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#listened to way too much Saint Motel while working on him lol
todayninafeels · a month ago
October 5, 2021
Didn’t end up rehearsing the song with my solo in it, woo!!  That was super lucky because I was afflicted today and don’t know if the dull, throbbing abdominal pain would’ve affected me negatively.
Was on Spotify Desktop version bc sometimes neither my phone nor ipad are within arm’s reach and I need music and I saw that my puzzle-friend was listening to Hey Laura by Gregory Porter, a song I recommended to him a bit ago (this was one of the ones I thought he might like actually, so I’m glad I guessed correctly!) and idk it just makes me happy.  In all fairness, I’ve drawn quite a bit from his recs too (Saint Motel especially, but also some stuff by Bear Ghost and quite a few selections by Muse, and then there’s also Icon for Hire... I’d say between 15% and 25% max of my “current” playlist were sourced from his recs).  It’s just that feeling of “Yeah, you listen to that song just like I knew you would” I guess.  Satisfaction.  My friends have good taste.
Speaking of music, you know what’s criminal?  The fact that the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OST isn’t on Spotify.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I just listened to that one Jpop outro by Scandal from the show and was reminded of the fact that I can’t listen to any of my favorite pieces from the OST.  Like there are so many iconic pieces of music that I just UGH I wish I could listen to Spiral of Truth over and over and over bc when I heard that in the anime I knew somethin was boutta go DOWN WHEW.  I mean all of the Fairy Tail albums are on Spotify (lowkeyyyyy might go back to listening to those again (lowkey just to bump up my stats a bit before Spotify releases my lil yearly wrap up thing lol but also the first album is really quite good from what I recall)), but I can’t hear Lurking whenever I want??  And all the covers on Spotify are poor approximations.  Am I to simply suffer forever in this life?
Speaking of Spotify Wrapped,, I’m thinking that Scorecore is probably going to be my top genre again this year, and while I was originally thinking that Austin Wintory might be my top artist... Vincent Diamante might be closing in?  I listen to the three Sky OSTs quite a bit these days, probably as much as I listen to the Journey and Abzu OSTs.  And, you know, it’s possible that Seatbelts is comfortably ahead, though I somewhat doubt this.  I wonder what my top song might be though.  Maybe Tongues and Teeth, but also I kind of adore Flight of the Crows.  I don’t anticipate it being something from an OST.  I rarely select a specific song from an OST to listen to, instead I tend to listen to them as a group (though Myliobatis Aquila and Ichthyosaurus Communis are absolute bangers (basically they have parts that scratch my brain in just the right way)).
Speaking of Scorecore, did I mention on here that I watched a playthrough of the game Firewatch as recommended by my puzzle-friend?  Well I was listening to the soundtrack (again, wouldn’t’ve if my puzzle-friend hadn’t mentioned it, but it’s actually pretty cool), and the cover art is pretty dope?  Like, the there’s the imagery of trees mirrored on a lake surface but it also looks like soundwaves, and the color pulls from the color scheme of the end scene(s?) of the game.  I mean maybe I’m thinking about it too deeply, but I think the design, as simple as it is, is also pretty genius.
By the way, my presentation turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself.  Unreasonably good for the amount of time I spent on it, I think, but I haven’t gotten the grade yet so I won’t be overly presumptuous.
I’m not going to do any real homework tonight, I don’t think.  I need to catch up on my sleep so I can be well-rested for tomorrow.
Today I’m thankful that I’m feeling more and more confident with the choir music with each rehearsal.  Like, I know that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I was really scared that I just wouldn’t get it.  I think I do end up relying on my fellow Alto Twos a bit more than I probably should, but that’s okay.  With some additional independent practice, I think I’ll start to feel a bit better on my own.
I’m also thankful (BONUS THANKK) for the rain tonight!!  I love the rain so much it hurts.
