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#literally rambling but i need you guys to know

My mom had to message that woman because she blocked me.

#rachel’s rambling, #the one that was in the psych ward with me, #that we hadn’t texted since July, #and she’s old enough to be my mom, #because she has two kids older than my, #and she got mad that I didn’t text her within less than 24 hours, #she texted me before SIX IN THE MORNING, #telling me to have a good life, #I messaged her and was like hey I know I didn’t text you either but that’s not fair, #I have bad days too I’m mentally unwell too, #and it didn’t even deliver, #so she blocked me, #I mean I felt uncomfortable with the fact she wanted to hang out with me, #because she’s literally over twenty years older than me, #not quite my parents age but like I said has kids older than me, #but my mom kept saying you need to get out have friends it’s good for you it’s not weird, #so I was like okay I guess I’ll go to her house, #and like I hung out with her and her kids and the guy she was like hooking up with from the psych ward, #because she was leaving her husband, #but that also felt weird because she’s like a devout Christian but whatever like it’s none of my business you know?, #he was cool but he wasn’t the one that wanted to hang out with me lmao, #I didn’t get weird vibes from him since like he didn’t talk that much to me, #I did try to stick up for myself but like I couldn’t, #and I kind of feel like it is something my parents should be involved in, #I dunno, #it’s not like I still want to hang out with her or anything, #I just feel really weird about the situation, #I’m tired of being treated bad, #and like I’d kind of felt relief that we weren’t talking and stuff because weird vibes, #but I don’t like that someone that’s that old is talking to me like that??
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