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#listen ik i���m not up to date with everything.
beriai · 5 months ago
Streamer!Scaramouche AU
Tumblr media
i feel like he’d be one of the biggest streamers on his platform- probably one of those that everyone has heard of even if they’re not into watching livestreams and all
but between those who do know who he is, they either love him or hate him. no in-between
it’s kind of understandable because his attitude is not suited/can be handled by anyone
he’s brutally honest even when his opinion may be seen as rude (to him he’s just saying the truth so he doesn’t mind if people get offended)
of course he doesn’t try to be rude on purpose but i mean it as in he’ll say what he thinks
imagine he’s playing a game and he doesn’t like a certain mechanic, or he isn’t enjoying the story;
he won’t say the game is bad but he’ll openly say he doesn’t like it/it’s not for him. it makes him seem strict but tbh he’s not that hard to please and even when he complains about one or two things he still enjoys the game
he usually gives every game a chance even when from what he’s seen it doesn’t sound like a game he’ll like. if he turns out to be right he just won’t play it again and if he’s wrong he’s a little too prideful to admit he spoke a little too fast but in the end he will admit the game is good or he’s having fun
probably the kind that just knows so much about all games and all the creators and all the game-making engines and is up to date with every single news of everything video-game + streaming-related,,, how does he do it, i don’t know,,,,
and also since he’s so popular he probably gets packages from game developers with limited edition stuff or merch from different games soooo often
and he placed the ones from his favorite games in his setup room and it looks INCREDIBLE he has so much stuff
he did a room tour stream once talking about all he has, where he got everything, from his monitor to every complement of his computer and like,,,,, the cost of his setup,,,,,,, some people already know they’ll never be able to afford that in their entire life
and he already had a great setup before he even became big as a streamer so people can already guess he’s fairly rich 
also i feel like he would have started his career as a streamer without using a facecam and even like that, he already managed to get very popular because of his professional commentary of game dynamics/playability + you can tell that he’s passionate about this and also he’s very funny without even trying??
he says some stuff so casually that he doesn’t realise how funny it is
probs showed his face after he hit a very important milestone
he never considered showing his face that important but he understood why people would want to see his reactions when playing games (even tho he warned them he’s not the most expressive/dramatique person in the world and they know by now) and would want to put a face to the person who entertains them so much with his streams
and when he does show his face people go absolutely cRAZY BECAUSE he is crazy good looking (if you don’t think he’s good looking i’m sorry for your eyesight. jk i’m sorry in general i just really love him)
some people who didn’t watch his streams will even check them out because of that but literally if you come for the visuals only you won’t stay for long because as i said not anyone can handle his personality
if he sees people being superficial about him too much instead of paying attention to what’s happening in the stream, he will immediately turn the subs mode on in the chat (if he didn’t have it on already)
being rude, being disrespectful/saying discriminating stuff or anything of that sort won’t be tolerated and anyone who does it will be banned instantly
without even interrupting what he was saying before he saw the comment, he’ll just type the ban to whoever said that and go on
and his mods do the exact same. they are just as strict as him
if it ever got too much of course he wouldn’t be afraid to speak up about it and tell his chat to stop that behaviour or else, as they should already know, he won’t be afraid of banning them even if they’ve been subscribed for months or years
why do i feel like he has a super organised chat— as in instead of spamming 5 emotes per comment they all send just one and it looks so tidy and perfect
literally other streamers would be jealous of how not-messy his chat is even when he has thousands and thousands and thousands of viewers all the time
also i have this idea that maybe any of his fans would have designed him as a genshin character (which would be the design of the scaramouche we know (?))
and the little pop-ups (i don’t know the name in english rIP) thingies that show up to notify when someone subscribed or donated would be lil chibi art of that design
it’d be really cool
and since i also doodled what a stream of his could look like (i’ll show it in the future when i’m done!!) i thought that way it’d be more recognisable that the streamer is scaramouche
99% of the people who have seen him irl found him too intimidating to go ask him for a picture or tell him anything
he’s not a huge fan of taking pictures anyway + is more on the introverted/reserved side but he wouldn’t mind if someone went up to him (if he’s not busy with something) to tell him something or say they enjoy his streams
i feel like in a couple occasions he would have played a game with some subscribers and he’d like to tease them speaking with his usual tone and face (in case they’re watching the stream as they talk) so they think he’s serious
“did you watch my 12 hour stream the other day?”  -scaramouche
“ah,,,, i-” -the sub
“think well of what you’re going to answer.” -scaramouche
“i-i couldn’t watch the whole thing,,,” -the sub
“ah, is that so…?” -scaramouche 
he’ll pretend to sound disappointed but at one point he just can’t help but smirk and hold in a chuckle before telling them he’s not serious
(he literally doesn’t know how the hell he survived that stream himself because he isn’t one to stream for that long)
i feel like deep inside people who know him would know he wouldn’t say such things seriously/wouldn’t be disappointed in anyone for not watching every single minute of his streams or not even all his streams
but he says all that so seriously that it’s,,, intimidating and they’re lowkey like “god but what if he’s not joking-”
he’d play games with the other streamers sometimes but i feel like most of the type he’d play more single-player games
it’d be so funny if he plays among us with others and for example one of those others it’s childe
both of them would always be suspecting of the other first/bickering, especially scaramouche
and if one game turns out they’re both the impostors… people would know right away
like, if any of them tried to defend the other, everyone else would be like “!?! what is this? scaramouche and childe defending each other? scary”
they’d vote one of them (maybe scaramouche) out because they started guessing + saying proof of how both of them could be the impostors (but the biggest proof is them not coming for each other’s throats sNKJFNGKJS)
scaramouche would have to resist the urge to S C R E A M
needless to say he doesn’t like when he has to be impostor with childe
and unfortunately for him, fate makes it happen considerably often
i feel like at least one time scaramouche would kill next to childe and then report it and literally blame childe
and childe would be like ?!?!?!?!?? WHAT- NO- (struggles bc his brain instinct is to say ‘it was you!’ but they’re both the impostors??? how-)
and then they’d eject childe,,, and then people wouldn’t suspect of scaramouche for most of the game because ? why would he- blame his partner---
well he did it with no regrets and at the end when they all found out they found it very funny (except for childe, but even he ended up laughing in the end because what a mean strategy sjkfhdsgkj)
i have this feeling that even though they bicker so much and for any strangers it’d seem like they hate each other, when scaramouche does play online games, many times it’d be with childe?
ik they aren’t supposed to get along but for the sake of it being a modern au i don’t want bad vibes between any of the characters pls-
and everyone enjoys their dynamic and those streams always get a ton of viewers sjfhdsgkj and i’m sure both their chats would be good friends (most likely one’s fans would also be a fan of the other too)
very very very rarely (because he prefers just playing and talking while playing) he’d do streams where he doesn’t play anything but just talks with the chat, watches videos that they send him, looks at the fanart they make, just talks about games,,,,
it’d be super chill and the perfect streams for people to be doing homework/work/play games/draw or do basically anything while they listen to his stream in the background
he’d also be answering some of people’s questions about him or about his favorite games, or if he’s playing this new game that came out earlier this week,,,
“will you play ‘it takes two’ with childe?” -someone in the chat
“absolutely not. i won’t play a co-op game with him”
not even 5 days later, tweet from childe saying “streaming in 30 minutes! Scaramouche and I will be playing It Takes Two on my ch---”
anyways this will be all!! (for now?) i obviously knew genshin before this but, yesterday i could finally start playing it myself! so i feel like if not now, soon i will also write headcanons of him playing genshin! i don’t take requests but if you guys have any ideas or anything you want to say about this AU, send me an ask!! i’d love to talk about this and about genshin in general!
also, i was very inspired to write this by @baeshijima​ ! so thank you very much to her for her wonderful streamer AUs and if anyone reading this hasn’t read hers already, go check them out!! they’re amazing!!
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vintageobx · a month ago
Sfw Alphabet
pairing: Topper Thornton x Reader
warnings: none
a/n: hi! ik it’s been a while since i posted but i finally got some inspiration, so i decided to do the sfw alphabet with topper. also for the gif i decided to use the clip from the s2 trailer since i can’t stop thinking about it. i do mention baseball in this a few times. ik we don’t know if topper is actually on a sport or not but me and some of my friends on here consider him as someone who would play baseball. i proof read this beforehand but if i missed any grammar mistakes, let me know so then i can go back and fix them.
Tumblr media
(if you’re the person that made this gif, let me know so then i can give you credit)
A = Attractive: what do they find attractive about the other?
Your smile. Whenever you’re hanging out with Topper, You're always smiling no matter what. He thinks it's so adorable when you're smiling. He even thinks your smile can light up a whole room.
B = Baby (Do they want a family? Why/Why not?)
Yes. He has mentioned to you many times before that he would love to have a family with you one day.
C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)
Usually you’re the little spoon, but on days when he’s tired or gets in arguments with his mom, he’s the little spoon. Or even at sometimes, you’ll lay your head on his chest.
D = Dates: what are dates with them like?
Exciting. Some of the dates you go on are going out to dinner, walking on the beach, hanging out on his boat, going to the movies, and getting ice cream.
E = Everything (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…))
You are my sun.
F = Feelings: when did they know they were falling in love?
At midsummers. At the time, you have only been with each other for two months. you were on the dance floor, singing and dancing carefree to “More Than A Woman” by Tavares with Sarah.
G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?)
Yes. very. He basically treats you like a newborn.
H = Hand/Hold: how do they like to hold? how do they like to hold hands?
Intertwined fingers. No matter what or what you’re doing with him, he’s always holding your hand.
I = Impression: first impression/s
You thought he was rude and self centered. You heard many horror stories from your friends on how Topper can act sometimes but once you met him and got to personally know him. He let his guard down and truly shown you what type of person he is. Then you realized that he wasn’t rude and self centered. He’s very sweet and caring.
His first impression of you was that he thought you were beautiful and caring. He has heard from others that you’re always the type of person to check up on friends and make sure if they ever need anything. When he found that out. He immediately wanted to get to know you personally.
J = Joker: are they into pulling pranks?
ABSOLUTELY! You have lost track of how many times he has pranked you. The one prank that you’ll never forget is when you were spending the night at his house and your car was parked in his driveway since you drove to his house instead of him picking you up, so he decided to fill up your car with whole bunch of bouncy balls. Let’s just say it wasn't fun to take all of those bouncy balls out of your car afterwards.
K = Kisses: how do they kiss?
With his hand on the back of your neck, or either with one hand on your cheek.
L = Love: who says I love you first?
You did. He was scared. No one had really told him that they love him or really meant it, but when you told him those three special words. He knew that you meant it and was happy about that. 
M = Memory: their favourite moment together
It was during summertime. You and Topper have just finished spending the day by his pool. Now you two were sitting on one of the couches that were on his balcony just listening to music. While this moment was happening, one of Topper’s favorite songs started playing “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys. He immediately got up from where he was sitting at and then stood in front of you and grabbed your hands and started dancing with you. The two of you danced and sang to each other’s favorite songs for the rest of the night.
N = Nickel: do they spoil? do they buy the person they love everything?
Yes. Whenever you mention anything that you want to Topper, he will seriously go out and buy it for you. He always does it because you loves to see a smile on your face.
O = Orange: what colour reminds them of their other half?
Light blue. Your favorite shirt was light blue, and he loves how good you look when you wear the light blue shirt. His favorite baseball bat was light blue too.
P = Pet names: what pet names do they use?
Babe, baby, princess, and love.
Q = Quaint: what is their favourite non-modern thing?
His baseball cards. He started collecting them when he first started playing baseball, and throughout his time playing baseball. His collection gotten bigger.
R = Rainy Day: what do they like to do on a rainy day?
He enjoys staying home. He’ll usually ask you to come over, so then the both of you can cuddle and watch each other’s favorite shows and movies.
S = Sad: how do they cheer themselves/each other up
He will go to the local batting cages at the local park. Most of the time, this does cheer him up. If not, he will look at all of the pictures he has of the both of you.
T = Talking: what do they love to talk about?
Baseball, golf, you, the future.
U = Unencumbered: What helps them relax?
You, golfing, batting, and walking on the beach.
V = Vaunt: what do they like to show off? What are they proud of?
You. Whenever he has the chance to, Topper is posting about you. Also he loves to show off his new baseball equipment. You bought him the equipment for his birthday and you knew that season was right around the corner too.
W = Wedding: when, how, where do they propose?
He proposed while you were having a picnic on the beach. You were getting all of the food out of basket and that’s when you seen the little box. At first, you didn’t know what it was but then eventually you put the pieces together and knew that a ring was in there.
X = Xylophone: What’s their song?
“Don’t talk (put your head on my shoulder)” by The Beach Boys.
Y = You’re the ___ to my ___ (e.g the cookies to my milk, the macaroni to my cheese)
You’re the sweet to my dreams.
Z = Zebra: if they wanted a pet, what pet would they get?
A pitbull or german shepherd.
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caramelcal · 8 months ago
heartbreak girl
Word Count: 2.7k
a/n: ik i have requests to write (i am writing them don’t worry !) but i got super inspired when i was listening to my bbys 5sos
the luke hemmings / luke patterson comparison videos ive seen are my favourites, love it when two fandoms collide lollll
disclaimer: i do not condone plagiarism on my work at all, this has not been posted on any other platforms, or on tumblr anywhere else but my account (rosemoonmist) if you see anyone plagiarizing mine (or anyone else’s work for that matter) please inform the rightful author ! thank you lovelies x 
Tumblr media
You call me up It's like a broken record Saying that your heart hurts That you'll never get over him getting over you And you end up crying And I end up lying 'Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do
You couldn’t stop playing the video. Ever since it was sent you from a random number, you couldn’t stop crying. The video was barely ten seconds long, but it was ten seconds that broke your heart. There your boyfriend was, clear as day, kissing a girl that wasn’t you.
It isn’t long before you heard the front door open and slam behind someone, reminding you of who you told to come over. Luke, your best friend since you guys met in the sandpit at six years old. When he accidentally pushed you in, so you kicked him in the nuts. You guys had been inseparable ever since.
Luke was your best friend, and you were his. You guys had been through everything together. When he first learned guitar, when you did gymnastics, when he joined a band, when you guys first went to high school, and now, your first heartbreak.
“y/n?” He calls from downstairs, looking around the dark room. He had learned from a young age to just come into your house without knocking, your house was his second home after all.
Of course, you do have a few female friends that you could have called but none of them knew you as well as Luke did and you knew Luke would be there with you through everything. He would understand. He would comfort you better than any girl ever could. You walked down the stairs, trying to keep your sobs in but once you caught eyes with Luke, the tears started to fall.
“Luke,” You let out, looking at the boy barely keeping yourself together.
“y/n/n, what’s wrong?” Luke questions, eyes wracking over your defeated posture before looking up at your puffy red eyes. It was clear you had been crying, but why?
“He- he-,” You cut yourself short, letting back a choked sob as you land at the bottom of the stairs, Luke walking closer to you, his face looking at you with concern, “Luke he was with another girl, he cheated-”
Mind wracking back over the video, you broke down into tears, falling into Luke’s now open arms. Suddenly, once you're in the arms of your best friend all of your walls come crashing down and you start to cry louder, letting out every emotion you felt that night. The sadness, betrayal, and overall heartbreak.
Luke holds the back of your head soothingly as you cry into his chest, playing softly with the hair on your head. By this point, he is supporting all of your weight but he doesn’t mind as he lifts you over to the couch, allowing you to continue crying in a more comfortable position than the awkward standing position you were in moments before.
Whilst Luke was sad hearing you cry, he was overcome with anger.  The fact that the scum would cheat, on you of all people. You were amazing, perfect even, so why would someone ever give away the chance of being with you? He knew he wouldn’t. Luke knew how much you loved and cared for the boy, Jack, and to see him cheat on you, he couldn’t help but be furious.
If he was being honest, the thing he wanted more than anything right now was to hook him right in the face. Punch him right where he stood, busting open his face so that no other girl would ever want to kiss him again. It’s what he deserves. Luke knew he was probably being a bit overprotective, but that didn’t matter to him, what mattered was that you were okay right now.
The last thing you needed in your state of fragility was Luke leaving you by yourself to set into the dickhead. Oh no, that could be done another time when you weren’t crying. What you truly needed right now was his comfort, so that’s what he gave you. He held you close, not even saying anything but hugging you closely, silently reminding you that he was here for you and always would be as you softly lulled into a sleep.
And when then phone call finally ends You say "Thanks for being a friend" And I'm going in circles again and again
I dedicate this song to you The one who never sees the truth That I can take away you hurt Heartbreak girl Hold you tight straight through the daylight I'm right here, when you gonna realise That I'm your cure? Heartbreak girl
Walking down the hall, Luke’s eyes catch onto you. Even though he’s been with you all weekend, comforting you after the video you saw on Friday, just looking at you is a sad reminder of how you are doing. A frown has fallen onto your face whilst you look over at something. Following your gaze, Luke finds him, Jack, with his arm wrapped around the girl in the video.
He wants to punch that stupid smirk off Jack’s face, then they’ll see who’s truly laughing. When Luke’s eyes drift back over to you, he feels his stomach dropping slightly. The look in your gaze makes you look broken, eyes conveying a sense of vulnerability that Luke didn’t think was possible. Maybe it’s just because Luke knows you better and knows how to read you better than everyone else, but he notices all of the changes in you. He sees how your eyes lacked the sparkle they usually had, your usual smile not present, even your outfit seemed a little dull. Nonetheless, you’re still gorgeous, Luke thinks so, but you look different; less lively.
All of this heartbreak just because of a stupid boy. One stupid hard-headed jock that doesn’t know how to truly value the important things in his life. The stupid jock that didn’t know how much you were truly worth.
Luke knows he could treat you so much better if you just gave him the chance to. If you looked his way instead of Jack’s. He would hold you close and never let you go, let you know just how much you meant to him and those truly important around you. He would watch you like the only person in the world because you were the only one that mattered. 
He doesn’t even realize he was staring at you until he hears a cough sound from behind him as Reggie puts an arm over his shoulder, smirking, “You’re staring, pal.”
Luke, who’s eyes briefly glanced over towards Reggie when the bassist spoke, glanced back at you quickly, sighing lightly in relief when he realizes you didn’t notice him staring at you. He shrugs half-heartedly, not noticing the knowing look that Reggie gives him as he speaks, “I can’t, Reg. I’m not supposed to like her like this, she’s my best friend.”
“Best friend or not, I see the way you look at her, everyone does but her,” Reggie says before patting his friend on the back.
“She still likes him Reg, and I’ve known her since we were six. She’s been in so many relationships yet she fell for the stupid jock,” Luke says, shaking his head as his fists clench at his sides. He doesn’t realize but his face contorts into anger, making Reggie smirk, “she deserves so much better. She deserves someone who’s going to appreciate her. Someone who will show her how much she means to them-”
“Someone like you?” Reggie asks, making Luke glance at him with an annoyed expression, huffing. Reggie shrugs his shoulders, “Just saying man if anyone knows y/n it’s you. You just gotta be there for her and she’ll realize how much you mean to her. I mean, everyone thinks you guys are meant for each other, soon she’ll see that too.”
I bite my tongue But I wanna scream out You could be with me now But I end up telling you what you wanna hear But you're not ready And it's so frustrating He treats you so bad and I'm so good to you, it's not fair
And when the phone call finally ends You say "I'll call you tomorrow at 10" And I'm stuck in the friendzone again and again
Luke is frustrated. It has been two weeks since his conversation with Reggie, and the hope Reggie had given him for pursuing a relationship was surely fizzling out. Reggie was wrong, that’s what Luke thought anyway. Not only had you not realized how much Luke was bending his back for you, going out of his way to comfort you, being there for you 24/7, you had been so utterly stupid. Jack had given you the most insincere apology known to man, and you were meeting up with him for a date.