Last thing ummm @/Tumblr could you,,,, like,,, just consider maybe not putting dsmp fanart in my radar.  especially technoblade art.  It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I will quite literally waste thirty minutes scrolling through the person’s blog scrounging for more and I’m a uni student who really just does not have that sort of time on my hands right now.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I am begging you.
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shibalen · 9 months ago
hi !! can i get a romantic haikyuu matchup with ♫︎ + 𑁍 please? she/her pronouns, i'm pan, infp, with a libra sun+moon ! i'm introverted, very chill and free spirited, also very patient, to the point that i'm sometimes a doormat :/ i'm in touch with my emotions, i'm usually quiet but can get really talkative when excited. i get in my own head a lot and have a hard time asking for help. cursed memes and playful banter are my cups of tea, and i'm not easily flustered (but that's probs partly bc i'm kinda dense oof). 🃏 [1/3]
i do competitive debate and it's kind of my sport! i'm a theatre kid too, i absolutely love performing! i'm bilingual and learning french, i love classic books, philosophy, and cats. i'm a pop culture nerd! i speak very animatedly. sharing songs is a love language for me. i think i'm very supportive towards my friends, i don't always give advice but i always try to be there for them as much as i can (even if i nag them sometimes).🃏 [2/3]
i love writing analyses on media i like! i'm especially into stuff that has lots of themes and focus on character psyche, i like picking them apart. i also like fashion and playing uke! i don't have an ideal type for an s/o, all i ask is they understand when i'm super busy and need to be alone to recharge, but also know when to call me out when i'm trying to burn myself out lol. i like spontaneous, spur of the moment dates! this got long hshs but thank you sm and hope you have a great day !! 🃏 [3/3]
♡ matchup for anon
haikyuu: i match you with . . .
Tumblr media
tetsurō kuroo !!
• i'm convinced you'd go great with Kuroo, and that you're exactly his type! relaxed and quiet yet fun, you'd catch his attention quickly.
• he adores your analytical, nerdy side but also your funny and free-spirited personality. definetly the type to playfully make fun of you for those traits to express his affection tho (until you point out he's just as much of a geek himself)
• being Kenma's friend, he has no problem getting you out of your head and laying out the facts. he'll help you focus on smaller goals to keep you from burning out. taking breaks is obligatory and if he's not there himself you guys will have video chats to take your mind off work. his dedication knows no bounds, trust me.
• boy is super vigilant about your health but not in an annoying naggy way. he sends you reminers to drink water and have a meal because he doesn't want his dearest person hurting herself (。╯︵╰。)
• you guys met at a debate competition. Kuroo didn't really want to be there but he was recruited by his peers to fill in for another person from the debate club who couldn't make it. he's always this kind, right?
• funny thing is that you never had an "official" debate but instead one in the corridor of the building the competition was held in. you were trying desperately to get a drink stuck in the vending machine when Kuroo came to your rescue.
• he taught you a useful hack how to get those things free but also teased you about not asking for help sooner you know he had to
• you ended up arguing over whether or not it was okay to ask strangers for help. it was dumb and far from any structured debate, but it was fun! Kuroo really had a bast seeing you switch from your polite ways to excitable chatter during your conversation and knew immediately he liked you.
• so, you exchanged numbers and social media before parting ways. getting together as an official couple no doubt took a while but that only resulted in a relationship that was all the more sound and comfortable for the both of you (*´▽`*)
• if anyone plans to take advantage of your politeness, Kuroo will just stare at them over your shoulder with that smile of his. i assure you no one is going to take advantage of you on his watch! "hmm? what was that you were about to say? let us hear it."
• you playfully tease each other on daily basis, light-hearted banter and snarky remarks, but by god when he tries to be the slightest bit more romantic you completely miss the point. rip Kuroo he's taken it as a challenge to make you flustered and will stop at nothing.
• you guys would have so much fun debating over everything from philosophy to ridiculous opinions such as whether cheese goes before or after the ham on a sandwich.
• gets all smug when you start being more talkative with him because you're showing a special side to yourself, hehe.
