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that-local-cryptid · a year ago
I can feel your soft kisses
Right next to my ear
So close and yet so far
You do not know me
Nor do I know you
And yet you give me
Comfort, safety, hope
Like a sweet melody
In the symphony of the present
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teddybasmanov · 5 months ago
Alright, a list, here we go (finally with descriptions):
Feel free to correct me.
I say "inactive" if a person either said themselves that they quit or haven't been active for six months or longer.
The order doesn't mean anything.
Some of these are just pretty generic boyfriend roleplays – I will just simply say that.
Low fantasy – the magical world coexists with the “real” one, mostly staying hidden (like in “Harry Potter”).
High fantasy – the magical world exists with no ties to the real one (like in “Lord of the Rings”).
It's really long (about 7 pages as a Word document).
Redacted ASMR - M4A – I don’t think the king needs an introduction. Incredible story-based ASMR with great scripts and a lot of character development. Mostly low fantasy. The tagging system is immaculate – always check for trigger warnings.
Hollow_ VA - M4A – there’s a whole magical world, but the most popular video is still the delinquent. I mean, this man’s fictional world is so huge he has a Wiki page with a map and timelines figures. Mostly high fantasy, but sometimes also sci-fi and contemporary. Nothing is especially heavy, but trigger warnings are not really a thing.
YuuriVoice - M4A, M4M, M4F (the latter two rarely) – will make you fall in love with characters you’ve never heard about. Also has a bunch of great original characters with their own stories (everything is getting connected, but it’s not clear yet). Mostly contemporary.
Mint Maplewood - M4A, M4M, M4F (rarely) – cute boyfriend, so might as well make him a werewolf or a prince. Mostly contemporary boyfriend roleplays, but also some nice fantasy stuff (specifically some prince/prince and prince/knight stuff *eyebrow wiggle*). Has some really specific comfort audios.
ChomuVA - M4A, M4M (inactive) – you finally get to be an alpha. Wannabe Redacted in the best sense – fantasy world with both fictional races and contemporary boyfriends, but not really story-based. Was planning to get more of that, but then went on a hiatus.
salemAudio - M4A, M4M – learning magic has never been so relaxing. Incredibly comforting ASMRtist, recently has picked up on more story-heavy videos but has a lot of relaxational and comforting stuff. Mostly fantasy, has several not connected (for now at least) worlds.
Gav VA - M4A – how about an alien or two? For now, Magnum Opus is “Starline” – heavily story-based two-season alien sci-fi roleplay. Also has a mystical detective story and some fantasy and contemporary stuff sprinkled in-between.
Moody VA - M4A (inactive) – good evening, your grace. A person who created a yandere I (almost) fell for. Another – one big thing and a lot of small ones kind of artist – “The Estern Family” – a finished story with several characters and (kind of) an open ending and some other fantasy and contemporary bits as well. Can be really relaxing.
Audial Archivist VA (inactive channel), AudieRaptor (active channel)- M4A, M4M, M4F (rarely) – oh, and there’s some snake person in the corner? Inu-boys lover and a dinosaur nerd. Mostly monster boys and mostly fluff, however some semi-story-based videos as well.
Ted_F - M4M, M4A (rarely) – that transfer student might be falling for you. Comforting M4M audios. One story-based series but mostly simple good fluff, comfort and sleep aid. Estonian – has a nice accent.
Love Boldly ASMR Audio - M4A, M4F – CBT might not mean what you think it does. Gives actual names to all the listeners. Story-based, mostly fantasy and interconnected (literally all fantasy characters know each other), contemporary stuff is all more or less BDSM-centered. Has Eric as one of the side characters.
Kabuyama VA - M4A – you’ve received a new transmission from a faraway galaxy. Space and fantasy and a bit of everything. Two big story-based series – “Proxima Centaury” (next season coming soon!) and “Crossroads” (technically still continuing) and one very long-running character – flirty barmen, but a lot of little stuff fantasy and contemporary alike.
