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#literally have no words for this
ms-march · a day ago
lol my assumptions are that you look like your icon, you are very positive/bubbly, and that when you try to talk to your family/friends about your interests/passions they just don’t get it! :)
I unfortunately do not look like my icon (but the way I would kill to.......) and I like to think I am!! Compared with my height my energy can sometimes make me come off like an excited Pomeranian lol!! And you’re so right, my family will try to ask about things I’m interested in but they don’t really listen so it’s :// but that’s why I have this blog and all of you get to listen to be insufferable on purpose!
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cinnabeat · 2 days ago
no hate to kairi but sora spent like three games chasing after riku and im supposed to believe that kairi is that special to him?
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the-meme-monarch · 2 days ago
normal people when they hear a sound: it was just the cats running around
my paranoia riddled brain: someone’s in the house someone’s in the house weapon weapon weapon I need to defend myself what can I use as a weapon *sees three seconds later that it was the cats running around* oh hi
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fuckingfinwions · 3 days ago
Sex between elves is a mystical thing right, with their minds connecting as much as their bodies. So, even if there’s no a marriage bond, you could probably tell if someone was, say, lying to you at the moment you were having sex with them.
Feanor got really paranoid about people hiding things from him or working against him, in Formenos but also when things were building up to a head in Tirion. He wouldn’t dare accuse his father of lying, and also Finwe wouldn’t have any reason to agree to sex with him, though an honest answer to “Are you planning to disinherit me in favor of Nolofinwe” might have prevented the Sword Incident.
But Feanor demanded a lot from his sons, including perfect loyalty. He doesn’t want to hurt them, but some of them are spending suspicious amounts of time with outsiders. Asking Maedhros to disrobe, then stroking Maedhros’s cock while asking about his whereabouts for the last fortnight is just a precaution, and not rape. After all Feanor remains fully clothed, and doesn’t even enjoy it (especially once he hears who Maedhros has been seeing).
#can't lie during sex au#not archived yet#also consider what if Feanor didn't start this when he got paranoid but just did it all along#Maedhros saying sorry Fingon I really want to kiss you but my father always asks if I'm dating and I'm not ready to tell him yet#Fingon: why not just lie#Maedhros: he asks during the technically sex to compel honesty discussions#Fingon: WTF?#Maedhros: yeah isn't it weird how we don't have a single word for those given that they're a regular part of everyone's lives#Maedhros: like of course they're private but we have words for pooping#Maedhros: also isn't it weird that we don't use them in politics. I know the council is old fashioned but it would save so much time#Fingon: I have literally never heard or done anything like what you're describing#Maedhros describes in slightly more detail the how and why before eventually concluding that Nolofinwe is a very weird permissive father#Fingon is very certain that he's not the weird one; but apparently Feanor will learn anything Fingon tells Maedhros#And telling Maedhros ''you ought to be traumatized by this'' doesn't seem helpful#also where did Feanor get the idea? did Finwe do it to him and so going to the king won't solve this?#and even if it's all Feanor's idea Fingon has no evidence besides hearsay#(there's the obvious solution of Maedhros testifying while /Finwe/ has sex with him to verify his statement but that's a terrible idea#especially because Maedhros has no idea anything wrong is happening and so won't agree to testify so it would be even rapier#)
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princessofgayskull · 5 days ago
Hi sunflower, what's your thoughts on T Swift's Betty being a catradora song???
Me, taking a break from spop to focus on my mental health and setting better boundaries:
Tumblr media
Me, reading this ask:
Tumblr media
This ask woke me up from like a deep, sleeping beauty type slumber, not joking. I don’t get asked to talk about Taylor Swift often, despite being a fan of hers since I was nine years old (I’m 22 now *wink*) and we are about to find out why. But I pride myself on taking any fiction piece of media I interact with and connecting it somehow to Taylor Swift. I can do so to varying degrees of success (usually depends on the ships and romance of the world) but there are so many songs of Taylor’s that have just fit Catradora so well for me, both in and out of canon. 
Some of my favorite examples: out of the woods (AND IT KEPT ME UP AT NIGHT WHEN NOELLE SAID THIS WAS HER TAYLOR SWIFT SONG FOR CATRADORA LIKE GAH CASUAL TS LISTENERS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND) bad blood, lwymd, don’t blame, dancing with our hands tied, the archer, breathe, you’re not sorry, the way I loved you, forever & always, should’ve said no, safe & sound- I could go on.