It had been forty-seven minutes since you had left, not that Luke was counting or anything and he still hadn’t heard a word from you. No text, no call, nothing. Jack was probably taking up all of your attention with his boring jock stories or his lame jokes. He probably didn’t even compliment you when you arrived and that was practically criminal.
You had been all dressed up when you left, not that Jack would have even noticed, but Luke did. He noticed the way the outfit you wore looked perfect on you, complimenting everything about you and most importantly, how confident you felt in it. You deserved more than a boy that wouldn’t even tell you that you were pretty, Luke knew that, he just wished you did too. 
He paces around his room, feet aggressively hitting the ground. He wanted to punch something, to let out all of the anger and frustration that was itching, begging to be released. Yet, his anger was cut short when he heard his phone start to ring.
“Lu?” Your voice sounded through his phone, ringing in his ears.
“Y/n?” Luke said in confusion, eyes glancing up at the time, “Aren’t you supposed to be on your date?”
You hesitate to answer, a complete silence hanging in the air until your light sniffles sound through the phone, “He didn’t show, Lu. M-My mom dropped me off, I don’t have my car. Can you come pick me up?”
“I’ll be there in 10, stay there y/n/n.”
Luke ran out of the house.
I dedicate this song to you The one who never sees the truth That I can take away you hurt Heartbreak girl Hold you tight straight through the daylight I'm right here, when you gonna realise That I'm your cure? Heartbreak girl
I know someday it's gonna happen And you'll finally forget the day you met him Sometimes I'm so close to confession I gotta get it through your head That you belong with me instead
Luke couldn’t help but smile at you, hazel eyes meeting your e/c eyes as he strung his guitar expertly. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for you to be at band practices, actually, you were at a large amount of them. It was normal for you to watch the band, well that’s what you said you were doing, but you were only really looking at Luke.
You didn’t play any musical instruments properly, but you could play a little guitar from what Luke had taught you. You remembered his teaching you, arms wrapped around you, hands guiding your fingers onto the different frets, playing different cords. He didn’t give up when you messed up, and instead, he smiles and shows you again, your back flushed against his chest.
It was no secret that you always enjoyed watching their band practice and perform, but it was different this time because they had gotten you to stop thinking about Jack. This was the first day that you didn’t feel miserable and instead felt happy in their presence. It was the first day that your gleaming smile returned, one that all members of the band had missed.
Soon enough, they were finished, congratulating each other on how well they played with large smiles.
“We’re gonna sound great at the rally!” Reggie says, flipping his bass down to his side so he didn’t have to hold it as he gave Luke a high five before turning to Alex, all of them breathing heavily with huge smiles.
“Of course, we’re still finishing with the other song, right?” Alex asked, eyes looking over at Luke for approval. He nodded his head, making you look at them in confusion.
“What other song?”
Luke glanced over to you, walking closer before kneeling beside you, guitar still in his hand, smirking “Can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.”
You groaned lightly, flinging your head back before giving the boy your puppy eyes, “Please? I won’t tell.”
He laughed lightly, shaking his head at you. Over the years, he had often been the victim to your puppy eyes, and whilst he often found them irresistible, he knew he couldn’t tell you this secret. He playfully slapped you on the arm, “Get those puppy eyes away, they’re not gonna work today.”
“Fine,” you grumbled, standing up before you stood up alongside Luke, who slung an arm over your shoulder. You guys shared a look, almost communicating through your eyes, something that you guys had gotten freakishly good at since you were kids.
“So, who wants to go grab a smoothie?” Luke said, turning his attention towards the rest of the band as you jumped on his back, ready to leave practice for smoothies.
I dedicate this song to you The one who never sees the truth That I can take away you hurt Heartbreak girl Hold you tight straight through the daylight I'm right here, when you gonna realise That I'm your cure Heartbreak girl
Soon enough, the rally at school came and the students surround the stage that the band was playing on. You stood at the back, proudly watching them as they played. Their most recent song blasts through the halls, exciting the students more than you had seen for the previous people on stage, even Dirty Candy. Sweat drips off of them, lights blazing down on them with intensity.
Eyes looking at Luke, you see him jump around when he sings and it brings a smile to your face. You knew this was their surprise song, the song that they were ending with because it was an unfamiliar tune, but one that Luke was pouring every feeling into as he sang the lyrics.
Suddenly, he’s no longer playing his guitar and it’s hanging on the strap by his side, mic detached from the stand and he’s making his way off of the stage and running through the crowd. You’re astonished, not only because Luke is running off stage, but that it somehow isn’t affecting his vocals.
Everyone seems to knowingly make a path for him to run through, almost as if they know where he is going to. Your eyes stay on him as he comes through the crowd, slowing down to a walk as he begins to sing again,
“I dedicate this song to you The one who never sees the truth That I can take away you hurt Heartbreak girl
Hold you tight straight through the daylight I'm right here, when you gonna realise That I'm your cure? Heartbreak girl.”
His eyes meet yours when he is standing barely feet away from you. His hair is messed up, dripping with sweat but you barely notice. When he stops singing, he lifts the mic away from his face and holds it down away from both of your faces so that it can’t pick up what you’re saying.
People start to talk between themselves, all of them staring at you and Luke standing barely a foot apart, eyes gazing into one another but you don’t notice because you’re too busy looking at Luke. You’re speechless, heart racing faster than you thought humanly possible, with lips slightly apart before he whispers to you, “This is for you, my heartbreak girl.”
Then, his free hand makes its way up and cups your cheek, and his lips connect with yours.
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thatspongebobkidmeme · 5 months ago
more bnha ship headcanons, this time with the bakusquad
dekusquad, bakusquad, villains, heros
bakugou ships
kiribaku. one of the only baku ships i can see becoming canon in a healthy way. bakudeku is too toxic, and kacchako is too boy with bad attitude tamed by nice girl in canon. kirishima was probably bakugou's first real friend, bc he was surrounded by people that only liked him for his quirk growing up, and his relationship with deku was already deteriorating at the age of four, so, yeah... they also wore matching suits???? excuse me??? fuckin homos/hj
kirikami. fuck. this is the good shit. i love kiribaku, but this- a masterpiece. they'd be so cute. in canon, they would be a really good ship. its like if two chads found out they were queer and just were like "dude, i like you" and the other is like "duuuuuude" and then they make out. what a dynamic tbh.
kamibaku. ok. so. i dont think this would be a very good ship in canon. kirishima is definitely needed in this dynamic, because he's one of the few characters that can invoke really good character development in bakugou, and i dont think that the character development would be as a good for baku unless kirishima were to bring it on through a romantic relationship. kaminari is a bit more sensitive than kirishima and would probably get more hurt by bakugou's bluntness in a romantic relationship, and without kiri there to balance it out, it would probably just hurt kaminari. and then, worst of all, kaminari would just bottle up and hide his hurt, which is not good for him at all. so, kamibaku isn't the best by itself, but it would be pretty good with kiri there too.
kirikamibaku. THIS. THIS IS THE SHIT TOO. top poly ship for bnha tbh. like they’re very cute. just- bakugou comforting kaminari in his standard bakugou way, while kiri is there to soften the blow if bakugou is a little too hard hitting. perfection.
bakutoko. OK. HEAR ME OUT. THEY LISTEN TO MCR TOGETHER. AND PTV. THEY BOND OVER THEIR MUSIC AND GO ON A FEW DATES TOGETHER. one of which is a concert. tokoyami is so unaffected by bakugo's,,, just,,, everything,,, that they get along surprisingly well.
kirishima ships
kirimina. eh, it feels kinda predictable, especially for if it were in canon. like, kiri and mina are friends, guess they have to be dating. plus, seromina is definitely superior. i cant figure out a dynamic for them besides being in a chaotic friend group anyways, so it just doesn't make sense for them to date.
kaminari ships
serokami. wii tenis plays in the background. pretty similar to the kirikami dynamic, except instead of frat boys they're stoner skater boys.
shinkami. UGHHHHHHH PLS. their dynamic is so precious, they deserve the world. like- shinsou comforting kaminari after he had a hard day, kaminari integrating shinsou into the bakusquad and helping him make friends with the people in class 1-a. first love vibes tbh,,,
kamijirou. i can see this in canon, and honestly, im not too mad about it. two bisexuals being in a straight passing relationship is a vibe. they're very cute tho, kaminari being overly romantic and jirou just watching him fail while muttering "oh god why am i in love with this idiot?"
shinkamijirou. kami has so many people to r o m a n c e, y u h. shinsou and jirou bonding over music tastes, kaminari listening to music so he can make inputs into the convo. kaminari is the little spoon, 100%, but sometimes they'll do a cuddle train in bed and kaminari is always in the middle, shinsou at the front, and jirou in the back. she doesnt mind at all tbh, she really enjoys just getting to hold her boys. when they all first started dating, shinsou felt a bit left out at first because he felt that he couldn't compete with jirou and kami's relationship since they had already been dating beforehand. this kinda made it hard for him to talk to them, so eventually jirou and kami noticed and asked. it took a bit for him to actually tell them, but when he did, jirou and kami were extremely apologetic and made sure to include him more. after that, the three were absolutely inseparable.
shinsou ships
monoshin. monoma was the first to confess (it was after shinsou joined class 1-a), going up to shinsou and being like "bitch, im the best in the universe and much better than these class 1-a losers, you should date me". and then shinsou was just like "ok, bet" and then they started dating. at this point, shinsou had been integrated into the bakusquad, and bakugou refused to acknowledge shinsou for a week after he found out because he was so pissed. he eventually got over it, but he refuses to be anywhere near shinsou when he's with monoma. monoma revels in the fact that bakugou is so pissed about it.
mina ships
momomina. party girl drags her studious and socially awkward gf to parties and kisses her under the flashing neon lights while old 2017 party songs are playing in the background. the perfect dynamic. fuck now i wanna draw that
seromina. they’re like the only het ship i actually like for the bakusquad, they're very cute and deserve the world. i think they would date in UA, break up bc sero wants become a hero in Latin America so he can learn more about his culture/latino side of his family. Mina wants to stay in japan, and they know that they cant do long distance well, so they end up just ending it there. it ended kinda rough, and they don't talk for awhile. eventually sero comes back to japan, and the two of them reunite. they talk shit out, and there's no longer any resentment between them. whether they get back together or not is still to be decided.
minajirou. theyre cute, mina helps get jirou out of her shell, and they go to parties and shit together. mina really encourages jirou to seriously go for her music and stuff, and even after they break up, jirou is still super grateful to mina for that push.
jirou ships
momojirou. i can see this in canon. a lot. jirou looks at momo's tits in one scene, how can it not be more obvious that this bitch is a bisexual. they go on bakusquad dates with kiribaku and shinkami and seromina, its very cute. momo constantly buys jirou super expensive shit and jirou loves it. jirou in return is always gushing about her "beautiful, amazing, spectacular, ethereal love of her life girlfriend" and it makes momo blush so much
tokoyami (ik hes not really in the bakusquad but just roll with it)
tokoshoji. they'd understand eachother, could just sit and listen to music together. tokoyami is ace, so theres no sexual aspect to their relationship, but they do enjoy going on cute dates together. tokoyami will write really sappy poetry with his calligraphy pens bc he thinks its edgy and romantic and shoji absolutely lives for it.
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nothinghappenspng · a month ago
i read captive prince so yall didnt have to anywayss,,
so people hate this book on twt a lot so i was intrigued anyways my unbiased thoughts :
things (more like characters) i liked :
(tw animal death, slavery)
jokaste : she was a hot entitled kinda crazy woman and im gæ lol ( she was so close to becoming by new amy dunne but then book 3 ending happened)
nicaise : i sympathised with him and honestly he didnt deserve the shit he went through
nikandros : men in this book dont deserve rights but i’ll give him one singular brownie point for atleast having common sense.
the horse that died in book one RIP king fly high
?? idk?? that one blondie who was slave he also didnt deserve abuse also the only man i will give some rights.
also i didnt hate the writing it was easy to keep up with
things i hated (which is A LOT) in not a particular order
(TW: m*rder, sl*very, sex work, racism, fetishisation, p*do)
laurent dating damen even tho he k*lled his brother cause wtf?? (if my sister dated my murderer idk how hot they are i will come back to life to beat her ass up) (ik it was in the war i dont fucking care)
?? ending jokaste had (the only prominent woman in the whole book had girl what?? i was rooting for her to go amy dunne on his ass wtf)
ending nicaise had ( killing him by the hands of his abusers i had to take a second after that)
ending aimeric had ( laurent was an ass in that scene idc if he was also abused i wanted to beat his ass up and then put him into therapy)
damen ( so he was supposed to be like smart but half of the time i had a headache with how dumb he was with everything except kingdom stuff)
the way sex work was potrayed ( do i need to say more)
laurent when he was a bitch to nicaise and aimeric
book 3 ending (the way it was written) (too rushed everything happened too fast )
the slave master thing and also shoe licking thing
the way damen was sometimes described ( the skin colour cause i was ✨uncomfy✨)
all men in this book ever
regent but that is an obvious
writing of the smut scenes lol im sorry what (the dialogues made me cringe)
lack of women cause i listened to one of cs pacats interview and she said everyone in her books is bi cause shes bi and its easier to see everyone as bi had so less women rep like ?? ( the only women characters were a women tribe that wanted damen for “breeding” )(grossed out cause how many time are dark skinned bi men going to be segguslised in this book) the other one was jokaste who was giving crazy ex gf vibes which most people would hate cs pacat knew that but still gave her 0 redemption, and another that i didnt even realize was a woman cause it was late and i was sleepy)
almost no wlw couples even tho “everyone is bi” but like their were no prominent women characters to begin with
laurent being feminized idk ( queer men being fetishized sm i started feeling weird )
( side note but a controversial opinion and i knew kinda that laurent knew who damen was so he did what he did so i didnt rlly hate him in the start cause like going into his mindset damen did kill his brother and he was left alone and thats why he was abused so i get why he did what he did even tho i dont condone it)
to describe this book imagine if one of those weird 90s gay anime tried to make song of achilles but never read song of achilles
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softbeatlesimagines · 7 months ago
if you haven’t already, could you do something with being childhood bffs with george and it developing into romance?
Aw, this is cute 🥺 of course!
Ik I've done the teddy!george to Beatle George romance, so for this I'm going to do like actual kids to like high school/teddy! George romance :)
Also, this is super long sorry, but idk how to do a cut so oof 💀 anyway, enjoy!
You've known him since forever, the boy with the raven hair and funny eyebrows.
You're earliest memories go back to growing up on the streets of Liverpool. Causing trouble on the playground, getting into mischief behind your mother's backs...
He was your best friend. Still is, as a matter of fact. Until the day everything changed.
You're story starts off on a playground, during a mild day in mid August. The sun is shining brightly and the birds are chirping and flitting through the trees happily. If only you could say the same for your mood.
The old swing set creaks methodically as you and George go back and forth.
It's your last summer before your senior year of high school. You two have been going to the same school this whole time at least, but you can't help this nagging feeling that you and George are going to drift apart after school.
He's changed so much since you were kids.
Lately he's made some... other friends. It's not that that's bothering you of course. No, it's more so that they're all teddy boys. And now, so is George. Not to mention they fancy themselves a start up band, which has only been eating up more of George's time away from you.
Besides, you have no idea what to expect with this final year. Honestly, you're scared as it is, and even the thought of losing your best friend is too much to bear.
"Whatcha thinking about square?", George detects the worry undulating off of you, despite the neutral expression on your face. He knows you too well.
You snap out of your thoughts and paint a smile on your face, "Oh, nothing! Are you looking forward to your final year?"
George fixes you with a look. He doesn't believe that nothing's wrong, but knows to not push you if you don't want to talk about it. "Suppose so, although more just to get it over with. Oh, that reminds me! The lads and I have a gig lined up in a few weeks, can you believe it?"
You're heart drops, and you fear you can already feel him slipping away. "That's wonderful George, I can't believe it!"
His face lights up, "Isn't it? We're going to the top I tell you, I'm sure of it!" George digs his boots into the mulch abruptly, and you slow to a stop as well. "Um, I don't suppose you'd come to the gig, will you?"
You fix him with a suspicious look, there's something afoot here... "When and where?"
"The pub downtown, two months from tomorrow, at 3 am", George's voice gets quiter as he goes. The old him would know not to ask something like that in a million years. After all, your parents would never allow it. And if you got caught...
"George... I-"
He cuts you off, suddenly feeling bad it seems, "No no! I-it's alright, I shouldn't have asked. It's not right, you have school and all"
"So do you, ya know", you lean in and laugh a bit, trying to lighten the mood. Thankfully the tension seems to melt and George laughs, brushing off the accusation. At last he stands and offers to walk you home. You agree and take a few steps after him...
...Only to trip over an old piece of tarp sticking up from under the mulch.
You let out a yelp, but before you hit the ground, George catches you. He helps you up right and holds onto you for a moment to make sure you're steady, "That was close! You alright square?"
"Fine, thanks to you", you laugh, then kick some mulch over the exposed tarp. "Damn thing..."
George laughs and the two of you walk on, "Say, do you remember when we were kids and you fell off that same swing set?"
"Ugh, how could I forget! I still have the scar on my knee", you pout.
"Really? I didn't know it was that bad"
"It certainly was! Don't you remember, after I fell you picked me up an-"
"...Carried you all the way home?", George finishes the thought for you.
You smile distantly, reminiscing on better days. "Yeah..."
The two of you talk a bit more about your younger days. All sorts of fun and embarrassing stories come to light as you make your way through town. For a moment, you feel like you're with the old George again.
And then, it all screeches to a halt as you arrive on your doorstep.
"Well, here you are then!"
"Yeah... Um, see you tomorrow per chance?"
George's face falls, "Oh... Actually I have practice with the lads... Then I'm helping with chores around the house all this weekend. M-maybe we can hangout again next week?"
The smile you give him doesn't quite reach your eyes, even as you agree that that sounds like a good plan.
It turns out that date does get pushed back a bit more, but you're thankful to have at least one last day together before school starts up again. Things are normal for a while. Well, the new normal, that is. George tries to be in three places at once between you, the lads, and school, and you're worried for him.
You keep waiting to see which of the three he's going to drop to take a load off his schedule... And you're deathly afraid it'll be you.
But somehow he manages to juggle all three, and before you know it, the night of the gig is upon you. George brings the topic up with you momentarily at school, just to give it another try. You’ve been feeling so estranged from him lately that you want nothing more then to say yes...
You just... can’t.
George says he understands, but he can’t mask the disappointment in his eyes. It’s the last look you see from him that day. However, that night, is a different story.
Clack... Clack. Clack clack... Clack.
A strange noise rouses you from sleep and you get up to investigate. It’s coming from the window... You peak outside to find George out in your yard, throwing rocks at the glass. He sees your outline and starts waving his arms franticly. Quickly, you check the time. It’s 2:03 am.
You heft the window open and George immediately starts chattering. “Morning square! I’m on my way to the pub, I thought maybe you could just sneak out with me since you want to go!”
“Are you mad? You’ll wake the whole house!”, you whisper angrily.
George drops his voice a bit too, but refuses to leave. He says a few more suave and charming words, but more then anything, you can’t deny that you do want to go with him... It takes a little convincing, but you make up your mind to go. You disappear to throw on some going out clothes and navigate your way down out the window and over the roof. It’s a little trick you learned from when you were young.
You haven’t done that in ages...
At last, you and George race off to the bus stop and as though sneaking out past midnight wasn’t exciting enough, the way he grabbed your hand to pull you along through the dark sent your heart soaring.