Riftcolt Productions - M4A, M4F – you’re in love with a werewolf, but the laws are shit. Australian accent. Has a werewolf series but mostly makes standalone fantasy and contemporary audios. Has more argument-themed stuff than most.
Winty VA - M4M (inactive) – oh no, Adrian is dead. Again. A true epitome of what “boys will be boys” should be in the form of gay ASMR roleplay. Often ventures straight (pun intended) into shitpost territory, but I love it – it’s fun.
Kai Says Things - M4A, M4(T)M/F (like once) – your Highness (derogatory) to your Highness (affectionate). Sweet boyfriend roleplays with an occasional fantasy bit. Also shitposting – can’t wait for the April Fools.
Ellis Audio - M4A, M4M, M4F (the latter two rarely) – your mafia boyfriend is a man of culture. Mostly sweet relaxing stuff, sleep aids and comforts. Some nice reoccurring characters like the above-mentioned mafia boyfriend or a flirty demon.
IndigoAudio - M4M, M4A (rarely) (inactive) – domesticity in its purest. The first M4M channel I found and completely fell in love with – sweet, dorky boyfriends, flirting and feelings. *kiss on the forehead*
Cottonmouth Audio - M4A, M4M, F4A etc. (it's a mess, but it's a fun mess) – who are you and who are you talking to? Let’s find out. Oh, where to start with this one? An obscure magical word where most stereotypical understandings of fantasy races don’t work. Also, making a listener someone generic everyone can relate to? Never heard of it. Everyone here is a character with their own features and backstory. Also, gender is fake so there are men, ladies and entities entirely too cool for it.
Angels&Bread ASMR - M4A, M4M – want to make flower crowns for the dark prince? Several nice storylines fantasy and realistic alike also a lot of comforts and rambles and gaming. I miss the Celestial University series.
SoftSounds RP - M4A, M4M, M4F (the latter two rarely) (inactive) – give me my kuudere sunshine back. Two storylines – one college-themed and one royalty-ish. Also, soundscapes. Again – the kuudere is so perfect.
weavile ASMR - M4A, M4M, M4F – a man who broke my perception of tutoring. A fighter against YouTube policies. Different contemporary scenarios of different levels of comfort and spiciness. Holds an award for the cutest catboy yawns.
Sir Midnight VA - M4M (inactive) – the tsundere is actually sweet. Nice little gay roleplays. Some anima-boys.
HydroKingVA - M4A, M4F (rarely) – the delinquent knows a lot about elevators. Scottish accent. Mostly pretty generic roleplays on both sides of realism. One of the rare examples of the “delinquent bully” trope done right.
Firelight ASMR - M4A, M4M (inactive) – oh, that was an anime reference? Sweet little channel, mostly soft and comforting. Some videos are anime/video games based.
ZSakuVA - M4A, M4M (rarely) – mister smoothest voice on the internet. British accent. Everything is story-based and interconnected, pay attention to details – yes, even the ones said in another room. A whole bunch of interesting original characters with different personalities and all that. Mostly contemporary, but a fantasy guy here and there.
RangerPirate Audio - M4A, M4F (rarely) – only two videos are actually pirate themed. Story-based and mostly fantasy-themed, some storylines are connected. Surprisingly a lot of vampires.
Ivan Marco ASMR - M4M – your barista boyfriend has opinions on movies. Another sweet domestic gay channel – nothing more nothing less. Very nice.
PebblesASMR - M4A – knight/heir didn’t quite go right. Scottish accent (I like accents, okay?). Several not connected storylines, one is semi-based on the classical monsters, one is a high-school bully (done right thanks gods) and one above-mentioned knight. Great storytelling. Plus, a simple sweet Scottish boyfriend once in a while.
zufiri Audio - M4A, M4M, M4F – I think he makes coffee wrong. Generic boyfriend roleplays.
