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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Link found himself in the unfortunate position of being trapped against the wall of the tunnel while the Bokoblin King loomed over him. Link glowered. “You don’t have to loom so damn much,” he snapped. It didn’t help that the tunnel was small too, making the other man seem that much bigger.

The Bokoblin King…leered at him; which also unfortunately showed off a frighteningly delightful amount of sharp teeth. Link had to think very hard about not wanting those teeth anywhere on his person. He jerked his gaze down to hopefully ease that burden.

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AU where Toon Link is just Immortal. He vanishes whenever people start to catch on and starts a new life somewhere else.

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A couple years ago, I learned about a novel way of handling the concept of “identity” and presenting it to your users, and the more I think about it, the more it seems like Obviously The Right Way To Do It.

On most sites, you register with a username (or real name, or email, or whatever) and password; and when you interact with other users, their usernames are displayed to you as the handle you should refer to them by.

This has problems! Anybody in the world can register with the username “RichardStallman”. Or “RichardStaIlman”. Or “petrov_day_admin_account”. Or, if we’re talking about registering a domain name instead of a username, “”. Or, for email, “”. Presenting some Internet rando’s chosen identifier to you and suggesting that that’s the mental handle you should use for them is crazy!

What if, instead, the site let you choose how to view other users’ names? When you first interact with a new person, their name shows up as an unmemorable red blob; then, if you think they’re worth remembering, you can assign them a name of your choice. This encourages you to have the appropriate default level of trust for the people you interact with, i.e. zero.

Here’s a demo!

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they both don’t say too much so I think they’d be good friends ♡

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A collection of every weather report featured on the podcast. I try to keep this list updated and completed.

Have a listen :)

(Unfortunately, no, this playlist won’t be available on Spotify because many artists featured are only available to listen to on Bandcamp and YouTube.)

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How to humanely slaughter a Golden Lynel in about 20 seconds

Techie Edition 👨‍💻

Infected with lightning and searing malice, this poor Lynel lived in eternal anguish.

So… Link decided to end its suffering.

The origin of this idea goes to the amazing BoTW content creator Rinhara5aki. Go check out his YouTube channel.

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No direct link between the COVID vaccine and a recent string of deaths in the elderly, Norway finds

No direct link between the COVID vaccine and a recent string of deaths in the elderly, Norway finds

Health authorities in Norway say there’s no evidence of a direct link between the recent string of deaths among elderly people inoculated against COVID-19, and the vaccine they received.
The Norwegian Medicines Agency is seeking to address fears that taking the vaccine might be too risky, after 33 people in the country aged 75 and over died following immunization, according to the agency’s latest…

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For Glitch’s birthday over on the LU discord, I took a shot at designing Fierce Deity Link in LEGO.

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