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wardingshout · 2 months ago
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One more sleep and it’ll be time I have never been more excited for the release of somethin in my life !!!!!!
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blueskittlesart · a year ago
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im bad enough at this game that i cant complete thanatos’s favor so now we’re just stuck in the pining phase
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raenprabhaker · 16 days ago
—the fact that i intentionally broke some excellent bonds just because i was too exhausted to text back is kinda sad
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mothdeusa · 9 months ago
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WAKEUP BABE NEW REAPER DROPPED !! [Adding a closeup under the cut uwu] 
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merlinsbed · 6 months ago
so I’m guessing su she never realizes that lwj is like black out drunk when they fight in the inn but like
what if he did learn lwj was drunk and then had to just like. live with the knowledge that he wasn’t even really facing lwj at his best he was facing him as a black out drunk who was being driven by pure adrenaline and his “you pointed a sword in wei ying’s direction and now I must kill you” instinct and su she still got his ass kicked anyway
I bet you that thought would keep him up at night
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cerealmonster15 · a month ago
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literally haunted. asmo why did you do this to your brother
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ginjointsintheworld · 2 months ago
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Leyren + dates
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careforasmoke · 6 months ago
Folks are out there losing their MINDS over the concept of loki/sylvie, completely SCANDALIZED using words like 'gross' and 'immoral' (immoral agshsjshdjd) and I'm sitting here like... are you people... new??? To storytelling? And sci-fi? And idk, FANDOM???
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butterglove · 2 months ago
as I was scrolling thru the mp100 fandom, I've come across some fanarts that calls Reigen dad, & I remembered somewhere, in some fandom, maybe this one, where people go something like: "Reigen can't be his dad! Rude! Mob already has parents!".
& I'm suddenly reminded of how in my culture, anyone can be your parents if they want to. My mom had like 3 other moms, & some friends at my school had like 4. I asked them how that happened, & they gave me the same answer that the parents like them so much, they are now considered their child too, & will often give allowances & help with things like normal parents do.
So where I live, if Reigen wants to be Mob's dad he can very well be!
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papaya-podium · 3 months ago
Idk man feels kinda homophobic to hate on lesbians who can't be attracted to penis
In case I wasn't clear:
Tumblr media
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shima-draws · 14 days ago
Rewatching The Seven Deadly Sins and it’s so fucked up how Helbram has Guila blow up the severed head of her father-turned-demon and she doesn’t even realize;;
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solace-seekers · 4 months ago
do you think chiron ever sent kids door to door to beg for cash? or like sell strawberries or something? cause i wouldn’t put it past him
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creekfiend · 3 months ago
I shared a "post your favorite memory of me" meme on FB and so far all the responses are things that *I* do not remember saying or doing, ever
Or like "oh huh yeah I guess that happened but I wouldn't have ever filed it in my brain drawer as 'remarkable' in any way"
Anyway human interaction is so weird
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hella1975 · 2 months ago
one shot where zuko knows how to play a fire nation instrument and the swt wants to hear him play and he plays a song his mother taught him
i love this idea! this takes place in between ch14 and ch15, aka Just Before Everything Went To Shit :)
final word count: 1.5k words
“I have something but first I need an emotional declaration from you.” Tomkin said suddenly, and Zuko peered over his shoulder with a frown to see the other boy approaching him, grinning evilly, Nanook at his side looking just as incriminating.
“An emotional declaration of what?” Zuko asked, suspicious. Nothing good ever came of Tomkin and Nanook scheming like this. He'd only gone outside for a breath of fresh air. They’d left Weihai yesterday, sailing towards Gaoling where Hakoda planned for them to make camp properly for a while. Zuko couldn’t help how much he was looking forward to it. All the ice and sailing made him claustrophobic and for once he just wanted to feel real, normal land beneath his feet. The thought of it had grated at him as he tried to sleep that night, and suddenly, the infirmary felt far too small, the air far too sharp. He knew a few of the warriors were sat outside on deck, chatting into the night and laughing loudly every now and then, but strangely, that wasn’t something that dissuaded Zuko anymore. He felt safe around them, and when something felt wrong, he almost felt... drawn to them.
So he’d sat silently with them up on deck, pretending to listen to whatever ridiculous story Chena was telling, and no one commented on it, and Zuko could just breathe.
Until Tomkin and Nanook showed up, that is.
“You have to say that I’m your best friend over Nanook, otherwise I can’t give it you.” Tomkin said seriously, and Nanook shoved his shoulder.
“Hey,” he hissed, “that’s not what we agreed.”
“No? What did we agree?”
