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#litg tai
ravenadottir · 2 months ago
How do the LIs feel about their partners doing a sex scene in a film?
that's soooo specific anon! but i like it!
side note, i've worked on film production before, for a couple of different movies, and there's many ways of shooting a scene like that.
whether coreographed by the director, mapped by the actors, or simply free of any directions, it can involve actual sex or just simulation, tricks to make it look rough or hot, to last long or not, you name it. so keep that in mind when thinking about what it would involve if mc ever got a scene like that in a movie.
but let's talk about the scenes that are made between the actors and no cameraman directly involved, because those are easier to be jealous or angry about.
vigorously jealous no matter what (with the possibility of wanting to be present when it happens and that would just cause a bigger argument because well, it wouldn't be professional):
kassam, lucas, marisol, allegra, camilo, bill, harry.
they're extremely bothered by the possibility, and even though i believe only harry would have more to say (or scream about), it might take a toll on the others. they ARE jealous and insecure people, and that's manifested through raised voices and long arguments. i can definitely see allegra, harry and bill slamming doors.
as for lucas, kassam, marisol and camilo would argue it's not too late to not sing the contract and wait for another part. most of their insecurities come from ignorance. if they knew how technical it can be, they wouldn't bat an eye about it. granted, i really think they don't have a saying in it, but that's just me.
insecure about themselves because well, they're insecure in general:
carl, bobby, gary, lottie, priya, tim, rohan, levi, mason, ciaran, lily, rafi, ibrahim, noah.
arguing about the possibility of the relationship not being the same (before knowing what it takes) would include lottie, levi, mason and ibrahim. they really need some maturing, but i would argue it's understandable to feel this way before knowing what the work is actually about.
carl, bobby, gary, priya, tim and rohan would be uncomfortable about it. ESPECIALLY carl and priya, who only now have opened up for a relationship after so long.
bobby, gary, tim and rohan would be playful, trying their best to not come across as bossy or too insecure, but they still have a hard time because like i mentioned before, it comes from a place of ignorance. i reckon they would lighten up once the scene is defined, but until then? SORRY, NO.
rafi is an actor, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be feeling some type of way. maybe because he didn't have that chance yet, or because of how he would behave during a scene like this. (yes, i'm slightly calling him out because despite some sweetness he displays, he still comes across to me as someone who would be weird about it).
proud of her, because she scored a role and that's awesome:
henrik, tai, yasmin, jake.
they're mature and would be poppin' the bubbly to celebrate the fact that their girlfriend scored a role. also, they would trust her judgement about the scenes and script instead of doubting her logic. it's about how she made the decision for herself knowing she wouldn't do anything to hurt them. when it comes to work, especially in this field, your partner has to trust you, enough to know you wouldn't be doing anything that could possibly ruin your relationship. these li's i mentioned are that type of people.
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kiwi-tai · 2 months ago
Do you have any more Tai HC’s? I loved the ones you posted, I miss Tai there’s like barely any more content with him these days 😭
80 years later… I’m so sorry anon for keeping this in my drafts for so long. But you’re right there isn’t Tai content but I am here now with some ✨
took ballet and dance classes to help improve his rugby training
he actually really liked it and is a great dancer
i can’t remember if he talked about siblings before but I think he definitely has at least two
of course he’s the oldest he just has oldest sibling energy
Tai is def seems like he’s close with his family and I think he has a good relationship with both his siblings
He definitely misses them when he’s away from New Zealand but they have a family group chat with them and their dad
I know you didn’t ask about Tai’s dad but he sends bad cheesy memes
If they really made Tai laugh he’d show them to his partner
Okay back to Tai...
Absent minded touches, Tai just can’t help but always have his hands on his partner
Resting a hand on their thigh while driving
Wrapping an arm around their shoulder or waist
Or just sitting around on the Villa couches tracing shapes on their forearm
Also this man is always warm like a furnace idk if a mentioned this is my other head canon post
Regardless this makes for the ultimate cuddler for naps
Which Tai is always down for naps because it means he gets to hold you
And he’ll hum to help you fall asleep and run his fingers over your hair
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hopeshoodie · 15 days ago
What do you think Tai would have been like as a kid?
Oh my gosh I love this questions because I imagine Tai was an AMAZING kid. He was definitely a momma’s boy, and I can see him as a little bit chubbier/not nearly as athletic as he is now. I bet he loved helping out in the kitchen and was really sensitive. If anyone teased him he’d cry really easily, but other kids rarely did because he was just so nice to everyone. His extended family is big and were present in his life, so he’s used to being in big groups and being outgoing/boisterous to keep up.