And when you arrive just in the nick of time the gig to start, you almost hate to admit how much fun you’re having. To think, you almost missed this... The boys are amazing up on stage and the crowd loves them. While you must say, they are all good, you didn’t take your eyes off of George the entire time.
One of the teds, Paul you think, steps up to the mic. “Thank you, you’ve all been wonderful! But before we go, there’s one last song we want to play for you... This goes out to all the sweethearts tonight, it’s called Love me do!”
It’s not on the itinerary, but the crowd whoops and applauds regardless. You focus your attention back to George and he winks at you. In that moment, you experience a feeling you’ve never had in your life. Your blood runs cold, yet you feel on fire. Your fingers and toes tingle, yet you still have complete control over your body. You feel weightless, and yet as though you could collapse.
The song is wonderful, but you were hardly able to pay attention, you were so busy mulling over what that wink meant...
When everything is over, George hurries to catch up with you after the show. He seems so alive.
"You were amazing up there Georgie, absolutely wonderful!"
"Really? You liked it?"
"Of course! I didn't know you were so talented! Why have you never played for me before?", You laugh, but George seems to grow shy all of a sudden.
"I didn't think you were interested... But uh, now I know, I suppose!", he laughs, trying to mend the awkwardness before you can interject. "You know what? We should be getting you home, yeah?"
You whip around to look at the clock. It's nearly 4:30. When you turn back to George, he can already see the panic in your eyes. Without another word, you both race out to the bus stop and wait anxiously to catch a ride.
George tries to make a little small talk and reasure you, but you're having a hard time loosening up. All you can think about is what'll happen if you're caught...
And when you get home, your worst fears are realized. Your dad is sitting on the front porch and the lightning your room has since been turned on. George goes to hold your hand, but you nudge him away as you trudge to your doom.
Your dad doesn't say a word. You already know how much trouble you're in. He looks at George with a deadly scowl etched into his face.
"Sir, I'm sorry, it was m-"
The door slams in his face, and all George can hear is the sound of yelling from the other side as he's forced to walk away.
You're not allowed to see George outside of school for a looooong time. Which is almost fine with you. You can't believe you listened to him...
George tries to apologise to you fervently the next time he sees you, but you blow him off. It takes a few days before you speak to him again, and George feels crushed. That night couldn't have ended more terribly. There was so much he wanted to tell you... But, he can't let you go.
Over time you come around to better terms with your lifetime friend. It takes some work, but George is determined to restore your trust in him. And slowly but surely, your grievance becomes forgotten. He hasn't spend this much time with you since you were children. And honestly? He hasn't been this fun since then either...
He takes you out for ice cream on weekends. You go to the park after school together nearly everyday, that you can. And once you're officially allowed to spend time with him, he even invites you over to watch practice with the lads.
And before you know it, winter has passed and spring is nearly gone too. It's the end of the year and there's one last hurrah to come before graduation. Prom season is upon you.
You know who you want to ask you, but you fear it's too much to even hope. But then, one sunny day...
Clack... Clack. Clack clack... Clack.
Curious, you get up from your desk and wander over to the window. You throw it open and look out. There in the lawn, George stands with a large, handwritten sign above his head. He looks up at you with big, puppy eyes, and he's never been more afraid in his whole life.
Prom? The sign reads.
You scamper out of your window, and nearly trip in your excitement to say yes. George drops his sign and catches you before you hit the ground. You jump up, alight with excitement, "Yes, yes!", you can't stop bouncing, even as George holds you steady.
George smiles at you with an affection you've never seen before. He doesn't say a word. Instead, he picks you up and gives you a spin while you yelp in surprise. When he puts you back down, the two of you share a long look and you think, there's no one in the whole world you'd rather give your first kiss to.
As though he can read your mind, George leans in slowly, giving you an option. But you can't contain yourself, you rush forward and throw your arms around his leather covered shoulders. The smell of his musky hair gel and warm leather jacket wash over you as he holds you tight.
It's the kind of embrace you'd grow familiar with. You don't know it now, but you'll find yourself wrapped in it for the rest of your days.
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dirt-cup-draco · a year ago
Sirius x Reader- Ruin
I don’t have anything too specific but would it be possible to do a pure angsty argument with a young Sirius...(wait for it) ... in the rain (Ik I’m sorry I’m so cliche). Idm what about. Just arguing outside in the pouring rain outside of Hogwarts. Maybe it started inside and then you storm (eheh) out and he follows you and just yelling at each other and all that jazz. Idk if I want it to be too cliche with a rain kiss and a makeup or just mega heartbreak and a breakup, it’s up to you I trust ya
You groaned in discontent as you listened to the persistent fall of rain, bringing your sheets up tighter around your chin as you tried to block out the cold. Your body ached and your nose was stuffed. You sniffled and cracked an eye open to see that your dorm room was entirely empty. How odd, usually the girls made quite a ruckus while they got ready. 
You bolted upright but regretted it as nausea rippled through you. Falling back against your pillows you let out an exaggerated sigh. You felt miserable and you had missed two of your classes already. That just meant you had more homework to make up and less time to relax. 
Today was not your day.
Blanket drawn over your shoulders you settled deep into the corner of the couch, the fire blazing before you but doing nothing to ease the chill you’d felt since waking some odd hours earlier. Your legs ached, having been tucked underneath you as you tried to stay on top of homework, Lily bringing you all you needed. You hadn’t even needed to ask, she had just been kind enough. 
It made you smile, but even her act of warmth couldn’t seem to cheer you up and make you feel better. You were still feeling quite ill and the rain hadn’t let up one bit. You hadn’t even changed from the night before, still in pajamas with wild hair and tired eyes. Voices floated down the hallway and caught your attention, bringing you from the daze your boredom had cast over you as you wrote a paper for herbology. 
Peter and James were laughing over something, the latter’s voice far louder than the few students who trickled into the common room behind them. Your eyes were focused on the entrance, a smile playing at your lips but falling as you watched Remus round up the stragglers of the night, portrait swinging closed behind him. 
“Remus-” You started, catching the boy’s attention but he was quick to read your expression, settling beside you on the couch. 
“Sorry love, I’m not sure where Sirius ran off to,” He admitted with a kind but reserved smile. You tried not to show how disappointed you were.
“It’s fine, just thought he’d visit or that I’d at least catch him in here some time today,” You sighed, fiddling with your quill and chewing on your lip. Your boyfriend was usually so attentive, and never ever had you dealt with the dilemma of an absent Sirius Black. He was usually right beside you, arm wrapped around your shoulders no matter what either of you had going on. 
You got sick often and he was always right there, skipping class no matter how many times you scolded him, taking care of you. Why was today different? One word from Lily and usually he appeared like magic. 
“He’s just been busy,” Remus supplied but you knew he also wasn’t sure what his friend was up to. It unnerved you more than if Remus had known, yet chosen to keep it from you. What could Sirius be up to? You didn’t have time to let your mind wander again as Remus interrupted. “Feeling better?” 
You nodded slightly as the gryffindor brought the back of his hand to your forehead, testing your temperature. A concerned look passed over the boy’s features. “You sure you’re feeling alright?” His hand trailed from your forehead to stroke your cheek and you sighed happily, his cool skin refreshing against your own. 
“I’m feeling pretty good now,” You teased, keeping his hand against your cheek. It was practically like holding an ice pack to your skin. Remus chuckled, thumb brushing over your cheekbone comfortingly. 
A stern and gravelly “ahem” came from the entrance and your attention was drawn to the familiar voice. 
“Sirius!” You grinned, pushing up from the couch to embrace your boyfriend. You were quick to wrap your arms around his middle but after a moment you realized he hadn’t done the same. “Siri?” You questioned, pulling back as Remus stayed on the couch, saying nothing. 
“Oh!” Sirius chimed in as if it had been the first time you were speaking to him. You couldn’t put a name on his expression but it left you feeling like your stomach was in knots. “Didn’t realize you’d noticed me, don’t let me interrupt!” 
His voice was sickly sweet and you bristled at the tone. “Excuse me?” You asked, needing clarification. 
“Don’t be like that,” Remus sighed, voice soft and you finally started to realize the reason for your boyfriend’s odd behavior. 
The wind howled against the castle, pushing the torrent of rain harder against the glass and nearly drowning out your friend’s chiding. 
“Don’t be like what, Moony?” Sirius asked, the nickname being spat out like it was poison in his mouth. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you making sure that- oh what’d you say love?- Y/N, my girlfriend, was feeling good. Please, continue making her feel better,” 
“Sirius!” You scolded at the implications. “What’s gotten into you?” 
“I could ask the same thing!” He argued. “I think the answer you’re looking for might be ‘your best friend’.” 
You gaped at him, mouth wide open in shock. “Sirius Black how dare you!” You seethed. “At least he has the decency to see how I’m doing! Don’t be mad just because Remus is a decent guy,” 
“Guys, come on” Remus begged softly, not wanting to see you two fight-let alone over him. “Sirius, I wasn’t trying anything with her-” 
“Sure looked like you were,” Sirius growled. “Whatever, doesn’t matter to me. Have fun with your ‘decent guy’ Y/N,” And with that, your boyfriend was strolling out of the common room. 
Your mouth was dry, throat tight. What was Sirius going on about? You couldn’t wrap your brain around it. You gaped at Remus who was pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “I”m gonna-” You motioned towards the portrait, not really sure of what had just unfolded. 
“Please do,” Remus sighed. “And Y/N? Make sure he knows you didn’t mean to compare him to me,” 
You winced but nodded. Sirius and you had been together for nearly a year and a half, longer than anyone thought, including yourself. He was amazing and you had been so terribly happy, but dating a notorious Black came with it’s ups and downs. Sirius had been destroyed by his family, his self worth and ability to trust taking the largest blow. It had been something you had both agreed to work on together, months ago. 
You knew it was an uphill battle. Fifteen months in and he hadn’t yet uttered those three words you longed to hear. You knew it was a difficult thing to be allowed into your boyfriend’s heart but you had thought you had slipped past all of his defenses long ago. You had started to question whether or not you would ever be told you were loved by him. Before tonight, Sirius had always been good at showing he cared, but you supposed caring and loving were two entirely different things.  
You more than cared. You more than cared and so that was why even if you were sick and dressed in a pair of thin pajamas with no robe, as you had forgotten to grab it from the back of the couch on your way out, you were chasing Sirius down the shifting stairs and out of the school. 
He hadn’t looked behind him yet and you hadn’t yet taken a full enough breath to call for him, intent on catching up with him. You were slowed by the force of the rain, the icy sheets falling hard against everything beneath the inky night sky. 
The moon was shielded by thick, weeping clouds and your hair was quickly plastered against your face. Your squinted against the storm but found it was no easier to spot your boyfriend than it had been a moment ago. “Sirius!” You called out, running out blindly in search of him. 
Lightning flashed brilliantly against the sky, the bone rattling grumble of thunder following quickly after. You caught a silhouette that had to be Sirius’ not too far out but his long legs were carrying him quickly. 
Your slippers were soaked and you kicked them from your feet, deciding they were only going to slow you as you sprinted after Sirius. You called his name again, chest tight and throat aching in protest as they had been all day long. He must have heard you over the onslaught of rain as he paused in his tracks. With burning eyes he looked over you, posture tense.
“Sirius, please,” You huffed, coming to stand beside him, still needing to raise your voice over the raging tempest. “Talk to me,” You begged. 
“About what? How you and Remus were-” He started but you stomped your bare foot against the sodden ground impatiently. 
“No! We weren’t doing anything,” You insisted. “Why are-”
“You were obviously doing something!” Sirius cut in as you tried to find the root of the problem. “Why else was he so close?” 
“He was checking my temperature, Siri,” You explained, eyes wide and pleading as he continued to glower. “Nothing more, he was just being sweet,” 
“Right, sweet, like Rem always is,” Sirius rolled his eyes, a bitter scoff spilling past his paling lips as the chill of the rain bit at him. “He’s just such a ‘decent guy’,”
“That isn’t a bad thing! A-and I didn’t mean that you weren’t a good guy, you’re the best there is, you’re my guy,” You promised as he was intent on using your words against you. “That was unfair of me, but you are being unfair right now too,” 
“Me?” Sirius scoffed in disbelief. “How am I being unfair? You were practically in his fucking lap! I ought to be upset, if I was acting like that you’d be livid,” 
“I wasn’t even close to being in his lap!” You yelled, throat raw. “I trust you Sirius, I would talk to you before assuming anything,” 
“Of course you’d say that, make me the bad guy for not trusting you! I bet you’re just trying to keep me under your thumb while you go around with all my friends. You’re smart Y/N, really smart.” He laughed bitterly. “Get the broken fool to trust you and then whore around with his best friends,” 
The rain was harsh and stung but nothing hurt as much as Sirius’ words. Your jaw fell slack as your lip began to quiver. Hot, fat, tears rolled down your cheeks and burned a path through the chill the rain had coated you in. “I- You- How could you say that?” You finally croaked. Your arms were tight around your own waist, hugging yourself as if you would be protected from the hurt you were experiencing. 
“How could you lie?!” Sirius begged the question. “I don’t need to put up with this! I don’t need to put up with you,” 
It felt like you’d been pushed down a flight of stairs and then kicked in the chest. All the air was stolen from your lungs. Your heart beat slowly after being stopped by Sirius’ cruel words. An apology was stopped in your mouth as Sirius continued to see things through his own misguided eyes. 
“I love you,” You found your voice was but a whisper, knees weak and stomach churning. “Sirius please, listen,” 
“No!” He sniffled, and you couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or if he was finding himself in a similar emotional state as you. If only you could get near and wipe the rain-or tears-from his cheeks. “Whatever you have to say is just going to be more lies. You were a mistake, w-we’re over!” 
A pitiful whine broke free from your throat, high and haunting. Your heart was breaking in your chest and you weren’t sure how to combat it or save yourself from the pain. It was unavoidable and sharp and you felt as if you couldn’t breathe. You doubled over, a choked sob ripping itself out of your lungs as your legs gave out from underneath you, knees sinking into the mud. Your feet had gone numb long ago and you wished the rain could numb what you were feeling on the inside. 
“Please,” You choked out, finding it hard to take a full breath. “Sirius, please,” Please listen. Please don’t leave me. Please tell me what’s hurting you. Please let me make it better. Please know I love you.
You were cold and exhausted, rain assaulting you from every side as the wind continued to freeze you and your heart pounded in sharp beats. Your chest grew tighter as you gasped for air. Your nose was blocked, lungs fighting for more air as you sobbed harder. “Please,” You tried again, with more urgency. 
Please stay by my side. Please notice how I’m hurting. Please realize I can’t breath. Please help me. Please, I can’t breathe. Please.
Your pleadings were unheard as you couldn’t voice them. Silver sparkles danced in your vision as the rest grew darker than the night sky. “Sirius-” You muttered, seeing his expression change quickly from anger and hurt to confusion and then worry. 
“Y/N?” He asked, having not realized until just now that your lips were blue against your pale skin. Your legs had been shaking earlier but now you were on the ground, hands drawn tight against yourself. Sirius spoke your name again as your eyes darted around, stopping on him for only a second before rolling around in their sockets. Whatever you were going to say was interrupted as your arms fell limp, body giving and falling against the saturated grass. 
“What the hell did you do?!” Remus roared as Sirius ran back into the common room, a muddy and equally sopping wet Y/N in his arms. 
“I-I-” Sirius fought for an answer, wracking his brain. You two had been fighting and he had been seeing red, he hadn’t even been sure of what you or he had been saying. He had been blinded by his jealousy and hadn’t noticed the signs that you weren’t well enough to be out in the cold for so long. “We broke up, well I broke up with her, and then she was passed out,” 
“Fucking idiot,” Remus worried as his friend laid you in front of the fire. Sirius winced at the fury in Remus’ tone. Stepping back, Sirius watched as Remus brushed your hair out of your closed eyes, your consciousness not coming back to you get. “She needs to get warm,” Remus observed.
Sirius stayed frozen on the spot. 
“Blankets, now!” Remus ordered. Sirius sprinted to his bedroom, grabbing any blanket he could find. 
The ruckus seemed to escape the rest of the castle, drowned out by the continuing gale. Sirius followed Remus’ every order, still unsure as to what was happening. He had been so out of his mind coming back to see you and Remus so comfortable that he had snapped and only now was he returning back to himself. 
Sirius realized he was scared, as he watched Remus tend to you with gentle hands. Everything about Remus was gentle and stable, loving and tender. He was far more than a decent guy, he was a brilliant man that could outshine Sirius in every way, shape and form. Sirius was scared that you were going to realize that and leave him behind, the shamed son. So, instead of letting you hurt him, he had to hurt you. At what cost? He wondered as your body was overtaken by violent shivers even as your eyes refused to open. 
Sirius sat back on the couch, hands clasped tight together as his blunt nails dug into his skin. His clothes were soaked but he hardly noticed. “I’ve fucked up,” He muttered, tears spilling over as he ran over the past half hour of his night.
“I can’t disagree,” Remus said bitterly as he stepped away from your makeshift bed in front of the fire, falling into the couch beside Sirius. Remus looked tired. “What in Merlin’s name possessed you to think that either of us could ever betray you that way?” 
Sirius rubbed his eyes furiously. “I just- I don’t know” He replied honestly. Sirius was stuck on how you had begged him to listen, begged him to see. The more he thought on it, the more sick with himself he became. “I snapped a-and I don’t even know why... She’s the best thing to ever happen to me and I fucked it all up,” Sirius choked on his words.
You were the best thing to ever happen to him without a doubt. He had been so hesitant to accept you into his life, to let you pick his walls apart brick by brick. Yet, with one smile he had been too enraptured to realize his walls had crumbled with the aftershocks of your beauty and kindness. Sirius Black loved you and it had scared him shitless. 
“I’ve been distant lately,” Sirius spoke again as Remus sat stiff beside him but his expression was softening as he watched Sirius cry. “I’m sure Y/N’s noticed. Today especially. I just realized how much she meant to me and it freaked me out, In what world could I ever have a girl like her?” 
Remus was about to cut in when Sirius cursed loudly. “Christ! I called her a- oh merlin, I am dead,” He shook with the force of his regret. 
“You called her what?” Remus questioned and whatever warmth had crept back into Sirius was sucked back out again, his skin paling as he thought over all he had accused you of. 
“I called her a whore, Rem,” Sirius cried out. “I’d fucking hate me, I do fucking hate me. What am I supposed to do? She’ll never forgive me now-” 
“She shouldn’t!” Remus seethed but put his arm over his friend’s shoulder nonetheless. “I understand- Well, no, I don’t. But! I know how much she means to you, even if everything you have done tonight is in complete opposition of that. I’ve pushed people away too and sometimes they never do forgive you,” 
Sirius chewed on his lip to keep another wave of emotion from knocking him on his ass. He didn’t expect you to forgive him. He’d called you cruel things, neglected your needs and made you chase him into the blasted storm. You’d pushed harder than you shouldve and now you were here, shivering and unconscious on the floor. 
He slid to the floor, crawling towards you as he searched for your buried hands, making sure your blankets stayed wrapped tight around you. “My darling,” Sirius cried, fingers intertwining with your own still frozen hands. “I am so sorry,” His head fell to rest on your stomach as you lay still. 
Remus watched, anger still plenty present but he shoved it to the side. “If anyone is going to forgive you for the shit you just pulled, it’d be her,” He spoke truthfully, knowing you loved Sirius with all you had-even to a fault. “That girl adores you Sirius and she would never hurt you the way you hurt her. You may be in pain, but she is one of my dearest friends, she is like family, and if you do it again-” 
“I wont,” Sirius promised immediately, understanding what Remus was meaning to say. “I swear, if she gives me another chance after this, I won’t ever hurt her again... B-but you seem to care a great deal, are you sure you aren’t better for her?” 