• has the s o f t e s t smile on his face when he listens to you talk !! like, resting his chin on his palm and leaning in, hanging on your each and every word while thinking how precious you are ♡︎
• can't forget about all the cursed memes you send each other in the middle of the night! not mention how you have entire conversations in them??
• it's completely all right if you don't have advice to give. when Kuroo's feeling down you being there is all be needs ♡︎ your presence alone is enough to remind him everything is going to be okay.
• !! sharing earbuds during bus, car and train rides !! change my mind. he especially likes it if you rest your head on his shoulder all the while, it makes him feel happy that you trust him so much. plus the fluffy intimacy.
• once he tried doing the same to you but he's kinda heavy so eventually you had to tell him to lift it. but in exchange, you let him lay his head on your lap. he actually prefers it that way now.
• such an overly dramatic couple honestly. if one of you starts acting dramatic, the other will jump the bandwagon no questions asked. yeah . . . your friends don't third-wheel on your dates much . . .
• your dates include shopping for fashion (imagine trying to style his hair to fit with the rest of his outfit but the last second it just goes poof), aimless "we'll figure out a date on the way there" drives, trying out funky science experiments from youtube, donating blood, pillow fort parties and childhood movie nights ♡︎
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♫︎ music box
Tumblr media
— Yellow by Coldplay
— Nicholas Sparks by Kinda Collective
— Sweet Talk by Saint Motel
— Backyard Boy by Claire Rosinkranz
— Dance, baby! by Pablo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𑁍 jewellery box
Tumblr media
— favourite memory with you
afrer a big volleyball game victory Kuroo had decided to cofess to you. it was the perfect opportunity, he was feeling the most confident and ready. so, after the celebration with his teammates he invited you over to his place where you'd get some peace and quiet. however, before he got to say what he'd been agonising over for months now, you asked to play a song for him. you had written it yourself, especially for him, for this victory and your own confession! boy was absolutely shooketh but all the more smitten. he almost cried you were so perfect shh it was you both laughed as he said his confession right after ♡︎
— favourite activity to do together
i said it before and i'm gonna say it again: Kuroo loves playfully bantering with you. your wit never ceases to surprise him but it also gives him an excuse to throw an arm around your shoulder and get even closer to you ♡︎ as for actual activities i wanna say simply hanging out with you is more than enough for Kuroo because it's then when you're the most relaxed. it also leaves room for more spontaneous dates, your adventures are always new and exciting!
— favourite place to kiss you
Kuroo is a tease and will kiss you anywhere but the lips (or any other place you want him to). he loves giving you kisses but in most situations you might think he lives to see your pout or glare as he takes his time. in the end though, his kisses are the sweetest, meant only for you. in conclusion, i think his preferences very much shift according to yours.
— favourite nicknames to call you by
okay i know 'kitten' is very popular in the fandom, and i think since you like cats he enjoys calling you by it. but the nicknames he likes calling you by the most are usually in foreign languages, like 'chica' 'ma cherie' etc. if you like nicknames then do i have good news for you because cheesy ones as 'hunny bun' and 'boo' are also on his list!
— favourite thing about you
your sense of humour, among other things, is something Kuroo finds endearing about you! it's very similar to his own so he thinks of it as something that connects the two of you. also, the fact that you're in touch with your emotions is precious in his eyes. it's not common these days so you're a special treasure to him ♡︎
♡︎ runner up: Rintaro Suna
hihi! here i am doing requests hahahahaa . . . right. no excuses. i am terribly sorry for the wait so i'm trying to improve the quality of these in an attempt to make-up for the mega long wait. i sincerely hope you see and loke this!! stay safe and remember to be kind to yourself ♡︎
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halfmortals · a year ago
2nd headcanon meme for ari and brennan!
