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#little girl

i think i didn‘t tell you guys about mr fluffysnuffs yet 🦥

let us welcome, our fluffy and most adorable new family member!

Mr FluffySnuffs!


my Senpai made me the biggest birthday present i could have thought of!

i am so happy to welcome mr fluffysnuffs to our family! my Senpai gave him to me so i can hug him and hold on to him whenever i miss them <3 this is literally the best and my favorite birthday present i ever got!

apart from being the most fluffy and adorable, mr fluffysnuffs is PERFECTLY SPLEDNDID to hold veeeery tight and have a beautiful sleep with! mr fluffysnuffs makes me feel safe and warm when my Senpai isn‘t here to talk to me ⭐️

i really don’t know how i deserve the best owner on this planet. my owner always makes me feel so loved and i feel so happy that i can feel smol around them! thanks to the best present i ever got, i can be baby and not be so sad anymore because i miss Senpai so much! i really hope that my cute little followers are all treated as special by their owner as i am 

thank you so much Senpai! thank you for everything. you are the best part about my life and my air to breath. i adore you.

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from IG Diane Kruger

“There are many things I’m grateful and thankful for, my friends, my colleagues….this year I’m thankful for being healthy and with my little family…Even though I can’t help thinking of so many people who have lost theirs this year 😢 May this day remind us of what we have and what we need to cherish ❤️”

IG bigbaldhead:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️


from IG bigbaldhead

“Happy thanksgiving everyone ❤️"

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