But I won’t because I wanna stay on topic and talk about betty. Now I have a number of songs from the folklore/evermore series that are for me catradora songs (we’ll get to that in a minute) but this one is… challenging. Because I could be like “yes, because [insert casual reason here]” or “no, because [insert casual reason here]” but I can’t because Taylor feeds her children well and there’s several aspects of this song I feel like should be considered.
This biggest one to be considered, for me, is the love triangle aspect. Folklore features at length the betty/james/Augustine love triangle, each of them having one main song on the album from their POV. Betty's is cardigan, augustine’s is august, and james’ is betty. (also I’m going to throw out the gender component for a second; I know taylor says that Betty is about a guy’s apology and I totally vibe with her reasons why she wanted to write a song about a boy apologizing BECAUSE HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE?) The love triangle makes the application of Catradora iffy at best. Because it’s like, who would be who? I am going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re seeing Catra as James? I think that personality wise, Adora as Betty and Catra as James is not a stone’s throw away from fitting actually really well. Adora’s canon journey is one of coming to realize “I know what I want and I know that it’s okay to want it” and a big part of Catra’s arc is her being like “Well shit… there goes my plans. Kind of feeling like a dumbass rn” especially in s4/s5. 
(That s4/s5 distinction is important; I’ll show why in a second) 
But for me, there’s no augustine. Or one that’s obvious anyway. I never imagined that either Catra or Adora dated or even had any inclinations with anyone else during the five season run- that’s just my personal opinion, people are completely welcome to feel free to disagree. I don’t think Catra acted even out of distraction with Scorpia or DT, and I think Adora was so focused on being She Ra that when she wasn’t thinking about failing/abandoning Catra when she alloted time to do so, she was thinking about the crushing weight of her responsibilities. So you know, not that much time to get back out there. So I rule out what causes James to apologize in the first place- cheating.
Side note about James cheating- I’m pretty sure Taylor confirmed this, in the long pond studio sessions doc, when she’s telling Jack Antonoff (MY BOY JACK) and Aaron Dessner ( GRAMMY AWARD WINNING KING) that James “was a fool!” And James did sleep with Augustine as confirmed in august, but cardigan makes it seem like he was definitely dating Betty before the summer. Maybe Taylor took inspiration from friends and they “were on break.” I also believe that the kiss in the Heart is the first kiss, that Catra and Adora were never ‘together’ together before Adora found the sword and defected (again, that’s just an opinion, but Adora just looks so wonderfully gobsmacked), so…
We can rule out cheating, and I think we can accomplish this and still reserve the essential meaning of the song of “I did something wrong, I see that now, I apologize for doing it, and I still love you” by widening the lens of what the “did something wrong” was (or “did something bad” you know *wink*). In that wider lens really you could fit either Catra or Adora into the song, but I’m still going to assume Catra is the James in this scenario based on how much of her redemption arc is formed around her refusal to say sorry and then eventually doing so. Of course there is no standing your porchlight but rather standing while wrestling a bunch of murderous clones…. Hmm….
But there are some stupid friends! I wholeheartedly believe Catra is James because of the dissing of Betty’s friends. That’s what Catra does to Bow, Glimmer and the rebellion et al., for most of the show and by the end of s4 she has no friends for Adora to even mock (terrible and cruel of me, I know, but it’s true). Also I know people are like “he called her friends stupid and then expected betty to take him back?” but I scream sing the line “WILL YOU KISS ME ON THE PORCH IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR STUPID FRIENDS?” every time. It brings me serotonin. 
Along those lines we can ask “Who’s Inez?” in this situation. When I think gossip no one from the show really comes to mind, well, expect for Double Trouble. But Double Trouble doesn’t ever speak to Adora about Catra. This happens vice-versa, and in Betty, James reveals that Inez told Betty he cheated on her. 
I want to say something controversial… Glimmer comes to mind when I think “who’s the Inez?” And this is based off of two things: 1) Inez’s closeness to Betty, and 2) Inez drags James out to dry, rightfully so. And when I think of that I think of Glimmer screaming “Do one good thing in your life!” directly in Catra’s face. James gives Inez a bad wrap in Betty. Not cool James. 