2-4 songs that are probably on their ipod? covet by basement, gigantic by pixies, cry for me by HUNNY, & the night i drove alone by citizen
the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to? uhh, sometimes she ends up falling asleep ben’s place, which wasn’t always the best idea, and other times it’s just her falling asleep on her own couch and moving to her bed later on. how boring
the game they’d destroy everyone else at? ghosting people because she can literally just,,,, ghost people forever if so desired. also a staring contest, yes, because she is a stare master and her death glare is phenomenal
the emoticon they’d use most often? her favorite is 💀 but she somehow uses 😤 and 😑 more
what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep? wake her up when she’s not done sleeping and she’ll most likely be bitchier than normal (yes, it’s possible) but if her lack of sleep is based in her own decisions, she’s actually surprisingly more soft. it’s not mean knee-jerk reactions then, and so she just doesn’t have the effort to read people for filth lol
their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights? or mornings? or whenever? honestly she likes coffee because it makes her feel not so dead and she’ll drink it anytime of the day/night/evening but other than that, wow she prefers cold drinks i guess???
how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump? tempted to say they don’t do anything, but i know for a fact: now that she’s calmed down after her stint in the underworld, she’s more willing to actually work on her feelings. rather than ignoring them while doing something reckless/judgmental. she goes on runs sometimes now and listens to music even louder and trains hard with her weapon
what they wanted to be when they grew up? honestly she didn’t really have time to think about that and she definitely didn’t plan for being something. she took her life day by day and then, when presented, she took an opportunity to be a reaper so she’s content with being that while she’s grown up now. at least it’s fitting, she thinks
their favorite kind of weather? her favorite kind is definitely overcast or rainy. she’s a seattle native so it just feels right to her
thoughts on their singing voice? decent? terrible? soprano? alto? ariana doesn’t sing unless shouting at loud concerts counts, or sometimes rarely when she’s alone, but it’s far from singing omg
how/what they like to draw or doodle? ariana will doodle skulls and snakes and upside down crosses to be ironic
2-4 songs that are probably on their ipod? sweet talk by saint motel, carried by superdrag, and season 2 episode 3 by glass animals
the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to? uhh, i’m sure brennan’s got way too high in the hot box closet and took a lil snooze before managing to go home lol
the game they’d destroy everyone else at? definitely scrabble and any other word game like that, also he’s so fucking good at risk and settlers of catan. and he likes trivia although he lacks in a lot of departments. fun fact: he hates monopoly bc he’s woke
the emoticon they’d use most often? his most used would have to be 🤔
what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep? brennan gets easy going and lets down his walls more, and he’ll let situations happen around him too because he doesn’t necessarily want to get in/have the energy involved. when with people he enjoys, he’s also much more affectionate
their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights? or mornings? or whenever? brennan likes hot tea and his favorites are earl grey and chai, but it’s mostly a nightly/morning ritual rather than an anytime thing
how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump? he’s very much of a ‘pretend these feelings aren’t here and submerse himself into his studies’ kind of guy lol, escapism in the form of reading novels is also a big one of his comfort/care routine too
what they wanted to be when they grew up? brennan had big dreams when he was little and wanted to be a scientist or a biologist or a lawyer and he’s never one to not achieve his goals so that’s why he’s in cornell university getting his law degree
their favorite kind of weather? his favorite kind of weather is a nice spring day which is a little warmer than usually every one else’s description of a ‘nice spring day’ because he’s a georgian peach and likes it a little bit warmer than normal
thoughts on their singing voice? decent? terrible? soprano? alto? brennan doesn’t sing because he knows he’s had no training, he knows his strengths so he sticks to things he’s good at and he doesn’t feel that’s singing at all but he’s got a pretty deep voice!
how/what they like to draw or doodle? he probably wouldn’t doodle much except maybe crosshatching?? i get a feeling he likes to do that but also i have a headcanon that he writes his thoughts down in the margins of all of his books
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bubble-tea-bunny · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
my type
[billy hargrove x reader]
author’s note: titled this after the song by saint motel cuz i wrote this while listening to that and then i remembered the whole “nancy’s not my type” line and that is purely coincidence i promise lol
word count: 2,098
part two: x
“Steve Harrington, you’re with Billy Hargrove.”
