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#literate rp
squareupgod · 20 days ago
the fucking dynamic between c!tommy “fatal flaw is loyalty” innit and c!wilbur “chronic fear of rejection and massive inferiority complex” soot is almost unreal sometimes. like, it’s painfully obvious that tommy loves wilbur just for existing as he is — has loved him through hell and back, through grief, through loss, through seeing the best and worst versions of him — and couldn’t give less of a shit if wilbur was Important or Great, but wilbur just. doesn’t see that. he is blinded by his fear. he doesn’t get that he doesn’t have to earn or force his loyalty. that’s just the way tommy is. he loves easily and without restraint. like, the painful irony is that if there was one person who wouldn’t put pressure on wilbur or make him feel inferior for his very human flaws or leave him just because he was struggling, it’d be tommy. he’s stuck by him through everything (which is not the Healthiest, i know) and yet wilbur still feels like he has something to prove. that tommy will leave him at any moment, when in reality, tommy would do anything for him. has done anything for him. it’s wild because even though we can see the full picture, they keep just missing the mark. their s3 relationship is literally:
tommy: hey, wilbur, my goals right now are pretty much the bare minimum — i want to be safe and happy and have a solid place to call home — i’m also really into hearing people out and making amends at the moment, so i was thinking that we could just settle down — 
wilbur: wait shut up for a second tommy i’m about to purposefully antagonize the people that seem to have the most control right now, and yes it is 100% the only reason you have to stay, so you can help me with this, not because i care about your company and wouldn’t believe that i’m worth enough for you to stay freely if i’m not proving myself. anyway —
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trickszie · 2 months ago
hi currently i'm thinking abt the hc of michael really looking up to c!tommy/admiring him as his uncle and trying to be like him ,,,, currently thinking about the possibilities of michael imitating tommy's behaviors bc he thinks he's so cool and he just wants to impress him ,,, thinking abt the possibilities of c!tubbo telling michael stories about how they won l'manberg's independence and framing c!tommy as this strong hero and when michael meets him he's in so much awe because "this is the guy who saved l'manberg!!" and tommy, even though he hasn't ever liked being portrayed as the hero– hasn't ever liked being perceived as a savior of anything, sees the way this kid looks at him like he hung the moon and gets so excited whenever he sees him and starts to think that maybe, maybe being perceived as the hero isn't that bad. as long as it's just from michael.
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snailsnfriends · a day ago
hey remember how sam said dream laughed while he killed tommy. and that dream would talk almost exclusively about tommy. and that he thought about taking dream's final canon life. because I remember.
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squareupgod · a month ago
i was rewatching the disc war finale recently, and there’s this one part that’s just. so fucking cool and underrated. it’s when they get to the mountain and dream starts playing one of the discs — fake, but they don’t know that yet — and tommy and tubbo manage to get it. but then they’re backed into a corner again, and he asks tommy to choose between tubbo and the disc. tommy starts rambling and we’re left thinking, “okay, this looks pretty bleak.” because it doesn’t look like tommy has a plan at all, but he’s actually distracting dream on purpose so he can enderpearl and hide the disc in the enderchest within like. five seconds. and he did it so smoothly that even i was like, “okay, what’s your play here, tommy — holy fuck!” like i’ve rewatched it 15 times, and never once does it look like that’s what he’s about to do until he actually does it.
the point of this (other than incoherent gushing) is to once again say that tommy’s acting is just. chef’s kiss. that play was complete improv. he thought of that on the fly and actually executed it well. the try-hard pvper in cc!tommy really jumped out, and it was so cool to see. mans analyzed that high-stress situation, made a risky but smart strategy and it worked! the only reason it didn’t was because one, the discs were fake, and two, dream immediately threatened tubbo’s safety after if tommy didn’t comply and like. c!tommy’s not gonna risk tubbo for that. i really feel like that would’ve worked if he was up against anyone but dream, y’know?
also the stuff it made me think about c!tommy, about how he’s the quintessential underdog with a heart of gold that people want to root for, but he’s still cracked as fuck? he is a smart dude. people underestimating tommy is one of his greatest strengths. literally if c!techno or someone else had done that exact thing, it wouldn’t have worked because instantly they would’ve been like, “alright, this guy is not this unprepared. he has a card up his sleeve.” that was a uniquely tommy play. that was, “i’m fighting against someone who has so much more power than me, but i’m not going to give up. how can i still win?” i know it’s kind of a small detail, but i still think it’s just. so cool. 
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embermc · 2 months ago
The entire button room scene with c!Tommy and c!Quackity emotionally hurts me in its entirety, and then c!Wilbur's resigned, tired exclamation of "I just want to...I just want to end it," followed by a weary laugh just, absolutely destroys me every single time. Because at first, you can assume he's talking about the war between Manberg and Pogtopia, or maybe just the concept of L'manberg in general, and nothing else. But then you take into account the TNT scattered across the room itself, and the fact that prior to this line, c!Wilbur had just admit that he was going to die when he pressed the button and had gone into a quiet, solemn state for a little bit, as well as the fact that the line right before this one was c!Tommy asking, "If you blow this up, you're taking yourself with you, is that what you want?" His statement of "wanting to 'end it'" was his response to c!Tommy's question regarding if he was willing to die with the explosion.
