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Lionheartshipping 💏 19

Fifty ways to kiss someone

19. …for luck.

Leon’s hand pressed into the small of her back, bringing Sonia closer as he kissed her hard. Sonia held onto his shoulders, head spinning from the suddenness of the kiss. When he pulled back, she continued to hold onto him, afraid she’d drop if she let go.

“What was that for?” The question tumbled out of her mouth before she thought about how it sounded, and immediately reddened. “I-I mean it was–. I liked–. It wasn’t bad, but…?”

He grinned, unperturbed by her stammering. No doubt he found some sort of pride in it. “For luck. For your match later,” he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Shouldn’t it be for your match? You’re the one about to battle.”

Surprise flickered across his face, genuinely caught off guard, as if he hadn’t thought about what Sonia had just pointed out. It didn’t last long, however, and his grin returned wider than before.

“Oh, I don’t need luck. There’s no way I’m gonna lose, not to anybody.”

Sonia laughed. Leon was just too much for her.

“You big dummy…”

She wished she had half the confidence that Leon did. He truly was something else.

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Sonia: We need to have a talk about your professionalism.
Leon, standing on top of a table with Raihan, Gordie, Milo, Nessa, and Piers: Those are some mighty brave words from a woman standing in lava.
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Lionheart shipping headcanons

  • Sonia used to be taller than Leon when they were kids. that is until he hit a growth spurt. Now shes barely past his shoulders with heels. This greatly upsets her.
  • Sonia used to have a different crush every week. This didn’t make Leon jealous. Nope. Not one bit.
  • They were each others first kiss as teenagers. Because they wanted to get it over with.
  • When they were very little in kindergarten, their class had a pretend wedding because of a book they had read In class. Sonia was the bride and Leon was the groom. To this day they still sometimes joke that they’re married.
  • Sonia likes to brush and braid Leon’s hair. Leon finds it very relaxing, hes fallen asleep like that multiple times.
  • Leon cannot cook. Sonia has tried to teach him. He’s promised Professor Magnolia to pay for the damages.
  • Leon was always busy with champion duties growing up. Especially the older he got. One of the few things he had time to do as a teenager was play video games online with Sonia. Especially when he had to be in Wyndon for weeks at a time. Talking to her online while they played made him feel like he was back home.
  • Now that Leon is no longer champ, he finds he has more freetime to visit home. And the lab. He always ends up there one way or another. He insists it’s because he wants to see Hop. But Hop knows better. The poor boy is subjected to romantic tension every week. Who needs soap operas when these two are around?
  • Eventually Hop got sick of them blushing and beating around the bush.
  • “Enough! Lee, do you want to take Sonia to the movies on Friday?
  • "Wha-? I mean, yes!”
  • “Sonia do you want to go with Lee?”
  • “I- I…yes!”
  • “Great, it’s a date. Have fun.”
  • Magnolia and their grandma are very mad at him for it. They had a bet, you couldn’t wait another week Hop?
  • When Sonia went missing in the slumbering weald, Leon was the one that went looking for her.
  • Sonia is really into Leon’s battle tower outfit. She has a thing for a dashing looking gentleman.
  • Yamper loves Leon. Because he always gives him treats everytime he sees him. That is one pudgy poke.
  • Haxorius has always adored Sonia. She used to gift the dragon all sorts of shiny things when she was Axew. Now Sonia is her best friend.
  • They have made out in many weird places. From Sonias desk in the lab to multiple spots of the battle tower. The poor people who work there are either desensitized or cant look them in the eye. There is no in between.
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So I filled my human art quota for the year….

but uh rare original posts to tumblr via showing off my dansoni fankids bcus even though I still don’t have SwSh Leon and Sonia have stole my heart lol

These two are twins! Hazel is the more enthusiastic and energetic of the two, running into challenges head-on and eager to learn. She hopes to be a professor one day and wants to study the relationship between Gigantimaxing and Mega Evolution (assuming SwSh is in the Mega Evo timeline) Her Bulbasaur is her partner in crime and much needed guide because Lee’s poor sense of direction passed down on to both these kiddos.