“I meant what I said,” Remus sighed. “She is a friend, nothing more. Y/N’s the sister I never had. When you treat her right, you are best for her,” Standing slowly, Remus clapped Sirius on the back. “Take care of her,” And with that, he was going to his room. 
Sirius noted that your shaking had subsided, the color in your cheeks returning. Your breaths came out slow and measure, but raspy. Your voice had been scratchy since he’d confronted you and he remembered Lily mentioning how you’d been feeling like rubbish all day. Remus had only been taking your temperature. Sirius wanted to scream at himself. 
His hands shook as the smoothed your hair, gently releasing any tangles that had formed while you dried out and warmed up. He sat for another hour, watching you take those same wheezing breaths before your hand twitched in his. Sirius held his breath, not wanting to wake you. You settled back down and he shut his eyes, replaying the scene of your fight again. 
The way you had asked “How could you?” tore at his chest. Indeed, how could he treat you the way he had and still claim to love you? Maybe he was a Black after all... 
He froze. Your voice was washed out and delicate, a whisper agains the crackling of the fire, but he had heard it. You blinked tight, your nose wrinkling in a way that he was so very fond of. Even after all that had happened his name was still the first on your lips. 
“I’m here,” He promised, hands squeezing tight around yours as you fought to open your heavy eyelids. 
“I had the worst dream-” You started but as you came to you realized you weren’t in your bed and you were cold, pajamas still slightly damp despite having dried significantly. You stiffened considerably. “It wasn’t a dream, was it?” You asked hesitantly, voice cracking as tears surfaced almost immediately. 
“It was a terrible nightmare,” Sirius choked out, hand pulling away from yours to cup your cheeks. “This entire night has been a nightmare all because of me. I have no excuse other than I was scared and that’s why I acted so monstrously. I am no gryffindor Y/N, I’m the biggest coward there is for treating you like I did. I can never apologize enough-” 
“No,” You agreed, looking around the common room instead of into his eyes. “You can’t,” 
Sirius let go of you but couldn’t move away. “I barely realized what I was doing until you were unconscious and it all came crashing down around me... I had been wandering through the halls wondering how to tell you something and it had been making me anxious and when I came back, seeing you two so close, I fucking lost it. I-I had no right to question your loyalty or your love, and I am so sorry,” 
You watched as Sirius broke down in front of you. You’d never seen him cry before now, yet he couldn’t seem to stop. His voice was as raw as yours and he wiped at his eyes every few moments, as if he could will himself to stop how he was feeling. How was this the same man from your fight?
“What made you anxious?” You asked instead. 
“I wanted to tell you I loved you,” He answered immediately and you couldn’t help but scoff. “I-I know how that sounds now... But really, I mean it. I love you Y/N, but I am not what you deserve. I know that anyone else would be better for you and tonight proved it. I brought you here from outside not having a clue what to do but Remus took care of you and- it might not be him, he explained how he feels about you, but someone else is going to come along and love you better,” 
“What are you talking about?” You sighed. “I don’t want anyone else, no matter what you just did....” 
“But I-” Sirius was stumped. “How can you forgive me?” 
“I don’t completely forgive you,” You admitted after thinking for a moment. “I’m hurt and that isn’t changing any time soon, but I do love you Sirius. Despite all that has happened I still love you. You’ve properly ruined me, it can only be you.” 
“I’ll fix what I’ve broken, Sirius promised, pressing a searing kiss to your temple as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 
“You better,” You sniffled. “Now lets go to bed please,” 
Sirius rubbed your back, pulling you into his arms as he took you to his room, not daring to tell you no. 
As you both got comfortable, you realized that the rain had let up. Only a light pitter patter could be heard against the window pane.
 It was a new day. Not a perfect day, not even a good one, but it was a new start regardless and Sirius was next to you- holding you like he would never let go again, and you hoped that he never would. 
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laceymorganwrites · 4 months ago
Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers under the cut (like chapter 70 or sum)
okay but
1. I didn´t think I´d like the show at first since I´m so sick of the whole school shit (especially middle school, like u expect me to follow some kids? aight aight)
2. it´s super weird that a 26 year old is dating a middle schooler, that´s like seriously the only thing I actually dislike abt it
4. like pls. It´s so dramatic. it´s got me on edge every chapter, got surprises. I fucking love the two timelines since I was afraid that it would just stick to the middle school timeline
5. I actually rlly like the romance parts since it´s not annoying 
6. overall it´s just really emotional in all the right ways, I love the characters, can understand them, even relate (yes Draken is my fave, Ik I´m predictable stfu)
7. also am excited to know more abt Kisaki....he´s a good antagonist
8. listen. the story w the timelines is kinda average butttt they´re doing it in such a good and interesting way
9. also Kazutora just showed up and he looks like a fucking e-girl...I am crying laughing even tho it´s a very sad moment 
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apollo-writes-random-shit · 11 months ago
“Damn, damn, damn, double damn!”
Fun fact: This was originally going to be angsty but I decided to save that idea for later. So have some worried Jack who’s stressing about a ‘first date’ with Davey.
I added one of my favourite ideas about a reincarnation au for like a paragraph lol.
Oh yeah before I forget. #LetCrutchieSayFuck
Crutchie grinned as he watched Jack toss around clothes. 
"Damn, damn, daMN, DOUBLE DAMN IT!"
He chuckled, watching his brother rush around. "Someone's nervous." 
Jack jumped, spinning around, clutching a shirt in his hand, pants in the other. "No shit I'm nervous! I've actually got a date with David!" 
"David? Damn you really are nervous." He laughed, shaking his head before entering the room. Despite his teasing, he was willing to help out his older brother considering the other looked five seconds away from breaking down. "Alright...I'll help you pick out ya clothes. Just relax okay? You'll do fine you moron."
"I don't want to stuff up! What if I do something stupid and scare him off?"
"Jack...He's dealt with your bullshit this long and it just so happens he's taking you on a date so fucking chill." Mockingly, he pat his cheek. "I see you need my help. So where are you two even going?"
"The library..."
"Heh, a nerdy date huh?" Crutchie paused as he looked between pants. "Hang on...This is a date right? Not just studying or working on a project?"
"Jackson Kelly-Larkin you fucking moron. You're stressing over going to the library to study and you're acting like it's a date?"
"H-Hey! Normally, it's a group thing and he invited me and me alone! He was blushing when he asked Charlie!"
"What if he was worried about coming off strange?" Crutchie smirked, knowing full well that Davey had asked his brother on a date. Hell, the other had been texting him, freaking out about the fact that Jack had agreed. "Look. Just act normal you moron. You'll do fine. So take deep breaths. Everything will be fine. I promise." 
"No buts Jack! Everything will be perfectly okay so just chill out." He slapped him over the back of the head before going back to sorting through the massive pile of clothes, putting the paint-stained ones aside. "Right. Go grab your shoes."
"Which ones?"
"Just grab whatever ones you feel like wearing. As long as it's not covered in paint considering you get that everywhere."
Without protesting, Jack left to grab his shoes, knowing better than to argue with the blond. 
As he waited, Crutchie scrolled through his phone, chuckling at the latest message. 
Davey's freaking out. How's your moron doing?
Being a fucking moron and throwing clothes around. I sent him to grab his shoes so I can help better.
Davey legit pulled out a formal top earlier. They're just going to the damn library, not some fucking restaurant. 
What, like you and Kath?
Oh, fuck off Charlie.
Whatever you say, Sarah.
"Who ya texting?" 
"Hmm? Oh, just saw Race did something stupid over in Brooklyn."
"Again? How the fuck does Spot put up with him?"
"Who knows." With a grin, he tucked his phone away before he went back to matching pants to shirts, glad to see that Jack at least was calming down. He had honestly never seen him so nervous for a date and that just confirmed in his mind that Davey was special to Jack. That and he had been putting up with Jack annoying him for a while and somehow hadn't lost his mind. 
"What do I do Crutch? He's fucking amazing and I don't want to stuff this up...He's different from everyone else and I mean it this time. I'm actually scared...I don't wanna scare him away but freaking him out..."
"For once, shut up. You won't scare him off. After you two are done at the library, see if he wants to grab a coffee or some shit. Just act normal for god's sake."
"Don't use the lord's name in vain you gremlin!"
"Since when were you the good religious boy of the family? That's meant to be Race."
"Please. That asshole isn't anywhere near being a good Christan boy." Jack snorted, shaking his head as he remembered each time Race didn't follow the bible. He knew that didn't make him any less Christan though. He just enjoyed teasing him but always made sure not to push too far, seeing how it was one of his fondest memories involving his birth parents. "It's like he looked at the bible and said Fuck you. I'm gonna do everything you tell me not to. 'm surprised that cross o' his hasn't burst into flames."
The two looked up at the sound of giggling, shaking their heads at the sight of their younger twin brothers, staring in. 
"Jackie's got a date!"
"Jack's wants to kiss Davey!" 
"He's gonna get cooties!" 
"Yeah and he'll give them to you two if you don't leave!" Crutchie waved his hands towards them, watching as Mike and Ike just giggled and rushed off to do gods knows what. 
Jack sighed as they left, shaking his head with a soft smile. "They'se dorks." He couldn't help but wonder how long the two had been watching him worry about what to wear.
"Yeah, and they get that from you and Race. Out of the three of us, I'm the most mature one. Once again, the middle child is the best child." 
"Aw shut up." He tossed a pillow at Crutchie, grinning as the other boy laughed and leaned to the side to dodge it.
"You love me. Now put these on." He tossed a shirt and pants at Jack before leaving the room. Jack shook his head, getting changed while listening to the familiar light sound of his brother's crutches tapping the floor as he went to go check on their twin brothers in hopes they weren't making a mess. 
Quickly getting changed, he nodded to himself, inspecting every small inch. Once again, Crutchie had pulled through and found an outfit that worked for a date yet seemed causal enough that no one would suspect he had been panicking. Sure, there were some small dots of paint on his jeans but it was basically his brand at this point so it wasn't really a surprise. Taking a few minutes to debate with himself, he quickly scooped up his cap, smiling softly as he looked at it.  While some people looked through thrift shops and found caps like his, Jack's had actually been passed down through the years, each owner leaving a small mark. One of them was a carefully stitched name of Jack Kelly. He didn't really know much about that Jack considering they lived hundreds of years apart but he still felt a connection with him.
All he really knew was what had been printed in the papers. He chuckled softly, putting it on. Specs liked to speak of reincarnation, saying he had felt a natural connection to them all and the picture of the newsies on strike just solidified that thought considering all their names were listed in on the front page. Jack couldn't lie...He felt a connection to them all as well but he didn't want to say it out loud for the fear of sounding cheesy, though he suspected some of them knew. 
"Thinkin' bout the past are we?" 
Jack blinked, looking over at the reappearance of his brother. "Eh, not really. Just wondering if it goes with the outfit...Like a good luck charm you know?"
"Mmmm sure." Grinning, Crutchie shook his head. "I thought you'd want to wear it so I made sure it matches." 
"You know me too well Charlie..."
"I also know if you keep staring at yourself in the mirror and freaking yourself out, you'll be late so you better hurry up." 
Panicking, Jack checked his phone before swearing. "Fuck you're right. You're fine with watching the kids right?"
"Jack, it's going to be fine. Unlike you, the twins and Smalls actually listen to me most of the time. So, don't worry about us okay? Just go have fun. Everything will be fine."
Brushing off the teasing insult, Jack rushed off after giving his brother a quick hug, shouting a goodbye over his shoulder, only to bolt back inside to grab his car keys, quickly running back outside, ignoring Crutchie's laughter. 
Taking deep breaths, he drove himself to the library, doing his best to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. "It's no big deal...We're just studying and I'll see if he wants coffee or something later. It's just studying...That's it...Sweet Jesus give me strength." 
Time passed by too quickly and he soon found himself parked next to a familiar car. Adjusting his cap, he slipped out of his car, heading inside, praying to everything out there that he'd get a boyfriend by the end of the day. 
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lousimusician · 2 years ago
Faking It
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Request: Ik you're busy working on sex pollen right now but when you could could you do one where the reader has never orgasmed with any of their SO and when they start having sex/dating peter they dont want to make him feel bad so they just fake it? And somehow peter finds out the truth and he just turns super dom and makes her cum like....a lot? Thanks! I love your writing so much!
A/N: I fell in love with this request the second I saw it omgggg, it's so goooood. Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope I did it justice lol. I also wasn't planning to write whole ass fics for the requests and make them more like blurbs or something, but some of your guy's ideas are so good I couldn't help myself.
Warning: Smuttttt, Oral (fem recieving), language, Peter and the reader are both 18
Tumblr media
Peter had really just been passing through when he overheard the conversation that made his stomach twist with shame and embarrassment.
It had to be around midnight when Peter just finished patrolling Queens and he decided to stop by his girlfriend's apartment for a few minutes.
Your window was open, and just as Peter was about to crawl through was when he heard it.
You were facetiming MJ while laying on your bed, and the two of you seemed to be in deep conversation, when he heard her say, "So you've been faking it this whole time?"
Peter stopped, interest piqued to find out what exactly you had been faking.
You groaned and tugged on your hair. "Yes."
"Is he that bad or is there another reason?" MJ asked mindlessly while she worked on her homework.
"No he's good, it's me. I just- I have a hard time.. y'know..-"
You groaned again. "I hate this conversation."
MJ put her hands up in surrender. "Hey, you were the one that wanted to have this sex talk."
You rolled your eyes. "Anyway, I think I'm just scared I won't be able to and then he'll be all embarrassed and then I'll be embarrassed, so I... fake it. And it wouldn't be the first time either, I did the same with Ian and Devin."
"And Peter has no idea?" MJ asked, looking up from her homework.
"Well I hate to brag but by the time I started dating Peter I got very good at faking it." You said pathetically.
"(Y/N) that is the saddest thing I've ever heard, don't worry you're not bragging." She responded sarcastically.
"Yeah, I know. What do you think I should do? I just feel so guilty."
MJ shrugged her shoulders. "Don't know man. Just talk to him I guess, how long can you go pretending anyway."
You shook your head. "Yeah... I'm just- I'm gonna go to bed now, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
"See ya." MJ said before ending the call.
Peter backed away from your window, but lingered on the wall as everything you and MJ said sunk in.
And Peter didn't know how to feel anything other than embarrassed and betrayed.
You faked it,
Every. Single. Time.
And Peter began replaying every time the two of you had sex.
The first time you two were together, to when you had done it in the janitors closet, to when you told each other that you loved each other, to even just last night.
How had he never noticed before.
Peter punched the wall in frustration, before swinging back to his own apartment.
"Hey Peter." You greeted your boyfriend the next morning at school, after arriving at his locker.
Upon hearing and seeing you Peter immediately remembered the anger he felt last night, so with gritted teeth and a clenched jaw responded with a simple, "Hey."
You furrowed your eyebrows at his tone but ignored it anyway. "So are we still hanging out later."
"Sure." He said without looking at you.
"Oookay?" You said confused by his attitude. "I'll talk to you at lunch then." You said, backing away before heading to your own class.
The rest of the day had gone by in a similar fashion. Peter was very off and you couldn't figure out why, except for that it had to be something with you because he was only acting coldly towards you.
The walk to his place with him after school was quiet and tense, and it was setting you on edge.
You tried to fill the silence with idle conversation but when his responses came off as less than interested, you finally gave up all together. And even when you reached his apartment, the two of you went straight to the bedroom silently save for the greetings to Aunt May.
The second Peter stepped into the bedroom he threw his bag down next to his desk and immediately pulled his homework out, and started on it even though it was a Friday, further proving to you that he was ignoring you.
Meanwhile, you on the other hand, decided to sit on his bed without a word.
You pulled out your phone and occupied your time with the device. 
And that was how the night slowly progressed. You shooting glances at him, while Peter pretended not to notice as he continued his homework.
It wasn't until May popped in to tell you two that she was going out for a few hours with her friends that you finally said something.
"...Peter?" You asked quietly, and all you recieved was a hum in response. "Are you mad?"
Peter continued writing, "No." He said simply but with a bite that told you he was definitely angry.
"Did I do something?"
"No." He said again, jaw clenching.
"If you don't tell me, I can't fix it."
Peter stopped writing and began tapping his pencil against his paper, trying to figure out what to say. "...You've been faking it." He said as if the words burned his tongue, gaze fixed on the textbook in front of him.
You sat up on your knees, jaw dropped and eyebrows furrowed. "H-how-?"
"I went to stop by your place last night-"
"Y-you heard." You stuttered out in a small voice, shame seeping into your conscious.
"Yeah I heard." He said bitterly. "Did you really fake it every time?" He finally looked at you.
You gaped at him, torn between telling the truth and lying but the look he gave you told you it would be wisest to tell the truth. "...I did."
The pencil in his hand snapped.
"P-Peter I'm so sorry, I was just so embarrassed-"
"Oh you're embarrassed?" He asked sarcastically. "Imagine how I feel knowing that everytime I slept with my girlfriend I've never been able to make her cum."
"No! Peter it's really not your fault. The last two guys I dated were never able to make me cum either."
"Great, now I'm like those two assholes." He muttered, standing up.
You shot up off the bed, stepping closer to Peter. You placed your hands on his cheeks so he would give you his undivided attention. "Listen to me Peter." You said sternly. "I love you so much and I am sorry I never told you. You are so amazing in every way and if I'm being completely honest...I've never been able to make myself cum eith-"
You were roughly cut off by Peter's lips crashing against yours. Your hands fell to his chest, while one of his gripped your jaw firmly and the other tightly held your hip. "Stop talking." He muttered, his lips going to your neck.
"W-what?" You asked breathlessly.
"I said stop talking." He repeated more firmly this time. He picked you up and tossed you onto the bed, raising a hand to shoot a web at the door to keep it locked in case May came back early.
Peter moved on top of you now, leaning back. "This is how it's gonna go, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make you cu-"
"But Pete-"
"I'm speaking now." 
"S-sorry." You said, biting your lip.
"I'm going to make you cum alright?" He said pulling off his sweater, "And you're going to communicate with me this time to make sure- take off your shirt." You did as he said, taking your bra off too. "To make sure you do cum, and you're not going to fake it okay?"
You nodded profusely.
"Good. Now, you can talk." He said as his hands began undoing your jeans.
"..What if I can't though." You whimpered.
"That's why you're going to talk to me, princess." Peter said gently, voice losing its roughness at seeing how worried you were. He pulled your jeans off your legs. "You're going to tell me exactly what you need, and I'm going to re-learn everything about your body." Peter pulled off your panties next, leaving you completely naked. "...Grab the headboard for a second." He said, an idea coming to mind.
You cocked an eyebrow but did as he said anyway and jumped in surprise when he webbed your hands together. 
You turned your head, looking at your hands, before looking back to Peter with a confused expression.
"I want the only thing you focus on to be on what I'm doing." He said, moving down your body so he was situated between your thighs.
He pulled your legs over his shoulders and you struggled to look down at him because of your bound hands. Without warning Peter flattened his tongue going from the bottom of your slit to the top, making you throw your head back into the pillow with a moan. 
He did the same thing again only this time his lips latched onto your clit.
"Ahh~ fuck." You hissed.
His mouth worked against you until you were a whimpering mess, your hips beginning to grind against his face desperately, making him bring an arm up to pin you to the bed.
He knew you needed more but he wanted to hear it from you first so he pulled away and muttered. "Start talking princess." Before latching his lips back onto your clit.
"Y-your fingers." You stuttered. 
