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#lit major

reading a play written by a man is like 

*ten pages of men talking* 

*the only woman character says two lines*

*ten more pages of men talking, occasionally they discuss whether or not the only woman character is fuckable*

*woman character enters and is immediately told to go cook for the men, leaves again*

*ten more pages of men talking*

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Having studied critical theory just means it’s impossible to ever fully enjoy anything bc there’s always a part of ur brain that’s like “hm. analyze and then discuss!” even if ur just tryna vibe while watching a scooby doo movie

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Does anyone else

Feel like Martha from “The Things they Carried” by Tim O’Brian is a lesbian??? I’m not saying it because she’s clearly uninterested in Cross but because she like Virgina Woolf and is superbly uninterested in Cross like seriously I could go on with examples that seem like not super straight sub text but like I also doubt Vietnam war vet Tim O’Brian was aware at all that she seems hella queer. 🤔

Give me your thoughts

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I’m never here Bc

I’m working on my PhD but I have Wednesday’s free so here’s to trying to balance and living my lit life

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Me at 4am to an imaginary audience: Listen, Jay Gatsby never loved Daisy, you understand? He never truly loved her, he just wanted what her last name carried, he wanted entrance into that elite wealthy social sphere, they’re both as materialistic as each other, he doesn’t want Daisy he wants the wealth and life he was denied, Fitzgerald’s theme of materialism and empty pursuit of wealth runs much deeper than just the historical time and location, it’s embedded into the characters themselves, they define themselves in relation to wealth and materialism, LISTEN

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Ya’ll should unfollow me

My British literatary thesis is just me injecting queer theory in everything I do.

Aka: make those gay ships gayer I guess. Someone hit me with some good British lit ships that would fly. Atm, I’m writing my thesis on victor and Henry

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