I don’t think he was a class clown, but he definitely was the kid who introduced others to the classic kids jokes- yo mamma if they still do that, refrigerator running, those songs we sang about murdering barney? I feel like he reveled in being the center of attention, so he probably regurgitated a lot of the gossip his parents talked about and would get in trouble for impulsively lying about things to seem impressive. Above all else, he was super earnest and enthusiastic. He really picked up on sports like at age 12ish, and that’s when he made a huge transition from being a bit of a floater to doing competitive sports and having a consistent friend group.
I’m picturing him pretty dramatically changing in that point, still being sweet and sensitive but getting a lot more concerned with how he’s perceived and how he measures up compared to others. He probably only ‘got hot’ in his late teens early adulthood, but I can see him dating around in high school. I don’t think he had one high school or college sweetheart, he didn’t really ever click with someone like that, but he did have a lot of smaller, intense flings with different people. There was definitely some high school jock he pined for, and a bunch of girls who pined for Tai in turn. He definitely knew he was bi in high school though, and didn’t really struggle with it as much as others might. He just always knew he was attracted to girls and boys, and was never made to feel weird about it in a meaningful way.
So at no point was Tai ever super popular (except maybe in the last two years of uni), but he always was pretty well-liked. He had a good childhood, for sure.
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doctorstark · a year ago
i love that no matter who your li is we're all getting potentially cheated on together ❤️ what a great way to unite the community
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aretmiscrock · a year ago
fusebox gave us a 6’4 bisexual man who makes pottery,,, we won
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chiizuburger · 4 months ago
Sooooo started playing litg s3 and was thrilled by the new character design options!
Then as i was playing, i realized that my mc can totally be a cousin to Bobby
And so i have decided on that backstory!
Mira, my mc, is Bobby’s cousin from Glasgow. She got intrigued by the show after seeing Bobby the previous season and got more intrigued when witnessing the changes he had gone through.
When Mira saw that Bobby was mad serious about moving in together with his partner (basing this off my journey with Bobby in s2), Mira thought Love Island was worth a shot.
There was a bit of hesitation on Mira’s part because she had never had a serious relationship and it was weird to do something that major on television. But she and Bobby go way back and she trusts Bobby’s judgement.
And this trust goes both ways. It was Mira who convinced him to take on baking as a profession, and it was Bobby who convinced her to take up music.
She was also Bobby’s taste tester for all the experimental and Victorian recipes he did when he was younger. And she never minced words when it came to criticism.
Mira teases Bobby a lot for his odd sense of style, but he says it’s actually his personal take of hers!
She likes to live in the present and chooses to enter Love Island with a “whatever happens, happens” mindset. She just wants a good time and mingle with everyone and get some romance in between that good time.
Bobby was the first person Mira came out to.
Tumblr media
Personal thoughts on s3 so far, the characters are all interesting. Kinda sad that I don’t got a shot with Nicky or Seb, but I’m glad I get to bond with them at least.
Definitely may go for one of the girls, buuuuutttt excited to meet Tai ngl.
Will be talking about my s1 replay and s3 for the following days until I revisit s2 and reconnect with bobby and the lads!
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nerdferatum · 8 months ago
C1 for Tai and Ciaran? <3
I keep saying this, but this one made me so soft. I don’t think much about s3, but LOOK AT THEM
Tumblr media
Send me a pose and a pairing!
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ravenadottir · 3 days ago
What do you think would happen if Tai showed up in Casa Amor in S2? (I guess just adding an extra boy to make them compete even harder) Or if we got him alongside Lurick?
in casa amor, he would probably be the most popular, and i would risk saying a solid 4th place in the general score, only losing to gary, bobby and lucas. tai would've been ideal because he would've stood up from the crowd. his personality, his looks, his vibe, all of it would've given the others some solid competition!
about elijah and arjun. they would've felt more comfortable if they had the incentive. they shouldn't have been li's, they should've been together regardless! imagine if tai was there... he and mc winging the other two to get together! STAWP, THAT'S SO CUTE!
the girls that would go after him. he's a giant, authentic and sweet guy, so that would've been the reason for marisol to like him. and his light and positive energy for priya, besides his looks for both!
