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marredwood · 10 months ago
Took my first dose of Vyvanse 20mg about 6 hours ago after being diagnosed with ADHD very recently, here are some things I've noticed!
-Not hyperactive, but definitely still hypertalkative, I have talked to my mum way too much today. -Food is no longer appealing, hunger cues don't usually work for me but when I think of food I usually then want it, now I don't. -My head seems very clear, I didn't feel the Vyvanse kick in, but my brain feels smooth (I know smooth brains are bad but it's a metaphor) -I have had so much water. Usually I don't drink much at all (bad thirst cues) but today I've probably had about 1800mls of liquid -Executive function seems like it's a thing. Granted I have spent most of the day hyperfocusing on vyvanse and researching about it, but I can think about cleaning my room without having a feeling of overwhelming dread!
Obviously this is the first day and my body will adjust and have a different response to it, but it seems pretty good so far.
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bellarad · 4 months ago
Anyone on Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine, 30mg qAM) have any tips for insomnia?
I had my first dose yesterday and had a lot of trouble falling asleep, and I don't think I ever reached a deep sleep. I definitely need to work on my sleep hygiene and routine, but I'm wondering if there's anything else folks use?
Also, I know ~I should talk to my doctor~ and I will, I'm just looking for tips and tricks for now until I can see him.
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panshiko · a year ago
Vyvanse vs. Adderall
Amphetamine molecules exist as two enaantiomers (two different molecules that are mirror images of one another). Adderall in generic is called amphetamine salts because these pills are a combined mixture of the two mirror molecules. Each Adderall generic or brand name pill is 75% dextraoamphetamine, which is the more active of the two, and 25% levoamphetamine.
This combination is relatively recent compared to dextraoamphetamine in a pill all by itself without its mirror, which is more commonly known as Dexedrine, and Dexedrine has been available for a long time.
Fun facts about Dexedrine: it was used in WWII to eliminate fatigue in soldiers and Ayn Rand was into it.
My experience with Adderall was, like alcohol but worse, very dependent on the contents of my stomach. So if it were empty the effects would be stronger, and if totally full, almost nonexistent even at a high dose. To be fair, my tolerance to amphetamines seems to have a high baseline, so others don’t take as much issue with this.
The duration was short, a little longer in extended release (XR) format. XRs are more expensive. They work one of two ways: as tablets which contain part of the dose in a wax coating, which takes longer to digest in your stomach, and so some of it is absorbed by your stomach immediately and the rest not absorbed until after the wax is dissolved during digestion. Or as capsules, containing many tiny beads that take various durations to digest. The capsule tech is a bit better but either way, I was still unhappy with duration of both XRs, so I don’t recommend them for the price.
If you are doing Adderall I would recommend getting the cheapest that are immediate and not extended release, get a 30 day supply of 10–20 MG tabs (90 pills) and use an average 2–3 times a day whenever the fuck you want, which for me was anywhere from 1–4 hours apart, which is about how long they last, depending on lots of different variables (but mostly hunger)
It is easy to skip lots of these smaller doses because you will forget. A drawback to forgetting is that it won’t always be active, you will sometimes realize in retrospect you forgot and will wish you hadn’t. A positive is that you will accumulate extra to use outside your typical schedule at will. Or share with your friends and their small children. Whatever.
In any combination, separately or all at once, I don’t want to take more than 60MG (more or less) for a typical day, and on rare occasions maybe twice that (120MG) at max if if I want it to be more recreational and feel really high and speedy. These were my doses at 5'4" and various weights between 140 and 120lbs, to determine a better idea of exactly what dosages you like, seek erowid for safety guidelines and experiment.
Adderall capsules can be crushed and snorted instead of swallowed. I’ve never done this.
Vyvanse was came onto the scene during the 21st century and isn’t available for purchase as generic but the generic/scientific name is Lisdexamfetamine, note the similarity to the name dextraoamphetamine (Dexedrine).
Vyvanse is a prodrug of Dexedrine. A prodrug is an inactive compound that, when metabolized, is converted within the body to a different compound that is active. Vyvanse’s chemical structure is one part identical to Dexedrine and another part an additional amino acid — the amino acid renders the Dexedrine inactive. The amino acid is removed by your liver, and when the amino acid is gone the drug Vyvanse transforms into Dexedrine.
Because the transformation happens in the liver, it becomes the active form of the drug Dexedrine only after it passes through your stomach. This is important because it means that none of the Dexedrine is absorbed by your stomach, most of it is absorbed by small intestines instead, making how full you are way less of an issue. For other reasons the contents of your stomach are not totally irrelevant but Vyvanse is much more resistant to the variables of your digestive system therefore its effect is much more consistent. The intestines also absorb the drug more slowly and steadily which is another reason why the effect is more consistent compared to Adderall.