Lucian cans seem more lackadaisical and aloof, a mix of that due to him being unsure about what he wants to do in the future and a biiit of an inferiority complex. He’s rather shy about battling (Though Hazel insists he’s a natural), and tends to hang out with his Squirtle or his parents and uncles’ pokemon; the only other kids his age he hangs out with are Hazel and maybe one or two of his classmates. His Squirtle is often seen being carried by him due to it always wanting to sleep (or eat), but it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the few battles Lucian participates in.

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Little Mermaid Au - dnsn/ lionheartshipping Headcanons


• Leon is the Oldest brother

• The order is: Leon, Raihan, Gordie, Piers, Bede, Victor, and Hop. They are all a year apart.

• Leon’s real name is Lionel and Gordie’s is Gordon.

• Opal is their mother and she is the Queen of the seas.

• The late King mysteriously died one day when the princes were kids and there were 2 theories were speculated. He was either killed by humans or was killed by Rose, the royal adviser.

• No one knows the true answer. All that was known after the death of the king was that no one can go to the surface and Rose was lost his status and was banished to the outskirts of the sea.

• Before the rule was placed that no one could go to the surface, Leon made a friend in the surface. A young girl with fiery red hair that went by the name ‘Nia’. She was a human that loved the ocean and would go there frequently with her friend too.

• Her nickname for Leon was 'Lee’. That stuck with him to the point some he asked his brothers call him that.

• Leon and Nia were fascinated by each other since humans and merfolk had quite the number of differences. Of course merfolk had a fish tail and humans had legs. Merfolk had fin like ears, scales that clustered around their ears and other parts of their face like their cheeks, bridge of their nose, or hairline. They were basically freckles. And they also had sharp teeth. Humans on the other hand had no scales, they had dull teeth with the exception of canines, and they would grow hair on their limbs.

• They were inseparable until the rule was placed and Leon hasn’t seen Nia since he was 10.

• He had a crush on her too

• Leon is such a helpful person. He goes around the sea helping people and many merfolk expect his to take the throne one day.

• Leon has such a bad sense of direction that Opal got him a royal campaign. A small merman by the name of Allister. He’s just as old as the Hop, 15 years old. Allister is someone Leon confides with his darkest secrets.

• Leon darkest secret is that he visits the surface and collects gadgets and gizmos which he stores in a secret cavern.

• He visits Gloria, a harpy from the surface that also collects gadgets and gizmos that she gives to Leon. She even teaches Leon how to use the foreign objects too.

• All the princes are singers but the most talented singer is Leon, which is ironic since he doesn’t practice singing at all and never performs

• The composer that teaches them is a young mermaid that was lowkey adopted by Opal by the name of Marnie. Many mermaids have conspiracy theories that Marnie is the secret daughter of the queen since she looks strikingly like Piers and all the brothers treat her like a sister, but she only happens to look like him. She is as old as Victor, 16 years old.

• She has a large fanbase but she is trying her best to make a name for herself as a great composer of music

• She would have too if it weren’t for Leon missing his debut concert because he was at the surface with Gloria

• Leon got chewed out by Opal especially when Allister accidentally mentioned they went to the surface

• Opal assigns Marnie to watch out for Leon which is nerve racking since Leon is unpredictable so she tries her best to convince, with the help of pokemon, him to stay under the sea.

• That fails because he sees a ship and goes to the surface. It was his first time in years since he has seen a ship. Allister reluctantly follows after him

• On the ship was crown Princess Sonia of Galar, aka Nia. She was out exploring the sea since she loves the sea and she wants to find her friend Lee. Her friend Nessa is the royal adviser of her kingdom and as much as she loves the sea, she has to make Sonia go back home because Sonia has to marry. She made an oath to Queen Magnolia to get Sonia married before her 21st birthday which is 2 months from now and planning weddings is hard work especially of the bride is stubborn.

• Sonia has turned down every suiter so far because they are too prim and proper to go out and get their hands dirty.

• Leon over hears this. He can’t believe Sonia was more beautiful than he remembered and his heart skipped a beat.

• Suddenly a storm formed and sunk the ship. Leon and Allister did their best to save people. He grabbed Sonia, Nessa, and few others and so did Allister. They took everyone to the beach.