Stygian Murmurs ASMR - M4A – the eldritch horror likes marshmallows, what of it? Underrated as hell – horror-themed roleplays with actually scary huge monsters and ancient abominations. Don’t be scared though – most of them are actually nice.
Hedral Wyrdsmythe - M4A (inactive) – roll for relaxation. Also, that’s William so why the hell does he still have less than a thousand subscribers? Anyway – DnD based roleplays and storytelling. Several plots happening in one world.
Nomads Tales & Audios - M4A, M4F, M4M (rarely) – my favourite is surprisingly a yandere. This is not even a joke – my favourite series is the arranged marriage to the villain. Not the point. Has a big interconnected magical world and a complicated storyline (one problem though, is that most of the important videos are M4F). Plus, some additional not related storylines and contemporary boyfriend audios.
LyraVA - M4A – these were not supposed to be Greek gods? I have no idea about that anime, but it never became a problem. So, a lot of videos (especially early on) are based on “Saint Seiya” anime which I have never even heard about, but it’s still very understandable. The original characters are great, as well as the art for them. Almost everything is story-based.
A Piece of Tape VA - M4A, M4F (rarely) – he removed the “Welcome to Heck” audio, what do we live for? A guy you might have seen in comment sections. One story-based fantasy series and a lot of standalone fantasy and contemporary roleplays. Mostly light-hearted and humorous.
Cryptid ASMR - M4A (inactive) – Moth my beloved. Story-based fantasy, at least from what I remember is planned, but you can just go ask xem.
Aethyr Audio - M4A – almost Salem, also the dragon is fluffy. Calming and relaxing fantasy ASMR.
Mike's VA Corner - M4A – an Italian hitman cooks Austrian pancakes. Story-based roleplays, that are hinted to be all happening in the same universe but it’s not that important at this point. Mostly cuteness. Magnum opus is the hitman series.
SpaceBoy Audios - M4A, M4M (inactive) – a little out of order, but still cute. Fantasy/sci-fi, supposedly story-based (but not continued, so I’m not sure).
Cherry Blossom Audio - M4M, M4A – there’s a character who sounds almost exactly like David. Generic fantasy and contemporary roleplays with an attempt at story-based semi-DnD, which never actually went anywhere.
FirebugASMR - M4(T)M (incative) – what if we were rival fantasy princes but we were both trans boys? Fantasy and contemporary and story-based and so queer! Everything here is very pretty and very sweet.
A Warm Coffee Mug - M4M, M4F, M4A (rarely - but he makes almost all videos in two versions) – versions. A lot of versions. Contemporary and fantasy (mostly vampires) roleplays with an honest attempt at most inclusivity. Some are serialized and story-based, some are standalone comforts.
Clover_ Asmr - M4M – himbos and femboys. Sweet little gay channel. Cute art included.
Hearsay Dramas - F4A (inactive) – oh look, that’s a girl! Mostly fantasy girlfriend roleplay. Found through Hollow.
OtakuDoesStuffs - M4A, M4(T)M – sweet trans dude, hope he’s okay. Little queer roleplays where you can be happy for a person that his voice changes.
Sleeping3ffect - M4A, M4F – vampire sugar daddy. Several storylines mostly included vampires and fantasy, but they’re not connected. I think, there might be some tagging issues, be careful with it.
Lunar Dreams - M4A – nerdy best friend to nerdy boyfriend. Little generic boyfriend roleplays with some monster boys.
Moonlight Haven - M4A, M4M – give your alpha werewolf some cheesecake. Some interconnected storylines with mafia and boyfriends and catboys. Also, a werewolf.
Mage Bunkshelf - M4A – mister second-best alien ASMR. A whole bunch of storylines fantasy and sci-fi themed. Aside from the alien (who I love!) I have to mention an incubus roommate – a lot of talk about feelings and consent – very nice.
Ashen Gray ASMR - M4A, M4F – anti-goblincore. One big kinhunter adventure storyline and some standalone stuff here and there mostly contemporary.
