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mahixa · a day ago
carlando nation how are you???
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missmirakell · 15 hours ago
My Guardian every Tuesday, sprinting past Mara and jumping over a group of Techeuns to get to Savathûn for our weekly book club: What's UP Moth Mommy, tell me your sassy little lies 💅✨💖
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twink-with-an-agenda · 17 hours ago
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Maedhros smiles back. “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction, Mairon.”
You go commit that (temporary) murder, Mae!! When I tell you this latest chapter of @theheirofashandfire 's brilliant fanfiction left me slightly shaking and with a lump in my throat I mean it - but my god, how utterly cathartic was that last part? How brilliant and poignant were the characterisations of each and every character? Lots and lots, that's the answer.
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flaresanimedump · 2 days ago
where do the plotbunnies go to die now huh? where am I supposed to talk about the tragedy of "quirkless" Izuku, the boy born with a quirk he can never use again.
when he's four his best friend is killed by a villain, a terrible ruthless villain who hates anyone with strong quirks. And then the next day Izuku's quirk manifests like a gif from god: the ability to travel back in time up to three days. So he goes back, and he tries to save Kacchan, and he fails. So he goes back again, and he tries to save Kacchan, and he succeeds. And he's happy: he has a powerful quirk, and Kacchan has a powerful quirk, and they're going to be heroes together.
And he doesn't notice that he had to wait longer to go back the second time until he uses his quirk again to save a dog about to be hit by a car. Immediately his memory of that day changes: he barely made it in time, because his quirk manifested three days after Kacchan died.
Izuku is a smart boy. He understands. It's the price he pays for using his quirk: it manifests one day later with each use.
The next time he uses his quirk, Kacchan will die.
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buff-borf-bork · a day ago
started chapter six and im already pissed.
after not having any counselors and not taking any responsibility to take care of his students, pushing all the work of taking care of overblots on his students (one of which has no magic, the other being a cat monster) realizes there might be consequences of that, and instead of proposing any way to actually HELP immediately turns on Grim, someone he took as a student which imply’s SOME level of responsibility of care, especially considering their situation.
like, its time for mc to get Grim, help them out with this and get out.
Start roaming the world for someone who can actually be bothered to send her home. Grim will be the greatest wizard in our world gdi and he’ll love it and the attention! maybe even ask RSA for help, really rub it in his bird masked face.
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thebestbooksaround · 9 hours ago
If anyone wants to be confused. Try switching between a Buddie fic and a Stucky fic and then be thoroughly confused as to who is Buck and who is Bucky. Especially when Christopher calls Buck Bucky, and Steve calls Bucky Buck.
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"Merle Matters Too!" - Beth Greene
A prequel to Marilyn.
Merle survives the Governor and spends months at the prison with Daryl and his newfound family. When the prison falls, Merle learns what it is to fight for his family. He doesn't realizes that his choices will be what leads him to a new life, and gives Daryl a second chance at happiness.
Or, what would have happened if Team Family included Merle from the start and he got the redemption arc he so rightfully deserved.
Merle observed her as he started eating. The quinoa was odd and dry, a less fun version of rice just like Beth had said. She was quiet, bundled up against the cold, blue eyes slightly narrowed against the glinting light from the setting sun. He had no idea why the hell she’d bring him food, let alone linger afterwards with him. By all rights, it made no sense. So, cursing to himself that he had such a big goddamn mouth, he found himself demanding of her,
“Why you here?”
“We always bring food to whoever’s on guard duty,” she said, like it should be obvious. Probably was to her, a girl with a family and friends and softness. “Otherwise you’d never get anything. And you take more guard shifts than anybody.”
It was true. He did, but only because he wanted to be out of that prison and all the good people in it that he didn’t belong with. He couldn’t be with Michonne, trying to hunt the Governor down, but he could be here in case the man came back. Still, he had questions for her.
“Yeah, but… Why you?” the girl should hate him. He was the one who kidnapped her sister and brother-in-law. Out of everyone here, he’d imagine the people from Woodbury would be the ones to show him some kindness. He was a beloved fighter after all, but perhaps now they were ashamed to admit they once enjoyed such things. Beth should be scared of him. Terrified, really.
But she was not. She turned to him with a little smile. “I don’t mind. And, if I’m being honest with you Merle, it’s because… I know no one else will. But someone should.”
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gallifreyanwriter · 8 months ago
Hey, you know that one character? The one played by the tall, long-haired actor? The one who was pre-law in 2005, and well on his way to going to law school and getting a degree until an unexpected family issue reared its head, and he dropped out and chose a different career path? Y’know, he’s got that complicated relationship with his father, a parent-child relationship with his only sibling, and has some strange, destructive abilities that tie in with multiple traumatic experiences with fire?
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mykingdomforapen · 8 months ago
can i offer you landlubbers a uquiz during these times: what trope on a pirate ship are you?
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winchester-reload · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
🛁 Rubber Duckie, you're the one
You make bath time lots of fun 🦆
(Just doing my part to make sure they get clean after hunts, since 2018)
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thenatsdorf · a year ago
Cat purrs loudly whenever she snuggles her kittens. (via kristipaintsorlando)
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