• Leon was worried that Sonia drowned since she sunk the deepest into the water compared to the rest of the survivers. He tried his best to push the water out her lungs. She started coughing. He was so relieved. He sang softly to her.

• Sonia opened her eyes but couldn’t see much. But she did see a familiar shade of purple and said, “Lee?” before she passed out.

• Humans were about to hed over to discover the survivors so Leon and Allister jumped back into the sea.

• Leon was love struck. He started to daydream being with Sonia and wanted to see her again

• His brothers immediately noticed Leon’s new behavior and deduced that he was in love.

• Opal found out and was so happy to hear that Leon was in love. Surely he was in love with a beautiful and smart mermaid.

• That thought died when Opal found out Leon was in love with a human, had gone up to the surface again, and has a cavern of human junk through Marnie and Allister. Out of rage she destroyed Leon’s collection and left him to cry in the cavern. Allister and Marnie tried to apologized but Leon pushed them away.

• Leon was now confronted by Oleana, a mermaid that follows under Rose. She had been watching Leon for a while in secret under Rose’s orders. She convinced him to go to Rose’s cavern if he wanted to be with his precious little princess.

• Rose had been waiting for Leon. He offered Leon 2 months of life as a human in exchange for his voice. All Leon had to is make Sonia fall in love with him and he will be human forever. To prove that she loves him, they must share a true love’s kiss. But if he fails and time runs out, Leon will become a merman again and will be a slave to Rose.

• Leon signs the contract and the deed was done. He is now a human. Marnie and Allister were about to object but Oleana silenced them. They took Leon to the surface before he could drown.

• Gloria finds them and does her best to help him get dressed with a curtain she found along with some rope.

• Though when they see a human approaching, Marnie, Allister, and Gloria hide and leave Leon alone

• The human turned out to be Sonia who was out on a walk with her yamper. Upon seeing Leon, she takes him to the castle to get him dressed and medical help.

• Leon tried to write to Sonia, but he didn’t realize that humans have a completely different written language to merfolk. He attempted to write’ Leon’ but funny enough he wrote “Lionel” instead according to she wanky handwriting.

• Milo, castle staff member, was assigned to help Leon as much as he could. Even though Leon couldn’t speak to Milo, he felt like he could trust the man.

• Castle staff loved Leon’s company because he is the most lively guest they have ever had.

• Sonia loves Leon’s company. He is the first guy she can really go out exploring with since all the guys she was forced to be with have all been snooty and pansies. Leon loves to explore and learn with her and is willing to get down and dirty when he explores the world.

• Sonia taught him to dance too. She was surprised how much of a fast learner he is. To them, dance is the way they can communicate.

• At dinner, Leon brings so much joy. His excitement when he tries a new food is so cute to Sonia. Also he has a funny way to use certain things.

• Nessa and Milo suspect that Sonia and Leon have crushes on each other. Nessa feels bad that she will have to stop the two from furthering their relationship since Sonia must marry a prince or a king. Leon is no where near royalty. The poor man thinks a fork is a comb. She’s surprised he can dress himself, even if it’s questionable fashion choices.

• Sonia herself is torn about her feelings. She is slowly falling in love with Lionel but she is haunted by the man, who she thinks is he Lee, with the most beautiful voice that saved her from the shipwreck.

• Allister is hiding in the pond in the pond in the castle. He’s small enough to hide th heir and can camouflage. Marnie would have a hard time hiding because of her bright pink tail so Leon hide her elsewhere.

• Marnie is hiding in Leon’s room. He managed to sneak her into the bath tub. His room has two of them so he doesn’t have worry about throwing her out the window and into the sea when he needed to bathe.

• He routinely takes her out into the sea and she also gives him advice to woo Sonia. The night before the 2 months is over, she sets the mood to get the couple to kiss.

• With the help of local water pokemon and Allister, she set the mood. The couple would have kissed too if it weren’t for Oleana. She had been watching Leon in the shadows these past 2 months. She knocked the couple over and they left home to the castle completely drenched from head to toe.

• The next day was the final day for Leon to kiss Sonia and it was coincidentally Sonia birthday. It was Nessa’s mission to get Sonia married to a prince by the end of the day.