Nightwatch ASMR - M4A – you’re a villain, teach me how to be worse? Little story-based series, mostly sweet and humorous. Some cosy boyfriends are in-between. The amnesiac one is chef’s kiss.
Pale Audio - M4A – what if we were an awkward demon and a shy werewolf and we were both boys? Some nice reoccurring characters with development and cuddles. There is a story-driven, it got rolled back once but it seems to be back on track now.
Samawry the Bard - M4A, M4M, M4F, M4NB (yes, specifically) – ORC HUSBAND. Alright, so I’m still holding a little grudge for turning the werewolf story M4F mid-first season, but then again – Orc Husband. Specifically for non-binary listeners. Amazing. Also, gay dnd bartender and gay gruff cowboy. Anyway – story-based series in different universes.
NomadAudio - M4A (inactive) – I diagnose you with “Final Fantasy Fan”. Mostly fantasy standalone roleplays.
goblin.mp3 - M4A (inactive) – so tiny. A small little comfort channel.
Liu's Audio - Archive - M4A (inactive) – those two videos are M4A but they’re M4M in our hearts. Small series and standalone videos, some fantasy, some contemporary. The biggest series is about a catboy in college. Miss him.
Parker Mae Audio - M4A, M4F, M4M – at least someone is productive. A lot of standalone fantasy and contemporary videos. A lot.
Dark and Twisted Whisper - M4A – cryptids and DILF elves. Delfs. Mostly not series but more like “events” – where videos have a common theme but different characters (Sakura week, elves, breakout at a cryptid research compound). Very interesting characters with cool art. Give me my sun elf daddy back.
Twinkle Audio - M4A, M4M – I was here when these neko videos came up in every “M4M” search. Generic contemporary and fantasy roleplays.
TheShyOne VA - M4A, M4M – everyone has Discord friends. Standalone contemporary and fantasy roleplays. Awkwardly humorous in a good way. About twenty per cent tsundere.
Zombie Cat ASMR - M4A, M4F, M4M (rarely) (inactive) – that master series was never continued. What a shame. Guy with a really deep voice and a really intense yandere series. Other than that – bits of different standalone stuff, some fantasy here and there. Be prepared for some shitpost-ish things as well.
MundaneFable - M4A, M4F (inactive) – Milo deserves the world. Two big fantasy series – one about a demi-human (Milo mentioned up there) and one based on Egyptian mythology. Plus, some more fantasy bits about dragons and werewolves.
Good Boy Audios - M4A, M4F – yo-ho-ho and a bottle of kanar. A man is surely known for his “The Space Pirates Saga” – which as you can guess is a sci-fi adventure with a hella lot of different characters. Also has “The Querian Saga” which is fantasy-themed and… a little more bizarre. Nice.
The Storyteller - M4A, M4M – Echo wishes to be this guy. An incredibly sweet channel with several differently themed storylines and a metacharacter, who we meet in the early audios (he narrates their beginnings) and who then gets his own plot. Also, he’s a ray of absolute sunshine.
Atonal ASMR - M4A – what’s better than a werewolf? A himbo werewolf. Really nice fantasy world shown through several different plots. (One of which is a magical Uni and yes it does remind of something, but then again – a himbo werewolf.) Oh, also the vampire prince – he’s really good.
AuthASMR/AuthAudio - M4A, M4M – catboy Eric. Different accents, but actually Australian. A whole fantasy world (high fantasy) existing together with the low fantasy in real life Australia (which is a welcome change after everything. Everything. Being in the US). The listener also quite regularly gets an opportunity to be something magical, so that’s nice. The reupload process from the old channel to the new one is a bit of a mess.
Whispering Wisteria ASMR - F4A – look, that’s my second Tumblr mutual on the list. A modern fantasy world with a lot of different heavily story-based plots (but some simple comforts as well). Also, amazing art.