Essentially, Vyvanse as a prodrug of Dexedrine is chemically similar to Adderall but subjectively quite different and IMHO better. As far as duration, it is far superior to a time release formula of Adderall. You can expect Vyvanse to last 6–12 hours. Most people who compare like Vyvanse better for productivity because it lasts, while some people enjoy the experience of Adderall because it hits the user much faster. But as Adderall hits more suddenly, it also wears off more suddenly, so there’s more of a feeling like you just crashed. The effects of Vyvanse fade away more gradually over a longer period of time, so it’s less likely to make one feel cranky when it’s over. Also, because it needs to be metabolized by the liver, Vyvanse doesn’t work if you snort it. So some people don’t like that about Vyvanse, but as a result Vyvanse is considered less vulnerable to abuse and so safer.
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nunyabizni · a month ago
Hypothyroid anon again: Oops, sorry for the confusion! I meant to say that it was around 1am over here when I wrote the ask, the class itself is at 9:30 in the morning.
My current ADD medication is Elvanse adult (lisdexamphetamine is the active agent I think) but I'm thinking about asking my psychiatrist if we could switch to another because I'm not sure if I'm noticing a noticeable difference and I'm bad at describing my feelings accurately, which has led to confusion in therapy already and hasn't really helped in finding out if the medicine is helping or if the dose is right for me because she told me to try out different ones but if I can't really tell what I'm feeling, I can't really tell if it's helping.^^ I do feel quite tired around the time the meds are supposed to kick in though tbh and am thinking about asking her to discontinue my medication for a while to see if I can cope with other things because I hate taking medicine every morning (both for ADD and hypothyroidism) after waking up and it makes me procrastinate getting up because I usually use the meds as my "getting out of bed" cue so to say.
I only chose two courses this semester in order to be able to put in all my energy without burning out, and only have to go to uni physically on two days, which is neat because I have to commute for about an hour and transfer two times.^^ But I'm very excited to actually walk into university and see everything and everyone in person after one year of relatively unsuccessful studying at home! :D Maybe commuting can actually repair the sleep schedule. I once was at 3 hours per night too, and am never going back there, it was hell and drove me into psychiatry for three months (let's say trying to be very good at school with untreated and undiagnosed ADD, I didn't really choose the healthiest ways to cope), so I'm definitely trying to avoid that.^^
I feel you on the executive function stuff. Cleaning just sucks tbh, I'd much prefer telekinesis doing that part of life^^ But kudos to you for slowly getting there! :D
And thank you a lot! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too! May life continue treating you well. :)
That does make much more sense on the timing there.
and ya I self medicate for adhd with large amounts of coffee, sounds kinda funny but I can regulate things better on my own that way.
Not a method for everyone, especially if you're in a situation where taking a pee break might be difficult but I've managed to make it work.
Do avoid the low sleep for sure, that's a killer and if it's that late you should be getting to bed really soon so you can be chipper for your class.
I appreciate the good thoughts, more than I could express so thank you for that.
Keep on doing what you're doing looks like you've got a good path being carved out for ya.
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snoutkisser · 8 months ago
i can’t feel real love until i have my lisdexamphetamine and thc edible coffee mug
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actuallyadhd · 3 years ago
Hi! I'm 33, UK based, and just got diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. I've got a follow up appointment in a few weeks to look at how to progress re medication with the doctor. I'm a bit intimidated by what's out there. On the NHS the main three options for an adult are methylphenidate, lisdexamfetamine and atomexetine, and I was wondering what sort of change I can actually expect if any of these meds work for me, and if there's anything that is useful to know when making the decision.
Sent October 22, 2018
Methylphenidate is the active ingredient in Ritalin, Biphentin, Focalin, and Concerta. It’s also in the Daytrana patch. Some of these are long-acting, some are short-acting, and some are available in both. It’s a stimulant medication and you should see some changes pretty quickly since it doesn’t build up in your system or anything.
Lisdexamphetamine is  marketed as Vyvanse or Elvanse. It is also a stimulant medication and is long-acting, so you would take it once a day. Again, it doesn’t build up in your system.
Atomoxetine is marketed as Strattera. It is an SNRI, which is simiar to an antidepressant. It needs to be taken every day at the same time, and will need to build up in your system over time before you see any changes. Missing doses is generally inadvisable due to how it affects you and the need to maintain a constant level of the medication in your system.