• 6 princes/ kings from other countries came two participate in a singing contest to win Sonia’s hand in marriage. The participants were King Lance of Kanto, King Steven from Hoenn, Prince Lucas from Sinnoh, Prince Benga from Unova, Prince Calem from Kalos, and King Kukui from Alola. Unfortunately for everyone, they sing worse than stray meowths.

• Leon is screaming on the inside. He can’t reveal himself as the man that saved Sonia because of his situation. So in his last attempt to express his feelings to Sonia, he dances for her, just like when they would dance alone together.

• The princes laughed at him and so did the audience of the contest. Milo and Nessa felt bad for Leon since the poor man had no other way to communicate. Leon ran off and Milo chased after him to comfort him.

• Sonia was sick of the princes and seeing Leon dance, she realized her feelings for him.

• “Nessa, I have chosen the man who won my heart” she walks to Leon and holds his hands, “I chose Lionel”.

• Just as they were about to seal their love with a kiss, a voice started to sing. It was Leon’s voice. But how? Had Sonia kissed Leon at that moment, everything would gave been fine, but she was distracted by the singing that the sun had sent.

• The voice was actually being used by Rose who appears and takes Leon away. As Leon is being dragged away he becomes a merman again and gets his voice back. He tries to fight back but Rose overpowers him and drags him down into the sea.

• Loud noises were heard from down the hall. It was Marnie who was dragging herself towards the window to jump into the sea. Sonia grabs Marnie who explains the situation briefly and requests that Sonia is to throw her into the sea because she must alert Queen Opal.

• There is complete silence in the room. Sonia rips off her gown and reveals her sailor uniform. She runs off to get her ship and crew to go save Leon. Nessa runs after her to help along with Milo.

• Under the sea, there is a lot of commotion. Leon has seen missing for 2 months now and there is no sign of him. All his brothers have traveled to different parts of the sea to find him. Opal blames herself for her son’s disappearance.

• When the family is together trying to figure out more ways to find Leon, Rose busts down the doors and had Leon by his side. He couldn’t show his face at all out of shame.

• Opal tries attack Rose who then threatens to kill Leon. He makes a deal with Opal. Either see gives him the trident and becomes a slave or she will never see Leon again.

• Reluctantly she agrees if it means saving her son. She hands over the trident and Rose turns her into a magikarp. Leon is released and Rose leaves to cause Chaos and the first thing he does is start a storm.

• To him, he must destroy the humans in order to save the sea.

• Allister and Marnie were too late to warn the Queen.

• The brothers reunite and rally the pokemon to go defeat Rose.

•Meanwhile on the surface, Sonia is making her way to the storm, determined to save Leon. When she spots Rose, she tries her best to defeat him. Her and all her sailors and commanding their pokemon to hurt the sea Warlock.

• Down below the group and the pokemon were ambushed by Oleana and her pokemon. They took her down easily. Now they had to attack Rose.

• Rose gets mad and causes waves to fling the princes and the water pokemon out of the water. The princes land on Sonia’s boat. As much as Leon and Sonia wanted to hug, they had to defeat Rose first.

• Nessa had the idea to launch the ship into Rose which would kill him. But that means everyone on the boat could die since the storm so so strong they would drown. The Princes told them to not worried because they can save them from drowning.

• Sailors got ready to jump off with either a prince, Marnie, Allister or a water pokemon as Sonia Milo and Nessa prepared the ship to impel Rose. They all returned their pokemon into their poke balls.

• Once the ship hit Rose, they all jumped off and watched the sea warlock die. The Trident fell down into the sea. Opal returned back into a mermaid and took hold of the trident again. She also restored and returned order.

• The humans were returned to the surface, no one died and everyone was safe.

• Sonia and Leon were sad because Leon couldn’t be with Sonia since they come from 2 different worlds.

• As much it hurt Opal to lose her son, she decided to turn Leon to a human. She used to her powers to do so.

• Sonia and Leon enjoyed and the two promptly started to wedding preperations

• The wedding was grand, both merfolk and humans were invited. And it would be an understatement to say that only a few twars were shed.

• Leon became the ambassador of the sea folk. Raihan became the crown prince of the sea. Marnie got recognized by her bravery along with Allister. Nessa and Milo got married (they would be a side couple throughout the au). And they all lived happily ever after.

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