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. When Steve hears this, he practically deflates where he sits at his desk. He’d been crossing his fingers for someone actually competent that could pull their own weight on this project. And if he couldn’t have that, he was willing to settle for someone a little dumber, if he had to, since the teacher did have a penchant for pairing A students with… not so A students, in an effort to boost the latter’s grade (hardly fair, if Steve has anything to say about it). Anyone but Billy Hargrove, really, Steve would’ve settled for.
With a heavy sigh he glances back, where one row behind him and one column to the left sits Billy, lounging back with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face Steve wants nothing more than to punch. He turns back around when they’re handed instructions for the project, and he lays his head on his propped up hand dejectedly, picking at the corner of the piece of paper.
“Hey, partner.” Billy plops down in the seat in front of Steve when the class is allowed to reshuffle so that they’re sitting with their teammate. Steve doesn’t even try to look amused, and Billy hones in on it right away. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”
Steve looks up in search of the teacher, who’s at the front of the classroom helping a different group, before returning his attention to Billy. “You,” he all but hisses out. “You’re my problem.”
Billy scoffs, putting a hand on his chest in mock offense as he plays dumb. “Me? And why’s that?”
For a moment, Steve wonders if he should try to list off at least a few reasons (because there are plenty and it would take a while to get through them all) but decides he’d just be wasting his breath. Billy knows exactly why. So he ignores the question. “Just don’t fuck this up for me.”
“Hey, this is my grade too. I won’t.”
If it were any other person, Steve might’ve believed it.
By the end of class, they’ve agreed to meet at Steve’s house to work on the project. Hopefully if they work diligently, they could finish in one day. Billy gives Steve a none-too-gentle pat on the back before they go their separate ways down the hall and Steve gives him a tight-lipped smile, which promptly disappears as he walks to his locker. He thinks to himself that one day is one day too many to be seeing Billy over spring break. He heaves a sigh as he opens his locker. This is bullshit.
Spring break brings you back to your hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. Everything looks the same, something you note with a small smile on your face as you drive down the familiar roads with their potholes you’ve memorized the placement of. You got familiar with them after winding around them on your bike so many years ago. You have the windows down because the weather is so nice, and when you start getting to the residential areas, it’s much quieter.
When you arrive at your house, you see everyone’s cars on the driveway, which means they’re all home. You don’t even have to ring the doorbell: your mom had seen you while you were getting your bags out of the trunk and came out to greet you. Behind her trails your dad, and then finally your younger brother. Your eyes light up when you see him. He’s practically your best friend, something that hasn’t changed even if you’re miles away from home. You missed him a lot.
“Get over here, you little dweeb!”
You engulf Steve in a bear hug and he laughs, returning it just as enthusiastically. It doesn’t quite make sense to call him “little,” not anymore at least. He’s taller than you are, and has been since he grew like a bean sprout his freshman year of high school. But it doesn’t matter. He’d always be little to you.
The two of you spend the rest of the day catching up, Steve being the one to drive you both downtown for a bite to eat since you’d already been driving for hours to get here. The last time you’d been in Hawkins was during Christmas, and that had been months ago. You called on occasion, but school kept you busy. Steve mentions the project he has to work on over the break, to which you stick your tongue out in playful disgust. Long gone are your days of having homework over breaks. When your brother continues on to mention he doesn’t like his partner at all, you tilt your head in curiosity.
“I thought you got along with everybody,” you comment before taking a sip of your milkshake.
Steve shrugs. “Billy’s… well, he’s a dick.”
“Really?” Steve never speaks so aggressively about anyone, so when he does this time, you know it’s serious. “That bad, huh?”
“That bad.” He sighs. “He’s coming over to work on the project tomorrow. I just wanna get it done quickly and then I won’t have to see him again until next week.”