“What is this even about?” Zuko asked, exasperated, but there was a hint of fondness there, and he didn’t hate himself for it. He'd been with the Water Tribe for over three weeks now, and they’d all been through so much together. Zuko had grown, and hurt, and healed, and he... he thought he might be happy here. He thought that maybe he could stay, even if it was only a childish daydream.
Tomkin grinned then, before pulling something large and wooden from behind his back with an excited ‘ta-da!’.
Tulok cocked his head curiously. “Is that a tautirut?”
“That’s what I thought when I first saw it,” Nanook said, looking at the object with a smile, “but the salesman said it’s a pipa. It's Fire Nation!”
Zuko didn’t miss Chena’s mumbled ‘why the fuck-’ cut off by Aput’s elbow in his gut, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the object in Tomkin’s hand. It was an instrument, about the size of an arm, a deep wooden brown and with strings over an oval middle, and it was so achingly familiar that Zuko felt his heart sink.
It was a Fire Nation instrument on a Water Tribe ship, and that should have been enough to make Zuko feel this way. Nanook probably bought it in Weihai yesterday, maybe while Zuko was suffering through that horrifically awkward conversation with Chena. For such an instrument to even be sold in the Earth Kingdom... Zuko wished it was uncommon, but he’d seen it a lot while on the Erlong. Fire Nation ships would sink, and belongings would wash up on foreign shores, memories of crewmen who once held music nights. The pipa in Nanook’s hand had been cleaned and refurbished; someone had loved it, even after pulling it from a wreckage. It should have been enough. It should have been the only reason Zuko felt this way.
But his heart was tugging in his chest, and there was more to this than a reminder of the bloody war they sailed through.
Zuko remembered his mother, years and years ago. She had loved music, teaching Zuko easy beats on djembe drums and humming lullabies when he woke to nightmares. This memory was sunkissed, a large room of smooth stone and floor to ceiling windows that drenched every inch of the place with golden light. The room used to be used for parties, dances, but it had hardly been touched since the war started. And one day, Zuko couldn’t have been older than five or six, and Azula was a toddler who still held his hand when she walked, Mother took them to the room of sunshine.
“Come on, Zuko.” Mother had smiled at him softly, and she looked so carefree, a little out of place with the fogginess of the memory. She walked them to a corner of the room where the floor rose into a platform, instruments sat discarded and so fascinating to young fingers. Azula had giggled, reaching for a pipa that Mother quickly plucked out of her grip before she could start pulling the strings apart.
“Can you play it?” Zuko asked, looking at his mother with wide eyes. She was looking at the instrument in her hands fondly, deep in thought. She did this from time to time. This was something Zuko remembered clearly. Mother disappeared sometimes, deep into her mind, into her memories, thinking of moments of her past before it was all snatched from her.
“Hmm, well,” she said, flashing a mischievous grin as she swept aside her long robes in order to sit on the platform step, “let’s see shall we.”
And then she began to play, a fast tune, fingers moving quickly and creating a beautiful melody, and Azula clapped happily as the music filled the room. It made Zuko want to tap his foot along to it, to smile, to move, but that wasn’t proper, and Father had yelled at him only a few days ago for fidgeting too much at dinner.
Mother gave Zuko a reassuring smile, understanding, before turning to one of the servants that were never far. She said something quietly to them, something Zuko couldn’t remember, and the memory faded out of focus here, before sharpening when the music started again, this time his mother stood with him. She picked Azula up, cradling her against her, and Azula smiled happily, small hands framing Mother’s face. Azula used to love being held like that.
“Prince Zuko,” Mother turned to Zuko, grinning as she moved Azula’s weight to be able to hold out a hand to Zuko, “will you dance with me?”
It felt stupid and immature and Zuko said so much, but the music was so lively and Mother looked so happy, and Azula began to laugh when Mother swayed her, and Zuko couldn’t remember taking Mother’s hand, but the next thing he remembered was spinning with her around the room, a grin on his lips and something light in his chest.
Zuko had forgotten that, until now.
“Can you play it?” Tomkin asked eagerly, and Zuko shuffled awkwardly. His mother had taught him a few basic tunes, but Father said Zuko was too disappointing at firebending to be wasting his free time on such frivolous pursuits. Zuko had always loved the instrument though, even after Mother left.
“No.” Zuko said apologetically, because he wasn’t about to find out if he remembered how to play in front of everyone.
“Liar.” Kanut said breezily, not even looking up from the book he was reading when Zuko glared at him. It was dark out; how was Kanut even reading anyway?
“Tui and La, you can play!” Tomkin beamed when he saw the way Zuko was gradually flushing.
“Play something for us!” Nanook joined in.
“Just one song.” Hakoda goaded with a knowing look.
