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bird--egg · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Such a close and happy bond, mentor and apprentice.
In an AU where Hollyleaf gets Ashfur instead.
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lockandkeyhyena · a day ago
uhh heres some fuckin cats for a map part,, more art soon i promise
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buggyspotsdesigns · a day ago
Tumblr media
the only one of the three that shows both of his eyes,,, i wonder if that’s symbolic or something hm
also he’s the size of a fucking house
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retroscourge · a day ago
Tumblr media
Green: Jay, Holly, and Lion
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Lionblaze from Warriors has pure-O OCD and, as a result, has violent intrusive thoughts.
Evidence: what could be called canon evidence is dreams/visions from the big villain of the series, but I have pure-O OCD with bad intrusive thoughts and I want more rep of that
Tumblr media
Submitted by anonymous
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magic-pistachio · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s a cat family tree
[image description: a digital painting on a transparent background of a cat family tree, including Warriors characters Leafpool, light brown tabby with amber eyes, Crowfeather, dark gray smoke cat with blue eyes, and their tree kittens, lionblaze, a golden tabby longhaired cat with amber eyes, jayfeather, a small light silver tabby with blue eyes, and hollyleaf, a dark smoke cat with green eyes.]
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bumblenose-art · 2 days ago
Okay we all know that the Erins destroyed all of Hollyleaf’s potential but like... the fact that they couldn’t think of a power that “fit her” drives me nuts bcoz imagine-
Hollyleaf’s power is persuasion. She can get cats to do what she wants quite easily by asking. And it takes her a while to realize it because it’s subtle, but when she finds out she’s actually been manipulating cats to get her way, she’s horrified.
Hollyleaf’s character was always about exploring and grappling with morality, and the power of persuasion would be the PERFECT way to develop her character even further.
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mypoorsqheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy (early) Mother’s Day!
Squirrelflight may not have given birth to them but they’re her babies (even when they aren’t so baby-sized)
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mallowstep · 3 days ago
everyone’s a berrypaw stan when he’s preventing lionpaw from having brambleclaw as a mentor smh…
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Cinderheart is only like 3 kits away from beating out Ferncloud in having the most kits in ThunderClan.
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warrior-cats-is-lgbtq · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Hazeltail is bisexual and Lionblaze is pansexual, and they are dating! Requested by Anon!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dove's Wing and Lion's Roar for my AU 👀. Their color palettes are the same as my pre-Dovewing's Silence Dovewing and Lionblaze designs (besides Dove's ginger of course), Lion's Roar's markings are based off cougar markings, and Dove's Wing was based off a mourning dove. Maybe I'll do Jay's Wing someday idk these just took way too long.
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iamfabiloz · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
au where breezepelt gets kicked out of WindClan for fighting on the side of the dark forest! He then meets up with Sol to get revenge on ThunderClan and Crowfeather. I finally got to use my designs for something lol. I’m pretty happy with how the grass/bg turned out! :] I might do more content and fully flesh out this au hmm 👀
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hxllyhawks · 6 days ago
Things that should have happened in OotS:
-Lionblaze is Ivypaw's mentor
-Ivypaw becomes jealous and angry because Lionblaze is neglecting her training to discuss the prophecy w/ Dovepaw and Jayfeather
-Ivypaw doesn't know about the prophecy, making her even more jealous because her mentor is talking with Dovepaw for seemingly no reason
-Dovepaw also starts to get all the (unwanted) attention
-This pushes Ivypaw to train in the df and give Dovepaw the silent treatment
-Dovepaw's mentor dies soon before Hollyleaf comes back, and Hollyleaf becomes her mentor to prove herself
-When Ivypaw learns about the prophecy, she turns against StarClan, feeling betrayed that they gave Dovepaw powers but not her
-Hollyleaf doesn't like Dovepaw at first, because she feels that she was replaced and thinks that Dovepaw being the third instead of her is unfair
-But she eventually warms up to Dovepaw, and they become friends
-Dovewing is the one who spies on the df, as her powers are perfect for that
-Evil Ivypool ooOooO
-In the final battle, Ivypool tries to kill Dovewing, but Hollyleaf sacrifices herself for Dovewing, telling her to run. She does after hesitating, Hollyleaf is killed, and Ivypool goes after Dovewing
-Ivypool and Dovewing fight, and Ivypool is killed
-After the battle is over, Dovewing stands up for the trainees, feeling that the df is to blame for Ivypool becoming evil and still grieving her sister
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