Melon.Audios - F4A, A4A - no seriously, why find good VAs yourself - just wait until your mutuals (in law) become them. Story driven, from what I understand it’s urban fantasy. 
Tally Mark ASMR - F4A - your turn to catch the mermaid. Story driven, fantasy, trope reversal (all the good things, you know).
Lightforged ASMR - F4A - low fantasy, huge world, a lot of different characters - all the beloved classics - a caring alpha wolf, a flirty vampire, a fun illusionist (and it seems that my favourite storyline is yet again a humanborn magic user in a magical Academy - consistency).
LightHearted RP - M4A – creative compatriot. So, funny story – I found this guy when he had like two videos, watched them and only after that found out that we literally live in the same city. Anyway – fantasy and adventure-based storylines. Sweet werewolf boyfriend included. Nice art as well.
grey_october_audio - M4M, M4A – still not a mass-maker vampire. Mostly domestic and mostly gay with a slightly different flavour than the previous ones.
Escapist ASMR - M4A, M4F (or at least there are a few pronounce mishaps) - how the hell is this guy so small, if he’s listed in Hollow_VA’s subscriptions? A pretty small channel that has recently come back from the void - some popular tropes such as vampires, as well as some more original things like imaginary friends and phoenixes.
Tobi VA - M4A, M4M - you get called “creature“ a lot. Some original content - mostly plot based and/or serialized, as well as script-fills (more generic stuff). 
List of ASMRtists and VAs who I know exist and I even listen to sometimes but who are not on the list for the reasons I will be trying to explain here (some people are here because of tagging problems, so be cautious):
TheMusicalBoy'93 - M4A, M4M, M4F (rarely) – daddies and monster boys and monster boy daddies. Honestly, not sure why is he here and not on the main list, maybe because I still way too vividly remember his early videos which for some reason seemed way too awkward. I don’t know. Generally speaking – a very nice channel with a lot of monster/anima boys themed roleplays and well as contemporary romance and comfort audios.
SunnyComforts - M4(T)M – I know you like this one. Nice simple comfort videos. Just for some reason not really my cup of tea.
Tombanter Audio - M4F, M4M, M4A (rarely)· – Because You Let Me. Alright, so this guy has an overcomplicated multiverse with the main thing being a spy-themed story called “Strings”. The only problem is that to follow it you have to watch it. And it’s mostly M4F. Also had come tagging mishaps once or twice. The world was better when he had his NSFW audios out in the open.
Easton and Emmary Audios - M4A, F4A – it was very hard not to sing during the Jekyll&Hide video. A channel (expectedly) run by two people. Mostly slightly fantasy-themed yanderes (and the tsunderes are yet again better). You know how I feel about yanderes, right?
kv va - M4A – I still like the tsundere better. Another master of trigger warnings (no joke) and gods do they need those. Some stuff here is brutal – when it says “sadistic” in the title – Adam can go take a smoke – it’s Really sadistic. Some characters are slightly nicer though.
MrFoxHound - M4F, M4M, M4A – Reddit dude. Everything here is low-key bara. Sometimes not very low-key. A lot of different roleplays more than often venture into the spicier territory. Magnus (orc/ogre) is pretty cool.
Azeru Official - M4A, M4F (it's not tagged, but it's there, trust me) - mister second smoothest voice on the internet. Some original characters as well as many anime/video game ones. Some are standalone, some have storylines. The bones to pick here are: a) tagging issue – the first two or three vampire videos are pretty explicitly M4F, but they are not tagged; everything else I’ve watched (not all) is technically gender-neutral; b) consent issues… yeah… since most of the videos are actually Patreon previews they end on NSFW-ish notes and sometimes I have a big problem with those. And I’m not even talking about the vampire – he’s supposed to be a bad guy, but the delinquent? Or hell, even the professor? How right it was handled by ZSaku and how wrong it’s done here. And I’m not saying I can’t enjoy it or anything, but it doesn’t feel self-aware enough.