Of course there’s the pivotal, “would you tell me to go fuck myself?/ or lead me to the garden?” To me this a fun way of showing there’s vulnerability to what James is doing, so automatically I’m led to is the scene where Catra asks Adora to stay, or each time in s5 when Catra risks, basically an identity crisis to let Adora in how she really feels, but there’s always the potential that Adora could spurn her by not returning her feelings or rejecting her outright. 
I think the best argument that can be made for “is betty a catradora song” can really be encapsulated by the lyric(s): “the worst thing that I ever did is what I did to you” and “the only thing I wanna do is make it up to you.” That is what about the song SCREAMS Catra to me. And yeah, it could be argued that Adora hurt Catra pretty brutally (Shadow Weaver makes that point EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD NO RIGHT TO) that she messed up by abandoning Catra- but Adora feels guilt for... literally breathing. Adora is the quintessential embodiment of “pick your battles, no that’s too many battles, put some back,” but Catra picked one battle first and foremost (yes, she had a few others but this was the one) and that was Adora. Everything that motivated her was surrounded around a narrative of surpassing Adora for a multitude of reasons, and because of that she pretty much hurts Adora every chance she gets after Promise. Adora is really Catra’s first casualty, it makes sense that she has to be her first apology. And I think that after being vibed checked back to back by DT and Glimmer and realizing “oh hey fuck, I’m still in love with her” and then almost dying just to not die because Adora saves her, I think much of Catra’s motivation shifts to “how to do I get Adora to want to stay?” 
That’s my logic for how Betty could be a catradora song in canon. Now not all of my Taylor associations are with canon catradora, many of them do belong to uws catradora, because it’s a lot easier to apply the more modern details of Taylor’s songs to a modern au. The song Breathe is big that way. (it’s in Upper West Side, it’s the song Adora listens to and cries to after that first ride, I just never mentioned that it was taylor because my conditioned reaction to bringing up taylor is to have my head bit off with someone’s semi incorrect and slightly sexist opinion that I never, ever ask for) And this ask got me thinking about what it would look like if I applied not Catradora to Betty, but Betty to Catradora. What would it look like if Catra skateboarded and wore black lipstick, Adora wore a cardigan and they had homeroom together until Catra really messed up? What would it look like if they were seventeen when they admitted their feelings for each other instead of 21? What would it look like if they spent a summer fighting but dreaming of each other? What would their love story look like if Catra and Adora were in that town where Taylor envisioned this “same event that affected three people in different ways?”
I think it’d look something like this.
what do you guys think?
quick but INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT thank you to @gimme-tea-bitch for helping me with this, being my beta, and listening to me talk about folklore/evermore.
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purple-ace-queen · 9 days ago
hmmm. many thoughts head tired
#bout to vent in these tags babeyyyyyyyy#it's not too heavy im just like. tired and dont wanna do things#i need to be looking for a job and doing job things but it's very stressful and scary with no deadlines so i cant make#myself do it#i also need to do a tiny bit of grocery shopping but im so tired i dont wanna walk anywhere#most of my friends are. not in hugging distance. and im the kind of person who needs like eighty hugs a day to live#so i havent hugged anyone in weeks or even like. touched another human. since my best friend (space nerd) went home for the summer#and also my other best friend is on a mission and i miss her SO much please come back my dear#i dont have the motivation to DO anything#i wanna watch the grishaverse/soc series SO BAD it looks so so good and i want kanej content!!!#also: religion talk ahead#my church is so sexist and queerphobic and ive only recently realized that this isn't ok. like i grew up thinking this was how God wanted it#and im just rly upset about that#like how can i do literally anything in the church when im so angry abt this? and it's not even like. an anger i should move on from#its genuinely a massive problem and i won't be able to rly participate until people start recognizing that it's a problem#also. i rly miss my Mother in Heaven. i wanna hug Her and sing with Her and be with Her. i miss Her so much#i should probably eat some food so im gonna try to get up and do that#if anyone's still reading this ur either bored/curious or very sweet so here's a flower 🌷#hope ur doing well#aj says words
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potatotrash0 · 9 days ago
You know out of all the danganronpa antags nagito is the only one who has a reasonable explanation on why they act like they act which is mental illness
i mean togami was like. raised to suceed and nothing else, so i kinda see how he could think of the killing game as just another game to win. plus, considering the intel his family has on all those obscure cases, i’m sure he has some idea of hpa’s “questionable” practices. i sort of get it, even if i think he could stand to take it a little more seriously considering there are lives at stake and he could fall just as easily as anyone else given the right circumstances, but hey. i’m not the one who literally was only born to inherit a massive conglomerate, maybe being raised to win win win all the time screws you up like that.