He hummed against you, the vibration sending a wave of pleasure down your spine. Peter brought his free hand to your pussy and slid a finger in easily due to how wet you were.
His tongue worked your clit as he started thrusting and curling a finger into you.
And it felt good, it always felt so good. Which was why it was so goddamn frustrating to feel so much pleasure that went no where, built up to nothing. 
But tonight you were as determined to cum as Peter was at making you.
"M-more~" You gasped out. Peter complied sliding a second finger in, his ministrations speeding up and using more force. "Peter~" You moaned. "Don't stop~ f-fuck."
The two of you sat there for god knows how long and Peter was finally starting to understand why you would fake it.
He pulled away, fingers still thrusting into you. "C'mon pretty girl, tell me what you need." You just looked so desperate to cum. Mouth gaping open as you whined and begged, your hips trying to move with him if not for the arm pinning you down, and it was driving Peter crazy. He was so hellbent on getting you to cum that he hadn't even registered how painfully hard he was, his own hips beginning to grind into the mattress for a sense of relief.
"I-I don't know." The words coming out as a frustrated sob, making Peter's heart clench.
That was when he got an idea.
Peter had always been aware of how gentle or rough he was with you, because if he didn't he could seriously hurt you due to his super strength.
But right now he realized that maybe that was just what you needed.
So with new intent, Peter slid a third finger in and started thrusting them into you, curling them to hit your g-spot perfectly. Mouth reattaching to your pussy again, he stimulated you with more force and strength behind every movement than he had ever used before.
And your reaction was immediate.
You practically screamed in pleasure. Body shaking almost violently, as your legs were wrapped tightly behind his back.
Your mind had gone fuzzy, never having felt this much pleasure before. And it was seriously fucking you up. 
An unfamiliar knot started forming making you more and more desperate for Peter. And just as you felt you were about to fall over the edge for the first time.
Peter stopped, removing his fingers and mouth.
Your eyes shot wide open. "P-Peter." You sobbed. "Why'd you s-stop." 
Peter crawled up your body, thumb wiping away the tears you didn't realize had fallen. 
He kissed your lips before saying. "Couple of reasons. First, that's what you get for not telling me about this sooner, and second, I realized that I want to be in you the first time you cum." 
You whimpered as he backed away so he could undo his pants. Your eyes raked up and down his lean muscular body, your fingers starting to itch with wanting to touch him.
"Can you dissolve the webs?" You asked.
He paused, looking at you for a second. "..No."
Your eyebrows furrowed. "B-but Peter-" You whined.
"No. I kinda like you like this, and I have a feeling you're going to need to hold onto the headboard because of how hard I'm gonna fuck you."
Your cheeks burned, he was never usually this forward. "Peter!" You spluttered.
He ignored you while he finished undressing himself, getting up to grab a condom before easily finding his spot on top of you again once he finished putting it on. He pressed his lips against yours again in an intoxicating kiss, while he gripped his cock to line up with your entrance and slowly pushed in, making the two of you moan into the kiss.
He pulled back slightly. "I'm not going to go easy on you." He said breathily, lips grazing yours as he spoke. "Think you can handle it?"
"Mhmm," you hummed.
"Good." He said, sitting up as a hand went to your leg to hike your thigh onto his hip, while his other hand started gripping the top of his headboard.
He admired the way you looked with your hands bound as you stared up at him wide eyed. 
And without any warning he pulled back and snapped his hips roughly into you. You arched your back as a moan passed through your lips.
Peter kept a fast and rough pace, fucking into you hard. And he had found himself enjoying it much more than he thought he would, not having to hold back and be mindful of his powers.
You had been clearly enjoying yourself too. Your head tossed back in ecstasy while you moaned and whined incoherently, forgetting how to form words. You couldn't think at all, only being able to feel Peter.
The relief you felt when that unfamiliar knot started to form, letting you know that Peter may actually get you to cum, was amazing.
"P-Peter I think I'm gonna-" you cut yourself off with a moan.
"Y-yeah?" He grunted out, picking up more speed. "Then do it pretty girl. Cum." His hand that was on your thigh trailed down to your clit and he started rubbing it in rough circles. 
The extra stimulation was what tipped you over.
You came with a loud scream of Peter's name on your lips. And you came hard. The pleasure feeling so unreal that you couldn't believe you had gone this long without ever experiencing it. Your vision turned almost black, seeing stars. 
You had cum so hard you hadn't even realized Peter came too, until after you came down from the high.
You were panting, absolutely breathless, feeling Peter's weight on you as he was slumped against you now.
Your body was shaking, and you muttered out. "Holy shit."
You could feel Peter's smile against your shoulder. He pulled out, making you jump at the feeling and he rolled off of you, panting just as hard while the two of you stared at the bottom of the top bunk.
"You're amazing." You muttered again.
Peter laughed, grin widening. "And to think you could've been cumming this whole time if you just told me."
You rolled your eyes. "Yeah I know... I was just embarrassed."
"Don't be."
You hummed. "Can I stay the rest of the night?"
" 'course. I prefer you stay anyway."
"So.. can you dissolve the webs now?"
Peter turned his head to look at you, making you turn to look at him too. He raised an eyebrow. "You didn't think we were actually done, did you?"
You looked at him confused, "W-what?"
His hand ran down to your pussy again, finding your clit, making you jump. "I plan on making up for every time you faked it, by the end of the night."
"B-but what about May? She'll be back soon."
Peter glanced at the time, seeing that it was only 9. "Aunt May goes out with her friends once a month and she never has gotten home before 1 or 2 in the morning. We have time."
You stared at the glint in Peter's eyes, and knew you were utterly screwed. "Oh fuck."
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kimberly-spirits13 · a year ago
Summer Vacation (Pt. 1)
Pairing: Damian Wayne x reader
Synopsis: When you were young, your mother was killed by some strange force, it was seen as an accident by the police, but your grandmother and yourself thought otherwise. You aren’t close with your father and are often sent home from Gotham back to your grandmother. One day, you get a call, your grandmother thinks she has the answers to your mother’s death
Notes: Okay so I have really weird dreams. Like, this is something you might wanna know about me. Often times, depending on the dream, I might be able to narrow down a plot or something and turn it into a story. The Summer Solstice Museum was a dream so yeah. Needless to say, I have an unhealthily vivid imagination. Also, Ik I make a lot of series, but it’s almost summer time for me so I have time lol. OH, important, if you don’t call your grandmother Mimi, I’m sorry cause it’s what I refer to a grandmother figure in this as since it was in my dream and fit the character well. I basically had this dream and it was a character that I made a while ago but I figured I’d use it here, the reader in place of the character.
Warnings: Mentions of parental death, cursing, crappy dad (no physical or mental abuse he’s just absent and garbage)
Word Count: 1921
Tumblr media
            You were sitting in school at Gotham Academy the day you got called into the office. It was during History, a subject that you actually kind of liked in school. Damian, your best friend, shot you a look of questioning as you walked out shrugging your shoulders since you had no idea what this was about. It was probably another plan to ship you off to your grandmother’s house this summer. That was something that your father was very likely to do. It sucked not being able to see Damian during this time, but in the words of your father, “It is necessary.”. You walked out of the door with your hall pass and down a flight of stairs before turning left and then stepping into the front office. No one was there but the front desk lady and your father who had his similar look of indifference upon his face.
           “Father, why are you here?” You asked as he handed you his phone.
           “Your grandmother wanted me to get you to call her. She said that it could not wait until 3:15.” You looked at the clock seeing that it was now 2:55p.m. and school would be out soon.          
           You took the phone and dialed your grandmother who picked up instantly.
           “Mimi, is something wrong?” You asked sitting down in one of the leather chairs that were placed in the lobby.
           “Hello Y/N!” Your very peppy grandmother cheered, “How are you sunflower?”
           “I’m doing great, school’s about to be out for the week, is everything alright at the farm?” You questioned as you heard the Queen playing in the background. It sounded like she was painting again.
           “Oh, everything is... well let’s just say that I’ve found something on your mother, honey.” She paused for a moment thinking as what to say next and the music stopped.
           “M-mom?” You asked, your face paling and voice hushing, “What is it?”
           “There are mysterious things happening around right now. A strange older house has been spontaneously built up in an abandoned old farm land and my book of spells led me straight to it.” Your grandmother explained, “I know for certain that this has to do with whatever killed her Y/N/N. Finals are next week for you right?” She asked
           “Yes, then we have summer.” You answered.
           “Good, why don’t you come over and we can solve this entire thing?” Mimi asked giving you a second to think about it.
           “Sure. Sure, I’ll see you then.” You smiled some remembering what the farm was like, “Will you just call me if anything changes?”
           “Of -course sunflower!” She said, a smile in her voice, “Alright Y/N/N, I love you and will see you next week.”
           “I love you too Mimi.” You hung up and went back to class, your father stating that he would wait for you until the bell rang.
           Quickly, you made your way back into your class. It was weird walking back in. You saw Damian giving you a different look, rather than questioning, it was some -what of worry. You assumed that he saw the look on your face as you sat down.
           “Later.” You mouthed.
           The bell rang 10 minutes later and you and Damian headed out of the classroom, trying to beat the rest of the class out before the waves of students hit.
           “What was that about Y/N?” He asked.
           “My grandmother wants me to come to her farm this summer again. Uh- family matters.” He nodded thinking that this was over your father like it tended to always be over.
           “You know you could always come live with me at the manor. Father is ... less than present sometimes like your father, but you would have Brown, Cain, Gordon, and myself as well.” Damian’s eyes lit up when he thought about you coming to live with him at the manor. It was something that he had thought about many times before.
           “That would be nice Dames, but I just don’t want to go through all of that until I have to.” You answered thinking of the legal logistics.
           “If you’re concerned about legality, we could just kidnap you Y/N.” He said opening up his locker.
           “Oh yeah because that’s much better.” You rolled your eyes when he chuckled.
           You grabbed what homework you didn’t finish during lunch or your break hour and walked out of the school with Damian for afterschool carpool (pick up). He walked you to your father’s car and gave a darker look upon seeing him. Damian didn’t like that he just left you alone in the massive apartment of yours for so long on “business” and basically acted like you didn’t exist. How could someone do that? You were one of the most amazing and complex people that he had ever met and it was inconceivable that someone would just toss you to the side in such a manner.
           “Bye Dames.” You smiled some as he bid you farewell and got into his car when your father drove off.
           “So, what was that call about?” Your father asked in a monotone voice.
           “Mimi wants me to come to the farm this summer with her.” You saw his face light up some at the mention of this, “I guess you won’t have to worry about me getting in the way of your business trips now even though I could have stayed by myself being 16 and all.”
           Your father didn’t reply and in his place was one of your own sighs as you two drove to the apartment complex that housed your penthouse. Your father owned a penthouse in the city after gaining a high position in his company for international business. While he did have business trips, you knew that in reality, all of the free times on those were spent with various women. You figured this out after tracking his phone on an app to the Red- Light District in Amsterdam during one of his “adventures”. This was proving to be a long next few days, and it was only just starting.
           It was Tuesday night, the second night of exams. Damian could tell that something was more than wrong as you sat on his bed with him, papers out studying for your literature and history exams that were happening in the morning.
           “Y/N are you alright?” He asked finally seeing your gaze drift to the top of the paper, your eyes setting in like you were starting to zone out in deep thought.
           “Y/N.” He said once more snapping you out of your trance.
           “Mhmm?” You hummed flipping the paper to a new one.
           “What’s the matter with you today?” He asked, “These past few days in fact.”
           “Nothing is wrong Damian.” You replied, “I’m just stressed for exams, that’s all.” You looked up, shooting him a fake smile.
           “That was one of the fakest smiles I have ever seen in my life L/N.” He scoffed as if you took him for a fool, “Seriously, what’s wrong?” He stopped, his gaze darkening once more, “Your father didn’t-“
           You cut him off, “No, Dames, nothing is wrong with my father more than it usually is.” You stopped thinking some, “M-my” It took looking around and lowering your voice to a whisper for you to continue as if something or someone was listening that shouldn’t be, “Mimi saw something on my mom, she thinks that she found something on her.”
           “Y/N/N...” He looked at you in sympathy and understanding, using the nickname that he had given you used only in special circumstances.
           “It’s fine. I’ve been expecting something like this.” You reasoned more with yourself than him, “I-I love the farm, it’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful, Mimi is there...” You started to tear up some and he grabbed you, wrapping you in his arms, “I don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s just going to be my Mimi and I on a farm in the middle of a new hotspot for this thing that killed my mom and I won’t have anyone. I don’t know what to do anymore.”
           “Y/N/N, you’re going to be okay.” He said softly before pausing, “If you’ll allow it, I can come with you.”
           “D-Dami, you can’t. You have Robin and a life here.” You sniffled burying your face into his neck.
           You did admit there was a blush creeping onto your face. It was strange being like this, yet it felt so right. You guys weren’t dating, not at all, but you guys were best friends and hardly left each other’s side. You wanted it to be more but didn’t want to mess anything up after seeing your father the way he was when your mother died. You didn’t think he would do that if something happened to you, but you also didn’t think that way of your father but here you were.
           “It doesn’t matter. You need someone with you, and I intend to be that person Y/N.” He remarked running his fingers through your hair, his face turning bright red.
           “I-I’d have to ask Mimi.” You pulled back and he let go of you, “You really don-“
           “I will.” He gave you a determined look as you calmed some and nodded before smiling for real this time once more.
           “So, wanna talk Napoleon?” He laughed at your remark flipping through his notes before nodding.
           “Whatever you say L/N.”
           After your study session, Damian went to tell his father that he would be leaving for the summer. He knew that Bruce wouldn’t be happy about this but also that he couldn’t say no. Bruce knew how close you two were. Plus, if Damian was abandoning his duties to go out to protect and be with someone, he knew it was serious.
           You stayed behind, opening up your phone app to call your Mimi. She picked up immediately with a very peppy voice for this time of night.
           “Hello sunflower!” She chirped, “How are you?”
           “I’m doing good Mimi. I finished my math and science exams this morning and Damian and I are studying for Lit. and history.” You said smiling some.
           “Ahhh you and Damian?” You could tell just from her voice that she was smiling at his name.
           “Mhmm.” You giggled some like a child blushing, “I told him about what you said, about mom and he told me that he didn’t want to leave me at the farm without him.”
           “Well we could always use someone else around here.” Your grandmother said knowing how much he meant to you, “He can 100% come.”
           You smiled wanting to squeal in excitement at this response. “Thank you so much Mimi!” “Trust me, you’ll love him.”
           “I don’t doubt it one bit. Now you’d better hurry off to bed so you can do well on your tests in the morning.”
           “Okay, I love you Mimi.” You said sweetly.
           “I love you too Y/N.” She hung up and you saw Damian waiting at the doorway, not wanting to interrupt anything.
           “Uh, how long have you been standing there?” You asked seeing a small blush on his cheeks.
           “Just came up. So, what did she say?” He asked coming inside and sitting by you.
           “She said and I quote, “He can 100% come.”” You laughed doing an imitation of your grandmother as he chuckled, “And Bruce?”
           “Father understood and has permitted me to leave Gotham for as long as needed.”
           “This is amazing.” You smiled brightly, “You’re going to love the farm.”
           “I don’t doubt it.”
I hope you guys liked this one. I’m working on requests once again and I think I’m going to post them on queue because I liked how that worked lol. Anyways, I hope you guys are having a marvelous summer and week and send in any requests if you have them!
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aonogifreactions · a year ago
Rin Okumura Alphabet headcanons - [SFW]
A/N: aaaAAA hellO <_> ik ik i should be doing requests but djfjadffsj take this alphabet headcanons about our angel >:o so sorry for any grammar mistakes and if Rin is too ooc >:’) lemme know if ya wanna see n/sfw alphabet c:< ive stolen hc prompts from @/burnedbyshoto [x] 
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they with an s/o?)
Super ultra affectionate baby. He's affectionate almost everywhere, no matter what's happening. In public tho, he's a bit shyer. He's down for holding hands, small kisses and so on. In private, however, it's gonna be hard to get him away from you, especially if something dangerous happened. He's a bit sad when you aren't much into affection, but will respect your decision; he isn't the type to force you into something you aren't comfortable with.
B = Breath (What could their s/o do to take their breath away?)
Saving other people in front of his eyes. He's literally gonna stand with his sword in his hand completely dumbstruck, only to "wake up" moments later feeling how proud he's of you. The feeling is so strong that it almost makes him wanna cry in the middle of an ongoing battle.
C = Cuddling (Do they cuddle? If they do, how and when do they cuddle?)
YEEeeessS jjfdsjsf always!! Even tho he prefers having you in between his legs or on his lap with his strong arms around your waist, he won't complain when he's the small spoon and has his head on your chest with you gently playing with his soft hair; this position allows him to listen to your heartbeat and gives you an opportunity to watch him open up to you about things that bother him.
D = Dream (What do they dream of doing with their s/o?)
He just.. dreams of having a normal life with you. No more lies, no more things that could even further somehow destroy his life. Just you two, going to school together, work, marriage, and maybe kids. And then, getting old together.
E = Effort (How much effort do they put into a relationship?)
He's ready to do anything, anytime for you. He's doing most, not because you don't do much, but that he just wants to. He loves spoiling you and that will not change. All the damn time thinks about you, whether you're safe or happy. Sometimes he needs to be scolded for that because even tho it's extremely kind and caring of him, it leaves an impact on his actions throughout the day.
F = Fear (What do they do if their s/o is scared? How do they handle it?)
Rin immediately scoops you in his arms and hugs you tightly while whispering comforting words and how much he loves you. Despite that me himself may be scared, he handles it pretty well; the most important thing for him is to get you calm.
G = Gifts (What type of gifts do they give their s/o? Do they want a gift in return?)
He usually gives you small things since he can't really afford much - keychains, a CD of your fave singer/band, flowers, etc. He DOES actually get you a bit more expensive gift when he saves some money, and trust me, he's gonna be even happier to give it to you than you receiving the actual gift!
H = Hugs (Do they hug their s/o? How often?)
You don't have to ask twice for a hug, in fact, you don't even have to ask. Will whine until you won't hug him back. Rin NEEDS at least one hug every day; he just really loves having you in his arms, knowing you're safe, breathing, with him, that you didn't leave him. His hugs are always long, warm and comforting, sometimes he tears up due to how important hugging is for him and how emotionally vulnerable he's during it.
I = Intimacy (How romantic are they? Do they have problems with intimacy?)
Kinda awkward when it comes to romance, but tries his best! Sometimes he tries too much and you both are like "............   ._.", but after some time he understands the whole thing and where it should stop. No problem with intimacy - if you want, he can make out with you in front of the whole crowd (with a blush on his cheeks).
J = Jealous (Do they get jealous? How do they act when jealous?)
Rin does get jealous, but not because he doesn't trust you, but rather because he's a bit insecure about himself. He's aware of his past and he isn't perfect, not that he tries to be, but he does feel sadness/anger when some guys are having too much fun with you, even during a conversation. He'll get mad, have his way with that person, only to later get even madder at himself for doing that. He does apologize tho, he'd die of remorse otherwise.
K = Kiss (Are they a good kisser? Do they like to kiss? How often do they try to kiss you?)
Rin isn't a bad kisser, but he's far from being best; so yeah, he's somewhere in the middle. He loves, loves, loves kissing you!! He's a bit shy at first, but once you two get more experience together he doesn't wanna stop. Can't get enough of kissing you on your lips, forehead and on the crown of your head.
L = Love (When do they say they love you? How often do they say it? Do they prefer to say or show it?)
