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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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A Pride Divided

Akina is obviously one of my favorite characters and is very close to me. I love writing her stories and fleshing our her character, and so with the APD timeline being kinda lengthy it only made sense to make a fully grown version of Akina ♥️ (most of the story takes place with her being a young adult)

In her later adulthood Akina becomes more muscled and intimidating, as well as being adorned with new scars (will be addressed in a future scenario). Her ferocity when it comes to her pride never falters and arguably becomes stronger once Kendi is born.

I love playing around with my characters designs and building off of them, I may work on Topanga or Hodari next! Hope you guys enjoy my characters, I really love sharing them with others ♥️

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Latest applications with a palette knife!🎨💙🦁

✨ @kathleenartistprof

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So these two lion bois aren’t dating this ship art was more of a food for thought kind of situation. But the dark lion is mine he’s called skylar and the brown one belongs to _eternal_void_ on Instagram and their boi is called thunder. Both our OCS were made for the my pride series contest that when on.

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Some more art I made of my pride series oc Skylar. Even though he was kind just made for a contest I’m not gonna bandon him as I love this boi very much and through drawing him I could get better at drawing lions in general. Also I want to practice doing pastel sky’s and long grass a bit more.

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Amazing footage 🎥 of two Gazelle bulls battle for dominance, what’s that in the distance?

It’s getting closer and closer 😱😬.

🎥 Video by @konradweber

🦁 Caption by 🐾 @bigcatswildlife

When it comes to hunting Lion prides will have different preferences to what prey species they favour, but due to their opportunistic nature, lions hunt a wide variety of game.

Lions mostly target large-sized ungulates (buffalo, wildebeest, zebra and gemsbok).

However, they don’t stop there and are known to take on smaller and larger mammals.

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