You smile sympathetically. ”I still think it’s so funny your teacher assigned you two together. It’s like he knew.”
“I swear he knows. I don’t think there’s anyone else I dislike this much.” This earns a laugh from you before you pop another French fry into your mouth. You change the subject then, to take his mind off of the project and this Billy Hargrove.
It’s only you and Steve in the house the next day, given that it’s still a normal work-day for your parents. You’re in the kitchen assessing your succulents which rest on the window sill while Steve brings his backpack downstairs into the living room, where he spreads out the materials he’ll need on the coffee table.
“You’ve been watering my plants, right?” You speak up so he can hear you from the other room.
“Yeah, once a week, just like you said,” Steve responds, pausing briefly at the base of the stairs to address you.
“No, once every two weeks! You might overwater them!” You’re not even sure if he heard you because he’s started walking upstairs. You’d bought the plants from the gardening store in town over Christmas break, choosing cacti specifically so you wouldn’t have to water them often. You’re forgetful, and many a flower has died under your care.
“Sorry!” Steve yells, but it’s muffled because he’s on the second floor. “Every two weeks, got it!”
You roll your eyes but there’s a hint of a smile on your face. At least he hadn’t killed the plants in the time you’ve been gone.
Billy speeds down the road, and once he arrives at the Harrington household, he parks on the curb, screeching to a halt. As he gets out, he spots you in the window, preoccupied with plants resting on the sill. He’d never seen you at school. Were you from around here? Hawkins is a small town yet he doesn’t even recall seeing you while out and about. He’s pretty sure he’d remember if he saw you. Well, he supposes there’s no better time to find out than right now.
The doorbell rings and you’re the one to answer, since you can get to it first. When you open the door, you’re met with someone’s chest, and you have to look up to see who it is. The boy before you smiles. It’s sweet and it reaches his eyes. He tucks his hands into his jacket pockets.
“You must be Billy,” you start, smiling politely. You remember what Steve mentioned yesterday so you’re not overtly friendly, the way you usually are with Steve’s friends.
“I am.” Billy nods. “And you are…”
“[Name],” he repeats, testing it on his tongue. “Cute name for a cute girl.” You laugh lightly at the compliment, pink dusting your cheeks, and his smile grows. “You Steve’s girlfriend?”
You shake your head, trying to keep your face from scrunching up at the mere suggestion. “No, I’m his sister, actually.”
“He didn’t tell me he had a sister.” Billy takes one of his hands out of his pockets and sets it on the doorframe, allowing him to lean a bit and adopt a more relaxed posture. Now that he thinks about it, you do look a fair bit like Steve. It’s the sort of resemblance that isn’t immediately noticeable, but once it’s revealed the two of you are siblings, it becomes more obvious.
His eyes rake over your form and you feel shy, but you don’t really know why because he’s younger than you are and usually advances from anyone Steve’s age you can brush off easily. But not this time. When his gaze flickers back up to your face, his toothy smile turns into more of an easy smirk which rests on his lips like it lives there. The heat of his stare is nearly enough to set you on fire. “Wish he didn’t keep you hidden,” he remarks. You don’t fail to catch the way his eyes drop down to look at your lips before they slide back up to meet your own again.
“He isn’t. I’ve just been away. At college.” This is your chance to shut him down. For a second the question flitters through your head—Is that really what you want?—but you push it away.
“College, huh? I don’t know many college girls.”
“What makes you think you’ll get to know me?”
“Do you not want me to know you?” Billy raises a brow.
“I’m too old for you.” You cross your arms.
At this, Billy laughs, genuinely amused. It takes you off guard and you furrow your eyebrows. He leans closer so he can lower his voice. “Believe me, sweetheart. You’re not.”
