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#linhardt von hevring

Linhardt to Hapi: I think your amazing and having been around me this long- I wish for us to stay togther. No one understands me like you do-

Hapi: Stop joking around you idiot. People are gonna get the wrong idea! Your lucky i’ve know you for so long.

Professor about to have a fucking stroke: I hate both of you so fucking much.

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Did i intertwine Linhardt and Hapis fate to make sure they end up together at the end: Yes

Am I still mad that Linhardt stole my fucking wife: Yes! How dare he have the best fucking chemistry with Hapi! The fuck was that scene! Its so cute i could fucking die! IM IN RARE PAIR HELL!

Why is it every dude going after my favorite women. Petra ha so many A scene and plus with some guys! ASHE YOU CAN’T HAVE HER FUCK OFF.

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It’s because Caspar pauses and tilts his head like he does when he’s answering a particularly difficult math problem, which is precisely what this is because there isn’t actually any reasonable explanation for Linhardt to have tens of t-shirts in his closet when they were supposed to have been sold over the years, to Caspar’s imaginary fans—

For this fic here 

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I know, I know, this is not what you signed up for. But I wanted to start December off with something new, something that I actually did months ago but forgot about until now. Back in early October I realized that I will not have enough quotes to last me forever, so I thought I’d throw in some things like this every so often. If you don’t want to see it, that’s fine, I won’t be offended.

So, without further ado, here’s the houses I’ve decided on for each character, with my reasoning beneath the cut!

Edelgard von Hresvelg: Slytherin

Hubert von Vestra: Slytherin

Ferdinand von Aegir: Gryffindor

Dorothea Arnault: Slytherin

Bernadetta von Varley: Ravenclaw

Linhardt von Hevring: Ravenclaw

Petra Macneary: Hufflepuff

Caspar von Bergliez: Gryffindor

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