Kindred Spirit - M4F, M4A (rarely) – that dragon is a lightweight. The only time I’ve ever seen a thing mistagged the other way around – the dragon series are tagged M4F but they’re actually – grammatically – fully M4A (or maybe I didn’t notice something, correct me in that case). Anyway – mostly standalone fantasy and contemporary roleplays with a short series here and there.
CardlinAudio - M4F, M4A, M4M (rarely) – if he’s your favourite, I diagnose you with “straight woman” /j. Again, I’m sorry – I’m joking. But he has some regular tagging mishaps, under his older M4M videos literal portals to hell are opened and I find the butler series Really annoying (but that’s personal). The space princess series is great though – I have to admit. Started making more inclusive and M4M content lately and it’s pretty good.
Dareon Audio - M4A, M4F, M4M (rarely) – Adrian is alive here (apparently not any more, because I cannot find this video). Some fantasy series (not exactly exciting, but maybe I missed something) and some generic boyfriend roleplays. A lot of Patreon previews.
Ycey Narrates - M4F – the mobster guy is kind of hot. Contemporary and fantasy roleplays. Several different series plus just domestic boyfriends/husbands.
Desmond ASMR - M4F – author of characters I want to stab. Yeah, so about that. Deep voice, lengthy-ish videos (tagging is for nerds sometimes /hj – it’s all M4F even if not tagged at all) but some of them just infuriate me. Why the hell am I supposed to like those people? They’re so stabbable. I might be completely wrong.
Cozy Cub ASMR - M4A, M4M, M4F – what are you doing, step-bro? Where do I start with this? Levels of cringe and problematism (problematicity? problematicality?) here are high. And yes, the joke at the beginning is not groundless – those exact videos are not there anymore (mostly because of YouTube policies) but some semblance of them still can be found. Anyways – a lot of stuff here is based on not-so-good porn cliches. So, the same as for Azeru – some consent issues. Also, fetishization, but that he’s actually self-aware about.
Jimち ASMR - M4A – comrade commissar, why do you have such pointy ears? Actual roleplays – not just audio. Yes – there’s a video feed and he makes amazing costumes/cosplays for those! Some series and standalone videos, both original characters and from different media. As you could have guessed, I love the elf series a lot and his witcher video unexplainably flusters me.
JupiterVA - M4A, M4F, M4M (the latter two rarely) – neko – fluffy, dragon – warm, together – perfect. Fantasy roleplays and generic boyfriends. Some fluff, some more story-based series.
K ASMR - M4A (inactive) – Alucard in the flesh. Magnum opus is the Alucard (from the “Castlevania” cartoon, not “Hellsing” anime) series but there’re bits of other stuff as well.
Solo's Hermit Shack - M4M, M4A (rarely) – a tsundere boyfriend? How about three. Just little gay roleplays, mostly contemporary, but some fantasy stuff as well. Low-key humorous.
Milky Way ASMR - M4M, M4A (rarely) (inactive) – sleeping with figures of power is off-limits, unless it isn’t. Gay roleplay on the slightly cringier side of the spectrum. Obligatory “servant boy” series, but the only person who has done it (kind of) right is Bread.
Jae ASMR – M4A, M4M (rarely) – yet another flirty delinquent, guess it’s alright. Generic boyfriends, sleep aids and more spicy stuff. Pretty alright.
UnrivalledVA - M4A, M4F – Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Some roleplays with interesting concepts like the dream guide. Also, spiderman and some domestic boyfriends.
VeremASMR - M4A, M4F – forty per cent of these are F2L. If I had to try and find some key trait of this channel is that it’s very-very soft. Again, nothing too special – mostly comforting soothing friends and boyfriends.
Sethie-V - M4A (inactive) – one of the only “rejected confession” audios I’ve ever seen. Again, friends and boyfriends. Some with a fantasy spin, but most aren’t.
