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#literally my voice is in the video LMAO
cordspaghetti · 7 months ago
have this video i made for school abt the experience of being in a crowd at a rock show because it has a disgustingly high concentration of mcr content and also the used
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a normal non Terminally Online™️ persons brain on their deathbed: *probably some type of deep & meaningful or profound thing to say or a bible verse idk*
my Terminally Online Tumblr Meme Farmer Trash Brain™️ while one of my doctors explained that if i didn’t get my bowel aneurysm embolised that i’d slowly bleed to death, during my hospital stay in late 2020: *winne the pooh voice from that Cursed™️ winne the pooh video, you know the one* oh bother. i’m so stuffed with fluff, im dummy thicc; and the clap of my ass cheeks…… has alerted the bees 👀👀
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