“Come on, brat.” Even Chena was grinning evilly now, and Zuko mentally cursed them all, which wasn’t at all effective, because the next thing he knew, a chant of ‘Zuko! Zuko! Zuko!’ filled the deck as everyone else joined in on causing him misery.
“Alright!” Zuko snapped after a few seconds. “Fine. One song, and then you have to leave me alone for the rest of the night.”
“No deal. Here.” Tomkin said, handing the pipa to Zuko, and Zuko glared murderously at the other boy before sighing, taking the instrument. He was such an Agni-damned pushover.
It was a familiar weight in his hands, despite all these years, and the pads of his fingers remembered the firmness of the strings, the tune each was supposed to make. Zuko forced himself to ignore the way everyone was staring at him, instead focussing on what he could remember. There was one song he’d always liked, one he had once been able to play from muscle memory alone. He wondered...
His fingers began to move and the silence was broken by the soothing sound of a lullaby. It was slow, soft, and it melted against the sound of waves caressing the ship, stars twinkling down above them as if they were leaning in to listen. Zuko chanced a look up, blushing as he continued to play, and saw Tomkin and Nanook looking at him with soft expressions, eyes warm. The song was one for children, to calm them, and between each pluck of a string, it sung of family, of belonging, of love. Zuko had never truly understood how that was supposed to work; how could a simple song convey something like that?
But that night beneath the stars, listening to a soft melody as they drifted through the ocean, Zuko understood.
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slightly-gay-pogohammer · 18 days ago
i fucking hate rich people but i hate those who are into nft more than the normal ones 
“i’m investing in crypto” yes well im gonna invest you with a car 
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heliotropion · 21 days ago
it just ticks me, how most birdflash fans constantly brush linda aside like it was nothing
it’s not about the ship per se, obviously- i am no one to tell you who you should and should not ship, especially if it makes you happy. but in an enormous amount of cases, to prop up dick and wally, linda and her relationship with wally is diminished, neglected or straight up erased. even if you cared enough to keep them close as friends.
and it’s not even to gatekeep or say “to be a fan you need to have read x amount of comics”, but in the best cases most of what people know about wally and his character comes from the young justice cartoon and the rebirth titans comic (don’t you even get me started on the way they changed wally’s lightning rod from linda to the team and how drastic it is to wally’s character).
trust me, i know that most of us are extemely discouraged from actually considering female love interests as characters with a complexity that can actually create interesting dynamics with their male equally complex counterpart. i mean, we literally talk about fridging, and that’s a problem that has affected comics, as a male dominated media, ever since their birth.
but i promise that linda is a compelling, interesting, complex, multidimensional and so wonderfully real character, especially during waid’s run; and i promise that her relationship with wally isn’t as simple as a classic male-superhero-and-his-woman-love-interest relationship is, but it’s gradual, and growing through lessons learned from each other is a process that goes both ways. in all honesty, linda is a character that stands on her own feet and is interesting to read, she’s independent and has so many flaws and virtues that balance each other and things she works on about herself. she fails and she wins and she makes mistakes and she grows up and she’s relatable and feels- again- real.
but you could probably grasp even a pinch of all of this, if before approaching wally’s story you tried to read even a few issues of the comics from, you know, before he got even lost and needed to come back into existance.
just say you can’t bother caring to even approach female characters if they’re not the protagonist, it’s much easier you know
#like... for real- linda was one of the best female non superhero characters we had around in comics #FOR ONCE we had a female love interest that wasnt just a doll for the male character to get his shit together and blah blah blah. ONCE #and you all manage to collectively forget about her and or act like she was the nth Strong Woman(tm). i cant i just cant #like.... i know it all started with young justice. that also has one of the most annoying wallys around. id spit in his eye. and then titan #TITANS. MY GOD. the way abnett himself managed to erase her and all that linda had meant for wally. i hate it here #also like... do any of you remember that wally was the most distant from the titans? like that his family had always been a priorities over #the titans? and not to say that the titans werent family but. unlike dick for example- who had much more of a family with the titans than w #with the bats- or roy whose child was literally growing up around those guys and always had a strong feeling of second family towards them- #wally probably bc he was the only one with a closer to traditional family- after all barry was still his aunts partner- anyway whatever the #reason may be hes alwyas had a strong separation between his traditionally meant family (even if not in the nuclear sense) and his friends. #anyways i kinda got lost in this last part and it looks like im saying he loves the flashfam more than he does the titans-which i dont mean #AT ALL- but. i think you get my point. which was actually about linda. look its like four am i dont know what im doing with my life #dc comics #flashfam #linda park #wally west #flash #the flash #nightwing #wallylinda #helene.txt #helene rants
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akenoz · 2 months ago
yes kendall took it too far esp with shiv yes i am depressed about the perpetuation of inherited trauma and him adopting logan’s volatile tantrum tactics and inflicting that on them . but. also he did spill for the most part and i’ve been waiting for him to bite his siblings heads off so.