Chilled Monkey Audios - M4A, M4F – wolf jock – big boy, fluffy ears. Serialized roleplays, mostly fantasy-themed. Some of these boys are fully furry and I can’t say I mind that.
Ruthie Ren - F4M, F4A – I would die for my orc wife. Mostly fantasy roleplays, some are heavily story-based. NSFW continuations can be found on Soundgasm for free (I mean, she posts them there, it’s not a piracy thing or anything). Nothing is tagged but be prepared for it to be F4M.
SkittyKat - F4M, F4A, F4F (rarely) – headpats dealer. A lot of soft comforts (and mommies), some light-hearted humorous things, but some slightly more story-based things as well. Be prepared for the same tagging issues as before, but here it’s a little better (some videos have versions).
Thoughtless Audio ASMR - F4A, F4M, F4F (kind of, it's more of an audio drama) (inactive) – arranged marriage with a full-on medieval vibe. That’s a solid audio drama, just with one actor talking to the audience. In my perception, it’s mostly F4M, in a sense that the listener is the husband (to be), but I might be wrong. Hope it gets continued eventually.
Eiivory Official VA (ASMR) - M4M, F4F, M4A, F4A (the latter two rarely) - no it’s one person, he’s just doing voices. Alright, so it’s complicated, because some of the scripts are actually genuinely pretty good and gods damn he just cracks out forty minute long videos like it’s nothing, but then some of the scripts are really really cringy. Like that bully one for example (of course, the bully is the problem again). On average is worth checking out with caution. 
These are still obviously not all, but I'm not planning on emptying my GWAG bookmarks in front of you or anything like that.
Bonus - regular ASMRtists!
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starlitangels · a month ago
In honor of the 100k, let me tell a little story. Which, I’m aware, I do all the time as a fanfic writer XD But this one is my story
The story of how I got here, anyway.
I’ve been writing stories since I was 8 years old. They weren’t good, back then, and the older I got, the more I wrote but the less I could focus on one thing. I write one-shots for a reason. I have a hard time finishing multi-chapter fics—especially if I start them with no clue where they’re going or what’s gonna happen in the middle. I had (who am I kidding? have) dozens of novel ideas sitting in my hard drive nowhere near completed because I struggle so hard to focus
When I was 16, I discovered fanfiction. I started with long-forms and slowly transitioned over to one-shots as I made a little nook for myself on Tumblr when I was about 18. I’ve never really looked back. I still write my original projects sometimes. Some weeks they consume my life.
But back in October-November (2021), when I was barely a few months out of a long medication-induced depression (yay side effects), I wasn’t writing. At all. It’s been my only major hobby since I was 14. I still do other stuff like paint and doodle and knit, but writing has always been where my creativity liked to play. Not writing and not knowing what to write and not having anything to write that felt inspiring was making me spiral.
Not externally. My husband never noticed and I never told him. It wasn’t a big deal. Feeling “burned out” over a hobby that did little more than while away a few hours of my day wasn’t a big deal on the outside
But on the inside I was panicking. What if the thing I’d spent the last, like, fifteen years of my life doing suddenly lost all its joy and I never wrote again? What if I never felt excited enough about something to pour my soul into a bunch of one-shots again? What if I never found relief and release from writing again? (Writing is also my therapy and helps me process my emotions and the world around me)
I was so, so damn scared that I was about to lose all the passion I’d ever had for the only hobby I’d ever really spent the time trying to develop. Because... what would I be without my words? Who was I, without writing?
One night, in late November, I couldn’t sleep. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, so that alone wasn’t much different from usual.
I’ve been listening to ASMR since my freshman year of college. My apartment was right next to the freeway and I couldn’t sleep without my headphones in but music was usually too much. I started with, like, Guided Meditation channels before I found ASMR and that tingly feeling I get in certain situations finally had a label and I realized it wasn’t just me that got that feeling (trying to explain it to my family was... next to impossible—none of them get the response). I moved from ASMR videos to the audio-only stuff... my junior or senior year of college after discovering SalemAudio and Hollow_ VA. A few other channels joined as the next couple years came through. Namely Ycey Narrates, Siren’s Son ASMR, and Good Boy Audios.