The two of you watch each other in silence, Billy almost daring you to try and shoot that one down. But you can’t. You narrow your eyes and ask yourself who the hell he is because you’ve never seen him until now and he’s already worming his way in, unusually bold for boys his age and… unusually good at it. You (try to) berate yourself for even entertaining the thought because he’s in high school and high school boys are immature. Yet you can’t help but think that before you stands an exception. And you hadn’t been prepared in the least bit.
“And for the record, that whole college girls line wasn’t implying I wanted to hook up,” Billy adds. At this, your cheeks heat up. You’re such an idiot to assume that’s what he’d meant! You dug the hole yourself and jumped into it. You just had to fuck up one more time before you’d be buried. “But if you wanted to, just know I wouldn’t be against it. I hear it’s college girls who know how to have a good time.” He winks. At this point, you don’t even know what to say in reply. He’s backed you into a corner. And he knows it. But luckily you don’t have to respond because your saving grace descends the stairs with heavy footsteps and comes to a stop at the bottom.
“I see you’ve met my sister,” Steve says.
Billy looks over at him and stands back up straight, the hand that had been resting on the doorframe now going back into his jacket. He grins. “I have. Since you didn’t tell me she’d be around.”
“Didn’t think it was relevant. Come on.” Steve waves him in and you stand to the side to give him space. Billy gives you one more sly smile as he crosses the threshold and you sigh quietly as you close the door. You turn around and lean against it, watching as your brother leads him to the living room so they can begin working.
You decide to go upstairs to stay out of their way, and when you lay back on your bed, you’re conscious of the heat in your belly. Goddamn Billy Hargrove is a force to be reckoned with. With a groan, you roll over onto your stomach so you can squish your face into your pillow. A part of you is hoping you’ll run into him again while you’re here, and that’s the exact moment you know you’re done for. You’ve dug, jumped into, and buried yourself in a hole all on your own. There has to be some sort of trophy for that shit, right?
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keikigoodbetter · 3 years ago
85 questions meme: Tagged by @trapqueenzee​. Thanks, my dude! I haven’t done one of these in a while
rules: answer these 85 questions and tag 20 however many people
– what was your last…
1. drink: water 2. phone call: my little brother 3. text message: my best friend (it was a picture of the crappy makeshift “birthday cake” some of the dorm crew made for one guy’s birthday. Because we gave him a brownie with a “candle” made from a napkin stuffed through an ice cream cone lmao) 4. song you listened to: Keep on Bringing Me Down by Forever the Sickest Kids - throwback, I know. But this is the Nostalgia Angst mood haha 5. time you cried: Tuesday, while/after I watched Love Simon
– have you ever…
6. dated someone twice: no 7. kissed someone and regretted it: no 8. been cheated on: no 9. lost someone special: yes 10: been depressed: yes 11. gotten drunk and thrown up: no
– fave colours…
12. yellow 13. teal 14. green or purple, idk which one
– in the last year have you…
15. made new friends: yeah, I’d finally say so 16. fallen out of love: no 17. laughed until you cried: of course 18. found out someone was talking about you: yes, but not necessarily in a bad way? More like just telling their other friends about me since I’m also their friend, ya know? 19. met someone who changed you: someone new? I don’t think so 20. found out who your friends are: I already knew 21. kissed someone on your facebook friends list: no lmao I don’t have facebook and I haven’t kissed anyone ever
– general…