Rin tends to say it after he wakes up and you happen to be in bed with him. He'll smile sweetly at you and softly place his hand on your cheek, tenderly caressing it with his thumb. "Good morning, baby. I love you."; He says it pretty often, but I assure you, every time he says it, he means it; prefers to say it - he isn't ashamed or anything, he's actually more happy to tell you than show you, cuz he isn't really good with it or hasn't figured it out yet. Rin's pretty good with words, and everything he says always comes directly from his heart.
M = Marriage (Do they want to get married? If so, what kind of ceremony?)
Y e s  , y e s   and  y e s!! Without a second thought, this boy's heart belongs completely to you and if you agree to marry him he's gonna cry his eyes out from happiness!! He's a bit shy tho, so the ceremony would be only for your family and your close friends. Oh, have I mentioned he's also gonna cry during the ceremony??
N = Night out (What type of dates do they like to go on? How often do they like to go on them?)
Doesn't really like going to fancy restaurants, but he will, if you show him your puppy eyes he can't resist. He really likes taking you to movies, or maybe giving you some cooking lessons... in private, where no one can interrupt you two. It honestly depends on you how often he takes you on dates - he's fine with both going pretty often or almost not at all.
O = Out of the Ordinary (What’s something they don’t normally do with/for their s/o?)
He normally doesn't let you cook since he prefers to do it himself, but from time to time, when his energy is totally drained or he's way too lazy, surprise surprise, you're the queen of the kitchen! He's quite curious about your cooking skills, and even tho he'd be half asleep on the couch, he'll still steal a glance at you. Ngl is kinda worried about whether you will burn down the kitchen or not.
P = Playful (Are they playful in a relationship? If so, how do they play around/mess with their s/o?)
Hell yes! He's such a goofball, but we all know that already. Sometimes, when he's in such a good mood, you two have pillow fights that usually end up with kisses. You will also catch him dancing to the rhythm of a song - he gets kinda embarrassed, but invites you to dance with him anyways.
Q = Questions (Do they ask their s/o their opinion on things? Do they share theirs?)
YES! He's able to ask you a million questions about one thing. But don't worry, he can think using his own brain too, he just values your opinion more than his own.
R = Random (How spontaneous is their relationship? Do they do things on the spot or plan ahead?)
Not much here - 50/50, kinda. Most of the time things are planned ahead, due to his [exorcist] school/work.
S = Sleep (How do they sleep with their s/o?)
He's spooning you and no one will convince me otherwise. This guy lives off of hugging you. With this position, he knows you aren't in danger and he's capable of helping you when needed. Rin before sleeping gives your neck a sweet kiss, then kisses your hair and comfortably places his head on his pillow, being able to fall asleep with a smile.
T = Trust (How much do they trust their s/o?)
There are no secrets between you - both you and he don't hide anything, you two can fully trust each other.
U = Unique (What makes them unique as an s/o?)
He's extremely loyal to you. Cheating? he does NOT know this word. Whenever someone cheats on their s/o, Rin gets annoyed and disgusted. He can't understand how people can even cheat on the person they're in a relationship with? Do they even realize how that person will be feeling?
V = Vulnerable (How long until they can be vulnerable around their s/o? What are they like in this state?)
After 3-4 months of being in a relationship, he's finally gonna open up about his problems and stuff. Depending on how much things happened, he's either just very saddened or his entire body trembles while telling you his worries. Please hug him :(
W = Wild Card (Get a random domestic headcanon of the character of your choice)
He has a habit of wrapping his tail around you, especially your thighs whenever you two sit down near each other. At first, it was him teasing you only to get you flustered, but since then he's doing it unconsciously. Be careful when you stand up lmao.
X = X-Ray (What would they do if their s/o got injured?)
"dsfkfkskdfksjfd" He tries not to panic, but kinda fails. The good thing is that his body automatically gets you in his arms and he carries you bridal style to the nearest doctor/hospital. He feels like his heart might explode and he breathes heavily while waiting for the good news from doctors.
Y = Yuck (Do they have any pet peeves about their s/o? Are there any habits that might bother their s/o?)
The only thing that kinda bothers him is leaving dirty dishes everywhere but not in the sink. You may be a bit annoyed with his impulsiveness sometimes, but as they say "quid pro quo".
Z = Zeal (Are they passionate as an s/o? Do they want or like passion?)
Oh hell yes, he is~ Give him as much love as you want, he's gonna take it all without complaining!! He'll return it twice as much! <3
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arthurflecksgirl · a year ago
Arthur being empathic while you`re in pain
I got this request saying
“Hi, i have a bad back and if i strain it too hard, my legs give out and i can't move for a few minutes, can you do something where it happens to the reader and she starts crying out of frustration, but Artie understands?”
I suffer from chronic back pain,too. So this request hit me right in the heart. I wrote this piece and I hope it comforts you. <3 And I really hope your pain will get better <3
The sensation of Arthurs taste upon your lips woke you from a peaceful sleep. You`ve never experienced such peaceful nights before, as you now did with him on your side. Bodies enterwined, sharing bedsheets and switching pyjamas until you felt all lulled up into the energy of his. You felt Arthurs aura embracing your sleeping body. Your subconscuousness taking notes of every kiss he placed on your sleepy face, every whispered word he breathed into your hair while he was watching you drifting away.
"Wake up m love" you licked your lips. They tasted like him. There was nothing you loved more than having his taste on your lips, his scent on your skin. Being close to him was what saved you in your darkest hours. You wish you could contain his taste and scent in a bottle and take it with you when you left the house. Sometimes you wore his cologne, but that wasnt the same. Wearing his old sweaters  was much more helpful, but you  weren`t allowed to wear them at work. The taste of his lips used to linger on your lips for some time. But never enough. You wanted him all the time.
Not being able to feel him, taste him or smell him left you empty. Even if it was ony for a couple of hours.
"Good morning, Artie" you replied, getting anouther taste of his mouth on yours. "You taste like coffee. Would you make me one, too?" Arthur handed you a cup and smiled  "I already did". You took a sip and stretched your arms "I slept so well tonight" your eyes catched the watch beside the bed " it? Its only past midnight."
"I know." he whispered, nodding. "Sorry I had to wake you. But I´ve got a little surprise for you and well...I can only show you tonight. It will be gone in the morning".  He smirked into his Murray Franklin show coffee cup.
Gone in the morning? What could it possibly be?
"A suprise? Its not even my birthday"
He stoke your face gently "I dont need birthdays to wanting to make you happy".
"But why gone in the morning? What is it?"
"Please! " his smirk crossed the left corner of his mouth "It wouldnt be a surprise anymore if I told you, right? The only thing I can tell you is that we have to go now. C`mon, baby. Get in your clothes and we will get in the night liner. It will get us there."
"We`re going out?"
"Dont worry, I got it all planned out. Just come with me."
You finished your coffee and got out of bed. Still a bit sleepy but excited to  see what Arthur has planned for you. Waking you up in the middle of the night to get in the nigtliner and go somewhere? It sounded like fun. Arthur never ceased to surprise you.
"What should I take with me?" you asked him.
"Nothing" he replied while only taking his keys with him "All we need is each other."
You got out the door and walked up to the subway station. It was  full of people. Even at night. Gotham never slept. Sometimes you thought that Gotham was even more alive at night than it was at daytime. It was easier to commit crime and Gotham was the center of it. Before you met Arthur you wouldnt even dare to step outside the house after midnight. It was impossiblefor any woman to feel save out on those streets.  Even men got attacked a lot. Arthur knew best. He got beaten down and robbed more than once. But since he got a gun with him you felt a lot saver. You knew he would only use it to defend your lifes. Or the life of others.
After you got out of the subway you didnt even knew where you stopped. It took way longer than you thought. You asked him where you are but Arthurs answer was nothing but a smirk. He took your hand, let it swing and just lead you. You didnt even cared. Curiousity had you. But walking with him, hand in hand, in the middle of the night, after an spontanious subway trip was great enough. Arthur made the most simple things feel ike magic. Even if it was just holding hands outside an unknown street after midnight.
The street lead to an abandoned place. It got more quiet with every step you took. Soon you couldnt even hear the noise of the city and trains anymore. The dim light of the few streetlamps on the sidewalk made Arthurs hair shine . His curls almost reaching the fabric of his old, worn out jacket on his shoulders.
You walked along the sidewalks as he layed his arm around you.
"I am sure you will love it" he said. There was this kind of excitement in his voice. Like surprising you made him just as happy as you would have a gift for him. Arthur was a giver through and through. He loved to make others happy. Seeing someone smile because of him was his greatest joy.
You enjoyed the walk with him very much. If only your back wouldnt start to hurt as you had to walk up a small hill. The nature around you was stunning, especially at nighttime. You didnt even knew there was a forest . You just wanted to enjoy this special trip. Back pain was the last thing you needed now. You have suffered from a bad back for a long time and you knew the signals. You knew you should justtake a break. But you didnt wanted to tell him. He was so excited abotut showing you whatever it was that he wanted you to see or experience.
"I hae never been here before" you said, looking up at the trees, which seemed so different in the dark. The dark, somehow managed to make everything even more beautiful to you.
"I have been here a lot of times. "
"You have?When? Before we met?"
"Yeah....and after that" his grin grew as he pettet your back. The part that was hurting. He didnt knew in how much pain you were right now. But his touch made you feel better for a brief moment. Maybe you should just tell him.
"You take walks in the forest? All by yourself?"
"Sometimes..." he looked up to the sky, like he was searching for something.
Why would he take walks in the forest? Without you? Was he feeling worse again and he wouldnt tell you? Just like you didnt wanted to tell him about your pain? Was he trying to get away from you by coming here? Trying to breathe?
"You`ll see why" he whispered.
The noises of the forest by night fascinated you, as you walked deeper into it.
You still had to walk up this small hill and it was getting exhausting. The pain in your back grew with every step. Not now. Please not now. Arthur wanted to see you happy. He planned something out for you.
You tried to distract yourself by listening to the  sound of the forest by night. It was beautiful, almost magical. Something everyone should experience. Maybe he just found some peace here out in the woods. Away from all the noise in Gotham city.
But still. The thought of him coming here alone made you sad. You wanted to share it with him.
Suddenly he stopped. "Do you see it? Look! Over there i that big tree!"
He pointed at an old, big tree. It stood out a lot. There was no way to oversee it.
"Is that an..."
"Tree house!" Arthur yelled into the night. His voice vibrating with happiness.
"Its for us! I built it! So we can have our secret place out here. Just the two of us and the nature around....the smell of the forest. What do you think?"
You couldnt belive that you thought he was trying to get away from you by coming here some minutes ago. When the truth was, that he was actually building you a tree house.
" I dont know what to say. You are  leaving me speechless. YOU did this? "
He nooded "For you, baby. Wanna visit it? There is something more I wanna show you as soon as we  climbed up."
Arthur took your hand and lead you up, you almost reached the treehouse as the pain in your back was getting so bad, your legs started to give out. Arthur noticed immeadiately and  supported you with his arms "Oh my god, honey whats wrong?"
You grabbed Arthur by the arms "Its happening again. No, no, no. Please. Not now!"
You couldnt belive your unfortune. It should have been the perfect night out there together. And now your health was ruining everything again. You hated it. You hated it so much. Your eyes started to fll with tears of sorrow and pain.
"Its what I told you about, Arthur. Sometimes when I  strain my back too hard, my legs just give out."
The worried look on Arthurs beautiful face hurt you even more. He wanted to make you happy tonight. He wanted to see you smile. And now you cried. Unable to move.
"I  can`t move right now. This might take a few minutes. I`m so sorry Arthur."
He held you in his arms, so it was ipossible for you to fall down. " Dont be sorry. I am the one who`s sorry. I lead you into the woods and your back hurts because of me. I should have thought about climbing up that hill would be too much for you. God, I am so stupid!"
"Dont say that. I should have told you minutes ago that my back started to hurt but I havent. I have to blame myself. This pain always ruins everything. I ruined our date."
Arthur wiped your tears away by rubbing his cheek against yours. Your tear was smeared up against his skin now. Shared tears in the dark.
"Oh Y/N. Why didnt you tell me? WE should have take a break from walking? You can tell me anything. You know that right? If something is too much for you, just tell me. Let me know how you feel. Every time. Okay? Did you hear me? No matter in what kinda situation we are. Always tell me when you are in pain. I dont wanna see you suffer. "
You cried even harder now. Athur was so understanding. Not everyone was. Some of your friends didnt understand what was happening to you from time to time. But Artur was empagthic enough to do so.  You looked at him, so greatful to have him on your side.
"Does it hurt?"
You nodded.
"I am so sorry. Is there anything I can do? Anything? "
"Just hold me until I can move again" you whispered in his neck.
"Okay" Arthur kissed your wet cheek and breathed sweet words against your skin until the pain got a little better.
"I dont think I can walk up to that tree house anymore, Artie. I feel so bad about it."
Arthur held you close "Look , there is nothing you have to feel bad about it. My purpose is to make you smile. To be here for you. And not every day is  filled with happy tears. Sometimes its tears of sadness, of pain. But I will be there to kiss them all away. " he gently caressed your back. "Tell me which part hurts the most?" You showed him.
Artie kneed down on you, lifted up your shirt and kissed the hurting parts of your back.
It still hurt but it felt so good. His love was the mest medicine. The only medicine. It eased your heart and stopped your tears from falling.
"You`re so good to me, Arthur!"
"Because I love you Y/N."
He continues kissing athe part of your body you hated so much, because it caused you so much pain and troubles. "Does it help?"
"A lot, Artie." you sniffed "I am so sorry I ruined your plan"
"Honey, you didnt. We can still go up there if you want to"
"I want to, but I reach it."
Arthur lifted you up and held you in his arms "I will carry you, okay?"
You giggled "Are you serious?"
"Of course! I will carry you to the end of the world if its necessary"
Arthur carried you all the way up to the tree house and helped you to climb up the small ladder. He supported your back the best he could and some minutes later you found yourself in the most cosy treehouse you could have ever imagined.
Pillows and blankets filled the small space. Some blank journals and books. An old cassette player that worked with batteries and some music tapes. I was all so Arthur. The place was filled with him. A piece of the man you loved right there, hidden in the woods.
"Oh my god. This is amazing!"
"Sit down and rest a bit" he said. So you did.
You sat down and rested your head upon Arthurs  shoulders . It was way easier to move now and you took a deep breath in.
After a few relaxing minutes of rest and the certainty that he was on your side no matter what, you wondered about what the other surprise was.
Arthur asked you if you could stand up and lead you to the open window of the tree house he build for you.
His tender hand pointed at the sky and a big, red , full moon was shining down on you.
"Wow. I have never seen this before! Its red"
Arthurs puppy eyes stared at the night sky  "Its called blood moon. I saw it in the news three days ago. They said it will take place today, so I thought this would be the perfect reason to  finally show you the tree house. Our little home out here. When Gotham gets overwhelming, we can just come here and be together. Listening to the voice of the forest. Nature has its own songs. You know? I have never noticed before because I was in the city all my life. Until I came here,Sometimes when I listen to the wind in the trees, it sounds like a whisper. Its music in my ears.”
“Everything is music in your ears, Artie. Because you are magic”
He chuckled. “We can put on some real music. I got us some nice tapes..Its a good place to dance, to make love....” he smirked.
"Thats wonderful, Arthur. Thank you. For everything."
Arhurs hand gently caressed tha part of your back that was causing you so much pain before. He didnt said anything but you knew that he wanted to let you know that no matter what pain will cause you to suffer, he will always be that special light in the sky. A mysterious moon hidden, somewhere deep in the dark  forest of your heart.
Tumblr media
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paradigmsofjessicaday · 9 months ago
I just looked at your Spotify, first for the Jeffbritta then for your immaculate music taste ........ but sweetheart. GODDESS. What the hell mental illness made you listen to the Russian National Anthem that many times
FSHDKDLD god okay this one’s A Story, and there’s a much more concise way to tell it, but I’ve never been a concise person. jump under the read more if you dare.
sooooo it all started in a Wal-Mart parking lot after going to a high school football game with some of my friends. we had gone in to get a box of cupcakes and somehow emerged with a jar of pickles, a bag of peanut M&M’s, and a bag of Twix bars. as we were walking out of the Wal-Mart with our spoils, a bunch of guys our age ran by us and pushed us out of the way, screaming and running all the way to the edge of the parking lot. they were followed by Wal-Mart security, and we figured out the next day that they were members of our school’s lacrosse team and they were running because they had stolen goods from this Wal-Mart. so my friends and I start walking away from the exit like “oh boy, that was wild” only to be stopped by a woman who asked us if we wanted one of heaven’s brownies. we did not, so we swiftly moved along, clutching our pickles and candy a little bit tighter. 
there were six of us, so we’d taken two cars (and really, we’d come in groups of three anyway and met up on accident), but decided to go back to one person’s car to eat before splitting up and going our separate ways. so four of us found a way to squeeze into the backseat of this not-very-large vehicle and cracked open the pickles. the driver was in control of the music, and at first, he put on a few songs from Hamilton because I guess he was just that late to the trend. I was minding my own business, eating a Twix bar and vibing while being crushed between two of my friends when suddenly, everything changed.
there was a swell of orchestral music. we all looked at the driver in complete and utter confusion as the singers came in, singing in a language we did not know. he looks away, and the rest of us begin to laugh, as we’re very lucid at this point because it’s almost 11:30pm and this wasn’t our first adventure of the night (the first involved sneaking past the other school’s administration to get to the home side bleachers by cutting across the football field itself, we’re such rebels ik). 
eventually, someone (probably me tbh) manages to ask;
“what is this?”
the driver keeps looking down, avoiding everyone’s gaze.
“it’s the Russian National Anthem.”
“the WHAT?”
“the Russian National Anthem.”
he went on to explain that his older brother has a playlist of meme songs that he shared with everyone, and for some entirely unknown reason, this was on the list, and he’d taken a liking to it. whatever, we thought. in all honesty? it kinda slaps. maybe a little more than Hamilton does.
fast forward to about a week later. one of my friends from that group has been my friend since childhood, and lives about five minutes away from me. as such, she would often drive me home after band practice if it was a day when my dad wasn’t helping out with practice.
she usually gave me the aux, trusting me to queue a few things on Spotify for our 20 minute drive. at that point, it was typically lots of Hayley Kiyoko, lots of P!atd, and a fair amount of girl in red, because we were both gay and didn’t develop a music taste until very recently. there was also a specific Sam Smith song that we always listened to (How Do You Sleep) because of a specific incident from that year of band that honestly, I may go into at a later date.
that night, I look at the Spotify search bar and think “wouldn’t it be funny if I threw the Russian National Anthem in there? just to mess with her and call back to the night of that football game? man, that was a fun night. let’s do it.”
so I queue said anthem to come on after How Do You Sleep.
we poorly sing along with Sam Smith, laughing and joking all the way. the song starts to fade out, we settle down. we’re both waiting for the next song to come on. I’m barely holding it together, trying so hard not to blow my cover and laugh that tears are streaming down my face. 
the drum roll. the sweeping instrumentals.
now, I feel like I’ve already provided a gratuitous amount of context, but you must know that this particular band season had been absolute shit. our beloved band director had gotten a job at another school, and we had been left behind to lead a band under the direction of a much more incompetent one. we were stressed all the time, younger kids were turning their backs on us in a desperate attempt to defend this guy since they had to live with him for longer, we’d been losing friends and struggling and breaking down on a daily basis for probably somewhere around two months at that point. every inside joke and moment of levity and scrap of joy was clung to like a life raft, because we were watching the thing we’d loved for three whole years be destroyed right before our eyes. on top of that, we were being blamed for the destruction despite only being 17 years old, only able to cause so much change.
the singers come in. my friend realizes what I’ve done. she starts laughing. I let myself laugh out loud now, head banging and bopping along with the song. tears are streaming down her face now, too, they keep streaming down mine. we can’t find the line between tears of sorrow and tears of overwhelming joy. is there one? or are both emotions one in the same? 
so then, like with How Do You Sleep, it became a tradition to play it on every car ride home from band practice. I’d slip it somewhere into the queue while driving or she’d set it before getting into the car so that she could surprise me. it became our thing, that no matter what had happened that day or who had yelled at us or what ridiculous responsibilities we’d had to take on, we had something to look forward to and rely on. we had the motherfucking Russian National Anthem. 