Tumblr media
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moskaisley · 11 months ago
imagine growing up your entire life never seeing yourself in the shows and movies you watched or the books you read. and every time you tried to put yourself there, it was never really you. it was a ‘better’ version of you. pale. blonde. skinny. blue eyes. had a name that didn’t sound weird. pronounced things in perfect english. because in your mind, you made the connection that the characters you love and admire so much could never love your skin or your hair, or your eyes, or your body, your culture or your own fucking name. they liked the pretty white people on tv, on book covers in movies, in magazines, billboards, commercials, and on and on and on. never you. imagine hating those parts of yourself so fucking much that it spilled out of your daydreams and into your real life and suddenly, you don’t want to listen to your family when they try to teach you about where they came from. you stop listening, stop paying attention. you don’t want to eat their food, you want to eat what normal people eat. you get mad when your family doesn’t speak english in public, talk the way normal people talk. you want to be treated like a normal person. like a white person. and over time, you can say with some sick sort of pride that 
“oh, i’m not like the others. i’m normal.”
then imagine growing up. learning and changing and realizing that you actually love your skin and your hair and your eyes and your body and your culture. and you feel your stomach sink with guilt when you think about your past because you spent so much time in misery trying to tamp those parts of you down. to become normal. you ask yourself, ’how could I do that to myself? how could I hurt myself so badly?’ And when you find things that you love and put yourself in them, you try your hardest to see you. cultivate a space of your own, make it feel like home. and it’s beautiful because it’s you and resonates with you and maybe, just maybe other people felt the way I felt, and maybe this can be home for them too. only to turn around and have someone yell that you’re still not normal. it’s still not for you.
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gayavenga · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
why would she say this knowing what her and howard and the other shield founders had done in respects to zola and let steve go on working beside and for the people who he died trying to put down the first time ... it is very clear from how steve reacted at the bunker with zola’s projection/his speech before the helicarrier that he was not aware of his supposed ‘friends’ history working with hydra affiliates willingly and why would he be since no one bothered to tell him otherwise? there’s only so much research you can do with what’s known about shield publicly and since even colonel phillips knew to warn zola that steve would not hold back on his hatred for him because of what happened to bucky, the easiest answer to these questions in my opinion is that they just ... didn’t want to tell him because they KNEW he would opt out the second he learned zola was once among shield’s ranks. he pretty much does that in the winter solider anyways.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my thing is that even if peggy and howard working with zola was something that was done under the guise of ‘the ends justify the means’ (an argument that’s made all the time in real life because Yes operation paperclip was a real thing), their means were a little (a lot) morally dubious, but besides that, they failed to clean up their mess at the end. they completely lacked transparency, which is what it takes to fix a mistake.
cleaning up their mess would have been tracking zola’s movements after they set him free- which would have kept him from doing a lot of shit to bucky, because in the flashback where bucky gets his arm put on, zola is present which means that must happen shortly after shield lets him go. cleaning up their mess would have meant offering full disclosure of what had been done so that maybe more of shield’s agents would have noticed that hydra was piecing back together right under their noses and would have been able to be squashed out before the corruption fully formed. cleaning up their mess would have meant someone actually telling steve exactly who and what he was working for, telling him exactly what had been done by his new favorite organization to win the war. cleaning up their mess would have meant peggy coming clean about her and howard’s past actions and acknowledging what they were accountable for. cleaning up their mess properly the first time around would have spared bucky so much of the pain inflicted on him by being forced to become the winter soldier. she didn’t know about bucky, but she was fully aware of hiring zola. she knew bow much steve hated him. so why would she say this after steve had just displayed so much blind trust ... she’s admitting they fucked up but once again failing to detail how. why would she let such a major detail go unspoken if she’s supposed to care about steve and shield’s safety so much? this isn’t a matter of avoiding hurt feelings ... it’s a matter of lying by omission to ensure steve stayed on with shield.
doing your best means you first have to know what was done wrong before, and steve wasn’t given that information despite being in a position where he possibly deserved it the most. zola, bucky’s death, howard and peggy’s actions after founding shield ... there’s no mind your business option for him when it comes to this. it IS his business. why the fuck would peggy not tell him about this shit as soon as the opportunity opened up.
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heir-less · 11 days ago
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
Kate Middleton worked a laughable 44 days in 2020.
In 2019, she worked 82 days. That’s not even a quarter of the year.  And now we’re being told she wants to do even less than the figures above. 
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