his choice. mc as first, chelsea as second, possibly priya. i can see going either way to be honest.
as a bombshell. lucas and henrik's friendship wouldn't be the same. tai and henrik would easily connect faster and on a deeper level, possibly tai having a crush on mountain boy, which i think it's so fucking cute and probable.
tai and the og boys. sports talk with rahim, nature and adventure with henrik, corny jokes with bobby. i don't see much connection with gary besides gym, but i definitely don't see it at all with lucas and noah. not that they wouldn't like each other but i don't see a strong bond happening as much as the other three.
rocco. it could go two ways, either they get along really well and even get involved, since rocco had said he was interested, or rocco would try to flush out tai's personality because you know, he tries that with the others.
roccogate. tai would definitely offer a shoulder to lottie or mc, depending on who coupled up with soup tattoo guy. he might not say anything on the matter out loud, but he would be the type that says "you can talk to me if you want, but if not, i still have two shoulders."
coming on day 1. i would replace bobby. put cupcake in casa amor and eliminate graham and let tai come in on day 1. he would've had a much more detailed life story and more time to connect.
tai would've had a much better use in season 2 than 3, no question!
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codename-mango · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes literally half of these are Seb because I love him
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oddlylovingthoughts · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why is Scarlett Johansson trying to steal my man?!
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kiwi-tai · 2 months ago
wip wednesday
im working on a fic rewriting s3 with OC x Tai and I found this bit that was originally just supposed to be a one shot and it’s beautiful so I wanted to share it on this fine wednesday :)
working title: Strawberry Skies
She never wanted to be that girl and she was sure until today she wasn’t. The type of girl that genuinely stepped foot on a reality show and said that she's there for love. Jeanne had laughed the moment the words slipped Miki’s mouth the first day. When the journey of love also included the chance at 50 thousand pounds, who really came on the show and said they were in it for love. Now she wasn’t money hungry for the cash, though of course she’d be thrilled to win it, Jeanne more so joined the show for the experience. Her soul was searching for something, her mother had told her over a bonfire back in Isle of Wight a few days before she would leave for Majorca.
The warmth of that fire was nothing compared to the warmth that radiated from the man across from her. The man that seriously had her considering why she was on the show. His laugh was like the crash of waves in the ocean. Something that can be so calming, yet also all consuming. And the thing about Tai, despite knowing him for less than a few hours, was that he had brought her so much clarity.
Jeanne was pushing herself to feel something for Bill. Trying to talk herself into the idea that stealing him back from Miki was a good plan, but it wasn’t. It was a oh-so terrible plan because this man infront of her was intoxicating and electrifying with just one look into his deep brown eyes. Like her mother had reminded her that same night, her soul may be doing the searching, but the universe was the one guiding her. If Tai was what the universe was leading her towards, she had zero complaints, not one. She’d just ask the universe for a little restraint.
“I’m always up for new things,” she blurted out words tumbling carelessly like the heap of water that cascades behind them.
“In that case why don’t we go explore behind the waterfall right now?”
“No one would see us behind there,” Tai’s voice was deep and gruff, yet smooth as silk. It seems he thought himself just as smooth as he threw a wink along with the question, “You up for it?”
Jeanne wasn’t one to usually hesitate but they were currently being filmed by way too many cameras. Her gazes lingered discreetly toward the few producers who stood a few meters away. When she was given a nod she turned to smile back at him, “Can’t say no to an adventure”.
With the help of his guiding hand they paddle the small river of water and made their way into the cave. Her once voluminous hair flattened and soaked like her purple tie dye midi dress that if possible clings even tighter to her body. The inside of the cove glimmered from the condensation of the water. They were alone in there, but still surrounded outside. The crew of love island hadn’t prepped for needed waterproof cameras but they were able to get a mic set up in the cove despite the moisture. So in theory they would be alone, but the producers and everyone back in the UK would surely be able to hear their conversation through their TV screens.
They both sit simply watching the water as it tumbles down, “Kinda magical here,” Tai begins breaking the silence.
“It really is.”
“It’s a great place to escape for a while.”
Tai shifts closer to her and despite there being a few centimeters of space between them Jeanne can feel the warmth of his body. Her skin prickled with goosebumps at his tone, soft and low.
“I love the way you sound, Jeanne,” his gaze met hers and she couldn’t fight the flush as he asked, “Would you say something for me?”
“Like what?”