I bet you didn’t expect there to be a moral to this story, but oh boy, is there ever one. you have find joy wherever you can. even if it’s stupid. even if it doesn’t make sense or you don’t understand why it makes you so happy. even if it’s playing a national anthem that, quite frankly, shouldn’t go as hard as it does.
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melayneseahawk · 5 months ago
First Line Tag Game
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line, then tag 10 of your favorite authors!
Thanks for the tag, @noodlefrog-omens​!
::rubs hands together:: Let’s see what we have here. Most of these will be from works on AO3, because I don’t have much in the unpublished WIP pile I want to pull out for this.
1.  Aziraphale flipped the small hanging sign on the bookshop’s front door to closed with a sigh, shaking her head as she did so.
(if thy feet be nimble and thy heart be light, chapter 1 - T, WIP)
2. “I don’t think I’m cut out for spying, my dear,” Aziraphale said, as they got out of Crowley’s car in front of the bookshop.
(A Slice of Cheesecake - T w/ NSFW art, complete)
3. Aziraphale knew he could be a little set in in his ways.
(Who Tempts the Tempter - E, complete)
4. "Doña Fell, Doña Fell, another bouquet came for you!" Rosamie called from the foyer, and Aziraphale looked up from her books, torn between exasperation at the interruption and that little bit of excitement she felt every time one of the bouquets arrived at her door.
(Tulips and Butterfly Wings - T, complete)
5. “Crowley, you’ve gone completely round the twist if you think I’m letting you go alone,” Aziraphale said, squaring his shoulders and crossing his arms over his chest, the strength of his posture slightly broken by the moue of his pout.
(Masked Truth - M, WIP)
6. Once upon a time, after the universe had technically been created, but while everything was still a bit malleable, there was a War in Heaven.
(In Order to Live, chapter 1 - T, complete [tho I have plans for a porny missing scene])
7. Crowley unwound the ropes one coil at a time, smoothing her hands over Aziraphale’s skin as she did.
(The Ties That Bind - M, complete)
8. To the world.
(Worth Waiting For - E, complete)
9. The thing is, the plan should have gone off without a hitch.
(Another Thing to Fall - E, complete)
10. Looking back, Aziraphale remembered being honored that he had been selected as one of the principalities that would guard the Gates of Eden, given a corporation and a flaming sword and sent down to watch over God’s newest creations.
(Left In Its Scabbard - M, complete)
11. Crawley had a problem.
(On Things Not Spoken, or Not Mad But Mated - E, complete)
12. "Well, that went down like a lead balloon," said the Serpent of Eden, slithering up the side of the wall and shifting to a human form to stand next to the angelic Guardian of the Eastern Gate.
(Through Hell and High Water - M, complete [tho this is first in a planned series])
13. Crowley was not a Lust demon.
(Happy Together, Apart - E, complete)
14. Aziraphale slid into his seat just as the professor started passing out the paper syllabi, panting slightly from having run halfway across campus where the bus had dropped him off late.
(On the Ethics of Asking Your Professor on a Date - T, complete [follow-up story planned])
15. The first sense they had that something was wrong was when Aziraphale started actually sleeping through the night.
(The Heavens Themselves Blaze Forth - M, complete [I have headcanons for what happens next, but I’m not sure I’ll ever write them])
16. July 1st, 2020, and Aziraphale was not sitting next to his phone, waiting for Crowley to call.
(Guardian Angel - G, complete)
17. Gabriel Fell was not a careful man.
(The Dragon of Avernus Manor, chapter 1 - T, WIP)
18. Aziraphale flitted among the flowers in the meadow, filling his basket with pollen grains to bring back to the colony.
(The Edge of the Forest - T, complete)
19. [Explicit first sentence censored]
(Wake the Snake - E, complete)
20. I love him.
(Maundy - G, complete)
Bonus WIP bits!
1. Aziraphale sighed quietly and tried to smile as another group of courtiers stopped what they were doing to bow and simper as she passed.
(Hail to the Queen - E, complete [zine piece, unpublished on AO3 until June])
2. The Shadow Roads were one of the many in-between spaces of Faerie, accessible to only a few, and dangerous even to those who were welcome there.
(if thy feet be nimble and thy heart be light, chapter 2 - T, WIP [chapter is in beta])
3. It was full dark when they stepped back outside, a delicate don’t-look-here spell cast over the three of them, preventing any questions about the unconscious teenage boy Aziraphale held in her arms.
(if thy feet be nimble and thy heart be light, chapter 3 - T, WIP [chapter is in progress])
4. Aziraphale looked over the proceedings with pleasure and no little bit of pride, which felt appropriate, all things considered, whatever the usual policy was about angels engaging in such a thing.
([untitled stone-butch!Aziraphale/femme!Crowley fic] - E, WIP [gift for some folks in the IK server])
5. Jaq DeVille, superspy, rounded the corridor to the prisoner block and looked around carefully, gun at the ready.
([untitled spy rp fic] - E, WIP [abandoned fic started for Forbidden Fantasies zine])
So, only one of the above is not Good Omens, but it doesn’t sound like it LOL I tend to like long starting sentences, usually in the middle of the action -- suspect this is old creative writing class advice. It felt like I was deep in AU mode recently, but that doesn’t bear out, which is funny. I guess because a lot of stuff that would be AU in other fandoms can be canon in GO? Who knows.
Probably proudest of "Well, that went down like a lead balloon", not because I wrote it, but because I love the bait-and-switch I set up in the start of that fic. Otherwise, I honestly don’t pay as much attention as I probably should to first lines; I’m more of a first paragraph kind of person. Ah well
Um, not gonna tag anyone, but if this sounds fun, feel free to play along! And remember I’m still nominally doing get to know your author, if anyone wants to listen to me chatter about process or whatever.
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unravelling-the-world · 5 months ago
random thoughts related to kagepro (tw for depression?? death?? suicide ?? implied ?? im not sure and idk what else read at ur own risk)
well idk lately ive been thinking a lot and ik ive uh always (? since i can remember?) have been depressed (i started around age 12...i dont really remember much before that. most of what i remember are bad moments anyways. or very specific scenes. but they dont feel mine. if that makes sense. its like remembering the scene from a movie.  back on track i guess idk well lately ive realized i actually kin some characters and lately ive...been relating a lot to shintaro kisaragi fromkagepro. i mean its ok. there´s always been that specific similarity in us (after all, how many characters in anime are as related to coca cola as shintaro //and me,,im literally a coca cola addict lmao// well anyways. after some days, this lead me to a hidden memory within my brain, i guess. I remember introducing my then best friends, to kagepro. one told me haha he´s like u bc the coca cola!! and i think i just laughed and smiled? i truly didn´t see it? i was sad sure, but i couldnt really relate to him. after all, i was the leader of my own little group of 12 year old weebs,right? (i was also 12 btw) i didnt personally dislike shintaro but i didnt rly see myself in him yknow? also i have loved ayano from ever since i have memory so idk like she´s one of my biggest comfort characters and its weird bc if she was ´´real´´ idk if i could date her or anything but im just glad she exists bc it somehow comforts me a lot yeah anyways ayano essay for another time lol. anyways at this age my favorite characters in kagepro were ayano and konoha ( i still love them a lot) thing is, at this point in my life i didnt know/wasnt aware i was transgender but i already kinda liked he/him pronouns so i roleplayed a lot. online. i roleplayed as konoha obviously lmao and actually one of my irl friends related to shintaro ?? and i think we may have roleplayed lmao and stuff.... she even had a facebook account named shin hikkikomori or smth like that. anyways fast forward bc after being 12 a lot of stuff happened obviously. and none of that relates to kagepro until quite some time. i will mention some items that dont really relate to kagepro but marked moments in my friend group that may be relevant later on. Around 2016)? Some of my closest friends changed schools (but we kept contact) yet i still had a big group at school. But it got fragmented along the way. 2017 i went to Japan and formed a new, different friend group with people that even today, are dear to me. When i came back, my friend group fragmented more. I kept contact with other members of the old group but one on one, not as a group anymore. 2018 we graduated, and i broke up my realtionship with one of my former best friends (2016-2018) 2019 was a year of change, and even though i was afraid and shit got weird, i was not doing too bad. i will skip that. Well. Im sure we all know 2020 was a trainwreck, shit happened. i had a villain arc. I lost my shit,definetely. Ups, downs, whatever. 2021 has not been too different. However, even through everything, in early 2020, i kept close relationships with my friend group. as the year moved forward and the restrictions started lifting ( thank you government very cool <3 //ironically obviously, this is the reason this shit wont go away//) some of my friends saw each other irl and stuff, or talked about stuff i didn´t understand/didn´t want to hear while on discord. I felt alienated. I felt empty. I got mad at a friend for the first time, for something he said. I ended up isolating myself. A friend celebrated her birthday. She invited me and never excluded me, asked me a lot of things and asked to virtually include me. But that would just make me feel more alienated, wouldn´t it? I told her it was ok, i didn´t go. Honestly, I felt like a bother. I didn´t want to bother. I wasn´t okay, but i didn´t want to bother anyone, so i isolated myself. I had a very bad breakdown. lasted weeks. When I recovered, it wasn´t the same. It felt like everyone else was closer, while i drifted away. I kind of recconected with some of my friends from Japan after this. In the vacations, i felt like i reconnected with some friends just to drift away again later. However, i never could reconnect with one of my best friends. She never really got mad at me or anything ( i think) but we don´t really talk much anymore. We used to talk daily, be it actual talking, memes, anything. I don´t think we´ve actually talked in weeks. There´s nothing I can do. This year, another friend had a birthday, but I was so disconnected from everyone I didn´t even care. I mean. It´s all broken now, isn´t it? The other day I just started wondering. When did I start relating to Shintaro so much? I had always been like this, hadn´t I? Who am I, actually? Why do I relate so much now? It´s not just about the soda. I had lost friends before, but I never really felt like that. Sometimes I feel like I´ve lost everyone. In a one year span I became a hikkikomori. About a month ago, when I entered classes, I was recognized as Shintaro pfp and I admitted to kinning him to people i´d never talked to before (on chat) // I decided to go apeshit idc anymore about what anyone thinks of me// I had fun. I think I must´ve posted on my stories, because two different people told me they were the ene to my shintaro. I appreciated it. i mean it´s kinda true bc now that i´m only on the pc they do bother me online and try to get me to open up or get better but sometimes the just annoy me lmao but also not bc they all have their own particular lives and they all seem to be doing better than me. Still, my classmates are very nice and inclusive. But it´s not like im close to any of them I guess. I´m just alone now. I´m fucked up man....I don´t feel real anymore. I don´t really know who I am. I guess that´s why I find comfort in seeing a part of myself in Shintaro? But when did i turn out like this? Why didn´t I relate when I was younger? Well, I hadn´t really lost any friends back then. I now know how painful that is. How lonely it is to be alone even when there is people around. idk. and i´ve always been quiet. introverted. shy. a loser. yet now whenever i meet anyone i try to idk connect? but i cant. i wish i could be more evil. maybe it´d just be easier if everyone really, truly hated me. maybe i´d get the strength to actually kill myself then. it´s weird. i really see myself in route xx shintaro. I know that´s fucked up because I know how it ends. but truly, i was trying. I was healing, i think i was going somewhere. and i was trying to keep my newly formed renovated friend group together. I really was trying to. I didn´t mind if we had sub groups on the big group, but we were all there for each other. I tried my best. I felt like i belonged. but now im alone again. and this time there´s nothing i can do. if something, i´ve made it worse. and i keep making it worse. it´s weird. when i first got into kagepro, both shintaro and ayano felt like adults. i thought they were really, really big. im older than them now. now i know theyre not really adults. i get it. i still feel 18. after all, these last two years have been taken away from me. i didnt waste them myself this time.  i feel like a rotten 18 year old...when i listen to lost time memory, i just...get it. i always liked the song. i thought the story was so cool. when it first came out.. i still remember. iwas there. i waited for it. i loved it. i still do, but back then, i just saw it all as some really great and cool song. now i feel like i really, really get it. i love it even more. im hiding away in all my memories. but what is my true heart? what do i really want? i don´t know, i don´t know... If I'm 'wise' then, I can't face forward; I have no reason to so, I'll rot away instead It would be nice if time could be turned back. Years may pass but I'll never die I repeat hopeful words to myself, even though I know I still won't be able to reach you. "It doesn't matter, just die already!" I said as I clutched my wrist, simply cursing it. Unable to do anything, I merely indulged myself in life. "If summer can show me dreams, then let's go to before you were taken away" The days where I hid my embarrassment are illuminating upon the atmosphere and burning my mind. If I'm wishing for a dream that can't come true, then I'll embrace this blurry past and have a dream which I don't wake up from and naturally seclude myself from the outside world. "But that means you can't even see tomorrow?" I don't really care 'bout that, so it's ok I stained my hands in order to kill these boring days I'm choosing "solitude" after all A rotten boy at 18 today too, prayed again while clinging on to your colored smile Underneath the blazing sun Asking "Somehow, please take me away instead of leaving like this!" and my murmuring breath was quietly stopped
I guess i just wish someone could actually help me. take me out of this hole. Maybe some kind of closure would be nice. It´s not the same, though. I don´t have enough bravery in myself to actually kill myself. Mostly because of guilt. I can´t take the guilt of dissapointing everyone. I don´t want my parents to get hurt. I don´t want my bunny to miss me. Yet i wish everyday for it to be over. Lately, half of my dreams have been in Japan, with many friends, some who i met there, some who have never been there. Yet my brain shows me the dreams before it was all taken away. I think one of my favorite parts of the day is dreaming. I like to sleep simply because I dream. And i sleep very few. mayb bc i hate myself? I still barely indulge in life. I do anything to stay distracted. If i think, it all goes to shit. it all does. like now. Heh. it´s funny. I guess no one is truly my ene, because no one actually knows how mentally fucked up i got these past months. No one knows how badly i´ve been treating myself and how badly i´ve been doing. Still, i can´t tell anyone but scream it into the tumblr void. No one has to keep up with my shit. No one has to take care of me. After all, it was I who chose solitude. It was me who kept them away. But I don´t get a second choice. I don´t get a change of routes if things go sour. And i guess I don´t get to get a mentally fucked up friend group where I belong for a second time. Once was good enough, wasn´t it? I.. Even when I wasnt as deep as i am now (again) into kagepro, ive always wanted to die on August 15. It holds meaning to me now as well. Every year I used to ask people to go out with me that day. I know im not brave enough to kill myself. I always hoped for a lil miracle i guess. Last year was the first year...I didn´t do anything. I just... I just hope this year i can make it. I hope the miracle happens this year....I can only hope......its too late for me to be saved, isn´t it? I never thought it´d be like this. I don´t get closure. I don´t get goodbyes. I am left behind on a world that keeps moving. I am nothing.
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amelink66world · a year ago
Love of my Life
Heyyy guysss!!! The previous chapter is right below this one. It's even there on my wattpad. You can check it out there too! Enjoyyy 💞
Back on Track
Calling the first hour of the surgery uncomfortable would be an understatement. It was downright heart wrenching. Anxiety was flowing in Jackson's nerves. He was trying to start a conversation every now and then but it appeared that Link had taken an oath of silence and Nico had seen a ghost. He was too anxious to even utter a single word. Amelia was really nervous and sweating like crazy. Jackson was quick to understand that Link and Amelia had a falling out. Yeah, yeah. Everybody thinks that I don't know about them. I'm the most important member of the hospital board. Of course, I know about them. I know about everyone in this freaking soap opera we call a hospital. I even know that no one should even dare to enter the Blue Room between 12 and 1:30 everyday. NO ONE.
The tension was so intense that it could be cut with a knife. Amelia too was trying her level best to initiate a conversation and the only active participant was Jackson. Nico was pretty sure that if he spoke to Amelia then Link would most probably fire him from his fellowship so he kept mum. Amelia tried to ask him some questions about the patient in excuse to engage him in a conversation as obviously the cold wall of a man beside him was making it really hard.
Nico was about to start answering Amelia's questions when a sharp glare from Link's way shushed him. He yelped and quickly focused in the patient, now more than even concerned about his employment. This didn't go unnoticed by the other two surgeons. Jackson raised a brow and looked at the pair who were so used to acting like horny teenagers just a week back. Did I miss something?
Amelia more determined now to at least make Link acknowledge her presence commented about Jai's wife, " I have no idea how she hung onto her husband for that many hours. Have you looked at her posterior cord? God, it's in shambles! I would have let go at aboouutt the twenty minute mark, if not sooner," she chuckled, obviously laughing at her own joke.
Link got offended and rolled his eyes. He was still pretty mad at how she left him. She could've given a heads up for crying out loud! He snarkily replied, " Well, it sounds about right," while still focusing on the patient.
Amelia's eyes widened at his harsh comment. She stared at him. Ouch. Huh, at least I got his attention.
Jackson listened in on the conversation, his interest piqued. Nico, on the other hand, suddenly found himself on crossroads. He finally decided to present his input too, ofcourse if needed, who shies away from hospital gossip and drama, huh?
Trying to make it all right and diss the situation, Amelia addressed Link with nervousness, "So clearly, we've had a misunderstanding. Can we talk after surgery? ", Amelia looked at him with hopeful eyes. Their eyes met and Link started feeling that warmth arise in his stomach. Not trusting himself with Amelia alone, he shrugged, " I'm happy to talk here."
Amelia nervously looked at Nico and Jackson who were trying so hard to pretend this conversation didn't interest them in the slightest, feelingwhat uncomfortable having to talk about her feelings before the. Link seemed to be adamant though. Nico took the hint and was quick to reply, " I'm not listening," before looking at Link. Jackson replied right after him, " And I don't care," with slight amusement.
Amelia rolled her eyes at them before dragging her " Ookaay". She sighed deeply before directly looking at Link in the eyes," I like you. A LOT. I would love to keep seeing you. What I don't want is...bury myself in you." All the three males operating raised their heads and looked at her. Link raised his eyebrows, confusion written all over his face. Again she's talking Amelia language. He wanted to smack his head but they were embedded in the patient's body. What does she mean by that? Of course she's not talking about the sex. God, I don't understand. Help me out here, please.
Nico was quick to respond for him. Of course, he's a guy he understood what Link was feeling. He obviously did not understand in the slightest what Amelia was trying to say. He had observed how happy Link had been lately with Amelia and wanted his mentor to be happy in his life. He decided to help him out here. Answering her earlier question, he says, " Uh, no he doesn't ".
Amelia frowned. He doesn't understand simple English? " He doesn't? " She looked towards Link and questioned him, " You don't ? " Now it was Jackson's turn to reply. He had known Amelia for the past six years and knew she could be nuclear sometimes. And he was a guy too. No male on the planet could understand what a woman speaks when she's nervous. " Of course, he doesn't. You're not speaking a language any dude could possibly understand," he replied incredulously. She looked at Jackson first and then Link for confirmation. He felt her eyes on him and felt compelled to make this easy for her so he shrugged. Without looking he confirms her suspicions, " They're not wrong. "
Amelia sighed deeply again. Like I said, MEN! She tried to say it the easier way. " I would like to go on dates with you and get to know you better before I'm all in. I have a history of going all in, too fast and I would like to change that with you. So...", she trailed off and looked at the other nosy surgeons for affirmation. " Better? " She was rewarded with three simultaneous replies,
" Better "
" Better "
" Better. " It was the last one that brought a wide grin on her face. Link finally turned in her direction and passes her a small smile. He would love to talk to her thoroughly before coming to a conclusion as to where they stood right now but he was at least happy that the misunderstanding seemed to have fizzled out somewhat. Amelia couldn't see him smiling because of the mask but the glint in his eyes gave him away. The tension in the OR finally seemed to have vanished and as usual they performed the surgery engaging in small talk with Jackson occasionally probing Amelia and Link for details and him earning a glare from both the parties involved.