22. how many of your facebook friends do you know irl: again, I don’t have a facebook 23. do you have any pets: yes!! 24. do you want to change your name: no 25. what did you do for your last birthday: went home the night before to have dinner with my family, spent the morning hanging out with my dog at my house, and then had to come back to campus for my dance midterm. Also the weekend before I saw a production of Sweeney Todd with a couple friends :) 26. what time did you wake up today: 8:00am 27. what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping, actually 28. what is something you can’t wait for: carnival and Saint Motel concert with my best friend this Saturday!! 29. what are you listening to right now: fuckin Spotify ads >:p 30: have you ever talked to a person named tom: Yes, and multiple Thomas’s, too 31. something that is getting on your nerves: my inability to do the schoolwork that I need to or to talk to my parents about the fact that I can’t do my schoolwork 32. most visited website: tumblr yikes 33. hair color: blonde 34. long or short: very long! 35. do you have a crush on someone: I don’t really know. I’m really bad at identifying that haha 36. what do you like about yourself:  A lot of things, tbh, and I like that I can say that 37. want any piercings: I’d like a few more, maybe. Not certain 38. blood type: no clue 39: nicknames: Catie, Keiki to my family 40. relationship status: single 41. sign: ?? depends on when the cutoff for pisces and aries is bc I’m pretty much right on the line and within an hour or so one way or the other so I’m not positive 42: pronouns: she/her 43. fave tv show: Leverage, Forever (rip), I really liked Gilligan’s Island as a kid, Globe Trekker 44. tattoos: not yet but I’ve got one in the works, sketched out and saved for and everything, so hopefully by the end of the summer 45. right or left-handed: right-handed 46. ever had surgery: yes, a few times 47. piercings: ears (just one) 48. sport: martial arts for 13 years (only periodically while I’ve been at college), softball in middle/high school, various kinds of dance 49. vacation: right now I kinda wanna be at a beach. So maybe St. Kitts? That seems like such a cool island; I’ve always wanted to visit 50. trainers: what
– more general …
51. eating: nothing right now because I’m headed to bed 52. drinking: lotsa water 53. I’m about to watch: more Critical Role!!! 54. waiting for: summer 55. want: to convince my parents to let me not come back to school next year bc I just don’t feel like it’s in my or their best interests at this point :/ 56. get married: not any time soon lmao (but I am going to be a bridesmaid in two weddings for my friends this summer. Yikes.) 57. career: are you fucking with me
– which is better…
58. hugs or kisses: I only know hugs but they sure can be great 59. lips or eyes: eyes HOWEVER I definitely notice and appreciate a nice mouth 60. shorter or taller: I’m not very picky but I generally like people who are close to my height or taller 61. older or younger: to actually date? either, within a few years. For aesthetic appreciation? pretty much always older (idk, humans just start looking so much more attractive once they hit like 26ish) 62. nice arms or stomach: ahhh? probably arms 63. hook up or relationships: too much emotional work for me to pursue at the moment, but relationship 64. trouble maker or hesitant: depends on the day, the company, and the context haha
– have you ever:
65. kissed a stranger: no 66. drank hard liquor: no 67. turned someone down: not really? I panic and am bad at telling people no but either they pick up on my spooked vibes and don’t try to follow through or they take my “can we get to know eachother first” as a no and don’t talk to me again 68. had sex: lol no 69: broken someone’s heart: not that I know of 70: had your heart broken: not romantically 71. been arrested: no 72. cried when someone died: for years, for more than one death 73. fallen for a friend: too often
– do you believe in…
74. yourself: sometimes it’s hard, but for the most part yes 75. miracles: depends on your definition 76. love at first sight: not sure. Gut instinct says no but... I know some people who make it seem like it’s possible at first meeting, at least 77. santa claus: not as a physical entity anymore, but maybe as a personification of Christmas spirit and generosity. A symbol can sometimes be as real and have as much power as a living character 78. angels: nah
– misc…
79. eye color: blue 80. best friend’s name: I’ve got a few 81. favorite movie: The Man from UNCLE or the first Pirates of the Caribbean 82. favorite actor/actress: idfk 83. favorite cartoon: I haven’t really watched cartoons since I was a kid, and that was all the stuff that came on Boomerang and Cartoon Network in the early mornings, so all I’m thinking of is a big jumble of Tom & Jerry/Flintstones/Looney Toons/Teen Titans/Rocky & Bullwinkle/Scooby Doo/Justice League/Jetsons/etc. I’m not super attached to any of those, they all were and still are fun 84. favorite teacher’s name: Ms. Amanda and Ms. Block 85. favorite hobby: outdoor sports, reading, listening to music
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