And then, after all of that, you slowly realize that, in this quote, c!Wilbur wasn't just talking about Manberg or its destruction.
c!Wilbur's Pogtopia arc continues to make me sadder and sadder every rewatch. It's amazing and amazingly written, but man, ow.
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passive-mob · a month ago
citizens of snowchester going about their day: oh theres actual real life super buff ex president underscore-beloved again just taking his nuke out for a walk
also citizens of snowchester seeing ranboo hanging around tubbo: oh theres actual real life ex first man ranboo_beloved ready to be swept away by a gust of wind
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trickszie · 4 months ago
“tommy felt betrayed by tubbo because he didn’t know the full story/was being manipulated into believing tubbo didn’t care about him anymore/was misguided into hating him, so his feelings are valid albeit misguided” and “tubbo was manipulated by dream into exiling tommy because he was told it was ‘the best for this country’ yet still cared for tommy an extreme amount/isn’t a bad friend for making a mistake despite tommy being angry with him” are two statements from the exile arc that should and could coexist
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doodlebloo · a month ago
Benchtrio /rp are so :( ...
Ranboo trying to cover for Tommy during his fight w Tubbo/sneaking out to see him during exile/giving him totems and tools and armor... Tubbo putting his foot down and standing up for himself in order to protect Snowchester and, by extension, Ranboo/Ranboo being Tubbo's breaking point, the first time he snapped and screamed at Quackity was over Ranboo's suggested execution... Tommy doing anything and everything for Tubbo at the drop of a hat... Ranboo doing the same... Tubbo showing all of these little ways that he cares for Tommy, mining stone for him and tagging along on Tommy's adventures to be a right hand... Tommy trying his hardest to deny how much he cares for Ranboo but being unable to stop himself from hugging him and singing his praises and admitting that he's actually a good friend... It's all so much /pos
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embermc · 2 months ago
I swear, sometimes people will use literally any excuse to villainize c!Tommy compared to c!Dream. It's wacky.
I keep seeing takes saying that "c!Tommy abused c!Dream" and every time, I just sit there like... "we watching the same streams? The same Dream SMP? The same Tommyinnit and Dreamwastaken?" Because you have to have a very strange interpretation of a piece of media to try and convince others that a victim was abusing their abuser, or that a victim and their abuser are both "just as bad."
Like, no?? c!Tommy was not "psychologically abusing" c!Dream when he was expressing his distaste for the legitimate abuse that c!Dream did to him that nearly drove him to suicide. Someone killing their own cat, even though their abuser liked the cat, in front of their abuser does not make them a terrible awful person that it's okay to literally brutally beat to death (especially considering the amount of pets that c!Dream had killed solely to upset others with little to no immediate consequence). I'm not an expert on abuse, so take this next part with a grain of salt, but usually in abusive situations there is a significant power imbalance between the abuser and the victim, that gives the abuser an advantage over their victim and allows them to abuse/hurt their victim. There was no large power that c!Tommy held over c!Dream in the prison that he used to purposefully hurt him for the sake of his own gain, like how c!Dream was able to abuse c!Tommy in exile due to the power imbalance. Yet people claim that c!Tommy was "abusing c!Dream" in the prison? Like, not only is it kind of disgusting to try and frame a situation where a victim was abusing their abuser, but like, all in all, c!Tommy just wasn't? He wasn't abusing c!Dream, that's just, something that didn't happen.
Like, if you really want to talk about c!Dream in a sympathetic manner and how he's been hurt in the past, can you at least talk about people who legitimately hurt him? People who legitimately have power over him and use it to hurt him? Not the literal child who was abused by him for weeks on end and now obviously dislikes him and understandably lets him know? Who has always been at least on equal footing with him if not in a position of significantly less power that gives c!Dream an advantage over him that he can exploit? Something that he has rarely, if ever, had over c!Dream?
Like, it's strange and confusing to see these takes and also just super uncomfortable at the same time. Like, it's not the whole fandom, it's only a select few people but can we all just, please stop victimblaming abuse victims for maybe 5 freaking minutes? Is that possible? Is that something we can do?
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ravynwytch · 2 months ago
Things to remember:
You can love Lady Dimitrescu, her daughters, and any other villain without hating on Ethan and making him sound like the villain for *checks notes* fighting for his life against people who want him dead as he searches for his infant daughter.
You can love villains without woobifying them or finding a way to justify their actions.
Don’t send hate to people. Don’t attack each other for having differing headcanons.
Keep hate out of the tags.
Game isn’t out yet and I’m already exhausted.
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bitteroryx · 2 months ago
Even though Phil says he's not that good at roleplaying I will actually disagree, heavily.
For starters what he described as "just a few pointers and the goal for the conversation" is literally the definition of improv: you have a goal, you have the situation, now go. And I think the full heavy scripted lore is kind of affecting the expectation, for lack of a better word, of what it should be. So in reality? Phil is doing it perfectly, the same way it was done, well, in the good old days.