After the surgery, Nico almost pushed Jackson out of the scrub room to give the couple some muh needed privacy. The silence in the scrub room was not as awkward as before but Link still had some uncertainties. He glanced at Amelia who was too busy concentrating on her hands. He cleared his throat and turned in her direction. " Sooo...", he trailed off and raised his eyebrows prompting her to take the lead.
" Not here." She grabbed his right hand and pulled him with her to their favorite on-call room on the fifth floor. Link waited patiently by the bed smiling while Amelia paced trying to gather her thoughts as to how to start the conversation. She was just teeny tiny bit nervous. She couldn't help it. Link made her nervous!
Okay. Here we go. She turned towards him and clasped his hands in hers. " Link "
" Amelia ", he replied playfully.
He was rewarded with a smack on his arm. " Shut up. I'm trying here," she glared at him accusingly making Link grin. He just loved teasing her. Seeing her so anxious was oddly entertaining.
Link recovered and looked deeply in her eyes providing her strength. She nodded before saying, "Link. I never said that I wanted to break up with you. That day what I meant was I just needed to figure out myself. I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm that sort of a person who falls in love too quickly. That almost always becomes the reason why I hurt people or they hurt me. I didn't want that with you. I don't ever want you to get hurt. I can be very reckless and rash sometimes. Ypu don't deserve that. I thought I would hurt you...badly, which I unintentionally have done. And in the past too." Her eyes became downcast and her voice was quivering.
Link pressed his hands to her cheeks forcing her to look in his eyes. She had tears in her eyes. Her nodded at her willing her to continue. " In the past week, I never thought I'd miss you so much. I thought we'd still be together, we'll just be going on dates and no more pain relief sex. I wanted us to give us a try. You asked me a question a few days back whether it felt real for me too. I couldn't answer it that time." She too pressed her hands on his cheeks. He momentarily closed his eyes feeling her warm hands on his cheeks.
He had missed this! He had missed her touch, missed feeling so close to her. She leaned in and softly brushed her lips against his. " It does. I'm a 1000% sure, it definitely does. It all feels real to me. I never thought I'd feel this way. I never felt like this with Owen. YOU made me start feeling those things which I can't explain right now. And...I panicked. I thought I'd sabotage this relationship too, just like I did to all my other relationships. I'm really sorry, Link for hurting you."
She started sobbing. Link's heart broke for her. Why does she think she sabotages relationships? Who told her that ?! Link couldn't see Amelia so broken. He put a finger on her lips, silencing her. He drew her in closer before brushing her tears with his thumbs. " Who told you that, Amelia? It's not true. YOU could never hurt me. Even if you wanted to." Amelia raised her head to look at him properly.
"And you're not reckless. You're the most beautiful person I know. And I'm not talking about your appearance. Even though you're gorgeous", he chuckled. She smiled at that. He always knows how to make me feel better. " It's okay, Amelia. I understand, you panicked. It's completely normal. It happens to everybody." He hugged her tightly for few long moments before pulling back slightly to look her in the eyes.
" I like you, Amelia. YOU. All of you. Even if you think you're reckless, it doesn't matter. I like your recklessness." He kissed her cheek. " I like everything about you. Don't think I'll ever judge you Amelia. You can be honest with me. Always. And who doesn't have flaws? Look at me! I'm the one who ignored you for a week! I'm the one who tortured the both of us by avoiding you! I mean, I literally ran in the opposite direction at the mere sight of you! ", both of them started laughing.
" Yeah, that was quite funny to watch." At Link's confused expression, she smugly replied, " Don't you ever think you will be successful at hiding. I saw you every single time! After all, I invented the Game of Avoidance," Amelia started laughing harder at Link's horrified expression.
" And here I thought you never saw me hiding." Link shook his head in embarrassment.
Amelia brought his attention back to her by placing a soft kiss on his right cheek. " You didn't have to avoid me, Link. You could've simply come and talked to me," she whispered. " Do you have any idea how much I wanted to talk to you? It was like, I couldn't stay away from you. I always came to look for you but then I saw you avoiding me like a plague. I thought you needed your space. So I always stopped myself from punching you to knock some sense into that stupid, male brain of yours ! "
Link's eyes grew soft. Amelia looked really vulnerable. " Then why didn't you? All you had to do was simply push me into an on-call room like you did today! Amelia...I'm really sorry for avoiding you."
Amelia leaned in dangerously close. He felt her hot breath on his face. She whispered, " Don't you dare do that again. Ever. I really missed you, Link." She then pressed her lips against his in a chaste kiss. A warm feeling washed all over them as soon as their lips touched. It started soft but soon turned frantic. Both of them poured the whole week of pent up tension into that kiss. Amelia wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. They were devouring each other's mouths. Link nibbled on her bottom lip before pulling back slightly.
Amelia was totally breathless. Ah, I missed this the most! Link kissed her forehead, " I missed you too. Terribly." He then kissed her right cheek, " I missed this." Then her other cheek, " And this." Amelia sighed with content. Everything was back to normal. Just like it was supposed to be. Everything was back on track. Link wrapped his hands protectively around her waist. He kissed her nose then. " And this too. " He leaned in her ear and whispered huskily, " I really, really missed you, Amelia," before biting her earlobe. He nibbled on it for a few more seconds before pulling back. He softly pressed his lips to hers. " But, I missed these the most. They're mine." Amelia panted with anticipation. She waited for THAT kiss to come.
MINE. Those words ringed in Amelia's ears. If she thought she was aroused before, then what would she call herself now? These words arose something wild in her. She couldn't hold it any longer and closed whatever little distance was left between them. Link was happy to oblige. The kiss was frantic. Demanding. Desperate. Needy. They poured all their feelings into the kiss.
The couple were finally happy to have resolved everything. They could finally put a label on them. GIRLFRIEND. Link was overwhelmed with emotion at finally having to call her that. She was his girlfriend. His. After avoiding her for soooo long, now he could finally have his way with her. His body reacted instantly.
Their tongues were battling for dominance. She moaned in his mouth. Suddenly Amelia felt herself being pushed against the wall. Link's hands were on her hips pressing her even closer to him. I had missed this. His hands. On my body. His touch. His kiss. It was bliss for her. Pure bliss. Amelia pulled back, breathless. She looked at him. His naturally grey eyes were dark with lust. She knew her eyes mirrored the same expression. Nobody but him could put her in that state.
Before she knew it, Link dove right back in and attacked her neck. He kissed and suckled. One of his hands moved further down her back to press her against him more firmly eliciting a moan from her. His other hand slowly slid inside her scrub top and moved upwards. Amelia moved her hands to the back of his head, entangling her fingers in his soft, brown hair and tugged. He pulled back sharply to look her in the eyes before removing his scrub top. " No more secrets." He looked her in the eye.
Amelia stared at his rock hard abs for a second too long before meeting his eyes, sincerely speaking, "No more secrets." He smiled mischievously before pulling her top over her head and pushing her against the wall again. He then attacked her lips with renewed vigour and Amelia was more than happy with turns of events. Just minutes before she was crying and here she is now, panting like crazy. Only this man can do that to me. He moved his hands up her back and pulled at Amelia's hair softly to expose her neck. His lips went to her neck again and he unclasped her bra. Skin to skin. Amelia pressed herself even closer to him making him groan. She held on to his shoulders for dear life when he suddenly picked her up and wrapped her legs around his muscular waist.
She gasped at his eagerness. He smirked, So someone missed me too. Amelia was getting impatient and squirmed against him. He understood her point and held on to her protectively before moving them to the bed. Today she was all his. Amelia liked to be in control. Even when it came to the bedroom, her desire for control never faded. It aroused him always to an inexplicable level. But today he was having none of that. He was going to be in total control today. He was going to have his way with her. He didn't know what came over him. Maybe staying away from each other for a week did that to them.
If staying away from each other for a whole week did THAT to him, then maybe we should avoid each other more often. She couldn't stop the sounds coming from her mouth at what he was doing to her. This side of Link was kinda hidden until then. He had been rough with her before, but never like this. And Amelia liked it to no end. No, she loved it.
Hours later, Amelia laid on top of Link's chest completely spent. She was trying to catch her breath and Link was breathing heavily. Her arms were still wrapped loosely around his shoulders and his strong, muscular arms were tightly placed around her body holding her close. He was softly caressing her side and his nose was buried in her hear, inhaling her scent. There was peaceful silence surrounding them and they were content with each other. They were in their own pink bubble. Amelia was drawing small patterns on his chest when Link pulled her out of her thoughts and suddenly asked her, " Amelia, would you like to go on a date with me? ", he asked hopefully with a childish grin on his face.
Amelia laughed heartily, " You are such a dork." She couldn't help herself and kissed him at his cuteness. " Of course, silly. People who are dating are kinda entitled to do just that." Link joined in on her laughter and pulled her even closer before cheering, " Yayy. Today is my best day. I get to take Amelia Shepherd on a date. Lucky me."
Amelia countered, " No, babe. I get to go on a date with you. Lucky ME. All the nurses will chase me and I'd have to run for my life! ," she laughed.
Amelia looked up at him to see that his eyes were gleaming and he was staring at her face with a radiant expression. " What's with the face? ", she raised her eyebrows and tried to look suspicious but her smile gave her away.
" What face? ", he smiled down at her innocently.
She moved up his chest to look him in the eyes. She searched his eyes while caressing his jaw. " This face."
Link smiled. He moved his right hand up and down her uncovered body softly. He picked up her hand on his chest to bring it to his lips. He kissed it before answering her, " I'm happy, Amelia. With you. You make me happy. Thank you for being here with me." He then winked at her smugly when he realised how flustered she was getting.
Amelia blushed and felt butterflies in her belly. We just had sex! How can he make feel shy and giddy right after we had sex?! She rewarded him with a passionate kiss on his lips. She proceeded to kiss his jaw and moved lower till she reached his ear. She whispered seductively, " You have no idea how happy you make me. You don't know what you make me feel, Link." Mimicking his actions from before, she bit his earlobe making him groan. It was a soft spot for him. He loved it when she did that. His arms now wrapped around her tightly trying to bring her as close to him as physically possible.
He groaned when she moved down to his neck and gave it as much attention as it deserved. Her hands moved down his body to reach their goal. Link moaned and She made her way even lower when all of a sudden she shrieked and found herself on her back with Link pinning her hands above her head. When did he flip us? That dark look returned in his eyes which made her shiver. He kissed her nose before slyly whispering, "Are you cold? Huh, I know a way to warm you up very nicely." With a mischievous glint in his eye, he made his way down her body.
Author's Note:
Heyy guys!! I'm sorry for being hone for so long. And yet again I'm back with a horribly long chapter XD I just hope you people love this chapter! This was how I imagined their reunion after season 15 should've been like. Sorry this is kinda smutty, I mean, not exactly, but yeah. It wasn't my intention to but I just went with the flow.
This chapter was so fun to write, especially the OR scene. Jackson and Nico just made me laugh in that scene when the episode aired. I hope you like my portrayal of everyone here.
Next up we have some fun chapters with Meredith and Maggie being typical sisters to Amelia. Can't wait to begin writing them! Until then.
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hcneysoaked · 10 months ago
💘 with bev so we can pretend everything is fine <3
send me 💘 + A SHIP and i’ll tell you—
where they first met and how aha mental breakdowns outside of bev’s job </3 definitely called for some immediate bonding, definitely influences the sort of dynamic they end up having throughout too
how long their ‘flirting’ phase was before feelings got involved no flirting just terrible pining <3 well like some flirting maybe on eli’s part, but he definitely cuts back after the Initial Fuck Up ™ and it’s all replaced anyway with good old quiet pining
who fell for who first ( if applicable ) based on how things have been going definitely bev :((( it takes eli a while i think to figure out how he feels but he’ll get the re
where their first date was and what it was like ooo okay eli would definitely want to make it all up to bev and maybe actually have something planned out for once, but it’d be something lowkey…. dinner + something else that i cant come up with rn bgfkj but it’d go over better than either of them would expect i think, a good start
who asks who out and how ( with a sign? spelled out on a cake? just a simple ‘will you go out with me’? ) after it all starts to get worked out… things would likely still be a little tentative for a while, but with less tension… i think it might come as a little suggestion from eli that maybe they could try and give it another shot but not without a lot of reassurnace that’s he’s not just fucking around again
who proposes first wil d i’m not sure gbdfjkg i dont know if they would?? unless he sees its something bev seems to want, then i don’t think eli would totally considering making that move, but if she does then he’d absolutely make the effort and he wouldn’t say no to her either gbfjkdf
if they keep / kept their relationship secret or let everyone know right away mmm no one to really keep it a secret from i think?? well eli likes to keep things lowkey at first from like friends/family mostly bc he has a terrible relationship track record and doesn't want them getting on his case BUT…. it wouldn’t be bc of bev or anything
where the proposal happens and how ( kiss cam at a baseball game? on a hillside surrounded by ducks? at a disney park? ) not to talk abt stargazing again but…… can u Picture it
if they adopt any pets together unless he is physically restrained then every universe has eli bringing a cat home at Some Point
who’s more dominant I feel like its safe to say eli gfdkfg though he’s not normally, he’s just stubborn and pushy
where their first kiss was and what it was like :((( probably during the first date? but like not til the very end and they’re like parting ways, and it’s really tentative and careful and maybe they kinda just go for it bc they wanna make sure they at least do this in case it doesn’t end up working out again
if they have any matching couples stuff ( mugs? sweaters? pillowcases? ) omg wa it the little star necklace :(( maybe not that exactly, but like something small like that, or like a little ring or something :(
how into pda they are eli is very much into pda, he’s a clingy baby, but I can see him toning it down a bit, especially towards the beginning again. they’re hand hold-y for sure, like smaller scale pda
who holds the umbrella when it rains eli bc Height but also bc he’s stubborn and likes doing little stuff like that for them
where their usual ‘date spot’ is ( if applicable ) stargazing spot!!!! it's always the lil late night picnic
who’s more protective eli is definitely crazy protective of bev, very quick to defend and quicker to try and fight anything that upsets them
how long it is before they sleep together ( can be as in ‘had sex’ or as in ‘shared a bed’ ) eli has no qualms over sharing his bed with friends so that could've happened already, but he’d be even clingier after they start dating. anything more might take a little bit to happen, but mostly bc i imagine they’d kinda try to take things slow
if they argue about anything neither of them are too keen on addressing conflict i think which probably isnt great in the long run gbdkfgdg but i dont think they’d linger too much on small things so any arguments are rare
who leaves more marks ( lipstick, hickeys, scratchmarks etc. ) probably eli jgnfdngd Possesive
who steals whose clothes and how often mmm i can see them both doing it, eli has no issues helping himself to bev’s closet unless they say something against it and i can see bev probably wearing little things around eli’s place
how they cuddle ( spooning? facing each other? ) I think eli likes to hold on to bev, doesn’t matter how they’re positioned bgjdg
what their favourite nonsexual activity is I will Refrain from repeating the same thing yet again bu t i feel like they might be the type to go around for little late night drives you know? like going nowhere in particular, just talking and listening
how long they stay mad at each other mmm i dont think they’d stay mad for very long, especially given that i don’t think’d butt heads too much to begin with?
what their usual coffee / tea orders are mmm maybe sweeter leaning drinks, go for those holidays ones bgkdf
if they ever have any children together maybe….. maybe not…. but their kids would have a nice balance with both of them bgdfkj
if they have any special pet names for each other eli would absolutely shower bev in little pet names and terms of endearment he loves that kind of shit and would absolutely die if they use any of them in return
if they have any special pet names for each other eli would absolutely shower bev in little pet names and terms of endearment he loves that kind of shit and would absolutely die if they use any of them in return
if they ever split up and / or get back together they had that sort of together point at the beginning and then that break after before they Actually date but on from that, I don’t think they’d be on/off again just bc that bit cause enough angst as it was for them 
what their shared living space is like ( messy? clean? what kind of decor? ) like a lived in kinda messy, vaguely organized and not too much of a disaster with little knick knacks they get together to decorate
what their first christmas / hanukkah / etc as a couple was like mmm i dont think eli would wanna leave bev on their own so he would at least offer to bring them to his family’s bc they’d throw a fit if he tried to skip gbfdkg and hopefully that goes over better than he’d expect
what their names are in each other’s phones a rotation of lil pet names probably followed by a string of little emojis
if they have any ‘couple traditions’ ( buying a new mug for their collection every year? baking every friday evening? ) the stargazing!!! always!!! at least every other week, good clearing your mind activity!! 
who falls asleep first and who wakes up first I wanna say bev falls asleep first just bc eli tends to stay up really late and they might wake up first too, but probably depends on what theyre doing??
who’s the big spoon / little spoon eli might default to big spoon bc Big and again he just likes clinging to bev <33
who hogs the bathroom mm depends, but eli can spend forever in there making sure he at least Looks put together gfkd
who kills the spiders / takes them outside they both seem like the take spider outside kinda person kgdjf
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capxfalcon · a year ago
Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know You
I was tagged by:
rules: bold everything that applies to you & tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better.
I’m over 5′5″. I wear glasses/contacts. I have blonde hair. I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing. I have one or more piercings. I have at least one tattoo. I have blue/green eyes. I have dyed or highlighted my hair. I have gotten plastic surgery. I have or had braces. I sunburn easily. I have freckles. I paint my nails. I typically wear makeup. I don’t often smile. I am pleased with how I look. I prefer Nike to Adidas. I wear baseball hats backwards.
H O B B I E S  A N D  T A L E N T S
I play a sport. I can play an instrument. I am artistic. I know more than one language. I have won a trophy in some sort of competition. I can cook or bake without a recipe. I know how to swim. I enjoy writing. I can do origami. I prefer movies to tv shows. I can execute a perfect somersault. I enjoy singing. I could survive in the wild on my own. I have read a new book series this year. I enjoy spending time with friends. I travel during school or work breaks. I can do a handstand.
I am in a relationship. I have been single for over a year. I have a crush. I have a best friend I have known for ten years. My parents are together. I have dated my best friend. I am adopted. My crush has confessed to me. I have a long distance relationship. I am an only child. I give advice to my friends. I have made an online friend. I met up with someone I have met online.
I have heard the ocean in a conch shell. I have watched the sunrise. I enjoy rainy days. I have slept under the stars. I meditate outside. The sound of chirping calms me. I enjoy the smell of the beach. I know what snow tastes like. I listen to music to fall asleep. I enjoy thunderstorms. I enjoy cloud watching. I have attended a bonfire. I pay close attention to colors. I find mystery in the ocean. I enjoy hiking on nature paths. Autumn is my favorite season.
I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle. I am the mom friend. I live by a certain quote. I like the smell of sharpies. I am involved in extracurricular activities. I enjoy Mexican food. I can drive a stick-shift. I believe in true love. I make up scenarios to fall asleep. I sing in the shower. I wish I lived in a video game. I have a canopy above my bed. I am multiracial. I am a redhead. I own at least three dogs
So, since ik only like, 3 people, I'm gonna to tag: @slutforsteverogers and @sk-1522
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