Effects vary depending on the person. Make sure you talk to your pharmacist about potential side effects of whatever you try first, so that you can ensure that you know what to look for. Aside from that, benefits of medication include:
being able to direct your focus;
being able to control your behaviour better; and
being able to follow your own train of thought.
There may be others; I’m sure my followers will have some thoughts to share!
Things to be aware of with all of these:
Medication is not a “cure” for ADHD; even with a medication that works well, you will probably still have to deal with some symptoms.
If the side effects are making your life hell, you should talk to your doctor about them and see what your options are. You don’t have to feel miserable. Even if the medication helps with your symptoms, if you feel like you’re going to throw up all the time or are triggered into an eating disorder, you have the right to request a different medication or a different dose.
If your personality gets flattened or you feel like a zombie, your medication is either at the wrong dose or it’s the wrong medication in the first place. You need to talk to your doctor about that and make some changes.
It’s rare to find the right medication and the right dose on the first try. Typically you will go through a couple of different doses on each medication before determining that it’s not a good choice for you.
If you have a menstruation cycle, are under a lot of stress, aren’t eating well, aren’t sleeping well, and/or aren’t exercising regularly, your symptoms will be worse and you may think your medication is not working anymore. Hormones, stress, and overall health impact how difficult your symptoms are to manage, which means that if your symptoms are “bigger” you will feel like your medication isn’t working as well. Always assess and consider whether you can make changes to help your medication work better before you ask for a higher dose.
Followers, do you have anything to add?
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adhd-nurse-studies · 3 years ago
I started a higher dose of Vyvanse today and yall. It kicked my ass. I have the shakes, im super hyper (but productive?????) i havnt eaten ALL DAY FUARK ME and i literally havnt gone near caffiene?? 
Yikes yall. Anyone on Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine)?? ANyone else know how to cope with these issues like im sweating and feeling weirdly hyper?? I dont know if thats a good thing or not? UGH.
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j4l1l · a month ago
T7X -- Sam Gold’s 2007 Masterpiece
T7X -- abbreviated as the Thermonuclear Revolutionary Xperience, is the third album from the Zuroni hardcore rapper Samm Gold through his now-indie label Sick Touch and his own distribution company Dragunfyre Distribution. It was released in July 5th, 2007 on the label Sick Touch through the label 500 Entertainment, and distributed through Tropicana Distribution. Recording began on September 2005 to May 2007. 
After 4 years of a 50/50 JV deal with Blakk Blocc Records, the label's chapter was starting to come to a close. The 2007 album, T7X, will be the first album he would be on his own, with only Sick Touch as his base. T7X would even come with a Collector’s Edition CD and a Tour Edition CD. Unlike the previous four projects which talk more-so about how the Illuminati Agendas affect his life, this album jettisons that in favor of a more well crafted narrative. 
The narrative was as follows: a man who was blessed by the Universe decides to sell his soul to the Illuminati and give in to his basest human survival impulses and the need to gain the whole material world, resulting in him participating in the Dark Magicians’ agendas such as false flags, GMOs, chemtrailing the skies, pedo rings, etc, in order to get high up, however he’s consumed with guilt that his girlfriend would find out about his involvement in the NWO Agenda, so he would have meaningless sex to wash away the guilt. One of the lovers gets pregnant and one of the kids he tried to kill ended up living to tell the tale; he gives in and confesses, but she ultimately ends up leaving him; even worse, the Universe cuts him all off all blessings and access to other realms and cancels his spiritual abilities out, condemning him to a strictly physical existence and reducing him to the absolute human. Because of this, he gives into anger, hatred, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity, self-loathing, fatalism, and defeatism -- and he continues down the path to self destruction as he is introduced to the powerful lisdexamphetamine/acid substance called T7X.
It's function is to bring about a counterfeit matrix within oneself as a substitute for real spirituality and shadow work, which is impossible for the character Samethyst portrayed on the album, since his own corruption had successfully changed his fate the way that it did; snuffing kids out, shooting puppies in the face and nuking apartment complexes as token sacrifices for the Demiurge Supercomputer and enforcing duality within the masses as instructed by the Demiurge doesn't bode well with the Universe -- even the Universe has it's limits. 
He would use, distribute, and trade the substance, eventually cornering the market and getting back in favor with his Illuminati masters, who would distribute the T7X and put him in a position of power, in which he would indulge in the gangsta lifestyle. Sadly since he’s cut off from the spiritual realm for good with no hope of reincarnation, he sees the drug, T7X, as his only substitute for this, so he “gets high on his own supply” and eventually overdoses.
