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#lip gallagher
daillyshameless · 14 hours ago
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Hey, is it true that you like to beat women? LIP GALLAGHER S08E11 | A Gallagher Pedicure
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sleepyfacetoughguy · 19 hours ago
Shameless - the rewatch
Season 1, episode 6 (Killer Carl)
And....we're back! This is a fun one and so without further ado...
Thoughts/partial recap:
- The Gallagher's electricity gets shut off and it's cos Fiona forgot to pay the bill (apparently so distracted by Steve's mojo 🤔)
- Linda is taking Kash to task for all the shoplifting at the K&G (do I see one Mickey Milkovich coming back into the picture very soon? 🥰). I actually love Linda. She's tough as balls and I'm here for it. How did she end up with a wet rag like Kash? I'm sure she went on to great success and happiness without him ✊
- Carl's in trouble at school for being a bully and for making a giant papier mache turd 💩 It's pretty good actually. But the bullying, yeesh. He really was the worst back then. Fiona tries to smooth things over but it's Steve to the rescue (bonding with the Principal over weed and the Grateful Dead)
- Frank goes to school for Parents Night too - but for Karen. Sounds like Karen had real potential, so sad her dad and everything else fucked her up so much 😥
- Mickey is back! He openly (& shamelessly) steals a ton of stuff from the Kash and Grab (almost forgot the dip!) You know where he lives if you have a problem, Ian 😏
- Lip is taking the SATs for other kids and making quite a bit of $$$ but he inevitably gets caught. That kinda mean guy is pissed and is going to throw Lip out the window - Carl puts the house baseball bat to excellent use and saves the day! 🏏 (I recognize that's a cricket bat but same/same).
Randomest thoughts:
- Ah yes, GFY 🤣
- Those organized crime dudes are after Frank. That's gonna pay off more in the next episode.
- This VR therapy session Sheila is doing is amazing! Is that really a thing? I wanna do it.
- Yes Frank, us liberals have indeed declared war on testicles. We're coming for you next!
- Mickey sightings: 🖤🖤
Next time: season 1, episode 7
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glowinghitops · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Shameless (US) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Ian Gallagher & Mickey Milkovich, Debbie Gallagher & Ian Gallagher, Ian Gallagher & The Gallaghers, Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich, Lip Gallagher, Debbie Gallagher, Tami Tamietti, Carl Gallagher, Heidi, Franny Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Mickey comforts Ian, Debbie is a bitch, like seriously she will piss you tf off, Family Drama in general, Mickey is finally soft with his husband, canon compliant ?, this is my first fic im sorry if they are ooc, kinda 11x12? similar to the opening scene, Season 11, Bipolar mentioned, Monica mentioned, don't worry it has a happy ending, first time doing tags lol idk wtf im doing Summary:
"Debs", Ian continued "no one is leaving you."
"Yes, you fucking are! You know out of everyone I never expected this from you. But I guess she never fucking leaves huh?"
"The fuck are you talking about Debbie?"
"And it's the fact that you don't even realize how much she still affects you. I fucking pity you." She scoffs with teary eyes. "You're just like fucking Monica."
The room is silent.
Everyone is staring at Debbie like she just grew three heads.
Debbie is staring at everyone with a face that partly says 'what did I say' and 'well it's fucking true'.
Or the one where Debbie hurts Ian and Mickey has to comfort his husband.
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paigiepixels · a day ago
Okay how THE FUCK did my little old fic get this many hits?????
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steorie · a day ago
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Tumblr media
„Boys will be Boys.“ 🙃💀 (also thank you guys so fuckin much for over 5000 followers!! 🤧❤️)
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darthbecky726 · 2 days ago
Shameless season 1 au idea: in the season finale when Ian and Lip get busted for driving JimmySteve’s stolen car, they end up going to juvie where they run into Mickey, still in from when Kash shot him. Mickey is mad at Lip for getting Ian thrown in juvie, Lip is confused as to the relationship, Ian is just happy to be able to see Mickey again.
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bonniebirddoesgifs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Lip Gallagher (Shameless US) - Credit if using
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tamitamiettistan · 3 days ago
I’ve found another 11 season show to replace the hole in my heart that shameless left.
this is officially a haley dunphy fan account
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pimpmickey · 3 days ago
Mickey babysits Freddie alone for the first time and he and Lip talk about marriage, kids and finally growing up. Maybe domesticity isn’t so bad.
‘So now Mickey was up and showered and feeling guilty for some godforsaken reason. Goddamn Gallaghers and their ‘your problem is every bodies problem’ bullshit. He’s definitely being brainwashed. And so, he finds himself listening to a dial tone and waiting for his brother in law to pick up.
Pleasantries are a waste of time, “You still need someone to take Fred?” ’
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bazgallaghermilkovich · 4 days ago
does baz like Lip? cause you know, one dad hates him and the other is his brother... i'm conflicted
Mickey, one minute after Baz and Lip met for the first time:
"Did you see that Ian? She just jumped in his fuckin' lap? And that was after I gave her extra treats to bark at him! Fuckin' Philip. Do you think he's hiding treats in her pocket to get her to come to him, I mean-"
"Mick, did you really try and train our dog to bark at my brother?"
"Doesn't matter now, does it? Baz turned out to be a fuckin' traitor"
Much to Mickey's annoyance, Baz looooves Lip. (There are very few people Baz doesn't like lol). One of her favourite spots to settle in is his lap.
And because Lip knows it annoys Mickey, he actually does keep extra treats in his pocket when he meets Baz; because he knows, the second she walks through the door, she's gonna smell them and run to him and then he can just look all smug at Mickey and say, "Mick, maybe I'm her favourite, huh?"
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lorybest-aka-frizzza · 4 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7x11  Happily Ever After  
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