes before Lan Jingyi steals the damn blanket again.

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pre-slash pre-slash PRE-SLASH

hi hi, I am pre-relationship trash. I love the idea of jl being so concerned and worried and just,,, jingyi realizing/being reminded that a ling actually does care for him, but downplaying it bc that’s how their relationship works.

“awww I didn’t know you cared so much, young mistress!” “you’re my friend too, idiot.”

ugh lingyi is quality tsundere content

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