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great-and-small · 3 months ago
Am I doing this right, dad?
This is a juvenile Sandhill crane (one of my favorite species!) learning how to forage from a very caring parent. Adult breeding pairs raise their babies together and these little chicks will stay with mom and dad for about 10-12 months. What a joy it is to see them learning how to be birds from their parents! As you can see from that cute little flop, it’s sometimes hard work.
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thegagfantasy · 6 months ago
Buy me an anklet with your initial on it. It'll look good over your shoulder, I promise.
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soybbg · a year ago
Tumblr media
I just wanna fuck and go on cute dates and have someone care for me, is it too much to ask?
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soybbg · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m such a brat lol
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littlesubmarie · 6 months ago
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Daddy’s fingers in my mouth 💕
Ft. @let-daddy-do-it
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thegagfantasy · 7 months ago
If you're not going to grab my butt whilst I'm baking for you, what's the point 😩🥺😤
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