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dionyrtal · 6 months ago
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short days and shorter nights, midterm papers piling up, daydreaming endlessly. a summary of november'21. [x]
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howmanyroses · 5 months ago
Little bitch man: owo this book is too scawy and distuwbing for the wittle ninth gwaders
My old private Christian high school: the ninth graders shall read lord of the flies, elie wiesel’s night, and to kill a mockingbird which deal with death, religious fanaticism, r*pe, racism, foul language, etc etc etc because we know that exposing teens to hard truths is necessary to create socially conscious critical thinkers
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wysleria · 8 days ago
I can assure you that my favorite movies ahem dead poets society did not affect my life choices. I want to study literature btw.
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thoughtsofarookiewriter · 3 months ago
Shakespearean Insults:
All eyes and no sight
Thou art a boil, a plague-sore, an embossed carbuncle
Not so much brain as earwax
A fusty nut with no kernel
Crusty botch of nature
You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian
Idol of idiot-worshippers!
No kernel in this light nut; the soul of this man is his clothes
All the infections that the sun sucks up from bogs
Infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise-breaker
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rainbowsmyname · 6 months ago
The lesbian urge to read all of Emily Dickinson's poems just to find all the ones that could be about Susan Gilbert.
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chaotic-literature-student · 6 months ago
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missing those times when I sat on the university café reading the assigned chapters just an hour before the lesson
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shelleysbysshe · 7 months ago
The whole Romanticism fandom be like:
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unadulteratedreviewwitch · 8 months ago
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How I spend my Sunday after a tired and exhaustive week.
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talesoftranquill · a year ago
Darcy will be like 'I know a spot' and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of his feelings from criticising your family to confessing his undying love for you
Darcy will be like 'I know another spot' and takes you on a long walk during sunset to tell you that he still loves you ardently
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poetia · 2 months ago
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a/n: links to my favourite online resources for school and studies, all for free because we're all broke students just trying to graduate
jstor: this website offers books, articles and reviews for free
study hack blog: on this blog, you'll find a bunch of different studying techniques and strategies. older blog posts are available on this link
internet archive: this site is basically a library and offers everything from movies, books, music, software etcetera for free
big think: this site has collected articles, presentations and interviews on a broad variety of subjects, such as the relationship between science and religion.
cosmolearning: a free educational site for both teachers and students, offering courses in everything from engineering and pure science to social sciences and languages. i used this course for mandarin studies
coursera: another free educational site that offers all kinds of courses, everything from computer sciences and business to humanities and arts. i have personally taken chinese for beginners, algae introduction and oceanography.
futures channel:
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schmergo · 5 months ago
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I submitted this “pizza cookie” to my friend’s cookie contest with the following essay:
I believe great art shouldn’t shy away from asking big questions or touching on the controversies of today. Like, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” Thus, I present to you my magnum opus, Hawaiian Pizza Cookie.
This mixed-medium art piece (in deep dish sugar cookie, cream cheese frosting, sugar sprinkles, shredded coconut, candied pineapple, fruit roll-up, and chocolate) is both playful and provoking in its ambiguity. Is it promoting pineapple on pizza by including it in this representation, implying this art piece to be representative of the platonic ideal of a pizza? Or, by putting pineapple on a cookie masquerading as a pizza, does it indicate that pineapple pizza is not “real” pizza? The name, too, furthers the ambiguity. Hawaiian pizza is not really Hawaiian. This Hawaiian pizza cookie is not really a pizza. Is it even a cookie, by traditional standards?
Therefore, Hawaiian Pizza Cookie hints at deeper themes of cultural appropriation, colonialism, and materialism.
Philosopher and cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard once wrote, “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth- it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”
This Hawaiian pizza cookie can be seen as a simulacrum of a simulacrum. A cookie translation of a Hawaiian pizza may be seen as a perversion of reality, an unfaithful copy, yet it may also hint at the existence of an obscure reality which the sign itself is incapable of encapsulating. What is “pizza?” What is “Hawaiian?” What is “cookie?” And what the HECK is a Hawaiian pizza cookie?
Berthold Brecht’s “alienation effect” involves the use of techniques designed to distance the audience from emotional involvement in a piece of art by jolting reminders of artificiality. The artificial flavorings and colorings, the uncanny valley of textures and colors separating my work from an authentic pizza experience gives the audience space to more clearly perceive the “real” pizza reflected in the art piece. But what truly separates my Hawaiian Pizza Cookie from other mass-produced, artificial, Americanized pizzas stripped of cultural heritage, tradition, meaning, and sense of place?
I leave you with these weighty questions and these pictures of my masterpiece.
PS. It is yummy
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dionyrtal · a year ago
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switching between hamlet, the secret history, a midsummer night's dream and other assignments. i have been trying to finish papers at 5 am and it is a different kind of experience for sure. a solitary one nevertheless.
ig: dionwrites
pinterest: dionanja
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arktoi-folklore · 10 months ago
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The hour is still distant, but I feel already those harbingers, those outriders, figures of one's friends in absence. I see Louis, stone-carved, sculpturesque; Neville, scissor-cutting, exact; Susan with eyes like lumps of crystal; Jinny dancing like a flame, febrile, hot, over dry earth; and Rhoda the nymph of the fountain always wet. These are fantastic pictures - these are figments, these visions of friends in absence, grotesque, dropsical, vanishing at the first touch of the toe of a real boot. Yet they drum me alive. They brush off these vapours. I begin to be impatient of solitude - to feel its draperies
The Waves-Virginia Woolf
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s6phir · 2 years ago
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I will tell it to you one day and you'll see everything make sense. And please embrace me and whisper sweet things to me.
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boligrafoestudios · 2 months ago
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31.3-1.4.2022 [11-12/100]
catching up on the other reading i slacked on during midterms. pictured: “La noche boca arriba” by Julio Cortázar and La voz dormida by Dulce Chacón. not pictured: several others.
🎶 Song of the Day Spring 2022
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rainbowsmyname · a year ago
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leftperfectionmoon · 7 months ago
Things Our Most Hated Professor Says That I Think Are Funny (part 1):
“life's only about publish or perish”
*abruptly stops talking and excuses himself* “sarkari (government) laptops are so annoying”
*goes on about a thing that he got distracted with for 45 minutes* “anyways this is not our topic for today so let's move on”
“you guys haven't watched godfather?? am i too old or are you all just really boring 💅?”
“i watched the smart people in my classes get free supplies, prizes and scholarships and i didn't even get a damn dictionary hmm”
👏 the fucking 👏 old 👏 bollywood 👏 references 👏 and explaining the whole plots of 90's movie to teach political terms
“okay for the next week's lecture you will watch —insert some 00's cool movie— and it's a good example for our topic *everyone groans* C'mon it's a great movie, people don't be like that!!”
“critical thinking and IQ are two different things” *giggles*
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shelleysbysshe · a year ago
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Y’all know this story, right?
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unadulteratedreviewwitch · 10 months ago
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Done with paper submissions and my exams.
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chaotic-literature-student · 6 months ago
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