Not long after those three joined my subscribed list, I started getting recommended “Redacted ASMR.” I know now that the ones I was getting recommended were Sam’s videos. At the time I was hesitant to click on any of them because I know I’ve got a Lore Gremlin brain and I didn’t want to get consumed by needing to know all the lore with none of my old passion behind it, the way I was moving through the rest of my life. And, also, I saw the “Parental Advisory” label that gets slapped onto music album art in all the thumbnails and was hesitant that there might be... uncomfortable subject matter, I guess is the phrasing I’ll use.
Back to that late night in November.
I was scrolling through recommended videos under some ASMR audio-only I’d just listened to (Ycey, I think?), and saw a video titled “Listening In On Your Boyfriend’s Thoughts” published “1 Day Ago” and with Telepath Listener in the thumbnail.
That caught my attention because I wanted to know how someone would pull off telepathy in an audio medium.
So, I clicked it.
And I loved it.
And I wanted more of it.
So, I started listening to more and more of this channel. I’ve always been a fantasy-lover, and the magic system hooked me in immediately.
And my passion came back. I wanted to write again. I felt inspired. I fell in love with the characters and the world and the magic (both literally and figuratively) in that world. And there’s been so much variety that I never feel bored
And everyone in the Tumblr fandom helped too. I’ve mentioned before that I never got the response I get here in any other fandom I’ve ever been in and that’s 100% true. I’ve made friends in this fandom—people engage with me and send me random headcanons—and draw the Pups I made up completely unsolicited just because they liked the thing I made (never happened to me before and I’m still wowed by it)!!! 
And that has helped me so much. I feel like my writing is worth something again. It’s always been worth something to me, but the point of art for me has always been to share it with others. I grew up surrounded by music and art and stories. I was always taught that art is for yourself, but it’s also for sharing.
And you guys have enthusiastically let me share my art (both the... mediocre doodles and the one-shots) with you and been so kind and welcoming and engaging with me.
So... yeah. This is the first time in years I’ve found a story that has made me really want to dig in and write for it, and every single person who’s been kind to me since I turned up here has had a bigger part to play in that than they might know.
I recognize your URLs when you ‘like’ my stories. I smile like a giddy schoolkid every time someone clearly just found my blog and scrolled either the blog itself or my fic tag with reckless abandon, ‘liking’ everything in their path I cannot express to you properly how much that makes me smile. I still get surprised when people respond to questions I post or just send me asks unsolicited with headcanons or TikToks that are absolutely the Redacted characters or my Pups omg—because Tumblr used to just be me screaming into a void. Now I feel like people actually enjoy my presence to some degree, and that is so fulfilling to someone like me
So thank you all. It’s been a short but wild ride, and here’s to it being much longer, and just as wild!
I’ve told bits-and-pieces of this story before on this blog, but here’s the raw truth of it.
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rawro · 4 months ago
There's an ASMR youtuber called salemAudio and they have an audio where the listener is a werewolf at a grooming salon. 10/10 video imo and most of their videos aren't weird or cringey in ways I find a lot of these types of videos can be.
thank you SO MUCH for sending me this it is so good and i loved it so much it is like exactly what im into and now i have a new asmr channel im subscribed to and this video is a very strong ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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frogitivity · 2 years ago
hello! may I ask for tips on how to take the best naps? like, sometimes I can’t fall asleep during the day although I’m very tired- do you know of ways to get around that?
For me I’m usually so tired I just dhhdhdh can’t stay awake but also I rlly like listening to asmr/audio in general! If you want recommendations then these are 2 channels I listen to a lot!
KV VA (,,,,,good content but a lot of it is horror/graphic so check the descriptions of videos before watching)
SalemAudio (all their videos make my heart uwu!! Nice n calm!)
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