“Anything you’d like,”
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She blurts it before she can think things through and instantly regrets it, that is till she sees a smile spread over Tai’s face. She thinks maybe making a fool of herself on national television is worth it to see that smile so up close.
The man shivers dramatically, “You’re giving me chills!” She lets out a nervous chuckle and he continues, “The first time I heard your voice, I was in the kitchen. The telly wasn’t even on very loud.”
Crinkles form around his eyes as he smiles at the memory. A wave of nostalgia hits Jeanne as well as she recalls that less than a week ago she had arrived in Mallorca for the show. Four days yet it seemed like centuries ago and she can imagine it felt the same for Tai.
“I had to stop washing up and turn up the volume,” he draws himself nearer and she can feel his breath on her cheek. She doesn’t hesitate to push herself upward to meet his lips with her own. Some magnetic waves had been pulling them closer and closer together since they met. This was the universe guiding her.
She can smell sandalwood and is it lavender? Rich and floral Tai’s scent reminds her of the garden of her childhood home. His kiss was gentle, soft. When she places a hand where his collarbone meets his neck in a firm grip to keep herself steady, he groans lightly in the back of his throat pulling her closer.
He runs a calloused hand down her arm and Jeanne feels her skin prickle and ignite with warmth. It was all so much and she hardly wanted it to end when Tai pulled back slowly tugging her lip as he did so. Her pink lips surely now plump and swollen from their kiss. His gaze which she now knew never seemed to falter or break; she met with more bravery and less of the timidness she had before.
“You’re one hell of a girl, Jeanne,” he pretends to fan himself in an attempt to cool down causing her to throw her head back in a laugh endeared by this goofy yet utterly intoxicating man in front of her. “And I could listen to your voice all day.”
“You’ve got a really nice voice too,”
“When I talk to my friends back home they tell me I’ve turned Brit. So I tell them they sound like sheep farmers,” he laughs, “Course, as soon as I talk to them, I sound like that too!”
He tucks a stray hair behind his ear as he adds, “But I bet you could say anything and it’d be hot.”
“What if I said something unsexy like… mulch?”
“Even that. Still hot,” he admitted, causing Jeanne to chuckle as he now turned his gaze to cascading water in front of them, “Waterfalls are cool because they’re sort of always traveling backwards.”
“That’s interesting. I’ve never thought about it like that,” Jeanne begins, eyes lighting up, “Because the falling water erodes the rocks, the waterfall slowly recedes upstream, right?”
“Yes! Upstream that's the word I was looking for. In a few years time this little cave will get bigger or be completely open because the waterfall would have moved backwards,” Tai explains further before he looks thoughtfully into the water, “I used to feel like I was never really moving forward, a bit like a waterfall. But I’ve got to say, being here with you right now has totally changed that.”
From anyone else Jeanne would have brushed it off as just another line, another way to try and make her swoon and fall for them, a chat up line they would have thrown at anybody given the chance, but not with Tai, not with the connection she felt with him even just moments after meeting him. She felt the true sincerity of his words in the low pitch of his voice, in the glimmer of his eyes, in the warm press of his kiss, in the way his hand lingers near hers.
“I feel that too. Everything before this… I feel like you’re going to change my entire experience in here,” she tells him, before shaking her head at herself, “That sounded really forward. Was that too forward?”
He smiles at her, inching closer to her so she can feel his breath on her cheeks as he says, “I like forward.”
“Good,” she nods, leaning to meet him halfway, unable to resist the temptation of another whirlwind kiss. When their lips meet for a second time she can’t help but sigh. Warmth cascading over her like the sun, a strong hand holding her own, the other around her waist, the intoxicating smell of wood and lavender. She’s dizzy in him, in their kiss, in this growing thing between them, a seedling of their journey, their romance. She sees it all in flashes and she pulls away from them and him before she gets too ahead of herself. “Not like bits behind a waterfall good, just yet”.
“No, not yet, but we can get there,” he smirks.
“Oh there’s no doubt in my mind we can, but we probably should get back to the Villa now.”
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bi-outta-cordonia · a year ago
If Tai wants to act funny, I’m about to get fucking hilarious.
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spicierthansriracha · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tai and AJ are just two halves of one whole idiot and I love them both.
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noimarocketman · a year ago
I said what I said! LITG Season 3 lacks flavour. 😞
Tumblr media
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dancing-hippo · a year ago
How did we get from here…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not okay
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