kokichi...........i mean @/prompt-master explains it better than i could i think, but from what i understand, he was just about the only one to realize everything was a show for a large audience? between monokuma and the monokubs’ theatrics, them being robots and therefore being either controlled or programmed by someone, and the way the school was designed for them, it’s not. too hard to assume that? everyone would react differently in that sort of situation, and kokichi seemed to just play into it to keep the mastermind entertained while he figured out a way to help everyone escape.
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mutetrauma · 14 days ago
#teacher made us download a new thing to take a test so now we can't cheat </3#we only cheat on tests yea i know it's wrong yea i know we can get kicked out of college#but it's called we're severely mentally ill and shouldn't be in college but have to if we wanna avoid abuse#we don't even know how to actually fucking study no one fucking taught us#we were the fucking gifted kid in elementary school and didn't need to fucking study#elementary school was also fucking easier and there was no finals so we didn't need to memorize an entire fucking COURSE#it was 'memorize xyz until test then forget about it' not 'memorize xyz take test remember take final forget about it'#'then realize it applies to NEXT year too'#i fucking hate being mentally ill i swear i don't have memory for this#my memory got fucked getting traumatized then the mental illnesses that came after ruined any hope left#yes i'm crying over not being able to cheat listen idk how to fucking STUDY and we're like 4 weeks behind on notes#literally how the fuck do you study bc we can just read the notes over and over that doesn't WORK#what the fuck do you put on fucking index cards???? they are vocab words#we are a college student and don't know how to study bc when we finally fucking needed to it was too late for anyone to teach us#i realize all the issues is our fault and shit but. fuck man#and i can't fail bc she'll know we cheated haha#just fucking kill me we shouldn't even be in college we aren't in the right mental space for it#life tip: don't go to college if unless you're positive you can mentally and physically handle it#it's good but not worth fucking up your mental health even worse#anyways i'm going to scream now bye!!!#r.exe
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batshit-birds · 14 days ago
When you're reading a nicely paced fic and you scroll down to see a chunky ass paragraph that takes up the whole screen
"jesus fucking christ" *immediately switches tabs*
#i cant i cant#i had to psych myself up for it#then i opened it and had the exact same gut reaction & closed out again#dear fellow fanfic writers#please break up your paragraphs for the love of god#i cant. i literally - my heart says yes but my everything else says No💚#'i fear no man' *giant block of text* 'but that scares me'#idk if its just my stupid fuckin adhd or if im literally lacking braincells#pls...i juste....i juste wantd som jayroy.....#it all starts blending together into one mass of incomprehensible letters#its 3 am im not qualified to employ brainpower#also the song where it goes 'this girl is capable of murder' is playing on repeat in my head#🎶this girl is capable of murder🎶if ya hurt her🎶#god i wanna listen to some mumford & sons rn#i wish i inherited my moms long so that i could reach my earbuds. theyre so far down and i have short arms#why Does my mom have long arms? idk i think my grandma had long arms too i cant remember#and i cant exactly ask bc she's like. dead. so....#speaking of which why do i feel guilty for not writing a thing for Jason's death day#like weeee 🎉🎉🎉 happy worst moment of your life and biggest source of trauma ever day Jason im gonna write 12k words of you suffering#speaking of writing i have like. 1 mermay fic done lmao#i planned to get shit done and prepare in April to have plenty to post#and i have. a Oneshot#and i guess im halfway throught writing the oneshot where Bruce finds Jay's...dissected? removed? the word for removing a body part - tail#ah....hurt/no comfort my fucking worst enemy#when im reading it. of course when im writing it im cackling evilly and congratulating myself on being a terrible fucking person#i feel like i've gone off topic#what the fuck was this post about#idk i just want to climb into a bog for a quick nap except no i dont bc bogs scare the shit out of me#WHALE FALLS i should include whale falls in mer au lore they're so fuckin wild#the bog talks
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