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#litg season 3
simpin4pixels · 2 months ago
~Litg S4~
I was really happy when I saw the little sneak peak.
But I’m honestly really nervous about this whole season
A lot has happened with the FB and the teams working on it
Not only that but this was supposed to be out in the summer and it’s about to be fall…
So right now my expectations are low… just so I don’t get disappointed.
-Things I wanna see in s4-
Drama that makes sense
Nothing unnecessary (girls day, gossip sneezing, the Jo/Shannon/Ibrahim mess, etc.)
More diversity
Body types
Male/ Female MC
Tattoos/Piercings (our MC is also the most bland looking contestant and yet everyone falls at her feet 🙄✋🏾)
Maybe switch it up a bit and not have the MC as a starting islander MAKE THEM A BOMBSHELL
If you want drama let MC actually be involved in something about her.
Casa Amor
I feel like CA can be done better
Actually put in islanders that make me wanna act up!!
But none of that creepy can’t take no for an answer type shit that was outta pocket
Last but certainly not least… Beach Hut scenes!!
Beach hut scenes can actually set up really nice drama
Beach hut scenes are ICONIC
Anything!!! Please more Beach Hut scenes
Let us talk shit in the hut
Now all of this is certainly not gonna happen but a girl can wish.
What are some things you want in s4? What are your thoughts on the sneak peak of s4?
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khaotic-gem · a year ago
The Love Island fandom coming back together for season 3:
Tumblr media
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priyas-titties · 7 months ago
I really wish in season 4 they either drop the "new girl comes in and takes mc's man" or they let the player be that new girl
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cinamorolls · a year ago
me, starting season three of litg, ignoring all the men:
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sparxaf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wrote a thing! It's a romantic and smutty one-shot AU starring the only reason I played S3; my darling surly bastard, Seb. Also the MC is Erikah's twin sister. So that's fun. A03:
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kittidot · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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harrylovesmc · 5 months ago
I cant wait for season 4 of Litg and now i can arise from my death to be devoted to whichever 2d man catches my eyes 😃
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ravenadottir · 3 months ago
Dropping in for two reasons:
1) Eu te amo 💜💜
Tumblr media
2) I have a question! It’s been a while since I asked and many questions have been forgotten but I finally have one! Which season 2 LIs do you think would be willing to get couple tattoos? And I don’t mean name tattoos because those are meant for failure. I mean more like matching tattoos or tattoos that go together.
babeeeeeeeeeeee!!! it's so good to see you here! sending love right back, gorgeous!
Tumblr media
ok, so couple tattoos... i love that idea because i know some of them would be really into it.
would DEFINITELY do it:
henrik. he would find it so adorable, and even though a small one, henrik likes sharing things like this. i definitely think he would go with a symbol of some sort, or geometric mountains.
kassam. he might not be the warmest, but i really believe he would go for it. having something that reminds him of her while apart is probably the main reason for it. i think two different notes could be the first option. something that is an inside joke.
tai. i just wanna include him because well... i love him! tai is open to the idea and even have a couple of designs he would love to have. i do think they would have more straight lines and less color, because despite his clothes being like that, he likes clean monochromatic tattoos. even if it was a cute and small design, it would follow those guidelines.
hannah. she might be scared of needles, can't lie, but i already know what she would get. a pen and a notebook. something small and delicate but still. i have no doubt in my mind!
considering the idea:
lucas. i'm not sure where he stands with matching tattoos. on one hand he likes them, on the other he might still not have enough confidence to pull it off. he can be the type who says "couple tattoos are not my priority", so he might need a little more time to go for it. it could go either way honestly. he's a wild card on this matter. i would love to hear from the lucas stans and their opinion on the matter.
bobby could easily like the idea of a cute cupcake/cake slice type of tattoo. i just think he might be afraid of needles. just a headcanon of mine, but i can't imagine him being crazy about the idea because the needle is terrifying to him. but yes, he could consider it for sure. anything cute to share with his girl is more prone to 'yes' than 'no'.
ibrahim. HEAR ME OUT. with someone like jo? someone that would bring that upbeat/spontaneous side of him? ABSOLUTELY would do it. if his girl is more the shannon type, he wouldn't even think of getting them. it depends on the girl he's with.
marisol. HEAR ME OUT AGAIN. a discreet design somewhere she could keep it concealed? YES. because she wants something to share with her girlfriend/wife, but might not be into the look of tattoos on herself. she likes them, rocco has one, gary has three and graham is a comic book, so she's definitely attracted to them. on herself? it might take some time to think about it but i also think it's swaying to the 'yes'.
lottie could go either way. every tattoo she has is like a totem. i've dated a witchy girl before, and i asked her because i was curious what she thought about it. she said this: "whatever ink you put on your skin affects the way you carry yourself after it, spiritually. sharing something with someone might not be the best idea because you'll share that energy and our chakras will be unbalanced." she spoke a lot but didn't say anything, you feel me? to someone who doesn't really know much about it, it was like she was speaking greek to me. lottie might be the same and sway towards 'no' because of the energies and chakras and stuff like that.
wouldn't consider:
carl. nope. nope. nope. nope. he's not the type and it's one of the things i like about him. not the fact that he wouldn't do it but the fact that he wouldn't pretend to be into it. my brain says "HE HATES NEEDLES!" and a tattoo might be too cute for him.
noah. yeah, no. not the type to like tattoos on himself. can't see noah going for it just because he's so...
priya. oaskoaskoaskosak it's a no from her for sure. she already struggles to commit to people, can you imagine?? plus, i don't think it could be her aesthetic. just a wild guess.
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crvsh-culture · 5 months ago
Yasmin headcanons?
Yasmin Headcanons
writes so many love songs when she falls for someone- both in a relationship and in the crush stage
half of them are for her ears only
but she’s so nervous when she actually shows the person they are about
doesn’t love being in the spotlight, contrary to her profession
tries to keep her personal life secret/ separate from her job
doesn’t know how to play many instruments, strictly guitar or ukulele
wasn’t very upset after her band broke up, she believed it was meant to be and better for everyone involved
she only speaks to one of her old band mates, but doesn’t hold any grudges against the others, they just drifted apart
loves cow print things
has a cow print rug
doesn’t really want children, but isn’t opposed to having an excess of animals
has a younger sister
her sister is her number one fan
loves dates to botanical gardens
or going for a picnic
can write in a couple different languages, but can’t speak them all fluently
definitely carried her stuffed animal everywhere as a child
probably longer than it was deemed “age appropriate”
i can’t remember the origin of her stuffed animal, but her mom made it for her. this is now cannon, thank you
love language is words of affirmation
dyed her hair blue when she was younger
but she ended up hating the dyed look, so she now sticks to blue eyeshadow and nail polish
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sweeteaaa · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Iona, 23, Apprentice Pylon Rigger
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voile-de-lune · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
SEB, 28, Music Shop Owner from Liverpool, England
Name meaning: diminutive of Sebastian, a name of Greek and Latin origin, meaning "person from ancient city of Sebastia".
Note: thanks to @codename-mango​ for the Seb’s faceclaim as seen here x.
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khaotic-gem · a year ago
When your li flirts with the new islander in front of you but gets mad when you do it
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juggalohenrik · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Found this old moodboard for Iona for a fic that never came to be and honestly? Vibes.
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garyrennell · a year ago
Elladine, with news anchor voice: And now a gay update with AJ.
Elladine: AJ?
AJ: Getting gayer.
Elladine: Thank you, AJ.
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