The other thing I wanted to mention is about the way he roleplays? Legitimately, after being in the fandom for a while, Phil is for sure on my list of favourites, especially with how he deals with conversations and people. Every one on one conversation he has, either it's planned to happen, or happens naturally its always so so fucking good. It's raw and it's natural and it's both calming and nice and comforting but sad and real and heavy and emotional at the same time. There is just this "way" he speaks when he does it as well, it's like this encompassing sense of inevitability of the world and problems coming to be but it's also this immense comfort in, weirdly, acceptance? of it all? (this just might be my personal feeling but if y'all have that similar "vibe" you slip into when listening to him have regular but heavier dialogues? I don't think I'm alone in this tbh)
The most prominent ones for me were: the small Ghostbur conversation, with their just discussing things, calmly, comfortably, Ghostbur playing it up more than it actually was with the raindrops, just to get Phil to react, it was all just so.. weird comfort in the regularity of it all, despite the weight of the events around them;
His small natural conversations with Ranboo, from just small interventions in each other's day to day and care for the small issues, to more emotional discussions of guilt over the death of Wil and just the more calm approach to heavier topics; then switching, naturally, to lighter goings about, jokes, random occurrences and just mundane tasks;
Then daunting, emotional talks like with Wilbur, right at the start (or, well, the end), and with Fundy today; it's heavy.. of course it is, and even though he sticks to his character's behavior and approach to these kind of things, he still cares, in his own way; but even then, I love how despite the severity of the discussion, the sudden jokes or more lighter comments seem so so natural, instead of out of nowhere, interrupting...
Another small thing I wanna mention is the laughter. Like, it should, technically, feel interruptive? and out of character or conversation? Phil even mentioned he does it often and feels like it doesn't suit what's actually happening, but it's really really not. I honestly love that, despite the situation, good, bad, heavy, mundane, sad, or anything, he still incorporates that small laughter into the conversations, even if unintentionally. That also tips us off to his feelings about all of it, since he's been alive for so so many years that he can let out a laugh despite how fucked the world around is, or how bad he feels or should feel about something. So essentially, like the majority of the best bits that got incorporated into actual story, it's unintentional and seemingly unfit, but works really well.
Tldr: for all of my Phil enjoyers out there, (that better be everybody lol) what he described as more "unprepared" and unscripted rp is literally what improv is: a situation/conversation and a goal you have to achieve during that. Perfect for a lot of the dialogue on the smp. The way Phil approaches the conversations and speaks as well gives me a very specific vibe of weird comfort and the acceptance of the inevitability of devastating things happening or like, keeping a semi calm demeanor in spite of the topic. ( might be a very specific me thing so if anyone else gets similar vibes from those small 1 on 1 convos let me know)
Even shorter Tldr: Phil said he's not great at lore, I disagree heavily. Phil very pog actually. Vibes complicated and might be only me specific but really good. Unintentional character traits turned impactful my beloved. Yeah.
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commieinnit · 2 months ago
thinking about how bad sacrificed the needs of many for the needs of one by giving himself up to the egg which greatly increased its influence and endangered so many people's lives all for skeppy. and how sam sacrificed the needs of one for the needs of many by keeping tommy trapped in the prison so that dream had no chance of escaping and causing more harm to the people of the server... there's probably a bad and sam narrative parallels analysis in there somewhere
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dracoria-azucar · a month ago
You know what? I’m gonna say it.
C!Tommy, C!Tubbo, C!Ranboo, and C!Dream are all incredibly well played with some of the most interesting narrative themes, story concepts, and character choices on the server.
Nothing about their characters are “overhyped” because of higher viewership ratings on the CCs accounts, you guys are just mean.
Yes there are also some VERY good plot lines and character arcs done by smaller streamers that are upsettingly overlooked!
But you don’t have to go around trying to discredit the legitimately intriguing aspects of the “mainstream cast” narrative to call attention to others??
Doing that radiates the same energy as people who brag about being bigger fans of something because they liked it before it was cool. If that makes sense. It just gets really annoying lmao
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goathorn--doodles · 2 months ago
i like the idea that, in a universe where the sbi is related, phil does not give a shit about his kids cursing.
like tommy’s only 8 and he said fuck? good on him, starting them young!
wilbur cursed out some kid on the playground? i mean, did they deserve it?
techno said ‘fuck that’ after a teacher asked him to do his presentation? the kid is constantly stressed and has anxiety, what else do you expect from him?
he just full on Doesn’t Care because he’s taught his kids to only say what they mean, and if they meant fuck, they were allowed to say fuck
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afimeatur · 2 months ago
/dsmp /rp
Our Ranboo is scared of disappearing, that's why he didn't continue the experiment. Because if he's continue it and success, enderwalk!Ranboo will be permanent. Because EW!Ranboo was the original Ranboo, with no memory problem and stuff, with same memories, personality, responsibility as our Ranboo, but might act differently toward a certain thing.
But, when he's finally doing it, it will be for a big sacrifice of himself. He'll do anything to stop conflict and protect the one he love and care, even if it cost his life. Even if it cost his existence.
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