However in the other half, a new life (Samethyst) was sprung up in the place of the T7X drug trade that the old life left behind. The new spirit traverses through the land of graffiti, skateboarding, streetball, video gaming, drugs, hip hop concerts and anarchism as a way to find himself. Through his success as a rapper and streetballer, he has a desire to graduate from his humanity, and this desire has given him a newfound connection with the Universe and access to the spiritual and divine realms, the same realms that was stripped from the previous character mentioned above; and through this he decided to put a stop to the T7X drug trade as well as the New World Order agenda/AI Takeover.
The story was crafted by the rapper Samethyst himself as a way to demonstrate the end of his humanity and his ascent into godhood, the same thematic that his 2005 record Demiurgic introduced to Samethyst’s work.  
The album shipped 36 million copies in the ZLCC alone in 2007, and went on to sell 432 million copies worldwide. T7X sold nearly 3 million copies in the ZLCC on its first day alone, setting a record for first-day sales, and went on to become the best-selling album of 2007, selling 9 million albums. It remained on the Billboard chart for 93 weeks. The album would skyrocket Samethyst’s career to an absolute level of mass appeal and become the best selling album of the 2000s decade in the United States, ZLCC, and worldwide, beating out Eminem's 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP and Usher’s 2004 album Confessions. T7X would later outsell even Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit album Thriller. 
Samethyst then went on a World Tour to “wake people up from United Nations enslavement”. This album has a lot of references to United Nations, G20, BRICS, and delves into the subject of Agenda 2030 and One World Government, and also has a lot of anti-Illuminist tracks. Other subjects discuss suicidal ideation and support of said act, anti-natalism, efilism, depression, satanism, etc. It was also at this point where the rapper dropped his “anarcho-communist” ethos and simply referred to himself as “anarchist”. It was at that point that Sam Gold had went from hip-hop indie phenomena to intergalactical, even interdimensional megastar.  
T7X won Samethyst a PLETHORA of awards: The Aurora Engine Awards, The Emerald Awards, The Multinational Instrument Awards, The Honor Palm Awards, Sovereign's Choice Awards, Interdimensional Awards, Light Carrelation Diamond Awards, The Soul Chance Awards, The Spirit Train Awards, The Aurora Theory Quality Awards, The Crystal Awards, The Atom Awards, The Time Stone Awards, Sol Emerald, and a World Ring Award. He would win a gold plated Vince Lombardi Trophy replica with his name on it for his impact in Zuron CIty. By the end of 2007, he would win the The Halo Hall Of Fame Award.
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swansandnettles · 7 months ago
What are you withdrawing from, if that isn't too personal? I hope you're feeling better. Sending you love and strength.
I was withdrawing from lisdexamphetamine, and I was super dependent on it for waking up in the mornings. I was basically incapable of staying awake without it, but I’m doing much better now, I’m only sleeping about 9-10 hours a night which isn’t ideal, but at my lowest point I was sleeping 16 hours in a 24 hour period
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one-stinky-thot · a year ago
i also used to take lisdexamphetamine and it was both heaven and hell
i did loose 4kg/8lbs in a month, but it still made me severely depressed
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And 50 x 2mg diazeaame
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actuallyadhd · 4 years ago
Hey I'm 18 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD (combined) and I've started taking vyvanse. I'm just wondering if it's normal that it makes me feel so much more awake? Like once I take it I go from Mentally Ill Tired™ to the awake it seems I should be, but I don't know if that's just because it clears up my symptoms or if it's a side effect I should watch out for? I love your blog btw, it really helped me work up to getting a diagnosis!!
I wrote a little bit about this recently.
Vyvanse is lisdexamphetamine, which is a stimulant medication, so it works the same way as the medications I brought up in the linked post. It also makes sense that you’re able to stay awake better on medication because you don’t have to spend as much energy on things like focusing, since the medication helps with that. I don’t think you need to be worried; if anything, being more awake is a positive side effect.
I’m glad we were able to help :)
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anonswedrugwalk · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
2g S-isomer Ketamine (actually not ketamine, i got bamboozled) , 5 30mg elvanse (lisdexamphetamine) & 5 10mg Ritalin.
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itspolitical · 4 years ago
Reading about natural/homegrown stimulants to replace my meds should I ever want to join the rojava revolution, or any other revolution for that matter. Without my meds, I'm useless, and most likely more of a danger than an aid. My life was shit before it and it's shit any day I'm not on them. Does anyone know of any herbal/homegrowable replacements to vyanse/elvanse/lisdexamphetamine?
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